Dr Becci Quirky Brain Coach
2 hours ago

Have you completed a sensory review lately?

When I finally understood I was neurodivergent, I felt like I was finally receiving the user manual to my brain.

However, when I opened it...some of the pages were still blank. I had to go through a journey of self-enquiry and self-awareness to fill in some of the blanks.

One of the blanks I needed to fill was around my sensory needs. What senses do I enjoy and why? What are my sensory absolute NOs to avoid or mitigate?

As part of coaching with me, the early part of the coaching work is very often a phase of discover and self-assessment. One of the things we deliberately review is your senses in order to help you fill in some of the blank pages of your brain's user manual.

Knowledge is absolutely power when it comes to your sensory profile. Once you know what you want more of and what you want to avoid or dampen in your senses, you can goal-set around adjustments you'd like to set. far along are you on this journey?

Below, I'm sharing some snippets from a tool I am currently building to help my clients review their sensory profile.

Share your favourite sensory icks and must-avoids with me below!

#Autism #ADHD #AuDHD #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Sensory #Senses #Coaching

A screen shot showing 5 icons of the 5 senses that we traditionally learn about (visual, sound, smell, touch, taste) and a reflection prompt which says "What are your likes or stims? What do you avoid?"
Mike McCaffrey
6 hours ago

I had to pay the #adhd tax again today. This time it was a cancellation fee for a triple vet appointment that slipped my mind until 12 minutes after I would have needed to leave to make it on time.

8 hours ago

@ainmosni this is actually my goal. #ADHD impacts my life a lot and I'd love to have more ways to work.around that with #HomeAssistant.

8 hours ago

I art so sporadically so when inspiration hits, I am frequently not in a position to accomodate. Like this morning, for instance: on the train to work. All I can do is note the ideas down in my note-taking app. Maybe I can try them tonight or tomorrow.

Update: and now my #ADHD is screaming at me to go do this now... when I'm supposed to be at work, programming. :-( One thing I will *not* be doing it buying art supplies at lunch. Because I already have more than enough at home.

@loops @actuallyadhd The only thing that works for me is to keep it fresh.

The #adhd nervous system loves novelty. Any system will eventually fade. When that begins, start a new system.

There is no system that will work. The system that works is to keep changing systems.

Strongly believe my parents are both undiagnosed #adhd annnnnd it has been a challenge during this trip lol

10 hours ago

My #chess game is slowly improving with practice, but I'm definitely a very defensive player.

Any #ADHD peeps out there play too? Any tips on focusing enough to plan out strategies instead of reacting all game?

Si Dawson
11 hours ago

Go to prep breakfast.
Cupboard door is wonky as hell.
Go find a screwdriver.
Tighten screws in door.
Door falls off.
Frantically catch door, while safely unscrewing remaining screws.
Figure out where to put large bi-fold cupboard door.
Put screws back in so they don't get lost.
Take photos for property manager.

Uhh.. what the hell was I doing again?


Joe Martin
12 hours ago

That feeling when you’re absolutely sure that you saved something, but you can’t find it in any of your bookmarks, notes, or other places that you use to save things.

I may not misplace physical items very often, but I lose digital items *constantly*


Kaniggia JP
12 hours ago

Over the past three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted our lives, but less interaction with relatives and neighbors was good for our family.

I didn't have to feel unnecessary stress from my relatives asking, "Are your sons not going to school?"

#childcare #autism #education #ADHD

Pixie Pain
13 hours ago

The first is rapidly approaching, we need $423 to make rent. We're over halfway!


Please share if you can't donate 💗

Thank you so much!

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund #transmutualaid #remotework #neurodivergent #ADHD #immunocompromised #rent #rentHelp

Woman with pink hair and glasses.
Two cats curled up together on a comforter, a Torby and a Bombay.

Dus. Kind met officiële ADHD diagnose.
Nu zoveel vragen en behoefte aan ervaringen lezen, horen en uitwisselen.
Wie kan me een fijne FB groep aanraden waar ouders van #ADHD kinderen op een respectvolle manier ervaringen uitwisselen?

Yusuf Toropov
14 hours ago

@thequirkybraincoach this is very powerful stuff, I never thought about it that way. I won't be doing the coaching, but I will be mentioning this to my therapist. really think #adhd community can benefit from reading this post. Great contribution, thank you.

