Tony Pennino
5 hours ago

Another controversial #academic opinion of mine:
I don’t go to where the students “live”. Attending #college is about expanding horizons, exploring the unknown, breaking out of the comfort zone, sometimes stumbling, sometimes falling, but also picking one’s self back up and moving into a wider world. In other words, they should be coming to where I “live”.
#academia #academicmastodon #academicchatter

Alex Afouxenidis
13 hours ago

interesting take on academic publishing

Scientists are increasingly overwhelmed by the volume of articles being published. Total articles indexed in Scopus and Web of Science have grown exponentially in recent years; in 2022 the article total was 47% higher than in 2016, which has outpaced the limited growth, if any, in the number of practising scientists.

#academia #publishing #academicchatter #academicmastodon

Tony Pennino
1 day ago

I would like to introduce my latest invention: the retroactive F.
#academia #academic #academicchatter #academicmastodon

My doktorvater, Rudolf J. Siebert, visited my “Post-Holocaust Philosophy” class at The University of Olivet to discuss his life growing up in the Third Reich, his time as a teenager in the German military, as well as his experiences with Jews and Anti-Semitism. #philosophy #sociology #psychology #thirdreich #nazism #fascism #wwii #germany #academia #academicmastodon #judaism #antisemitism #antisemitismus

3 days ago

Natürlich werden auch in afrikanischen Bibliotheken #OER erstellt. Die AfLIA (African Library and Information Associations and Institutions) hat dazu eine Handreichung und einen witzigen Comic veröffentlicht.

#OERde #academia #AcademicMastodon #AcademiaEdu #hochschuldidaktik #FediLZ #FediCampus #OpenEducation

Screenshot aus dem Comic "Learning about Open Licensing"
Tony Pennino
3 days ago

Starting to bring out everything in summer storage. Soon there will be tweed.
#professor #professorlife #academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon @academicchatter

Chris Bohn
3 days ago

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hiring a tenure-track assistant/associate professor strictly within the School of Computing ( and two teaching-track assistant professors of practice in the new Heartland Robotics Cluster (

#AcademicMastodon #InternetOfThings #Robotics #DataScience #ComputerScience #ComputerEngineering #SoftwareEngineering #ArtificialIntelligence #CyberSecurity #QuantumComputing #MechanicalEngineering #ElectricalEngineering #AgriculturalEngineering #LNK @lnk

Rainbow Murray 🌈
3 days ago

Verbose #academics, please note! Keep the title of your articles short! Otherwise everyone who ever cites you will resent how much of their word allowance gets eaten up by the references list (they may even avoid citing you if your overlong title would force them to cut loads of words elsewhere...) #AcademicMastodon #academia

Constraint Programming 2023
4 days ago

We have finalised CP 2023's proceedings! If you haven't read all the papers yet, this is the perfect time to get reading!

#CP2023conf #ConstraintProgramming #AcademicMastodon #AcademicChatter #Proceedings #Conference #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

Gif of Stephen Colbert (white man in a suit) frantically leafing through a stack of papers.
Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
4 days ago

"Saying NO !" decision tree for #academic

I just found this awesome flow chart providing an accurate decision tree on when and how to say #NO at work.

I'm gonna print it and stick it on my office door !

#AcademicLife #academicchatter #academicmastodon @academicchatter #Research

credits: @gbosslet

Decision tree on when and how to say NO at work.
4 days ago

Bereits im März hat @otacke ein neues #H5P Feature veröffentlicht: Die Game-Map kann als Lernpfad  dienen und ist mit anderen H5P-Elementen kombinierbar.

#OERde #OER #academia #AcademicMastodon #AcademiaEdu #hochschuldidaktik #FediLZ #FediCampus #OpenEducation

Screenshot einer Beispielkarte in H5P
Drea and Team
4 days ago

We'd especially like to hear from those in the #EvolutionaryBiology and #genetics communities about the less obvious implications.

