In 2006 Pres. Jimmy Carter's book #Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid was published. The #ADL and #AIPAC immediately defamed him and he was ostracized by Washington as is the case with any politician who dares to criticize #Israel and its apartheid policies.

Carter got 46% of the Jewish vote in 1980, shockingly low for a Democrat, because his UN ambassador dared to meet with Palestinians.

President Carter will be remembered as the most moral and human president America ever had.

c/o @ahmedeldin

Divas for Democracy
6 days ago

The #ADL is paying for TV commercials in my market supporting #Israel & the war against #Hamas.

I can only judge Hamas by the stories I've read.

I'm judging the Israeli #government by the number of innocent men, women & children they are killing everyday in retribution & revenge against an attack that killed less than 2,000 people.

I don't believe in an eye for an eye & I don't believe killing 1 justifies killing another 1000 times over.

#StopTheSaleOfArms #ReligionKills #War #Genocide

James Endicott
2 weeks ago

You know who isn't celebrating the death of #Kissinger right now? The #ADL. They made a post praising him and saying how great he was and how important his contributions were.

His contributions included arguing against trying to get the Soviet Union to stop killing Jews. He called Jews the most self-serving group of people. He said that he'd be an antisemite if it weren't for the conditions of his birth.

Yet the ADL is praising him because even after a century of horrendous policies with awful consequences, he still spent his last days warmongering and being racist. Shortly after October 7th, he said Germany was wrong to let in so many foreigners because it ruins their culture. He also added that Israel could consider attacking Iran in response to 10/7.

He spent his entire life making the world worse, especially for Jews. Praise from the ADL does nothing but show how much more they value Zionism than Jews.

Kyle Bronsdon
2 weeks ago
I wonder if Dave Letterman is aware of the #ADL advertising during the Late Show over the last week when he was on. As if the show under #Colbert hadn't already devolved into a grotesque Orwellian telescreen. I can't find a reference to it anywhere, and my wife and I were literally stunned with outrage.
2 weeks ago

#republicans on #cnbc justify certain types of #antisemitic behavior over others, giving #elonmusk a pass. They then claim #X took the power away from a 50 year narrative in #UnitedStates media.
Or you're just a #racist #republican

2 weeks ago

#ADL Greenblatt leaked phone call complaining about the 'generational GenZ Tik Tok problem' rendering their messaging ineffective.

Nov 14
AUDIO: ADL Panics Over Loss of Support from 'Useful Idiot' Zoomers - National File

So TechCrunch was right on the money (literally) that ad spending was massively down on X (formally Twitter) as users who are apart of the Ad Share Revenue program (where you can earn money based upon traffic to your posts) are disappointed by the latest payment.

Not much we can do if advertisers boycott or reduce spend on our platform

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 24, 2023

Just got my Ad Rev Share payment… it was down 50% 😢

— Maile (@MailePRMedia) November 24, 2023

I went from $6,000 ad share checks to $300. I don’t blame Elon, I’m actually thankful for everything he’s done.

It’s 100% Media Matters because I don’t even post about what’s happening overseas.


— 🇺🇸Travis🇺🇸 (@Travis_in_Flint) November 25, 2023

Mine dropped all the way down to $185

I can only hope that Democrat content providers are feeling the cuts too all because of what their Democrat corporations did to everyone.

Media Matters was a hoax and the companies still didn't come back so that was always just an excuse.…

— Wendy Patterson (@wendyp4545) November 25, 2023

For those wondering, the primary reason for many advertisers leaving is not due to Media Matters (who Elon Musk is blaming), but due to Musk responding to an antisemitic post that was seen by many (if not most) as an endorsement of white supremacy.

X, the social media company formerly known as Twitter, could lose as much as $75 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year as dozens of major brands pause their marketing campaigns after its owner, Elon Musk, endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory this month.