You say you have no filter ‘cause it’s your excuse to be a malicious asshole.

I say I have no filter because I have #adhd and thus have a scientifically documented and well researched lack of inhibition.

We are not the same.

I just have a whacky brain… 🐝🧠😅

#adhdproblems #adhdlife #adhdstruggles #adhdbrain #ADHDer #adultadhd

Dr Becci Quirky Brain Coach
16 hours ago

I have been thinking A LOT about arousal.
No, get your minds out of the gutter :D
I mean arousal in the psychological sense.

Arousal in psychology can be understood as your levels of excitement or energy, and it's often linked with your emotional state.

I have been thinking about arousal for two reasons. One, it's very personal to me because I have just been ill, and because I am currently not taking medication for my ADHD as I need to find a better fit for me.

Two, I think about this topic A LOT because it's something that occurs at some point in many of the coaching discussions that I have.

If you want to understand your arousal levels and also discover how you can engineer them or harness them to your advantage, then the research (thank you, sports science!) tells us that self-awareness is the first step to making progress.

In other words, to make progress here, most people benefit from a discovery phase where you can think about what energises you or wakes you up, and why.

It's possible to do some of this through journalling and reflection. It can also be really helpful to have someone take you through this process. A coach, for example, can ask you a series of questions that are designed to pull out the intelligence you need about your arousal and what increases it and decreases it.

If you would like to work with someone to help you gain clarity on excitement, energy and emotions, then I will have two coaching places coming up in the next few weeks. Get your name onto my waiting list and ask for a free consult to see how I might be able to help you make sense of what is going on for you.

There are then specific arousal-raising activities we can put in place that match what we uncover in the coaching conversations.

What are you wondering about your arousal levels? Comment below!

#Autism #ADHD #AuDHD #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Coaching

17 hours ago

New Substack Post:

Accepting My Differences & Limitations as Self-care
Part 2: Neurodivergence & Dysregulation

"Just observing what was happening in my body and making some connection as to why or seeing what might help make my life easier (no matter how weird it might look or feel) made all the difference in how I show up or take care of myself."

#autism #adhd #amwriting #essay #disability #writing #trauma #cptsd #ptsd #photo #photography #mentalhealth

Read here:

Background photo: a sandy path cut through tall man-sized reeds leading to the ocean on the horizon. There's a perfectly clear blue sky above. At the very top there is writing that says: "" and underneath that reads "Accepting My Differences & Limitations as Self-care Part 2: Neurodivergence & Dysregulation"
James Harris
18 hours ago

I try to put safeguards or reminders in place to remind myself of the simple stuff, like taking a break on my computer. This worked for a bit, it would take over my whole screen to tell me to get and stretch, or just do something like tidy for 5 minutes or do 10 pushups. But then I started to mentally defeat it. I'd notice the 5 second countdown and cancel it before it started. And once I started to skip it, the whole thing fell off the rails. #neurodivergence #adhd

Yusuf Toropov
20 hours ago

This has to be my favorite social media handle of all time. #adhd


(Del is fine with me mentioning him here.)

ADHDel-DRAFT-v10-final (2).doc
Yusuf Toropov
21 hours ago

Me describing #ADHD: It's a bit like having 20 televisions on, all the time, knowing you HAVE to be able to describe the plot of any one of the episodes to somebody later, or they will think you don't care about them or have any interest in them.

Well-meaning client: Well, everybody gets distracted when things get busy. I know I feel like that sometimes.


(Considered saying, did not say: Everybody has to pee, too, but if you have to pee 80 times a day it's different.)

23 hours ago

And the winner of the “i’m not…. but…” is Jo Ellison, editor of the FT’s attractively named mag “How to Spend It” (🤮). #ADHD #denial

“I’m no ADHD denier but it can seem sometimes like everyone has a claim”
Yusuf Toropov
23 hours ago

Someone on another platform told me to meditate when I mentioned an interest I had, and told me #ADHD "typically demands instant answers to unimportant questions."


I am not trying to "cure" ADHD, it is simply the car God has given me to drive. Also, I am 61, and if the (traditional) meditation thing were going to work, it would have worked by now. I'm not wasting any more precious time on stuff that doesn't work for me.

