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Im Cinestar ging das Licht während des Films A HAUNTING IN VENICE nicht aus - technischer Defekt. Wenn wir der ersten halben Stunde gegangen wären, hätten wir unser Geld zurückbekommen. Hätten wir es nur gemacht ...

Unser erster Eindruck im 9-Minuten-Podcast:

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Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh und Kenneth Branagh in A HAUNTING IN VENICE © 2023 Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection
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Here’s How ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Differs From the ‘Poirot’ TV Episode
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B. ✨️
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¡Ya lo tengo en mis manos! #AgathaChristie

Libro 10 negritos de Agatha Christie
team NotLeafy
2 weeks ago

Since it was Agatha Christie's 133rd birthday yesterday, we've an excuse to share these again - pics of her cookery books taken in the kitchen when we visited her Dartside holiday home, Greenway near Brixham in Devon. It was her wish the house be kept as it was, so there's a sense she and her family actually used them.

And, yes, we also noticed a book on thallium poisoning among the 5000 books in her library.
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An assortment of hard- and soft-backed cookery books stand in a row filling a shelf. The shelving's white and the background wall is painted deep blue. A clear protective strip runs across the shelf part way up the books. A set of two-pan scales sits in front of the books, it's body looks made of jigsawed wooden pieces painted white with a blue 70s floral design. Two white or cream pie funnels are in front of the scale pans and a blue hand whisk with metal beaters can be seen hanging down from the top left.
An assortment of hard- and soft-backed cookery books stand in two rows filling a shelf, one row in front of the other. The shelving's white and the background wall is painted deep blue. A clear protective strip runs across the shelf part way up the books and a handwritten sign on white card tells visitors not to touch them. A small black chicken ornament with a red comb and a white object that could be a serviette holder are placed on the shelf on either side of the sign.
CafeXperiment :verified:
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In Inghilterra il caffè ha sempre il gusto di un esperimento chimico.
– Agatha Christie

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Happy Birthday, #AgathaChristie!

Onion Budgie
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Agatha Christie, born on this day in 1890, writer of a million bajillion fiendishly twisty crime novels, and the creator of that eccentric little dude with the magnificent moustaches!

An author I can always return to, guaranteed to get me out of any reading slump. 💜

#AgathaChristie #bookstodon #reading #books 🔍

A photo of the writer Agatha Christie, sat at her desk behind a typewriter.  To either side of her is a teetering tower of books.
Holland House Books
2 weeks ago

Born on this day: Agatha Christie, master of sleight-of-hand plots, deceptive appearances and author of over 60 detective novels, and the longest-running play ever!

Did you know she also enjoyed surfing? (image 2) She learnt in the 1920s and honed her skills across the world, including Waikiki in Honolulu. She may also have been the first European to surfboard standing up.

Happy Birthday, Agatha !

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Pagina de Psihologie
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🎂 Azi o celebrăm pe Agatha Christie.
Cărțile autoarei au astăzi preț special, cu 25% reducere față de prețul afișat.
#ZiuaAutorului #AgathaChristie

Ab heute im #Kino: #AHauntingInVenice. #KennethBranagh|s dritte Adaption eines #AgathaChristie-Romans um Detektiv #HerculePoirot ist handwerklich seine beste und wartet mit einer fantastischen Stimmung auf. Krimi-Fans kommen hier ganz auf ihre Kosten. Zur #Review: @20thcentury@twitter

LeRoy Miller
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New #Nintendo #Switch Game
Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot - The London Case - Now I just have to find time to sit down and play.

#Poirot #Christie #AgathaChristie #HerculePoirot #London #LondonCase
#VideoGame #Game

Nintendo Switch Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The London Case - video game, new in case
Ally Manthey
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Ich beende diesen Tag mit Agatha Christie, Mord im Pfarrhaus, S.7, Hamburg 2014:

"Es ist schwer zu sagen, wo man mit dieser Geschichte beginnen soll, aber ich habe mich für einen gewissen Mittwoch beim Lunch im Pfarrhaus entschieden."

