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2 days ago I’m Spending an Entire Year on One World | September Edition #2D #gaming #Re-Logic #sandbox #Terraria #TerrariaVideos

I'm Spending an Entire Year on One World | September Edition
3 days ago

#introduction #NewHere

Hi! I'm Vyndilis.
#GameDev / #Artist from France.

I made some #games for #LudumDare #GameJam.
Currently working on a new version of my #LD52 game "Flower Dash", a dash based #2D #platformer.
I'm using :gamemaker: #Gamemaker and starting to learn :godot: #Godot.
I love doing #animation #CharacterDesign #music #GameDesign and #programming.

My games:

#IndieGame #IndieGameDev #SoloDev #dev #LDjam #VideoGames #art #animation2D #DigitalArt

Gameplay of "Rhythmic Nothing", my Ludum Dare 45 game, a minimalist rhythm game.
Gameplay of "Fishy Escape", my Ludum Dare 46 game, a game in which you have to make a fish survive by catching it in a bowl before it falls into the mouth of a crocodile.
Gameplay of "Flower Dash", my Ludum Dare 52 game, a dash based platformer in which you play as a bee and collect flowers to unlock the end of the level.
5 days ago

Community Garden September Recap #2d #3d #gamedev #solodev #godotengine #indiedev

Comic Crusaders
5 days ago

Trailer: Pencils vs Pixels, New Animation Documentary
From Strikeback Studios and Hideout Pictures comes Pencils vs. Pixels, a new documentary that showcases the animators that bring your most favorite characters to life.

A celebration of 2D hand-drawn animation and the transformative journey from the Disney Renaissance to the computer animation revolution... and the...
#documentary #animation #pencils #art #2d

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5 days ago How We Beat Terraria While Tied Together #2D #gaming #Re-Logic #sandbox #Terraria #TerrariaVideos

How We Beat Terraria While Tied Together
Iwai Setsuko
6 days ago


Сегментарная модель для ControlNet в Изе Диффюжине такие правдоподобные генерации выдаёт!.. Даже модель LineArtAnime мне таких не выдала, хоть я и зарендерил 64 картинки с нею.
1. Она лучше распознаёт эмоцию на лице персонажа и правильнее понимает эмоциональное состояние из позитивного запроса!
2. Она даже прирендеривает дополнительный глаз персонажу, если он у него \ неё скрыт!
3. Она отлично прорендеривает фон позади персонажа!
4. она рендерит более чёткие дома и небо!
Не говоря уже о том, что Изя Диффюжен нормально зарисовывает полусферу монотонного цвета на макушке персонажа обычными аниме-волосами...
В общем, всем советую Segment-Модель для ControlNet, ребят!
#ai #neurodivergent #stablediffusion #render #anime #girls #street #summer #2d

1414 Code Forge :it:
1 week ago

È una mattina grandiosa qui a 1414! 🔥

Quella in cui annunciamo il nome del nostro primo gioco: Eris - RF117.

Si tratta di uno #sparatutto a scorrimento orizzontale #2D ispirato ai classici degli anni 90-2000. Unisce estetica retrò, il caro vecchio spara e schiva, ed ambientazione e trama fantascientifiche.

#RetroGaming #IndieGame #IndieDev #VideoGames #Games #Shmup

1 week ago

#Development #Releases
Wolvic 1.5 released · What’s new in the web browser for virtual experiences

#WebDev #Browser #VR #XR #3D #2D #OpenSource

1 week ago

Lacruzo on youtube has a nice walkthru of a Blender 2D/3D Process with Grease Pencil
#blender #b3d #2d #3d #toon #process

1 week ago

Finished the week today with a test session of our 1st location. We're quite happy with the location, but there's still a lot to do.

