Lawrence Herzog
10 hours ago
#SKPoli #LGBTQ #2SLGBTQIA+ #ScottMoe
Lawrence Herzog
13 hours ago
“A Regina judge has ruled that the Saskatchewan government's naming and pronoun policy should be paused for the time being, but Premier Scott Moe says he'll use the notwithstanding clause to override it.” Now there’s an asshole! #2SLGBTQIA #LGBTQ #HumanRights #skpoli #cdnpoli
Lawrence Herzog
13 hours ago
Lawrence Herzog
3 days ago
“I don’t support people that don’t have room in their hearts for my son,” said Marc Savoie on why he could no longer be aligned with New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs. #2SLGBTQIA #LGBTQ #LGBTQ2S #autocrat #NBPoli

Let kids be kids:
- who can grow up feeling safe and accepted for who they are.
- Who can look to adults to protect them from physical and emotional harm when necessary.
- Who feel their lives are precious and worth living.
- Who know that human rights are for everyone and see that demonstrated every day.🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
#TransRights #TransYouth #TransGender #2SLGBTQIA #HumanRights #DefendTransKids

People gathered at Manitoba legislature for a protect trans youth rights rally. There is a large LGBTQIA+ flag in the centre.

Going to do some outside things today (chores) and I will be proudly wearing my grey/white t-shirt that says,

“Queer but not into bright colours”

Because the events of the past week still resonate, and will continue to resonate with me.

#2SLGBTQIA people exist and deserve to have basic human rights and freedoms.

1 week ago
Paula Kirman
1 week ago

More photos of Edmonton showing up to counter hate and ignorance at the "One Million March for Children" on September 20th.
#yeg #yegdt #ableg #abeducation #education #2slgbtqia #lgbtqia #protest #rally #photojournalism #yegactivist #yegphotographer

Halifax Examiner
1 week ago
Paula Kirman
1 week ago

Edmonton really showed up today, with this huge turnout against hate. Photos are of the counterprotest to the transphobic "One Million Children March".
#yeg #yegdt #ableg #abeducation #education #2slgbtqia #lgbtqia #protest #rally #photojournalism #yegactivist #yegphotographer

Timothy Schwinghamer (he/him)
1 week ago

Today, I went to a counter-protest to support the #2SLGBTQIA+ community in #Lethbridge, #Alberta. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 We were counter-protesting the "1MillionMarch4Children". I made a point of dialoging with the protestors. I felt supported by the group of my co-workers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, and by other members of SAGE Clan 🦅 and the FRINGE bicycle gang 🚴🏽who were there, too. At such counter-protests, I have such a sense of community!

Three smiling AAFC employees in the foreground, with a protest to support the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in the background, on a sunny day at City Hall in Lethbridge, Alberta
1 week ago

The whole idea of protesting against teaching gender theory in schools is deeply fucking hateful and offensive. I can't be at the counter protests today but I am standing in solidarity. Down with anti-trans hate.

That ideology has no place in Canada, or anywhere at all.

#2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

Do you know what the sad part is? At one point you're going to push communities like the #LGBTQIA #2SLGBTQIA too much and they will fight back in a way that's never been seen. It's happened before.

Ontario News Bot
1 week ago

@JILLSLASTWORD: A little #2SLGBTQIA+ JOY for your timeline! If there’s one thing you can be sure of when we show up, our communities are going to do it with LOVE in their hearts! #ProtectTransKids #ONPoli

1 week ago

I worked the frontline with homeless street youth for more than 5 years. By far the largest demographic were LGBTQ kids who had been forced out of their homes onto the streets by angry, intolerant abusive parents. Many identified as Trans. Too many died young before they found out someone loved them and cared about them.
#NoSpaceForHate #CDNPoli #ONPoli #2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

1 week ago

1/ Speaking out in solidarity with counter protesters today in Canada. Our youth deserve to know we want them to be safe from the hatred directed at them by right wing Conservatives and religious fascists.
#NoSpaceForHate #CDNPoli #ONPoli #2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

If you’re not disturbed by the anti-trans / anti #2SLGBTQIA protests happening across Canada today —- frankly, you’re either not paying attention or your privilege is showing.

I say it how it is - I mean what I say, that’s who I am.

I used to counter protest, I used to build movements… but now I’m too disabled to be there.

If you can, please go carry the banner for those of us that can’t. We. Are. Tired.