Weiter werde ich auch leider nicht kommen. Youngster hat sich bei mir im Bett einquartiert - er kann nicht einschlafen, Gewitter und so ....🙈

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Flipboard Culture Desk
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Kenneth Branagh's latest Agatha Christie adaptation, "A Haunting in Venice," will be in theaters in the U.S. on Sept. 15, with a cast including Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh and of course, Kenneth Branagh as bewhiskered detective Hercule Poirot. In this slideshow, A.V. Club has ranked the best Christie movies and TV shows, going back to 1945's "And Then There Were None." Who's your favorite Poirot?

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3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

La película #MisterioenVenecia es nueva adaptación de una obra de #AgathaChristie que llegará a cines bajo la dirección de #KennethBranagh

Luis Trenado
3 weeks ago

Intentando, si Amazon Prime está por la labor, ver "Inocencia trágica", en la que han metido a Miss Marple con calzador. Datos curiosos: en el reparto estan Jane Seymour y Lisa Stansfield. #MissMarple #AgathaChristie

3 weeks ago
Archives dép. de l'Eure
3 weeks ago

Des missives mystérieuses, de vieilles photos, un passeport... Il était tentant d'en faire une couverture du Club des Masques ! 😜

#fandepolars #agathachristie

Image d 'une boîte d'archives transformée en couverture de livre policier
Luis Trenado
3 weeks ago

Por circunstancias de la vida estamos viendo "En el hotel Bertram" (version Geraldine McEwan) a saltitos. Me acabo de anotar dos minipuntos, pero sospecho que se deben a que es una serie: en un libro hay cosas que no se pueden describir si no quieres ser muy explicito. Sin embargo, en la tele hay detalles que pueden dejarse de fondo a la vista sin que nadie se de cuenta. #EnElHotelBertram #AgathaChristie #MissMarple

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Die mit Spannung erwartete Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The London Case ist jetzt für Konsole und PC erhältlich!
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Luis Trenado
1 month ago

Tras haber visto dos temporadas, tengo que decir que la serie de Miss Marple de la ITV de 2004 es un poquito bah. Nada que ver con la de la BBC de los 80 o la de Poirot, mucho mas fieles a las historias y a los personajes. #MissMarple #AgathaChristie
2 months ago

Remembering #AnnaMassey (1937-2011), the versatile, BAFTA-winning English film, stage and television actress, born in Sussex #OnThisDay. Pictured as Mark's compassionate neighbour in Michael Powell's remarkable #PeepingTom (1960), her many other impressive screen roles included the doomed Babs in Hitchcock's #Frenzy (1972), the fracturing wife / mother in #DeadOfNight's 'A Woman Sobbing' (1972), as a vampire in #VaultOfHorror (1973) and the eponymous #AgathaChristie: A Life in Pictures (2004).

Anna Massey in 'Peeping Tom' (1960)
Christopher Burton 🇺🇦
2 months ago

I have just returned from the used book store. #AgathaChristie #PGWodehouse #FairyTales #Kidlit

Orion Petitclerc
2 months ago

Having finally watched #murderontheorientexpress and rewatched #deathonthenile, I am so ready for #AHauntingInVenice! I really love these #kennethbranagh #HerculePoirot movies and A Haunting in Venice is hitting that horror sweet spot for me.

#AgathaChristie #movie #movies #film #books #adaptation

Staring Hercule Poirot GIF with Kenneth Branagh
Daniel Kochanowicz
2 months ago

So I watched the noisy trailer for the next Kenneth Branagh Agatha Christie mess and I spotted one actress who looked and sounded a lot like Tina Fey and I thought, “Nah! It couldn’t be her. She’s got more sense than that!” But evidently…

Patch Zircher
2 months ago

Latest read (audio), The Last Seance (1933) by Agatha Christie from the collection of the same name; a medium summons spirits into being, but is endangered by a wealthy patron when she summons her lost child.
Christie wrote supernatural tales so eloquently it's a wonder it wasn't her primary focus.
#Books #Audibooks #ShortStory #Supernatural #AgathaChristie

BrooklynMan 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Ok, just finished Appointment With Death (1988), another underwhelming #AgathaChristie film adaptation. Onward, I go… NEXT: Evil Under the Sun (1982)

BrooklynMan 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

So, still on my #AgathaChristie kick. Just finished Dead Man’s Folly (1986). An unremarkable film about a murder/mystery party turned deadly. It was ok. Next is Appointment With Death (1988). Wish me luck!

