Just Jen
3 weeks ago

Ever feel like you're only being held together by adrenalin and caffeine? God help me if one of them runs out πŸ€ͺπŸ₯΄

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BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

I feel like this applies to a LOT of people, but especially my fellow #ADHDers

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This comic depicts a humorous take on the familiar act of bookmarking websites. In the first two panels, a woman seated at her computer exclaims, β€œWow, cool site! I’m gonna bookmark it.” The next panel shows her affectionately leading a personified bookmark, a cheerful rectangular entity with a smile, towards a large folder labeled β€œBookmark Bar.” She says, β€œHere ya go, little bookmark, into the folder with you,” to which the bookmark replies, β€œYay!”

However, the last two panels reveal a twist. As the bookmark enters the folder, it’s greeted by a dramatic and foreboding scene titled β€œThe Folder of the Forsaken.” The interior reveals a multitude of sad, distressed, and abandoned bookmarks, each with distinct expressions of despair, anger, and sadness. Flames and gloom set the background, making the folder appear more like a dungeon. The contrast between the cheerful action of bookmarking and the grim reality for the bookmark itself provides a comic commentary on how many sites we save but rarely revisit. The comic ends on a playful yet poignant note about our digital habits.

Alt text written with ChatGPT
1 month ago

I just saw a recipe for shrimp porridge by Maangchi and wanted to comment on some possible adaptations for #spoonies or fellow #ADHDers who don't deal well with keeping an eye on something for 30 minutes or more.

Note, this is probably not going to taste like hers, but hopefully as tasty.

#food #SpoonieEats

BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

#ADHD Info of the day:

Some may not know this. One symptom some ADHDers have is constant racing thoughts about a insanely massive variety of topics.

Sometimes these thoughts get spit out in a phenomenon I can only describe as "verbal diarrhea". I don't know if everyone with ADHD has this issue, but for me, it's an ongoing struggle of what I should and should not share.

In my personal experience, this type of over sharing sometimes leads to arguments with people you care about and even complete strangers. In extreme cases, you lose entire friendships over this, leading to a very lonely and regretful life.

If you know anyone who has these symptoms, it helps to take a minute and really think about what exactly they intend with their words. Also, reach out and let them know that it's okay and you're there for them. Be kind to each other. See things from other's perspectives. They may not mean what you think they mean.

#ADHDers #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #depression #anxiety

Kydia Music
2 months ago

Hey it’s #ADHD Awareness Month.
Today I recorded some vocal harmonies I previously forgot I needed to record. I also did some laundry.
I still have to wash and water Frances McDormand. 🌱

#ADHDAwarenessMonth #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #AuDHD #ADHDMemes #ADHDMusicians #Laundry #Recording #DIYMusic #Vocalist #MadsMikkelsen

Four frame panel of the actor Mads Mikkelsen. He has his hand up to his face in the 1st frame, just spacing out. He is smoking a cigarette in the 2nd frame. He is drinking a glass of wine in the third frame. In the 4th frame, he is drinking wine while holding a cigarette in the same hand. 
The text at the top says β€œMe after completing exactly one (1) task on my to do list.”

Another video I really enjoyed is this one by ADHD Life Now. There are many ways to utilize sticky notes when it comes to #ADHD, so I hope my fellow #ADHDers find this to be helpful in some form. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’•

Kydia Music
2 months ago
Screenshot of a tweet by @DaveBeTweeting that says:

Having ADHD and being turned into a vampire would be so embarrassing. 

Imagine being alive 600 years and you still haven’t put that desk in your castle office together.
Kydia Music
2 months ago

If you want to hide something from me, just move it 10 inches to the left from where I normally put it on my desk.

#GoneForever #EyesNoSeeIt

#ADHDProblems #ADHD #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #ADHDMemes #ADHDVision

I had no idea #ADHDAwarenessMonth was a thing (or I just forgot about it--either way, thanks, for the notice! lol) so due to my choice in username, I feel obligated to share a little about my experience. 😁

So here's the heavy shit: It's estimated that kids with
#ADHD receive *over 20,000* more negative messages/corrections than neurotypical kids by the time they are 10 years old. That's not an insignificant number on paper, but living it is something else entirely.

