James House-Lantto (He/Him)
1 hour ago

EFF has a nice article explaining how to turn off Googles new "privacy Sandbox" and why you should. It's not about privacy, it's about cornering the ad market.

Remember, these settings are not only in the Chrome browser, but in the latest versions of Android itself.

In short: Three-dot icon (⋮) > Settings > Privacy & Security > Ad Privacy
- Ad topics
- Site-suggested ads
- Ad Measurement

Turn all three off.

#Google #Advertising #Privacy #GoogleChrome #Chromium

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2 hours ago

Avgarde is featured in the latest Fresh Fonts newsletter: “I believe [it] is the perfect font pick if you need to make an identity for something funny, friendly, and unconventional.”

Don’t know how many drunken sign painters FF have met, but I would advice against getting too chummy.


IT News
7 hours ago

Reddit Is Removing Ability To Opt Out of Ad Personalization Based On Your Activity - Ivan Mehta writes via TechCrunch: Reddit said Wednesday that the platform is revam... - #advertising

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
11 hours ago

Recent #advertising by the Australian #military, implies that if you are not military your "story" is not "worth telling".

Now this.

Julian Assange, or any genuine activist developing a better future.

#noMoreWar #freeAssangeNOW #jailTheWarCriminals #weaponsIndustry #stopMakingRefugees #refugeeProducers #nowThis #humansOpposingNuclearKillers #australia #auspol

#Microsoft keeps playing "spot the ad disclosure" — now, its latest test doesn't even have a disclosure on indivdual ad units.

They're not alone. X has tested ads with no disclosure.

Is this a trend, and can it actually benefit marketers?

✅ Full details in today’s newsletter and podcast. Subscribe free at

#marketing #digitalmarketing #advertising #marketingnews #mediabuying

From a marketing perspective, is non-disclosure actually good for brands?

We’ve known for decades that the less an ad looks like an ad, the more people are willing to trust it.

Back in the 60s, David Oglivy broke the marketing mold when he started running full page magazine and newspaper ads, loaded with text — the exact opposite of best practices at the time — and it worked.

These days, the platforms may be different, but the advice is identical. TikTok’s tagline for its advertising department: “Don’t make an ad. Make a TikTok.” Indeed, the best performing TikTok ads look like organic posts.

So then why should we worry about a search engine or social platform doing the same? Because on TikTok today, and in those magazine articles years ago, there was still disclosure. Sure, they look organic, but they aren’t, and they say so.

Straight-up removing ad disclosures entirely — besides picking a fight with every national trade regulator — may work in the short-term for sales, but you’re trading quick wins for long-term brand damage.

All we have as marketers is trust.

If that’s a currency we’re willing to spend, then we get what we buy.
Ten Cent Takes
16 hours ago

1983 ad for King Conan 20, featuring some very early Marc Silvestri artwork (which was inked by Marie Severin). This ad was presumably put together before Marvel changed the series title to Conan the King with that issue.
#1980s #Conan #ConanTheBarbarian #MarvelComics #Advertising #Comics #ComicBooks

ChurchHatesTucker ☑
17 hours ago

Ever wonder why people were buying those baby alligators that got flushed into NYC’s sewers? Check out this page from the 1938 Johnson Smith & Co. catalog. I’d pay a buck fifty for a singing, laughing baby gator.

I’m a little more surprised that they added LARGER sizes due to “great demand.” How exactly does one pack a sixty inch(!) alligator? Did the Postal Service charge extra for handling?

#JohnsonSmith #Advertising #Retro #Vintage

Page from the 1938 Johnson Smith Catalog #148. A large ad for “Live Baby Alligators” reads in part: 

Baby Alligators are fascinating little pets that average about 8 inches long. They require nearly 200 years to attain full growth, growing only a few inches the first few years. They are extremely gentle, friendly little fellows; very pretty, with bright orange stripes encircling their green bodies. No expense to keep. And so interesting! And do you know that Alligators can be hypnotized? To do this you lay the Alligator on its back, make apeculiar moaning sound, and he will be completely “hypnotized”, remaining motionless in this position for hours, days or even weeks not even breathing Its muscles being relaxed, you can raise its feet up, which will drop as if lifeless; you can holler and yell, even shoot off a gun on either side of its head and it will pay no attention. To revive the Alligator it is not necessary to touch it; but by imitating the exact sound, or call of an Alligator it will immediately show signs of life andquickly turn over.This has been practiced by the Seminole Indians for ages, and you can do it, too, with a little practice and patience. Alligators can be tamed and trained, in fact Alligators will also really SING, and LAUGH.