An elder disabled queer
Aka: Spicy B 🌶️ 🐝

Lawrence Herzog
1 week ago
“Look just under the surface, and it’s also clear that the networks underpinning support for 1MillionMarch4Children bring together conspiracy theorists in Canada who have been organizing against COVID-19 vaccines, against public education and in service of Christian nationalism for years. “The result is a grotesque feat of disinformation and fearmongering…” #2SLGBTQIA #LGBTQ #ConspiracyTheories
Erik Buchanan who writes stuff
1 week ago

Warning: swears

So tired of dealing with fascist assholes stirring up hate, but here we are again.

The #1MillionMarch4Chidren (yes they misspelled it) hate group says posting this image makes you the enemy.

If this image offends you, fuck off out of my feed.

#2slgbtqia+ #NoSpaceforHate

1 week ago

Happening today in Calgary. Follow me on Instagram for more local Calgary updates.

#2SLGBTQIA #Transrights

Screen grab from Instagram: Stand up against hate Wed Sept 20 8:30 am -2 pm | 4thAve SE & Macleod Trail (Calgary) @qcu.yyc No Space for Hate
Morgane Oger
1 week ago

There is no room for exclusion in Canada. Trans people and the 2SLGBTQ+ community need your help pushing back against it.
#2SLGBTQIA #SOGI #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Anti-trans protests happened on Sept 20 in almost every major city in Canada. It’s fucking terrifying, to be honest.

Hate doesn’t stop by itself. It has to BE stopped.

You can help in small and big ways: change your user photo to this, explain why to your family and friends, and go support the side of diversity & equality on Sept 20.

Look around your corner of the country and you’ll find the counter-protest. Stand with them.

#NoSpaceForHate #CDNPoli #ONPoli #TOPoli #2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

Map of Canada with the progress pride flag as the colouring of the Canada shape. In a circle around it reads “no space for hate”.
Radical Social Worker ✊️
1 week ago

📣ATTN: Toronto!

March tomorrow (Sept 20) in support of #2SLGBTQAI+ communities!


✅️Meet at Barbara Hall Park.

✅️Marching to Queen's Park.

✊️Hate has no home in #Ontario!

More info:
🏳️‍🌈 🩵🩷🤍🩷🩵

#Toronto #OnPoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights #2slgbtqia #protest #ArmyOfLovers #the519

Did you enjoy the Genderful interview with Tofi last week? Here's the Clowder Queery for y'all to share and discuss!

#transpodcast #2slgbtqia #nerdlove

Alt: Background is wavy stripes in the nonbinary pride colors. Black text with a yellow outline says "Clowder Queery: What fictional media really helped shape your identity?"
Ontario News Bot
2 weeks ago

@JILLSLASTWORD: I can't be there Wednesday but my staff will be representing and I know #TOStPauls is FULL of allies committed to #ProtectingTransKids! Let's show #2SLGBTQIA+ youth just how much they're LOVED!! #ONPoli
2 weeks ago

🥌 Ottawa's LGBTQ curling league Rainbow Rockers' 'Over the Rainbow Bonspiel' is in January this year, and registration opens October 14th! Mark your calendars, set your alarms, make sure you don't miss out! This is always an amazing event!

#Curling #Ottawa #OttCurl #LGBT #LGBTQ #2SLGBTQIA #canqueer #lgbtsport

Teaser poster for Ottawa's bonspiel, named "Over the Rainbow 2024". Main title reads Frozen But Fierce. Location is the Ottawa Curling Club, January 25-28, 2024. Registration opens October 14th at noon, at

Smaller red and white bubbles contain more details:
- 40 Teams, lots of food, music, games, activities
- Doubled prize money! A Division Champs win $1000
- Larger than ever prize auction table
- Live streaming all weekend long
- Scheduled to appear: Brad Thiesen
2 weeks ago

Teachers’ unions reject Ford’s anti-trans rhetoric
Two of Ontario’s largest teacher’s unions warn that Premier Doug Ford’s anti-2SLGBTQIA+ rhetoric will put students at risk.
by Nick Seebruch via Rabble
#CdnPoli #OnPoli #OnEd #2SLGBTQIA+ #Transphobia #OSSTF #ETFO #HumanRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #FordCorruption

Norfolk County in Ontario is installing a 2nd “decorative crosswalk!” So decorative. I wonder why?

Their press release says their “rainbow crosswalk” was funded by donations, but I’m not sure why people donated?

It says this indicates they are “a community that welcomes everyone,” but I’m not sure who wouldn’t be welcome?