#FediScience #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon
#SciChat #JoinIn

Cassandra Good
4 days ago

#Teaching question: a student turned in a 1-page paper with one line that stands out as being far more sophisticated in style and vocabulary than the rest of the writing. I tried googling the line as well as running it thru Turnitin, and I can't find the source.

What's the next step? Is it reasonable to ask the student if they can explain the meaning of that line to me and, if not, ask where it is from?


Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
4 days ago

Souvent je me dis que si je n'essayais pas de faire un peu de #science dans mon #travail, je ne serais pas obligé de bosser jusqu'à minuit tous les soir...

C'est dingue, par ce qu'à la base, j'ai été formé et je suis payé pour faire de la science !

#VisMaVieDeScientifique #academicmastodon

WZB Berlin
4 days ago

💼 Come work with us! 💼
Wir suchen eine:n studentische:n Mitarbeiter:in (m/w/d) für den Stab der WZB-Präsidentin Juttta Allmendinger.
🚨 Bewerbungsschluss: 1. Oktober 2023
#jobs #academicmastodon #academicjobs

Schriftzug "We are hiring!" über einem leeren Stuhl.
Jon Ippolito
4 days ago

I love this quote from @Linkletter on Turnitin's struggle to stay relevant:

"They're marketing it as a precision product, but they're using dodgy language about how it shouldn't be used to make decisions...They're working at an accelerated pace not because there is any desperation to get the product out but because they're terrified their existing product is becoming obsolete."

#AcademicMastodon #EduTooters #HigherEd #Writing #AIethics #AIinEducation #LLM #Plagiarism

Alx 🐈
4 days ago

Good morning #Academia, I'm just leaving this amazing resource that was shared yesterday on the birdsite for all that want to expand their knowledge, references, and approaches with non-Western or not Western-led perspectives.


#AnticolonialStudies #Research #Anticolonialism #IndigenousKnowledge
#AcademicMastodon #FediScholar

Thomas Ekman Jorgensen
5 days ago

#research is abandoning the idea of green growth.

This might not be overly surprising, but it is important for #sciencepolicy and the way that #universities have tried to promote the message of #tech based solutions for greening and the #SDGs

We might have to invent more radical stories

#science #academicmastodon

Via @TheConversationUK

Pinky and the Brain | Scicomm
5 days ago

Jede mediale Kommunikationssituation folgt bestimmten Normen und Logiken, die das Einnehmen bestimmter Rollen erforderlich machen. Dabei verfolgen alle Beteiligten kommunikative Ziele, die sie in der Regel nicht aufgeben.

👇 Weitere Auszüge der MagDa Maximen in den Screenshots

#Wissenschaft #Forschung #SciComm #Wisskomm #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon

