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From #JeremyHunt 2 the #ResolutionFoundation the stagnation nation UK economy has its roots in #Brexit. Moreover the social contract that holds a nation together is under threat from the gross inequality of UK society. Hardship is everywhere to be seen: Homelessness has hit record levels. We need a new social contract with its roots in fraternity, fairness & morality for all the people of the UK. #RejoinEU #AbolishTheMonarchy

If "the Earth doesn't belong to us" then Charlie, how come your family owns so much of it?

#AbolishTheMonarchy #COP28

That man who steals from the dead is saying some words that don't mean anything to him or most of the people the audience. An empty performance we're supposed to be 'grateful' for.


#COP28 #AbolishTheMonarchy

COP28: 'The Earth does not belong to us' - King Charles Ill

That's British Monarchists for you.
Colonialisms' Little Enablers.


'The crowd were saying, 
 "Kill him, kick him to 
 death"': what happened 
 to the people who 
 protested against King 
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Steve Woods
1 week ago

"Perhaps mindful that treating the assets of deceased people from Preston or Oldham as a royal windfall might not be a good look, Duchy of Lancaster officials have long claimed that, after costs are deducted, the money goes to charity. But extensive research by the Guardian has established that a significant amount is being secretly used as “free money” to refurbish parts of the king’s vast property portfolio, pushing its rental value up." #AbolishTheMonarchy

Steve Woods
1 week ago

"This family started the slave trade, invested in it, rejoiced in it. The £600m that Charles inherited last year, tax-free, would have been inherited monarch to monarch, going back, uninterrupted, to when they were making money out of slavery.” #NotMyKing #RepublicNow #AbolishTheMonarchy

@harriettmb @bobjmsn ol' Fat Hands is bagman for a tyranny in the Middle East and still Brits will be like "now is not the time to talk about the Monarchy"


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#Mining company hunts for precious #minerals under #Aberdeenshire #farms

By John Sleigh
9th September 2022

"A North East mining company is searching for cobalt, nickel and copper under Aberdeenshire farmland.

“Starting this weekend, Aberdeen Minerals will be flying a helicopter in the area between Maud in the north down to Belhelvie in the south and from the coast to Insch in the west. Using a machine which produces an electronic pulse, the helicopter will produce data to map the geology of the area with the daily flights taking a month to complete the 3700km survey. The aircraft will travel in strips at 200metre intervals at a height of 100m off the ground, moving at the relatively slow speed of 50mph in a bid to discover the precious minerals.

“The project is being led by a group of #investors who set up a company in 2018 after working in mineral exploration across the globe. They picked Aberdeenshire as previous surveys have suggested that there are deposits of #cobalt, #nickel and #copper. The minerals are in high demand for making #LithiumBatteries which are increasingly important as the economy phases out #FossilFuels. The nickel price is currently sitting at around $21,000 per ton which has nearly doubled since March 2020.

“The focus on the search is around the #Arthath area which is 6km north of Ellon. Currently the company has agreements with around 20 farms for access and exploration. Most of the farms own their mineral rights – however in some cases the original owning estates have retained the rights [through #ManorialRights ], which has resulted in a three-party split on the agreement.

“CEO of Aberdeen Minerals, Fraser Gardiner, said: 'We are looking at where the demand will be in five to ten years and all the indications are that cobalt, nickel and copper will be needed and we don’t produce any in the UK. There was a lot of work done in the area in the 1970s and again in 2006 which all indicates there is deposits under the ground in Aberdeenshire. At the time when the original research was conducted the price environment was different and the technology was not as advanced so little was done to bring it to extraction.

“'But the mineral potential is there, it is even recognised by the local authority planning authority,' noted Mr Gardiner. 'The historic data and the research we have done since has been sufficient encouragement for our investors to progress with an aerial survey.'

“The particular type of rock which the company is searching for is gabbro – coarse-grained igneous rock, similar to granite. The rock type is common across the North East of Scotland but rare in the rest of the country and can hold copper, cobalt and nickel.

“Mr Gardiner explained: 'The rock often holds small but rich enough deposits of the precious minerals to make extraction financially viable. We are at a very early stage, as we don’t know where the deposits are and if they even exist.'