BrooklynMan 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

On an Agatha Christie #binge and I just finished watching Witness for the Prosecution (1957). (100% on RT)

Found it to be gripping and suspenseful with an excellent denouement and an ending that you don’t see coming no matter how many times it tells you it’s coming. plus, it has a bit of humor in it, which is something I really love about Agatha Christie— a very strange sense of subtle humor paired with very good comedic timing. NEXT: Thirteen at Dinner (1985)

#agathachristie #murdermystery

Steve Tanner
2 months ago

I've been trying to get through this #AgathaChristie for months. Still struggling. #NotHerBest #MissMarple #Mystery #Books

Agatha Christie book - A Murder is Announced
2 months ago

#vendredilecture :

« Mr Brown » d’Agatha Christie
2eme roman de l’écrivaine, cette histoire d’espionnage et de disparition est rocambolesque, légère et bien menée jusque là.
Je connais finalement peu de livre de cette grande dame du crime. Celui là était dans la bibliothèque à la maison depuis un moment, récupéré je ne sais trop comment ni où (la couverture témoigne que le livre est aussi vieux que moi !)


Couverture du livre « Mr Brown » d’Agatha Christie représentant un loup vénitien et un vase
Karen Simmons
2 months ago

Love these two together in the 1978 version of Death on the Nile!😄 Angela Lansbury was so hilarious as the eternally-tipsy Salome Otterbourne (calling Poirot “Mr. Porridge!”😁), and of course David Niven is always such a naturally amiable & dapper gentleman no matter what role he’s playing!☺️👍 #DeathOnTheNile #DavidNiven #AngelaLansbury #AgathaChristie

2 months ago

A new Hercule Poirot movie is coming in September! :D

#AgathaChristie #HerculePoirot

Starchy Compliment
2 months ago

"In a series of events that could have been lifted straight out of the pages of one of Christie's mystery novels, the group of tourists were left stranded after stormy weather knocked down a tree, blocking the road leading down to the property in the county of Devon, southwest England."

100+ Trapped for Hours in Agatha Christie's House via KSL
Photo: "Radio Times"
#AgathaChristie #Greenway #Devon #England #NationalTrust

Alt Film Guide
2 months ago

#RIP #JaneBirkin (1946–2023)

#British-born, #French-based #actress & #singer.

Notable #movies include:

#MichelangeloAntonioni's groundbreaking BLOWUP.

Longtime partner #SergeGainsbourg's (#CharlotteGainsbourg is their daughter) scandalous JE T'AIME MOI NON PLUS.

The #AgathaChristie adaptations DEATH ON THE NILE & EVIL UNDER THE SUN.

Married #composer #JohnBarry.

Later on was the companion of #director #JacquesDoillon.

#Cinemastodon #film #cinema #films #movie

2 months ago

Whodunnit? More than 100 people trapped in Agatha Christie’s house

More than 100 people were trapped inside celebrated author Agatha Christie’s home in #Devon for several hours after a fallen tree blocked a nearby road.

Visitors and staff were unable to leave the grounds of the National Trust property for hours on Friday in a situation straight out of one of the author’s novels.

#AgathaChristie #mystery #winds #trees #author #Murder #MurderMystery #books

Photo of Agatha Christie’s house. Current day photo.
2 months ago

CNN: "Over 100 people trapped for several hours in mystery writer Agatha Christie’s former home after stormy weather knocked down a tree, blocking the road" "The stranded tourists kept themselves busy, drinking cups of tea in the houses’ tearoom and playing rounds of croquet on the lawn" #PostcardsFromTheAnthropocene #weather #AgathaChristie #tourism #tours #storm

Headline from CNN:  Over 100 people trapped for several hours in mystery writer Agatha Christie’s former home
By Niamh Kennedy
Published 10:44 AM EDT, Sat July 15, 2023. Showing Agatha Christie's former home, an old English style building with (three?) stories. White.
Over 100 people were trapped for several hours in Greenway, the former home of famed British mystery writer Agatha Christie, in the English countryside on Friday.