You can follow our journey with "The Treepoids" on Instagram:

#IndieGame #IndieDev #GameDev #2d #Adventure #handpainted

Display of the first location on TV screen for the game "The Treepoids and the Island of Professor Flora" a 2d adventure game for consoles and PC by PSYCRAFT.
Mine Nest
2 weeks ago Why I Still Love Terraria 10 Years Later #2D #gaming #Re-Logic #sandbox #Terraria #TerrariaVideos

Why I Still Love Terraria 10 Years Later
Iwai Setsuko
2 weeks ago


Продолжаю нагонять на нас страху эпизодами своего нового нейронного AMV.

"Маргарита Симонян увидела ядерные бомбы над Кремлём"

#artspam # ai #anime #girls #stablediffusion #russia #2d

Animated Short Of The Day
2 weeks ago

Happy Place (2022) [4 min] by Ahnab Amin, Luba Bobrowski, Jess Fett, Amber Ou, Joe Pan, Emma Scarth, Rachel Shen, Jacob Tobin, Lucy Wu and Zoe Xu | #Canada

#2D #2DAnimation #AnimatedShort #AnimatedShortOfTheDay #Animation #HappyPlace #Dystopia #Future #Memories #SheridanCollege #TimeOutStudios

Yuna Nyx
2 weeks ago

Oh little beta, you're not even worth my 2d boobies and yet you still goon for your princess

🌸 #2d | #findom | #anime | #Hentai | #gooner | #simp | #beta #Mistress | #Goddess | #rule34 | #femdom 🌸

2 weeks ago

Anyone else hyped for Drakantos?

#mmo #pixelart #2d #rpg #fantasy

CozyCon Online
2 weeks ago

Beanies, memes, possum pals, and pins, Spunky Stuff has precious punk down to an art! Check out their merch at

#Furry #2D Art #Stickers #Merch #Accessories #Pins #DigitalArt #mastoArt #CreativeToots

Banner showing off various merch and art from this artist
Mine Nest
3 weeks ago
I Spent a Month in Terraria Conquest
3 weeks ago

Testing out 2d animation in Blender with Wiggle Bones addon
#bird #math #2d #3d #b3d #blender3d

an illustrated bird is walking by, thinking about math in front of a green landscape and blue sky.
4 weeks ago

I think that #2D #animation should never exceed 480p resolution, beyond that it's just a waste of resources!

Ethan Ruhl
4 weeks ago

After some more updates to my sprite stack entity in my #raylib extension library, I now have a pseudo perspective effect going!

It's currently a bit more subtle than I'd like it to be, but I think the effect is still notcible.

#gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #2D

4 weeks ago

🟢 #LibrePCB 1.0.0 RC1 released by @librepcb -
🆕 3D view, STEP export, unified output files generator, manufacturer part numbers (MPN) support, and many more.
💡 #2d #3d #pcb #eda #electronics #cad #occt #diy #engineering

4 weeks ago

:godot: Made some fancy normalmap-supporting #pixelart lights in #godotengine for Multiversal Affairs!

It is inspired by GIFs corrupting my early smooth lights into something similar.

It works by snapping colors by a specific value. I can set the value as a uniform.

#godot #indiedev #2d #gamedev

1 month ago
1 month ago

#animation #2d

Part 2 of what I will call "The Dickinsons"

This one is called "A Friendly Visit"

1 month ago

Hello! Nicolas Ong here, but I rather introduce myself as kholo here on Internet.
I'm twice dad, kind-of a developer mostly working from home, and image creator whenever I've got free time.
I've been 3D artist for some years as my main job, nowaday I'm more of an illustrator using Krita, and a Blender user.
I also use and advertise free software!
#2d #3d #blender #krita #godot #linux #foss #introduction

1 month ago

Bonjour ! Moi c'est Nicolas Ong, mais sur Internet, j'ai tendance à préférer kholo.
Je suis deux fois papa, à-peu-près développeur majoritairement en télétravail, et créateur d'images le reste du temps.
J'ai été infographiste 3D pendant quelques années, aujourd'hui, je crée principalement des illustrations avec Krita ainsi que des images et des animations avec Blender.
Et je suis un fervent pratiquant du logiciel libre !
#2d #3d #blender #krita #godot #linux #foss #introduction

1 month ago

I did this little animation not long ago.