“Typically in other areas with similar geology, these types of deposits are 300 to 400 meters below the surface and in concentrations which suit underground mining. Some of the initial public reaction has been mixed to the prospect of mining, with many locals nervous about the enterprise. However, Mr Gardner is keen to stress that they are staying away entirely from an open cast mining system.

“If the helicopter survey indicates that cobalt, nickel and copper are in the ground then further agreements will be needed with some land owners for investigations to take place.

“Mr Fraser explained: 'If the helicopter survey shows further investigation is worthy then it would be between three and five years of work to get to a position where we needed to decide if a mine is to be developed. To put this into context, prospects like here have a one in 100 chance of coming to fruition. There are so many technical, economic and environmental factors at play. But having said that, all the indications so far make it worthy of further investigation.

“Currently all three minerals which are being searched for are imported to the #UK. However the UK Government publish a #Mineral Strategy which is encouraging more domestic production. At the moment the nearest copper mines to the UK are in #Spain, #Poland and #Scandinavia. Nickel and cobalt are also mined in Scandinavia. But globally the biggest producers of coppers are in #SouthAmerica, #cobalt from the #Congo and Nickel from #Russia and #Indonesia."

#AbolishTheMonarchy #ExtractiveMining #Scotland #environment

1 week ago

North #Wales market town at centre of royal claim over '#ManorialRights' to its minerals

Residents of #Pwllheli receive letters saying Crown Estate wants to register ownership of the minerals beneath their homes

Dean Kirby
Thursday 04 February 2016

“It is over 600 years since Pwllheli in North Wales was given its charter by Edward, the Black Prince.

“But now the ancient market town is at the centre of a #Royal claim over the 'manorial rights' to the ground on which its foundations are built. Around 1,300 homeowners in Pwllheli and nearby Morfa Nefyn have been sent letters saying the Crown Estate wants to register ownership of mines and minerals beneath their houses.

“The estate, which manages sovereign land, says it has owned rights over the minerals for many centuries and is now having to register its ownership after protection over these rights was withdrawn under new land registration laws.

“But the letters sent out by the Land Registry notifying residents of the claim have sparked 'worry and alarm' according to the town’s MP, who says the Crown Estate’s bid mirrors the 'grasping, unprincipled landlordism' that has bedevilled Wales in the past.

“The row comes two years after residents in Anglesey and the Arfon area of Gwynedd pledged to challenge similar notices sent out on behalf of the Crown Estate claiming ownership over ancient rights to minerals and mining.

“Liz Saville Roberts, Plaid Cymru MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd, which includes Pwllheli, said: 'This has alarmed my constituents and has been the cause of great worry for local people

“'Staking claim to mining and mineral rights reeks of the 19th century, not the 21st century. There is no place for this kind of approach today.'

“Mike Parry, a town councillor in Pwllheli, said: 'These letters are worrying for people, especially the elderly, who are concerned about what will happen to their homes.'

“The Crown Estate is an independent commercial business, with a history dating back to 1066. It has been tasked by Parliament since 1760 with managing the sovereign’s land.

“Over the last 10 years it has returned a £2.3bn profit to the Treasury. Its portfolio includes Regent Street and much of St James’s in London – and the entire UK seabed.

“Homeowners in Pwllheli have been told they can challenge the claim, but must provide evidence that they are entitled to whatever minerals might lie beneath their homes.

“The minerals, if they exist at all, might include deposits of sand, rock or even quartz. But they would not include coal, oil, gas, silver or gold, which are covered by other legislation.

“A spokeswoman for the Crown Estate said: 'Along with many other landowners, the Crown Estate is in the process of registering historical mineral rights with the Land Registry.

“'These claims are not new and we would like to reassure local residents that the registration process is in no way an indication of our intent to begin mining, which in any event would require planning permission and the surface owner’s consent.'"

