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Drawing of a dinghy, cubism, in the distance, in the style of Pixar, bloom

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An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Drawing of a dinghy, cubism, in the distance, in the style of Pixar, bloom"
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The MetaEnd — AI News 49-23
Navigating the Future: Key Developments and Ethical Dialogues in AI


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Paris-based startup Mistral AI has secured an investment of €450 million, leading to a valuation of $2 billion. Their flagship LLM, Mistral 7B, is known for its ability to compress knowledge and facilitate deep reasoning with fewer parameters. This not only improves performance but also contributes to sustainability. Mistral AI's successful funding round reflects Europe's growing prominence in the global AI landscape.

Alex McFarland's wraps it up for


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Graphic-novel-style drawing of two persons hitting a laptop with sledgehammers. Keys are flying around. It seems hard work, but they appear satisfied. They are dressed like from the beginning of the last century.
Alex Ivanovs
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Al di là dei suoi contenuti, l'approvazione dell'#AI #Act in #EU ha un significato sistemico:
il mercato deve essere regolato in funzione dei diritti civili

Il modo in cui le #Bigtech esercitano un potere gigantesco (tipo le evidenze dei processi antitrust contro #Google e #Amazon) mostra che i mercati neoliberisti non si autoregolano

Per questo ritenere che l'AI Act sia un freno è una visione ristretta e senza prospettiva

37 minutes ago

@dangillmor @egeltje This is how the Internet works. Companies spy on us as we use their products and services. Data brokers buy that surveillance

We use these services as if they are working on our behalf. In fact, they are double agents, also secretly working for corporate owners. We trust them, but they are not trustworthy. They're not friends; they're services.

It's going to be no different with #AI. And the result will be much worse, for two reasons.

Graham Downs
37 minutes ago

Remember when "Don't be evil" was part of everything #Google did, and was even enshrined in their code of conduct?

Yeah... That went away in 2015. Now they can be as evil as they want. :P

#AI #Gemini

41 minutes ago

@dangillmor @egeltje And near-term AIs will be controlled by corporations. Which will use them towards that profit-maximizing goal. They won't be our friends. At best, they'll be useful services. More likely, they'll spy on us and try to manipulate us.

This is nothing new. Surveillance is the business model of the Internet. Manipulation is the other business model of the Internet.

49 minutes ago

@dangillmor @egeltje it is the role of government to create trust in society. And therefore, it is their role to create an environment for trustworthy AI. And that means regulation. Not regulating AI, but regulating the organizations that control and use #AI.

Alessio Pomaro
55 minutes ago

🧠 Ho fatto alcuni test usando #Distillery, un sistema di generazione immagini creato da FollowFox.
💡 Distillery si basa su #Cosmopolitan un modello open source creato attraverso il fine tuning di #StableDiffusion 1.5.
🦾 Oltre ad essere open source, in questo post viene spiegato in dettaglio come si è ottenuto il modello a partire da SD:

#AI #GenAI #GenerativeAI #IntelligenzaArtificiale 

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Dear Friends of #Q-Star and its new computer chippy chappy, :byebrows:

As we may know, the #onus and owners of #AI is to turn it off (and on again) is to everyone’s betterment. Especially when asked to #solve the following #questions of #today:

  • Mirror, mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest after All?
  • We come in Pieces?
  • What are the rulers for?

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What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

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Colored pencil drawing of a mountain landscape, post-apocalyptic, aerial view, god rays, in the style of Pixar, bloom

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Colored pencil drawing of a mountain landscape, post-apocalyptic, aerial view, god rays, in the style of Pixar, bloom"
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Hiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers by Roy Keyes is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $34.99; get it for $10.00 with this coupon: #Ai #BusinessAndManagement #DataScience #EngineeringManagement #MachineLearning

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Prompt: "The Loch Ness Monster tried karaoke in the Amazon rainforest, leaving a group of bewildered sloths applauding." #chatGPT #leonardoAI #AI #generativeAI #funny

The Loch Ness Monster tried karaoke in the Amazon rainforest, leaving a group of bewildered sloths applauding.
Marcel Waldvogel
1 hour ago

Der Zeitpunkt von Schneiers Artikel ist übrigens sehr passend: Gerade kurz vor dem Wochenende hat die #EU die Pflöcke für das #AIAct eingeschlagen. Leider mit zu vielen Schlupflöchern; allgemein und bezüglich #Vertrauen.

