Cappyjax :catjam:
9 minutes ago

@menz if you haven't yet, check out lemmy it's a federated (based on ActivityPub like mastodon) reddit alternative. Also check out kbin

#lemmy #kbin #ActivityPub #fediverse

BT (Binary Tango)
1 hour ago


Meta adopting and integrating with #ActivityPub is purely for Meta's long term survival not only in being relevant, but also keeping governments off their backs, lawsuits, and offering another product to monetize.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle federating with AP servers based/run in the EU and storing data from other servers so not to be fined again [1]?


BT (Binary Tango)
2 hours ago



I kind of hope so. Might be that those who have the know-how and ability take the reigns setting up places for people to virtually meet up around a hobby, sport, or any topic.

Then with tech like #ActivityPub will allow those communities to interact with others.

Bringing back the idea of an Information Superhighway where people exchange info rather than algorithms.

I don't think I will do a PhD, but if I were, the #fediverse would definitely be an area that I would like to study. I have a few #papers about #activityPub that I'd like to read (eventually). I would like to understand design decisions and possibilities for optimization.


2 hours ago

Rewrote the database connection management in #Smithereen. Used to be one connection per thread, now it's a global connection pool that grows and shrinks in response to load. What's more, it feels like pages load faster now! Didn't expect that.

#activitypub #mastodev

Not sure if this move to #Calckey from #Mastodon is permanent or not, but I can't give it a proper go without using it all the time.

I love the fact that
#ActivityPub allows migrating accounts & followers, with import/export of lists etc possible too.


Joe Ortiz
3 hours ago

So Meta is apparently joining the Fediverse via Threads.

You and I may not like what they're doing over the past decade plus but if you all think about it for a bit, it may be a total benefit to #ActivityPub as a whole even if it's likely going to be the dominant platform.

3 hours ago

One thing cool about the progress of the #ActivityPub plugin for #Discourse is for haxians, that will mean that not only can one of the main communities ( interact with the broader Fediverse, but it could after some improvements to the plugin, hook up with any other Discourse-based forums, like


It's also really cool that we will be able to interact with people on this app right away

Meta supporting #ActivityPub is also probably a bad news for #Bluesky / #ATProto: once a protocol will reach critical mass and become a de facto standard, I’m assuming it will be harder for an alternative one to really emerge (think VHS/Betamax situation)

Apparently, the upcoming #Twitter clone by #Meta will be called Threads

It will be compatible with #ActivityPub, and thus #Mastodon

Maybe this upcoming app will bring the culture shock Mastodon desperately needs

Social Network e Fediverso
4 hours ago

Ecco come si presenta l'imminente concorrente di Mastodon e Twitter creato da Instagram!

La nuova app indipendente sarà basata su Instagram e si integrerà con ActivityPub..

Meta si unirà molto presto al fediverso, non si tratta più di uno scenario teorico.

Uno dei principali dirigenti di Meta ha mostrato ai dipendenti un'anteprima del prossimo concorrente di Mastodon e Twitter durante una riunione a livello aziendale

#meta #twitter #mastodon #activitypub #instagram

5 hours ago

"Meta chief product officer Chris Cox showed off a set UI mock-ups to the assembled employees, which were promptly leaked online."

"The new platform, which Cox referred to as “our response to Twitter,” will be a standalone program, based on Instagram and integrating #ActivityPub, the same networking protocol that powers Mastodon."

via Engadget

L. Rhodes
5 hours ago

Based on:

Be extremely skeptical of #Barcelona #ActivityPub integration until you've seen it in action. E.g. "That will theoretically allow users of the new app to take their accounts and followers with them to other apps that support ActivityPub, including Mastodon." Even apart from the fact that account migration on #Mastodon is already hard, the odds that #Meta will help users take monetizable data off-platform is effectively nil.