They are listed as $1.50 each. A smaller ad offers larger sizes culminating in 60" long for $25.00
Simpler Media
1 day ago

Another breakdown of the breakdown of advertising on Frictionless Marketing:

Unlocking the Epigenome with Tune Therapeutics Director of Communications Glenn Murphy

#Branding #Advertising #Marketing #Business #podcast

#Reddit enforces user activity #tracking on site to push #advertising revenue "Privacy is going to take a turn in the wrong direction for Reddit users who have opted-out of ad personalization in the past and do not live in a country exempt from the new ruling." I've been using LibReddit/Teddit for about a year, though I can't sign in with it. #privacy

Karthik S
1 day ago

"Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain" —neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker, author of, 'Why We Sleep'.

As a HUGE fan of sleep, I look at sleep as a marketing problem and come up with ideas!

#marketing #sleep #advertising #communication

Steve Maclellan
2 days ago

Beware: Substack newsletter links may contain spyware, malware and viruses

Substack newsletter trracking
Substack newsletter warning
Coralie Mercier
2 days ago

I do not agree will --or relate to-- all of this article, but there are pretty good insights in terms of data collection, #privacy, #advertising on the Web.

"Digital Public Good. Civic Services. [...] Education. Employment. Financial Inclusion. These will run the internet. Not just advertising."

"MAdtech Point: If advertising will no longer run the Internet, then what will run the Internet?" by Gowthaman Ragothaman on September 12, 2023

First was The #Vampire, my homage to Dr. #Frankenstein’s Monster is up next.

It’s that time of year for dungeon art. 1 of 1 acrylic on hard rock maple.

:palette: :PaintBrush:

I’m my own pimp. Thank you for your kind support. #PR #advertising #pnw #monsters #artwork #vampire #halloween #skateboard

Luke Dorny’s homage to Dr. Frankenstein’s monster skateboard art
Luke Dorny’s homage to Dr. Frankenstein’s monster skateboard art werewolf mummy and vampire
Paul Drye
2 days ago

I'm fascinated with the extent to which space imagery injected itself into unrelated fields post-Sputnik. This ad is for the high-end furniture company Dunbar, the home of noted designer Edward Wormley. They focused exclusively on Modern styles, and since rockets were the future we end up with this weird juxtaposition of elements....

Date uncertain, but I've found other Dunbar ads following this format from 1957-1962.

#1950s #advertising #retrofuturism #space

Two astronauts on the Moon are carrying a sofa back to their rocket.
Glenn Gabe
2 days ago

Did the HCU evolve to the HCU(X)? I just wrote a post covering what I'm seeing -> The September 2023 Google Helpful Content Update – Did Google’s Announcement in April About Page Experience Foreshadow What We’re Seeing With The Current HCU(X)?

#google #seo #content #advertising

2 days ago

Today's found words:

united guess

#litter #advertising #foundwords

Litter. A torn piece of paper with the word "united" on it.
Litter. A piece of cardboard packaging with the word "guess" on it.
2 days ago

Generate buzz for your upcoming music release, or announce your new music in style and intrigue your fans, with a Music Teaser Video produced by CustomAnthems. Different styles available. Learn more:

#MusicAds #Music #Advertisements #Advertising #Commercials #Marketing

John Linton Roberson
2 days ago

British #Animated Adverts Compilation (70s, 80s, and 90s) #animation #advertising #uk

Karthik S
2 days ago

6/6 PS 2: It would have been useful if IKEA had also made it easy to find wallpaper-sized images of its many shelves and cabinets. It's not available in any predictable place - not on the IKEA India website, or its social media properties across Twitter/X, Facebook, or Instagram.