Internal documents viewed by The New York Times this week show that the company is in a more difficult position than previously known and that concerns about Mr. Musk and the platform have spread far beyond companies including IBM, Apple and Disney, which paused their advertising campaigns on X last week. The documents list more than 200 ad units of companies from the likes of Airbnb, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Microsoft, many of which have halted or are considering pausing their ads on the social network. […]

More than 100 brands are shown as having “fully paused” their ads while dozens of others are listed as “at risk.” Many paused on or after Nov. 15, when Mr. Musk wrote in a post on X that the conspiracy theory that Jewish people supported the immigration of minorities to replace white populations was “the actual truth.”

New York Times (discovered via @Kim on X)

But you can judge for yourself based on how Elon Musk responded to a vile response to a post.

To the cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and posting "Hitler was right":

You got something you want to say? Why dont you say it to our faces…

— Charles Weber (@CWBOCA) November 15, 2023


Jewish communties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.

I'm deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing…

— The Artist Formerly Known as Eric (@breakingbaht) November 15, 2023

You have said the actual truth

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 15, 2023

The ADL unjustly attacks the majority of the West, despite the majority of the West supporting the Jewish people and Israel.

This is because they cannot, by their own tenets, criticize the minority groups who are their primary threat.

It is not right and needs to stop.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 15, 2023

#ADL #AntiDefamationLeague #AntiSemitism #Business #ElonMusk #Finance #Racism #SocialNetworks #Twitter #X

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 weeks ago

Honestly, there should be no more holdouts on this platform.

Twitter owner seeks to be the quickest person to lose advertising - Desk Chair Analysts

#ADL #Apple #Bluesky #Mastodon #MediaMatters #MuskyMusk #Threads #Twitter #TechNews

Elon Musk before his villain arc.
3 weeks ago

#BenShapiro and #CharlieKirk saying, yes, it is true, many #Jews have been at the forefront of the leftists' #antiwhite #woke movement.
#ADL on Morning Joe to say theyre tired of the blanket labeling, all of a sudden.
#MediaMatters having to create new accounts, follow select people, then hammer refresh until they can find corporate ads next to #antisemitic memes on #X.

Mark Dice | 10min | #ShutItDown
Elon Musk Just Opened a Gigantic Can of Worms! 🐛

3 weeks ago

It took less than 90 seconds of genuinely casual and non directed scrolling on twitter to get to here... I don't think Melon will have much of a case against either the ADL or the other media hate watch groups.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #Hate #hatespeech #nazis #legal #adl #MediaWatch #antisemitism #Poland #advertising #racism

(Will text the attachments when I get to my desktop)

Jay Baker
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Twitter owner seeks to be the quickest person to lose advertising

Twitter CTO Elon Musk before his villain arc.
🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
3 weeks ago

The #ADL is just a Wing of Israel Propaganda.

Zionist ‘Civil Rights’ Group ADL Labels Pro Palestine Jews ‘Antisemitic Hate Group's

3 weeks ago


I knew they looked familiar! Right there on the #ADL hate symbol database between pepe the frog and pit bulls

Image from Gboard Clipboard
Amos Keppler
3 weeks ago

I agree halfway with Jonathan Greenblatt director of #adl - the fake anti defamation league.
There is a generational problem in the western view on Palestine...
The older generations are the problem.

Paranoid Factoid
3 weeks ago


Sometimes Mr Balloonjuice gets serious. Here, he highlights the insane speed and stark contrast of Mr Greenblatt's seeming abrogation of his organization's core mission in service to Musk. It's a real 'Left is Right, Black in White' inversion of plain reality.

Greenblatt is CEO of the #AntiDefamationLeague, an organization that traditionally sought to challenge hate speech against #Jews.

#ADL #ElonMusk #politics #hatespeech #Jewish #twitter #hellsite

3 weeks ago

#Twitter #Xitter #X ad boycott gathers pace amid #antisemitism storm after #Elon #Musk amplified an #antisemitic trope on the platform.

#MediaMatters identified ads bought by high-profile firms next to posts including #Hitler quotes, praise of #Nazis and #Holocaust denial.

Musk himself amplified a post which accused #Jews of pushing hatred against #Whites.

He later said his comments referred not to all Jewish people but only to groups like #AntiDefamationLeague #ADL.