Screenshot vom Text "Gehen Sie offen und transparent mit den Grenzen Ihrer
epistemischen Autorität um: Werden z. B. Bewertungen von
Ihnen gefordert, können Sie diese zurückweisen, indem Sie
auf Ihre Rolle verweisen, um dadurch zu verdeutlichen, über
welche Themen Sie zu sprechen bereit sind (z. B. „Ich bin hier
als Virologin und kann daher keine politischen Maßnahmen
bewerten“). Auch die Beantwortung von Fragen, die über
Ihr Fach oder Ihre Schwerpunkte und damit Ihre Kompetenz
hinausführen, können Sie ablehnen (z. B. „Das ist eine Frage
an die Epidemiologie – ich bin aber Virologin“; siehe auch 4).
Das schmälert nicht Ihre Expertise, sondern unterstreicht sie
und verdeutlicht Ihre Integrität."
Screenshot vom Text "Seien Sie vorbereitet auf forcierte Rollenvermischungen:
Im Gespräch werden je nach Format Bewertungen von Ihnen
gefordert. Dabei geht es nicht nur um
Einschätzungen und Bewertungen, sondern vor allem darum,
Ihnen ein
persönliches Statement zu entlocken – damit gerät
Ihre Rolle als Wissenschaftler:in in den Hintergrund, statt-
dessen werden Sie als Privatperson angesprochen. Solche
von Ihrer Fachexpertise abrückenden Fragen können Sie
metakommunikativ aufgreifen und/oder das Gespräch hin
zu wissenschaftlichen Inhalten zurückführen (z. B. „Als Viro-
loge weiß ich, dass X, deswegen Y“). Haben Sie keine Scheu
vor Grenzziehungen oder der expliziten Darlegung Ihres
Rollenverständnisses. Weisen Sie darauf hin, wenn Sie sich in
Ihrer Rolle als Wissenschaftler:in missverstanden fühlen, und
steuern Sie das Gespräch, so gut es geht, in Ihrem Sinne."
Screenshot vom Text "Sprachliche Praktiken wie ERKLÄREN, ERLÄUTERN, KONTEX-
TUALISIERUNG UND EINORDNEN sind wissenschaftstypisch
und unterstreichen Ihre Expertise ebenso wie das Verwen-
den von Fachtermini. Letztere sollten allerdings im direkten
Anschluss allgemeinverständlich ‚übersetzt‘ werden. Wenn
Sie Sachverhalte BEWERTEN, die außerhalb der Wissenschaft
oder Ihrer unmittelbaren Expertise liegen, macht Sie dies
angreifbar und lenkt den Fokus weg von Ihrer Rolle als
Wissenschaftler:in (auch wenn dies gerade im Gespräch von
Ihren Gesprächspartner:innen forciert wird, siehe 3)."
Screenshot vom Text "Gehen Sie offen mit Nichtwissen um, aber verweisen
Sie auch auf gewonnenes Wissen: Das Hinweisen auf
Wissenslücken und Noch-nicht-Wissen ist ein Zeichen
von Expertise und Integrität. Allerdings sollten Sie im
Zuge dessen auf bereits gewonnenes Wissen hinweisen,
um den Wert wissenschaftlicher Forschung nicht in den
Hintergrund geraten zu lassen (z. B. „Zu X gibt es bisher
noch keine Ergebnisse, aber wir wissen, dass Y und des-
wegen Z“). Gerade in Krisenzeiten kann der Hinweis auf
bereits vorhandenes Wissen Sicherheit vermitteln, vor
allem wenn es eingeordnet ist in einen andauernden/
fortlaufenden Forschungsprozess."
Pinky and the Brain | Scicomm
5 days ago

Wenn Forschende 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬 mit ihren Forschungsergebnissen in #Medien 🎥 auftreten, nehmen sie dort eine Rolle ein, mit der sie häufig noch nicht vertraut sind.

Der Leitfaden „MagDa Maximen“ soll ihnen dabei helfen, sich darauf einzustellen. Er zeigt politische und mediale Logiken auf und gibt Tipps zur Definition der eigenen Rolle.


👇 Auszüge in den Screenshots

#Wissenschaft #Forschung #SciComm #Wisskomm #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon

