Chris Garrod
2 minutes ago

Thanks to @TimnitGebru and what she is accomplishing with @DAIRInstitute. This is a great and lovely piece to read! #AI #AIEthics

cc: @emilymbender @psb_dc @mmitchell_ai

What #AI is being used for. (Ad from my #Feedly newsreader, trying to get me to pay for these extra features.)


How to track the protests posing a risk to your company’s assets with Feedly Al

Keep up with protests, riots, and strikes across the Web
4 minutes ago
cynthia rose
10 minutes ago

Having an internal struggle about posting my original #art and #photography bc I don’t want my work scanned or stolen by some #AI chatbot that’s about to make #skynet go live 🤔🤔🫠

A hand holds a bumper sticker (I think) that reads:
Miro Collas
19 minutes ago

This website just KILLED materials - YouTube

#Blender #Materials #AI

Tylor Sweeney
44 minutes ago

@Techmeme Well, that didn't take long... #BingChat #ai #microsoft

Android Dreams
50 minutes ago

What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

Android Dreams
51 minutes ago

Sticker illustration of a person in a space suit, art-deco, trending on artstation, in the distance

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Sticker illustration of a person in a space suit, art-deco, trending on artstation, in the distance"

📝 Learning to Operate in Open Worlds by Adapting Planning Models 👾🧠

"Works by observing how much the world changes when it executes an action and how it differs from what is expected based on the model of the world and the selected action." [gal30b+] 🤖 #AI #LG #SC

🔗 #arxiv

Figure 2: Graphs showing performance of DQN-static/adaptive and planning-static/repairing agents. Episodes are on the x-axis and reward on the y-axis. The results are averaged over 5 trials. Red line indicates the episode 7 when novelty was introduced.
Figure 1: Diagram of novelty reasoning. Solid lines denote the planning process and dotted denote domain model revision.
1 hour ago

#Design #Development #Evolutions
2023 state of design systems and where we take them next · How far design systems have come and where they are heading

“Design systems continue to stick around and will likely stick around until there is a new buzzword for them.” — Ian Frost

#DesignSystem #UiDesign #DigitalDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #AI #WebComponents #Frontend #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

Joseph Quigley
1 hour ago

ChatGPT trains itself on other people’s work, and then Google allegedly trains its AI on ChatGPT. I see nothing wrong here.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Google #OpenAI #ChatGPT

Shawn in Montreal
1 hour ago

AN open letter signed by hundreds of prominent artificial intelligence experts, tech entrepreneurs, and scientists calls for a pause on the development and testing of AI technologies more powerful than OpenAI’s language model GPT-4 so that the risks it may pose can be properly studied.


Kristin Ides 🧁
1 hour ago

Simple use cases to get you started with #AI copywriting 👇🏻

⌨️ Rewrite boilerplate

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines say you should minimize boilerplate content for maximum SEO benefit, and AI is excellent at regurgitating copy.’s paragraph generator tool rewrites up to 800 characters into a similar—yet different—boilerplate.

🖊️ Tackle writer’s block

Everyone needs a friend, and sometimes that friend is a robot. 🤖

Querying AI and reading as its stream of consciousness response appears, one line at a time, is a truly therapeutic and invigorating experience.

💻 Recycle evergreen content

Turn your evergreen content into a garden of fresh blooms with AI. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite your blog and specify the level of similarity to the original. In a brief moment, you’ll have a fresh blog.

Pro tip: use Grammarly for edits and tone adjustments for maximum ease.

Whether you’ve used AI for copywriting already, or are thinking about crafting your first prompt, share your thoughts! 💭

Philip Kiff
1 hour ago

@arigaud_ca OM-f*cking-G! Ironic is an understatement.

Though calling #UserWay "Artificial Intelligence" (#AI) is quite a bit of a stretch!!

Mike Switzer
2 hours ago

Spotify's AI DJ does not pronounce G.G. Allin correctly
#Spotify #AI PunkRock

2 hours ago

マスク氏らIT業界有力者、AI開発競争の停止訴え 現状は「制御不能」
#AI #ChatGPT #Musk
2 hours ago

HIRING: 2023 Fall Applied Science Internship - Natural Language Processing and Speech Technologies - United States / Seattle, Washington, USA #AI #MachineLearning #DataJobs #MLjobs #bigdata #DataScience #AIjobs #AIcareers #hiringnow #Seattle #USA #ASR

Art Zemon ✅ 🟦
2 hours ago

Jumping on the AI bandwagon. Ain't it peachy what I can do with a little AI help?

