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#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 1 #25 — What keeps you striving concerning your writing goals?

/The lights are on, but you're not home
Your will is not your own (it's the MC's)
Your heart sweats, your teeth grind
Another few paragraphs and the chapter'll be done
Whoa, you'd like to think you're immune to a good turn of phrase, oh yeah
It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to writing

Chorus: /Might as well face it, you're addicted to writing.../

I'm addicted. I can't stop writing.

[I'm hoping this counts as satire or reasonable use. A riff off of /Addicted to Love/ a
song by Robert Palmer. A great song, btw.]


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Rosa Hekatena
10 hours ago

I know a lot of people will disagree, but I think the concept of a drug room is a really good idea. A safe place for users to take their substances - including illegal ones - with medical supervision, clean needles etc, and no fear of being arrested by the police.

If it will help more people to get help for their addictions, or even just reduce new cases of diseases from dirty paraphernalia etc, it will have a welcome and positive impact on those who using it.

Well done, Scotland, for taking the initiative - hopefully these drug rooms become a familiar sight - and that England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will follow suit ASAP!

🔸UK's first drug room where users can take illegal substances legally announced.🔸
#Drugs #Addiction #SubstanceAbuse #ScottishLaw #NHS #Healthcare

A close-up shot of an unidentifiable person's hand, down at their side, holding a filled syringe, with the needle uncapped.
Guy Dudeman
16 hours ago

@hotdogsladies This is making want to strongly consider paying for Ivory. Plus, over the past month, this has happened:
#mastodon #addiction #idonthaveaproblemyouhaveaproblem #whatsyourproblem #burp

Howard Smith MD, AM
1 day ago

How Do Underage Children Obtain Electronic Cigarettes? A large multinational meta-analysis shows that most children and teens under the age of 21 obtain vaping equipment, VE, from peers or siblings.#vaping #electroniccigarettes #underage #nicotine #addiction #tobacco #adolescence

Gazdag Péter Medde
2 days ago

Nem gondoltam volna, hogy ennyire nehéz az embereket kimozdítani a Facebookról. :AngeryCat:

#facebook #people #mewe #addiction

Raymond Scott Pert
2 days ago

Third person charged for infant’s death from fentanyl in New York City daycare

> Prosecutors say Renny Antonio Parra Paredes, 38, played a key role in selling the drugs that were stored at the childcare facility #fentanyl #newyorkcity #addiction #overdose #opioidcrisis #heroin #drugs #opioids #childcare #daycare

A trap door leans open over narcotics, including fentanyl, and drug paraphernalia stored in the floor of a daycare center. Photograph: HOGP/AP
Amanda Mitchell
2 days ago

@DontMindMe I hope things get better. #addiction sucks.

2 days ago

#Recommendations needed: anyone out there know/recommend any good #Journaling style #RPGs that would work in a small group, ideally something that people can drop in and out of, so something with a start anywhere kind of style.
Looking for a game for a 1 hour open support group that can explore themes like: healthy #relationships, #MentalHealth, #addiction recovery and #SystemicOppression.

#RPGTherapists, what cha got for me? :blob_sign_pls:

2 days ago

Nokia wrote a report on 'Gen Z' and their mobile phone use.

The picture says it all I guess...

#addiction #isolation #socialfabric #genz #nokia

Should Be Writing
2 days ago

Right now, the only thing keeping my physical #nicotine #addiction at bay is my psychological #THC addiction.

#cannabis #MentalHealth #cptsd

Une connaissance, terminale santé social, propose ce questionnaire (anonyme) sur le Tramadol pour son oral de fin d'année

Si vous avez quelques minutes et des choses à dire sur ce médicament, allez-y merci 👋

#tramadol #opiace #opiacé #dopage #addiction #cannabis #drogues #dépendance #st2s

3 days ago

Vapes from schoolkids and retailers - what's in them?
"Most of them did not have nicotine listed as an active ingredient – but about 98% of the devices contained it.

Of the devices, 30 contained at least one chemical known to harm health, including illegal chemicals banned by the Therapeutic Goods Administration from legal vapes which contain nicotine "

BTW, please don't discard them casually - the self-contained ones have a tiny battery, which is a fire and chemical hazard, and should be recycled as it uses non-renewable resources.

#Vapes #Addiction

Raymond Scott Pert
3 days ago

#Canada - Addiction treatment center closures contributing to homelessness in Quebec

> At a time when the number of people experiencing #homelessness is growing in #Quebec, 16 #addiction treatment centers have closed their doors in the last ten years, removing more than 800 beds for vulnerable populations in the province, according to the Coalition des organismes communautaires en dépendance.

