@Adam_Cadmon1 as someone who comes from a family of cops? #ACAB for ever and ever.


that goggie is a good #ACAB boi. he probably can pick the strench of 45 on them

7 hours ago

tja also ich hab gerade die Twitter app deinstalliert.
würde den Account zwar gerne deaktivieren, aber da hat #Elon offenbar was dagegen....

das einzige was mich wirklich stört ist, dass ich auf mastodon nicht mehr so reichweitenstark über Demo content berichten kann.

#fuckthesystem #acab #riotsnotdiets #1312 #alerta #antifa

Owen Blacker
14 hours ago

‘I was arrested for protecting a pub from the far-right’: Amardeep Singh Dhillon was arrested under expanded police powers after defending a pub’s drag event


Adrian Riskin
15 hours ago

The cops say that the thieves weren't affliated with the protest, but if they knew who the thieves were they'd arrest them, so they don't know, which means there's no way to know whether they're affiliated with the protest or not.

Conversely, how would they know who's affiliated with the protest? I doubt there's a list of affiliates. Anyway, it's perfectly plausible that the thieves are a covert flash mob affinity group.

Naturally, the reporter didn't ask the commissioner why he thought what he was saying was true.

#Copaganda #ACAB #Philadelphia

Screenshot from linked article with the following text highlighted:

"Those doing the ransacking were not affiliated with the protest, Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford said at a news conference, calling the group “a bunch of criminal opportunists.” "
16 hours ago

New-York, New-York !

Sure it's a fake, but even though, it's a killing !

#Haveaniceday #Acab #Mmmhhh

Short funny and fake video of a NYPD car parked in a street of NY. A whitee man in his 40's carrying a cinderblock throws it through the window of the com car, then smashes the windows with an iron bar while all the bystanders are looking at him incredulous. Then comes a black cop in uniform asking him "what are you doing ?" adding "that looks so cool" then the white man says "come, help me out, it's fun" the rest of the vodeo shows the two of them smasing the car and jumping on it while methodically breaking the cop car.
Mark Lindhout
17 hours ago

Antifascist #BlackMetal like the 90's were never over, but with truly fantastic production.

“APOKALYPSIS” (Ἀ​Π​Ο​Κ​Ά​Λ​Υ​Ψ​Ι​Σ) by #Trespasser delivers an infusion of #BlackMetal with ultra-heavy #Hardcore #Punk, while strongly channeling #MörkGryning

If you need some tracks to fight #LateStageCapitalism's local porcine representatives, this is for you!


19 hours ago

@dHardestBattles А тоя палячо, дето застрелял бягащ 18 годишен в гръб и го убил? За тоя "смелчага" какво да кажем? #acab

1 day ago

Solidarity with Philly

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
1 day ago

"Killed by Police Over Eight Dollars – Ethan Saylor's Story"
⚠️ CW: Disability and Police Violence (The details may be disturbing to some)

On January 12, 2013, 26-year-old Ethan Saylor of New Market Maryland, went to the movies to see "Zero Dark Thirty" for the second time. After the movie, his caregiver went to bring her car to the front of the theater while Ethan waited inside. Being his favorite movie, Ethan snuck back in to watch the movie again while she was gone.

The theater manager told him that, he would have to buy a ticket or leave but, he refused. Ethan had Down Syndrome and did not understand, nor did he handle money. Not disturbing anyone, he was watching the movie, when the theater manager summoned mall security to have Ethan removed. His caregiver returned, pleading with the manager and one of the deputies attempting to de-escalate the interaction. She begged with them not to touch him and requested to speak to him. She was ignored and not allowed to go to Ethan.

The mall security guards that responded were actually off-duty Frederick County Maryland deputies, moonlighting as security guards. When one of them told Ethan that he had to leave, Ethan again refused and began to swear in protest. Two other moonlighting deputies came to "assist" in removing Ethan from the theater. The three veteran officers, Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford, and Deputy James Harris, forcibly pulled Ethan out of his seat and tried to handcuff him. A struggle ensued and Ethan was taken to the ground by the three deputies.