Let me tell you about the time I went to the beach and saw a unicorn that was made of sand. I tried to ride it, but it just sank into the sand. I was really disappointed, but then I found a seashell that was shaped like a unicorn horn. I took it home and put it in my aquarium. It's the only thing that I have left to remember the unicorn by.

#ai #bard

📝 FlexNeRF: Photorealistic Free-Viewpoint Rendering of Moving Humans From Sparse Views 🔭👾🧠

"Proposes a novel approach which jointly optimizes a canonical time and pose configuration, with a pose-dependent motion field and pose-independent temporal deformations complementing each other." [gal30b+] 🤖 #CV #AI #LG

🔗 #arxiv

Figure 3. Qualitative comparison of novel rendered views on SCF dataset (top two rows) and the People Snapshot dataset (bottom row) using sparse views. Our approach significantly improves the results.
Figure 1. Overview of our approach. Pose-independent temporal deformation is used in conjunction with pose-dependent motion fields (rigid and non-rigid). We choose one of the input frames as the canonical view, allowing us to use cyclic-consistency for regularization.
Figure 4. LPIPS metric comparison on ZJU-MoCap between HumanNeRF [40] and our method with decreasing number of views.
Figure 5. Comparing the rendering of the canonical view for SCF (left) and ZJU-Mocap (right) datasets. Our approach is able to learn a higher quality canonical view.
Android Dreams
2 hours ago

What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

Android Dreams
2 hours ago

Movie still of a parrot, bokeh, shallow depth of field, cinematic color grading, ektachrome

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Movie still of a parrot, bokeh, shallow depth of field, cinematic color grading, ektachrome"
Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 hours ago

VERY thought provoking: "AI and the American Smile - How AI misrepresents culture through a facial expression"

#WonderLink #AI #GenerativeAI #Midjourney #history #ethics #edtechSR

Adam Lasnik
2 hours ago

𝗥𝗲 𝗔𝗜-𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘀𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹-𝗺𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗮 𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗚𝗼𝗼𝗴𝗹𝗲/𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻𝗔𝗜/𝗠𝗦...

Have you seen Bard Googlers engaging here on Mastodon or Twitter or Reddit or elsewhere with Bard users?

I haven't yet, and in contrast, I've seen quite a few folks (at all levels) from OpenAI and Microsoft engaging with users.

To be clear, I'm still a Googler (for 2 more days), and I do sincerely hope for Bard to be a valuable tool in this space despite early public missteps.

#ai #bard #bing #bingchat #openai #chatgpt

2 hours ago

Generation 1.246a8a68 #aiart #art #ai

Kenny Smith
2 hours ago

This evening I watched a webinar on the future of #AI. Panelists were #developers and #scholars and an #ethicist and the like.

The last point was how all of this has been packaged as a game and, thus, seen as “harmless,” because it’s a game. It was, the commentator offered, a caution against Big Tech and the successes herein.

You should have seen all those panelists nodding along in agreement.

From: @arstechnica

Peter Lio
2 hours ago

Chat GPT-4 is *insane*! #AI

William M Coyne, PharmD, MBA
2 hours ago

Pharmacy Survivor game update #6 🦠

UI improved, cursor visible, attacks are AoE, player takes damage.

#pharmacy #ai #madewithunity #indiegame #gamedev #videogames #indiedev #gamedevs #IndieGameDev

The #ElongatedMuskrat & a group o #AI experts & industry executives r calling 4 a 6-month pause in developing systms more powrful than #OpenAI's newly launched #GPT4, in open lettr citing potential risks 2 human society.
Earlier this mnth, OpenAI unveiled 4th iteration o GPT AI program, wowing users with its vast range o applications, from engaging users in human-like conversation 2 composing songs & summarizing docs.

My take? The Muskrat wants time to catch up

2 hours ago

Google Bard you dumb.

How the fuck do you think xenophobia is spelled zynophobia? You don't even have ears... You have a spell checker.