I was diagnosed at 21 years old. When someone goes undiagnosed that long, it means that they've internalized more than a few stories they've been told about themselves. "I'm stupid," "I'm lazy," "I'm a failure," "I'm afraid of success," "I can't do anything right," and other fun fables. This is a quasi-universal experience for us because it's not just "hard" to avoid internalizing that. It's not the same as having a bully tell you you're a sack of crap every day at school; it's everyone in your life--friends, teachers, your parents. When the people that love you most in the world are fed up with you on a daily basis, it wreaks havoc on your self-esteem.

Now here's the truth about ADHD: Yes, it's a disadvantage in school, at work, and in our relationships. The fact is, however, that having an ADHD brain is not the problem. ADHD will only remain a disability while the world continues to be disabling to us.

The ADHD brain is wild. It's untamed. We're out-of-the-box thinkers. We're creative. We're perpetual students and teachers. We're passionate, excitable, bright, and lively people. ADHD brains are typically charismatic and have a veritable toolbox of skills and acquired knowledge. We're often great in a crisis and can think fast on our feet when put in a corner. Our brains actually take in more information than neurotypical brains, and while it can be intensely overwhelming at times, it also means we are surprisingly observant and skilled multi-taskers. In fact, studies have shown that, despite our "scattered" nature and difficulty directing our attention, we can be given a task in a room full of distractions and not only complete the task more efficiently than our neurotypical counterparts, but we can recall more details about the distractions and environment afterward.

All this is to say that there is a real
need for #ADHDAwareness in our world, because #ADHDers have so much to offer but so many of us don't get anywhere near what we need to thrive. We need parents and teachers to be curious about us, not judgmental. We need leadership at school and at work that is knowledgeable about our condition. We need accommodations to be accessible to us, if not baked into more systems for everyone. We need timely diagnoses, especially for girls/women, people of color, and intersectional folks who are all systematically under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and ignored.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Sincerely. Go give an ADHDer a hug. Peace and love.

Kydia Music
2 months ago

I almost forgot it’s ADHD Awareness Month. I was diagnosed in November 2021 after several of my friends posted ADHD memes and I recognized myself in them.

Finally being diagnosed and on meds has been great, overall. It’s not a super power, even tho medication definitely empowers me.

Being on meds doesn’t give me more spoons, but it does mean my spoons are no longer all slotted.

#ADHD #ADHDMemes #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #ADHDMusicians #NeuroDiverseSquad

BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

I always seem to focus on the bad. A lot of people say "you can't think like that".

Sure I can! I wish I couldn't. I wish it was as easy as turning it off, but it's not. I'm ADHD, I have thousands of thoughts a minute, they cannot really be controlled. If they could, I would choose to forget all the bad shit. Then I wouldn't be depressed.

"Just be happy" right?πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

#depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #adhd #adhders #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodivergence

Hey everyone! Just popping in to say I'm not active here atm as you may have noticed πŸ˜„

I use:
-Twitter @ Finnattentive (Still there!)
-Bluesky (It's VERY promising! Twitter-like.)
-Instagram @ Finnattentive (Don't use much.)

Please find me on those if you fancy hearing me talk about my life as an AuDHD person πŸ€—

#ADHD #Autism #AuDHD #TeamADHD #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #ADHDers #AutismAcceptance #Bluesky #ADHDawareness #Twitter

BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

@PacificNic I'd be willing to bet that those people have depression and don't feel like doing anything normally, therefore taking them gives them the same satisfaction of being able to do something and enjoy it, the same way us #ADHDers do.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈjust my theory

Maria 🧿
5 months ago

To my fellow #ADHDers (#ADHD) and #neurodivergent – I made a #Discord server which also serves as part of my #productivity and #accountability

If you would like to join focus sessions or do #virtualcoworking – feel free to join my server:

Kydia Music
5 months ago

Ok, last one for the day. I hope y'all have a good weekend. Say hi to the raccoons if you happen to see them. But you probably won't see them at this place.