#advertising #marketing #creative #creativity

Karthik S
2 days ago

4/4 And that was my highlight of the jury session - to listen to, and debate multiple perspectives on some of the ads that I liked/loved last year, and see them in a new light!

And today is the grand event, in Mumbai!
Congrats to all the winners!
You will get to know them later today or via the media tomorrow.

#advertising #marketing #communications #YouTube #creative #creativity

3 days ago

New video out, today we're talking about why resisting advertising and social media is so hard and how you can start to fight back!:



Support the Channel Through Patreon:

Make a One Off Ko-Fi Donation:

My New Film Channel!:

#digitalminimalism #socialmedia #advertising #fuckadvertising
3 days ago

Want to boost your music promotion game? Our online studio creates high-quality video commercials to promote your new singles, albums, and EPs. Featuring professional voiceover and stunning cinematic video footage. Then you can distribute it via your prefered advertising method or online ad campaign. Learn more:

#Musicproducer #Music #Commercials #Advertising #Marketing

3 days ago

People: You should be afraid of targeted #advertising, it knows everything about you!

Targeted advertising, to me: “The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection”.

(True story. That one comes up a lot. I have no idea why.)

🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
3 days ago

OK, #LazyWeb, I have a #web #advertising grungy detail question:

Is anyone still charging by impressions? i.e. counting the number of times ad content is served?

Last time I worked directly with website advertisements was before Google existed. Even then #CPI was common because it was easy but understood to be entirely unsustainable…

3 days ago

Is this a serious question?
Do you honestly not understand how #advertising works?

The CEO of a major network was completely honest about it when he sd "Trump might be bad for America but he's great for [insert any commercial broadcasting station here]"

Please don't ask disingenuous rhetorical questions. That's SO off brand for you, hermano 😖🤦🏻‍♀️

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Media :
Archive :

Flickr Foundation
4 days ago

In some parts of the world it's now apple season. 🍎 🍏 Here is an apple gallery from the Flickr Commons.

#apples #autumn #photography #advertising

Advertising poster saying "Don't Worry brand Northwest Apples" showing a blond child hungrily eying a red apple with a bite out of it.
Image of a fair showing many different kinds of apples artfully arranges on platters, in boxes and in pyramids on tabletops.
An oversized basket of apples that is twice the size of the apple trees it is next to.
Karthik S
4 days ago

A copywriting masterpiece from 1998, by the agency Grace & Rothschild, New York!

#advertising #marketing #copywriting

4 days ago

Mission Democracy PAC's new ad is excellent. I doubt that it will change a single person's mind, but it's worth a try.

#Politics #Hate #Nazis #Racism #Books #BookBurning #Education #Abortion #Corruption #Fascism #Advertising #Democracy

Axel Nennker
5 days ago

This is how #Android Settings>Google>Ads looks on my Samsung device when you don't have an #advertising ID.

Android Settings without Google advertising id
TracingCOVID by A.J. Fish
5 days ago

I AM SEGMENT. YOU ARE SEGMENT. We're all parts of advertising "audience sesgments". These wealthy campaign donors funding the antivaccine movement, over the last two years, CARVED OUT an advertising audience segment of antivaccine believers using online targeted ads. #BigData #Politics #Advertising #COVID #COVID19. This is going to be an interesting year in politics.

Wu Evar 🇺🇦
5 days ago
Advertising in Sweden: an attractive male model, like in some perfume ad, holding a cinnamon bun.
Gerald So
5 days ago

I don't think #Advertising anything in its best light is deceitful. It's an expected part of promoting products. Ads' only job is to sell products. Evaluating products and telling people about their practical performance is #Reviewers' job.

