J.M. Hill
8 hours ago

Hi all! I'm doing some research for my criminal justice degree and I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this survey!

It's about 30-ish questions, mostly multiple choice and some open form questions. Shouldn't take very long at all and would be a great help if you participate! ❤

#criminaljustice #research #laws #politics #crime #gov #government #survey #tech #technology #privacy #lawandorder #democracy #academic #university

Alex Afouxenidis
16 hours ago

academic projects and research on online toxicity, hate speech, disinformation, and so on are descriptive talking about the same thing over and over and I find it strange that so many proposals are getting funding to repeat mundane evidential results

#socialmedia #politics #sociology #research #academic

"After introducing plural logic and its main applications, the book provides a systematic analysis of the relation between this logic and other theoretical frameworks such as set theory, mereology, higher-order logic, and modal logic."

Florio, Salvatore, and Øystein Linnebo, The Many and the One: A Philosophical Study of Plural Logic (Oxford, 2021; online edn, Oxford Academic, 23 Sept. 2021),, accessed 4 Dec. 2023. #OpenAccess #OA #Philosophy #Language #Maths #Math #Mathematics #Logic #NonFiction #Academic #Book #Books #Ebook #Ebooks #Bookstodon @philosophy @bookstodon (67)

"A radical theory that consistently unifies gravity and quantum mechanics while preserving Einstein’s classical concept of spacetime is announced today in two papers published simultaneously by UCL physicists." #Academic #Science #Research #STEM #Physics #QuantumPhysics @physics @science

"We consider two interacting systems when one is treated classically while the other system remains quantum. Consistent dynamics of this coupling has been shown to exist, and explored in the context of treating space-time classically. Here, we prove that any such hybrid dynamics necessarily results in decoherence of the quantum system, and a breakdown in predictability in the classical phase space."

Oppenheim, J., Sparaciari, C., Šoda, B. et al. Gravitationally induced decoherence vs space-time diffusion: testing the quantum nature of gravity. Nat Commun 14, 7910 (2023). #OpenAccess #OA #Academic #Science #Research #STEM #Physics #QuantumPhysics @physics @science

Naomi Truan
1 day ago

Genuine question: Every time I receive anonymous peer-review suggesting "major revisions", I find the revisions, in fact, really minor: Add a definition here, explain an argument more in detail over there, justify the choice for X, describe the data better. Usually much needed, but with no change in the overall argument, structure, etc.

Wondering if others feel the same way. Are we maybe afraid of being too lenient/not "academic" enough if the suggested revisions are not that big? #Academic

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 days ago

I’ve a few more #bluesky invite codes if anyone can make use of them - maybe you’ve an #academic, #vegan or #CovidIsNotOver comrade who for whatever reason is still stuck on Xitter & might be persuaded over?

(I love the ‘don, but I know some folks find it intimidating - and really, whatever gets people off Twitter is good with me at this point 🤷‍♀️)

I feel like coming up with the most appropriate query to find papers (in my case, taking into account both the number of hits and the accuracy) in #academic search engines for a literature review is making me feel like an #AI #prompt #engineer ...


I have an opening for a new client!

If you need copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, or one-on-one coaching, send me a message. I work with individuals, self-publishers, and trad publishing houses.

I have 24 years' experience in publishing, with professional training in fiction and nonfiction editing. And my rates are reasonable.

Read more about me at

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Quantum Observer
4 days ago

Four Professors Receive Moore Foundation Experimental Physics Awards #Research #academic #Moore_Foundation_Experimental_Physics Awards #Princeton_University #quantum_technology #research #quantumdaily Insider Brief Four Princeton University researchers, Nathalie de Leon, Julia Mikhailova, Barry Rand, and Jeff Thompson, have won the 2023 Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Experimental Physics Investigators Initiative awards, supporting research in quantum

Hartmut Seichter
5 days ago

Legally binding documents that are important to a substantial amount of people should never been allowed to be reconstructed from scanned-in PDFs of already printed out and revised documents. I hereby carry now the badge of forensic PDF magician. #academic #work

Matthias C. Rillig
6 days ago

New video out:

Should I apply for this job?
Do I match the things listed in the job ad closely enough?
Should I apply for everything?