#animation #traditionalart #streamer #2d #2danimation

1 month ago

A simple online #pattern generator to create repeatable #SVG patterns. Speed up your website without compromising on image quality. Perfect for website backgrounds, apparel, branding, packaging #design and more. #3D #Blender3D #b3d #Blender #2D #texture #procedural

1 month ago

#Sonicteam apparently don't see a future for 2d #pixelart #sonic games.

I can't believe they are using #SonicFrontiers as their bar setting for 3d titles, it's sold half as well as #sonicmania and #2d games are not some antiquated design/style, they are just as fun as #3d ones.

Head of Sonic Team says pixel art isn't a "viable art style" for future games | -

Animated Short Of The Day
1 month ago

Space Cream (2022) [1 min] by Jiyoung Yoon, Mayan Gelus, Camille Duperray, Antonin Guerci and Paul Tran Cong | #France

#2D #2DAnimation #AnimatedShort #AnimatedShortOfTheDay #Animation #IceCream #Space #Planet #EcoleEmileCohl

August 28, 2023 - Day 240 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 260

Game: Candle

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Nov 11, 2016
Library Date: Jan 15, 2023
Unplayed: 225d (7m13d)
Playtime: 15m

Candle is a 2D adventure puzzle-platformer. The graphics are beautiful; the lush backgrounds and characters seemingly hand-painted.

You play as Teku, on a quest to save a tribe member from another tribe that has captured them, armed with the titular candle.

The illumination & lighting in the game is gorgeous.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

When I load the game, it opens at a resolution of 1280x720, a full screen jagged square in the middle of my widescreen monitor. I set the resolution to 2560x1440. I turn off fullscreen. The window jumps off the screen. I kill the game, restart it. It starts at 1280x720. There is no way to save the resolution. This is foreshadowing.

The game opens with a cinematic, the narrator setting the stage for the world in which Teku lives.

A narrative technique attributed to Chekov (Anton, of the famed "gun", rather than Pavel, of the USS Enterprise), is "Show, don't tell". The devs seemingly disagree.

The narrator's tale continues...

...and continues... he STILL going?

He is still going.

He does eventually stop talking, but he will be back to over-explain everything after I complete the first level.

My eyes come to rest upon Teku, becoming conscious in the middle of his burning village.

Teku stands. I move the control stick left. Teku walks. Slowly.

The game encourages me to press the left trigger to get Teku to run. Teku moves noticeably faster than Teku's walk, but to describe this as "running" is stretches the definition of run to near-breaking.

Teku reaches a ledge. "Press X to climb". I press X. Teku does not climb. Repeat. Same result.

I nudge the control stick. Teku moves a couple of pixels. I press X. Teku climbs.

I press on.

I am faced with an icon of a cube. Text appears onscreen.

Not to tell me what the cube means, but to tell me to open the menu to read the instructions to tell me what the cube means.

Show, don't tell.

I start encountering puzzles. The few clues available are frequently inscrutable.

Don't show, don't tell.

Several of puzzles require quick movement & precise timing.

Teku is neither.

Death comes frequently, & frustratingly. A tunnel that I have just exited, and can re-enter, becomes inexplicably inaccessible during a puzzle, with no indication of this.

I solve the puzzle. I start to climb. I reach a ledge. I am immediately killed.

I try again, repeatedly.
I die again, repeatedly.

Tired and frustrated, I quit to the desktop.

I really wanted to like Candle; it is gorgeous, but it feels like all of the love & care was given to the visuals, with little left over for things like UX, controls, or gameplay.

Sadly, Candle has been snuffed out with a disappointing:

2: Meh

#Candle #2D #Adventure #Puzzle #Platformer #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

1 month ago

I want to knit 2ds sweater. #knitting #2d #gorillaz

Metin Seven 🎨
1 month ago

Updated my site with a fresh design. You're invited:

#design #GraphicDesign #art #artwork #illustration #3D #3dart #2D #DigitalArt

Herr Klamauk
1 month ago

Ergebnis des heutigen Streams.
Es ist zwar nur eine Skizze für eine Animation, aber es ist auch erst mein zweites Mal mit Adobe Animate.