#QualityInn #Oakwood #PedFriendly #Memes #Humor #Funny #FridayFunny #FridayFeeling #ADHDMemes #AuDHD #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #NeuroDiverse #NDMemes
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#SelfCare #SelfCareMemes #YouAreWorthy #IAmWorthy

Picture of a Quality Inn (by Choice Hotels) sign and marquee. The Quality Inn sign sits atop a brick pillar, and has a giant yellow "Q" at the top on a hunter green background. In white lettering under the Q it says "Quality INN by Choice Hotels." The marquee sits underneath, and says 
"Pet Friendly
Except For
Never Again"

At the bottom is signage for OakwooD
Kydia Music
5 months ago
Picture of 5 raccoons on or around a small stone pedestal or birdbath. The one standing on the fountain is larger; probably the parent. The other four appear to be babies or adolescents. The text above says "All of my brain cells gathering together so I can spell 'necessary'."

I had to gather all my brain cells to spell the word "adolescents."
Kydia Music
5 months ago

Here's where my love of memes, raccoons, and music pop culture references collide.

By one of my favorite bands, Trashing Gourds!

#SmashingPupmkins #Memes #Humor #Funny #FridayFunny #FridayFeeling #ADHDMemes #AuDHD #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #NeuroDiverse #NDMemes
#Raccoons #RaccoonMemes
#SelfCare #SelfCareMemes #YouAreWorthy #IAmWorthy

Picture of a raccoon lifting up her wee little hands, wearing a fabulous purple dress. Text in a gothic-style purple font above and below her in a circle says, "Despite all my stress I'm still just a raccoon in a dress."
Kydia Music
5 months ago

Also today is the last day of #PrideMonth but that doesn't mean we have to stop posting Pride memes or encouraging, supporting, or standing up for our #LGBTQIA peeps.

Also one day I'll post ALL my #JesusMemes, b/c as a former #WorshipPastor and current #Exvangelical, I have a plethora of Jesus Memes.

#Memes #Humor #Funny #FridayFunny #FridayFeeling #ADHDMemes #AuDHD #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #NeuroDiverse #NDMemes #Jesus #ReligiousMemes
#SelfCare #SelfCareMemes #YouAreWorthy #IAmWorthy

Meme of Jesus holding his left hand up to his face, presumably in frustration. The text above and below his image says 
"OMFG you guys. I said I hate FIGS."

This is in reference to the biblical story told in Mark 11:12-15 in which Jesus curses a fig tree b/c it wasn't producing figs (even though it wasn't the season) because he had a hangry.
Kydia Music
5 months ago

Posting memes is a form of self-care for me. Also, I am going to have pizza later today. What are your plans for this evening/weekend?

#Memes #Humor #Funny #FridayFunny #FridayFeeling #ADHDMemes #AuDHD #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #NeuroDiverse #NDMemes #RaccoonMemes #RaccoonArt
#SelfCare #SelfCareMemes #YouAreWorthy #IAmWorthy #Raccoon

4-panel comic called "Good Things," by Natalie Kovacs 

1st panel - It's nighttime, and a raccoon is peaking from behind a tree. Text says "I deserve good things."
2nd panel - the raccoon is walking on all fours along the grass. Text above says "I am worthy."
3rd panel - The raccoon is holding her wee little hands together while looking up at a big yellow moon. Text says "I am aligned with the universe."
4th panel - The raccoon is sitting at a picnic table, with a slice of pizza in front of her on a paper plate. She is holding her hands up to her mouth and looking to the right. Stars are twinkling behind her on the purple sky. There is no text.
Kydia Music
5 months ago

I know I have been masking most of my life, but I don’t know how exactly, and don’t know what I would be like to *not* mask.

And for years, I attributed many of my #ADHD habits to being half-deaf. :welp:

Especially the perfectionism and not asking people to repeat themselves!