#AbolishTheMonarchy #ExtractiveMining #UK #MedievalLaws #LearnToBeASerf

1 week ago

#Guardian research reveals for centuries Monarchy has benefited from bona vacantia, the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall collecting the assets of those dying intestate or without heirs. This must end, UK people MUST be the beneficiaries. #AbolishTheMonarchy @RepublicStaff

1 week ago

King’s estate to transfer £100m into ethical funds after bona vacantia revelations

Organised crime. #AbolishTheMonarchy

Steve Woods
1 week ago

'Cat Smith, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood, said: “Like so many other local people I was surprised to learn the anomaly that means those dying without a will or heir in the county palatine see their assets passed to the king rather than the state. It’s an unjust and archaic hangover from the medieval times and I’ll be seeking advice on how to bring my constituents’ rights out of the feudal era.”'

#NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy

Steve Woods
1 week ago

Yesterday's bloggage: Bizarre feudal remnants. #NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy

Substandard Nerd
1 week ago

I thought I knew royal greed – but King Charles profiting from the assets of the dead is a disgusting new low
"For decades, parliament has been far too lenient about the royal family’s finances. This avaricious practice needs to end"

Well said Norman!

#AbolishTheMonarchy #NotMyKing

Substandard Nerd
2 weeks ago

Revealed: King Charles secretly profiting from the assets of dead citizens

Let it be known that if any of my assets, which admittedly amount to little more than several thousand CD and some gig memorabilia, end up in the hands of that bunch of over-privileged inbred parasites I'll come back and haunt the bastards. And I'm not thinking of some Casper the Friendly Ghost benevolent shit.


Proof that the British are a bunch of corrupt thieves, this is our top man accepting a suitcase full of cash from a Saudi royal.
It being Britain though, what looks dodgy as hell isn't dodgy as anybody can have pride in this culture is beyond me. 🤦‍♂️

Britain is a fucking joke.
This misshapen inbred freak, stealing money from the dead, and we're supposed to look up to that piece of shit like he's better than the rest of us.
This society is one of pompous, deluded clowns. 🤦

#AbolishTheMonarchy #UKPOL

Steve Woods
3 weeks ago

"[Iwan] also believes that, if Wales gains independence, the people should have the power to ditch the Royal Family in favour of becoming a republic with an elected president as head of state." #AbolishTheMonarchy #Annibyniaeth

Steve Woods
3 weeks ago

' When the people we have elected were allowed to stand at the back of the chamber, the King read out “his” speech which contained a line that was pure comedy gold.

“My government will continue to take action to ease the cost of living for families,” said the head of a family worth £21.3billion, wearing a gem-encrusted crown worth £5billion.' #AbolishTheMonarchy

Steve Woods
4 weeks ago

"The cost of the royal family’s security is secret. Estimates range from between several million pounds to as much as £100m, according to the Institute for Government thinktank."

An elected president would be cheaper and have democratic legitimacy. #AbolishTheMonarchy

Steve Woods
4 weeks ago

@drgs100 @IndyRichard Quite so.

No e;lection = no legitimacy. #AbolishTheMonarchy.

Peter Gray 🚲🏞🎷
4 weeks ago

Here we see the violence inherent in the system (again)

#abolishthemonarchy #notmyking

Steve Woods
4 weeks ago

"Many voters will also look at the elaborate, feathered flummery – an invented tradition from the imperial Victorian age – and wonder what it has to do with them." #AbolishTheMonarchy

Steve Woods
4 weeks ago

Yesterday's medieval pantomime made a good case for a non-executive president and a #republic/ #AbolishTheMonarchy

Craig Aaen Stockdale
1 month ago

If #PrinceWilliam was serious about doing anything about #climatechange, he would take far fewer flights by private jet, use helicopters less often, turn off the heating in some of his houses (or better yet, let other people live there), pay his taxes, and stop giving out vanity prizes that are a drop in the ocean in terms of money and simply amount to good PR for an embattled and deeply unpopular #royal family. But that’s just me, I guess. #AbolishTheMonarchy

Remember, if you feel the #KingsSpeech and the Monarchy in general is a tired anachronism that has run its course Westminster would like to brand you a terrorist 🤪

#UKPOL #AbolishTheMonarchy

That ecofacist who says there's too many Africans in Africa is trying to be relevant again.