Syringes are seen on the ground in Montreal, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christinne Muschi

@NerdRage42 When Oregon legalized gambling there was an 800# above every poker machine.
There was a treatment program in Ontario only residential gambling in the state. It was not where the calls went. It was a GAnon program run by one person in Salem. #Addiction

Today I celebrate 9️⃣ years of sobriety!

🗣️We never know who sees our post and it’s always possible someone may take the first step of asking for help after seeing the helpline.

📲If you or someone you know is in crisis, call or text the Crisis Lifeline at 988.

You are worth it! 🫶🏽

#sobriety #recovery #addiction #alcoholism #fitness #mentalhealth #quotes #life

5 days ago

#Science #Biology #Humans #addiction #Behaviour
if I read this paper right, the structure of hte human brain makes humans more susceptible to addiction or addictive behaviour then other animals

lucky us

@Sev_Erhel et moi même aussi ! J’ai eu l’honneur de faire une petite partie les l’intérêt et les limites du concept d’addiction aux JV.
#addiction #gaming #ecrans #numerique

6 days ago

is #JunkFood an #addiction? this piece argues it is ...

A new study suggests that tobacco companies, who were skilled at marketing cigarettes, used similar strategies to hook people on processed foods

#food #overeating #tobacco #greedy

The Progressive
6 days ago

Author Miriam Davidson lays out how treating drugs as a law enforcement issue has historically fueled more violence at the border and what this tells us about how we should approach the issue of addiction. #Addiction #WarOnDrugs #Border

if I can quit, all the shit that I quit, so can you - I believe in you

#Sobriety #Addiction #MentalHealth

1 week ago

TikTok, un #algorithme « chimiquement parfait », d’une précision et d’une puissance inégalée. La chercheuse Julie Albright estime que TikTok a trouvé le format parfait. Chaque nouvelle vidéo déclenche une dose de #dopamine dans le cerveau, ce qui contribue à créer une #addiction au service, qui modifie in fine le temps d’attention des utilisateurs. Les 2/3 des ados américains passent 80 minutes/jour sur #TikTok, plus du double que sur n’importe quelle autre application

Thomas Svensson 🖖
1 week ago

This makes me really 🤬

"For decades, tobacco companies hooked people on cigarettes by making their products more addictive. Now, a new study suggests that tobacco companies may have used a similar strategy to hook people on processed foods."

But sadly not at all surprised!

#BigTobacco #unhealthy #addiction #OnPurpose!

#GiftLink -

Dennis A
1 week ago

#SocialMedia #addiction
"Quite how insidiously some social media had altered my brain wasn’t apparent until I kicked the habit."

The Guardian:
I quit Facebook and Twitter cold turkey – and I barely know myself

"All of that humblebragging and oversharing – and my obsessive checking of it – was driving me insane. Why did I stay so long?"

T. T. Perry
1 week ago

Enduring good memories of infant trauma: Rescue of adult neurobehavioral deficits via amygdala serotonin and corticosterone interaction


Rincón-Cortésc et al., 2015, PNAS,

"Our findings suggest that trauma-linked cues have an unexpected positive value in adulthood (i.e., antidepressant properties) and may provide insight as to why victims of childhood abuse are attracted to abuse-related cues."

#Trauma #Parenting #Kids #Children #Family #Addiction #MentalHealth

I'm feeling kinda sad this morning, and a bit disappointed in my past angry behavior - also wonder if rapid cycling will just be the new norm for me on these meds, or will I actually level out over time

I had another vivid dream involving my father, stepmother and my brother last evening - it wasn't terrible, but I'd rather have dreams of something else off I have to have these dreams

it's like I live one life awake, and another one asleep - kinda like The Matrix, or Avatar, or something - totally like I step out of one life, and into another

even when I get up to pee, I go right back into the same damn dream

why do these things haunt me so? I feel like I've lived a good, righteous life, and have suffered more than I deserve

I turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape, but it really only delayed the things I should have faced years ago

I only hope that others are learning from my mistakes, and my journey - I do take solace in knowing my own adult children are smart enough to do so

I'm also glad that my friend Kali is in town today for work and we'll get to hang out - we plan to go up to the ranch and meet with the truck, and V just reached out asking my help with an electrical problem - it's still difficult to let this sadness go and focus on these positives

my mental health journey continues it seems, and I'm determined to find balance with as little collateral damage as possible

#MentalHealth #Addiction #SubstanceAbuse #Bipolar

Ela Meadows
2 weeks ago

So many cure-all’s waiting on my shelf
Tinctures for every ailment
Why should I suffer to find myself
I already possess what I need

A drink to sooth worries
They all fade away
I kick back and tell jokes and stories

With a little inhalant
My weight struggles are solved
Though my lungs dislike the irritant

When I can’t fall asleep
I shoot back the fixer
Then drift away without counting sheep

#poem #poetry #poemoftheday #mentalhealth #addiction #habit #autumn #fall #cwh #poison #vice #sleep

Clusters of small orange fruit hang from a tree with dark green leaves.
Jim Lunsford
2 weeks ago

Learn how SMART goals are essential in your addiction recovery journey in my latest article. Find your road map to resilience and newfound freedom. #Addiction #Recovery #Goals

Wasabi the Black Cat 😼
2 weeks ago

It ripped me into little bits. But you need to know: it is (ultimately) a beautifully optimistic story.