With Ethan on his stomach, at least one eyewitness account cited that one officer had his knee pressing on the man's back. It also stated that Ethan was heard crying out, "MOMMY, IT HURT!". At this point, I have to ask the question if these men were stupid or just callously evil as I wipe the tears from my eyes. Obviously, that question is rhetorical. It should have been plainly obvious that Ethan Saylor was, as some laws word it, a "vulnerable adult" with disabilities.

A few months later, a Frederick News Post story stated:
“Saylor cursed and resisted the deputies, and he was briefly handcuffed with three sets of cuffs linked together, according to the sheriff’s office. Saylor ended up on the floor during the struggle and had a medical emergency. He was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the sheriff’s office said.”

The Frederick County Sheriff's office investigated and later released Maryland Atty. Gen.'s report said in part:
"The opinion of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was that a 25 year old Caucasian male ROBERT ETHAN SAYLOR, died of ASPHYXIA. Down’s Syndrome, Obesity, Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, and Accessory Conduction Pathways of Heart, are also significant conditions…This individual was already compromised by his Down’s Syndrome, obesity, body habitus, and heart disease, making him more susceptible to sudden death in stressful conditions which would compromise his breathing. Using the medical definition of homicide (but for the actions of other individuals Mr. Saylor would not have died), the manner of death is best certified as HOMICIDE".

In April, another news source reported about injuries to Ethan's face and cartilage in his neck, "which has yet to be explained":
“The autopsy revealed Saylor had bruises and abrasions on his face and body. And another injury: a fracture to cartilage in Saylor’s throat. Experts say it’s an unusual injury to see in a choking case. A forensic pathologist not familiar with case [SIC] says the injury happens from some kind of force... It can be seen in a manual strangulation, ” says Dr. John Hunsaker, a forensic pathologist and expert witness. “But in and of itself, one would be difficult to diagnose without more information. And it can occur as a result of a direct blow.”

The use of three sets of handcuffs is a tactic referred to as "hog-tying", in which the ankles and wrists are restrained and connected to each other with the third. In 1995, the US DOJ (Department of Justice), warned police departments that people may die when using this hog-tying method, yet there are still many that employ this technique of restraint. To be clear in regard to the sheriff's worded claim of a "medical emergency", Ethan's larynx was crushed and at least one of the sources below use the words "broken bones" in his neck. Despite the homicide ruling, 17 eyewitness account statements and Dr. Hunsaker's statements, a Maryland grand jury refused to indict the deputies for the murder of Ethan Saylor. One of the officers, Sgt. Rich Rochford, was later "quietly hired" by Frederick city Police Department, despite his involvement in the incident.

It seems I write about these horrific instances of police violence against people with invisible disabilities all the time. It's certainly not because I enjoy them, and it is very emotionally taxing to do so. The fact is, situations like this occur so regularly, there's too many stories to ignore. 50% of people killed by police in the US have a disability and unfortunately, many people never hear about, or care about stories like this. Many seem too busy fighting about colors or wooden hammers. How many of you have heard of Ethan Saylor, Christian Glass or Elijah McClain. I feel that telling their stories to wake people up, is the first step in inspiring them to stand against these recurring injustices facing the invisibly disabled community. Ethan is just another tragic example of the senseless, hateful authoritarian murders of otherwise innocent people. He was killed over an eight dollar movie theater ticket, to put things in perspective. This is one of the main reasons I do what I do, and the support for the cause of people with invisible disabilities is very much appreciated.

The Preventable Death of Ethan Saylor – "Psychology Today":

Maryland Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Deputies:

The Trouble with the Robert Ethan Saylor Case:

Frederick city Maryland police quietly hired cop who killed Ethan Saylor over a movie ticket:

Deputies Want Lawsuit Dismissed in the Death of a Man in Custody:

The Road We've Shared:

Sister of a Man Who Died in Police Custody Continues to Fight for Justice:

#Disability #DownSyndrome #ICantBreathe #ImJustDifferent #PoliceViolence #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #acab #EndAbleism #SpeakUp
@disabilityjustice @disability