#Kunst #Art #MastoArt #Animation #2D #Zeichnen #drawing

Bunte Skizze der handgezeichneten 2D-Animation eines Engels mit Heiligenschein, der anfangs kniet, dann aufsteht und in der Bewegung sein herumschwingendes Schwert entzündet und die Flügel ausbreitet.
Tearcell Games
2 months ago

The issues keep churning for Somnipathy...
But wiring monsters is always fun! Love this guy!

As always wishlists are greatly appreciated. Only 4 weeks to go!

#indiegaming #godotengine #pixelart #gamedev #indiedev #survivalhorror #2d

Monsters in RLS level surround Aggy!
Metin Seven 🎨
2 months ago

An introduction: I'm Metin, a freelance illustrator and 3D designer from the Netherlands. I love creating and sharing both 2D and 3D artwork. Hope you like it. 😊

Being a veteran 16-bit game developer I also love #RetroComputing / #RetroGaming. 🕹️

#art #artwork #2D #3D #illustration #DigitalArt #CharacterDesign #PixelArt #VoxelArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A stylized 3D hybrid portrait between the Hulk and Frankenstein.
3D scene showing a baby octopus on the beach, trying to defend his little sandcastle against a nearing beach ball.
Isometric pixel art of a scientist operating a machine.
Stylized graphic illustration of a Commodore Amiga 1000 featuring the Marble Madness game on its monitor.
2 months ago

Does anybody know how good is this #HumbleBundle about #indieGame #gameDev for somebody with 0 experience?

What attracts me more are the ones about #GodotEngine, #2D design, #PixelArt and #Unity 2D.


2 months ago

#Design #Tools
Graphite · A powerful open-source vector graphics editor for your browser

#GraphicsEditor #UiDesign #DigitalDesign #WebDesign #Illustrations #2D #Vector #Rust #OpenSource

July 26, 2023 - Day 207 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 226

Game: Samudra

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 29, 2021
Library Date: Mar 14, 2023
Unplayed: 134d (4m12d)
Playtime: 21m

Samudra is a sideways scrolling platformer-puzzler set in an underwater world that's riven by pollution.

As the game opens, a young child dressed in a Kruegeresque oversized jumper, shorts, sneakers, and... a diving bell... is sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The further they fall, the worse the pollution becomes, until they finally hit the seabed.

This is a gorgeous game. The graphics look hand-drawn. The lighting effects are wonderful.

Unfortunately, Samudra is beautifully boring with a side-order of frustrating.

The controls are simple: WASD (or controller thumbstick), and space (or button A) for actions.

As you slowly run across the ocean floor -because you're underwater, wearing a diving bell, without any oxygen hose- you will encounter things that trigger a speech bubble containing an icon above your head. There are literally no instructions. Even the "Controls" in the menu says "You have one button. This action button."

Your job is to work out exactly what the hell you're supposed to do, and how... because most of the time, the action button does *nothing*. Until it does. There's no real indication that it's become usable, so I spent a lot of time just mashing it hoping it might suddenly do something.

You can't jump... unless you can. You can't interact with things... unless you can. The game is rendered in a lot of dark, underseas tones, with much of the junk littering the ocean floor rendered in various shades of white.

It turns out there are indicators built into the environment for when actions are available... and they're also white.

Unless they're not available yet, in which case they're a slightly different shade of white.

But it's a 2D sideways-scrolling platformer, so at least that's not confusing. Except when it is.

I found myself standing on top of a crate; jumping down from the crate triggers a quick time event. You have to jump down. There's nowhere else to go. As you land on top of the slope built out of shipping containers, one hurtles down the slope towards you from the right of the screen.