3 weeks ago

Evaluating Websites: Identifying Fake News Sources:
Determining if news is fake is as simple as performing a Google search, other times you will need to do a little digging. Some fake stories may be based on a grain of truth, or based on a misunderstanding.

Take these steps before sharing an article:

Read the article yourself - Not just the headline!
Try searching these sites to find out if a story has already been "debunked":

Maxwell Library logo
wednesday the valkyrja
3 weeks ago

a history on the #ADL or Apartheid Defense League and their history of oppressing namely Black, Arab, and Islamic peoples.

Paranoid Factoid
3 weeks ago

Johnathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, doubles down on support for Elon Musk and Twitter. This, in the face of advertisers fleeing due to Musk's overt antisemitism. And, need I remind, but the ADL's core mission is to push back against antisemitism!

Bizarre. What a long, strange, trip this already is. 🤯

#Twitter #elonmusk #antisemitism #racism #greatreplacementtheory #hellsite #ADL #JonathanGreenblatt #antidefamationleague

George Liquor, American
3 weeks ago

@w7voa Quick, #ElonMusk, sue the #ADL !

Justin Stanley
3 weeks ago

An absolutely crazy read here from Mark Ames, formerly of The Exile:

#adl #apartheid

Crow 🍉
4 weeks ago

The ADL goes full mask off in leaked recording. The ADL doesn't care about antisemitism or racism. It's part of the Israel lobby and ONLY cares about support for Israel and squashing criticism of Israel by weaponizing antisemitism.

Good day #Mastodon! Let’s see how things are going in centralized mass social media today, shall we?

Will Instagram Remove This AI Nazi Taylor Swift Image After I Post This Article? @404mediaco -

The Far Right Is Loving Elon Musk's Comments About Jewish Groups Corrupting 'the West' - @VICE

JeeZUS fuck!

#Technews #elonmusk #antisemitism #adl #X #Twitter #meta #instagram #tech #socialmedia #technology

Paranoid Factoid
4 weeks ago

This is after the ADL made a big ad buy at Twitter, I guess hoping to appease the elmo oligarch. Which clearly did not work. See Neville Chamberlain.

You guys might want to once again quickly start pulling those ad boycott strings you so vociferously claim never happened.

#ADL #antidefamationleague #antisemitism #jews #hate #Twitter

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
4 weeks ago

I am baffled by people acting surprised to once again see Elon Musk going on about the ADL or publicly siding with "Hitler was right" people on exTwitter.

Did you think something had changed since the last time Musk had made similar posts?

#ElonMusk #ADL #twitter

Post from Charles Weber (@CWBOCA): To the cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and posting "Hitler was right": You got something you want to say? Why don't you say it to our faces... 

Response from The Artist Formerly Known as Eric (@breakingbaht) : Okay. Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them. I'm deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing... At this point the post is cut off.

Reply from Elon Musk (@elonmusk) :You have said the actual truth.

All posts made on November 15th, 2023.
Post from Elon Musk (@elonmusk): The ADL unjustly attacks the majority of the West, despite the majority of the West supporting the Jewish people and Israel. This is because they cannot, by their own tenets, criticize the minority groups who are their primary threat. It is not right and needs to stop.

Posted November 15th, 2023.
Post by Elon Musk (@elonmusk): And, at the risk of being repetitive, I am deeply offended by ADL’s messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind. I’m sick of it. Stop now.

Posted November 15th, 2023.
Victor Silverman
4 weeks ago

The #ADL Anti-Defamation League tracks antisemitic and other forms of extremism in the US. One publicly available source is a "H.E.A.T. map" (Hate, Extremism, Antisemitism, Terrorism) which allows searches by event and ideology, including "left wing" and "Islamist." The map is updated monthly. As of the latest update, there have no, that is zero, incidents of antisemitic extremism that the ADL ties to left wing or Islamist groups of ideologies in the US. 2/

4 weeks ago

The #ADL shows it's true colors as an #Israel NGO NOT a JEWISH NGO.