Photograph of Ethan Saylor raising his arm in the air and holding books in his other hand with sunlight highlighting the right side of his image. The blue and black gradient background is framed in light blue. The words "Ethan Saylor – Always Remembered" are superimposed on the image.  In the bottom corner in small gray text reads "Out Of Exile_IDR".
1 day ago
1 day ago

@obeto It’s like that old saying - I think it goes, “one bad apple has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the whole barrel.” #ACAB

@realcaseyrollins I mean.. #ACAB and all.. exercising your rights is a sure way to get your rights abused... Best way to make sure our rights are respected is to never exercise them

(PS NOW I am joking)

Just a reminder... you do **not** automatically have the right to remain silent in the USA... You **must** invoke your right to remain silent and if you dont explicitly do so then your silence **can** be held against you.

Know your rights people.

#Law #ACAB

MLive Curated
1 day ago

Search continues for Ann Arbor police chief, city officials say

by Jordyn Pair

#Michigan #AnnArbor #ACAB

2 days ago

@flexghost hey pigs, is this serving, or is this protecting? #ACAB

MLive Curated
2 days ago

4 Macomb County teens charged as adults in attempted murder

by Ryan Boldrey

#MacombCounty #ACAB

MLive Curated
2 days ago

Mount Pleasant man shot by police after wielding BB gun pleads to federal charge

by Cole Waterman

#Michigan #MountPleasant #ACAB

2 days ago



2 days ago

The slavemason frat had a sex slave and then they get the cops involved.

Tons of real cases. Cops are a union of pedos they give guns to. We should take their guns away! Pedophiles hurt kids. Its not a nice thing.

#CopIsBadMan #CopsAreViolentSexOffenders

#GunControlCops Take cops dicks away so they can't rape kid's openings and holes! They are salivating for their "weakness" and "smallness" and "openings." #CutOffACopSaveAChild

Church of Jeff
2 days ago

Just like Coffee City, TX.
This is systematic and widespread.

2 days ago

This is the part.

We are living stochastic terrorism from the garden variety white supremacists.

We are living an occupying military white supremacist force (yes, #ACAB, even the Black and Brown cops) killing us at will, and we pay them for the privilege.

We are living a 'democracy' in which the #Christofascists choose their voters.

PSA: we still have to vote Democrats in, preferably those who won't switch parties as soon as they're sworn in.

Tweet by @RenaissanceEast (timestamp 8:54pm Sep 25 223):
We are past the point of worrying about the majority. We have to worry about a well-placed and violent minority.

Quoted tweet by Mash Jung:
We're watching Trump unwind in real time while the polls and media try to tell us the majority of Americans want him to be the next president. (link to a Meidas Touch tweet)
/end quoted tweet
Two-tweet thread by Atlanta Community Press Collective (timestamp 2:7pm Sep 25, 2023):

In today's Public Safety committee meeting, the city of Atlanta Department of Law informed the committee that the body camera video footage of officer Kieran Kimbrough killing deacon Johnny Hoollman will not be released.

The Department of Law says the Fulton County District Attorney Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the Georgia Attorney General office have all reached out to city officials to request the body camera footage not be released while the killing is investigated.
Andres Salomon
2 days ago

Car drivers kill 200-300 people per year in #NYC, and injure another > 60,000 people each and every year. And yet when people in this city try to get a permit to remove cars from their street for a day, they're denied by the #NYPD due to concerns about "violence." 🙄

#FTP #ACAB #StreetSafety #TrafficViolence #BanCars #CarBrain #HellGateNYC

2 days ago
Paper mit dem Titel "All cops are boradcasting"
3 days ago

#Racism #ACAB What we have here are cops self-identifying which of them should never be allowed to carry firearms, or be cops, period.

👁️Stop state surveillance
( New illustration against police and authoritarianism)
👁️Arrêtons la surveillance d’État
( Nouvelle illustration anti-police et anti-autoritarisme)
Free DL :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_sa:  :
Prints & goodies :honk_canada:  :
#FediArt #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Vintage #Anarchy #Acab

Vintage poster in the style of a late 19th century engraving showing a laughing seagull stealing a policeman's binoculars. The policeman looks surprised and silly as he runs after the bird.
affiche vintage façon gravure de la fin du XIXe siècle avec une mouette rieuse qui vole les jumelles d’un policier. Ce dernier à l’air surpris et idiot en se mettant à courir derrière l’oiseau.

so #Godzilla is a fucking cop in this movie?


