Ed Howland
1 hour ago

#Reddit has reversed their decision on API pricing terms, at least with respect to apps that are used by #Accessibility users

I thought we had this sorted forty years ago.

People with disabilities just want access.

Woman with guide dog asked to leave hotel in viral video says service refusal is still too common - ABC News


Dan Gero
3 hours ago

"The First Generation Stream is no longer supported. Therefore, the SoftPak is no longer available." Very disappointed to learn that #Humanware don't consider their past customers. The least they could have done was keep the SoftPak available for purchase, or even free of charge if they had no intention of supporting past hardware monitarily anymore. There's a difference between continuing to develop old parts and simply keeping software packages around. #Accessibility #A11Y #Blind

3 hours ago

BREAKING: CUPE Local 5047 heading back to bargaining table Friday — Yvette d'Entremont
#accessibility #Halifax #NovaScotia #strike

André Medeiros :dnd:
3 hours ago

Does anyone have good tips or resources for pair programming with someone hard of hearing? @CtrlSpice and I are finding this a bit of a challenge. #accessibility

3 hours ago
Pratik Patel
3 hours ago

Disappearing downloaded voices: a Story of iOS 17 Dev beta 1.

#accessibility #WWDC23

David Harvey
4 hours ago

#Stuff: I had the same issue with heat sensitive machines in the 1990s, now it’s going the same way with touchscreens. We should be able to just use pay wave or Apple/Google pay, which is #Accessible. #Accessibility #Barrier @podcast @billbennett Tech upgrade described as a shopping nightmare resulting in a loss of independence and privacy.


U.S. Federal Communications Commission Requires Video Conferencing Accessibility & Proposes ASL Support.

#accessibility #a11y

Design Training for Safe, Walkable and Accessible Communities sponsored by WSDOT Active Transportation Division.
June 21, Olympia: 2-5pm, WSDOT HQ or online.
June 22, Moses Lake: In-person 10:30am-4:30pm includes walk audit, lunch on your own; online-only 1-3pm, key concepts of design training. Register for either date

#WSDOTActive #infrastructure #transportation #MoveEquity #accessibility #walkability #RoadSafety #SafetyOverSpeed #engineering #ActiveTransport

Pneuma Solutions
5 hours ago

Mac users: Time to celebrate! #RemoteIncidentManager 3.2.0, the first official version for Mac OS, is now officially released!
We would like to thank all of the people who helped beta test this version of RIM and make it the best cross-platform remote support package it can be!
#accessibility #InclusiveDesign

6 hours ago

And another great WWDC talk about new APIs and enhancements for accessibility with SwiftUI and UIKit by Allison Lettiere 🤩

#WWDC23 #sketchnote #sketchnoting #accessibility

Sketchnote of WWDC 2023 talk about how to build accessible apps with Swift and SwiftUI and additions and enhancements in APIs.
6 hours ago

Learn how to perform Accessibility Audits for your app with Bhavya Garg 🥳

#WWDC23 #sketchnote #sketchnoting #accessibility

Sketchnote of WWDC 2023 talk about how to perform accessibility audits for your app.
6 hours ago

MLA Brad Johns should ‘understand’ struggle, school support workers say, since he used to work alongside them
#strike #education #Halifax #NovaScotia #accessibility

6 hours ago

My #DiabloIV blind accessibility review is live! Both article and video! Check them out below and let me know your thoughts!



#Blind #Accessibility

6 hours ago

I'm working on an article on "what Lemmy and KBin can learn from Mastodon" and there's a section on #accessibility, so this is top of mind for me :) Mastodon has a history of great community contributions -- like @nolan's work on pinafore and -- but alas the main dev team hasn't prioritized it.

@rolle @tchambers @silviamaggi @m2m @stux @adxlv

Todd Libby
7 hours ago

On June 21 if you are going to be in the KC area and are attending
KCDC and are curious/want to learn more about #accessibility,
@homer and I are holding an all-day workshop on "Accessibility Auditing: Getting Started with Accessibility"

All you need to do is grab a ticket here: then make sure you use the code 👉🏻 FriendOfToddLibby 👈🏻 to get a 10% discount! We're going to guide you through getting started, auditing, and we're going to have fun! So grab a ticket today!

