Michael K Johnson
1 hour ago

I'm adding a PTC chamber heater to my newly-enclosed printer.

This requires a bracket.

I could machine one from aluminum, but somehow it feels like I should try #3DPrinting instead.

While the general chamber temperature shouldn't be super hot (not yet precisely defined, but 60°C would be nice to reach), I expect that the bracket holding the heater itself should be more heat-resistant.

The heater itself appears to have a nylon shell, possibly glass-filled, but I don't know.

If you have experience with high operating temperatures and any of the following filaments, I'd love fact-based advice on what choice you would make and why, as well as what constraints (e.g. temperatures, build plate surface, slicing limitations) you would keep in mind and would influence your decision. I have available Taulman Alloy 910 (PA), PET-CF, PC, PC-CF, ABS, and ABS-FG.


Cornelius Flynn
2 hours ago

Couple of shots of the #thunderhawk #gunship I printed off several weeks ago for a friend.
Assembled and primed. Now his real work starts. 😂
#WarhammerCommunity #warhamFam #3dprinting #warhammer40k #miniatures

Primed and ready to paint.
Thunderhawk Gunship print, assembled and being primed/painted.
Sp4rkR4t :yes_scotland:
3 hours ago

Well today was a much easier day working on the #voron as it was setting up and flashing the firmware for the compute module, MantaM8P and EBB2209 canbus board. All done with only minor confusion and I'm pretty happy with myself, tomorrow I'll finish the toolhead and then actually install the electronics. Might have this thing printing by the end of the week, health permitting. #buildlog #3dprinting

Tech Feeder
3 hours ago

Designing acoustic wall panels with ChatGPT and OpenSCAD #Acoustics #AI #3dPrinting @mrhodes

3 hours ago

In preparation for the third part of a series I'm writing for RS/designspark I've been pullstruding pop bottles into filament today! #3dprinting

A small machine with a large winding drum. The drum is pulling a plastic strip through a hotend nozzle and extruding 3D printable filament.
3D Printing #3Dprinting
3 hours ago

3Dable.IT #3Dprinting »Desktop Metal launches Live Monitor software for Studio, Shop and Production System 3D printers« #3DP #3DPrinter #3Dable.IT #3Dimensional.IT

4 hours ago

@thedungeoncast I need a mini of this #3dprinting #ttrpg

I just published a new model of Classic #Macintosh icon plates on #Makerworld.

I highly appreciate every heart/favorite/thumbs up/whatever and of course every boost. 🙏🏼


#3DPrint #3DPrinting #BambuLab

Collage of different Classic Macintosh Icons made by Susan Kare: „Happy Mac“, „Sad Mac“, „Classic Mac“, „Bomb“, „Moof the Dogcow“, „MacPaint“, „Trashcan“, „Floppy Disk“, „Alert“, „Command“, „Fill“ and „Spray Paint“
Spaceflight 🚀
7 hours ago

#NYT 📆 Oct. 1, 2023 #3Dprinting houses 🏘️ in #DeepSpace 🌌

“Chemistry is the same up there, but physics are different”. #NASA scientists are currently working to perfect a simulated lunar 🌙 #concrete that can stand in for the #moon-made material while they run tests on earth.


Want some 3D Printing ideas?
I've curated a couple of projects with free, downloadable STL files here:

#3dprinting #robotics #raspberrypi

Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
8 hours ago

Needed somewhere to keep my paintbrushes so I quickly designed this perimeter-less brush pot directly in PrusaSlicer #3dprinting #3dprinted

A brush pot made entirely from infill.
🐰Hase Caesar🐇
12 hours ago


The end is nigh!

Nur noch 2 Gehäuseteile, dann hab ich’s endlich geschafft. ☺️☺️☺️

#3dprinting #haseDruckt #jetEngine #SofteisMaschine

13 hours ago

Holy piss i got it. This is like the 14th test print.
Hummingbird skull.