I made this video to help you decide which (academic) job to apply for.

#Postdoc #Academic #faculty #professor

Jocelyn Etienne
6 days ago

@cyclotopie @cyrilpedia @academicchatter

These graphs show the increased scarcity of #PI and other (possibly) stable #academic jobs. #PostDoc jobs cover a good part of the difference.

Charts of employment role 1-13 years after PhD defense for cohorts PhDs at 8 years interval.
Prevalence of non-postdoc academic jobs for those 9 years after PhD are a good 10 points lower in 2021 than in 2013.

Color code, see other picture
Current role, top to bottom:

Non-science-related (NonSci)
science-related non-research
Industry research
Academia: Postdoc
 Academia: Other research / teaching / service role 
Academia: Principal investigator 

Plus same chart as before in another presentation
Quantum Observer
6 days ago

Limits for Quantum Computers: Perfect Clocks are Impossible, Research Finds #Research #academic #clocks #entropy #quantum_computing #research #time_measurement #Vienna_University_of_Technology #quantumdaily Insider Brief A research team from the Vienna University of Technology has demonstrated that due to finite energy or entropy generation, no clock can achieve both perfect resolution and precision simultaneously. This fundamental limitation impacts the

6 days ago

Many interesting things in there about the increasing scarcity of stable #academic jobs …and also #gender inequalities.


The time it takes to become a PI... if one ever becomes one.
Two curves, male and female.
Francis Hunger
6 days ago

Any suggestions for video conferencing hardware in #academic #teaching, i.e. for hybrid seminars and lectures? I had my eyes on owl but I wonder about alternatives.
One concern is the future existence of the producer e.g. for software security updates, where I would put more trust into long-existing companies like logitech for instance. Looking for comments from people who use it regularly. What quirks might occur?

Upcoming Event: Dr. Joel Heng Hartse, author of the new book TL;DR: A Very Brief Guide to Reading & Writing in University (UBC Press, 2023), in conversation with Dr. Özlem Sensoy [CCEJ Director]

Thursday, November 30
4:30–6:00 p.m.
EDUC 8515, Research Hub
SFU Burnaby Campus (Or online option available

To register, visit:

#education #writing #research #students #learning #academic #Burnaby

1 week ago

To academics in #machinelearning and adjacent fields:
What papers are you all reading right now?

@machinelearning @machine_learning #academic #datascience

Derek Johnston
1 week ago

It has arrived! I have a chapter in here on “The Folk of Folk Horror” alongside work from a bunch of far more interesting other people. Like @AndyPaciorekArt Now to find out what everyone else has written…
#FolkHorror #academic #academia #film

The cover of the book “Folk Horror on Film” edited by Louis Batman and K.J.Donnelly. Three figures in animal masks.
Victor Gijsbers
1 week ago

A commercial #academic publisher asked me to review a #philosophy 170-page book manuscript, offering me 300 euro of books from their own online shop as a reward. (With their prizes, that's about about three books.) I found this insulting and I said no. So am I now...

Nicolas Barreyre
1 week ago

From my little corner of the Fediverse, it seems that US #historians have deserted in droves (to go to Bluesky?) while most European scholars I was following have stayed here. Is it your experience too?

#histodons #academicmastodon #academic

"The following review of the archeological and document evidence indicates that three events occurring in the first half of the first millennium BC trigger the emergence of a specialized and integrated classical economy after 500 BC: (i) growth in demand for silver as a medium of exchange in economies in the Near East; (ii) technical breakthroughs in hull construction and sailing rig in merchant shipping of the late Bronze Age; (iii) perfection of ferrous metallurgy into the European hinterland."