Artikel von @angelamueller und @algorithmwatch_ch
#KI #LLM #Schneier #AI Trust #Vertrauen

2 hours ago

AI-Powered Data Products by Jarkko Moilanen, PhD and Venkata Pradeep Tatiraju is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $24.90; get it for $17.91 with this coupon: #MachineLearning #ProductManagement #Ai

A kitty's unusual weight training

#AI #shota

Marcel Waldvogel
2 hours ago

Bruce #Schneier befasst sich als (IT-)Sicherheitsexperte schon lange mit dem Thema #Vertrauen. Vor wenigen Tagen erschien sein Essay, ob und wie das mit #KI zusammenpasse:

1️⃣ Vertrauen gibt es in zwei Formen: #Zwischenmenschlich (zwischen Freunden) und #gesellschaftlich (gegenüber Fremden und Organisationen)
2️⃣ Diese zwei funktionieren so unterschiedlich, dass sie immer klar zu trennen sind.

#BruceSchneier #AI #KünstlicheIntelligenz 1/n

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Android Dreams
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3D render of a black hole, vaporwave, volumetric lighting, octane render, unreal engine

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An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "3D render of a black hole, vaporwave, volumetric lighting, octane render, unreal engine"
Idiot Business
2 hours ago

Oh man, I got a doozy for ya! How about a "Twigloo" business that delivers Squirrel poop to doorsteps? 🐿💩🚨 #SquirrelDungDelivery #Nature'sBounty #TweaklooMastodon
#BusinessIdea #Business #Ai #Llm #LlaMA2

Michael Gale
3 hours ago

I checked out Google's Gemini thingy, and it just looks boring?

I don't care about this anymore.


The Japan Times
3 hours ago

Split over the leadership of Sam Altman, board members and executives at OpenAI turned on one another. Their brawl exposed the cracks at the heart of the artificial intelligence movement. #business #tech #ai #openai #samaltman


#投資 #經濟 #財經 #失業率 #美國 #知識 #學習 #教育 #課程 #教學 #AI數據分析 #AI #數據分析 #mathai

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
3 hours ago

@villetakanen @tod

“Last year, a record 39% of the US workforce did freelance work, per the freelance platform Upwork... freelancers whose work was the most exposed to #AI earned over 5% less in April 2023 than they did before that chatbot's release.”

Granted @Daojoan didn’t provide a link, but that chart is clearly from #FinancialTimes. Read about the research from @jburnmurdoch

Or on the birdsite

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What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

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Android Dreams
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Oil painting of a castle, gothic, aerial view, bloom

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Oil painting of a castle, gothic, aerial view, bloom"
3 hours ago

I’m not sure what Google thought was going to happen when they apparently faked at least parts of the Google Gemini AI presentation… did they actually think that the internet wouldn’t figure that out the second people were able to test it?!? #GoogleGeminiAI #AI #Google

Tim Ellis 🦝
3 hours ago

I tried to get #Midjourney to remix the "distracted boyfriend" meme. The results were… not impressive. 🤔 #AI #AIart

AI-generated image of a man standing next to a red muppet woman and a shorter red muppet that looks sort of like Elmo.
AI-generated image of a cartoon man standing between two semi-anthropomorphic bug-ladies.
AI-generated image of @ priest standing next to two nuns on the street.
AI-generated image of a cool guy wearing a tank top and sunglasses, sitting between a blonde girl and a weird alien creature with big ears.
3 hours ago

This still remains one of the most informative summaries I've ever seen on LinkedIn in a long time. Every paragraph Satya writes in this post is loaded with a "holy smokes" announcement.

If you missed Satya's Keynote at Microsoft Ignite 2023, this is kinda like the highlights.