A resin 3d printed hummingburd skull in grey, resting on a palm. For scale the photo is so zoomed in you can see the lines on the palm are a comparable width to the beak.
14 hours ago

Thanks for joining my spooooooky live stream friends! Today I 3D modeled the following minis ready for #3Dprinting:

- Jiangshi
- Gremeshka

Free files:

First spooky models of the month!
#dnd #3Dmodeling #dndart #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #spookymonth

Tim 🎮
15 hours ago

#3dprinting, #cad, maybe a #scicomm question - how do you, personally, describe 3d modelling to a layperson? If you're showing off a 3d printer and someone asks "but how did you make the file?" - not slicing, I mean the actual modelling process - geometry, curves, fillets, subtractions.

Doing anything "in software" never seems to land. My partner's suggested "3d photoshop", but that doesn't quite imply the from-scratch effort I'm thinking of. So far I'm working on "virtual carpentry". Thoughts?

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
15 hours ago

It’s a tough call whether I like the textured or smooth better…

#3Dprinting #digitalFabrication

Two different 3D, printed parts, one with texture, and one that is smooth.

I’m exactly 50% of the way through the parts of my biggest #3dprinting project, and I’m at about 357 hours of printing and close to 4 kg. Flawless performance from my #prusa.

17 hours ago

Its time for a late night #3Dmodeling live stream and this time we're getting SPOOKY! Tonight's model is a 3D printable Jiangshi!!!

Be warned, my stream is spooky and you might be ded when its done D:

Starting now! #dnd #dndart #3dmodeling #3dprinting

17 hours ago

Inktober Week 1: Spider. From the printer to the table, ready for paint! Sculpt by Parasite Collectibles. #MiniatureMonday #MiniaturePainting #3dPrinting #Wargaming #Inktober

A 3d printed model of a spider knight, a spider with the upper body of a knight where its head should be.
The spider knight model still on the 3d printer plate, with the supports still on the models.
19 hours ago

One of my patrons did an amazing job #3DPrinting my Black Dragon model!

Free stls:

Amazing paint job too 🐉🐉🐉
#dnd #3DPrinting #3dmodeling #dndart #3dart #miniaturepainting

Evan Light
19 hours ago

Prototyping for a phone stand for this marble block with inset for my wife. Easy peasy with #openscad and calipers!!! Almost perfect fit on the first draft. #openscad is surprisingly intuitive when you think of it as composing functions! Thanks @mathiasx and @rasterweb


Wow! I’m very impressed of that print. Made it with a 0.2mm nozzle.

#3DPrint #3DPrinting #BambuLab

3D print of Susan Kare’s „Dogcow“.

3D printing differently. Not small, but REALLY BIG! A really exciting future field: 3D printed houses.

„How Europe's biggest 3D-printed building is being constructed“

#3DPrint #3DPrinting @3dprinting
21 hours ago

3D printing technology building transitional housing for Siksika Nation

Siksika Nation in southern Alberta is harnessing the power of innovative 3D printing technology to build transitional housing.

Kakatoosoyiists, which means Star Lodges, will be the largest 3D concrete printed housing project in Alberta with exterior walls soon to be printed.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #housing #innovation #technology #3Dprinting #construction

22 hours ago

It really is true that 90% of the time using a hobby #3DPrinter is used to print parts for itself...

The rest is used to make toys for your kids (if you have any, otherwise you might be lucky enough to be able to print some toys for yourself).


A cardboard box full of parts for 3D printer filament dry-boxes, all printed in black.
Reid D. M.
22 hours ago

Mmmmmm the printer farm control software is hosed. "Can't wait" to fix this so I can get back to doing $THINGs #theshop #3dprinting #homelab #fail

1 day ago

This is a portable cellphone stand. It fits nicely in your pocket or pencil pouch. Works fine in portrait and landscape position.

@OpenSCAD file is available, see comments in the file to adapt the model to your needs.

#3dprinting #openscad

3d printed portable cellphone stand.
3d printed portable cellphone stand.
3d printed portable cellphone stand.
Kyle Davis
1 day ago

After 10 days of travel, I'm really glad to get back into my home and into my typical routine/tools.