Earthshot Prize: Prince William says 
 climate crisis too visible to be 
Substandard Nerd
1 month ago

Tribunal to hear Guardian appeal over security costs for royal family

I've got a way of reducing security costs of the royal family but it would probably be considered undermining British values.

Good on the Guardian for fighting for this. We have a right to know what we are spending on these parasites.


1 month ago

King Charles, Britain already admitted to torture in Kenya, no need for you to choke on an apology | Caroline Elkins


Sausage Fingers has closed Balmoral to the public due to safety concerns and not because nobody was interested due to #stormbabet or the fact that we should #AbolishTheMonarchy

Kenny Kravitz
2 months ago

I don't think anything could sum up this part of Sheffield better than this combination of whimsical knitted vignette and unambiguous anti-establishment sentiment.


Photograph of a red Royal Mail postbox, topped with a knitted scene of a mouse in a speedboat towing another mouse in a rubber ring. The words "Abolish the Monarchy" have been written on the side of the postbox.

France would be doing us "a solid" if they fell back on old habits with the Monarchy.....


King Charles Ill, Queen Camilla arrive in France 
 for three-day state visit
3 months ago

King Charles only worked seven weeks in the last year

Anyone work out the hourly rate? #abolishthemonarchy

@RickGaehl So sick of that creepy family and the even creepier entourage that depends on them

Seriously? Is this vomit inducing sycophantic arse licking now an annual event?

Sadiq Khan: A year on, the memory of our late, brilliant Queen still inspires me deeply

What a desperately shallow life you must lead, Mr Khan if you take inspiration from a parasitical accident of birth with no discernible talent, aside from amassing obscene wealth and ensuring she was above the law and could kill employees with impunity…

#NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy #RepublicNow

it's kat! 🍉
3 months ago

i don't see why the schools should have all the fun.
#notMyKing #abolishTheMonarchy
#independenceIsNormal #scotland

article from the herald (scotland) shows a photo of an accomplished thief called charles holding a stolen sceptre & wearing a crown of stolen jewels & fur. the headline reads, 'the hidden benefits of hanging king charles in your school'.

It's starting to feel a helluva lot like 1789. ✊
#AbolishTheMonarchy #NotMyKing #Independence #UKPolitics #CostOfLivingCrisis #TaxTheRich
King Charles to receive huge pay rise from UK taxpayers

Good turn out for Charlie's parade today on the Royal Mile 😂😂😂
One placard reads: "Only the tourists are cheering"
#ScottishIndependence #NotMyKing #Annibyniaeth #UnitedIreland #AbolishTheMonarchy #UKPolitics

Picture of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  Barriers have been erected along the length of the street for today's Coronation.  The street is almost empty.  In the distance you can see a crowd of republican protestors, carrying placards saying "not my king"
Another image fromthe Royal Mile, with a smattering of people on the pavement, looking disinterested.
A picture of a gathering of republican protesters at the Coronation in Edinburgh, waving flags and holding placards saying Abolish The Monarchy and Not My King

@w7voa nah, he meant it, he just hates The Crown and thinks we should be a Republic. 😉 #AbolishTheMonarchy

Hey UK Residents 🇬🇧! Please sign this petition for a public referendum on the monarchy:

We should have a choice as to whether to keep the royals in their current position, or to do away with the outdated view that depending on the family you are born to, means you have a right to rule over others, even if only in name.

#AbolishTheMonarchy #GreenAndPleasant #NotMyKing

7 months ago

The Prime Minister of a Caribbean nation has told the BBC his country is "not totally free" as long as King Charles III remains head of state.

Dr Terrance Drew said that a public consultation on whether St Kitts and Nevis should become a republic would begin during his leadership.

He also said he would welcome an apology from the monarchy for its historic links to the slave trade.

#BLM #republic #coronation2023 #AbolishTheMonarchy #notmyking

Extract from an email sent by Graham Smith of Republic:
"Our arrests have been covered around the world and by all UK media outlets. It has been noted by a lot of observers that Charles has remained silent and has not made any effort to defend our values and liberties.