Dr Becci Quirky Brain Coach
1 day ago

I have a newsletter that I usually send out early on a Monday morning.

I often announce events or speaking engagements that you might be interested in within the newsletter.

If you'd like to sign up to The Monday Quirk, feel free to do so here

I don't sell your information or bombard you with product information. It's one short newsletter per week...that's your lot!

Take good care,

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Coaching

1 day ago

Trying to power through, hoping that if I forget I have #ADHD the symptoms and my limitations will disappear. What could go wrong... The things I would do to have a normal brain.

Dave Rahardja
1 day ago

I’ve recently noticed that my optimum attention span is about 40 minutes long. I should use this to my advantage. Pomodoro, etc. #adhd

Scott Williams 🐧
1 day ago

Today I went to a hardware store and bought a rubber mallet and used it to fix my car with a few good well placed whacks and then was proud of myself for doing something that required executive function when I'm out of my regular #ADHD meds.

1 day ago

Meds are absolutely destroying my appetite. This is a good thing, but it feels weird.

Stomach: Hey hey hey hey put some food in your wordhole, I need something to chew on.

Brain: nah I'm good


1 day ago

Question for anyone on #ADHD meds and/or Estrogen #HRT:

I used to feel euphoria when listening to music. Not always, but if I'm not doing great or feeling vaguely anxious, putting on certain tracks would make me feel strongly and it's great. I assume it's due to me needing dopamine.

Since starting Vyvanse in January this seems not to happen anymore. Generally I don't feel highs or lows right now. It's sad, but the positives outweigh what I'm missing.

I just wondered if anyone else had this happen on adhd meds, and if it's possible starting on E (and feeling emotions) in a few weeks will bring this euphoria back, or at least help me feel emotional from listening to music. Or maybe the Vyvanse will work to cancel that out HRT related emotions, also.

I would love to experience music euphoria again, especially as I'm hoping to get back into playing and not feeling the positive feedback will make it difficult.

Does anyone have thoughts or relevant experiences?

Lynn McAlister UE
1 day ago

In general I’m fairly easy on myself when it comes to #ADHD - years of proper medication mean I function fairly well & I don’t get down on myself for my limitations. But one thing I absolutely hate is that I somehow manage to knock over any cup of water/tea/coffee, etc., I get anywhere near. I’ve damaged more books and papers and electronic devices than I can count. And it’s always so stupid - I know the cup is there, how can I not avoid it like everyone else does? It’s *so* aggravating. #AuDHD

Idris They/Them
1 day ago

It’s nearly John Wick 4 day 😊 I really wish my body could do the cinema (for some films) but I don’t stand a chance, especially with longer films 😩

#Fibromyalgia #JointPain #UnstableJoints #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnesses #IBS #IrritableBowel #IrritableBladder #OAB #OverActiveBladder #Diabetic #ChronicFatigue #BrainFog #FibroFog #Autistic #ADHD #AuDHD #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #MentalHealthDisorders #NotGettingBetter

Jen McCulley :verified:
1 day ago

Having ADHD means watching TV with CC on while simultaneously doing something else and ignoring the screen.
Suddenly, you look up and go: “This person is from this play, this show, and this film.”
Then, while still ✌️watching✌️you open IMDB to check their career repertoire, and start talking about it, at which instance, you rewind again, till you realize you have no F idea what is going on so you, go watch something else instead and start all over again.


1 day ago

Jeg er jo ikke på dén måde vildt god til at lave ingenting, blandt andet fordi jeg har #ADHD - og er syg af stress, som viiirkli aktiverer den indre motor, men jeg tror, morgendagens ekstra hviledag skal bruges på at høre Braiding Sweetgrass og sidde med tegneblok og vandfarvegrej i hånden. Det er aktiv ro!

Kaniggia JP
1 day ago

Detailed rules and synchronicity at school, such as "Don't put ice in the water bottle" and "Let's take off the mask."

Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition, so I think that especially for small children, "their instincts" should be valued more, and it is an ability that should be nurtured.

Kids become people who cannot make decisions for themselves.