Mike Myers
3 days ago
4 days ago

Last year, an unarmed black man named Chris Kaba was shot and killed in London by an armed cop who remains anonymous.

This week, that cop was charged with Kaba's murder after a lengthy investigation, and almost immediately, dozens upon dozens of other cops turned in their tickets allowing them to carry weapons, basically putting them back on unarmed duty.

All I can say is: fucking good.

If you're the kind of cop who panicked the first time one of your own was even possibly held accountable, then it's probably for the best that you don't carry a weapon.

Even worse is hearing officials in the shitty conservative UK government talk about how cops can't do their job if they fear the prosecutor's office, or talking about how it's a "betrayal" of the trust the police had in the justice system. Way to say the quiet part out loud, folks, that you don't think the cops can operate if they're held to the same standards as the rest of us.

#acab #blm

John G R Wilson
4 days ago

Baton Rouge woman says she was 'sexually humiliated' by police in 'torture warehouse' #ACAB

rdfhrn a.k.a bmblmnn
4 days ago

@AufstandLastGen wundert sich da wer über #acab? unsere #polizei braucht keinen #respekt sie braucht #anstand und #reform

4 days ago

Cops weaponize the system on people they hold personal grudges against, but this is something else: this motherfucker took a friend to record his attack on an ex lover, after he had manipulated the system to commit her into a mental hospital. Perhaps he thought the video would be for his protection? Now it's evidence and the fucker is in jail.

Will he be found guilty? Who knows, he's a straight white cis man and a cop.

#ACAB #DomesticViolence

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
4 days ago


Elijah McClain's mother left the courtroom in tears on Friday after body cam footage of his final moments were shown. Aurora Colorado PD has a long history showing a "pattern and practice" of victimizing and harming POC and people with invisible disabilities.

Elijah's "behavior" during the encounter was not that of a criminal in defiance but, a harmless person with invisible disabilities.

Lawyers for the officers accused of murder have attempted to shift blame to the paramedics had injected him with ketamine.

Click here 🧠 to read Elijah McClain's full story.

#Justice4Elijah #BLM #DisabilityJustice #SocialJustice #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #ICantBreathe #InvisibleDisabilityRights #PoliceViolence #acab #JusticeForElijahMcClain

@disabilityjustice @disability @actuallyautistics

A mural of Elijah McClain is painted on the wall in his memory. it shows the 23-year-old massage therapist with earbuds in his ears. The murals background in various shades of red and orange also show flowers and the words: "Elijah McClain – respect – #SprayTheirName".
5 days ago

all the water has been bought from stores & the mayor has filed paper work in court to expand the looting laws. its crazy, the #CorpoDems use any opportunity, just like the GOP fascist to tighten the noose of 'law & order.

Imagine, people in a major US city cant get water and the mayor is worried abt having more authority to kill/lock up those too poor to afford the new price gouged water, not ensuring the water stays safe and cheap
#ACAB #DefundThePolice #climatechange

What to know about drinking water, appliances as saltwater intrusion threatens New Orleans metro
Eric Lawton
5 days ago

Louisiana police accused of ‘unconscionable’ abuse in ‘Brave Cave’

> Baton Rouge police department allegedly brutalized and disrobed detainees in storage shed once used for anti-street crime unit

#AbolishThePolice #ACAB

Eric Lawton
5 days ago

> The most recent UK Home Office data, for the period April 2022 to April 2023, showed that nearly 95 per cent of crimes in England and Wales now go unsolved

> From May 2022 to May 2023 1,124 police officers and staff were accused of domestic abuse, sexual assault, rape or abuse of position.

> Incompetent, corrupt, outdated: policing needs revolution not reform.

Yet both main parties are calling for more cops. Why?

#AbolishThePolice #ACAB

5 days ago

#ACAB Think this shows that at the very least we need to hire cops with a higer level of cognitive functioning? Remember many yrs ago (worked in probation) and tweens/teens who were sexting each other threatened with child porn charges. "The law is an ass".