***Republic has also seen a huge influx of members, supporters and donations."*** 👊👊🥳
#FreeSpeech #RightToProtest #Coronation #NotMyKing #MetPolice #AbolishTheMonarchy #FuckTheTories #UKPolitics

“These arrests are a direct attack on our democracy and the fundamental rights of every person in the country.”

You can join us to campaign for real change:


Litter lout gammon love their country so much they trash it — wherever they go.


7 months ago

Three night safety volunteers, who help vulnerable women on the streets of Westminster and have official high vis with local council and Met police logos, were apparently arrested at 2am for doing their job and then held for up to 14 hours, including 3 hours in handcuffs for at least one of them.

'But journalist Mic Wright, who reported the arrests on Twitter, said those arrested were members of Westminster City Council’s nighttime safety volunteers group Night Stars. The volunteers, who wear vibrant pink high-vis vests, support at-risk women and help vulnerable members of the public to ensure they get home safely. Soho is one of the areas they operate in, according to the Westminster City Council website. They often provide people in need with water, directions, slippers or someone to talk to and work in partnership with the Met, whose logo appears on their uniforms. Westminster City Council did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Mr Wright said one member of the trio arrested left the police station in tears after the incident. "They were arrested for being in possession of… rape alarms. They hand them out to women," Mr Wright tweeted.
News of the arrests has been met with widespread outrage and concern. Jamie Klingler, co-founder of Reclaim These Streets, said: "Even for the @metpoliceuk this is a preposterous excuse. They were volunteers in high vis".'

#NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy #feminism

Grateful Dread
7 months ago
Sign hanging on a bridge over a stretch of road in Wales:


Grateful Dread
7 months ago
London coronation protesters with signs:




The view from America: The taxpayer bill for King Charles' coronation is royally offensive.

There's no reason why the British taxpayers in the middle of a cost of living crisis should be paying a pence for the ceremony:

#NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy #RepublicNow!

This is not China. This is not Russia. This is London in 2023.
Current state of British democracy, RIP. #AbolishTheMonarchy #NotMyKing

Police confiscate hundreds of NOT MY KING placards.

Guardian #Coronation blog:
"PA media is carrying this report of another protester being stopped and searched by the police. Ben Larsen, 25, wearing a Just Stop Oil T-shirt, said he was there to see the coronation and peacefully protest. Grinning at police officers, he told them: “You’ve searched me and haven’t found shit.”
A police officer told him: “You need to educate yourself on what peaceful protest is.”"
Wearing a tshirt isn't peaceful, then?
#FascistBritain #AbolishTheMonarchy #NotMyKing

Who would have thought that a farcical feudal ceremony backed by a fascistic flag-shagging government would lead to the oppression of free speech?
When you lament the totalitarianism of China or Russia, recall the demise of civil liberties in the UK today. #AbolishTheMonarchy

Arrest of a British Republican photo
Abolish the Monarchy Poster
Iona Fyfe
7 months ago

Get this archaic keech in the proverbial bin. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Fen C
7 months ago

Just in case anyone's unclear as to my position on this anachronistic bullsh:t pageantry.


#uk #ukpolitics #constitution #monarchy

Charles III (image of him).


@cstross I got an SMS text (which I rarely do) telling me that I can "celebrate the King's Coronation" with free data from my network provider.
Am I supposed to be grateful now or something? If I use my phone while I go shopping tomorrow will I be a 'subject' then?
Ridiculous anachronisms! 😡

7 months ago

@openrightsgroup the road from legitimate suspicion to rampant paranoia (like we are seeing now) is shorter than you think. #AbolishTheMonarchy

7 months ago

Remember, according to a real life test case, in English and European law your human rights don't include attending monarchist parades dressed as a zombie, no matter what bizarre fancy dress the monarchists are wearing.

And now the Home Office is directly intimidating potential protestors by sending them threats about new legislation: "the government are using a statutory instrument to bring draconian measures that the House of Lords threw out of the bill back from the dead, once again evading scrutiny and accountability. It’s worrying to see the police handed so many new powers to restrict protest, especially before a major national event. When the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act came into force, the police repeatedly misused them".

#AbolishTheMonarchy #NotMyKing #TheGuardian #UK #protest