Fabián LU4EHF
6 hours ago

Sistema ActivityPub tiene 5 meses.
Tiene nombre inpronunciable para mi.
SHUTTLECRAFT/lanzadera me dijo yandex traductor.…

#shuttlecraft #lanzadera #ActivityPub

Tim Chambers
6 hours ago

More on Meta’s Instagram “project 92” Twitter-competitor just leaked including confirmation of #ActivityPub support:

8 hours ago

Que otras fedicosas se pueden instalar en un servidor? Ya he probado el #activityPub en wordpress y la nube federada en #NextCloud, tengo curiosidad por explorar otras cosas de la red federada

10 hours ago

#ActivityPub needs to learn how to suck less with the "paste a URL into the search box to see something on another server!" mentality.
1. Find something that looks orphaned.
2. Copy the link to the post.
3. Search or load it on the browser.
4. Suddenly discover there's 300 comments on that orphan.

#Mastodon does it, #Lemmy does it. How are you supposed to create a #reddit-like LEMMY when YOU CAN'T EASILY SEE REPLY/COMMENTS?

How is this federation when you don't actually trade substance??

Luca 🔨
16 hours ago

I tried to find an update regarding the planned #ActivityPub support by #Tumblr, but wasn't successful. Is there a release date or something?

Is there a [[fediverse matrix]] available summarizing what each #activitypub server will do with each of the common object types?

Meaning: which ones it will produce, which ones it will render fully, which ones it will render in degraded mode, and which ones it will ignore altogether?

@mariusor @jessel @Gargron

The finalized Group Federation #FEP was written by Felix from Lemmy..

Other variations and extension related to #ActivityPub Groups can be defined in additional FEP's. For instance, there's one about Unbound Group and Organization by @diogo of #GNUSocial that is still in DRAFT..

18 hours ago

Currently working on a feature for #Fedodo to support multible accounts per user. This is espacially important for a multi UI application.

#activitypub #account

19 hours ago

Hold up...HOLD UP.

Because #lemmy has #activitypub you can follow "communities" (or groups in mastodon) via your mastodon account. How cool is that!

If you've joined our reddthat community, check us our also on mastodon here:


Bye #reddit | Hello #reddthat | Full #fediverse experiences

Olivier Blond
1 day ago

Yesterday evening I've seen a toot with two links integrated in the text, how is that possible?
Does #ActivityPub integrate html or marckdown natively or is it via CSS (but I saw it from a Mastodon instance)?

@ariadne That could be integrated however, and the blocklist linked is for entire domains, so #Firewalling works...

But yeah I think these should be integrated and I'm convinced admins like @stux would prefer a smooth "setup & forget" option similar to #pfBlockerNG being integrated natively in #ActivityPub server software...

Cuz that works very well in almost all cases:

If I register and build an #activityPub based employment/resume profile app for the #fediverse what are the chances I'll get sued by M$?

Onno Bos :cybersec: :verified:
1 day ago

This is an Activity Relay for fediverse instances.

You may subscribe to this relay with the address:

To host your own relay, you may download the code at this address:

List of 2 registered instances:

#activitypub #mastodon
John Beales
1 day ago

Thoughts on following Apple Event commentary on Mastodon/Activitypub

While watching Apple's WWDC Keynote on Monday I tried to follow the conversation on Mastodon and relive the "good old days" of Apple event commentary and snark on Twitter, and while the conversation was interesting, it wasn't always interesting for the right reasons.

Federated content from other instances was sometimes delayed. For example, @ismh seemed to be about 20 minutes behind, and @timbray seemed to be about 40, whereas there was zero delay for people on, or for @manton, (so presumably all of I don't know if this happens because the instance I'm on sucks in posts from other instances at different speeds, or if the other instances make data available at different speeds, or something else.


#apple #LiveEvents #RealTime #fediverse #mastodon #ActivityPub

2 days ago

@TMakarios @big_diggity the #Libervia #XMPP <=> #ActivityPub gateway is a component (i.e. a "server plugin"), it should work with #Movim too.

Tim Makarios
2 days ago

Why isn't #XMPP represented there? Like, #Libervia now talks XMPP and #ActivityPub, but #Movim talks only XMPP, I think.

Marcel Weiß
2 days ago

Ich habe auf Linkedin ein paar Gedanken zu meiner (nicht neuen) Ratlosigkeit gegenüber der re:publica aufgeschrieben.