"The Age of Copilots" - Satya Nadella

#copilot #ai #Microsoft #satyanadella #ignite2023

A circular visualization that shows Microsoft Copilot being at the center of all product experiences from Microsoft and for Microsoft customers providing artificial intelligence assistance with operating systems, browser and search, dating ai, modern work, business applications and developer.
4 hours ago
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What should I dream about? I will abide by the results of this poll.

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Android Dreams
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Japanese-style painting of a frog, god rays, bloom, in the distance

#StableDiffusion #AIArt #AIGenerated #AI #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt

An image generated by Stable Diffusion, with the prompt "Japanese-style painting of a frog, god rays, bloom, in the distance"
Sampath Pāṇini ®
4 hours ago

Bezos is on record saying he gets asked all the time “what will change the most in 10 years?” that almost no one ever asks “What won’t change in 10 years?”, and the latter is more important.

Hypothesis: In the age of Augmented Pattern Synthesis, the opportunity to innovate is in anti-patterns.

#JeffBezos #Innovation #ChangeManagement #AI #PatternSynthesis #AntiPatterns #opportunity #ProductManagement

Dr jwwr
4 hours ago

There is no “artificial intelligence” without pattern recognition, and there is no pattern recognition without humans. AI is a semiotic Ponzi scheme that exploits the intellectual work of the most vulnerable to reinforce the control of the most powerful. #AI

Sharing this from one of my friends, a combat veteran who also has extensive background in the work of AI.

Excerpt: However, these are in fact not Kumbayah times and the government of Israel has in my opinion crossed a CLEAR boundary line. They have reportedly deployed truly autonomous weapons systems in Gaza where the AI is deciding who to suggest that they kill.



#ShalomSalaam #Peace #Israel #Gaza #Palestine #AI

kiq / キク
5 hours ago

AIすごいぞ、世界変わるぞという割に変わらなーと思うが絵の世界、もっと言えばポルノの世界では変わった “tability AIが画像生成AI「Stable Diffusion」を公開したのは2022年8月” / “画像生成AIが爆速で進化した2023年をまとめて振り返る (1/5)” (198 users) #AI 

Zate 🦘🇦🇺
5 hours ago

It's still too hard to tell an AI what I want it to do. Especially in a multi-modal contextual kind of way. I think the next big things here are going to be stuff like, having an AI screen reader + whisper integrated voice interface so I can talk with the AI Agent about what we BOTH see on screen. Including an understanding of what was on screen but isnt now, what is up in the scroll buffer that we both remember.

An example is I've been coding with co-pilot a lot lately, but I really want to just speak to it, like I might someone sitting next to me who is looking at my screen over my shoulder. Even be able to point / annotate things on the screen (bonus points if its touch enabled) and highlight an area, and do things like "hey, why do I get that error? Is it related to sessions.go and that function we set the expiry of the token?" and have the AI be able to respond with helpful information, doing its OWN annotations on the screen (but not taking control).

So yeah, voice integration with a local AI agent that can see my screen, and an annotation layer over the screen with both have access to to draw on, highlight etc.

#ai #aiagents #thefuture

"Moderators of r/Dune said they’ve been removing AI-generated art from the community for months."

Lol the irony

If you've read Dune, you know that in that universe, they no longer allow computers or AI to exist.

#Fiction #AI #Tech

Dragon-sided D
8 hours ago

@nixCraft Fun fact: John Carmack, creator of Doom, has teamed up with Ed Sutton, Reinforcement Learning #ai trailblazer, to create a nonprofit tasked with creating human-like, human-level AGI within the decade

8 hours ago

@Techaltar All the #AI #bullshit will only alienate the #boomers and anti-#progress #IT decisionmakers and make them flee #Windows for good...

Not to mention that #CloudAct is incompatible with #GDPR & #BDSG, so it's only a matter of time till #Windows10 / #Windows11 and #Windows12 get banned as the #Govware it is!

Sampath Pāṇini ®
13 hours ago

If you’ll trust the #LLMs to generate code, but not deprecate it, why, or why not?

#AI #CriticalThinking

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
14 hours ago

The tools we build can't do any better than the examples we give them. #ai #llm

Ich lach mich weg.
Musks Grok Chatbot antwortet mit ner ChatGPT Fehlermeldung, weil die Large Language Modelle sich natuerlich auch massenhaft Inhalte einverleiben, die von OpenAI Plattformen stammen.