#childcare #autism #education #ADHD

Lynn McAlister UE
2 days ago

@ryan Well, medication helps! When NT people ask me this question, I tell them topic is the first consideration. If you're reading about something that fascinates you, something you want to know or love to do, reading isn't work. No doubt this is even more true for #ADHD people. Some people go into reading with a preconceived idea of what they "should" read - classic novels, or books on current events, etc. But you have to find the right material for *you*, and that starts with what you love.

Try #adhd meds on a day off from work as an experiment.

Overseas family trip in July for which we bought tickets in October. I've known since March that needed more passenger info and have done nothing.

Just broke out all the passports and typed it in (while singing "turning the errorrrrrssss GREEN, I'mmmmm turningtheerrorsgreen" like the Red Queen painting the roses red) in under 10 minutes.

The right medication helps.

2 days ago

People who have rediscovered reading for pleasure, how did you get back into it? 📖

I loved #reading as a kid, and I want to be more intentional with it. Any tips and tricks for reforming the habit are welcome!

(Bonus points to anyone with #adhd specific tricks, or #tech workers with a ton of screen time every day)

2 days ago

Hov, af en eller anden grund havde jeg helt glemt, hvor godt det er for mig at se Gumball!
Nu har jeg da heldigvis brugt et par timer på at minde selv mig om, hvor fint jeg nulstiller med komplet åndsbollefjernsyn. Det er dejligt at komme i tanke om. #stress #ADHD #pausepovl

2 days ago

Having #adhd is deciding to research how to let go of the shame you've accrued since childhood & finally start building your self-esteem, but then getting sidetracked by the feeling of hunger as you realise you don't have any food left at home. Going to the grocery store is not an option, as that would involve getting dressed and stepping out of the house; therefore, the only viable option is to text your best friend "save me", watch YouTube nervously until you can't stand the rumbling in your stomach, go shopping, wonder why you were so adamantly against shopping when it was done in 20 minutes, feel excited about the fact that you have food now(noodles), and then repeat the whole debacle next week.

2 days ago

A habit I figured out many years ago but now know is how I work with my #ADHD rather than against it... I frequently put things into "flagged states". I use this to remember to do something else, usually within a few minutes, or at least within the hour.

Simple example: I had a large piece of rubbish in the bathroom. But picking it up right after my shower would just move it to my bedroom. Not good. It needs to go downstairs to the bin. So... I left the bathroom light on. That was my flag. After I finished getting dressed, I saw the bathroom light was on... "oh right - I had to grab that wrapper". It has now successfully made its way to the bin. :-)

I'm so incredibly stressed with moving that I can't even explain it. And friends keep explaining to me "yeah, moving is stressful but you'll be ok."

What if I'm not? Like I'm agoraphobic and I literally have people in my house touching all my things and the safe space I'd usually retreat to to help with that doesn't exist because it's packed in boxes. And it feeling safe on the other end of the move is months and maybe years away because it's not going to be MY safe space for a long time, it's just going to be "the new house".

Please stop telling me that I'll be ok when I very much might not be.

#Disability #audhd #autism #adhd #MentalHealth

Josh Buchea
2 days ago

Today I was able to complete these tasks:

✅ Pick up fencing supplies
✅ Dig holes

#todone #adhd

I just realised that all my #HomeAssistant automations are ways to compensate for #ADHD issues.

Can think of worse uses of technology...

3 days ago

When the world lacks glorious #NeuroDiversity pride earrings, key charms and such, we learn how to make some.

This is draft one. We are not there yet.

#adhd #ActuallyAutistic #NeuroDivergent #crafts #hobbies

A pile of wood cut infinity symbols with three of them painted with rainbow colours on a piece of newspaper with paint on it.
Hypolite Petovan
3 days ago
A Calvin and Hobbes strip from Bill Waterson. Hobbes, sitting in the shade of a tree: What a perfect day! Calvin: … Calvin: … Calvin: … Calvin: If something doesn’t happen here soon I’m gonna wack out.
3 days ago

Niche support group idea: meeting for quiet people who were reprimanded a few hundred too many times for being "rude" as a child, and as a result are terrified of conversations.