A land fit for all our futures
5 days ago

A true story and an analogy:

A few weeks ago I got a huge tick

I didn't notice for hours, by the time I found it - on my tummy! - it was extremely well embedded in

We have a lot of experience with ticks, although this was the biggest yet

We carefully tried to roll it out using various tick pulling instruments

Every time we pulled gently, I could feel it clamping in deeper, more grasping

For the tick, there was nothing else, it had everything to cling on for, everything to lose

I'm reminded of this tick, when I read about the #fossilfuel industry that refuses to give up in the face of cheaper competition, in the face of massive opposition, in the face of actual #extinction :XR:

This industry is using #lobbying, #advertising, #propaganda and lies to clamp in as long as it possibly can

I got the tick out eventually, not cleanly, I had to pick out the last parts of its head and there's a small scar

but like #climate #activism there was no question of giving up because I've seen the effects of disease caused by ticks and have everything to live for


Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
5 days ago

CloudGlare's business model is not about #advertising. That's for the visible #antagonists. If you want to wait for CloudGlare to start visibly monetising access the way the visible players do then you are missing the point — and you'll be waiting a long time.

CloudFlare's #power comes from the fact that they're unseen.

That's how they can extract the most data from us, and feed it into machines that serve *them*. CloudGlare, with other dotCons, is the attack on democracy they blame Trump for.

Occasionally seeing new #companies / #business accounts on #Mastodon and other #Fediverse sites. While I personally don't have a problem with #businesses, especially #SmallBusiness, using Fedi for #WebPresence / #promotion (in fact I see it as wider adoption), I feel like they don't always get an accurate picture.

This isn't like corporate #SocialMedia, were you just blast your message and hope it's either picked up by the algorithm or pay for it to be broadcast. You have to take steps to get people to spread your posts organically, which means making a direct appeal to your customers. I would personally follow brands like MSI, Oracle, and O'Rielly Media on here, if nothing else then to see what they're up to, but only if they didn't try to flood my timeline with boring #advertising.

This is where promotional deals, use tips, and just interesting content can go a long way. Most people don't mind for-profit posts, they're just tired of seeing #ads for things they don't care about.

JW prince of CPH
6 days ago

#Youtube (and presumably other sites) are trying *so hard* to muscle their way past people's #AdBlocker & you have to wonder what the f*ck they tell companies who pay for those ads - like, does anyone really belive that an ad will work, or really do anything other than make people mad at you, if it's delivered by way of kicking your way into people's lives against their explicit protest...?

#business #enshittification #advertising #tech

Karthik S
6 days ago

Excellent work by the agency Lucky Generals! Can't think of one Indian publication that can claim the same.

#advertising #marketing #journalism #media #newspaper


I was also triggered by this tagline on the #Coral website:

> "A local AI platform to strengthen society, improve the environment, and enrich lives"

Yea right. Thank you #Google the #advertising giant. Put people at ease asap. We know this is not Google's core biz.

"A local AI platform to go the last mile and know everything about you" is probably more #privacy accurate.

6 days ago

shoutout to adnausem an #adblocker that also sends bs data to the ads to cost them money as well. you can set exceptions for sites that have respectable ad terms but I dont >:) i just donate directly to sites that need it!!

#privacy #advertising #fuckadvertising #adblock

$1227 costs to ad firms with gaint ball of ads on top
Baloo Uriza
1 week ago

From Schneider National, this move seemed innovative and daring. But for a company who stands for "Stevie Wonder Institute For Trucking", it smacks of desperation. #ATS #Gaming #Advertising #Swift

1 week ago

#GOP has zero in terms of policy proposals supported by a majority of voters polled
They can't win a fair #Election promoting their actual #Fascist agenda (like ending #SocialSecurity #PublicSchools & #Libraries)
So they use dirty tricks, lies, #VoteSuppression, #gerrymandering, & #MoralPanic to distract folks from the issues

Sadly for us & luckily for them, #CorporateMedia is happy to let them as long as the #Advertising 💰💰💰 keeps flowing


1 week ago

So, the whole thing where #CanadaPost has been #illegally taking #information from the #mail you receive, including your #name, #address, and the #retailers you are getting #packages from, and building a #marketing #database from it, which they then #sell to #advertising mailing list services, is ~~interesting~~ #infuriating.

"Oh, but you can opt out!" they say.

It should be opt-in, of course, but then no one would do so.

So go to opt out... well-played, Canada Post.