I have a lots of (personal/professional) projects in the pipeline that are so much easier to pull off in my own space.

Look for some interesting stuff around (separately) #3dPrinting, #OpenSCAD, and #bottlerocket!

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
1 day ago

I've been trying out some Rugged Box designs... The small one isn't great, the larger one is much better, but too large for some uses.

The smaller one has an OpenSCAD file though, so I may hack at it a bit.

I do like the use of 3mm hardware in the larger design.

Also with the larger one I had to chase down and resize the latches.


A 3D printed rugged box with a two latches.
A 3D printed rugged box with a latch.
Tim 🎮
1 day ago

Last iteration for now. I realised I should open up the back as much as I have the front, and now it has pretty impressive airflow. I will definitely come back and do some more tweaking later, but I'm super happy with how I'm leaving the #solderingstation's fan box today. #3dprinting

A close-up photo of a 3d printed box with a fan and filter in it. A black mesh filter is visible through large hexagonal openings in the front of the box. It stands on a small 3d printed socket joint, intended to clip onto the articulated arm of a soldering station.
A close-up photo of the back of the box. The fan itself is quite visible through large holes intended to maximise airflow. A USB cable trails out the back of the box, and is used to power the fan.
Lucky Resistor
1 day ago

While the recently published knob design may look simple from the outside, its internals are the interesting part to look at.

I've optimized it for 3D printing, added a built-in spring mechanism that presses against the flat side of the shaft, ensuring a secure fit.

The Fusion360 design adjusts these features to accommodate a wide range of dimensions, typically eliminating the need for post-processing.

#3DPrinting #Knob #Design #Details #Fusion360 #Spring #Optimized

Side cut of a knob with its internal spring visible.
Top cut of a knob, with its internal spring visible.
Lucky Resistor
1 day ago

Just released a new fully parametric design for knobs fitting D-shaped shafts! 🎉

Have you ever had to deal with broken, worn-out or sticky knobs? This Fusion 360 design allows you to 3D print a perfectly fitting knob, customizable for a wide array of D-shaped shaft dimensions.

Example files and the Fusion 360 design are available for download. Check it out and happy printing! 😄

#3dprinting #knob #fusion360 #download #release #printables

A 3D printed knob with a dial mounted on an audio device.
Drawing with dimensions for a 3d printed knob.
Tim 🎮
2 days ago

Meanwhile in #solderingstation land, the fume exhaust fan box got an experimental upgrade today - if air moves fastest around the very edge of a fan, then it makes sense to open up the edges of the box as much as possible. I have no way to scientifically quantify the airflow here, but having quickly soldered up another Pro Micro to test, I'm pretty sure this is an improvement. #3dprinting

(In case you missed it, the little widget holding that #Arduino in place is this: )

A close-up photo of a small circuit board on a little platform, which has just been soldered to two rows of header pins, with a large square box with hexagonal holes looming behind it. The box has a dense black filter just behind the hexes, and a USB cable trails out the back from the small fan hidden in the box.
A photo of two 3d printed fan boxes side by side. One has a relatively  small and restrictive circle of hexagonal holes for air to flow through, the other is much more open at the edges with larger hexagons.
Spoopidy James 🎃💀🕷️
2 days ago

Nighttime! 🎃 #3DPrinting

Photo of plastic pumpkins illuminated from the inside
Spoopidy James 🎃💀🕷️
2 days ago

3D printed pumpkins, using vase mode (“spiralize outer contour” in Cura)! Each main part took about 2 hours, and then maybe another couple of hours for the lid, face, and stem. 🎃

Four-year-old chose the white monster pumpkin with a gold face, and chose the gold “cute” pumpkin for the one-year-old. 🤷‍♂️

The olive filament I got for a flower print a while back works perfectly for the stems! I’ll have to wait until night to take a photo of them lit up.



