Konstantin Tutsch
3 months ago

Looks like everyone loves #10ThingsILoveRightNow. Guess I'm under peer pressure now 😬

#jazz music
#reading books
#hack font

@RL_Dane Oh jeez, I feel I got #10ThingsILoveRightNow trending again XD

R. L. Dane
3 months ago


A) xaos (old fave linux prog., look it up)
9) #SwayWm (or #i3wm if wayland's not your thing yet)
8) #footTerminal
7) NeoVim (any *vi* is good, though)
6) #KDE #Plasma
5) FOSS OSes in general
4) #RollingRelease Linux distros
3) #DeGoogled #Android (#CalyxOS is my preferred flavor, but many of them are excellent)
2) @tut
1) ἐν αὐτῷ ζωὴ ἦν καὶ ἡ ζωὴ ἦν τὸ φῶς τῶν ἀνθρώπων

3 months ago

I’m doing another:

0. My #fountainpen
1. #xfce
2. #mullvad vpn
3. #librewolf
4. #firefox
5. #reddeadredemption2
6. TowerFall ascension
7. Making my website in #html
8. #memmyforlemmy
9. #mastodon


- Shell scripting
- Bowling in the dorm hallways with friends
- Clarkesworld Magazine (
- Neovim
- GoToSocial (
- Sons of Korah (
- Immich (
- Firefly III (
- Beets (
- Maloja (

11 months ago

#10ThingsILoveRightNow about my new ThinkPad X220

- The trackpoint life
- Detachable battery
- The classic keyboard is liberating
- Kill switch to kill wifi and bluetooth
- actually usable ports
- Easy accesibility of RAM and Storage
- ThinkLight is superior
- Lights on that show hardware activity like wifi, bluetooth, hdd, sleep, charging etc etc
- The comfy soft touch feeling when you touch it
- Vents on the side and not the bottom, so you can place it on a pillow and it wont overheat.



1. 鳳小岳
2. 周杰倫
3. 我的企鵝玩偶「小路」(如圖所示)
4. 我的所有象友和網友♥️
5. 學校資源教室的老師(根本天使)
6. 臺大童軍社(我在童軍第一個+目前的家,即使我不是團員)
7. 神經多樣性運動♾️
8. 2020年以前的FTTS(想到這個就難過,回不去了)
9. 短頭髮的黃倫碩(所以你什麼時候要換髮型??!!)
10. 所有鯨豚和鳥類🐋🐬🦆🐧

John Friel III
11 months ago

#10ThingsILoveRightNow {in no particular order}

HP2000 / Access Timeshare BASIC
Flannel sheets
ASR33 Teletype
Christmas dinner
Giving presents
Race car parts
My cats

Renaissance Grunt
11 months ago

1) My new sweatshirt from WRV in Kitty Hawk (I’d tag them but they doan toot 🤷)
2) zip ties
3) when my 17mo old comes over to me specifically to cuddle
4) bubble lights
5) the “Fez” soundtrack
6) driving on the beach
7) when mrs. grunt gives me sass
8) evergreen smells
9) being one of the townhouses with neighbors on both sides 😂 (since it’s so cold rn!!!)
10) A family that can mostly get along for a week in the same house 😝

Dread Hag☠️
11 months ago


2 Mels + 2 Megans= besties
folks that love the shit out of stuff

11 months ago

I'm not sure I get #10ThingsILoveRightNow. People are for loving, things are for enjoying. Surely people don't count as things? ;-)

11 months ago




01. 充滿菇菇的火鍋
02. 每日的早課
03. 睡前鼓勵自己和感謝世界的當下
04. 一個人走在路上的感覺
05. 回頭看風景建築的照片
06. 台灣民俗信仰論文、書籍
07. 自己筆下的角色和作品
08. 對我友善的人及存在
09. Mastodon 小站
10. 我自己🤣


Jo Klima
11 months ago


1. Balmy summer nights
2. My 15 year old dog who is doing well
3. Sarah J Mass novels
4. Christmas lights
5. Celebrating 20 years with my partner
6. A day at the beach
7. Italian food
8. New creative projects
9. Running again
10. Quiet nights


1. Health
2. Security
3. Safety
4. Technology
5. Kindness
6. Wisdom
7. Music
8. Art
9. Freedom
10. Education

11 months ago



#Andor - Made me love #StarWars again.

#Transformers - New movie hype.

#Lego - They are catering to adults and I love it.

#VampireSurvivors Free serotonin.

#Family Despite all the dysfunction.

@beautfc His videos get me through the week.

#MicrosoftWord Where would I be without you?

#Christmas I'm a sucker for the season.