Screenshot von dem Text "Gesellschaftliche Implikationen: Jedes Format ist räumlich
(Seitenanzahl) oder zeitlich (Sendezeit) begrenzt. Es geht
Medienschaffenden daher nicht darum, wissenschaftliche
Forschung und deren Prozesse en détail darzulegen, sondern
darum, die Ergebnisse und besonders deren gesellschaftliche
Implikationen zu verbreiten und auch zu kommentieren. Das
gilt umso mehr bei gesellschaftspolitisch relevanten Themen."
Screenshot von dem Text "Zeitpunkt der Kommunikation: Jede Äußerung findet zu
einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt innerhalb eines Diskurses statt:
Dieser kann gerade beginnen, sich in einer heißen Hochphase
oder bereits in der abklingenden Konsens- bzw. zunehmen-
den Desinteresse-Phase befi nden. Dabei kann es sein, dass
sich verschiedene Diskurse überlagern und der gesellschaft-
liche, politische, wirtschaftliche etc. Diskurs in einer anderen
Phase ist als der wissenschaftliche. Überlegen Sie daher
schon vorab, wie Sie sich und Ihre Aussagen in die bestehen-
de Diskursphase einordnen wollen bzw. können."
Screenshot von dem Text "Bedenken Sie die formatspezifische Gewichtung von Infor-
mation und Unterhaltsamkeit (z. B. bei Zeitungsinterview,
Polit-Talkshow, Social-Media-Beitrag). Generell gilt: Unter-
haltsamkeit ist immer ein wichtiger Maßstab. Überlegen
Sie sich also im Vorfeld, welche Formate Sie bedienen
möchten und welchen Regeln dieses Format folgt. Audio-
visuelle Formate (z. B. Interview in einer Nachrichtensen-
dung, Polit-Talkshow), in denen die Kameraführung eine
wichtige Rolle spielt, entziehen sich stärker der eigenen
Kontrollierbarkeit als z. B. verschriftlichte Interviews, bei
denen Sie oft die Möglichkeit einer abschließenden Freigabe
haben. Ein Live-Interview im Radio kann nicht mehr wie
eine Aufzeichnung nachträglich geschnitten werden und ist
deutlich kürzer als ein Podcast."
Screenshot von dem Text "Seien Sie vorbereitet auf sogenannte forcierende Aktivitä-
ten: Je nach Format gehört es zur Rolle der Moderator:innen
bzw. Interviewer:innen, provokante oder überspitzte Fragen
zu stellen und Sie ‚nicht vom Haken‘ zu lassen, um Sie auf
ein eindeutiges, unter Umständen bewertendes Statement
festzulegen. Es ist ihr kommunikatives Ziel, Sie zu pointier-
ten Aussagen und klaren Bewertungen zu bewegen.
Gleiches gilt teilweise auch für anwesende Politiker:innen:
Diese sind meist medial erfahren und mit der Medienlogik
vertraut; ihr legitimes Ziel ist es, die Plattformen (z. B. Polit-
Talkshows) im Interesse ihrer Partei oder ihrer Klientel zu
nutzen. Deshalb sind auch sie daran interessiert, eindeutige,
bewertende Statements von Wissenschaftler:innen zu be-
kommen, um sich bei späteren Entscheidungen gegebenen-
falls auf sie berufen zu können."
Dr. Kevin P. Taylor
5 days ago

Is there a reliable tool where one can copy and paste a list of formatted references and it will return whether each exists or not?

#academicchatter #academicmastodon #academia

Zachary Neal
5 days ago

The fields of #NetworkScience and #SocialNetworks are diversifying. But, in this new paper I find that "Men think they know more about networks."

Controlling for experience, association/journal board membership, and field, men have higher self-rated #network expertise than women.

#Gender #Diversity #AcademicMastodon #NetworkAnalysis

#OpenAccess #OpenData

Roopika Risam
5 days ago

.@jenguiliano and I are pleased to share the September 2023 issue of #ReviewsInDH! #DigitalHumanities #AcademicMastodon

Monica Heilman 지혜
5 days ago

@academicchatter @sociology

Things I didn't realize about the #AcademicaJobMarket:

4) There's a stage where you keep having nightmares about your job talk. 😳

I'm told these will decrease once I've actually finished writing the talk. But feel free to chime in if you disagree (I'm skeptical).

#PhdChat #GradSchool #JobMarket #AcademicMastodon #PhDLife #Academia #JobTalk #AcademicChatter

6 days ago

Praktisches Lernen mit Virtual Reality geht jetzt mit unserem zweiten #OER des Monats. Im Projekt DiViFaG "Digitale und Virtuell unterstützte Fallarbeit in den Gesundheitsberufen" wurden hervorragende Lehr-Lernszenarien mittels #VR und #ILIAS entwickelt.

#Pflegewissenschaft #OERde #academia #AcademicMastodon #AcademiaEdu #hochschuldidaktik #FediLZ #FediCampus #OpenEducation

twillo-Templates OER des Monats
Yasha Hartberg
6 days ago

Not sure where to begin designing a poster presentation? This blog has excellent advice!

#AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon

Yasha Hartberg
1 week ago

Struggling to decide who to include in the author list of your manuscript? CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) can help!

#AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon

1 week ago

🤫 Psst, #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon... We’re paving the way for individual Scietistsᵀᴹ to convey why a preprint is interesting or important. We believe that individual curation plays a key part in raising visibility and fostering a positive dialogue around the latest research. Here’s a sneak peak 👀

Frank Aylward
1 week ago

Position announcement at #VirginiaTech - Looking for a light microscopy specialist to lead the VT imaging core:

Please share!

#ScienceJobs #AcademicMastodon #microscopy #microbiology #imaging

Phil McAleer
1 week ago

New blog idea: “Broken Academia: Tales from really tired academics on how they eventually realised the problem was with the system and not them.”

#academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon

Leshem Choshen
1 week ago

Looking for a postdoc? I did too.

Lost? I'm sharing the tips i've learnt here:

Do you have any questions? tips?
Tell me and let's improve it together for everyone.

#academicmastodon #postdoc #NLP #machinelearning #nlproc

WZB Berlin
1 week ago

💼 Come work with us! 💼
We're looking for a Student Assistant (f/m/x) for the Technology, Power & Domination research group at @Weizenbaum_Institut .
🚨 Apply until September 30.
#jobs #academicmastodon #academicjobs
@Seberg @florianeyert @Rainer_Rehak @thothiel
@WZB_GlobalWork @ECDF

Line of text "We are hiring!" over an empty chair.
Jon Ippolito
1 week ago

Bard's new interface tests each chatbot claim by highlighting whether Google search was able to corroborate it. Playing its AI and search capabilities off each other is a clever business move by Google, but it's also an opportunity for students to understand that factoids fabricated by chatbots are different than citations found on the web.

#AcademicMastodon #EduTooters #HigherEd #AIethics #AIinEducation #Bard #GenerativeAI #LLM #Fabrication #Disinforrmation

Bard screenshot showing Google search corroboration.
Gregor Kalinkat
1 week ago

Sneak preview into today's ms proofing task. Article led by Brett Seymoure to be published in ~6 weeks in Phil Trans B

#staytuned #lightpollution

manuscript title "A framework for untangling the consequences of artificial light at night on species interactions"
author list "Brett Seymoure, Anthony Dell, Franz Hölker, Gregor Kalinkat"
Brett Stalbaum
1 week ago

A great great teaching gig for MFAs, M.Arch and praxis PhDs working in CAD, computer controlled additive and subtractive fabrication/machining. UCSD is a top 10 public university; the visual arts department is looking for a computer artist to lead our track in machining and makerspace-ish. Tenure track parallel. Please boost!

#fabrication #art #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #makers #makerspace #academicmastodon #academicchatter #academicjobs #artist #academic

Lydia Gil
1 week ago

‼️ Para sacar partido a las redes sociales ‼️ En el #CGutenberg23

📌 Mastodon y ciencia. 🗣️ Una servidora. 😉

📌 Redes sociales al servicio de la biodiversidad. 🗣️ Pol Romano

📌 LinkedIn. Potencia tu marca científica en la plataforma de los profesionales. 🗣️ Camila Amigo

#scicomm #SocialMedia #RedesSociales #biodiversity #linkedin #Mastodon #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon

Reviewer 2 ❎
1 week ago

For the first time I lost my university ID 😢 paying for replacement wasn't what hurts. It's waiting until my new ID numbers update in the door locking database so I can access lab spaces that sucks the most 🥺 such is life 🫠🙃

#academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
1 week ago
Monica Heilman 지혜
1 week ago

Wow I'm delighted that #WaterfallWednesday is a thing. First #Bloomscrolling, now this.

Academics, maybe we need some pithy hashtags to increase engagement too. #MondayMethods? #WritingHackWednesday? #NewResearch...Thursday?

#SocAF on Twitter did something similar.

