Nicolas SAPA
1 month ago
@ijatz_La_Hojita #OpenBSD, #NetBSD, #FreeBSD still have support for the kind of #powerpc that is an iBook G3.
In Linux world, support is seriously bitrotten:
  • #Debian works (I was running it before switching this box to OpenBSD) but it is now a port.
  • #Adélie didn't boot.
  • I didn't try #gentoo because I didn't want to setup distcc with a cross compiler.

I found the magic command for telling Open Firmware to boot from an usb stick on this gist.
Mark Prior
4 months ago

For the penguin fans today's #PhotoOfTheDay is an Adélie penguin from Brown Bluff on the Antarctic Peninsula.
It was nesting season when I was there so all the penguins were off selecting the perfect pebble for their nests. Some were stealing them from other nests but not this bird. Perhaps the pebbles next to it were rejects but the one at its feet was worth examining to see if it passed muster.
#photography #antarctica #penguin #wildlife #adélie #birds #travel

An Adélie penguin bending over checking the quality of a pebble, only the best will do for the nest (even if another penguin might steal it later). There is a light snow cover over some of the pebbles, including the one it is checking out but there is a large collection of potentially rejected ones exposed next to it.
E.L. Guerrero
10 months ago

Just making a presentation about 嵐 (not a true fan, it was just for fun :blobpats:) for Japanese class in #adelie — but I’m just making images and putting them into slides because there’s no multilingual support (yet!).

Illustrations taken from Noritake’s Tumblr

A slide of five floating heads of the members of the Japanese boy band Arashi with the words 嵐に知り合う at the bottom
Linux ☑️
2 years ago

Adélie Linux calls for assistance!

The people behind this promising distro are looking to expand their community of users & developers.

Adélie Linux is based on musl runtime library focusing on reliability, security, compatibility, portability, usability.

They even aim eventually to operate smoothly without any GNU components, utilizing Busybox or similar.

Please contact them if interested.

#Adelie #Linux #musl #libre #help #testing #developers #community #GNU