Pratik Patel
7 hours ago

Found the strangest little thing in iOS 17. Discovered that in Mail using Eloq, flicking down on an unread mail in the actions rotor VO announced "mark as apostrophe left bracket unread right bracket." Well that was this morning. It would do so with a slower speed.

When I just went to report the bug and record it to share, the bug had disappeared. Earlier, I'd noticed that the speed would slow down when reading that item with the Siri voice.


#accessibility #WWDC23

I'm in a web #accessibility training session, and the trainer actually spells out WCAG *every time*. OMG, I couldn't even contemplate that. After introducing it? "Wook-agh". (Or "wuh-kag" or however you want to spell that.)

*Six whole syllables, EVERY TIME?* Goddess, no.

Diana Thompson :wordpress:
9 hours ago

Hemingway is our new favorite tool for writing accessible text. It gives a readability grade level to text and actionable steps to make your text more readable. #Accessibility #a11y #Writing #Blogging #ContentCreation

Sample text highlighted where readability can be improved with matching issues outlined in the right sidebar.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
9 hours ago

Annoyed that in #Apple #macOS #Ventura, the Full Keyboard Access #Accessibility feature does not allow me to select #Safari extension toolbar buttons if they're placed to the left of the Address, Search, and Tabs section of the toolbar. I've just sent feedback from their support page:


Freedom Scientific
10 hours ago

Attending the ACB 2023 National Convention? Want tips on overcoming accessibility challenges and navigating the web more efficiently?

Don’t miss this virtual 3-part series:

6/22 - 11:30 am - Web Accessibility, Defining the Problem

6/23 - 11:30 am - Identifying Web Accessibility Standards, Principles and Guidelines

6/24 - 11:30 am - Overcoming common pitfalls and Tools to assist in Finding Gaps in Web Accessibility

Visit the ACB page for more details:


10 hours ago

As someone with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, who has had 5 surgeries in the last 3 years, including c1,c2 fusion, and finds sitting at a desk and monitor uncomfortable and exhausting, I immediately saw the #VisionPro as an #accessibility device.

I just thought how much more comfortable I could be if I could lay down or curl up on the couch to work. And if I could minimize wrist pain by replacing the mouse with smaller gestures.

dotScot Registry
11 hours ago

Lots of good work being done on #accessibility over at Proud that #dotScot is the sponsor. Check it out folks - current showcase is #TheLondonEye #VisitLondon

Tech news from Canada
11 hours ago
Team Dime
12 hours ago

TAMS Sees Accessibility Campaign Leading To Best Practices, Standards

#corporatetravel #accessibility #travelmanagement

📢 Hey Mastodon friends! Here's a quick reminder about the importance of adding image captions to your posts.

🖼️🔍By providing captions, you're making your content more accessible to those with visual impairments, ensuring they can fully enjoy and engage in the conversation.

🌐 It's a small effort that makes a huge difference for our fellow users, promoting inclusivity and enhancing the Mastodon experience for all. So, let's keep the community welcoming and accessible - don't forget to caption your images! 🤗🎉

#ImageCaptions #Accessibility #Inclusivity

13 hours ago

Sticky content, although beneficial for maintaining visibility of important information, can pose usability challenges for keyboard users. When sticky content overlaps with focused controls, the controls become hidden, hindering user interaction.

This blog post, written by the wonderful Joe Lamyman, offers a concise CSS solution to address this issue, ensuring that controls behind sticky content remain visible and usable when they receive focus.

#A11y #Accessibility

13 hours ago

In order to provide #reddit with as much information as possible, as they say they will exempt #accessibility focused apps from the API pricing changes, it would be helpful if any #blind #screenreader or screen #magnification user who uses third party Reddit apps could post what apps they use in the following Reddit thread, so we can compile a list: #a11y

Sally Strange
13 hours ago

@cjammet I have shitty internet right now. If you used #DescriptiveText, I'd know why nyc is rn

#AltText #Accessibility

14 hours ago

@stux hey, maybe do something with those domains?
maybe set up lemmy/kbin on one off them, preferably lemmy for #Accessibility

Daryl Baxter
14 hours ago

Also, I've seen a few mentions of how #Accessibility is not being covered by a lot of outlets, then mention certain #Apple #podcasts that mainly have, all in a negative way.

