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Taliban’s ‘cruel’ ban on women going to national park slammed by international community | The Independent


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Haidari, 44, used to own a lively Kabul restaurant that was known for its music and poetry evenings. The profits were ploughed into a drug rehabilitation center she set up nearby.

A few days after the Taliban returned, gunmen and locals threw out the centre's patients, destroyed her restaurant and looted the furniture.

She now runs a clandestine womens' crafts centre which subsidises an online girls' school.

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BBC News: Five key moments in the crushing of Afghan women's rights
BBC News - Five key moments in the crushing of Afghan women's rights

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BBC News: Afghan women escape for a chance at education
BBC News - Afghan women escape for a chance at education

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3 months ago

Uno di noi due rischia seriamente di andare alle Olimpiadi di #Paris2024 nel #taekwondo. Forza Mahdia Sharifi e forza #TeamRefugees ❤️

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Andrea Sarubbi con Mahdia Sharifi, rifugiata afghana di 19 anni, campionessa di taekwondo
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En ce jour du 8 mars, journée internationale des Droits de la Femme, n'oublions pas non plus les #AfghanWomen ou les #IranianWomen comme celles de cet article de l'Humanité

Allerta ! I talebani hanno arrestato l'attivista per i diritti delle donne Parisa Mobariz e suo fratello dopo aver fatto irruzione nella loro casa. #afghanwomen #BanTaliban @syed2000

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8 months ago

We should give the money we stole from the Afghan people back. It is creating a human rights disaster. It is literally causing a famine and seems to be motivated by sour grapes over the US losing the war that was a parasitic grift that need to end. #Afghanistan #AfghanWomen

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8 months ago

Good meeting with @UN Deputy Secretary General @AminaJMohammed.

Discrimination against women and girls in #Afghanistan is of huge concern.

EU and UN will continue working hand in hand supporting #AfghanWomen and giving them a voice.



The President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Amina J. Mohammed.
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8 months ago

@oatmeal @QasimRashid
We ladies in the USA can still #protest and express our opinions. Women under the #Taliban don't even have that much freedom.

Besides... #Isolationism , #nationalism , and ignoring #fascism & #extremism in other countries has never turned out well for the USA. Invariably, it bites us in the backside.

#Democracy does not thrive in a vacuum. And decency does not survive without empathy.

We MUST care.

#Afghanistan #AfghanWomen #WomensRights #FreedomOfSpeech

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Afghanistan: 'We're not giving up the fight'

"In late January 2022, 25-year-old Tamana Zaryab Paryani was arrested and imprisoned in Kabul. She was brutally tortured, abused, and interrogated for three weeks. Here, she tells DW her story."


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8 months ago

🇬🇧 In Afghanistan first women were banned from studying, then from practicing professions and now male Afghan doctors are banned from providing them with health care. This type of men who put their future at risk while men deserve the non-existent future they created for themselves.
What annoys me the most is that many who defend "the Palestinians" defend this same future for Palestinian women, because Hamas has the same ideology as the Afghan Taliban that women are sub-human beings!!!

🇵🇹 No Afeganistão primeiro as mulheres foram proibidas de estudar, depois de exercerem profissões e agora os homens médicos afegãos estão proibidos de lhes prestarem cuidados de saúde. Este tipo de homens que põe em risco o seu futuro enquanto homens merecem o inexistente futuro que criaram para si próprios.
O que mais me chateia, é que muitos que defendem "os palestinianos" defendem este mesmo futuro para as mulheres palestinianas, pois o Hamas tem a mesma ideologia dos Talibãs afegãos de que as mulheres são seres sub-humanos!!!

🇫🇷 En Afghanistan, d'abord les femmes ont été interdites d'étudier, puis d'exercer des professions libérales et maintenant les hommes médecins afghans n'ont pas le droit de leur fournir des soins de santé. Ce type d'hommes qui mettent leur avenir en danger alors que les hommes méritent l'avenir inexistant qu'ils se sont créé.
Ce qui m'agace le plus, c'est que beaucoup de ceux qui défendent "les Palestiniens" défendent ce même avenir pour les femmes palestiniennes, car le Hamas a la même idéologie que les talibans afghans selon laquelle les femmes sont des êtres inférieurs!!!

🇪🇦 En Afganistán, primero a las mujeres se les prohibió estudiar, luego ejercer profesiones y ahora los médicos afganos tienen prohibido brindarles atención médica. Este tipo de hombres que ponen en riesgo su futuro mientras que los hombres merecen el futuro inexistente que ellos mismos crearon.
Lo que más me molesta es que muchos de los que defienden a "los palestinos" defienden este mismo futuro para las mujeres palestinas, porque Hamás tiene la misma ideología que los talibanes afganos de que las mujeres son seres infrahumanos!!!

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8 months ago

This collection of photos of female Afghan athletes is both amazing and sad.

Photos by Ebrahim Noroozi.

Posts by @monaeltahawy

#afghanistan #AfghanWomen #sports #taliban

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9 months ago

Aid operations hit as Taliban bars #AfghanWomen from working for NGOs: ‘We cannot reach 50% of the population under this ban.’ “Several international aid organisations have suspended their work in #Afghanistan …So far, the one major holdout has been the United Nations. …not everyone in the sector is supportive…[of suspending operations, saying] “NGOs suspending their work won’t sway the Taliban, but it will hurt an already suffering Afghan public...” | New Humanitarian

Tracy Morison
9 months ago

After only a year of Taliban rule, girls and women have disappeared from Afghan society. They’re not allowed to travel, go to work alone, go to public parks, *talk or laugh* in public, and, most recently, to study or to go to school until the age of 13.
#AfghanWomenMatter #AfghanWomen #AfghanGirlsRightToEducation

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#AfghanWomen with internet access will now be able to access over 1,200 free courses on the #FutureLearn platform from the best of British higher education, for the duration of the Taliban’s ban on female higher education”

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Peggio e peggio ! Anche il lavoro delle donne nelle panetterie è stato interrotto per ordine dei talebani

#Afghanistan #AfghanWomen

Il professore universitario Ismail Mashal ha strappato i suoi diplomi durante una trasmissione in diretta, in risposta al divieto dell'istruzione femminile in Afghanistan. #LetHerLearn #AfghanWomen

Non possiamo pensare che la brutale repressione delle donne in Iran e Afghanistan non ci riguardi. Oggi per l’Occidente è una ricorrenza importante,ma l’attenzione per questa disumana tragedia deve sempre essere forte. #IranianHeroines #AfghanWomen 🌸

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You don't have to learn a great deal of Persian to be able to understand this song...


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Source: Dr. Fayeza Fayez

9 months ago The Taliban regime has banned women in Afghanistan from all levels of education, elementary school thru university. We must emphasize more than ever that education is a Human Right, for all women on the planet. #women #university #afghanistan #afghanwomen #humanrights

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9 months ago

Knowledge (itself) is power, F. Bacon

My late toon for today

#AfghanWomen #Taliban #auspol #LetHerLearn

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9 months ago

The Taliban regime has banned women in Afghanistan from university. We must emphasize more than ever that education is a Human Right, for all women on the planet. #women #university #afghanistan #afghanwomen #humanrights

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"By abducting Pervaneh Ebrahim Kheyl, Temna and her three sisters, the Taliban proved to be the main enemy of the Afghan women's movement.

The women of Afghanistan want the anarchist women of the world to support our anarchist movement!



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Die deutsche Regierung muss SOFORT unbürokratische und sichere Fluchtwege schaffen! Besonders für Frauen ist die Machtübernahme der #Taliban in #Afghanistan brandgefährlich.👇 #AfghanWomen #kabulairport