#ADHDWomen #ADHDers #NeuroDivergent #NeuroDiverseSquad #NeuroDiverse #masking #ADHDMusicians #CongenitalHearingLoss #Microtia #Disability #Disabled

Kydia Music
5 months ago

If you can’t handle me at my greasiest you don’t deserve me at my cheesiest. πŸ§€

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Box of Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers

So much of ADHD can be boiled down to "I'll just"...

I'll just be a minute!

I'll just finish this thing I do which I love and is neverending, then move on to that urgent task.

I'll just leave this here for now.

I'll just call them later.

I'll just put on my all-is-fine mask.

#ADHD #ADHDLife #ADHDer #ADHDers #ADHDproblems #ADHDAdult #ADHDMind #ADHDBrain #ADHDWomen #adulting #AdultADHD #neurodivergent #neurodivergence #NeurodiverseSquad

I have a question about #VideoGames, but ONLY for my #ADHDers out there (suspected/self dx counts):

What are your favorite
#game mechanics? Or, alternatively, what elements in a video game are the most engaging for you?

#ADHD #NeurodiverseSquad

Kydia Music
7 months ago

An entire day spent uploading sound libraries I had already uploaded (but to the wrong place). 😭

#Music #MusicProduction #MusicProducerProblems #MusicianProblems #ADHDers #ADHDmemes #NeuroDiverseSquad #NeuroDiverse #NeuroDivergent #ADHD

Gif of Chris from Parks n Rec giving a thumbs up while holding a sign with the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones graphic on it that is labeled "Participant," while he says "I'm dead."

I wanted to post this for my #ADHDers and the #NeurodiverseSquad at large. These are low- to no-effort nutrition tips that I have accumulated over the years for "no spoons" days:

* There are a ton of veggies you can eat with no preparation at all. Baby carrots, snap peas, cucumber, grape/snacking tomatoes, mini bell peppers (the red ones are sweet and you can bite into them like an apple), romaine/leafy green lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, canned bamboo shoots/menma, jalapeΓ±os, bean sprouts, and a bunch more.

* Sardines. They are a great protein source and so damn nutrient-dense. All you have to do is pull the top off the can.

* Sprouts can be added to sooo many things. They're barely noticeable and they pack in a lot of extra nutrients. I like alfalfa sprouts, but there are also clover sprouts, broccoli sprouts, and others--and they're all super good for you. I put them on sandwiches, mix them into salads, wtv.

* Plain avocado oil is a fine salad dressing that's also a great source for healthy fat with Omega-3s. It's also good on rice, potatoes, or anything you'd put butter on.

* Oatmeal is a great healthy carb. Just get some instant oats and add water. Microwave or use an electric kettle. You can add some fruit and honey to make it sweet, you can add chocolate protein powder and peanut butter to make it decadent, you can throw sautΓ©ed mushrooms and chives in it and put a fried egg on top to make it savory.

* Peanut butter is my JAM, but almond butter is arguably better for you. Just find a nut butter with as few ingredients as possible on the label, but ideally one that is no stir. Eat it with a spoon, put it on bread, put it on apple slices, put it on put it on whatever. It can be high sodium, but if you're having trouble getting enough calories or enough protein: peanut butter.

* Are you having lots of no spoons days? Depression slump? Chronic illness? Let me introduce you to Trayβ„’. Just get a normal tray, ideally with hand-holdy bits. Reserve a shelf in your fridge for it, and load a variety of foods onto it. Maybe some lunch meat, cheese, a bit of dark chocolate, whatever you want. Just put a bunch of zero-effort foods, then when you are hungry, remove Trayβ„’, eat stuff off of it, return Trayβ„’ to fridge. Just make sure to restock it every week.

* If you have the means, look into Instant Pots. Especially the ones with the air fryer. You can bake potatoes, make hardboiled eggs, rice, broth, and all kinds of basics really easily. There are also a bajillion hands-off, one-pot recipes that you can make with it. Dump some stuff in, put on the lid, press a couple buttons, wait a few minutes--dinner's ready. It takes so much time, thought, and energy out of cooking.