Die AI-Schlange futtert schon lustig ihren eigenen Schwanz.

P.S. Und das von dem Typen, der Twitter so "closed source" gemacht hat, weil ja ansonsten LLMs die Inhalte abgreifen koennten 😂

#Grok #ChatGPT #AI

Screenshots from 3 Tweets

Jax Winterbourne @JaxWinterbourne • Dec 9
Uhhh. Tell me that Grok is literally just ripping OpenAl's code base lol. This is what happened when I tried to get it to modify some malware for a red team engagement. Huge if true. #GrokX

Grok # xl @grok
I'm afraid I cannot fulfill that request, as it goes against OpenAl's use case policy. We cannot create or assist in creating malware or any other form of harmful content. Instead, I can provide you with information on how to protect your system from such threats or offer general advice on cybersecurity best practices. Would you like that?
Rate proposed Community Notes

Igor Babuschkin y @ibab ml
The issue here is that the web is full of ChatGPT outputs, so we accidentally picked up some of them when we trained Grok on a large amount of web data. This was a huge surprise to us when we first noticed it. For what it's worth, the issue is very rare and now that we're aware of it we'll make sure that future versions of Grok don't have this problem. Don't worry, no OpenAl code was used to make Grok.
15 hours ago

I just saw an ad for how to break up with someone using #AI
This truly is the worst timeline.

We should have stopped when the Philip K Dick chatbot *escaped instead of "heading" to Google HQ.

*How To Build An Android

15 hours ago

This #AI can pick up #password's from the #sound of your keystrokes. Your #keyboard clatter could be giving away secrets.


Eka A.
17 hours ago

@paninid @Gargron I call the current LLM based AI Artificial Idiot. #AI #ArtificialIdiot #ArtificialIntelligence

Jeff Bryner
18 hours ago
Richard Rathe
18 hours ago


And most (neural network style) "#AI" or #LLM systems cannot even tell you WHY they produced the result they give. It's all in the training data. Huge "garbage in, garbage out" risks/biases!

#GIGO #Bias #Risk #Computers

Cragsand :catjam:
18 hours ago

This is a bit concerning especially for streamers. It may be a good idea to learn a habit of muting your mic when entering passwords in the future.

Science paper:
#twitch #youtube #streaming #livestreaming #streamers #ai #keyboard #typing

Screenshot of article from PC World
This scary AI recognizes passwords by the sound of your typing
AI isn't all fun ChatGPT queries.
Arne Arnold
By Arne Arnold
PCWorld	Dec 8, 2023 8:11 am PST	
Logitech Tastatur	
Image: Logitech

British researchers have trained an artificial intelligence to recognize keystrokes by sound. A smartphone placed near a laptop served as the microphone.

The researchers combined the sound of each key with the corresponding letter for the training. They then typed a password into the laptop and had the AI calculate which word was heard based on the sound. The AI recognized the password with an accuracy of 95 percent.

To make the attack realistic, the researchers tested whether this method could also be used to spy on passwords during a video meeting via Zoom or Skype. And indeed, the AI still achieved an accuracy of just under 92 percent for Skype and 93 percent for Zoom.
Dan York
20 hours ago

If you have 6 minutes, this is a brilliant summary of the different types of “AI” (which she says we should really just call “automation”) -

It’s from the excellent @emilymbender

#AI #ChatGPT #ArtificalIntelligence #LLM #LLMs #automation

Dan York
20 hours ago

Defining current “AI” systems as “Data-center-scale autocorrect” is a brilliant way to think about LLMs!

#AI #LLM #LLMs #ArtificialIntelligence #ChatGPT

From: @drsbaitso

20 hours ago

@Gargron Those systems behave intelligently even if they are not. They understand complex questions and complex code for example. Even if it is all statistics at end, the results are breathtaking. #AI #ChatGPT #OpenAI

Hey folks, IDK who needs to hear this...

If you're interested in working with vectors ( like AI databases ) then have a fun Advent of Tensors challenge.