#OptIn #OptOut

A Canada Post "opt-out" form showing an impossible-to-solve CAPTCHA input, which fails to contain the image needed to actually "solve" the CAPTCHA.

Canada Post is illegally selling Canadians' personal information (PII) gathered from processing mail.  This includes your full name, address, and the companies that you get packages from.

They then put this all in a database, and sell it to advertising mailing list services, so companies can dead-tree spam you.

Go to this link to opt-out.

Of course, by law it should be opt-in, not opt-out.  Complain to your MP.

📷 Family Dollar

September 21, 2023

#FediversalPictures #Photography #Advertising

looking up from the ground. a disused dollar store sign atop a pole was painted black when the store closed. some of the paint has begun to peel, revealing small, faded red and white portions of the old sign. power lines angle behind the sign. a pale blue sky behind it.

📷 Pigeons in flight over McDonald's, from the QT parking lot.

September 21, 2023

#FediversalPictures #Photography #Advertising

a flock of birds over the mcdonald's M over a fuel island canopy against a pale blue and pink sky.

You say you hate #Google and #Facebook and #Amazon but do you know that #Spotify sends ALL THREE of them tracking data whenever you use the #Android #mobile #app

#privacy #security #tech #apps #ads #advertising #enshittification

Screenshot of TrackerControl, an Android app that blocks apps from communicating with tracking services, showing a long list of urls that Spotify has tried to contact.
Frederik Borgesius
1 week ago

Prof Lokke Moerel called for a ban on behavioural advertising.

The discussion really has changed the past decade. A decade ago, one didn't hear this view so often.

At the

#tech #ai #advertising #adtech #privacy #surveillance #dataprotection #gdpr

Gary Barker
1 week ago

“Firmer - not too soft - not too hard…”

I often stare rapturously at my pencil. #advertising #vintageadvertising #badadvertising

Don Marti
2 weeks ago

"While the risks continued to grow (e.g., a rising youth mental health crisis, widespread collection and sharing of sensitive health and location data in a post-Dobbs landscape), there had been no meaningful change in the [advertising] industry."

#advertising #privacy #adReform

2 weeks ago

What is happening to #ecosia ?
Just got notice of new #cookies for #advertising purposes.
Is it no longer going to be #private ?

Devorah Ostrov
2 weeks ago

What I want for #Christmas... And look how easy it is to cart around! #music #advertising #records

Vintage magazine advertisement in shades of yellow and orange for an E-lectric Banana stereo record player. The advert shows a turntable and 3 knobs inside the banana case, and mentions that it plays in any position - even upside down! An photo insert at the bottom of the ad shows a young woman lugging around the large banana attached to a cord hanging from her shoulder.
2 weeks ago

“My favorite thing about the current state of ads on websites is when you visit a recipe site and leave it open while you step away to do something, and the site crashes.” — Heather Buchel

#Business #Marketing #Advertising #WebDesign #WebDev #Browser #Website #Quote

2 weeks ago

#Business #Trends
The end of the subscription era is coming · Why paid subscription growth is demonstrably unsustainable

#BusinessModel #Monetization #Subscriptions #Advertising #Platforms #Creators #Consumers

John Scott-Railton ☕
2 weeks ago

Block ads on your networks now.

The system designed to follow us around the net with ads is now a blinking #nationalsecurity & #humanrights threat.

And the incentives are all wrong. From platforms to publishers & ad networks they've spent every effort to make sure those ads get to our devices.

Now, predictably, the tech is going to dictators & being used to hack us.

#cybersecurity #hacking #spyware #malware #surveillance #advertising

this is what gaslighting for a living looks like:

#advertising #ads #sportsbots

Jen Sorensen
3 weeks ago

I enjoy watching the mix of athletes from different countries at the US Open, and I also admire the fact that the tournament is celebrating 50 years of equal pay. That said, the branding has gotten a bit out of control.

#usopen #advertising #sports #marketing #latecapitalism #cartoon


Man and woman watching TV. On screen, a tennis player with lots of corporate logos behind her

1. Man: What are you up to?
Woman: Watching the brands compete at the US Open. Also, some tennis players.

2. Woman: Have you noticed that the tiniest, most ordinary parts of sports broadcasts now have a corporate sponsor?

It's not an instant replay but a "Chase Close Call."