Grantham, G. (2021). THE PREHISTORIC ORIGINS OF EUROPEAN ECONOMIC INTEGRATION. Social Philosophy and Policy, 38(2), 261-306. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #Economics #Philosophy #Economy #Europe #Trade #BronzeAge #IronAge #History #Agriculture #Writing #Literacy #Academia #Academic #Academics @economics @econhist @philosophy

"The Syriac language has, among all the Aramaic varieties, by far the largest number of terms for ‘comet’ or ‘meteor’. Is there a simple explanation for this fact?"

Stefanie Rudolf, “A great star falls”—cometology in Syriac language and literature, Journal of Semitic Studies, 2023;, fgad041, #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #Language #Languages #Literature #Linguistics #Academia #Academic #Academics @linguistics

Daniel Dvorkin
1 week ago

I’m trying to imagine what it would look like if #academic #publishing followed the same rules as #online #arguments.

Paper: “#Harvard did a #study …”
Reviewer 1: “I am unaware of that study. Please provide a #citation.”
Author’s response: “LOL #Google it!”

Paper: “#Mathematical #calculations show …”
Reviewer 2: “There is an error in this #proof.”
Author’s response: “Don’t fall for #BigMath’s #woke lies!”

Paper: “#Scientists now believe …”
Reviewer 3: “The current #consensus strongly disagrees with this statement.”
Author’s response: “Think for yourself! Do your own #research!”

Ah, well, back to the real world, where I actually have to support my #claims.

Friedrich Wilhelm Grafe
2 weeks ago


really a fine presentation of a #masterpiece of #philosophy

... imop suited as well for the #academic #philosopher as for the deeply interested #layman [but] with an elsewhere well trained mind ...

... for such audience it may even be rewarding to drift through this twice ... before attacking the text of book III in detail or leaving the scene ...

2 weeks ago

If your job, or hobby, requires production of documents that have to get the approval of others before the document is circulated widely, eg almost any #academic #paper

how many years working full time before you realize that you never put a word like "final" in the title, but the tile is always

<descriptive title> <last edit><author>

or some simple variant of that ?

#word #writing #academia #AcademicChatter #science #STEM #Reports

and YES this is subtooting

Quantum Observer
2 weeks ago

2023 Open Quantum Fellows: Undergrads Leading Quantum Innovations #Education #Research #academic #argonne_national_laboratory #Chicago_Quantum_Exchange #education #Open_Quantum_Initiative_(OQI)_Fellowship_Program #quantum_computing #quantum_technology #quantumdaily The Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE), through its Open Quantum Initiative (OQI) Fellowship Program, in collaboration with the Argonne National Laboratory, recently facilitated a unique opportuni

Stein Arne Brekke
2 weeks ago

@academicchatter I recently published something on my personal website for the first time, and accidentally bumped into some interesting data on the #academic reach of #socialmedia.

I shared the content on #Mastodon first (November 1), and on #Twitter the day after. On November 20 I edited the post here, leading to two new boosts.

My toot received 6 boosts and 7 stars; my tweet got 6 retweets and 38 hearts. Yet, in terms of website traffic the two dates of Mastodon activity outperform Twitter.

A barplot showing the number of visitors observed on my personal website in the period from October 29 to Noveber 22. 

Generally there is very little traffic, but there are four peaks of activity. The greatest ones are on November 1 (the date I first shared content on Mastodon, generating more than 400 visits) and November 20 (the date I edited my Mastodon post landing me two boosts, generating a bit less than 300 visits). 

The third most active date is on November 2, with a little less than 200 visits. This is the date I shared the same content on Twitter. 

The fourth peak of the graph is at around 130 on November 11. I am not sure what drove traffic on this date.
2 weeks ago

Episode 8: The Audience Commodity

With the relaunch, we started by framing the events on #socialmedia of June 2023 through the lens of the #audiencecommodity a key piece of #academic work on #communications critical of existing approaches. 45 years later, I think it still holds up, and helps explain much of the business model of the modern #advertising web.

The #university is busy urging us to identify people who will say nice things about us for the QS #Academic and Reputation Surveys. We could do that, or we could stop voluntarily participating in a bullshit ranking system that exists only to preserve privilege & pad the pockets of some parasitic consultants. It’s a tough one.