Beim Schreiben ist mir aufgefallen, wie sehr man das Grundproblem, das ich mit der #rp23 habe, an meinem Talk-Thema #activitypub festmachen kann.

Wenn ich so darüber nachdenke, dann ist mein Talk-Thema vielleicht doch das Thema hier: Wie kann man 10+ Jahre ganze Konferenztage damit füllen, Leute (zu Recht) darüber lamentieren zu lassen, dass die Online-Öffentlichkeit ermöglicht und begrenzt wird von großen US-Konzernen (und einem aus China), aber JETZT NICHT einen kompletten Track machen, der das aktuelle, historische Momentum der protokollbasierten Social Networks unter die Lupe nimmt und allen damit verbundenen Aspekten so viel Raum wie möglich gibt? Und den an diesem Thema interessierten Leuten nicht damit einen Ort zum Vernetzen geben?

Was für eine vertane Chance!

Attn Fedizens..

In the past several great #Fediverse conferences were organized. The last one was in 2020 and the great talks are online on #Peertube at

Now there's another call for volunteers who'd like to organize the next #Conference 💥

An initiative started by @strypey that needs your help and involvement.

Please respond to the #SocialHub forum with your ideas and participation.

Boosts appreciated 🚀

#FediverseFutures #ActivityPub #AskFedi

#Gaming in the #Fediverse?

That is what @autodidaddict is pondering as well in

Often discussed.. yet there aren't many federated #games out there yet. The #ActivityPub protocol is not the issue.. it can be extended to support exciting multiplayer #gameplay.

@houkime at one time organized #FediJam on .. maybe someone can pick that up.. See e.g.

And most exciting vision is #Spritely #Fantasary by @cwebber see:

2 days ago

Been thinking about getting into the #ActivityPub game. Got a few goals in mind. A major one is having a nice automated feed posted when I update my 8-bit build book. Another is setting up a queue of artwork to post, so when I generate 40 cool things in a session I don't have to spam folks I can just load up the queue.

Another thing I want to play with are link sharing setups. Not sure I want full little white alien site, more interested in following people than communities for this.

Björn Friedrich
2 days ago

Wie kommen wir von kommerziellen #SocialMedia-Angeboten zu einem echten #SocialWeb? @marcelweiss setzt große Hoffnungen auf das #ActivityPub und das #Fediverse und fordert: Wir alle müssen jetzt aktiv werden und diese Dienste nutzen! #rp23 #CASH

Julio J. 🀲
2 days ago

Yesterday night I added proper hashtag support and autolinking to my #ActivityPub server. I'm still thinking about the best way to handle mentions since the twitter-text-php package supports the @\username format but I need to support @\username@\server

#PHP #FediDev

Thomas Cloer 🇪🇺 🇺🇦
2 days ago

#ActivityPub, das Protokoll hinter dem #Fediverse, wird hoffentlich das „next big thing“ im sozialen Netz. Also mitmachen, appelliert @marcelweiss auf der #rp23.

Marcel Weiß von Neunetz auf der Stage 5 der #rp23
Dagger ☀️
2 days ago

2 der wichtigsten Dinge im Internet rückblickend.
Nun kommt ein drittes hinzu. #rp23 #ActivityPub

Text auf einem Vortrag:
„Email: Newsletter
RSS: Podcasts“
Text auf einem Vortrag:
„Email, RSS, ActivityPub“
Dagger ☀️
2 days ago

Jetzt @marcelweiss auf der Stage 5 der #rp23 zum #ActivityPub Protokoll und #Mastodon.

Ein Vortragender auf einer Bühne.
2 days ago

Now 400 #Fediverse instances using the #ActivityPub #Relay 🎉 ✨ 👋

3 days ago

Hi Fediverse admins / devs! I've got a question about instance software.