All of my favorite indie #Artists some of whom I follow, but all of which I love and adore.

#Mastodon And all of my wonderful new friends.

11 months ago

Here's #10ThingsILoveRightNow, thanks @benjaminhollon for the inspiration to do this.

- #mastodon
- #obsidian for #PKM
- my new preppy #fountainpen, awesome for journaling so far
- #Pokemon Violet
- snow!
- #letterboxd and being able to find awesome movies through it
- being able to get back into reading
- #Raindrop the one app to handle my 1k+ bookmarks lol
- my local used bookstore
- all the awesome people who have been inspiring me all year

1. The Cats and the Pood - not things, but I'd serio die for them
2. Lumix g100 camera - tiny, universally meh'd, and I love it, especially with:
3. Laowa 17mm - my first manual lens
4. Macbook Air M1 - small, light, durable, ridiculous battery
5. Obsidian - multiplatform notetaking, syncing via:
6. Syncthing - Opensource cloudless sync
7. OpenMediaVault - Data hoarder's wet dream
8. Garmin Instinct 2 - 3 week battery smartwatch
9. Sennheiser CX plus TWS
10. Prusa Mini

11 months ago

#10thingsiloverightnow unranked

1. dark quiet mornings alone
2. new MBP 14“
3. old MBA 11“
4. "making your website work" by gill andrews
5. twitter big tech drama 🍿
7. fedi
8. moon boots
9. le labo 33
10. #24d024

10. Amanda Gorman's #Poetry
9. Madcap #Coffee
8. #WinterStormElliot
7. Slow #freelance schedule
6. New Adventures bc #OpenForWork
5. #PilsnerUrquell
4. The #ArcBrowser
3. My #wacom
2. #Christmas on #Vinyl
1. Family time, see no.7

1. My bed
2. My work is done until 2023!
3. My family
4. My dog, even though she hates me
5. Christmas (even though I'm Jewish
6. Sushi
7. Tiktoks and insta reels featuring Australian Shepherd puppies
8. Dave Matthews
9. Giving presents
10. Cozy pj's and blankets

11 months ago


1. Son, Daughter, Wife
2. Old sneakers
3. Cannabinoids
4. Guitar (specifically my new HD-28V)
5. Louis Cole
6. Walking at night
7. My dogs
8. Getting older and happier
9. Caroline Girvan (good workout)
10. Zelensky 🇺🇦

Jay Cruz
11 months ago

1. Mastodon
2. Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson
3. The iPad Air
4. Hot Chocolate when it gets chilly at night
5. Doing Advent of Code #AoC
6. Bike Rides 🚴
7. Playing Ori - The Blind Forest on Xbox S
8. The weather in central Florida
9. Taylor Swift’s Midnights (You can thank/blame my girlfriend)
10. Writing on my blog

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
11 months ago

#10ThingsILoveRightNow (in no specific order)
1 #darktide, a wonderful coop game in the 40K universe
2 #Fedora, my favorite Linux distro right now
3 #Firefox, best browser
4 #mastodon
5 #BillySummers, a @stephenking novel
6 #SoulstoneSurvivors, a wonderful game
7 #SteamDeck, the device I play that game on
8 #Yema, a French brand of wristwatches (I bought 2 of theirs)
9 #Pixelfed
10 #EuropeanUnion for cracking down so hard on big tech lately

I’m loving seeing all the posts for #10ThingsILoveRightNow; let’s keep it rolling!

Join in by posting a list of things that are current faves (not necessarily all-time favorite things) in no particular order and including the tag.

Then my favorite part: find some other people posting and start conversations with them about the things they love.

Kai Evans
1 year ago

Was watching the #10ThingsILoveRightNow lists rolling in all day.

Looks like #mastodon and/or #fediverse invariably in the top 3

I saw a dog/cat mentioned a few times

Haven't seen a spouse or kids being mentioned yet


Real sugar sodas
That feeling you get when you go to a sushi shop and the miso puts a smile on your face or you go to a Mexican place and the buzz in your mouth from the house salsa is exactly right or like the teff in the Ethiopian place lets you make a perfect swallow letting you know the joint is going to make a damn fine meal

By the way; this tag isn't actually a thing, but I'd love it to become one! Let's get #10ThingsILoveRightNow trending!

They don't have to be your favorite things ever, just things you're excited about right now. :)


- Chicago (the band)
- Liu Cixin's writing
- Electronic yodelling pickles
- Vim (especially f, F, t, and T)
- Borg backup
- Sway WM
- NixOS
- Holidays with family
- My PineTime
- Fosstodon/Mastodon <3