Three plastic pumpkins: an orange classic jack-o'-lantern style, a white monster style with sharp gold teeth, and a gold cute style with a tiny smile and happy eyes.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
2 days ago

I had my first failed print on the Bambu Lab P1S today...

Just kidding. It didn't really fail, it just didn't start because I had the print plate slightly misaligned.

I do like the way the Prusa MINI does plate alignment a bit better since it's easier to get it right.

#3Dprinting #BambuLab #Prusa

2 days ago

A gnome barbarian. Another beautiful sculpt from Twin Goddess Miniatures.

#miniaturepainting #miniatures #ttrpg #gnome #3dprinting #hobby

A painted miniature of a gnome barbarian.  He is shirtless and muscular, with a red cap and skirt.  He has an axe in each hand, one black and the other bone white.  His white beard is full and braided at the end.
A side view of a painted miniature of a gnome barbarian.  He is shirtless and muscular, with a red cap and skirt.  He has an axe in each hand, one black and the other bone white.  His white beard is full and braided at the end.

@hazelton @aekis_projects „Conductive Epoxy" - Awesome what stuff we can use today! I’m looking for a conductive filament for #3DPrinting. 😃

Steve Kohls
2 days ago

I'm closing out stock of my large (3x) size 3D printed Lego studs on my Etsy shop. Not enough interest in the smaller of the two sizes.

Still look great and fit together just like the real thing! Colors match the studs from the Lego video games.

Also selling "factory seconds". I had some extra that had scratches or weren't the best quality. Priced to sell!

Check it out:

#3dprinting #lego #etsy

A hand holding a pile of 3x scale 3d printed Lego studs in shiny gold, silver, purple, and blue.
A stack of 3x scale 3d printed Lego studs in shiny gold, silver, purple, and blue. Studs fit together just like real Lego.
A silver 3x scale 3d printed Lego stud sitting next to a real silver Lego stud, for scale.
Chris Pirillo
2 days ago

watching 'toxicdoom' get his first Bambu at Micro Center live on the Streamyard-sponsored 24/7 stream right now #3dprinting #live #twitch #streaming #video #hardware #tech

Alec Perkins
2 days ago

Quick print to solve a problem #3DPrinting

Clear plastic clip slotted into shelving standards, holding two cords parallel to the vertical metal piece
3 days ago

Needed some new sticky foxes for the new profile :blobfoxfloofhappy:

If you want to take any of them home, they are buyable from the links below. They are 3D printed with PLA, that's a material made out of plant starch, and painted with acrylic colors.

Totally gay versions:
Or there is orange, and a few others, as well:

After this weekend I need to increase the prices slightly and also sadly the shipping costs, because DHL yet again wants more. So for 2 more days you can get them for the old prices.

#3DPrinting #Fox #MastoArt #LowPoly #Pride

Photo of seven 3D printed low poly foxes in different pride flag colors. From leftmost clockwise: lesbian, rainbow, intersex, trans, pan, bi, ace.
A group photo of 3D printed foxes in low polygon style. Six orange ones, one blue and one purple on a white cloth background.
Tim 🎮
3 days ago

New server, new #introduction! I'm Tim, an Aussie #retrogaming maker and collector. Right now I'm working on some USB adapters for old gaming controllers, which I collect and research - ask me about Advanced Gravis!

I do a lot of #3dprinting and design, and make a lot of little gadgets to make life easier or more fun. I also collect, scan and upload rare manuals for things, and used to be fairly active in the #righttorepair space (and still quietly run my old laptop service manuals site).

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
4 days ago

I have never been able to print this many items on the Ender-3 S1 without it fucking up and ruining at least one object... Hopefully I've got this one dialed in now. (And then I'll do the other five.)


A 3D printer with a bed full of parts that hasn't fucked up yet.
4 days ago

20 hours later and it’s done! Giant mastodon logo!