Absolutely deserved the Oscar he won. The very best thing he has ever done.

#film #cinema #thewhale #story #writing #addiction #family #love

Image of Brendan Fraser from "The Whale"

"You Can Be Addicted to Weed. I Was When I Was 12."

What did it take you, to step a away from addictive/compulsive behaviour? For me it was going to college. I was done wasting my life being high. Decades later I stopped even "social drinking" because it got in the way of my meditation practice.

#weed #addiction #anxiety #menshealth #youngmenmatter

Mike | Raymond Tec
2 weeks ago

I wrote an article for a client's site about Snapchat and I can't say enough good things about the WordPress/Activity Pub integrations! I've got all the settings configured just right. The post has the title with link to the article, the post excerpt, the WordPress tags listed as hashtags, the shortened link, and the featured image replete with alt tags!

Thank you, @pfefferle!

#Wordpress #ActivityPub

You can follow my profile on her site: @mikey

And check out the article here:

She writes a lot of science-backed articles on #MentalHealth and #addiction. Her profile is here: @jenniferweeks

2 weeks ago

@kottke I think you would be interested in a book that came recently to mind: Anne Wilson Schaef's When Society Becomes an Adddict.

I read it shortly after it was published in 1988, and at the time it was eye-opening about the problems in the company in which I worked. But in rereading it now, it has a much broader reach.

Here are inexpensive copies:

#book #psychology #sociology #society #culture #addiction

Jim Lunsford
2 weeks ago

Are you a warrior in the fight against addiction? Discover how discipline can be your most powerful weapon in my latest article. Learn to set clear goals, establish a routine, and build a support network. #Addiction #Recovery

Steve Thompson
2 weeks ago

This is so tragic. People need help. There is hope. The chain breaker. #Jesus

‟Overdose deaths from fentanyl mixed with cocaine, meth jump” #abuse #addiction #helplessness #doctors #pharma

‟The 'fourth wave' of the U.S. overdose crisis involves the use of illicit fentanyl mixed with stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine, and it's killing people in droves.”

Jim Lunsford
2 weeks ago

Fresh out of the battlefield of addiction and into recovery? You might be feeling a new mission setting in—serving others. Discover why this isn't a choice but a duty in my latest article. #Addiction #Service #Recovery

2 weeks ago

"Words were the only things that seemed attainable to me. I could look them up in my grandmother’s dictionary and understand their meaning—unlike math, where, if I was stuck, I’d need someone to help me. The more words I learned, the more I realized that my own language could be deepened." —Jenisha Watts for The Atlantic

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Kentucky #Addiction #Poverty #Neglect

2 weeks ago

"The abiding belief that alive is better than clean was what led to Never Use Alone." —For Slate, Aymann Ismail and Mary Harris follow a safe-use hotline operator.

#Longreads #Drugs #Overdose #Fentanyl #Addiction #HarmReduction

Jeff Walters
2 weeks ago

"Life expectancy ( in #sask) declined in 2020/21. Official records show 414 people died from suicide and 632 died from overdoses"

Add on COVID and the spiking of preventable deaths are the cause of our falling life expectancy

What's the plan, @PremierScottMoe?

#skpoli #addiction #healthcare

Daniel AJ Sokolov
2 weeks ago

"people routinely underestimate just how much they rely on networks of one kind or another", says Iain Morris - speaking from his own experience going cold turkey.

#network #connectivity #mobile #cellular #addiction

The Video Game Library 📚
3 weeks ago

Released in 2010, Ryan G. Van Cleave's "Unplugged" recounts their very real struggles with Video Game addiction, their rock-bottom, and their ongoing battle to control the impulses to play.

⚠️ Content Warning for both the description and the book


#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamer #Addictions #Health #MentalHealth #Addiction #VideoGame #PlayStation #Xbox #Nintendo #WorldOfWarcraft #Warcraft #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon

The cover of Unplugged: My Journey Into The Dark World of Video Game Addiction. The title is green and white, almost like the Xbox logo. With a middle banner and 3 people wearing glasses with a reflective green glow (as if staring at the screen, addicted).
Paul H
3 weeks ago

Doctor Wu, by Steely Dan. Love me some Steely Dan! Their lyrics were opaque at best, and downright obscure most of the time. But there seems to be a strong strain of addiction, and the attendant struggles it brings, throughout this classic song from the album Katy Lied.