@academicchatter @sociology #AcademicMastodon #Academia #PhDChat #Sociology #Sociodon

(I don't have any recent flower or waterfall photos, but I offer this mushroom and still water instead)

Blue mushroom coming up from dead leaves
Lake reflecting bright blue sky with green trees in background
WZB Berlin
1 week ago

💼 Come work with us! 💼
We're looking for a Predoctoral Research Fellow (f/m/x) for the AGEAI: Ageism in #AI project of our @WZB_GlobalWork research group.
🚨 Apply until September 30.
#jobs #AcademicMastodon #academicjobs
@rg @geo @San_amd @Weizenbaum_Institut

Line of text "We are hiring!" over an empty chair.
Jon Ippolito
2 weeks ago

Is it just me, or does it seem that discounting researchers who appear later in a publication's list of authors will just further disadvantage grad students and other contributors who do the heavy lifting for tenured professors?

"Scopus introduces the Author Position metric"

#AcademicMastodon #EduTooters #HigherEd #STEM

Eugenia Diegoli (ニア)
2 weeks ago

Anyone familiar with previous studies on #laughter in written online communication?Everything from emoji (😂) to textual representation of laughter sounds (haha)! All I can find examines (co-present) laughter almost exclusively as a by-product of humour. Thank you! #academicchatter #academicmastodon @linguistics @academicchatter

Niels Mede
2 weeks ago

From discussions about #science at the Christmas table to #populism, #disinformation, stealth issue advocacy, and “parachute science”: I was interviewed by the great blog “Elephant in the Lab” and discussed the small and big challenges of science communication research and practice:

Thanks a lot for this conversation, it was a pleasure! 🙏

@communicationscholars @commodon #scicomm #sciencecommunication #AcademicMastodon

The image shows a screenshot of the interview mentioned in the toot.
Monica Heilman 지혜
2 weeks ago

@academicchatter @sociology

2) The pace of the #AcademicJobMarket feels (is?) relentless.

I'm getting better at customizing application statements quickly, without being too much of a perfectionist, but it's already time to move on to the next thing: crafting the job talk.

There's no breather. Which of course means you have to create moments to breathe, disconnect, and celebrate yourself.

#Academia #AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #PhDChat

Prof Kemi FG
2 weeks ago

There is nothing on earth that is worse than an academic journal using its own idiosyncratic citation style. Holy shit.

#Academia #Blackademia #AcademicMastodon

Dr. Anna Latour
2 weeks ago

Today is my first "doctoral birthday": one year ago today I defended my dissertation and became a doctor. My parents remembered and congratulated me this morning 😭 🥰

#AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #PostdocLife #PHDLife #PHDone

Picture of me in a garden. I'm wearing a nice black dress with pink flowers, and my hair is done up. I'm holding a giant piece of paper that proclaims, in Latin, that I am a doctor now. It is signed by the appropriate people and has a big red seal.
Jon Ippolito
3 weeks ago

Can generative AI can be creative? I think so, but its very ability to generate novelty is is what makes it untrustworthy.

I gave a talk for IEEE and UMaine AI offering a framework for deciding when you should and shouldn't use it. I'll summarize it here 1/5

#AcademicMastodon #EduTooters #HigherEd #HigherEducation #AIethics #AIimages #AIinEducation #ChatGPT #DALLE #GenerativeAI #LLM #Midjourney

Screenshot from presentation on AI and creativity.
Tony Pennino
3 weeks ago

Controversial #academic opinion:
Search committees shouldn’t request letters of recommendation from candidates until the phone interview stage, at the earliest. Take the pressure off of the candidates, their mentors, and the committee members.
#academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon @academicchatter

Yasha Hartberg
3 weeks ago

Professional conferences can be miserable experiences--especially since few professors mentor their students in how to conference.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon

Dr. Anna Latour
3 weeks ago

So last week I told my colleague one of my favourite travel stories of all time.

He liked it, and encouraged me to write a blog post about, so here it is:

Now I am curious what awesome, unexpected and free thing others have experienced during their travels?