#mastodon #3DPrinter #3DPrinting

Rep Rap Ryn :3
4 days ago

I got a really cool sensor that will be going into my next printer design. Got a special fancy force sensitive resistor that has a thruhole in it. Normally meant for bolts and strain sensing, but from fooling around with it with a multimeter, I got consistently good signals at low force. Meaning it should be effective for a tap probe.

Working on design hardware now that if it works, would make for tap upgrades being trivial.

#3dprinting #reprap

4 days ago

Some of you will not agree (this isn’t for you)
I want to help make the creative accounts & content more accessible and known throughout the #Fediverse . The arts & creativity have always been a big part of society.
I ask that we can get a thread going to help inform users of #art #writers #Contentcreator #TTRPG #designer #singers #Musician #MusiciansofMastodon #VTuber #Podcast #Poets #poetsofmastodon #painting #Painters #Illustrator #Gamer #Gaming #3DPrinting #Woodworking

For folks who will be at #SAINTCon this is something cool you can look forward to seeing in the #lockpicking village 😊 (from n8tonium in the Lockpickers United discord) #3Dprinting #locks #locksport

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
5 days ago

Green benchy from the Bambu Lab P1S, white benchy from the Prusa MINI+ w/5.1.0-alpha1 firmware... The green is definitely a better print.

I got the Prusa about two years ago because I wanted better quality prints that I was getting from my old printer. I care more about quality that speed...

I'll try a slower print and see if the new firmware has better quality.

(The P1S is fast *and* good quality.)

#3Dprinting #BambuLab #Prusa

Two 3D printed benchy models.
Two 3D printed benchy models.

@sp4rkr4t now you have me searching for magnetic linear rail actuators or motors... (I like the idea of a Voron, but... while I love #3dprinting, I don't want to tinker with a machine much - I want the things I make to be my hobby, not the machine itself (an analysis paralysis trap I tend to fall into when it comes to equipment and tech) - OTOH, I want to see this machine in the hands of some reviewers and am in no rush - have to save to afford a replacement for my FF anyways.

No belts for the printhead? "Maglev"?, this sounds interesting!

(I even like that the door opens a full 180 degrees - just missing AMS of my dream-machine (Bambu Carbon XC1)

#3dprinting #3dprinter #maker

Sp4rkR4t :yes_scotland:
5 days ago

I *almost* got the A belt fully threaded into the #voron 2.4r2 before the fop sweat and stars in front of my eyes made me stop, I'll get it tomorrow. #3dprinting #buildlog

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
5 days ago

So I just did a print of a part for work and on the Bambu Lab P1S it took about 30 minutes... On an Ender-3 S1 it takes *1 hour and 30 minutes*. That's at "normal" speed on both machines.

We do have 6 Enders at work, so in theory they can still kick out twice as many in the same time but still... that's quite a time difference!

(And buying one P1S would still be cheaper than buying three Enders.)

#3Dprinting #BambuLab

Terence Eden
5 days ago

🆕 blog! “3D Printing the 2600 Whistle”

Perhaps the most legendary piece of plastic in the hacker community is the humble "Cap'n Crunch" whistle. The free-in-cereal whistle was able to emit a piercing shriek at 2600Hz - the exact tone required to unlock the US phone network. So, because it's all I seem to do these days, I turned my my trusty RepRapPro and decided to se…

👀 Read more:

#2600 #3dprinting #hack #hacks #ota13

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
6 days ago

My Solder Board model. White from the Prusa MINI, green from the P1S. Both really good quality, the P1S was definitely faster.

#3DPrinting #BambuLab #Prusa

Two 3D printed object, side-by-side.
6 days ago

That was close! 😅
#3dPrinting @3dprinting

3D Printer which almost run out of filament. The image shows that there are only about 4 cm of filament left after the end of the print.
6 days ago

Im very :/ about the print quality on the corners of this teeny tardis. #3dPrinting

Fingers holding a deep blue 3d printed tardis, moving it in the light to show layer lines and bubbling corners.

Well, it's been a year now since I have been sucked into 3d-printing, and yes... it is a "full-grown hobby".