* Easy portions: your plate = 50% veggie, 25% lean protein, 25% complex carb. Add a Tbsp or two worth of healthy fat onto that.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to comment any tips you've picked up.

#SpoonTheory #ADHD #AuDHD #Autism #ActuallyAutistic #Disability

β€œI said what I said and what I said is verbally incoherent!”

-Me, arguing with anyone, because ADHD makes my brain try to move words through my mouth faster than my mouth can form words.

#adhd #adhdproblems #adhdlife #adhdbrain #adhder #adhders #adhdcommunity #ADHDsucks #neurodivergent

Each new day brings with it another reminder that everything I do is an ADHD trait.

#ADHD #ADHDers #Neurodivergent #NeurodiverseSquad

A tweet by @DaniDonovan that reads: "The ADHD urge to use parenthesis in every sentence (because every thought comes with additional bonus content)"
Kydia Music
7 months ago

I keep seeing adverts for Mother's Day and it is stressing me out b/c I keep thinking it's tomorrow instead of next week and I haven't sent a card yet.

#ADHD #ADHDmemes #ADHDers #NeuroDiverseSquad #NeuroDiverse #NeuroDivergent #MothersDay

Kydia Music
7 months ago

If you're confused or new here, and want to follow along, just click on this post and scroll up to the top. I'm tryna be better about connecting it as a thread.

But I have #ADHD and might forget. Also, my #storytelling skills are not very linear and I tend to go off on tangents to explain some concepts like what a #MusicProducer even does, since that's relevant to the story.

#Narcissism #NPD #MusicProduction #ADHDmemes #ADHDers #NeuroDiverse #BandcampFriday #Music #SingerSongWriter #Pop

A chart illustrating the difference between Non-ADHD Storytelling and ADHD Storytelling.
At the top, Non-ADHD storytelling is illustrated by one box on the left with the text "Start of Story" inside, connected by a single straight line to a box on the fight, labelled "End of Story." 

Below that, is a convoluted chart with several boxes with arrows going back and forth between them, titled "ADHD Storytelling." 
A box at the top left labelled "Pre-story Prologue for 'context'" is connected by a vertical arrow, with a box below it labelled "START of STORY." It is connected by a jagged arrow going back up and to the right to a box labeled "Too many details." That box is connected to a box labeled "Semi-related side story." That box is connected to a box labeled "Wait, ok, back to the main story." That box is connected to a box saying "Something I just now remembered," which is connected to a box saying "Lose Train of Thought," which is connected to a box saying "What was I talking about?" which is connected to a box saying "Realize I've been talking too long" which is connected to a box saying "Wrap story up and finally get to the point," which is connected to a box labeled "END OF STORY" which is connected to a box labeled "Apologize."
Kydia Music
7 months ago

I don't need the support--I despise when bra companies market REAL BRAS (with hook/clasp in back) as bralettes.

And going up in size results in FAR TOO MUCH fabric and bigger straps, which also cause their own issues. I just need the coverage for decency purposes, basically. I don't want to feel compressed all day like I'm wearing a sports bra, 'bout to run a marathon. πŸ˜“

#Bralette #ComfyBra #Clothes #Fashion #NeuroDiverseSquad #ADHDers #Sensitive #NeuroDivergent #ADHD #Autism #AuDHD

Kydia Music
7 months ago

Any #NeuroDivergent #ADHD women or #Autistic women who have skin/pressure sensitivities? I'm having SUCH a hard time finding a comfortable bralette, b/c they all squeeze my rib cage too much. And this despite trying mutliple sizes and despite reviewers on websites promising things like "OMG it's so comfortable I can SLEEP in it."

Nope! I've tried SO MANY and they all squeeze me in a way I find intolerable. :AAAAAA:

#Bralette #ComfyBra #Clothes #Fashion #NeuroDiverseSquad #ADHDers #Sensitive

I'd apologize, but I also kinda feel like not telling all of my friends, family, and partners about important things I learn about on the internet, like The Great Emu War for instance, would be a disservice to them.... πŸ˜…


A tweet by @daisandconfused that says, "microdosing Wikipedia (marrying a man with ADHD)."