2 weeks ago

Dear #academic or #researchers

I am working on a #SystematicReview & #metaanalysis project on #airpollution and #sport performance.

For the moment, we are 6 with a background in sport sciences (🇫🇷 🇨🇦 ).

If you have a training in environmental sciences and an experience in knowledge synthesis, contact me.

I am looking for collaborators.

I don't have $$ for this project.

Start in 2024 January

2 weeks ago

#Academic tip: find a collaborator who makes mascarpone cream for you, if you accept going over and commenting a section of their proposal.
(in my case, I also married her, but other deals are possible; no regrets on my side)

2 weeks ago

A true #academic joke ! :flan_hacker:

A motivation letter for work for free "position" ? :blobcatno:

My time is for better projects as @PCI_HMS or #diamondopenaccess

#academicchatter #academia

The only thing more annoying than applying the formatting requirements for The Lancet are unapplying them when the paper is sent somewhere else.

Who uses a center dot for decimals?? (1•5 instead of 1.5 😤)

#academic #editing #MedMastodon

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
2 weeks ago

#University of Nebraska at Kearney plans to cut 24.5 faculty, nine #academic degrees: “Nobody wants to be here, but if we don’t make these decisions, they will be made for us.” #highereducation

Dr Christopher Berry
2 weeks ago

It's the about time of year to be thinking about grad school applications. Doing a PhD is a big decision: might it be a good fit for you?

I discuss some of the reasons to commit to graduate study in my blog

#PhDLife #Academic

2 weeks ago

During this #WorkInPublishing Week, we want to bring attention to the #innovations and resources available on our platform, which is supported by #publishers from all over the world and professionals with distinguished #academic backgrounds.

Learn more about ScienceOpen's Work in Publishing! ⤵

Scott Matter
2 weeks ago

Humble suggestions: academics should try to write as if they want people to read and understand their work (and not as if they’re desperate for people to believe they’re really really smart)

#academic #philosophy

Oli Mould
2 weeks ago

One of the by-products of the overwork, casualisation and rampant enforced precarity of #academic life is that we're all too burned out to do peer review for grants and papers.

The rigour - and therefore global influence - of academic work in the UK *relies* on the volunteer labour of academics. By attack our work-life balance, the entire quality of our scientific realm is undermined.

#AcademicChatter #academia

#academic journals are like, hey prepare your paper in 20 files….this is best for everyone!

Joseph Lim :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

#LetterOfTheWeek +1
🇸🇬My PSLE results will be out soon, but I know they don’t define me
"Many scholarships .. look beyond #academic achievements. They look at the students’ social interactions, how eloquently they express their opinions & ideas, how deep their #understanding of a subject is, .. & their #criticalthinking. Marks r not a ticket to success. #Attitude, diligence, resilience & understanding r equally important. So to students everywhere, marks do not define you"

Dr. Brian Callahan
2 weeks ago

I think this is really cool. One of the fun things I get to do every semester is be the coach and sponsor of our #cybersecurity CTF teams here at #RPI. One of the major CTFs we compete in is the National Cyber League, which gets about 10,000 participants each semester.

This semester, we ranked FIRST in the nation out of the 521 colleges and universities that participated. Many of the best places to study cybersecurity in the world participate in the NCL, and it is my students who stand alone at the top.

This is obviously the students' success and not my own. Still feels good.

#professor #professorlife #academic #academiclife #academia #1

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
3 weeks ago

Next week, I will be giving an invited presentation during the X-IFU consortium meeting.

No, I haven't changed my #research topic out of #exoplanets to study the extreme #universe. I was invited by @didier_barret to present one of the last result, from @labos1point5 and led by Tamara Ben-Ari, on the impact of air travels on the #academic #CarbonFootprint.
(not a public presentation)

Screenshot of the consortium meeting agenda and my presentation on the impact of air travels on the academic carbon footprint.
Labo Astro Marseille
3 weeks ago

Our seminar #today is done by @LucieLeboulleux about #IDEA = #Inclusion, #Diversity, #Equity, #Access.