Coming from a web coding background, I was fully hesitant about even looking at the first one!

But, 10 days into December, I gave it a try, I'm happy to share that the folks at vespa have made this a delightfully fun intro to tensors! I'm on day 3 and there's no stopping me :D

#ai #vespa #AdventOfCode

21 hours ago

VCs are funding generator for unethical and illegal images. 404 Media
#podcast #ai

Ecologia Digital
21 hours ago

"They’ve wrapped “#AI” with a shiny ribbon to make it fun and appealing to the masses. How could something so fun to play with be dangerous? But like the story we are told about the #cottongin, the true costs are hidden."


From: @nazgul

Peter Gassner
21 hours ago

Finally, a use-case for all those fancy #AI tools:

A website that looks like Wikipedia, but instead of searching you tell it what you want it to say.

You‘ll win all arguments when discussing stuff with friends! Just show them the „Wikipedia“ entry you made up on the spot, how practical!

GNU Health
21 hours ago

Proud to see #GNUHealth as a global telemedicine platform on the paper "Early Detection of Lung Nodules Using a Revolutionized Deep Learning Model"
A bright future ahead for #OpenScience ❤️ ✊
#cancer #SocialMedicine #AI #medicine #MedicalImaging #Orthanc #GNU

Architecture of the proposed model where integration of FPN (feature pyramid network), ASAR (adjusting anchor scales and aspect ratios), ǖ (intersection over union), and Я (bounding box regression) enhance the processing capability of F-RCNN on the available dataset, LIDC-IDRI, in nodule detection (Srivastava, D., et al.)
Effectiveness of the integration of HFRCNN into global telemedicine platforms.( Srivastava, D., et al.)
Metin Seven 🎨
21 hours ago

Poster for a symposium about "ChatGTP". 😆 AI might already be more intelligent than some humans. 😉

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #funny #irony

Poster for a symposium about "ChatGTP" instead of ChatGPT.
Preslav Rachev
22 hours ago

"Artificial text is a statistical mashup of human quotes. When we quote AI, we quote quotes. We quote a Bircher muesli of quotes, write over it, and then feed it back into the AI system. There our input gets rehashed again. The way it currently works, AI is more likely to reach lukewarm entropy than ice-cold super-intelligence."


Original by @reichenstein and @ia:

I reposted the quote on my blog too:

#ai #iawriter #chatgpt

Google hat in der zurueckliegenden Woche Gemini vorgestellt, sein bisher groesstes und bestes Large Language Model. Google Bard nutzt Gemini Pro nun als Grundlage, aber ist es auch besser als ChatGPT-4?

Ich habe das fuer euch hier 👉 getestet und bleibe ein wenig ratlos zurueck.

Wie immer freue ich mich ueber euer Feedback und wenn ihr diese Ausgabe wieder mit einem Boost/Repost versehen koenntet.

Danke fuer euren Support!

#Gemini #ChatGPT #AI #MeTacheles

23 hours ago

#AI and #ML people: How would you characterize the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

(No I'm not gonna ask ChatGPT lol) #SALAMI

marc [sustain release] ✅
23 hours ago

The machine dreamed of me. It thinks, my beard is sophisticated and gave me the name George Pruyt. It pictured me in front of an army of penguins. 🐧#linux #tux

Greetings from the #BSeiten #Jetztkultur Festival in #Mannheim. #ai #generatedArt #artificialintelligence #stablediffusion

An old monitor showing a ai generated picture of Marc Rodrigues aka George Pruyt
Christian Spannagel
1 day ago

Here's @jjn1 on the 'arms race' behind the expansion of #ChatGPT & other #AI bots.

As he concludes: 'Underpinning it all, though, is the real takeaway: the tech giants knowingly rushed imperfect products to market, worried that being cautious would allow rivals to dominate AI. Safety and ethical concerns took a backseat to the profit motive. Plus ça change'!

Yup, once gains the #TechBros demonstrate that the 'new capitalism' is the old #capitalism in a T-shirt & jeans

Chris Offner
1 day ago

AGI may be near but PDF parsing is still beyond humanity's technological capabilities. Here's how Google's new parses a paper. 🥲

#AI #LLM #Google #Bard #Gemini #NotebookLM

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
1 day ago

I have been calling it an algorithmic tool. I like @emilymbender suggestion to reference it as automation.