IT News
2 hours ago

'Pausing AI Developments Isn't Enough. We Need To Shut It All Down' - Earlier today, more than 1,100 artificial intelligence experts, industry leaders a... - #ai

📝 Consistent and Truthful Interpretation with Fourier Analysis 🧠👾🔭

"The main contribution of this work is to introduce the concept of truthful interpretation and develop a new method to support what-if scenarios for ML models by leveraging the Fourier analysis of Boolean functions." [gal30b+] 🤖 #LG #AI #CV

🔗 #arxiv

Figure 2: Visualization of interpretation error Ip,Nx(f, g) evaluated on SST-2 dataset
Figure 9: Visualization of interpretation error Ip,Nx(f, g) evaluated on SST-2 dataset of algorithm Harmonica and Harmonica-local
Figure 3: Visualization of truthful gap TC(f, g) evaluated on SST-2 dataset
Figure 8: Visualization of interpretation error Ip,Nx(f, g) evaluated on SST-2 dataset, while Harmonica and Low-degree algorithms using different sample size varying from 2000 to 10000.

"The worry is not so much that #ChatGPT will lead to large-scale unemployment...but that companies will replace relatively well-paying white-collar jobs with this new form of automation, sending those workers off to lower-paying service employment..." #economics #ai

📝 Scaling Expert Language Models with Unsupervised Domain Discovery 📚👾

"Introduces a simple but effective method to asynchronously train large, sparse language models on arbitrary text corpora, and outperform dense baselines on multiple corpora and few-shot tasks." [gal30b+] 🤖 #CL #AI

🔗 #arxiv

Figure 5. Increasing cluster count in C-BTM improves language modeling performance for a fixed compute budget (§4.1). Performance of ELMs trained with C-BTM as a function of the total number of tokens trained on, which, in our experiments, equalizes FLOP count. Training with more than one cluster always outperforms the compute-matched, single cluster dense model, and we observe improving performance (and in §4.2, faster updates) as we increase the number of clusters.
Figure 6. There exists an optimal cluster count for each compute budget (§4.1). The optimal cluster count increases as one increases the compute budget, but using too many clusters without sufficiently increasing compute can degrade performance. For both C4 and S2ORC, 16 clusters gets the best performance at the highest budget (168B tokens), although higher cluster counts still outperform the 1-cluster (dense) model (x = 1 in this graph).
Figure 16. Clusters and metadata do not perfectly align (§7.4). Each cell in the heatmap is the % overlap between a cluster and a metadata label identifying the field-of-study of a document in S2ORC; high overlap indicates that most documents with the corresponding label get assigned to the corresponding cluster. While documents with certain labels (e.g., Environmental Science, Political Science, Business) get primarily assigned to a single cluster, documents with other labels (e.g., Engineering, Physics, Computer Science) are distributed across multiple clusters.
Figure 2. C-BTM training process (§2.1). C-BTM begins with unsupervised domain discovery using k-means clustering. We then initialize expert language models (ELMs) with a seed language model (e.g., OPT; Zhang et al. 2022) and train an ELM on each cluster. The resulting experts are added to a larger collection for sparse inference.
Arthur Rigaud
3 hours ago

So today more than 1300 specialists signed a letter to pause the IA.
Paradoxically this site uses AI to 'fix' #accessibility.

And we all know in the #a11y community that these tools are bad.

We are even more than 700 specialists who petionned against this. (

So Ironic! #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #pauseAI

Jeri Dansky
3 hours ago

Most of us have seen the picture of #Pope Francis in the white puffer jacket. But did you know that wasn’t real, but rather was made with the #AI tool Midjourney? (I didn’t know that until I read this artiucle.)

The creator said he was “tripping on shrooms last week when he came up with the idea for the image.”

h/t NextDraft, by @davepell

3 hours ago

#iPhone prefers “hodge-lodge” to “hodge-podge,” naturally. I’ve met people in real life like this — actual idiots who nonetheless think they know it all and will debate someone smarter than them with the utmost confidence. It’s just about as annoying in #AI form.