She is providing clear actions on how to improve the situation. Our amphitheatre is almost full, mainly with early career researchers.

#academic #research #science

Lucie Leboulleux presenting clear actions to improve IDEA
⏣ Prof. Oliver Jones
3 weeks ago

There are not 1 but 2 #academic posts in #environmentalscience going at RMIT University.

Come join an excellent team, do great research and help shape the next generation of scientists. What more could you ask for?


Applications close on Wed 29th Nov at 11.59pm

#science #jobs #ozchem #academia

stormwater discharging from a pipe underneath a footpath in a creek in Melbourne.
Tom Van Cutsem
3 weeks ago

Attention post-docs! My research group (DistriNet at KU Leuven) is hiring an Assistant Professor 🎓 in Distributed Systems on our main science & engineering campus in Leuven, Belgium 🇧🇪

We're looking for a colleague in the early stages of their academic career, preferably with some years of post-doc experience and with demonstrated expertise in distributed systems.

Submit before March 14, 2024. Link to full job ad: #academic #job #distributed #software #systems

3 weeks ago

Very interesting analysis of how #publisher consolidation (mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, conglomerates) changed #fiction for the worse.

How far does this analysis carry over to #academic #publishing?

#Monopoly #ScholComm

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
3 weeks ago

Tonight, my #mood is quite good. After an afternoon spent in different meetings to discuss the future of #astronomy in #France, I am happy that the #climate issues are becoming quite central to the discussions.

This prospective, which will decide the astronomical #roadmap until the end of the decade, is seriously considering #sustainability in #academic #research.

5 years ago, it was not even discussed.

#hope @academicchatter

Japanned Steve McCarty
3 weeks ago

Deleted my #X #Twitter account because of its evil owner, so call me ex-X as I cross it out of my nice life here in #Japan! Thanks to @dangillmor for the nudge. I'm a stickler anyway about living by #academic #ethics:

I'm in the #Humanities Commons instance, and we have free profiles like that include a link to the old blue bird of Twitter, and members are increasingly leaving, so our admins at @hello might want to reconsider having that item in the next version of profiles.

What can I do with all this new free time besides taking contemplative hikes in Kyoto? I'm still looking for a wide range of informants and academic colleagues, as I should have big news on #international #collaboration in 2024. I'm looking for #friends in fields such as #online #education, #bilingualism, #language #teaching with #technology, #journalism, #interculturalcommunication, and #Asia.

A little positive reinforcement goes a long way!


1 month ago

Let me say, this is a hot list of keyword-tags for the "CITE ME" button/badges (available at-cost for your next scholarly function):

Amusing myself perfecting sort of non-commercial target marketing. I removed the swear-y version of the pin that was probably off-putting for some

Now with this web of keywords it'll be interesting to see if these become useful to anybody 🎓

#Academic #AcademicHumor #CiteBlackWomen #NonAccordionContent

Round white button badge, who is black text: "CITE ME", with a footnote, BIPOC, pride flag & women.
Screenshot of keyword tags for the buttons including: academic gift, graduate school, adjunct professor, black scholar, LGBTQ history, black author, women's history, stirs degree, academic humor, indigenous, history, researcher, archivist, librarian banned, accordion footnote.

I have just completed my dissertation here, from my hotel room in Portland, at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting.

That is all.
#amwriting #academia #academicchatter #academic

Ruth Mottram
1 month ago

Absolutely this 👇
I now publish everything #OA + put links to publications on my personal blog, but you're always welcome to contact me if you can't find something.
A reminder for non-academics: If you ever can't find access to an #academic's paper or article, you should feel free and encouraged to reach out to them to ask for a pre-print version.

99.9% of the time, they will not think of it as an imposition; they will, in fact, be EXTREMELY gratified by your interest.

Is there an updated list of #academic journals that have moved to the #fediverse?