No mention of what the rainbow is there for. No mention of any 2SLGBTQIA+ terms, or even the word “different”. Feels weird.

#Simcoe #Norfolk #LGBTQ #2SLGBTQIA

Screenshot of Facebook post suggested by the FB algorithm, containing text announcing a “decorative crosswalk” with no explanation of why or what it is meant to represent, and a photo of a rainbow-painted crosswalk.
Screenshot of press release with rainbow painted crosswalk and headline about a “Rainbow crosswalk”, with no explanation of why or what it represents.
2 weeks ago

The conservative attack on gay life
Right-wing forces have turned to using parental rights to obscure but reinitiate the fight against queer and trans lives
by Rinaldo Walcott via Canadian Dimension
#CdnPoli #UsPoli #2SLGBTQIA #LGBTQIAPlus #HumanRights

Yvonne Aburrow 🌻
2 weeks ago

Petition to Pierre Poilievre not to introduce anti-trans legislation in Canada if the conservatives get in at the next election

#transgender #canada #nonbinary #cdnpoli #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtq2sia #2slgbtqia

Yvonne Aburrow 🌻
3 weeks ago

Note for those who don’t know: trans teens cannot currently have surgery and no-one is advocating for them to have surgery. What the Tories want to ban is puberty blockers and counselling. Puberty blockers are reversible (and anyway detransitioning is incredibly rare).

You can bet that the Tories will roll back even the somewhat skimpy climate policies offered by Trudeau too.

#stopTheTories #voteABC #LGBTQ2SIA #2SLGBTQIA #transHealthCare #protectTransKids

Horrible. Potentially ten years in prison for the people *attending* a wedding.

CBC: More than 60 people are in jail in Nigeria in connection with an alleged gay wedding last week, which is illegal in the country, the police and their lawyer said on Monday.

#LGBTQ #2SLGBTQIA #GayRights #QueerRights #Equality #EqualRights #Nigeria

Jeff Samsonow
1 month ago

This is kind of wild: "Carefully consider whether you are comfortable visiting a destination where the laws and social customs affecting (LGBTQ+) people differ from those in Canada."
#2SLGBTQIA #LGBTQ #TravelAdvisory #TransRightsAreHumanRights #cdnPoli

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
1 month ago

Here for #Ottawa pride as an ally, a loving family member, a supportive friend, colleague, physician, and school board trustee. Not just for the @FierteCapPride march, or for a month, but every day. Defend #2SLGBTQIA rights unequivocally.


Standing as an ally with Fae Johnstone at Ottawa’s Pride Parade


🏳️‍⚧️ Protect trans kids

🏳️‍⚧️ Protect trans women/trans femme creatures

🏳️‍⚧️ Protect trans men/trans masc creatures

🏳️‍⚧️ Protect nonbinary and gender-non-conforming creatures

Cis creatures, step up and be an ally, even when it's uncomfortable.

Trans creatures, keep being you. Never let disrespectful or closed-minded people dictate who you are. You are doing GREAT.


#Trans #Transgender #lgbtq #lgbtqia #2SLGBTQIA #gay #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Hello Lovelies,

I'm going to my first ballroom events this week, Pride has finally kicked off here in Montreal and there is so much I want to do.

"Pose" opened a world to me that I wish I had known about in the 80s. Living in the here and now is challenging, to not get lost in what could have been. The truth is, best case scenario in some other timeline teen Lily made it to NYC with her best friends and found herself.

In this timeline it took me 49 years of life before I knew that I am & have always been a woman.

Now at 54, beginning my 5th year of HRT, I am having a moment. If you are a new egg and reading this you have a 1000 worries about what's next.

What's next is change, and choice. Taking control and making our own choices is one of the more subtle realities of this journey.

There are going to be so many moments in your future. In all of them be your authentic self if only for yourself.

I don't know what Montreal Ball culture holds for me, but I love the adventure. I hit a new plateau lately and I can't deny I am turning into a hottie, I love it!

After 38 years I have my high school best friends back in my life. 15 year old Lily learned everything about being a friend from these women. Talking to them every day again, now with the depth that we all want from each other...

These are significant and core friendships, picking up again with the comfort of sisters.

Living in the now doesn't discount the pain and sacrifice that not being myself inflicted. It's made things hurt a little less though.

There is only this moment, as you are reading this now. The past and the future are always illusory. Always at the edges, and forever relegated to your mind.

So, whatever terrible thing that's happening now, some fucking how it will pass, and so will time.