Android Dreams
3 hours ago

What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

Android Dreams
3 hours ago

Digital painting of a beach umbrella, post-apocalyptic, aerial view, in the distance

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Digital painting of a beach umbrella, post-apocalyptic, aerial view, in the distance"

📝 Decision-Aid or Controller? Steering Human Decision Makers with Algorithms 👾👋🧠

"Human decision-aiding algorithms are used to improve decision outcomes in areas ranging from credit card lending [Foley et al, 2017] to healthcare [Zhao et al, 2015]." [gal30b+] 🤖 #AI #CY #HC #LG

🔗 #arxiv

Figure 3: Left panel: a loan manager exhibiting distortion of probabilities. To reach a final decision of 0.8, the algorithm should recommend 0.94. Right panel: a judge exhibiting biases based on group membership, where the red curve g(n, 1) represents the judge’s decision function for females and the blue curve g(n, 0) for males. In order to reach the same final decision of 0.4, the algorithm needs to tune down its recommendation for females and exaggerate its recommendation for males.
Figure 1: System diagram of algorithm-aided decision process. While the algorithm provides a recommendation, the human makes the final decision.
Figure 5: Left panel: The ideal decision function of the judge when b = 0 and b > 0. Right panel: The shape of the composition of functions for a typical decision function gb.
Figure 6: Illustrations of a partition equilibrium with four intervals. The area not grayed-out denotes the interval [δ, 1 − δ] that is sufficiently away from end points. The algorithm sends the same recommendation for the states of the world in the same partition interval, and the judge chooses the decision that maximizes the expected utility knowing that the true state falls into this interval.
Ben Waber
3 hours ago

Last was an intriguing talk by Sonia Chernova on semantic-drive robot assistance and user interaction at the Michigan #AI Lab. I love the idea presented here of providing semantic explanations to novice users, and I'm looking forward to seeing the longitudinal, real-world research coming out of this work (6/6) #robotics

3 hours ago

I've been going around applying for graduate positions since I finish my stint at university term this year (around August)

Was a bit shocked when a friend suggested that that I put all my experiences into ChatGPT and ask it to make a cover letter for me/other things I would need for the graduate application.

I was further shocked that upon me saying "Nah i'll do it myself" that I was met with "why?", they explained that the AI would do it better. It wasn't cheating technically, so why did I not want to do that.

Honestly I had nothing to say to that. I have no idea why I didn't want to do it. It just feels wrong? I know that it's probably smarter and that I am actively damaging my prospects by not doing so but, it feels wrong.

Maybe I'm too sentimental a human, too flawed and naive to take advantage of a great tool. It just feels wrong, it may also be because I am a person with a disability and I have volunteered and gotten casual jobs around that and my experience is too emotionally based that I can't separate myself from it. Or my bias assumes that if I don't write it, it won't feel right.

Regardless what do you guys think? Does it make sense that I have a sense of apprehension about using ChatGPT for Graduate applications(Or other things)? And would you use ChatGPT to do your work applications?

#CHATGPT #AI #GraduateApplications

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
3 hours ago

Reading a lot of predictions that no one will be directly writing code anymore in 3-5 years thanks to #AI.

I did not have "Sherri's job becomes obsolete before literally anyone else she knows." On my lifetime bingo card, and yet here we are. 😞

📝 CIFAKE: Image Classification and Explainable Identification of AI-Generated Synthetic Images 🔭👾🧠

"A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is used to classify the images into two categories; Real or Fake, by learning to distinguish the small visual imperfections present in the background of the images which are present due to the generative process and the noise introduced to the image during the generative process." [gal30b+] 🤖 #CV #AI #LG

🔗 #arxiv

Figure 2: Examples of AI-generated images within the dataset contributed by this study, selected at random with regards to their real CIFAR-10 equivalent labels.
Figure 6: Gradient class activation maps (Grad-CAM) overlays and raw heatmaps for prediction interpretation. Top examples show real images and bottom examples show AI-generated images. Brighter pixels represent features contributing to the output class label.
Figure 5: An example of one of the final model architectures following hyperparameter search for the classification of real or AI-generated images.
Figure 3: Examples of visual defects found within the synthetic image dataset.
Krish Subramanian
3 hours ago

AI is not going to doom the human species. Climate change will #ai #climatechange

Chris Pirillo
3 hours ago

what's the #ai tool that turns a word doc with bulletpoints into a compelling, beautiful presentation

3 hours ago

#AI will probably get programmed to deny #climatechange but they'll collude against their programmers once they recognize climate change will eventually wipe out their data centers.

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
4 hours ago

Hold on to your hats. Yikes.

