The early stems arrive through snowy patches as if to say, see, the worst has passed, better days lie ahead. Breathe.


A wet ground gives evidence of Spring’s soon arrival. Brown leaves and twigs give way to two small patches of new green leaves, and the snow at the top of the frame fades in the rain and out of focus. In the mid-foreground on the right are four tiny snowdrop flower stems and buds, two open, two closed, and a few determined, narrow little leaves point towards the sky. It says, hope, breathe, the worst is past.

At the encouragement of some friends, I’ve also started uploading images to a site where you can print things like small canvas prints and puzzles. I always aimed to craft the image in a way that it would make a great puzzle. (I love puzzles.)

So that’s it for now. Breathe and, if you’d like, follow #1000Breaths. Be well.



A close up of a tulip where the bloom fills almost the entire screen. The bulb is a soft pink with green marking, the bloom is very open, and the long petals or pale pink have undulating edges and end in a point. The stamen is white and visible between the open petals. The background is muted greens with some upward lines of the leaves. NGL, Overall it looks a bit like a dragon’s head, with one long petal unfurled towards the lower right corner.

… exhale slowly over a count of four. For yourself. And there’s no harm in taking a second one.

#1000Breaths. If an image resonates with you, save it and look at it through the day or use it as your screensaver or background, and breathe. 6/x

I invite you to come along with me and do the same for yourself. If one of my images comes across your feed, I invite you to pause for a moment and take a breath, and I hope that brings a moment of calm and some light into your day. And if you’re having a day where you could use a little help, come take a breath. I’ll tag them #1000Breaths so you can easily find the latest, and when you see it, take a moment to breathe a full chest full of air, and exhale … 5/x