In a series of events which could have been lifted straight out of the pages of one of Christie’s mystery novels, the group of tourists were left stranded after stormy weather knocked down a tree, blocking the road leading down to the property in the county of Devon, southwest England.

Caroline Heaven, a tourist who was visiting Greenway, contacted local news outlet Devon Live to spread the word that roughly 100 tourists were trapped in the grounds of Christie’s former holiday home.
Lydia Schoch
2 months ago

One of you mystery writers out there might find inspiration in my next boost about 100 people recently getting trapped in Agatha Christie’s former house for several hours.

#WriterCommunity #StorySeed #Inspiration #WritersOfMastodon #Mystery #AgathaChristie

Queer Lit Cats
2 months ago

Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: What Was Afoot When 100 People Were Trapped at Agatha Christie’s Estate on Friday?? #Jezebel #agathachristie #carolineheaven #humaninterest #agatha

Liz Molnar
2 months ago
This Junk Journal is a fanart by me and my daughter, dedicated to Agatha Christie's iconic characters Miss Marple and Poirot, featuring visuals of the timeless Christie's series. #junkjournal #junkjournalideas #vintageaesthetic #journaling #poirot #agathachristie #missmarple #junkjournalcommunity #craft #crafts #craftsofmastodon #papercraft #art #handmade #mixedmedia #vintage #artistonmastodon #mastoart
Agatha Christie Junk Journal
Agatha Christie Junk Journal
Agatha Christie Junk Journal
Agatha Christie Junk Journal
Rafaël Max Love
3 months ago

Reading a book in a lovely company. My brain cannot take nearly 1500 pages book that I tried to read so might try to read something thinner. I’ll try to read all Christie books in a chronological order. Failed previously.

#photo #love #ILoveMySon #dog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #dalmatian #AgathaChristie #book #vintage

Photo of a Dalmatian laying next to Agatha Christie’s book The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
3 months ago

Watching some 90s #Poirot and spotted a baby Russell Tovey in Evil Under The Sun #crimeFiction #agathaChristie

3 months ago

What better way to start the day than listening to Lucy Worsley witter on about Agatha Christie.
#history #AgathaChristie #LucyWorsley #BBCRadio4

gulseren adakli
3 months ago

@jwisser @Renee A beautiful historical fiction that is surprisingly unorthodox for #agathachristie Passenger to Frankfurt #spynovel

Paul Nicholas :pico8: :vscode:
4 months ago

Yesterday we went to London to see #TheMousetrap for my wife's "big birthday" present and thoroughly enjoyed it. 🕵️‍♂️
We booked it far enough in advance that private box seats were available (for the same price as other tickets) so we got our own little balcony and even a private door/staircase (felt like royalty! 👑)
Would highly recommend to any fans of murder mysteries/#theatre in general, as the theatre is a museum in itself! 😊
#KeepTheSecret #AgathaChristie

Exterior photo of The Mousetrap, showing at St. Martin's Theatre, London
Wooden sign in foyer telling us we were about to watch performance number 29,165 of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" - the world's longest running play!
The birthday girl sitting in our box seats - only accessible via a wooden door from the stalls to a private staircase. The tickets were about the same price as surrounding ones - just needed to be quick to book.
Our view, can't get much closer than that! 😅
(didn't mind that we had restricted viewing for the right-part of the stage, as most of the action was centre/down stage anyway)

May 22, 2023 - Day 142 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 158

Game: Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Feb 4, 2016
Library Date: Mar 14, 2023
Unplayed: 69d (2m8d)
Playtime: 76m

Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders is a point-and-click 2.5D puzzle/mystery game.

IIRC it came as a free mystery bonus gift with a Fanatical purchase.