"The Anti-Defamation League has classified the (Grand Central Station disruption) event — and dozens of other (#Gaza #Palestinian-support) protests led by Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow — as “anti-Israel,” according to an analysis by The Intercept, and added them to their database documenting rising antisemitism across the U.S.".

1 month ago


“[…] the Anti-Defamation League and The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law recently issued an open letter to university presidents alleging, without citing to any evidence, that pro-Palestine student groups are, through their words, providing material support to Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, and have urged sweeping investigations into these groups for material support of terrorism under 18 U.S.C. §§ 2339A and 2339B and state analogues.”

“[…] We urge you to hold fast to our country’s best traditions and reject baseless calls to investigate or punish student groups for exercising their free speech rights.”


1 month ago


This is both sad to see and concerning.

"America, love it or leave it" was the demand and threat of ultra-nationalist Americans for decades.

They saw no space in the USA for anyone who stood against the extreme violence, brutalty and oppression the nation engaged in.

It is those American ultra nationalists who are now #Trumpists.

#ADL insisting that Israel in Gaza can not be validly criticised is a victory for those promoting #Divisiveness, #Rage, #Fear and #Uncertainty.


1 month ago

@EyalL you should really educate yourself a little bit more. I don’t like blocking people I know are not crazy, or stupid, but there is a clear lack of overall understanding of the history of the conflict when it comes to 3rd party involvement. Earlier you’ve circulated that Project Veritas style entrapment video of amnesty volunteers in Italy, which was easy to see was an ambush, even if you don’t speak a word of Italian. Now you’re back with this, and add another Islamophobic organization. #ADL is not doing Jews anywhere any favors by existing.

This is from 2006 … ! Amnesty’s understanding of what the #Hamas is/was is very clear.

#Amnesty International today [2006] called upon #Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) to commit unequivocally to abide by international law, respect the rights of all Palestinians across the political spectrum, and repudiate its policy of targeting Israeli civilians.

[…] The campaign of suicide bombings and deliberate attacks against Israeli civilians by Hamas and other armed groups constitutes crimes against humanity -- among the most serious crimes under international law. Hamas should publicly renounce this policy, commit to ending such attacks and cooperate in bringing to justice those who plan and take part in them.

1 month ago

@DavidBruchmann @EyalL @jbburd

I mean to invoke the #ADL to support your #islamophobic bias... that's hilarious

1 month ago

Anti-Defamation League Maps Jewish Peace Rallies With Antisemitic Attacks

> Progressive Jews are in the streets by the thousands calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. ADLs CEO says the organizers are “hate groups.”

#ADL #IsraelHamasWar #Palestinians #Jews

1 month ago

Anti-Defamation League Maps Jewish #PeaceRallies With #Antisemitic Attacks

American Jews have mobilized several thousand #Jews across the U.S. to call for a #ceasefire in #Gaza. #ADL calls these Jewish organizations 'hate groups.'

Micah Lee
November 11 2023, 6:00 a.m.

“On October 27, several thousand Jews and their allies shut down the main terminal of Grand Central Station during rush hour in New York City, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. Organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, the activists at the peaceful sit-in wore black T-shirts that read 'Not In Our Name.' 'It’s the largest sit-in protest the city has seen in over two decades,' Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman said. About 400 people were arrested, including rabbis.

“The Anti-Defamation League has classified the event — and dozens of other protests led by Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow — as 'anti-Israel,' according to an analysis by The Intercept, and added them to their database documenting rising antisemitism across the U.S.

“’We’re seeing a genuine rise in antisemitic attacks and white nationalist, white supremacist, antisemitic hate and violence,' Eva Borgwardt, the national spokesperson for IfNotNow, told me. 'When white nationalism is on the rise, to cheapen the accusation of antisemitism by applying it to Palestinian rights advocates, including Jews, is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.'

“Since Hamas’s brutal October 7 attack on southern Israel where Palestinian militants killed over 1,400 Israelis — most of them civilians — and took over 200 hostages, the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish advocacy group that tracks antisemitism and extremism, has been keeping track of the alarming rise of antisemitic incidents.