@autistics @actuallyadhd #adhd #autism #autistic #actuallyautistic #actuallyadhd #AuDHD #80hd #socialanxiety #anxiety

Can we stop using mental illness as a label when talking about police brutality and white supremacy?

No, they aren't psychopaths. They're racists.

They aren't sociopaths. They're racists.

They aren't narcissists. They're racist.

If you label them as being mentally ill, you're:
a) being shitty towards those of us with mental illness

b) giving them an excuse for their bullshit.

Please stop it.

#Disability #audhd #autism #adhd #Ableism #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition #anarchism

James Cridland
3 days ago

Wonderful episode of My Time Capsule with Iain Lee. Worth a listen for #radio or #adhd or #monkees fans everywhere.

Jennifer =^.^=
3 days ago

getting packages with #adhd : Ohhh past me made me a gift to current me!

*unpacks gift*
ohhh a cold brew brewer!

3 days ago

Thanks to @devxvda posting about them, I picked up some Loops earplugs recently (with a discount from their link!) and they've been a godsend! Trying to concentrate with the windows open has always been a challenge for me (hello #ADHD ) and in summer this normally means I'm either too warm or it's too noisy to concentrate.
This last week I've been able to pop in the loops, open the windows and just get on with stuff without those distractions.

It's been brilliant!

Talking with Greg about his visit here, and I mentioned that I'd been reading about #adhd #medication (specifically #ritalin) and how you shouldn't take it with ascorbic acid etc..

So apparently you're also supposed to take it with a high protein breakfast


OK, so I was thinking about omelettes, I'm guessing you were thinking about blowjobs?

Only because I thought that's where you were going..

Katy J.E.
3 days ago

#AskingAutistics #Neurodivergent #AuDHD #ADHD

Do you remember your early childhood?

Aisling Walsh
4 days ago

My obsession with The Dude, is a complicated, a lotta ins, a lotta outs and a lotta what-have-yous!

I wrote about surviving the square world as an #ActuallyAutistic person, work and adulting woes, comfort viewing and Echolalia in The Big Lebowski!


#autism #actuallyautistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #neurokin #neuropride #autcasts #diagnosis #autismdiagnosis #outcasts #movies #films #thedude #coenbrothers #jeffbridges #adulting #work #echolalia

4 days ago

@hollie I hope you don't mind me asking, you don't have to respond-
How is #ADHD related to improvisational music skills in your case? Is it complementary or a hassle? Or no impact plus or minus?

4 days ago

@Malleus Twenty years, that's incredible! I have #ADHD so I sort of cycle through things - like I might play vigorously for a few months and then put it down for another six months. Right now I'm working on some other things so haven't been doing a lot of music, just playing the RAV drum for stress relief, but I'm estimating music will rotate around very soon. :)

Funkatron (Ed Finkler)
4 days ago

Inside my head, problems are amorphous, formless, and fill all of the available space.

When I write things out, or talk them out, they become *quantifiable*.

When I can quantify something, it becomes form, its true shape, and something I can observe and work with.

#adhd #mentalhealth #anxiety

@lolbat Maybe. The thing is we present very differently. I have most/all of the "iceberg below the water" issues but less of the top of the iceberg (or so I tell myself).

This guy is the total iceberg, including the classic associated clear dyslexia (probably also undx'd).

Comparison will be hard from his POV.

(As a sidenote, it is incredible to me that he got where he is in life. Most non-#adhd peeps couldn't have done half his achievements. No clue how he did it, it's truly amazing.)

Interpersonal dilemma to mull over.

I'm taking #adhd meds and finding it helps me a lot.

Years before I even suspected my own self-dx, I immediately knew a close coworker was. Every single classic sign in spades. He's 10+ years older than me (so 60+ish) and surely never had a dx as a child.

It's possible someone has noticed by now, but he doesn't seem to be taking anything for it.

Do I mention it to him? "I've noticed you are a mess. Try drugs!"?

#TIL there is a concept called, "normative male alexithymia," and it is something of which more #men need to be aware.

Alexithymia is known as "emotional blindness," or a severe difficulty in recognizing one's own emotional state. Some people (not all) with
#autism experience this co-morbidly, and other people experience it independently; but then there's "normative male alexithymia," which is a recognition by psychologists that it's actually normal for men to struggle with recognizing, describing, and expressing their emotions. My (limited) understanding is that this is more a societal phenomenon than neuropsychological, but I could be mistaken about that.