#AcademicChatter #Academia #ScientificLiterature @Hashtags

Shih Ching Fu
1 month ago

I really like the advice of Prof. Katherine Lee in "#Career paths for #academic #biostatisticians" ( Prof. Lee describes not just types of career but also how to progress in them. It's easy to forget (or be unaware of) the diversity of work that (bio)statisticians are involved in and this gives a nice overview. I also like mention of careers outside of #academia 😎 Question: What's the mobility between these various streams? #VicBiostat #ACTA #STInG

Dr. Brian Callahan
1 month ago

Today was Honors Convocation at dear old #RPI. It's one of my favorite days of the academic year; we get to celebrate the best of the best of what are already the best students anywhere in the world. I always make it a point to be part of the faculty procession, so that I can be there to see all my students get honored.

And I get to brag even more about my students; we (ITWS) are a small program and we had 4 students receive RPI's top student honor today, which goes to less than 1% of all students. I already know ITWS students are the best of the best, but seeing us punch so far above our weight all day every day and seeing it pay off at events like this make it all worth it. So proud of my students.

#professor #professorlife #academic #academiclife #academia

1 month ago

If anybody needs some follow recs hmu

#academic #followfriday

1 month ago

Attention nerdy #academic mastodon!

Is #LaTeX still the go-to thing for academic #writing? If not, what’s the new cool option in town? If it is, any recommendations for apps/workflow on #MacOS?

… I’m heading towards a MSc thesis and the thought of using Word is bringing me out in hives. And it’s been -cough- years since my PhD, so I remember nothing.

#Postdoc in their 30s are less happy than their non-academic peers in their 20s. Short-term contracts and constant relocating make it almost impossible, among the others, to settle down, and start a family.

As an #academic who lived in 3 countries, has now 2 very young daughters, and if she gets tenure will be well in her 40s, I can't stop wondering what is the reason behind this, because, honestly, I can't see any

#academicChatter #Momademia

I've been writing the word "orthologous" a lot recently for a manuscript, and I've had a lot of fun writing and saying ("or-THAW-low-gus").

Anyone else have any odd words from their disciplines that you've enjoyed writing and/or saying they feel like sharing?

(These are my writing procrastination posts. Yes, they are usually this mundane.)

#academia #academicchatter #academic

Ashley Reynolds
1 month ago

Maybe I should back up a little bit and ask:

Does your #academic or #professional society have investments in fossil fuel companies? If so, how much?

@academicchatter #boostswelcome

Chris Hall
1 month ago

"Perhaps these ‘serious’ youtubers could be thought of as public intellectuals, much in the way tenured university researchers have been in the past."

What do you think? Who is your favourite fact-based ‘serious’ youtuber?

#youtuber #YouTube #academic #University #Researcher #FactCheck #Education

Tatjana Scheffler
1 month ago

Question about #citations in #academic work: Where does one put the author in citations, in which *THE WORK* is included in the sentence, as in (a) vs (b) below?

(a) "... which you can find in Chomsky (1981)"
(b) "... which you can find in (Chomsky, 1981)"

#amWriting #academicChatter @linguistics

Erik Reinbergs
2 months ago

This is ignorant. Imagine thinking professor salaries are why college has gotten so expensive 🤦🏻‍♂️ #academia #university #academic

Derek Brauders
2 months ago

@KathyReid quote: "argument that social media is a platform for visibility not academic impact".

A very interesting article on #socialmedia written for the #academic sphere, but I think very relevant for other areas as well.

Definitely worth reading. Even bookmarking!

2 months ago

Complex feelings. Students are fundraising to attend SSHA conference in DC & did a 5K this a.m. I wore a sandwich board asking for donations to our Venmo account. Proud of the students & ashamed of the state of US higher ed that we actually ask for money on the street to pay for an opportunity like this. The students are all first gen & all but one is from an underrepresented group.

venmo: @UIC-Soc-Students

#firstgen #highered #ssha #academiclife #academic @sociology

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 months ago

"proponents of suspending the #Constitution include the likes of Claremont’s Michael Anton, the leading #academic proponent of Trumpism, who in a 2020 book floated a similar theory about a “form of one-man rule: halfway … between monarchy and tyranny.”"