ADHD-reading. Or more like an inconvenience:
I love to read! I looove to emerge myself into sci-fi and fantasy worlds.

I rarely read with my eyes. Only if that is my only option for a specific book β€”and the occational graphic novel. When reading with my eyes I strictly do physical books due to sensory issues from too much screen reading.

I prefer to listen to audio books while doing chores and repetitive tasks in my home.

Continued πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸ»

#books #mastobook #fedibooks #ADHDers #neurodivergens

This #quote from #JosephCampbell came up on my #birthday years ago but this year it hits differently. It put into words what I felt but couldn’t articulate. After recently reading how #ADHD brains mature at a much different rate than neurotypical brains, it’s a little 🀯🀯🀯.

Maybe #mythology hearkened to me on a much deeper level than I ever expected. My understanding of how different I am from β€˜the norm’ has only happened in the past 2 years. Yet I always celebrated being different, and decided long ago that striving to be like everyone else was a Bad Thing.

It still took years for me to listen to myself (it was a gradual process), but that’s fine. Little shifts in perspective add up over time until one day you find that you’ve done a 180 and are swimming against the flow.

To all my fellow #ADHDers & #neurodiverse peeps out there:

Take your time. Be true to yourself. You’ve got this.

#ADHDMemes #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Wisdom

Myths formulate things for you. They say, for example, that you have to become an adult at a particular age. The age might be a good average for that to happen––but actually, in the individual life, it differs greatly. Some people are late bloomers and come to particular stages at a relatively late age. You have to have a feeling for where you are. You've got only one life to live, and you don't have to live it for six people. Pay attention to it. (Joseph Campbell)
Kydia Music
8 months ago

This Adderall shortage is the WORST. I've been on a generic, and even that is backordered now. The pharmacy said I should call around to other pharmacies to see if they have it in stock, and then notify my dr. that I need a new scrip at that pharmacy. Bruh, do you know how much executive function that requires? Which I don't have without my meds? Would you ask a person who needs crutches to go through an obstacle course before you'd provide them?

#ADHD #AdderallShortage #ADHDers #USHealthcare

Gif from the TV show Parks and Rec in which the character Jean-Ralphio bends forward and invades the personal space of Ben Wyatt, holding his right hand up to his mouth as he sings the words "The Worst!" Ben cringes away, as Chris Traeger and Tom Haverford look on.
Kydia Music
8 months ago

Doing vocal comping on this track has taken way longer than I expected. But I'm finally getting to eat some corned beef and cabbage for a belated St. Patrick's Day dinner. And Instant Pot to the rescue, so it only took 2.5 hours to cook instead of 4.5!

#CornedBeef #Cabbage #InstantPot #StPatricksDay #ADHD #ADHDers #MusicProduction #music #musician #MusicianProblems

Kydia Music
9 months ago

The anxiety and stress of writing a long email, and then the frustration of not being able to move on and work on music. Instead I just ruminate on the email and worry that I didn't communicate clearly enough.


#ADHD #ADHDers #NeuroDiverseSquad #Stress #MentalHealth #Neurodivergent

"Do you think Lou Bega knocked it out of the park with Mambo Number One? No! But he kept at it!"


A tweet that reads: "*tries to learn someone's name*, Brain: no, we are at capacity. Me: With what? Brain: Angela, Pamela, Sandra, and Rita. Me: Those aren't real people, those are Mambo Number 5 lyrics. Brain: A little bit of Monica in my life. Me: Please stop. Brain: The Trumpets.

Yeah sex is great for sure. But have you ever try to animate a meeting about #ADHD with #ADHDers?

I joined here 90 days ago, when it was very uncertain if Twitter was gonna quickly burn down or not. It didn't, and I've kept being active there.

I'll continue to do so unless something major happens. So if you wanna see me talk about ADHD and autism, you can do so there, for now 😊 I'm Finnattentive there too. (And on Insta, but not very active there.)