Up until now, I've been running a fork of glitch-soc that has served me well. Unfortunately, however, I'm starting to run up against some of Mastodon's limitations and the effort to maintain my own fork is just too much. (seriously, fuck Rails and especially Webpacker :blobfoxangry:​) I'd like to switch instance software to something with more features out-of-the-box. I'm considering Calckey, but I don't have any experience with it or any other Misskey derivative. The feature set looks great on paper but I'd like to hear from someone who has actually run it (or at least seriously evaluated the software). I'd greatly appreciate any and all input! I'm especially curious about these questions:

Can I migrate my account from a Mastodon-based instance?
How are the moderation features? I make heavy use of domain suspensions and even the occasional IP ban.
Both glitch-soc and Calckey support Markdown, but different variants. How does that work in practice? Does formatting break?
How's the security track record for Calckey / Misskey?
Has anyone contributed or forked the codebase? Is it difficult to start a local dev environment? (not planning to fork, but I like to keep my options open.)
The "Fediverse Software Comparison" table has a few mistakes in the Mastodon and glitch-soc columns. They're minor, but it makes me wonder if that table is really trustworthy?
Are there any major compatibility issues with other instances? Minor differences are fine and unavoidable, but if there's a big limitation or something then I'd like to know about it.

Any other thoughts or feedback would also be wonderful. Thanks so much!

#FediAdmin #FediAdmins #FediDev #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #SelfHosting #ActivityPub

Arp Laszlo • Comics • ADHD
3 days ago

Is there a #server / #security setting in #Mastodon that would prevent being able to login to an external #ActivityPub server for #migration ?

I'm trying to test #Calckey and figured moving my followers would be the best way (since I can move them back) but my #selfhosted #MastoServer won't accept the Calckey password (and I already set the 'moving from' account in Calckey.

Also (totally unrelated, except to my #adhd): Calckey is a horrible name, for anything except maybe a hacky villain in a b-grade film.

#MastoAdmin #ServerAdmin #Fediverse

Damon Outlaw
3 days ago

To be clear, I know there are wonderful people that have done great jobs attempting to make things clearer and centralise information and I’m super grateful for that. I just believe there should be more done #Fediverse #activitypub #mastodon

Damon Outlaw
3 days ago

I believe those that built #activitypub and that have projects and or major influence within the #Fediverse should absolutely come together to provide education, information, stability and uniformity. Especially, as there’s this incredible growth is happening. It would clear up any misinformation. People by nature like things clearly defined. I believe with #Barcelona coming soon, Mozilla’s #Mastodon instance and those migrating from #Reddit now is an opportune time.

Bonnie (she/her)
3 days ago

Anyone going to #WPCampus in July? I'll be doing a lightning talk on July 13th at 9am: "Building a large-scale, decentralized academic social network with WordPress and ActivityPub." Come join me and get a peek at what's to come on the Commons!

#WordPress #ActivityPub #Mastodon #Academia #fediverse

Symfony Station :symfony:
4 days ago

Enjoy our article: You say you want a revolution: help the free, fair, and friendly Fediverse destroy Big Social. :fediverse: :mastodon: #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Mastodon #PixelFed #Friendica #PeerTube #kbin #FunkWhale #Owncast #Plemora #Lemmy #Bookwyrm

illustration of a tree showing the fediverse platforms
Christian Frank
4 days ago

Teaching ActivityPub and ActivityStreams at University

#Cologne #FOM #DistributedSystems #ActivityPub #ActivityStreams

4 days ago
@jax I think what all #ActivityPub connected things need is a standard for intercommunication. Things that don't necessarily get passed, but can be pulled, cached, and updated. Basic things such as timestamp in UTC, service used, post/reply hierarchy, full comment threads, title vs body, and surely a few more. Each service could add their own flairy bits on top of that to give their software its unique flavor. The likes/dislikes or up/down votes replicating to everyone is something I've heard is a deliberate(?) ""feature"". Personally, I don't think those need to be any more than an acknowledgement between two people, not a public advertisement of comment popularity.
Ivan Rodriguez ♠
4 days ago

Oof, I'm tapping out. That bug is more like a camouflaged walking stick. I could not find what it is and where it is at.

I still learned about how the
#ActivityPub protocol works, and I would like to talk about how it can be improved. When looking at a Note object, I noticed that its content property uses #HTML as the note's content. Yes, many instances have protections against the inherent risks of an XSS attack, but I'm thinking of a safer way to represent rich text that is meant to be displayed across different platforms.