3. Woman: Why not sponsor players' individual grunts as they hit the ball?



On screen: Close-up of player's mouth with caption "AMEX GRUNTCAM"
Man: Guess they thought of that.
Jennifer Morency :bc:
3 weeks ago

#Vivaldi says no to #Google Topics in its browser "Google's euphemistically named #PrivacySandbox or Ad Privacy feature is a topic of hot debate. ... [I]t still relies on the profiling of users, is said to give Google even more control over the advertising market, and is the first time that an #advertising solution that includes #tracking is integrated natively in a web browser." 1/2

3 weeks ago

#Business #Reviews
Google bakes an ad platform directly into Chrome · Chrome now directly tracks users via a ‘topic’ list

#Google #Chrome #Browser #Advertising #Tracking #Privacy #PrivacySandbox #TopicsAPI #ThirdPartyCookies

📷 Billboards.

September 7, 2023

#Photography #StreetPhotography #Advertising

twins billboards face the road. shot from under against a stormy sky.  an abstract, inverted color picture.
TapTap 🎮
3 weeks ago

Are there actual numbers on YouTube bounce rate and earnings effects of non-skippable ads?

I don't know if I should leave them on or off on existing content before youtube takes that ability away. I always assumed the bounces wouldn't be worth it but I'm not a marketing/advertising guy. I just wanna laugh with chat and play video games

#youtube #advertising #ads

Sohan Dsouza
4 weeks ago

〝Adtech companies work in the dark and effectively keep advertisers locked out of these transactions. The lack of control and oversight has led to consequences that overwhelmingly harm advertisers and society at large.〞

#disinformation #advertising #media #platforms

4 weeks ago

The #Democrats need to add a laugh track to the "best bits" of all of the new #tuckercarlson TV shows and re-post them, it would be adorable:

#Propaganda #Comedy #Gold #Advertising #FOX #News

1 month ago

You need to go further than that. Much further.
We need a Commission of Experts in various fields that will assess all products & services that come to market so EU citizens can get a balanced description instead of the lies & personal targeting of #advertising, which is all we currently have.
This would be very good for small, local producers of excellent products/services who cannot compete with the marketing/lobbying budgets of (US) megacorps.

Lauren Harter
1 month ago

I recently learned that #JimHenson made ads for #CommunityCoffee using #Muppets in the #1950s and #1960s. They are delightfully unhinged.

#Louisiana #funny #advertising

1 month ago

I fucking **hate** #advertising with the intensity of 1000 suns. I will never sub a streaming service that makes me watch ads.

And as much as I love #football (a lot), I’m **very** annoyed with leagues that insist on using linear coverage (ie all of them, college and #nfl).

My consumption of #MLS and #NHL has risen with their #AppleTV and #espn+ deals, respectively.

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 month ago

In #Australia, Goo' advertise #Chrome with #legacyMedia commercials.

What is remarkable is just how much these #technoFascists must spend on #advertising, to stop the press from reporting on thr abuses. A regular person will never hear about these abuses because of this #bribery.

If only we were organised with fun leaflets to print and share.

ansuz / ऐरन
1 month ago

Someone from "Apple WebKit" just submitted a proposal to the W3C's "Private Advertising Community Working Group" on GitHub, so I hope everybody is ready to resist a whole new round of bullshit:

I haven't read any of it yet, but I haven't seen anything good come out of this group yet.

#w3c #advertising #surveillance #bullshit #hereWeGoAgain

Dave Rahardja
1 month ago

The Visit Iceland folks made a giant functioning keyboard that horses can type on so you can “Outhorse Your Email” while you take a vacation.

#advertising #tourism #gags #humor

1 month ago

“A 19th century printing house would be remiss without a narrow sans serif in its arsenal. These types, cut from wood in large sizes, were developed to meet the growing advertising needs of industrial production. In their quest to fill the page with the maximum amount of ink, the poster grotesk sets dark and narrow with minimal spacing, forcing letters into uniform lockstep.”