"Don't seem right
I've been strung out here all night
I've been waiting for the taste you said you'd bring to me"

#JukeBoxFridayNight #GettingClean #SteelyDan #DoctorWu #addiction #KayLied

3 weeks ago

"Addicts and alcoholics cannot prove their need for treatment by requesting it. They’ve gotta bleed and pee for it. And even that might not be enough."

Read our powerful new #longreads story:

#drugs #alcohol #addiction #recovery #nonfiction #writing

Mostafa Hussein Omar
4 weeks ago

I guess it is time for an #Introduction! I'm a psychiatrist based in #Egypt. I worked in #addiction, #trauma rehab. I learned about #Linux in 2002 & through it met a small community of great geeks (how I met #FreeAlaa). I started blogging in 2005. #Jan25 revolution happened & I tried to witness as much as I can. I enjoy #DIY, #woodworking (built our kitchen cabinets). #Cycling, #Windsurfing, #35mm #photography & #urbansketching. #Vegetarian, I enjoy #baking & #cooking (sometimes overwhelming).

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 month ago

Asalamu alaikum! If you’re #Muslim and are struggling with an #Addiction of ANY kind, there is confidential, compassionate help available free of charge — from fellow Muslims.

There is a silent epidemic of addictions of all kinds all over the world. And Muslims are not exempt just because they pray to Allah SWT five times a day.

Good news: if you’re Muslim and you’re struggling with a substance addiction or a bad habit you can’t quit, there are other Muslims who want to help.

Millati Islami, an international fellowship of men and women, offers an orthodox Muslim way to work a program of #Recovery that draws from the #TwelveSteps of #Alcoholics Anonymous. We are joined together on the "Path of Peace".

The best way to find out more is to go to a Millati Islami meeting. We offer online meetings all week long and, if you’re in the Northeast US, there are in-person meetings too.

You can read more about Millati Islami at our website.

Addendum 6 cont'd

Vancouver | British Columbia political indifference, inaction

[2023-08-01] Vancouver City Council Shutting Down Overdose Prevention Site
No Plan to Help People Who Depend On Site
“They don’t care what happens to people who use drugs”

[2022-12-01] B.C. on track for 2nd deadliest drug poisoning year ever

#Canada #Vancouver #addiction #HumanRights #PublicHealth #KenSim #addiction #apathy #populism #ABCVancouver #RightWing

Jane Adams
1 month ago

I finished my summer internship this week! I spent 4 months working with a team of biologists and statisticians at The Jackson Laboratory, building visualization software for their research needs. The lab I worked with focuses on analyzing genetics, the microbiome, and addiction-related traits. Here's an overview of some of the EDA tools I built for them in #Python ☺️ #genetics #biology #addiction #dataviz #computerscience #research #phd

If you're doing cool work with data vis + bio, lmk!

A background section explaining the reasons for doing mouse research to understand human disease; the importance of understanding heritability for treating addiction; and introducing the complexities of the data being analyzed (large, k-partite, high dimensional)
A summary of a project to use conditional inference trees to understand interactions between microbes in predicting certain behavioral traits
An overview of a project to create a Sankey diagram comparing clustering methods applied to differential co-expression data. Everyone has their favorite clustering method, so how do we find strong signals in gene-gene similarities? By creating tools to spot concordance across methods
Project overview for a software tool that allows users to upload stacks of distance matrices, threshold on distances and features of interest, concatenate data as edgelist, and render interactive k-partite graphs to show association or anti-association between genes, microbes, and traits
Brian Knutson
1 month ago

Pleased to see that the #preproof of "Blunted neurobehavioral loss anticipation predicts relapse to stimulant drug use" is up on the #BiologicalPsychiatry website! Big thanks to lead authors Leili Mortazavi and Kelly MacNiven, as well as helpful reviewers (summary figure below, #neuroscience, #addiction, #neuroimaging, #MIDtask):

Summary figure for findings of "Blunted loss anticipation predicts relapse to stimulant drug use" in #BiologicalPsychiatry
1 month ago

"The problem is, when people are hurt in childhood, they have to find ways of coping. Those coping mechanisms are helpful in the short term, but they can create problems in the long term. One coping mechanism for too much stress is for the child to tune out, because the child can’t escape or change the situation. If my mother is stressed, as a 1-year-old, I am stressed. What do I do with it? I scatter my attention. I tune out. Later on, that gets diagnosed as #ADHD, as if I had this genetic disease. I don’t have a disease. It’s not genetic. I have a coping mechanism that was helpful at some point, but that is no longer helpful. If your parents can’t handle your emotions—because they’re too stressed, depressed, or too behavior-oriented—and so discourage your expression of strong emotion, then you push down your emotions in order to maintain a relationship with your parents. What’s another word for pushing things down? #Depression. We depress our emotions to survive in our environments. Later on, we are diagnosed with the so-called disease called depression. Yet it started off as a coping mechanism.