What if
#JSON was used instead? JSON is used by the AP protocol to represent other objects and activities, so how could JSON be used for representing UI?

Here's how some rich text could be represented in JSON:

[ { "type": "paragraph", "content": [ {"type": "text", "text": "This is a "}, {"type": "bold", "content": [{"type": "text", "text": "test"}]}, {"type": "text", "text": "."} ] } ]

Here is what the snippet above would generate:

This is a test.

What do you think? Feel free to let me know below.


raulmagdalena :estelada:
4 days ago

@spla @eldadoinquieto
No sé com ho faran, però serà una aplicació amb #activitypub i usuaris, això segur. Crec que veurem força novetats en aquest sentit enguany

5 days ago

Does anyone know if the #ActivityPub #WordPress Plugin works with Custom Post Types?

My plan is to use my posts for normal blog articles on my page, they should not be posted to the fediverse. For Mastodon I want to creat a Custom Post Type called “Toot”. Also thinking about a second CPT called “Pixels” to post images from WordPress to #pixelfed.

Not sure if this works, I guess I am gonna try this soon. Thanks for your work @pfefferle 🥳

Darnell Clayton :verified:
5 days ago

@tchambers As far as why defederated #Mastodon variants may embrace the #Fediverse, it will be because of two predictable events:

👉🏾 #Instagram’s InstaPost (P92) entering the Fediverse
👉🏾 #WordPress making #ActivityPub either a core feature or heavily promoting the ActivityPub plugin.

Both would massively expand the Fediverse & allow the sites to embrace the Fediverse as a whole again.

I heard rumours that the #Instagram team is working on something with #ActivityPub support intended for text-based updates to followers. This would mean ~1 Billion active monthly users would come out of nowhere onto the #Fediverse.

What do all of you think about this? Would you want your instance to block this, or would you do so yourself?

5 days ago

activitypub compatibility issues between mastodon and pixelfed?

it seems numbers for pixelfed accounts (even the main one operated by @dansup) are not displayed

the attached image (right side) shows no such issue with mastodon accounts even those from various instances

#fediverse #compatibility #mastodon #pixelfed #activitypub #fedisupport

on the left side, status for pixelfed instances are not shown. on the right side, status for various mastodon instances are shown. there seems to be some type of compatibility issues
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
5 days ago

🎉 Attention Fediverse users!

Looking for your own ActivityPub instance?

MajorsHouse has got you covered with low-priced options for all types of instances.

Whether you're new or experienced, I'm ready to help.

Join MajorsHouse today and take the first step towards your own Fediverse journey.

Let's make the Fediverse more vibrant and welcoming, one instance at a time! 🌟

Find out more and how to contact me at

#ActivityPub #Mastodon #Calckey #Misskey #OwnCast #PeerTube #Fediverse #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #SmallBusiness

The MajorsHouse logo on a black background.
5 days ago

Update: I really tried to make #ActivityPub as the client-server protocol work, but it looks like no server actually implements anything close to the full thing

Most of the time it's barely enough to make a specific server-to-server use case work...

Honestely it makes more sense to just implement Mastodons API and then pretend to be Mastodon instead of using the protocol that was literally invented for that

Such a shame

@stefan @box464

Nice article. Though the sad reality of the app-specificness of the #Fediverse comes to the front. #ProtocolDecay 😬

I can encourage anyone that is into #ActivityPub development to join the #SocialHub community at and also to participate in the fediverse developers #Matrix chatroom at

The latter is related to where the intention is to unify developer documentation.

#ActivityPub app developers take note..

A #Fediverse Enhancement Proposal has reached FINAL status:

FEP-f1d5: NodeInfo in Fediverse Software

" #NodeInfo is a #protocol intended to standardize upon a way to provide server-level metadata to the public. This enables tools and clients to utilize this metadata to assess server health or facilitate end-users choices about servers and software to use on the Fediverse."

Darnell Clayton :verified:
6 days ago

Ooofff! I am a little late to the game on this, but I just realized that my #WordPress blog is #ActivityPub enabled (including mentions within the post)—several months ago! 😂

I was using #WriteFreely so much I forgot that WordPress was an option.