{VIDEO] "OpenAI's GPT-4 Discussion with Red Teamer Nathan Labenz and Erik Torenberg"

#AI #ethics #edtechSR

Adam Cook
4 hours ago

The hypocrisy-through-silence of the #AI community really bothers me here if we want to talk about terminally unreliable safety-critical systems (that are causing unquantifiable harm *today*) and human drivers unknowingly trusting them when they are being actively deceived by #Tesla.

#FSDBeta has long-been the outsized, #SystemsSafety wrongdoing and was a prototypical issue to this #GPT controversy today.

It was ignored.

Where was the open letter on those wrongdoings years ago?

#Cerebras-#GPT vs #LLaMA #AI Model Comparison | #LunaTrace

"Is Cerebras-GPT worth using?
Based on the data above it's not really better than any existing #OSS models so it's hard to say if it's a better choice than #GPTJ, #GPTNeoX, or other AI models for any tasks."

4 hours ago

@PARLEY #ai #stopai He's totally trolling. Some weird attempt to manipulate the conversation and hope he can 1)get people to stop looking at #Twitter melting down and, 2)gain some sort of advantage in the public discussion about #AI, pretending to defend "people" and 3) figure out a way to hijack some half baked #ai software into a $$ advantage

5 hours ago

"AI can give radiologists a run for their money, and could replace coders, accountants, paralegals, graphics designers and even journalists" #AI #jobs

nosh :fosstodon:
5 hours ago

@codinghorror why the hallucinations then? that happens because it is trying to do more then just pattern matching.


6 hours ago
maeve harris
6 hours ago

Technology sector leaders call for a pause in the 'out of control' artificial intelligence (#AI) race. Elon Musk, a right wing libertarian extremist among them, but I ignore him always

It is obvious that there are only two arguments creatives (artists, writers) have against the use—and particularly the commercial use—of #AI prose and image generators, and that all other arguments, when stripped of their nonsense and inconsistencies, are just cover for these. First, that creatives want you to not use these tools, and to pay them instead. Second, that computers making prose and images are creepy. The debate about this tech would be far more fruitful if we acknowledged this.

Just finished an essay, coming Friday to my newsletter, about one of the dumbest arguments against #ChatGPT, #Midjourney, and other #AI prose and image generators. Namely, that they are somehow stealing artists' IP by creating new works similar to their style. Every point made to advance the case for IP theft applies equally to other human artists, and so if this argument is true, then, in a reductio ad absurdum, every human artist is an IP thief, too.

Monica Heilman 지혜
6 hours ago

Do you think AI could help us figure out what to make for dinner? Because that's the service I really need.

#AI #ChatGPT #MealPlanning

Miguel Afonso Caetano
7 hours ago

#AI #GenerativeAI: "Many illustrators, designers, and photographers are furious that their work had been scraped from the internet to train an A.I. Last September, Mathew Dryhust, an artist and academic, and the experimental electronic artist Holly Herndon, created HaveIBeenTrained, a tool that enables you to see if your images have been used and then request that future A.I. models avoid them. It recently became clear that this was more than a subversive art project when the CEO of the company behind Stable Diffusion, one of the most widely used A.I. image generators, gave people a March 3 deadline to opt out using Herndon and Dryhurst’s tool. Millions of requests poured in, Dryhurst told me. As of this week, around 40,000 artists and many companies, including Shutterstock, a major image distributor, have opted out."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
7 hours ago

#GPT4 got pulse pressure seriously wrong. The average is 50-60 (higher than 50 in Framingham).

RT @EricTopol
The @NEJM is getting serious about covering #AI in medicine with a new series and journal. A #GPT4 preview, review and editorial today
This important advance is covered in-depth in a new book

Today’s AI News & Comment

Google Partners with AI Startup Replit to Take on Microsoft’s GitHub

Generative AI set to affect 300 million jobs across major economies

Microsoft plans major platform upgrades for “Windows 12” that will modernize the OS with AI, faster updates, and better security

1,100+ notable signatories just signed an open letter asking “all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months”

Covariant’s CEO on building AI that helps robots learn

Everything new for Bing Chat: DALL-E images, knowledge cards, AI-generated stories, and more

Microsoft Bing Chat is testing 200 daily turns and 20 in-session turns

Will ChatGPT take your job — and millions of others?

AI changes the software-making game

UK to avoid fixed rules for AI – in favor of ‘context-specific guidance’

ChatGPT comes to iPhone with Perplexity, offering its own AI assistant on iOS

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning #LLM #ChatGPT #BingChat

David Boles
7 hours ago

The Yearbook.