#StoryTime #Travel #Music #Cave #Caves #Australia #Tasmania #AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #Story

hey #AcademicMastodon, I'm looking for books or papers that approach #ReligiousStudies from a #Disability #DisabilityStudies lens and I'm really not sure where to start, so any #LazyWeb help would be greatly appreciated. #Academia

Drea and Team
3 weeks ago

Solve the mystery fun 2/2

This is the thin dome shaped golden skin that was encasing the brown blob before the robotic arm picked it up.

The release statement from NOAA says it was discovered tightly clinging on a low sea mount in Gulf Of Alaska.

#STEM #oceans #MarineBiology #FediScience #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon #JoinIn

a thin golden dome shaped  skin with a small tear near its bottom encases an unidentified  brown blob adhered to a rock outcropping in the ocean
Cassandra Good
3 weeks ago

All academics should be following what's happening at #WVU and advocating for shared governance, unions, & the liberal arts on their campuses

An Open Letter from Faculty at West Virginia University

#academicmastodon #academia

Tony Pennino
3 weeks ago

We get so much guidance on how to identify student burnout.
Do admins get that same amount of guidance to identify #faculty burnout?
#academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon #academic @academicchatter

3 weeks ago

We're calling on #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon & #OpenScience enthusiasts to help us know which communities we should be speaking with as we seek to understand the difficulties around preprint discovery. From societies, labs, preprint review groups & tech initiatives - we’d love to know them all! Here's why 🧵(1/3)

3 weeks ago

"arXiv is a cancer that promotes the dissemination of junk 'science' in a format that is indistinguishable from real publications."

Riled by low-quality #preprints about #ChatGPT, @emilymbender pulls no punches. Thoughts, @academicchatter?

#OpenScience #arXiv #PeerReview #AcademicMastodon #AcademicChatter #AI #SlowScience #Reproducibility

Dr Julia Molinari
4 weeks ago

The art to receiving (not just giving) & benefitting from academic peer feedback, especially when it's inter/multidisciplinary.

- terminology you think is common currency IS NOT;
- what needs spelling out across several paragraphs for reviewer X doesn't even need mentioning for reviewer Y;
- why your research matters TOTALLY differs for each reviewer.

What to do:
- find a common feedback denominator;
- consult the criteria;
- hold your nose & submit!

#AcademicMastodon #PeerReview

4 weeks ago

#academic Mastodon, I'm curious if you've had any success steering your academic associations or scholarly journals away from a presence on the app formerly known as #twitter ?

(I realize that some posters here may have more direct influence than others.)

I sent the politely worried version to my org this a.m., given this weekend's events. How has it gone for you?

Boost for spread if you can #academicmastodon

Prof Kemi FG
4 weeks ago

Academic mastodon! Especially people with specialities/focuses in environmental politics, environmental justice, and/or environmental governance - I am the book review editor of Global Environmental Politics, one of the leading journals on the global environment. I am looking for reviewers for several very exciting looking publications on (among others) ecocriticism and environmental narratives/storytelling, plastic pollution, and environmental securitization.

If you are a potential reviewer, or interested in becoming one, please contact me. I am particularly interested in promoting the voices of women and/or BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ and other marginalized voices, but of course, am not restricted to that.

#environment #AcademicMastodon #academia #Blackademia #EnvironmentalJustice #EnvironmentalGovernance #EnvironmentalPolitics

Tony Pennino
4 weeks ago

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Dr. Farhana Sultana
1 month ago

‘Academia is a meritocracy’ 🫠🚩
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"Career Achievements": a "Retention" staircase with a handrail running down the middle. On the left a white man begins climbing and there are a couple of cones and helpful signs. On the right, a woman of color begins climbing. She has a ball and chain attached to her foot and there are landmines, barb wire, caltrops, spikes, spears, bear traps, and a fire on her side of the stairs. They look at each other, the man smiling and the woman looking grim.
Dr Julia Molinari
1 month ago

I need your best general-but-educated-audience definitions of #AI please!