You will arrive at your own 1 of 1000 moments and infinitely many more to come. Where joy and happiness are all you know, I will be very grateful to see you there.

Leading with love, Living with joy

:trans_heart: :nd: :heart_pride:

#TransIsBeautiful #2SLGBTQIA #TransFemme

A photo of myself, Lily. I am leaning on a purple wall in a purple short sleeved top, with an orange tank top underneath.

I am wearing a pixie cut red haired wig. I have on purple lipstick. I am wearing my Hunger Games necklace.

The pain of my early transition is visible on my face. HRT is still five months in her future and she doesn't even know it's going to happen.
The glow up is for real lovelies!

I am wearing a purple dress. My hair is swept to the left held in place with a lilac headband. I am wearing cats eye glasses. My eyes are closed and my purple eye shadow is visible. My Hunger Games necklace is hanging inside my dress against my heart.

I look absolutely radiant, who knows what's next.

In my personal life I’m a non-binary ADHDer who dresses like a kid's television host and has fun hair. The enrichment in my enclosure currently includes: holographic/iridescence, maximalism, animals, games, indie horror, my sweet cats, and the Kalimba.


3 months ago


In light of the hate-motivated attack in a gender studies class at U Waterloo this week, I've started a crowdsourced list of legal self-defense tools, classes, workshops, and de-escalation training throughout Canada.

The purpose is to give #Trans and #Queer folks tools to protect themselves legally and to feel safe going out in public, especially to school.

Please share the resource with the #2SLGBTQIA community in #Canada.

Here it is:

#LGBT #TransLivesMatter

LM Little
3 months ago

"Many of the ringleaders behind these protests are the same people recently involved in the #FreedomConvoy, #covid conspiracies and #antivaccine protests — many recently pivoted to anti-#2SLGBTQIA+ issues in only the last several months. The biggest names in the #Canadian far-right have pivoted to this issue,”

#AltRight #Canada

4 months ago

“As Pride begins, let us remember those who have acted to defend the #2SLGBTQIA+ community, and those who have remained complicit in their silence.” #Pride #NBPoli #ProtectTransKids

Happy Pride Month! Joyeux mois de la fierté!

#J2DW #LGBTQ #PrideMonth #2SLGBTQIA #HappyPride #ForTheWin #cdnpoli

Baphomet creating #Gay people. #2SLGBTQIA #PrideMonth

A picture of a goat in mid call, with a rainbow appearing to burst from its forehead.

#Canada's "first" #Pride protest happened in August, and therefore #Ottawa Pride is in August, but other cities in Canada have their respective Pride protests/parades in June and July. Therefore, we have PRIDE SEASON officially, in Canada.


Happy Pride Month all my brothers, sisters, others and friends! I love all of you, and you are all beautiful creatures deserving of love!

#PrideMonth #2SLGBTQIA :ace_heart: :trans_heart: :blobcatgay: :bi_heart: :lesbian: :aro_heart: :pansexual: :demisexual:

@parkermolloy as a public servant in #Canada, we would often say that #2SLGBTQIA+ people are an equity-deserving group of the public that we serve. That is, trans people are who we serve, if we serve the public. I know Canadian federal law or policies don't affect American politics *at all* but I often think about how things would be different in the USA for trans people if they had The Charter and laws against frivilous, vexatious, or abusive use of the law.

4 months ago

I have a couple of last min online spots left in my hybrid queer #embroidery circle workshop series starting next week, every Wed evening for 4 weeks.

If you live in #Canada and identify as part of the #2SLGBTQIA+ community and this interests you, send me an email for more info and to sign up.



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10 months ago

This is the only #Football #WorldCup news I have read - And now, I don't need to read any more.

I guess #FIFA is keeping up its usual behaviour of being corrupt, shitty dictator worshipping #Arseholes.


Oriol Salvador
10 months ago

I guess my #Mastodon #introduction should be more hashtag-friendly so I can find more people with common interests and viceversa? Okay, here it is:


... and if you think this is an odd collection of hashtags... I guess you are right? 😉

11 months ago

Living in #Saskatchewan #Canada, I've been mostly surrounded by religious, cishet white folks my whole life. Twitter was where I was able to connect with so many ppl who weren't that. I loved it.
Coming here, I'm basically making it my mission to follow as many #2SLGBTQIA, #neurodivergent, #disabled, #POC, #indigenous, #atheist, #prochoice ppl (& anything else I don't normally encounter in this backwater province, like artists) as I possibly can. My timeline will be amazing. I'm so excited.