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spätes Mittag,
dringend nötig,
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@tseitr I understand your concern. I do not install any of these on my work profile for the same reason.

Otherwise, there is no way to create extensions like these without granting those permissions as being able to modify DOM on all websites require permissions to all websites.

But as this is #opensource, one thing you can try is review the source and install it from the source directly instead of from the extension stores.

#privacy #addons #firefox #browser #extension #amo

@tseitr Thats a fair warning but unfortunately #Mozilla is slapping this label on almost all #addons these days just to avoid liability. In reality they do many manual checks while the addon is being approved. I made browser extensions and Mozilla does a decent job at reviewing addons while uploading to the store. So I trust #AMO over the fully automated #Chrome extension store.

informapirata :privacypride:
2 months ago

Ah, un ultimo appunto... la foto del signor Persico, che ha annunciato la nascita nuova Authority #AMO è il bravissimo Albert Finney in un fotogramma della sua splendida interpretazione del sig. Edward Bloom in quel capolavoro che è The big fish...

Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that auto-responds to all the #GDPR and similar consent popups with optimal user preferences.

Unlike the extension "I don't care about cookies" which just accepts all cookies, Consent-O-Matic clicks the prompts on your behalf to reject most of the cookies. You can also choose what to accept/reject in the preferences.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and others.

I've been using this on Firefox :firefox: for quite sometime now and it works great!

Their Github page has links to official extension stores:

#AMO link:

#privacy #webextensions #addons #addon #extension #chrome #firefox #safari

Consent-O-Matic preferences screenshot
Qu Dynamics & Control Berlin
3 months ago

#introduction Hello Mastodon! We are a computational #quantum #physics group at the FU Berlin. Our main areas for applying #QuantumControl strategies are dynamics in #AMO systems and #QuantumInformation processing.
We are using #CoherentControl as well as #OptimalControl on both isolated and open quantum systems.
A major part of our work is also the development of optimal control methods.

We collaborate with research groups all over Europe, Israel and the US.

Architecture News
3 months ago

Dezeen : "Listening to any contemporary conversation on architecture is like being indulged in a form of Orwellian Newspeak" #ReinierdeGraaf #Architecture #Opinion #all #OMA #AMO

Thorsten 🇪🇺🇺🇦:md:
4 months ago

Hatten wir die Kontroverse um den geplanten #Ganser-Auftritt im #AMO hier eigentlich schon?

Die Stadt redet sich mit »Kontrahierungszwang und dem Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung« raus, auch wenn andere Städte die mit antisemitischen Andeutungen gespickten Schwurbelvorträge sehr wohl verhindern können. Ich finde das armselig von meiner Heimatstadt :md:.

Was meinen die hier aktiven Lokalpolitikys? (Wenn ihr ihre Handles kennt, pingt sie gern.)

Seems like #Amo agrees w/ #Leibniz that mental causation is best understood teleologically, but disagrees w/ Leibniz by holding that mental causation can, as it were, reach out into the external world, a capacity he apparently takes as primitive.

Though he's not one of the (many) authors Amo cites (at least in the Impassivity), a good early modern source for this way of thinking about mind-world is #Arnauld.

#philosophy #earlymodons

Green Leader Schreiner meets with municipal leaders in Huntsville - My Muskoka Now #GPO #MikeSchreiner #AMO #OntarioGreens #OntarioMunicipalities #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Escritores Malditos
4 months ago

Rubén Darío | Amo, amas
[de «Cantos de vida y esperanza. Los cisnes y otros poemas» 1905]
#RubénDarío #amo #amas #locagonia

La Inutilidad De La Poesía
5 months ago

"Amo, amas" - Rubén Darío (en "Cantos de vida y esperanza. Los cisnes y otros poemas" 1905)
#rubendario #amo #amas #frustrapoiesis #LaInutilidadDeLaPoesía

Ontario to audit municipal funding gap due to housing law, pledges to cover shortfall | The Star #AMO #AfoordableHousing #OntarioMunicipalities #onpoli

Dar Jeeling
11 months ago

Kopfhörer heißen Kopfhörer weil viele Menschen nicht wissen wo sich die Ohren befinden. Selber in der Jugend mal jemandes so nennen oder genannt worden sein, würden Ohrhörer auch schon mal ums Gesäß getragen. 😂


11 months ago

I just released #PeerTubeCompanion v0.1.0!

This release allows you to use #YouTube instead of Invidious to retrieve video informations. This is a lot faster than Invidious.

You can now translate the extension through weblate :

Also, redirection settings has been removed from the popup to enhance readability for non-tech people.

Download it from #AMO:

Source code:


11 months ago

Je viens de publier #PeerTube #Companion en version expérimentale.

C'est une #WebExtension qui permet actuellement de rediriger les vidéos #YouTube existantes sur PeerTube vers PeerTube.

J'ai pas mal d'idées que je veux essayer avec cette extension, je communiquerai dessus plus tard.

J'ai peu de temps pour bosser sur tout ça, donc j'avancerai tranquilou, à mon rythme.

Disponible pour #Firefox sur #AMO :

Le code est disponible sur #Codeberg :

La Papisa Juana
1 year ago

Amo los hipos y amo los estornudos y amo los pestañeos y amo los eructos y amo a los glotones. Amo los pelos. Amo a los osos. Para mí, lo redondo. Para mí, el mundo.