The most annoying thing about it is that it absolutely sucked me to keep playing it. I've never read an Agatha Christie novel, and the only things I knew about Hercule Poirot is that the character is French, and has been played onscreen by David Suchet multiple times.

This is not a David Suchet voiced version of Poirot. Yet, 76 minutes in, and I've completed around a quarter of the game, in spite of having little desire to do so. It's just... scratching an itch.

I don't think it will be a particularly long game; the puzzles aren't overly complex (so far), I just can't understand quite why I felt so compelled to keep going until I completed the first chapter.

No connection to the character, no particular affinity to this kind of game, no emotional drive to play it, yet I'm going to probably keep playing it, which I find mildly irritating.

Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders is:

3: OK

#AgathaChristie #TheABCMurders #PointAndClick #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Tim Richards
5 months ago

It's always entertaining to read passages in Agatha Christie's novels wherein she has the character Ariadne Oliver talk about the process of writing – we're clearly hearing what Christie herself thinks about it. Here's an entertaining passage from Dead Man's Folly:

"I mean, what can you say about how you write books?

"What I mean is, first you’ve got to think of something, and when you’ve thought of it you’ve got to force yourself to sit down and write it.

"That’s all. It would have taken me just three minutes to explain that, and then the Talk would have been ended and everyone would have been very fed up.

"I can’t imagine why everybody is always so keen for authors to talk about writing. I should have thought it was an author’s business to write, not talk."

#Writing #Fiction #Author #AgathaChristie cc @NarrelleMHarris @books

As a huge Agatha Christie fan, and lover of all things to do with trains, I can't tell you how sad it makes me that the 1974 version of Murder On The Orient Express is still regarded as the best one.

Why can't someone make a perfect adaptation of this great murder mystery without making it ridiculous or infuriating?

#Films #Movies

Graham Downs
5 months ago

They tried it with #RoaldDahl. Now they're trying it with #AgathaChristie. :'(

I really hope they go with releasing two versions of each, like they did with Dahl. I can't stand hearing stories like this. It makes me incredibly sad.

#books #bookstodon #censorship @bookstodon :verified:
5 months ago

Dopo #RoaldDahl, #AgathaChristie e lo #IanFleming di #JamesBond, anche il #DonRosa della #Saga di #ZioPaperone cade sotto i colpi della #censura, mettendo a rischio ogni futura ristampa della saga

Nikt nie może czuć się obrażony. Jeśli nieżyjący autor napisał coś kontrowersyjnego, coś co nie pasuje do współczesnych wymagań, to trzeba to... wygumkować lub przeredagować. Tutaj wiele przykładów: #cenzura #nowomowa #AgathaChristie #RoaldDahl #IanFleming

Jennifer Johnson
6 months ago

Continuing my #AgathaChristie watching, tonight I watched Ordeal by Innocence with #BillNighy, also on #amazonprime

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It was a lot.

I thought I'd re-read all the books in 2016, but I'd missed that one, and Cat Among the Pigeons.

I need to go through digital and physical books and see what else I'm missing - I'm a bit of a completionist. #Movies #PeriodPieces #Film #Mystery #Murder

Jennifer Johnson
6 months ago

I've been on an #AgathaChristie kick lately. At my boyfriend's suggestion, I watched The ABC Murders with #JohnMalkovich on #AmazonPrime.

I wasn't thrilled with it. Stories have to change when they go from book to screen or stage. But this called into question Poirot's character, his motivations, and his history, and I just don't like a change that great.

I'd coincidentally listened to the #audiobook in the last few weeks, so the story was fresh.