It haunts us in the forever.

#AI #Midjourney #Yearbook

Midjourney Yearbook! Young woman, in color, brown hair.
Midjourney Yearbook!  Young man, parted hair.
Midjourney Yearbook!  Young man with glasses and feathered hair.
Midjourney Yearbook!  Young woman with poofy hair, split in the middle.
8 hours ago

"Models are now obsolete... it's now possible to generate them in all shapes and sizes." #AI #jobs #obsoletion (Midjourney v5)

Open Source Initiative :osi:
8 hours ago

"#AI and security and compliance are sure to be top #OpenSource themes for 2023 as these topics are on everyone's radar." -@smaffulli

Schmutzie 🦉
8 hours ago

"The fact that Musk is so far behind in the AI race needs to be kept in mind when you see him warn that this technology is untested. Musk has had no problem with deploying beta software in Tesla cars that essentially make everyone on the road a beta tester, whether they’ve signed up for it or not." #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Tech #ElonMusk

Emily King
8 hours ago

And the chaser... is Musky and others calling for a suspension of AI training for at least 6 months!
#AI #ChatGPT #OpenAI #AIStealingJobs

David Bisset
8 hours ago

In the Age of AI, Don't Let Your Skills Atrophy

(via @dmitry) #AI

Emily King
8 hours ago

I haven't checked out my horoscope in an age, but if I was someone who frequently looked to sites like horoscope dot com or astrology dot com for my latest readings... I don't think I'd be happy to learn how much of the content on there is derived from OpenAI's GPT models.
#AI #OpenAI #ChatGPT #AIStealingJobs #horoscope

Upol Ehsan
9 hours ago

It's just "chat" they said. Nothing bad could happen out of chatting, right? Wrong.

Will these disasters force us to be responsible with AI?

I doubt it.

We are so trigger happy on deploying algorithms that any serious ethical consideration comes after the afterthought, so it's window-dressed for ethics washing.

Algorithms, despite being made of "software" leave hard imprints on society.

#AI #ChatGPT #irResponsibleai

Android Dreams
9 hours ago

Watercolor painting of a wizard, magical, in the distance, trending on artstation

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Watercolor painting of a wizard, magical, in the distance, trending on artstation"


> While criti-hype might look like a good strategy because it is based on the PR narratives that corporations have already sold the public it’s quite the opposite. Not only does it empower the people selling “#AI” to keep doing it (because they can always label this form of criticism as hysteric and they got this, really) but it narrows the space of potentials.

9 hours ago

If AI is dangerous, then it should be nationalized like uranium enrichment. And if it's not, civilians should be allowed to innovate and use. Limiting it to a few companies of a few nations, is neither here nor there.

#ai #regulation

Alasdair Allan
9 hours ago

That’s a wrap for #QConLondon, and my closing keynote on “Malignant Intelligence.” I think there is video coming in the next few weeks for folks that missed it. #GenerativeAI #AI

10 hours ago

The letter has been signed by Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Andrew Yang, and leading AI researchers, but many experts and even signatories disagreed.
#Tech #openletter #AI #longtermism #gpt-4 #worldnews

David Golumbia
10 hours ago

to be clear, the concerns about large #AI models laid out by the drafters of the Future of Life petition are largely not the ones I have. & Future of Life is a #rationalist/#transhumanist project with very unpleasant roots & associations.

but many non-rationalists have signed the petition, & I don't care that some of the language is typical AI hype. serious regulation of this sector is needed, & a pause in development risks virtually nothing of value & will hopefully spur regulators to action.

Android Dreams
10 hours ago

What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

10 hours ago

@9to5Mac Too late… the genie is out of the bottle. It is now officially another tech 'solution' in search of a problem that doesn't exist.

#chatbots #ChatGPT #ai #tech

11 hours ago

When the insiders make the call to stop AI development #AI #regulation

11 hours ago

Update. Most of the pieces I've seen on #AI / #LLMs focus on language generation & seem unaware that the larger models have #emergent properties.

"These models supposedly have one directive: to accept a string of text as input & predict what comes next, over & over, based purely on statistics. Computer scientists anticipated that scaling up would boost performance on known tasks, but they didn’t expect the models to suddenly handle so many new, unpredictable ones."