You can't outrun it. You can't jump out of the way. Splat. Splat. Splat. Splat. I couldn't find any way to avoid it. In frustration I alt-tabbed out to find a walkthrough.

It turns out that you need to run *towards* the shipping container, and then use the action button to step into a shadowed nook... in the Z axis.

I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing, but worse still, no idea why. Unfortunately, the beautiful atmosphere and look of this game does not compensate for the lack of fun.

Samudra is:

2: Meh

#Samudra #2D #Platformer #Puzzler #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Animator Mathieu Maillefer is making some fascinating multidimensional animations. This is one of many whereby he’s mixing 2D with 3D to create some really unique stop motion.

More of his work:

(Edited alt text for improvements.)

#Animation #Animator #Illustration #StopMotion #Art #2D #3D #StreetFighter

A pink toy car that’s being slow destroyed by a 2D black and white illustration of a Street Fighter character printed on a white eraser. The character is hopping back and forth over the car and punching it. It closes with a screen of other cars that can be fought, with the player (us as POV) scrolling through the options, which changes the car on the screen.

July 12, 2023 - Day 193 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 213

Game: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 22, 2014
Library Date: May 17, 2019
Unplayed: 1517d (4y1m25d)
Playtime: 20m

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (yeah, I'm not retyping that constantly) is not what I expected. It's one of those games I repeatedly skipped over, because I assumed it was a luchador-themed beat-em-up.

Turns out it's actually a 2D Día de los Muertos/luchador-themed Metroidvania brawler mashup.

For a game that's 9 years old, it doesn't play like a game that old. It feels like it could have been released in the last couple of years, and I think that's largely down to the art-style.

It's also multiplayer co-op playable, but I've not had the chance to test that yet.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is:

4: Good

#Guacamelee! #Metroidvania #2D #Platformer #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Metin Seven 🎨
3 months ago

Apparently, it's portfolio day again. 🙂 I'm Metin, a Dutch illustrator and 3D designer who loves to experiment with different styles and techniques.

#PortfolioDay #3d #2d #art #artwork #mario #illustration #illustrator #VoxelArt #vector #VectorArt #artist

Stylized 3D head of a green monster of Frankenstein.
Cartoony 3D scene featuring Mario surrounded by cute mushroom characters.
A strongly stylized hybrid between minimalistic voxel art and graphic design, showing a semi-abstract Donald Duck near water.
Cartoon-style 2D artwork, showing a man on a cliff that's about to break off, while a large crocodile waits to catch him.

July 10, 2023 - Day 191 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 211

Game: Neon Abyss

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Jul 15, 2020
Library Date: Jan 28, 2022
Unplayed: 528d (1y5m12d)
Playtime: 19m

Neon Abyss is a bright pixel-art-based twin-stick roguelite platformer. This is another (technically) unplayed game. I actually took a couple of shots at it in 2022, totalling less than ten minutes of playtime (less than 15m = unplayed).

I figured that with my improved controller skills, it might make more sense, and I was correct.

To describe it as "bright" is kind of an understatement. It really does lean into the titular "neon". The lighting effects are wonderful, and the EDM soundtrack really fits the feel of the game.

Rooms are procedurally generated, so you're not getting the same experience twice, which is interesting.

However, the controls feel a little bit counter-intuitive, as using the right stick for shooting means that a non-thumb button needs to be assigned to jumping, which is the left trigger on the controller.

While the buttons can be remapped (yay!), there's no sensible button to map it to. I keep instinctively going for the A button when I'm not shooting. I think I'll get used to it, though.

The more games I play, the more I find myself comparing a given game to others that are similar, which is becoming increasingly complicated, but also helps clarify which games really stick out to me.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Grime, both stick out as comparisons, but also that make me feel like jumping back into one of them.

What it comes down to seems like "Is this a game that feels different enough to draw me back again?" I think that maybe the answer is "yes".