#Movies #PeriodPieces #Film #Mystery #Murder

Mike Riversdale
6 months ago

At the annual Breaker Bay Garage Sale there is always a vast choice in second-hand book authors, you can have Agatha Christie OR Patricia Wentworth 😏

#SecondHand #crime #books #AgathaChristie #GarageSale #Aotearoa #NewZealand #photography

Box of second-hand books by Agatha Christie or Patricia Wentworth
Andy P
6 months ago

TIL Agatha Christie invented the character Harley Quin in 1930. Not the DC character but still

"A friend of lovers, he seeks to right wrongs and incite peace, however he is always connected with death. As we move through the series of short stories, Mr Quin’s physical form becomes more and more unclear, until the reader questions whether he exists independently of [the detective], or is in fact a representation of a hidden part of his personality." #AgathaChristie #HarleyQuinn

Book cover for Agatha Christie's "The Mysterious Mr. Quin" with a man in harlequin costume and mask, prancing while holding a curved cane.
7 months ago

I'm out of room in my fiction bookcases, so I'm trying to clear room by reading through the Agatha Christies that my sister gave me last year. And while I'm enjoying more of her earlier books, her later mysteries are not all that great!!! Truly not sure how to get out of the funk after finishing Nemesis, which had so much slut shaming and rape apologia that I'm not sure how to clear my head before bed 😡

#bookstodon #MurderMystery #AgathaChristie

9 months ago

Happy #PublicDomainDay! If you’re looking for a newly #CopyrightFree ebook to read, why not check out the latest releases at #StandardEbooks ( Several titles first published in 1927, now in the #PublicDomain, have been copyedited and prepared by our contributors over the last few months and will be published on the site today! You can already see some titles by #AgathaChristie and #DorothyLSayers on the site, with more books to come! @bookstodon #Bookstodon

Knitting legwarmers and watching a great documentary about #AgathaChristie on the #BBC. Presented by the brilliant Lucy Worsley.

Moved servers again (last time, I hope!!) so #introduction time again!

I create #cozy soothing stories for imaginauts, insomniacs and other grownups.

The #podcast version is softly spoken with a comforting female voice.

The YouTube #video version also features charming watercolor illustrations:

#Cats || #Books || #Cottagecore || #CozyFantasy || #CozyGames || Watercolor #Illustration || #ChildrensBook || #Tea Parties || #AgathaChristie || #MissRead || #GentleFiction

a watercolor painting of a flowing pink and purple skirt
a watercolor painting of an autumn forest river
a watercolor painting of a woodland fairy
a watercolor painting of an imaginary nebula
Inklyrion: Soothe Stories
10 months ago

I have just moved servers, so time for a new introduction.

I create #cozy soothing stories for imaginauts, insomniacs and other grownups.

The #podcast version is softly spoken with a welcoming female voice.

The YouTube #video version also features charming watercolor illustrations:

#Cats || #Books || #Cottagecore || #CozyFantasy || #CozyGames || Watercolor #Illustration || #ChildrensBook || #Tea Parties || #AgathaChristie || #MissRead || #GentleFiction

a cozy cabin lit up at night
books on a windowsill, rain on the windowpanes, castle outside
a grey and white kitty cat
an adorable red dragon
10 months ago

An #introduction is in order.

I'm a stay-at-home dad living in Boorloo (Perth) with experience in: #programming, #maths, #prisons, #aod, #addiction, and #volunteering.

Things I like to read about:
#JuliaLang :julialang:
#AusPol (but only policies and elections, not game-playing rubbish)
#Indigenous experiences

Things I like to post about:
#cats (we have a #RescueCat called Sancho)

Things I like, but don't read or post about:
#jazz and #swing
#MurderMysteries from #AgathaChristie through #MidsommerMurders to #KnivesOut

11 months ago

Book-lover with large TBR Pile and guilty conscience, based in #Ireland.
Voted #together4yes, pro- #LGBTQ equality (all the letters, not just some).
#prochoice, voted #repealthe8th.
Owned by a #whippet.
Obviously left-leaning; interested in #feminism (#feminist), #egalitarianism.
Happen to be an #atheist (#atheism), but more importantly not keen on organised religion; fan of #criticalthinking and #science.
Sincerely believes #kindness matters.
Enjoys #agathachristie & #sondheim.

US law professor looking for an alternative to #musk-ified Twitter.

#news #ukraine
#uspol #politics #potus
#scotus #constitution #law
#space #scifi
#sherlock #agathachristie
#cats #CatsOfMastodon

Please, no more about NFTs or Crypto. 🤐