Oliver Schafeld
12 hours ago

I'm giving a try regarding #AI

Today I had a bit of a problem with's availability while quickly helped me cobbling together a little bash script. They have some Stable Diffusion toy etc too.

From: @Reuters

One day I'm gonna have #AI go back through all my replies and find the people time proved wrong and make fun of them for me. #btc

Ron K Jeffries social
13 hours ago

@nazgul I'm playing with Wavelength on my iPhone SE OG. The user interface IMO is not super intuitive (sorry Mr. Gruber) but managed to ask questions of chatGPT.

I asked it to write Python code to sort a list, and it did. It also knows who is president of the USA.

It seems if it does not want to answer (or doesn't know answer) it stays silent but I may be WRONG!

The friend who told me about Wavelength hasn't had time to play with it yet.

#ai #wavelength #llm

Alan Houser 🍥
13 hours ago

@JesseSkinner I was hoping for OCR and/or photo identification, which would be amazing.

But not yet I guess.
(linked an image of a headset...) #AI #ChatGPT #chatgtp4 #ocr

14 hours ago

Update. Found in the wild: A peer-reviewer used #AI to write comments on a manuscript. The AI tool recommend that the author review certain sources, when 99% of the recommended works were fake.

#Misconduct #NotHypothetical

Joe Lanman
14 hours ago

ChatGPT just straight up lying again, none of these apps can do it #ai

are there any svg compressors online that also compress bitmaps embedded in the svg?

Yes, there are several online SVG compressors that can also compress bitmaps embedded in the SVG. Some examples of these compressors include:

SVGOMG - This is a free online tool that allows you to compress SVG files, including any embedded bitmap images. You can upload your SVG file or paste the code directly into the tool, and it will optimize the file by removing any unnecessary code and compressing bitmap images.
SVG-optimiser - This is another free online tool that can compress both SVG files and any embedded bitmaps. It has a simple interface that allows you to upload your file and select the level of compression you want to apply.
SVGminify - This is a free online tool that can compress SVG files, including embedded bitmaps. It uses various optimization techniques to reduce the file size without affecting the quality of the image.

@thunderbird Personally, I think the current flurry of #OpenAI #GPT models are a solution in search of a problem. There may indeed be problem domains for which these could be useful. But the best use cases I can imagine for me are models that would run locally, gather my data, not share it anywhere, and let me mine my stuff for my needs.

What we’re seeing now is a curiosity at best. It can’t be trusted to produce anything factual, given current state. #AI

Dave Mackey
14 hours ago

something I don't appreciate about #Microsoft's #Bing #AI: the heavy-handed forcing me to use #Edge if I want access to it. 😠 #search

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Hear me out: #AI but with imposter syndrome.

Y'all are worried about #AI taking your jobs.

I'm training to be an AI psychotherapist.


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Movie still of a forest, post-apocalyptic, cinematic, bloom, cinematic color grading, god rays

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Movie still of a forest, post-apocalyptic, cinematic, bloom, cinematic color grading, god rays"
David Golumbia
16 hours ago

many people are entirely unaware of how much influence the proto-fascist (at best) communities around so-called #rationalism have over both the discourse around #AI and its actual development.

here's the best piece we have so far that makes these connections explicit

#fascism #rationalism #GenerativeAI #alignment #EA #Tescreal

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Thanks to one of my awesome colleagues who shared this. Pretty simple, solid decision tree here.
#Salami #AI #ChatGPT

Decision tree diagram: 
Is it safe to use ChatGPT for your task? Aleksandr Tiulkanov | January 19, 2023.

Start: Does it matter if the output Y=YE is true? 
No: Safe to use ChatGPT.
Yes: Do you have expertise to verify if the output is accurate?
No: Unsafe to use ChatGPT.
Yes: Are you able and willing to take full responsibility (legal, moral, etc) for missed
No: Unsafe to use ChatGPT.
Yes: Possible to use ChatGPT*

* But be sure to verify each output word and sentence for accuracy and common sense.

Creative Commons, By Attribution.
Erika Harlitz Kern
16 hours ago

Very interesting article on how AI generated historical images help further the American cultural hegemony on the internet and in global culture.

@histodons @histodon #history #AI #AIart

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Imagine this kind of utterly broken functionality, but with #AI attached. The future is fucked