I'd strongly suggest to open your eyes to who else is covering the category.

Daryl Baxter
15 hours ago

Great to see these #accessibility features for #VisionPro be showcased at #WWDC yesterday.

I went through what was shown off, and how this is a good start for what's coming to spatial computing.

Pratik Patel
15 hours ago

Anybody have a good resource that describes in detail how to build a Corsi Rosenthal Box? Note that I'm #blind. I'm aware of sites that show photos and/or videos demonstrating the process. Unfortunately, that won't work for me. I need a site with descriptions that are detailed and good enough that I can follow the process independently.

#corsiRosenthal #corsiRosenthalBox #accessibility

David Harvey
16 hours ago

@podcast I’d like to be able to add alternative sources, such as Niwar or MetService. I’ve tried the MetService app, but having some #Accessibility issues with it. Whether God has an extra subscription, even though I have premium, yet all that information is limited to US. You mention Carretweather on occasions? How do you find it?

Day 228. Abstracting your interface in a way that can offer multiple input and output mechanisms is key when developing software with an accessibility mindset. #Apple has brought this to the next level in #visionOS.

Check out the session from #WWDC23:


#accessibility #a11y #iOSDev

Drawing of the new Apple Vision Pro device. There are arrows coming out of it pointing to different interaction mechanisms, including: eye tracking, gestures, VoiceOver (and its direct gesture mode), Dwell Control, Pointer Control (that works with eyes, hand, wrist and index finger), and Switch Control. Drew Haas, engineer on the accessibility team at Apple says in the WWDC session: Allow multiple avenues for physical interaction. Plan and design for your app to support different inputs. This is the best way to ensure you don’t accidentally exclude people.
Stephanie Ortoleva
16 hours ago

AI Act: European Parliament must ensure #accessibility of #ArtificialIntelligence systems
The European Disability Forum calls on Members of the European Parliament committees of Civil Liberties and Internal Market to ensure they mandate #accessibility requirements for #AI systems and products so they are #accessible for people with #disabilities.
#a11y #DigitalAccessibility #AccessibilityMatters #DisabilityPolicy

graphic of AI and text stating "Artificial intelligence Act must include mandatory accessibility requirements"
Devin Prater :blind:
16 hours ago

Boosts welcome: Someone I've known for quite some time, and who has used Linux for like, pretty much their whole lives, wrote a thread this morning on their experiences with using Linux as a blind person, particularly the GUI. I'd like anyone in FOSS and Linux to read it, and consider where you stand on this. Are you comfortable with using tech that excludes the most marginalized and volnerable of us? Are you comfortable with being in a community that sidelines us and calls our heartfelt feedback "very frank", and allows for sentiments like [this]( There comes a point where saying "Linux is for everyone," rings hollow. When you say Linux is "your OS", and I can barely use it, how do you think that makes me feel? When a community leader comes at someone from a marginalized community, and now we have another person, who has used Linux for even longer than I have. They have great CLI skills, but now they rely on Windows for web browsing, saying a lot of what I've said--with more technical details--what does that say about the collectivist model of free software? What does that show for any kind of collective community? And thankfully someone else in the Mastodon thread I'll link to below shed some light on how Microsoft blackmailed AFB into getting rid of its free software/hardware initiatives, threatening to pull funding if AFB didn't do what Microsoft demanded. I remember this from Twitter, but never wanted to say anything because I didn't want to get the facts wrong. You may then say "Well then Microsoft needs to pay for what they did." And you're right. But then, that means that we need a corporation to do what hundreds of developers will not. So basically we'd be saying that the collectivist model and non-corporate stance that FOSS has had, can't even help the most marginalized of us.