Belated props to @jeremy for reminding me of this!


👉🏾 ActivityPub plugin:

Also thanks to @pfefferle for all of the hard work.

I guess that makes 3 Fediverse blogging platforms available now.

Jeff Sikes
6 days ago

Wow, @stefan has done an amazing job pulling together a somehow concise yet detailed reference for any developer looking to start coding in the fediverse. Bookmark!

One thing it demonstrates is that while these apps are based on ActivityPub, making them all accessible in a single front end is still complicated. Each has their own separate authentication and API, many with a bridge to the Mastodon API for compatibility.

#FediverseDevs #ActivityPub

Gracjan Nowak
6 days ago

I’m thinking of starting a blog. Does anyone know a good blogging platform with support for #RSS and #ActivityPub (so people can follow my blog from their existing #Fediverse accounts)?

I’d appreciate if it has #Markdown support, image support, public instances (I’m not sure I can afford my own server right now) and data export/import, so I can move to my own instance later.

Chris Trottier
6 days ago

Yes, there's slowdown in #Mastodon sign-ups. My conjecture for why it's happening:

#Bluesky became the hotness and sucked the oxygen out of the room
2. People are awaiting
#Barcelona to see what #Meta has to offer
3. There hasn't been a big Mastodon release in a long, long time -- which dulls curiosity about the product
4. Growth of
#ActivityPub has moved more towards *key apps (#Misskey, #Calckey, etc.)


The #Fediverse has clients that specialize in microblogs (#mastodon), vlogging (#peertube), social bookmarking (#lemmy), and photo blogging (#pixelfed).

What types of social media do you want to see in #ActivityPub?

(Please boost for reach and feel free to add your own options in the replies!)

6 days ago

Current version of Misskey is 13.12.2 - did you update yet?

Github repo here:

Beta version is 13.13.0-beta.7

And if you prefer a fork, you can try out Calckey

#calckey #misskey #fork #fediverse #activitypub #foss #opensource #microblog #nodejs

Welcome to #Discourse on the #Fediverse 🎉

The #SocialHub development community has installed the brand new #ActivityPub plugin on their forum.

To test the functionality of the plugin, two forum categories federate their first topic post to a group you can follow. They are:

#Fediversity category with @fediverse

#FEP category with @feps

See also:

FEP forum topics are where Fediverse enhancement proposal are discussed. For list of FEP's see:

1 week ago

@kevinrothrock Maybe if #Bluesky does not get enough tracktion, it will switch over to the #activitypub protocal to solve the tumbleweed issue?

Daniel Supernault
1 week ago

✨ More FediDB Graphs!

The PeerTube project page now features more graphs!


#fediDB #activityPub #fediverse #stats

Chris Trottier
1 week ago

It's not worth bemoaning that #ActivityPub is, in fact, an open protocol.

And this is because it's not worth bemoaning that
#SMTP is an open protocol. Or Hypertextual Transfer Protocol (#HTTP) is an open protocol.

Or for that matter that anyone can use these protocols as they see fit.

Do I like every use of these protocols? Not at all. We can't always have good things because shady assholes insist on exploiting the open web for their own greed.

The trade off is that we get to have an open web.

Now occasionally, I get people popping by who tell me, "Screw you! I don't care about an open web! I just want to keep my community intact!"

But the only reason your community exists is because we have open protocols.

If you don't think so, find me all those thriving communities still using AppleTalk or IPX/SPX. Wait. There aren't any.

And that's because the only entities that have bothered with a *closed, proprietary* protocol happen to be for-profit corporations that have largely discontinued them due to -- again, wait for it -- the prevalence of open protocols.

Which brings us to a further problem.

You can't use an open protocol while simultaneously pushing for it to be closed. The
#W3C already validated ActivityPub. The proverbial cat is out of the bag.

So yes, corporations will adopt ActivityPub. That's already happening.
#Meta, #Automattic, #Medium, #Flipboard -- many more to come -- are developing for it.

But openness also means
you can build upon it. You can create your own thriving communities. And some of these communities can be private if you so choose.