“In 2020, over 100 #progressive organizations — including the #MovementForBlackLives, #DemocraticSocialists of America, and Center for Constitutional Rights — signed an open letter asking the progressive community to not partner with ADL because the group 'has a history and ongoing pattern of attacking #SocialJustice movements led by communities of color, #queer people, #immigrants, #Muslims, #Arabs, and other marginalized groups, while aligning itself with #police, right-wing leaders, and perpetrators of state violence.' Now, ADL is targeting a new group of people: #ProgressiveJews.

“Israel’s indiscriminate massacre of civilians in Gaza — killing over 10,000 Palestinians so far in the densely populated Gaza Strip, including over 4,000 children — has led to the largest anti-war protests in the U.S. since the Iraq War, including a surge of renewed activism from progressive Jewish groups. Israel has bombed Gaza nonstop since the October 7 attack, ordered the relocation of over 1 million civilians, launched a ground invasion, and is blocking food, water, medical supplies, and fuel from making it into Gaza, triggering a #HumanitarianCrisis and leading to what legal scholars call a #genocide against #Palestinians.

"While the ADL told The Intercept that it does not consider the ceasefire protests 'antisemitic,' just 'anti-Israel,' its CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, has said otherwise. After several thousand Jews and their allies marched on the U.S. Capitol on October 18 calling for a ceasefire, ADL DC released a statement equating #antiZionism with antisemitism. Greenblatt piled on, calling the groups that organized the protest, including Jewish Voice for Peace, 'hate groups.'"

Full article:

#JVP #CeasefireNow

Crow 🍉
1 month ago

Good documentary on the ADL which is just part of the Israel lobby. You can watch it for free on the filmmaker's YouTube or on Kanopy with a library card.
#ADL #antisemitism #AIPAC

The Anti-Defamation League has classified the event — and dozens of other protests led by Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow — as “anti-Israel,” according to an analysis by The Intercept, and added them to their database documenting rising antisemitism across the U.S.

Anti-Defamation League Maps Jewish Peace Rallies with Antisemitic Attacks
#Palestine #Israel #Jewish #protests #CeaseFire #ADL
Crow 🍉
1 month ago

"Intent on shaking up the ultimate ‘sacred cow’ for Jews, Israeli director Yoav Shamir embarks on a provocative – and at times irreverent – quest to answer the question, “What is anti-Semitism today?” Does it remain a dangerous and immediate threat? Or is it a scare tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit their critics?"

Stream free on the filmmaker's YouTube channel or on Kanopy with a library card.

#ADL #antiSemitism

1 month ago

Spencer Ackerman in The Nation: The ADL Is Defaming Palestinian Students as Terrorist Supporters

"It’s not every day that ostensible civil rights organizations call for the mass violation of Palestinian students’ civil rights." #ADL

Crow 🍉
1 month ago

The ADL is part of the Israel lobby. It's a big business to try to convince Jews that the world hates them, so they think there is some reason for Israel to exist. #ADL

Crow 🍉
2 months ago

An Israeli filmmaker sets off into the world to discover all the antisemitism he's heard so much about, only to find a big business in trying to convince Jews that the world hates them. #antisemitism #ADL

“Defamation” watch for free on the filmmaker's YouTube channel or on Kanopy with a library card.

Dr. Michael Blume
2 months ago

@StephanieHount1 Ja, ist sie. Habe die #ADL erst letzte Woche besucht, die arbeiten empirisch & seriös.

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
2 months ago

Not happy with you #ADL While so many of us have left Twitter because of the extreme antisemitism & moral outrage of a platform with actual Nazis - you go ahead and get back in bed with them? Did musk boot those people off? I don’t think so. #antisemitism

From: @nancylwayne

Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 months ago

#ADL #Hypocrisy

There is something we can all do to call our the hypocrisy of the Anti-Defamation League's announcement of starting up advertising on X/Twitter again. Their own writing discusses the dangers of stochastic violence, and now they've decided to support it. Shameful! See copy of my comment to the online ADL site in the Reply to this post. Feel free to use any part of it.