#ADHD #Autism #AuDHD #TeamADHD #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #ADHDers #AutismAcceptance #ADHDawareness #Twitter

I just want to say that I think the openness, candidness, support, positivity, and displays of pride around #neurodiversity / #neurodivergents here on #fedi are fucking beautiful.

I've never been in another community quite like it. You are all cool as hell, collectively and as individuals. Thank you for making me feel at home.

#ADHD #ADHDers #AuDHD #Autism #ActuallyAutistic #NeurodiverseSquad

Best TV characters that def have #ADHD and are either inspirational figures or become inspirational through character development in their respective series':

* Special Agent Dale Cooper, "Twin Peaks"
* Phil Dunphy, "Modern Family"
* Luz, "The Owl House" (*#AuDHD)
* Jamal Turner, "On My Block"
* Devi Vishwakumar, "Never Have I Ever"
* Shawn Spencer, "Psych"

Who am I missing?

#ADHDers #TV

ArtBear on Mastodon
11 months ago

I'm not a TV chef who can pluck fresh lemons from a tree in my garden. Lemons in the UK are dreadful esp since Brexit. Typically hard, juiceless, turn to rocks in the fridge or go bad really fast if left out. Also ADHD comes with it's own ingredients realities which #ADHDers will understand.

I buy a bottle of already squeezed spanish lemon juice (where lemons are great). It keeps better longer and saves you time.

βœ… Lemon juice

#Food #Health #LifeHacks #Environment #Cooking #ADHD #ADHDHacks

This yellow bottle on the counter is called Quick Lemon
-freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Nominative determinism in full force.

For my lovely #ADHD community: Are there any #ADHDers out there that are big #readers? I've really liked #reading at certain points in my life and have really struggled with it at other points. I'm currently stuck firmly in a "struggle" period that I can't seem to shake.

I'm looking for ideas around making reading (especially non-recreational) more approachable, easier to do regularly, and ideally more enjoyable. What works for you?

#ADHDAdult #ADHDStuff #ND #Neurodiverse #NeurodiverseSquad #Neurodivergent

ArtBear on Mastodon
11 months ago

Pomodoro technique - quite a lot of us #ADHDers use variations of this. Particularly when our brain chemistry says no, those tax return figure collecting tasks are far too boring to cope with.

I have this cool little 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 30 hexagon timer that I just turn a side up to start countdown, turn a diff way to pause or stop.

Makes it easier to do 25mins focus then 5mins of brain zipping around 200 topics to refresh etc

#ADHD #NeuroDiverse #ADHDhack

Hexagon timer as described above
ArtBear on Mastodon
11 months ago

@actuallyautistic @adhd @actuallyadhd

@meshe business far more effective.

That is a piece of learning I would try to offer to #ADHDers in the workplace. If at all possible, try to get a structure of your responsibilities to play to your strengths & talents. Don't let some fictional #NeuroTypical ideal ruin your efficiency.

Find collaboration, tools, structure, pa whatever that lets you offload maladapted tasks, particularly (...)

ArtBear on Mastodon
11 months ago

@elicitizen @actuallyautistic @adhd @actuallyadhd

Absolutely. I'm a firm believer that what we call #ADHD is a beneficial to the group adaptation that adds skills to the tribe (& earlier troop). It's just very recent post-industrial life that tries so hard to regulate ppl in to pretty standardised production cogs.

Also our younger #ADHDers have my gratitude for pushing MH discussion in to a newly open position very different from the past.

ArtBear on Mastodon
1 year ago

I'm not by any means suggesting #ADHDers are some monolithic #ADHD savant block. We're as varied, our creativity, interests, talents & personalities slant in as many different directions as any other group of people.

However most of us are wasted for much of our lives. So many of us are expending 90% of our processing power just on staying inside the guardrails of the grey scheduled lanes of NT world.

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Benn Reading
1 year ago

@charlesroper @autismsupsoc @dramypsyd I think "#ADHDers or #ADHD , #ActuallyAutistic, and #Neurodivergent folks" is more inline with how we refer to ourselves. πŸ‘πŸ»