Mastodon Thread:

#accessibility #Linux #foss #blind

Joe Lanman
17 hours ago

A great thread to learn about alt text and describing images for people who can't see them:

Silvia Maggi
17 hours ago

Design, Digested 44 is out! On this issue:

– Ticketmaster: the UX of a true monopoly
– Has design become too dogmatic?
– Should the confirmation button come first or last?
– Design patterns for mental health
– Sabbath mode and assistive technology features
– Language, please

#UX #Design #MentalHealth #Accessibility #Language

Double Tap
17 hours ago

@aira Explorer app gets new Screen Share feature #accessibility

Devin Prater :blind:
17 hours ago

Y'all Linux users hear that? That's the sound of us blind people politely knocking on the door, as we've done now for the last 15 years.

#accessibility #Linux #foss

Martin Dougiamas
18 hours ago


I hear you. My way of reducing that friction and roll with it is just to realise that really no-one cares about fancy design and formatting on my pages and keeping things simple just increases #accessibility in a lot of ways. So I don't try to push #Gutenberg too hard and it's generally reliable and efficient for me

Also as #AI rises and scoops everything up, and checking improves our trust levels, it's starting to feel like the percentage of time we're actually going to eyeball source web pages is going to keep diminishing ...

21 hours ago
Diana Thompson :wordpress:
22 hours ago

Considering the accessibility of Vision Pro pricing, I would expect to see a standard, non-Pro, Vision in the future.

I would love to see a licensable operating system in this space to level out pricing. It won't be Apple, but I think whoever does that OS will do well.

#Accessibility #a11y #WWDC #WWDC2023 #Apple #XR #MR #VR #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #Vision #VisionPro #AppleVisionPro

Jamie Teh
23 hours ago

I think I might need to Greasemonkey yet another web app: Whatsapp Web. They've done silly stuff like give the message list role="application". They have at least added keyboard support, but they don't correctly set a role or label on the message items, plus you have to shift+tab three times from the message text box to get to the message list, which is ridiculously inefficient. This stuff is all trivial to fix. Does no one there test this stuff and think "hmm, if I were a daily user, this would really frustrate me"? #accessibility

Chris Wu :toucan:
1 day ago

I *highly* recommend an Accessibility Design lab as part of your WWDC.

Ben and Shawn were nice enough to give me some compliments on my existing accessibility support for @PleaseDontRain as well as give me suggestions for improvements.

For example, using the Item Chooser on my Thank You page is really clunky because of the generic image descriptions I used for people.

#WWDC #WWDC23 #a11y #accessibility

A screenshot of the item chooser.  The phrases "A picture of these two people." and "A picture of this person." repeat over and over again.
Adrian Roselli
1 day ago

In honor of #WWDC23 I updated this bug demonstrating Safari 16.5 on iOS and macOS breaks tables to unusable when CSS display properties are applied:

I have been tracking Apple’s ongoing failure to fix this #a11y bug for 5 years:


1 day ago

@ppatel Have you tried typing in the air in that case?#accessibility #RealityOS

Michael Hanscom
1 day ago

If you've been following the #Apple news about the just-announced #VisionPro, this is a _fascinating_ video. It's definitely geared for developers, but it's still worth watching even for non-developers just for the look at how they're thinking about visual, motor, cognitive, and audio #a11y #accessibility for an #AR device. #WWDC #WWDC23 #WWDC2023

Pratik Patel
1 day ago

I'm liking the changes made to the Sharesheet in iOS 17 this year. I wonder if the sharesheet uses ML to determine the best apps you share with and the context. So far I like it.

#Accessibility #WWDC #WWDC23

David Harvey
1 day ago

Apple should bring back a #Rollback for apps, as I just updated YouTube, and push notifications is broken. #Accessibility

Pratik Patel
1 day ago


Reddit: We're going to use our awesome powers to make sure that no app uses our API unless we get paid.

Devs of apps that make #accessibility happen: Okay then. Go ahead and make your own app and site accessible. We won't do it for you.

Reddit: Nooooooooooo! Not like that! We don't want to be responsible for something like that.

Reddit will exempt accessibility-focused apps from its unpopular API pricing changes