Here is a link to their Comments page:

2 months ago


seriously? Not a good idea at all #ADL

cc @YaelEisenstat

I just want to state for the record that while I am strongly against antisemitism, I will not be donating any money to the ADL as long as there remains a possibility that it could go towards ads on Twitter. Elon Musk is a bigot and continues to reward and amplify bigots.
#Jewish #Mazeldon #ADL

Dr. Michael Blume
2 months ago

Sprach gerade auf einer Konferenz in Utah, USA 🇺🇸 über den Kampf gegen #Antisemitismus - und darüber, dass ich eine besondere #Verantwortung konservativer & religiöser Parteien für die Aufrechterhaltung von #Gewaltenteilung & #Demokratie sehe. Nun geht es nach #Washington, wo ich unter anderem die #ADL in ihrem Kampf mit Elon #Musk & #TwitterX unterstütze.

2 months ago

#ElonMusk's purchase of #Twitter, his welcoming of #farRight #bigots and #whiteSupremacists, his overt #antisemitism, and his attacks on the #AntiDefamationLeague (#ADL) were explicitly planned tactics. They are a part of a far-right plan to destroy the #American #republic. This is crazy.

2 months ago

The same week, the hashtag “BanTheADL”, pushed in part by #WhiteNationalists, trended on #Twitter, & #Musk tweeted that the “ADL has tried very hard to strangle X/Twitter.”

On the same day, #Musk blamed the #ADL for causing #antisemitism. “The ADL, because they are so aggressive in their demands to ban social media accounts for even minor infractions, are ironically the biggest generators of anti-Semitism on this platform!”

2 months ago

The hiring drew the ire of the #ADL & #Greenblatt, who urged the #Trump admin to rescind it. The #Biden admin forced Beattie to resign….

Beattie has cont’d to run (his site) & has appeared on #RightWing programs accusing the FBI of inciting… #Jan6. #Musk, meanwhile, has continued to blame the #ADL for #X’s declining revenue.

…Sept 4, Musk threatened to sue the ADL, claiming, w/o… evidence, that US ad revenues are “down 60%, primarily due to pressure on advertisers by @ADL.”

2 months ago

…The anonymous story …called the #ADL a “danger” to Musk’s ownership & said it was one of several “powerful left-wing activist groups” that had “besieged” #Twitter before #Musk bought it. It claimed that the ADL’s CEO, #JonathanGreenblatt, “brought Twitter to heel” by telling the platform, “Play ball, or be ready to be put in league with Nazis.”

2 months ago

The article predicted that “Step 2” would involve a “Coordinated pressure campaign” by the #ADL & other nonprofit groups to get #Musk to reinstate the bans…. “A vast constellation of activists & non-profits” will lurch into action to “put more & more pressure on the company to change its ways,” the article reads.

The next step, the …article predicted, would be the “Exodus of the bluechecks.”

…Musk experimented w/& ultimately eliminated #Twitter’s #verification system of “#bluechecks.”

2 months ago

When the text msgs to #Musk were revealed in the court filing last spring, observers suggested…that #Beattie himself may have sent them. Asked by NBC…, Beattie declined to comment & instead suggested that the #ADL should be investigated….
…Following the article's pub on April 1, 2022, Beattie spent wks urging Musk to buy #Twitter outright & pushing his transformation plan on #RightWing podcasts & TV shows, incl’g #SteveBannon’s “Bannon’s War Room” & #TuckerCarlson’s since-canceled #FoxNews show.

2 months ago

As the anniversary of #Musk's purchase approaches, the identity of the sender remains unknown.

The 3 texts were sent on April 4, 2022. In the nearly 18 months since then, many of the decisions Musk made after he bought #Twitter appear to have closely followed that road map, up to & including his ongoing attacks against the #ADL, a nonprofit org founded by #Jewish Americans to counter #discrimination.

Sunday evening update: 💥Netanyahu is flying to SFO tonight to meet the billionaire attacking George Soros— as Netanyahu and his son have done— and suing the #adl

Bibi Netanyahu's ties to the antisemitic alt-right (pro fascist) coming to the fore.