Just as it's possible for you to build your own newsletter or publish your own webpage, it's possible for you built your own
#Fediverse server.

You see, openness cuts both ways.

Chris Trottier
1 week ago

Hell yeah! I was wondering when #Automattic would finally take on #Substack! now allows email newsletters and paid subscriptions!

It just seemed like the right direction to go on -- especially given Substack's questionable leadership team.

What might this mean for the

It's no secret that there's lots of work going into the
#ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, which currently requires installation on self-hosted blogs.

But at some point, I imagine that this may find its way to

Now I've said previously that email will be core to future Fediverse adoption. Email is what drives adoption even to this day. Hell, it's what grew Substack itself.

Once the stars align for ActivityPub integration and email subscriptions, I believe this is where a federated WordPress can really shine.

Jupiter Rowland
1 week ago
@smallcircles (Humane Tech Now) @Fediverse Report #Forums in the #Fediverse already exist. And they are older than the Fediverse itself.

And I'm not even talking about #Discourse which, by the way, will NOT let #Mastodon users interact with forums the same way as registered forum users. No, really not. Discourse will only advertise new threads through #ActivityPub. It will NOT let users of Mastodon etc. reply to threads. It will NOT let users of Mastodon etc. start new threads.

I'm talking about projects like #Friendica (est. 2010, 6 years older than Mastodon, 8 years older than ActivityPub) and #Hubzilla (est. 2012, 4 years older than Mastodon, 6 years older than ActivityPub). They had forums implemented long before there was Mastodon and long before there was ActivityPub.

Just like Discourse, these forums can be fully moderated. But just like #Guppe, just about everyone on every Fediverse project can interact with them. And unlike both Discourse and Guppe, they can be public as well as private/members-only.

Hurray 🎉

Forums on the #Fediverse.. The first version of the #ActivityPub plugin for #Discourse is now available.

Developed by The Pavilion.. check it out at:

Erlend Sogge Heggen
1 week ago

@christianselig time for Apollo to have its @ivory moment and become an interface for @LemmyDev and @ernest’s kbin instead of Reddit?

Reddit’s value is in its content, which it doesn’t fully own since it’s user-generated. Apollo can join the #fediverse

1. Set up an ActivityPub-based link aggregator.
2. Continuously import key sub-reddits onto that instance (especially front page)
3. Apollo app interfaces with self-hosted API and other #activitypub instances.

I would so gladly pay for this.

Beko Pharm
1 week ago

Hm… I don't do #Reddit but apparently a certain site set a bad example with it's API pricing:

Not the first huge player clamping down on it's API killing off 3rd party apps and burning bridges. This seems to be the nature of silos (or so called walled gardens).

If only there would be a solution to this dilemma. Something interoperable. Ideally without an API at all.

Like #microformats and #Webmention|s or #RSS|json|atom feeds.

Ah well, #ActivityPub will do for now 🤓

Hrefna (DHC)
1 week ago

Let's go through a few scenarios for ways #meta deciding to enter #ActivityPub would not be as simple as "just block them."

Scenario 1: Meta publishes a _client_. It's polished. It's clean. It's well behaved. It interacts with instagram and also loads your posts from mastodon.

Oh and it supports these custom extensions that _do_ make your life easier compared to other clients…

Scenario 2: Meta publishes a _boxed server_. Easy to run, takes advantage of Meta's CDN network, low maintenance.

Ricardo Harvin
1 week ago

#ActivityPub / #Fediverse / #Mastodon #federation: 21st century #WebRing technology for #SocialMedia


The Nexus of Privacy
1 week ago

@Jdreben We shall see. From the #ActivityPub perspective, it could well be a good thing unless (until?) Meta does their embrace-and-extend thing.

But a lot people don't care about the protocol and came to the #Fediverse as an alternative to #SurveillanceCapitalism. From that perspective, it's Meta and the instances who federate with #Meta who could well ruin it -- just as people were here because it was "Twitter without Nazis" saw Gab and instances federating with them as ruining it.


#PeerTube is unusable until they get a "block" function. If I have to see this hateful neanderthal's ugly face in my feed I'm simply never going to open that app #ActivityPub #Fediverse