Regardless, it's important to be aware of. If you struggle with it, you may be aware of frustration and find that you're angry a lot of the time. Anger is often a blanket for us, and usually there is something underneath that. If we feel anxious, we might get pissed off instead. If we feel ashamed, we may get pissed off instead. This might cause us to lash out at people, or internalize that anger--both of which can be extremely harmful to us and the people around us.

Now let's make it personal: I have experienced this myself. As a kid, I was made to believe that other people's emotions are more important than my own. I became a chronic people-pleaser and never developed the tools to work through my own emotions. This is tough because, as someone with
#ADHD, I have "big" emotions and I was swallowing them whole to make other people more comfortable around me. This did eventually rear it's head as anger and resentment. I started getting mad all the time, at everything, and I kept internalizing it. Thankfully, I found a great therapist and started working through it before I cracked, and I'm doing much better now, but my avoidant habits did and still do take a toll on my trajectory in life.

In therapy, I've learned techniques like using physical sensations to help identify emotions. People with interoception will struggle with this, but it can be extremely useful for some. For instance, I have learned that I feel certain kinds of sadness in my chest. When I'm feeling that familiar sensation in my chest and I combine that with the context of the situation, I can recognize that I'm likely sad about something. I've improved at this a lot over the last couple of years, and I don't have to consciously work out my emotions as much--I'm getting to the point where I just recognize what I'm feeling. But sometimes, emotions are complex, and I still use that technique to help me sort them out.

If you think this might be you, I urge you to talk to someone about it. You may be hurting the people around you in ways you don't realize, you may be lashing out at others, and you may be internalizing those emotions.
#MentalHealth is extremely important, and being able to identify and talk about our feelings is vital.

I've attached a couple of useful infographic resources that I have found super helpful.

An "emotion wheel" for uncomfortable emotions.
An "emotion wheel" for comfortable emotions.
A "needs wheel."
Bill Tribble
5 days ago

Well that's interesting... #adhd Hunter versus farmer hypothesis - Wikipedia

Johnny Profane Âû
5 days ago

My friends, I can write too much. And be too detailed.Mebbe a bit grandiose about my passions & fascinations (ya know, "special interests).

Um, autistic... Guilty as charged.

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics

Please don't let me bury you in detail.


I need some help... that will help me create more... and I hope, help other autistic creators do the same.

Maybe even together, you and me can't do this. But maybe we can figure out how to begin...?

And PLEASE feel free to invite other folks to this conversation. I don't know how "mention-only" works... whether I personally have to mention someone for them to participate. If so, I will. Just msg me.

This whole topic of needing help managing my creative production comes out of my recent illness... and frankly declining abilities as I age. Altho, I should have asked for help long ago.

But I had a realization that I've developed a marvelous machine... that I can't feed. Over 21,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon, My own blog, my podcast, YouTube channel, Medium and subStack.

If I had the ability to post several times a week, I believe I could help so many folks.

More than that, I could help other autistic creators do the same. And maybe pass on a legacy... cuz, I just don't know how much longer I'll be writing...

So I need to think about 2 things. How to get my own output as high as I can comfortably do. And how to use my marvelous AutisticAF machine to help others... beyond my own capabilities.

If you want to help me think about this. Please read on!

@adelinej @Cassandra @arisummerland @Pathfinder @Meanwhile_on_earth_One @btaroli @KatyElphinstone

"Coming Back... Yet Again," in the foreground a digital, pen & ink drawing of Johnny Profane, head tilted to the right, looking up into faint sunlight. In the background, a dark forest of twisted branches. In colors of dark green, purple & peach. (c) 2023 Johnny "Profane" Knapp, Creative Commons, all non-commercial use.
Jeremiah Lee
5 days ago

Starting a new #ADHD medication (Alvanse/Vyvanse/Lisdexamfetamine) and now have to avoid vitamin C-rich liquids or as a food additive because it neutralizes it.

This is wildly more difficult than I expected.