3 months ago

@caseynewton @Jonathanglick

so Casey, then you’re saying that bringing up that #antisemitism exists on a platform and revealing that hurt #Twitter? #x
Wow. Also most advertisers were long fleeing the platform because of so many issues: throttling the news, dangerously bashing people, being a kremlin tool, porn, fake accounts etc etc. Why would you buy into his phony af #adl blame game for one minute??? C’mon. #elonmusk tanked the platform. That’s the story.

3 months ago

@caseynewton idk, I think you might be missing #elonmusk being in complete accord with far right activists who he’s egging on here. Icymi. What’s the purpose of the trolling you might ask yourself. Is it possibly to get his hoardes to harass the #adl. No good faith discussion about one of the most serious concerns ever, but just a battering ram of thuggishness. What a reactionary tool.

Alistair Davidson
3 months ago

Via @Jeet - quite incredible given everything that has happened since #Musk #ADL

(Ford was of course a fascist and anti-Semite too; ally with the far right like this at your peril)

"The months-long ordeal of Elon Musk's dithering interest in buying Twitter appears to be reaching a possible endgame. One person who hopes it goes through is none other than Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who says he believes Musk can transform the platform. But in musing over how Musk might alter the online public square to curb bigotry, he picked a, shall we say, interesting historical parallel.

"Elon Musk is an amazing entrepreneur and extraordinary innovator," Greenblatt told CNBC Friday. "He is the Henry Ford of our time."
heise online
3 months ago


X/Twitter: Musk macht jüdische Organisation für Einnahmenverluste verantwortlich

Nachdem sich Elon Musk an einer teils antisemitischen Hashtag-Kampagne beteiligt hat, schießt er nach: Eine jüdische Bürgerrechtsorganisation koste X Geld.

#ADL #Antisemitismus #ElonMusk #Kurznachrichtendienst #Twitter

Ep24: "Supreme Court Barbeque" with @jacobschumer, @Jason and @andrew is arriving in your #podcast client of choice this morning.

We talk about #Musk and the #ADL and how your car is spying on you. Jake says "literally" 17 times, we all say "Nazi" a lot more than that and we banter about sports, as per usual.

E24🔗 :

#Apple Podcasts:


#lawfedi #law

Lovely to see people accusing the far-right of “hijacking” the DropTheADL campaign. Wanting the world to know they came up with the idea and they do it better. Yes, peeps, this is a competition to see who is best at attacking Jews. #Angry #Jew #ADL #Antisemitism

Peter Schaar
3 months ago

Elon #Musk will #jüdische Organisationen, wie die über 100 Jahre alte US-Gruppe Anti-Diffamation Legue #ADL aus #X ausschließen. Die User sollen darüber in einem Online-Votum entscheiden. Am Ende bleiben nur noch #Nazis, #Rechtsradikale und #Rassisten bei dem unter dem Namen #Twitter gegründeten einst liberalen Online-Dienst

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

@hacks4pancakes #Twitter :deadbirb: 👉 #Xitter 🚽, so we know where the mind of persistent tweeters is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #ADL

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

@w7voa #Twitter :deadbirb: 👉 #Xitter 🚽, so we know where the mind of persistent tweeters is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #ADL


Even with this, they're giving him way too much credit. Don't play around with this... give Musk a few more *days* then declare a boycott!

#twitter #adl #bigotry #fascism

3 months ago

#MelonMusk is suing the #ADL to prove that they are defaming him for being a #Nazi and encouraging #nazis and #antisemites.

I don't understand just how he expects the discovery and conclusions in that case to go for him...

#Law #Legal #Twitter #ElonMusk #Moronic #Blobcreature

Something noticed about #Twitter lately, when I go on there (first mistake) and look at the feed, not only is it even more overwhelmingly negative than it was before #Elon, but If you search for one of these issues wear that far right fringe is strongly against everyone else, like looking up #Ukraine or the #ADL, the feed is completely dominated by these fringe viewpoints by far right / neo-Nazi accounts.

Somehow, he's managed to get the algorithm to really push these fringe ideas, overwhelming the mainstream on things that aren't hard.