(Giannina Braschi)

#poesía #domingo #queer #amo #osa

Quote: "The Sci-Hub Injector browser extension was taken down by its author, so I forked it and submitted it to Firefox addons.

The original:

My fork:

Let's see if it even gets approved.

#Firefox #addons #amo[…]"

Thx dude @josias 👍

Update: My Sci-Hub injector has been approved on AMO, so you can download it on Firefox now:

(other browsers can use the userscript)

The original author has taken down his repo, so this is the primarily-published fork at the moment. I intend on maintaining it and merging PRs for a while.

I'm now working on a release that will add several other websites. I'm trying to consolidate code from the other forks to make more available.

#Firefox #addons #scihub #amo

The Sci-Hub Injector browser extension was taken down by its author, so I forked it and submitted it to Firefox addons.

The original:

My fork:

Let's see if it even gets approved.

#Firefox #addons #amo

@dobrado @cevado @reigilgamesh cravado foi pra casa dela e ainda tá na dúvida se era casada? #amo


2 years ago

#Klimapendel war vielleicht nur Täuschung

Simulationen, die eine Atlantische Multidekadische Oszillation #AMO-ähnliches Signal erzeugen, seien bei modernen #Klimamodelle'n eher die Ausnahme als die Regel, schreibt die Arbeitsgruppe. Der #ElNino-Zyklus von 3 bis 7 Jahren dagegen, das Pazifikgegenstück der AMO, taucht dort zuverlässig auf. Auch die Temperaturschwankungen des 20. Jahrhunderts ließen sich ebenso gut ohne natürlichen Zyklus erklären, so das Team.

Ein bedeutender natürlicher Klimazyklus, der Wirbelstürme und Europas Wetter steuert, existiert gar nicht. Das sagt jetzt ausgerechnet einer seiner Entdecker.
Trinuks' ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ :flago:
3 years ago

#memeo #sociajretoj #amo ❤️ 🤦‍♀️

3 years ago

#Mozilla is launching a new Pilot program called Promoted Add-ons: Add-ons developpers will be able to pay to have a manual review of their add-on from Mozilla and get a "verified" badge.

Then, developpers can pay extra fee to have their add-on promoted through sponsored placement on #AMO homepage.

#Firefox #Extension

3 years ago

#Mozilla lance un nouveau programme pilote : La possibilité de payer pour faire analyser son extension par Mozilla pour obtenir un badge « vérifié ».
Puis, en payant un peu plus, il sera possible de mettre en avant son extension sur le magasin d'extensions de #Firefox (#AMO).

3 years ago

I just released #LufiWebExtension v0.3.0.
You can now upload multiple files at the same time.
It's also now possible to cancel uploads, using a contextual menu (opened by right-clicking on the extension's icon). For that, a new permission (`menus`) is now required.
Finally, a badge, located on the extension's icon, now shows how many files are uploading.

You can download it on #Firefox #AMO :

#WebExtension #Addon #Lufi #Upload

@Lika gosto de feriado, mas prefiro rotina! Acordar cedo, reclamar do brt cheio e sem ar, trabalhar, estudar, comer direito, ter s regulado, voltar aos exercícios. #amo

3 years ago

Update on the AMO story: Now I am trying to regain access to my #AMO account, which lists no add-ons anymore.

Also I've managed to trigger an internal server error at #AMO

Really going great here… 🙄

4 years ago

@waweic istz eine Einwohnermeldeamt Abfrage #AMO, kann man hier widersprechen:

Semi news bot of the Fedi
4 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Smugglers Busted, Migrants Rescued at Border Stash House #U.S.CustomsandBorderProtection #Border/CartelChronicles #AirandMarineOperations #TexasBorderCrisis #U.S.BorderPatrol #McAllenStation #BorderCrisis #DelRioSector #Immigration #Crime #AMO #CBP

Trinuks' ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ :flago:
4 years ago

Mi estas laca aŭdi ĉiutage la samajn mensogojn 😭 💔 #amo

vadim s. sabinich
4 years ago

Новый клип BRING ME THE HORIZON — In The Dark (2019)

Британские рокеры BRING ME THE HORIZON выпустили новый клип In The Dark.

В клипе снялся голливудский актер Форест Уитакер (Оскар, Золотой Глобус, BAFTA, за лучшую мужскую роль в фильме Последний король Шотландии).

Фронтмен Оливер Сайкс прокомме

#Alternative_Metal #Alternative_Rock #Amo #BRING_ME_THE_HORIZON #Forest_Whitaker #Oliver_Sykes

4 years ago

I just released #Invidition 0.10.3.
It implements Italian translation, updates list of available languages of the Invidious interface, and fix an issue where Invidition where trying to redirect subdomains of the instance.

It's already available on #AMO, the #Firefox marketplace.

4 years ago

@halcyon consider adding a screenshot to the #AMO dewscription. This makes it more obvious, what it does.

4 years ago

In other news, I BTW also like the #font #Mozilla uses on the #AMO page very much. Look how it "merges " the second i with the f:

screenshot of AMO add-on title "Mastodon – Simplified Federation" – the second i has no dot, because at the same height the f from the left is "absorbing" it