Addictions are all started off as a coping mechanism. They are attempts to soothe pain. The issue, for me, with addiction, is not, why the #addiction? But rather, why the pain? If you look at why there is pain in addicted people — whether they’re addicted to drugs, sex, pornography, or gambling — that pain always originates in childhood. And then the addiction is an attempt to cope with the pain of it, to escape from it, temporarily.

In families where the parents are very needy, where the parents are alcoholics, or where they are emotionally troubled, the child will very often cope by pushing down and repressing their own emotions, in order not to bother the parents. That repression of emotion shows up in the form of autoimmune disease or malignancy later on. This is not idle speculation. It’s pure science. It’s been shown many times. It’s also why women have 80% of autoimmune disease. Because they’re the ones in this society who are most trained to repress their own needs and serve the needs of others."

-- Dr. Gabor Maté

damien :donor:
1 month ago

@coleens_ #MentalHealth and #Addiction are two of the most significant problems in the tech industry as a whole, but really get magnified in the #InfoSec world, at least that’s been my experience.

ya know, I can only hope that in the past year I have raised half as much awareness about #MentalHealth and #Addiction in #InfoSec as my stupid bikini raised for whatever the fuck it raised

I would argue that mental health and addiction are far more important topics in our community than a double standard that no one really even learned from - I mean, look at what recently happened to @tracketpacer

Jane Adams
1 month ago

Something I really love about my #dataviz work at JAX is that it helps communicate the tremendous amount of variation in responses to substances like cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol, which tells us 1) the data supports a compassionate approach to #addiction, given the substantial association of genetic determinants to disease-related traits like habit formation, #overdose risk, and #withdrawal, and 2) we shouldn't be using a 'one size fits all' mental model when interpreting disease phenotypes 💙

Matthew Rimmer
2 months ago

US supreme court halts Purdue Pharma deal that shields Sacklers from lawsuits Court agrees to hear challenge from Biden administration to legality of OxyContin maker’s bankruptcy settlement. #liability #healthlaw #bankruptcy #addiction

2 months ago

From @gbhnews, here's Tori Bedford on #Boston Mayor Wu's decision to go ahead with rebuilding treatment facilities and shelters on Long Island.

For many years, the city had hundreds of beds available on this Boston Harbor island which was once the home to a Coast Guard facility. All that ended in 2014 when a bridge connecting the island to the mainland was declared unsafe. The city has never recovered the number of treatment and shelter beds. #recovery #addiction

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

“I have no problem with people that want to drink and do drugs – if they can do it in moderation. I wish I could, but I can’t”: when Mike Portnoy performed his 12-Step Suite
The drummer explored his Alcoholics Anonymous experience across five Dream Theater albums, before playing the material without them


2 months ago

@bananarama @mgrass

The fun part about #complexity is the unintended consequences that sometimes work out in favor of the whole, after starting from a negative.

So if it's not going to landfills, or being recycled back into use, where is all the cardboard going?

With higher prices, the pressure should work on shipper-sellers to encourage in house re-use. Hopefully.

It has gotten so bad that cardboard & packaging producers have public service announcement type communications like this:

"Signs You’re a Box Hoarder – and What to Do About It"


If only the rest of the (free and democratic) world could ban addictive things like games as easily as #China... #lol

What about continuous education on the subject?!

#gaming #addiction

2 months ago

Substance #addiction and #alcoholism are serious conditions and I have great sympathy for those who suffer and great admiration for those who get help. But that also doesn’t mean one can use alcoholism as an excuse for one’s actions. One has to deal with the fallout. And if #Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán’s history of #DomesticViolence is related to his alcoholism, I applaud him for getting help, but I still am not okay with his actions nor want him on my favorite #baseball team.

Prism & Pen
2 months ago

BySeptember of 2015, I’d been clean from meth for nearly 10 years. I knew of several other recovering meth addicts who moved away from New York City in order to have a successful recovery.

#LGBTQ #Drugs #Addiction #Memoir #Theatre

Toni Aittoniemi
2 months ago

Situation with #socialmedia #addiction with #kids is dire. Laura Marguez-Garrett argues Snap simply lies on it’s testimonies about what they present as an experience to young people, girls especially.

TikTok algorithms turn to advocate suicide after breakups, leading to actual suicides. Snap’s algorithm connecting kids to dealers.

And the companies? It could still be cheaper for them to keep doing it and handle the cases one-by-one.