I know it is a a phrase subject to definitional disagreements and covering fast-evolving applications ( and also the technology of text generators known as Large Language Models (LLMs), but if you had to define it with nuance for a lay audience who only ever hears the phrase 'artificial intelligence', what rhetorical magic do you use?

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Yasha Hartberg
1 month ago

Fellow professors, if you're teaching an introductory course in graduate school, set aside some class time early in the semester for students to discuss their transition to your program. You'll find that they're struggling far more than you probably realized. You won't be able to solve all their problems, but opening space for them to voice their issues is more powerful than you can imagine.

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Japanned Steve McCarty
1 month ago

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2/2 Among the limitations are that the English is too much and too difficult for L2 learners in most academic sources, such as journals. When students use automatic translation, they have probably thought about the content in Japanese, but they can paste auto-translated English into papers without fulfilling the language-driven mandate to balance the content-driven approach. I do not believe in content-based EFL as a pretext to mask a language-driven agenda, since the students are enriched by the transferable knowledge they gain in L1 as well as in L2.

Writing reflects thinking, so I discourage writing and speaking that relies on machine translation or AI. The result might be obvious, but we cannot accuse and police students.

How can we promote authenticity in such an age?

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Japanned Steve McCarty
1 month ago

@mguhlin In Bilingualism classes in Japan, I can require students to show what they have learned from this class, which is based on reliable research, and to discuss their own experiences in summary, reflection, and response papers. In such ways I can discern how much of students' writing is their own thinking and analyzing. Findings from the discipline of bilingualism are dwarfed by the amount of common misconceptions about bilingualism, which would presumably be reflected in AI databases, from blogs and such sources in Japanese, where students find mostly stereotypical, anecdotal, or prejudiced information for papers, despite my warnings to use reliable sources. I am wondering how applicable this approach could be for other subject matter areas.

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Tony Pennino
1 month ago

I’m a spuddler. I’m a great spuddler. I’m one of the greatest spuddlers you’ll ever meet.
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Word of the day is 'spuddle' (17th century): to work ineffectively; to be extremely busy whilst achieving absolutely nothing.
Roopika Risam
1 month ago

Jennifer Guiliano and I are excited to share the August issue of #ReviewsInDH, which is our first PARTNER issue! The projects featured in this issue come from the first showcase of our partner, the Recovery Hub for American Women Writers. We’re so happy to be working with them! #DigitalHumanities #AcademicMastodon

Monica Heilman 지혜
1 month ago

I'd love to connect with more academics on #LinkedIn, if anyone else is active there or wants to give it a go.

I realized what I'm looking for most to replace Twitter is a way to keep up with others in my field (sociology, race & ethnicity, & academia generally). And well, LinkedIn IS all about work.

I've never really done any posting there but I'm trying it out.

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Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
1 month ago

I have the feeling that this #Nature paper is motivating even more #scientists to quit #X than all #Musk's decisions over one year.

So many of my colleagues are now joining other social networks... 🤣

R.I.P. #X

"Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty"

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No twitter sign, seen many times in scientific talks
Josh Wells
1 month ago

Paging folks w/exp in training #MicrosoftTeams #Microsoft #Teams

I want to build a train-the-trainer network at my campus to help alleviate rampant ignorance in Teams use (admins won't do anything).

Suggestions for resources to use? Manuals, blogs, videos, etc.?

I am not Teams fluent, but I understand deeply how hardware, file systems, and networks function so I can seem passingly competent.


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Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
1 month ago

Is this anyone else's weekend??

I am currently working on submitting my first study to an academic conference

The grind will continue until morale improves.

Credit to @TheStrugglingScientists

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Rebecca Nordquist
1 month ago

Ah, the irony.... (with apologies for the paywall)

On the other hand, they say that Mastodon is where most of us have gone. I have my doubts on the selection bias, but good to see you all nonetheless, #AcademicMastodon

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Screenshot of Nature News Feature with red arrow pointing to the "Share on Twitter" button. Title of the feature is "Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty" 
Summary "A Nature survey reveals scientists’ reasons for leaving the social-media platform now known as X, and what they are doing to build and maintain a sense of community."