Neon Abyss is a brightly lit:

3: OK

#2D #PixelArt #Platformer #TwinStick #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

July 5, 2023 - Day 186 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 205

Game: Hollow Knight

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Feb 25, 2017
Library Date: Dec 4, 2018
Unplayed: 1674d (4y7m1d)
Playtime: 32m

Hollow Knight is a 2D Soulslike Metroidvania. I find it wryly amusing that six months ago, that was word salad to me.

Now I know I'm dealing with a 2D platformer that will have me traveling backwards and forwards through different zones, with parts of levels inaccessible to me until I find MacGuffins or character upgrades that will allow me to access those areas.

It's also going to be hard, and I'm going to die a lot; I'm going to be faced with the option of trying to get back to a save point to redeem the stuff I've picked up and upgrade, or risk it all to collect more stuff. If I do go back to the save point, all of the stuff I killed will have respawned.

That's the game play; the relevance of all of that to this review is that this isn't a game I could have appreciated six months ago.

It's one of the unexpected discoveries of this project, that in pushing myself to play all of these games has given me a new appreciation for the mechanics underlying many of them, that were opaque to me before.

Hollow Knight has a melancholy feel to it, both with the soundtrack, but also with a muted, stark palette that reinforces the Soulslike feeling.

There's not a lot of explaining what's going on, so when an NPC does have something to say, it's slowly opening up the world around me.

I still feel like there's a lot to put together to make sense of what's happening, but Hollow Knight seems:

4: Good

#HollowKnight #2D #Metroidvania #Soulslike #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Ole-André Rodlie
3 months ago

Been tinkering on this for a while now, should probably make it official... Introducing Friction, a fast and flexible 2D motion graphics application for Linux and Windows.

#2d #motiongraphics #animation #svg #linux

June 9, 2023 - Day 160 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 177

Game: Grime

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 2, 2021
Library Date: Jun 7, 2023
Unplayed: 2d (2d)
Playtime: 28m

Kids, it's time to charge up (or plug in) your controllers. Game number four from the June 2023 Humble Choice bundle is Grime.

Grime is a 2D soulsvania platformer. One of the things I've struggled with over the course of the last 5+ months is categorising games, and I've kind of given up doing it myself, and just Google it.

There are so many sub-genres, and games that are mashups of different things, that I just want to make sure I'm talking about the right thing.

After the intro & I was dropped into the game (and fired up my controller), I was struck at how much the game reminded me of Dead Souls 3.

Turns out Grime is considered a "soulsvania" in that it takes elements of souls-likes and uses them in the gameplay.

The actual game is a little hard to describe; there was also the sense of "I have no idea what's going on here" and so was exploring the chambers and tunnels.

The thing that'S surprised me was that I've gone from close to anti-platformer at the start of this project to -almost- enjoying them now.

On that basis, Grime is:

3: OK

#Grime #2D #Platformer #Soulsvania #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

June 4, 2023 - Day 155 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 171

Game: Underhero

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 19, 2018
Library Date: Feb 29, 2020
Unplayed: 1191d (3y3m6d)
Playtime: 41m

Underhero is a quirky little 2D pixel art platformer with timing-based combat.

The game opens with you controlling a fully-levelled herp who is seemingly at the end of his quest to rescue a princess.

Then he gets killed by a minion.

You are now controlling that minion, and things only get weirder from then on.

Fights are timing-based, and you get extra points for hits on the beat. There are some RPG-lite levelling antics going on as well, and the whole thing kind of sits together quite well.

The quirky humour is what pushed it beyond "meh" for me - it's still a pixel art platformer, after all, but one I'll keep around for when I'm in the mood.

Underhero is:

3: OK

#Underhero #2D #Platformer #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Mircea Kitsune
4 months ago

Discovered this masterpiece of sheer madness by accident. Beware it will break your brain, if you think you've seen internet hell you were so wrong. Really hope the creator is still around and planning to make more... I understand she went neo-Nazi and the usual platforms banned her, hopefully she can continue this series even without trash like Patreon: This is the true internet I recognize and love ❤️

#2d #cgi #animation #furry #nsfw #crazy #wtf #cringe