5 days ago

@maloki oh goodness - a lot! For five consecutive years one album was the ‘most listened to’, and the last two years it’s been a different one that’s almost always on repeat. I have had whole days of repeating an album. And whole weeks, too… #adhd

Johnny Profane Âû
6 days ago

🧵How to Come Back from the Dead: An #Autistic Chats with AI

Q: I'd like to ask a question about my own youtube channel.
Context: I am #autistic.
My work schedule is erratic.
I may produce effectively for a few weeks at a time...

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #ADHD

But I may not be able to produce much for a few weeks. Sometimes up to 3 months.
Can you think of ways I might improve my channel knowing my restraints as a creator?
Please suggest 10 ways and feel free to be creative.

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd

"Coming Back," in the foreground a digital, pen & ink drawing of Johnny Profane, head tilted to the right, looking up into faint sunlight. In the background, a dark forest of twisted branches. In colors of dark blue, peach & verdigris. (c) 2023 Johnny "Profane" Knapp, Creative Commons, all non-commercial use.
6 days ago

Now that I'm actually trying to sew again I have entered into the ring once more with the demon that suggests - NAY, DEMANDS - I start at least four projects at once. What could go wrong? It's only more efficient! <demon stands tall, puts hands on hips, voice deepens> Those studies about muti-tasking aren't for people like me! I THRIVE on split attention! This is only me adhering to my nature! My SUPER POWER!

<lifts sword> I have to battle this voice and win, or else...

#sewing @sewing #ADHD

Octavia con Amore
6 days ago

Hi, I'm a professional violinist who plays the soundtracks :sylveon_squish:

Ok, #Introduction over. I'm a musician, not a wordsmith :growlithe_derp:
... ... ...
I'm being gently informed by my responsible half that I'm to write a *proper* intro, as she puts it...
... ... ...

Hi Fedi/Mastodon, I'm Octavia, a 30ish Japanese and USian violinist (and composer) whose mother introduced her to the violin at age 5 and Super Mario Brothers at age 3. This would go on to have profound consequences, chief amongst which was that the majority of the activities I enjoy involve fingertip dexterity. The secondary effect was that I would go on to use the classical training I received throughout my childhood to, for the most part, play soundtracks while letting my classical repertoire languish :blobhaj_peek:

Nintendo classics like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, and Smash, JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy (IX and X specifically), movie soundtracks including a bunch of Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki Hayao works, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean, and Master & Commander (which is just my excuse to play the Bach Cello Suite no. 1: Prelude :leafeon_giggle: ), and a few anime pieces here and there (along with at least one My Little Pony theme :blobhaj_jam: ) are the bulk of what I play when I perform solo. I do play classical pieces here and there, but they mostly tend to be various movements from the Bach Cello Suites, along with a smattering of Celtic music, though I try to mix everything together in my sets, leaving people guessing as to what's a soundtrack and what's not :blobhaj_peek:

I perform at various conventions in the Pacific Northwest of the US (formerly in Brook and Link cosplays), whether inside or outside, and also perform as part of Troupe Seven Stars at faires in the area over the summer months while filling the rest of my time playing solo or ensemble shows, mostly near Portland. About half of Saturdays are spent performing at Fleur de Lis Bakery & Cafe in the Hollywood district.

I tend to spend my free time dissociating in the shower, overcoming whatever ADHD lobs my way, and running out the door like an alternate-universe fusion of Bilbo Baggins and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland (though, to my astonishment, I've only been late to 2 gigs in my life that I remember). What crumbs of time are spared from those tend to be spent on gaming, reading manga/watching anime, listening to and sharing music (yes, mostly soundtracks), and enjoying what the internet has to offer.

Aside from needing to hop instances, I've found my time on the Fedi to be enjoyable, and I hope to keep meeting interesting, genuine people and sharing time and conversations together :espeon_love: </wall-o'-text>

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As a distractible boy, I set a lot of timers. This is my primary use for voice recognition on my phone. The stock iOS phone only has one timer, but I've discovered that I can say "Set an alarm labeled 'Laundry' for 35 minutes from now," and it works.

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It’s been a few years since I’ve read this one but I’ve decided to pick it up again. The nice thing about my shitty #ADHD memory is that I never remember what I read, so it’s like reading the book for the first time all over again 😂

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Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. The cover of the book is solid red.