#suicide #lawsuits #meta #snap

Steve Thompson
2 months ago

Just a reminder that I published pioneering research on Internet addiction and dependency in 1996, so these acts are appropriately disturbing here.

‟California Senator Nancy Skinner Falls For Junk Science Moral Panic; Makes Blatantly False Claims In Support Of Social Media Addiction Bill” #addiction @mmasnick

Isaac Ostlund
2 months ago

Here is our paper! My #research shows how certain adult neurons resist activity changes.

On a macro level, this could provide a new hypothesis for why adults exhibit resistance to #learning, #anxiety, and #addiction.

A key question is why? It may not only be a negative byproduct of age but could be an evolutionary advantage to resist trauma or external influence after we've found "successful strategies" while younger.

#science #neuroscience #development

Neruons in adults are rigid and more difficult to adapt, which is shown with straight lines connecting neurons in their brains. Children have more flexibility and vulnerability to serious upset, shown by curved lines connecting their neuronal circuits.
2 months ago

New rug who dis 😍 #finally #pinterest #addiction

I can finally retire my Pinterest addication! 

..for this week 🥲
maxmoon 🌱
2 months ago

My experience of avoiding #Mastodon for a whole week 💪

I figured out that timelines are really bad. They trap you in this weird slot-machine-like game where you pull the lever over and over again.

Timelines are polluted with interesting topics and unimportant posts. A perfect mix for gambling.

You barely hit something good, but if, you get a small dopamine boost, which holds for a few seconds and as soon as it's gone, you keep pulling the lever over and over again, until you wasted a lot of time or fall asleep being exhausted of scrolling.

There is nothing social in timelines. It's only an invention of big tech corps to keep you on their platforms to consume more ads and get more data to sell.

Even if timelines are in order on the fediverse and not manipulated by algorithms, like those from #facebook #twitter or #instagram, it still has it's flaws.

A good solution would be to only show the content of a person I follow, who uses a specific hashtag I follow, too. Both should match, not only one of it. The timeline would be very short and not as long as it normally is, which is a problem, too, because if someone posts something at a wrong time, the post goes into the void without anyone seeing it.

Why are #timelines a thing in the #fediverse?

Wasn't the fediverse something without ads and for the people and because it tried to be social?

Why do we have those #addictive and #notsocial mechanisms here?

If someone knows a better system or tool, which is content based and more social, please let me know.

btw. my #productivity went up the last week a lot, because the very first thing I did in the morning was something useful, like working in the garden, working on the next youtube video, reading a book or learning. With social media I would've wasted the time scrolling and that's only what happened in the morning! Imagine the rest of the day being as productive as those mornings...

#socialmedia #addiction #distraction #timekiller #trapsoftheinternet #doomscrolling #wastingtime

Veera Laukkarinen
2 months ago

Pitkään pyörittelin tätä asiaa tai oikeastaan se on kylläkin ongelma.

Mulla on ehkä oikeasti paha karkkiriippuvuus ja se haittaa hirveästi mun arkea.

Jotenkin tosi creepyy kelata et karkki on mielessä aamusta iltaan ja lasken päiviä siihen et milloin saa seuraavan kerran karkkia ja eikä edes vähäinen määrä riitä vaan sitä on pakko kiskoa sairaan paljon et tulee niin paha olo. Tätä kohtaa en tajua miksi edes teen näin itselleni.

Ja sama meno jatkuu aina viikosta toiseen, vuodesta toiseen. Enkä tiedä miten tätä pitäisi hoitaa ja kaikkialla aina sanotaan et kohtuus kaikessa, mutta mun kohdalla tää ei vaan toimi millään. Nyt kaipaan ulkopuolisen neuvoa tähän et lopetanko kokonaan karkin syönnin vai mitä tälle voi tehdä?

Ahdistaa ihan vitusti koko juttu ja hävettää ja tuntuu etten pärjää tän asian kanssa yksin. 😢

#karkki #candy #riippuvuus #addiction

Richard Ważny
2 months ago

Hard to disagree with Kohler's analysis 👍😷🥱
#GamblingHarm #gambling #auspol #australia #addiction
Gambling should be regulated as a drug of addiction

2 months ago

@TheMetalDog How not to be in love with this woman. Can't wait in September to see the band in my city!
#Jinjer #TatianaShmailyuk #Sobriety #7Months #Achievement #Recovery #Victory #Addiction #RecoveryJourney

maxmoon 🌱
2 months ago

Will I be able to avoid Mastodon for a whole week?

Bets are open! 🎲

The last weeks I figured out that I often didn't check off the tasks I planed for a day and after checking my tracker*, I figured out that I am using #Mastodon longer and longer.

In general I don't get #addicted to social media and even help others to get rid of it or reduce it. I fight #entertainingmedia and even wrote articles about it in a blog series called #cleandopamine (

But now it looks like, I lost control!