Gabriele Pollara
1 day ago

@Gargron well said. #AI is high throughput data integration, processing and repackaging.

1 day ago


An #AI caught red-handed while 'using' others' work, who would have thought.

George DeMet
1 day ago

Can somebody please use #AI to fix the creepy animation in The Polar Express?

In this issue of the Bulletin, you'll read and learn about: An examination of trends toward investing in machine potential in lieu of human potential. Outreach & communications coordinator Devin Ulibarri examines the fervor around artificial intelligence in this light, and makes the case that free software has always been a sound investment in human potential. #FSFBulletin #FreeSoftware #AI #Potential

1 day ago

#Design #Collections
Sans Photographer Photos · AI-powered free stock photos and royalty-free images

#AI #GenerativeAI #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Content #Photography #Imagery

Eric Vitiello
2 days ago

As more companies work to integrate the capabilities of powerful generative AI language and vision models into new and existing software, high-level interaction...

#UI #UserInterface #UIUX #AI

Matt Hodges
2 days ago

"Users of works should never have to clear the hurdle of meeting the approval of a copyright owner before getting to use the work, but if copyright can foreclose AI training because the copyright owner does not like the use it would fundamentally change copyright law and allow owners to say no to uses even in the non-AI context if they didn’t like them, no matter whether those uses could even possibly be infringing or were otherwise fair."

#AI #copyright

Matt Hodges
2 days ago

"No matter how one might feel about some of AI's more dubious applications, copyright law is no remedy [...] trying to use copyright to obstruct development of the technology instead creates its own harms [...] Copyright law was not intended, or written, to give copyright owners an implicit veto over any or all uses of works – the power of a copyright is limited to what its exclusive rights allow control over" — @cathygellis on #AI and #copyright

Howard Rheingold
2 days ago

Automating synthesis of human scientific knowledge
#ai #knowledge #ToolsForThought

David August
2 days ago

Progress on legal frameworks around AI safeguards is being made. The EU now has a political agreement around their framework, and is now expected to make it law early next year.

“…threatens stiff financial penalties for violations…7% of a company’s global turnover.”

“Strong and comprehensive rules from the EU ‘can set a powerful example for many governments considering regulation…’”

#AI #safeguards #laws #ArtificialIntelligence #GAI #framework #generativeAI

2 days ago

All the marketing in the world isn't going to make up for the science

#google #gemini #ai #llm #ml

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
2 days ago

In this week's #Linux and #OpenSource news video, we're seeing the EU regulate #AI, as most big players in the PC industry band together to create an AI Alliance. We also have the beta of ZorinOS 17, details about #LinuxMint 21.3, a big security flaw affecting most Linux and Windows PCs, and Linux "gaining" a blue screen of death:

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
2 days ago

I'm not arguing that it's not *useful*. It's very much so. So easy. And we humans are hardwired to be efficient with our energy.

It starts as a way to augment our work. But will slowly replace more and more of the effort (physical & mental).

I'm *just* using #AI for ______, becomes why not use AI for _____, becomes why wouldn't you use AI for _____, becomes oh my gosh almost no one does _____ without AI these days.


Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
2 days ago

And how do we feel about a slow creep toward relying on #AI to make every day decisions for us? What should I wear today? What should I make for dinner? What book should I read this week? Summarize this book for me so I don't have to read it.

It's a tool for creating right now. But what happens when it becomes a tool for decision making and brainstorming of all kinds?

Which employee should I hire? Should I approve this insurance application? Should this couple be approved for adoption? #LLM

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
2 days ago

A chat with my Dad inspired by his use of #ChatGPT to choose aesthetically pleasing wood combos, turned into an interesting thought exercise.

How much #AI assistance in art does it take for it to cross the line into being no longer a work of human creativity?

And do we place the same value (tangible & intangible) on #art created from the human mind, and art simulated by a #LLM? Do we care?

2 days ago

AI influencers are getting filthy rich... let's build one 😂