David Abravanel
3 months ago

Non-Jews: please understand that every Jewish friend and colleague you have is aware of (and likely scared of) Elon Musk’s increasingly bold support of antisemitic causes and actors.

We’re also seeing who is still posting about Musk’s businesses as though the two are completely unrelated.

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Martin Nutty
3 months ago

36) Another day another threat of legal action directed by #ElonMusk. His target, the ADL?

Apparently #ADL analysis reveals #HateSpeech is on the rise at #Twitter / #X since the #Musk acquisition

Coming from a supposed #FreedomOfSpeech advocate, this critique of a data driven fact based study, is more than dissonant. I guess the only speech that is acceptable in Musk land is that which aligns with his bigoted world view

Composite image of Elon Musk and mobile phone displaying X app
Heidi Li Feldman
3 months ago

When the administration of my university and my faculty refused to take a stand against #antisemitism on campus, #ADL provided a systematic, safe way to raise the problem with the dean and the president of the university. There was no other way this could have been done. Whether on the bird site or elsewhere, it is imperative to have organizations to object and to educate about antisemitism and other forms of racism and bigotry. 2/2

Heidi Li Feldman
3 months ago

A word about #ADL: As with most organizations, I don’t agree with every position they take. But when Musk accuses the most organized voice against #antisemitism in the U.S. of costing him ad revenue, he is leaning on a most #antisemitic dog whistle (that Jews control the media) and he most definitely knows it. 1/2

Stop That
3 months ago

Oh, there’s an irony here, alright. #ElonMusk #ADL #X #Twitter

Tweet from Elon Musk that reads: “To clear our platform’s name on the matter of anti-Semitism, it looks like we have no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League … oh the irony!”
Martin Holland
3 months ago

#ElonMusk Shows Support of #Antisemitic Propaganda Against #ADL@RollingStone

The CEO is helping to amplify a hashtag campaign against the #AntiDefamationLeague, a civil rights group that combats #HateSpeech

"But perhaps none of that matters to him as long as he gets to punish his enemies while pandering to his extremist pals. Musk has come this far — what’s one more disgrace?"

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Elon Musk
7 months ago

Genauere Beschreibung und Einordnung der "Feuerkrieg Division" von der ADL: #rechterTerror #antifa #adl

Baruch 🇮🇱
9 months ago

“This Purim, let's ensure that, while celebrating the most
joyous Yomtov, we exercise sensitivity towards our
community and neighbors.”
A joint message to the Jewish community from the ADL, Agudath Israel, Orthodox Union, and others.

#Purim #OU #AgudathIsrael #ADL #antiracism

Thls Purim. let's ensure that. while celebrating the most Joyous Yomtev,  exercise sensitivity towards our community and neighbors.   
    1. Do NOT use costumes that involve "blackface" (the practice of coloring the entire face in black/brown makeup): Throughout history white actors would use blackface while wearing torn clothing to mimic and mock Black slaves. This in part is why  blackface is so painful to many in our community and our neighbors, especially in the African American community.
    2. Hanging of Haman: For many years, the KKK and other racist 
       groups, who murdered and lynched minorities, used a noose or 
       a hanging doll to threaten and intimidate. Our fellow 
       community members and neighbors often do not know 
       Haman's history and it's extremely painful and insensitive in 
       their view.
    3. It is important to also choose costumes that do not stereotype 
       any community group. Keep in mind that our community would 
       also be offended if we were to be stereotyped should anyone 
       use antisernitic tropes in choosing their costumes during 
       holidays like Halloween.
Please take tirne to explain the severity of these practices to your 
children and the harm even one such incident could generate. Let's 
celebrate a joyful Purim, without inflicting pain upon our community 
and neighbors.
11 months ago

@auschwitzmuseum A report released by the #AntidefamationLeague (#ADL) on Jan 12, 2022 describes the rise in antisemetic beliefs in America. We must never forget the impact of the #Holocaust or that it arose from thoughts and beliefs that must be condemned, even now. Thank you to the #AuschwitzMuseum for never forgetting.