And as a #punishment I will block Mastodon on all of my devices and go #coldturkey for a week.

I will comment on this #poll as soon as I am back. So I hope it will be next Saturday 🙂

Let's do this 💪

* = I've coded my own #tracker years ago, which is simple to activate. After I sit down in front of my PC, I hit a key combination, choose an activity and a timer starts, which is shown in the status bar and after I stop the time, it gets added into a database (The starting process is done in 2 seconds, try this on a smartphone...).

I do this for years to see, which activity needed the most time, how long I worked on important projects and where I wasted time.

Currently the numbers for #socialmedia are too high!

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David Gray-Hammond
2 months ago

AuDHD people are at an increased likelihood of smoking. Despite this, research priorities fail time and again to look into quality of life issues just like this.

Many of us started these behaviours when young as a way of self-medicating our struggle to survive in a world not made for us

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David Gray-Hammond
3 months ago

If you enjoy the content I create, you should check out my books!

The New Normal looks at neuronormativity in society and how it affects Autistic people.

Unusual Medicine talks about my experiences as an Autistic addict.

Even if you can't check out my books right now, sharing this post really helps me out.

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @bookstodon

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Rat (she/her)
3 months ago

I've never experienced alcoholism or gambling addiction, but so much of this article is relatable--the insomnia, isolation, obsessions, studying others in social situations, only selectively relaying parts of your life to seem normal... Highly recommend reading it for anyone who's #autistic.

From Longreads, "I Tried to Forget My Whole Life. I'm Glad I Failed":

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Anathema Device
3 months ago

The evidence is thus far not strong, but the scientific theory behind it is solid, and being tested. Fascinating stuff. #addiction #Ozempic #wegovy #GLP1ReceptorAgonists
Can diabetes and weight-loss drug Ozempic break addictions too? | Health | The Guardian

I don't use labels like Addict or Alcoholic. It's a life sentence you don't deserve.

There are other paths than Alcoholics Anonymous.

Schedule a free Discovery Call and let's talk about your Freedom from Alcohol.

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🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

MÖTLEY CRÜE's NIKKI SIXX Celebrates 22 Years Of Sobriety
Nikki Sixx is celebrating the 222nd anniversary of his getting sober. The 64-year-old MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist credited a treatment program with giving him the tools to help him live his life without drugs or alcohol. Earlier today (Sunday, July 2), he shared a couple of photos of him holding up a s...


Mark B
3 months ago

Time for an #introduction I suppose. :)

My name is Mark. I live in the US, in #Ohio, and I'm a #nurse. I have 2 kids, and the following interests - #reading #games #gaming #scifi #hiking #spirituality #religion #retrogaming #steam #fpga #mister #bahai #boardgames #addiction and am genuinely hopeful for the future of #humanity.

I ended up here because of the recent issues at #reddit, which pointed me towards the #fediverse and #mastodon sounded cool :)


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3 months ago

Dispatches from the #Twitter war:
• The bots have won
• Elon has lost
• Now is the time to encourage defection
• No, NOT to BlueSky

I can elaborate:

The Bots have Won

Back in early 2022, #ElonMusk promised to purchase Twitter and wage war on bots, presumably the ones that were peddling cryptocurrency #scams, romance scams, and all sorts of other scams.

There is a good chance that Elon only said this to try to weasel his way out of purchasing Twitter; basically, if he could claim that the product he was promised didn't resemble what was available in reality, he could undo his promise to purchase the corporation. By claiming Twitter was rife with bots, this was his attempt to do so. But whether it was dishonest or not, Elon stuck to his pledge to try to rid the platform of #bots, in ways that are alternatingly incompetent, silly, and ineffective.

Long story short, Elon never saw his "eliminate all bots" promise through to completion. The ultimate concession to failure was when he changed the Twitter algorithm to favor paying users over regular ones, meaning the best way to be heard on the platform was to give him $8 and say your piece. But that $8 surcharge came at a steep cost: no longer were tweets being amplified based on the content of their quality, but on whether the user had extra money to waste or not.

Initially, maybe this was good for the paying users too. After all, someone with $8 who follows Elon might consider themselves very smart, and those people think they have some very smart things to say. To the average onlooker, though, their "very smart musings" look like complete and utter crap: unfunny jokes, stale memes, cold takes.

It turns out that having money doesn't equal intelligence, and Twitter was providing us evidence at a rapid pace.

Elon has Lost

Let's get the obvious things out first: Elon overpaid for Twitter. That much we know. And the value of Twitter has tanked since then, because even the free market won't continue to honor foolish business decisions.

But today, Elon has started limiting the posts that various users are even allowed to see, as low as 300 posts per day for new users, 600 for normal users, and 6000 for the fools who pay $8 to him.