5 days ago

@parents4future @PolizeiBerlin @ExtinctionR @AufstandLastGen

Kein Wunder, dass Bürger keinen Respekt vor dieser Polizei mehr haben. Das ist nichts anderes als ein Schlägertrupp. #Polizeiproblem #ACAB

6 days ago

@black_intellect More of this please! #ACAB

(Note: it's because they had 1 LEO for every 5 residents and many of those LEOs had been dismissed for cause from previous positions)

Delia Christina
6 days ago

While walking through the park this morning I shared with Benson how I'd react if every cop on the planet got sucked into a black hole (random), as well as unpacked my recent slight anxiety.

Trotting beside me, occasionally checking in, Benson is a good nonjudgmental listener.


Autonomie und Solidarität
1 week ago

The "copaganda" epidemic: How #media glorifies police and vilifies protesters
"How the pro-police focus of #mainstream crime reporting misdirects policy discussions and blocks real solutions.
Last year, Project Censored identified news coverage of protests by #BlackLivesMatter as an egregious example of "News Abuse," the Project's term for distorted, misleading coverage of genuinely important news topics. Legacy and corporate media portrayed #BLM demonstrators across the United States as violent and chaotic, despite subsequent evidence that, in 97 percent of cases, protests were peaceful and nonviolent. At the time, alternative and independent media carried very different stories, some with headlines accurately describing "police riots."
#AbolishThePolice #police #riots #Repression #Antireport #discrimination #media #protest #ACAB #AbolishThePolice #PoliceBrutality

barrier tape with "crime scene do not cross
1 week ago

Background on the #StandingRock litigation:

Standing Rock Litigation

About the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit challenging the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, represented by Earthjustice from 2016 to 2022, sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for violating the National Historic Preservation Act and other laws, after the agency issued final permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline, a massive crude oil pipeline stretching from North Dakota to Illinois.

"The FAQ and timeline is currently under construction — we apologize for the inconvenience!

"Archival resources related to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit challenging the Dakota Access Pipeline:

- Legal documents about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit
- Press releases and statements about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit
- Feature stories and videos about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit

Links here:

#StandWithStandingRock #WaterProtectors #WaterIsLife #BackwaterBridge #ACAB #NoDAPL #StandingRockSioux

Gamey :thisisfine:
1 week ago

@AufstandLastGen Unglaublich das @PolizeiBerlin sich traut auf Mastodon statt zu finden, schämt euch und geht zurück zu Twitter ihr dreckigen Bastarde! #ACAB

I hate it when someone shoots a cop and the paper *has* to call it an "ambush" to protect the poor pig's ego because he clearly just lost a gun fight. #acab

user not found
1 week ago

It's quite a lot of shipping, but also, the best of shipping.😀

#acab #1312 #shippingcosts

A screenshot showing that the shipping costs to the Netherlands are € 13.12

"there is nothing here but us monsters"

that's a level of self-awareness i was not expecting from #ACAB man

#Monsterdon #TheBlob

1 week ago

Please note all the #Copaganda around this never once mentions that the LA Sheriff’s Department literally (not figuratively, *literally*) has no fewer than SIX active gangs within it. Gangs. That steal and murder. Yeah. #California is not the liberal utopia fascists would have you believe. #ACAB

#LosAngeles deputy shot and killed after being 'ambushed' in his patrol car

Church of Jeff
2 weeks ago

“In a statement released Friday, Seattle’s police union says a video of its vice president joking after the death of 23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula lacks context.”




#seattle #JaahnaviKandula #SPOG #1312 #ACAB #KevinDave #DanielAuderer

NYPD continues to stop and frisk pedestrians, despite being ordered by federal courts to drop its stop-and-frisk policy 10 years ago. Black and Latine people are 95% of the stops, and are found innocent *by NYPD* 72% of the time.

The #NYPD could only be more #racist if it were wearing white hoods. Also, its disregard for the law is atrocious. #racism #NYC #ACAB

Church of Jeff
2 weeks ago

@lzg - #ACAB includes the nosey neighbor.
#ACAB and #Karen go hand in hand.