#3dprint #3dprinter #3dprinting

Two birds, having a conversation:

Bird #1: "I think I might get into 3d printing".
Bird #2: "Really? Seems boring."

Bird #1: "How so?"
Bird #2: "Well it's a printer. You know. Beep boop and here's your toy boat or whatever."

(Bird #1 throws his wings in the air, in exasperation)
Bird #1: "Ugh. I wish it were that easy. There's lots of software to learn and the machine has to be calibrated and tweaked and should I get a resin printer or an extrusion printer and there's maintenance and upkeep and there's constantly newer and better printers you'll want to upgrade to and..."

Bird #1: "It's like having a second job that just drains money from your bank account."

(Bird #2 puts his wing around Bird #1's shoulder)
Bird #2: "Whoa, that's not boring at all - That's a full grown hobby!"

Da hat sich jemand designtechnisch aber verdammt nah beim #BambuLab X1 orientiert. 😃

Aber sehr interessantes Konzept, mit den Linearmotoren.

#3DPrint #3DPrinting #3DDruck #FDM

Lance Taylor :vinyl: :album:
1 week ago

So, I just #3DPrinted a Paint Shaker and attached it to a model Dremel tool that ran on two AA batteries. Of course, I needed more power. Enter #Amazon today with this rechargeable that does 50,000 RPM. Works well. Oh yeah, grunt grunt. #MorePower #3DPrinting #MiniPainting #4Elven

1 week ago

Printables, Thingiverse, Cults3D, Thangs, MyMiniFactory, Pinshape and now Makerworld (and the hot story)...

And this is to help the customers? Make the 3DP community better?

Unbelievable how this tech moved from an open mindset to "it is mine", "I'll copy everything without credit", "open source but no source".

It is sad...

#3dprinting #thingiverse #prusa #printables #BambuLab #makerworld @3Dprinting

Mikael Nousiainen
1 week ago

And in the spirit of being a maker, I printed some excellent 3D models by Brian Kloppenborg to construct the all-sky camera. The models and full instructions are available at:

I did have to adjust the models a bit for a larger, 110mm diameter pipe.

#3dprint #3dprinting

1 week ago

I've been designing this iPhone holder for a friend of mine for a few days using #openscad (or #phpscad - my own translation layer from #php to #openscad). Yes, you're reading it correctly, I've created this in #php.

I'm no designer (yet?), but damn, still proud of myself! Also I finally know why trigonometry is important.

#3dprinting #3dmodel #charger #iphone #iphone13 #iphone13mini

Scott Lahteine
1 week ago

The plastic waste problem is only going to worsen if everyone adopts multi-color printing, accessible at lower and lower price-points. The filament should be purged into a useful object (or a long 1.75mm diameter cylinder), not into a useless tower or box of squiggles. Let’s work on that! #3dprinting

A box of filament waste from a single print job.
Chris Pirillo
1 week ago

i now have a dozen beskar troopers at the ready ~ might print a few shields for 'em later ~ figure model was released by @Playactiontoys on friday and printed on over the weekend ~ #starwars #themandalorian #3dprinting #toys

Creating stackable paper tray designs for #3DPrinting on #Tinkercad (leave me alone I like my training wheels), I've learned things:

- Take advantage of custom workplane dimensions in the settings

- Making 2 or more things that're meant to fit together: make 2 identical things, not 1 whole thing you'll split up later. It gets so messy otherwise

My stackable trays design in Tinkercad.
1 week ago

Very nice. All I have to do is give it a list of 2D coordinates of where I want the posts to be and #OpenSCAD will automatically create the posts and connect them. #3DPrinting

Lance Taylor :vinyl: :album:
1 week ago

First coat of paint. Three more to go. #4Elven #TTRPG #3DPrinting #MiniPainting Not made by #WOTC or #HASBRO #OGL #TrueTiles #DungeonTiles #MetalDemon

1 week ago

Ok! Mastodon logo print done, came out pretty good!

#mastodon #3DPrinter #3DPrinting