#Trump #GOP #Republicans #MAGA #RedCaesar #Authoritarianism #Dictatorship #Politics #USPol #USA #News #NoPaywall

👨🏽‍🎓New PhD Opportunity👩🏿‍🎓!

My new Epidemiology & Virus Evolution (EVE) group at @swisstph 🇨🇭 is looking for a PhD student in the evolution and phylogenetics of respiratory viruses 🦠🌳.

Interested? See here for more details & to apply!

Please share! 😁

#academia #academic #academicjobs #researchjobs #phdpositions #phd

Francis Hunger
2 months ago

🔥 Maya Indira Ganesh: "Cultural critique and Artificial Intelligence" interviewed by Francis Hunger

Maya Ganesh discusses how artistic works have influenced the critique of artificial intelligence in recent years. The interview further investigates the differences between #academic textual production and #art exhibition curating, and how they reflect differently on our world and the development of #AI technologies.

Anouncement for video interview showing Maya Ganesh
Scott Matter
2 months ago

Seems a bit scammy.

“What our biggest, most rigorous and authoritative rankings show is that you have to run very fast even just to stand still in an increasingly dynamic, competitive global higher education sector.”

#university #academic

Ben Meghreblian
2 months ago


As part of my PhD, I'm collecting data to help build a better picture of how the results of a research study influence publication in the literature.

The survey take 5-10mins - please participate and share with your networks:

Thanks :)

#AcademicPublishing #ScholarlyPublishing #PeerReview #OpenScience #Research #PhDchat #AcademicChatter #academic

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
2 months ago

"Saying NO !" decision tree for #academic

I just found this awesome flow chart providing an accurate decision tree on when and how to say #NO at work.

I'm gonna print it and stick it on my office door !

#AcademicLife #academicchatter #academicmastodon @academicchatter #Research

credits: @gbosslet

Decision tree on when and how to say NO at work.
Nino Kadic
2 months ago

At the Zagreb Applied Ethics Conference, we had a plenary talk by Francesca Minerva about the Journal of Controversial Ideas:

"The Journal of Controversial Ideas offers a forum for careful, rigorous, unpolemical discussion of issues that are widely considered controversial, in the sense that certain views about them might be regarded by many people as morally, socially, or ideologically objectionable or offensive."

What do you think of that idea? 🤔

#philosophy #academic #academicchatter

Pat Thomson
2 months ago

This week I’ve blogged about why academics write. Six different purposes, all of which count and some of which are counted. #academic #academicwriting #AcWri #research #academiclife #university

2 months ago

That ruling was narrower than a district court’s finding that also barred #government ofcls from working w/ #academic groups, including the #Stanford #Internet Observatory. But the #DOJ argues the injunction still contradicts certain First Amendment principles, including that the president is entitled to use his bully pulpit to persuade American companies “to act in ways that the President believes would advance the #PublicInterest.”

2 months ago

LThat ruling was narrower than a district court’s finding that also barred #government ofcls from working w/ #academic groups, including the #Stanford #Internet Observatory. But the #DOJ argues the injunction still contradicts certain First Amendment principles, including that the president is entitled to use his bully pulpit to persuade American companies “to act in ways that the President believes would advance the #PublicInterest.”


2 months ago

I had the honor of supervising the smartest Masters student at the TU Delft and she mentioned me in her thesis!! 😭❤️

She just did her defense, and it went so well!! I'm so so proud. 🥹 Determining her grade with her uni supervisors rn. #thesis #proud #academic

Brett Stalbaum
2 months ago

A great great teaching gig for MFAs, M.Arch and praxis PhDs working in CAD, computer controlled additive and subtractive fabrication/machining. UCSD is a top 10 public university; the visual arts department is looking for a computer artist to lead our track in machining and makerspace-ish. Tenure track parallel. Please boost!

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