As I understand it, 300 to 600 posts is not a lot. For comparison, when you click Show More in Mastodon, you're probably loading 20 posts at a minimum. Click Show More 30 times, and you've already seen 600. Depending on your usage habits (maybe you just like to skim!) you can easily breeze through these limits in a fraction of an hour.

And that's just not good for user retention. If somebody is locked out of a website after spending a certain amount of time there, I don't think they're going to cough up a couple extra dollars to keep browsing. When the Bezos-owned Washington Post begs me to subscribe to their newspaper, I turn 180° and look for a different source. And the Post actually has valuable information, it's not a cesspit riddled with self-important idiots who pay money to get their unfunny jokes stuck to the top of comment threads.

Now is the Time to Encourage Defection

Imagine you love Elon Musk, you think he can do nothing wrong, and you even join Twitter just to see how much better it can become under his new leadership. And you get hit with a 300 post maximum before the site stops working and/or begs you to cough up your hard-earned cash, to the guy you're pretty sure is already a billionaire.

Isn't it just disheartening?

Here's a more reasonable scenario: You're a Twitter addict. We've all been there, after all. The conversations suck you in, and they're almost always negative conversations too. Twitter drives its engagement based on negative interactions, using #addiction forming patterns that resemble the casino slot machine more than a public square.

Then, one day, whatever #argument you are watching or participating in, suddenly gets replaced with a "insert $8 to continue" screen. It's straight out of a #MontyPython sketch. For the displeasure of raising your stress levels and your blood pressure, you must now spend money.

This is horrible. All of it is absolutely, totally horrible. Anyone who was lulled into complacency by Twitter should now have their way of life shaken to the point of reconsidering why they use the platform. I used to be among them, and I cannot stress how much I regret giving Twitter my time. There are good people on Twitter, but there is no good Twitter to be had.

Stay Away from BlueSky

Never choose the lesser of two evils, when there are more than two viable choices. It has been a trend, recently, for large influencers to hope to recreate Twitter, verbatim, somewhere or anywhere else. The November 2022 #TwitterMigration seemed to be equal parts #TwitterRefugee and hapless influencer who was simply looking for the most interaction.

Never mind the complexities of Mastodon, most influencers were disappointed by how it was difficult to reassemble the same audience as they had on Twitter. The network effect was in full swing on Twitter: you joined Twitter because people were there, and people were there because you joined Twitter, so not joining Twitter became simply unfeasible for most people.

Influencers do understand one thing: hero worship. And if you were complacent during earlier Twitter, perhaps the easiest hero to worship is #JackDorsey. He created Twitter, after all. And sure, Twitter itself was always toxic ever since it started encouraging arguments. Maybe a lot of people have succumbed to addiction to Twitter, and have decided that Twitter is now only bad because of Elon Musk, and not because it was always bad.

The people in this mindset are more than happy to follow Jack Dorsey to his next terrible creation, which appears to be BlueSky. Right now, the website is simply a Twitter clone, and it's begging influencers to come to it because soon, it infers, it will be the Twitter for people who aren't quite as extreme as Elon Musk.

I hate to use the term, and I do not use it lightly, but #BlueSky is "virtue signaling" about being #federated. Right now, there is only one BlueSky server, and it is invite only. Something cannot be federated if there's nothing to federate with, especially if it's closed off from the world to begin with.

But do you know why BlueSky is #VirtueSignalling? Quite simply: it has nothing else to offer. Mastodon is, as most foundational level, a federated Twitter clone. BlueSky is, at ITS most foundational level, a Twitter clone with nothing to separate it from Twitter. But being federated is what all the cool kids want, so Jack Dorsey weaseled the word into its description to make people think it might be like Mastodon, if not compatible with it.

Jack Dorsey has always been a fundamentally bad person, a #libertarian #techbro who has no qualms about supporting the far right when it helps him.

Dorsey is friends with #Jan6 promoter, #StopTheSteal believer, and all-around right wing disinfo peddler #AliAlexander, for example. He has always had constant, open dialogues with conservatives who want to accuse him of being too biased against them, and he is often stooped to appease them without questioning whether they were lying to him the entire time.

But don't take my word for it, here is an excellent article about it:

Dorsey has also become more obsessed with #cryptocurrency in recent years, with a huge donation to the Twitter-like #Nostr social network, a place where almost all conversations are one-sided cryptocurrency plugs, and sending cryptocurrency over it was one of the defining features.

And Nostr wants to be #PayToWin too, the same way Twitter currently is.

Final thoughts

Succinctly: Mastodon is good, actually. It has a lot of flaws, it has a lot of user experience issues to work out, but I am incredibly thankful it is not being driven into the ground by venture capitalists hell-bent on extracting as much time, money, and attention out of the average human being as possible.