Ian Kremer
2 hours ago

Please share these 10 warning signs of possible #Alzheimers disease. Share concerns about your own cognitive #health or that of a loved one with the doctor and ask for a cognitive assessment (which is free as part of the #Medicare Annual #Wellness Visit).

#dementia #aging

1) Memory loss that disrupts daily life 2) Challenges in planning or solving problems 3) Difficulty completing familiar tasks 4) Confusion with time or place 5) Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships 6) New problems with words in speaking or writing 7) Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps 8) Decreased or poor judgment 9) Withdrawal from work or social activities 10) Changes in mood and personality
5 hours ago

@dangrsmind #Aging

I'm currently 73 & the chart's wrong for me. Genetics matter.

My mother lived to 101. My father died at 89 but that was due to a collapsed lung suffered as a result of too much smoking when younger. He could have lived well past 90 if he hadn't smoked.

So, I'm good to at least 90. 🤞

Alan Kotok
5 hours ago

A new challenge competition from XPrize calls for proactive and accessible health care solutions for improving the quality of life among older people worldwide.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Challenge #Aging #Competition #Longevity #Muscular #Cognitive #Immune #MedicalCare #LifeExpectancy

WIST Quotations
7 hours ago

A quotation from Rogers, Will:

This thing of being a hero, about the main thing to it is to know when to die. Prolonged life has ruined more men that it ever made.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #aging #death #decline #fame #hero #legacy #lingering #mortality #oldage #outstay #remembrance #ruin #scandal

Matteo Cesari
8 hours ago

Ageism: the -ism affecting the lives of older people living with HIV

"...The model of care for older people living with #HIV needs to go beyond virological success by adopting a geriatric mindset, which is attentive to the challenge of #ageism and is proactive in promoting a comprehensive approach for the #ageing population..."

#Geriatrics #Aging #Health #Care #InfectiousDisease

Okay so here is my take on #aging

Aging is the constant duel between the ever increasing downtime it takes to recover from injuries or illnesses of any sort and the willingness to live in a state of decay or decline that is increasingly permanent until entropy is like a snowball rolling down the hill

Alfred Poor
11 hours ago

#TechBlick's first #online #HealthTech Series focuses on #Aging-in-Place. I'll moderate #industry #leaders in two panel discussions. Get live & replay access to this & the other 11 monthly events, plus all TechBlick virtual events. Use HTCODE for 25% off.

Matteo Cesari
19 hours ago

#Ageism: the -ism affecting the lives of older people living with #HIV

"...ageism is an under-addressed issue in the HIV setting..."

#Care #Geriatrics #Aging #Health #Social #Medicine #Life

"Research shows #younger #Gay #men increasingly desire #older men, hinting at #fading #ageism in the Gay #Community.

The term '#daddy,' historically referring to #desirable #older men, has grown in popularity. #SameSex male couples, more than other pairings, tend to embrace this dynamic."

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Aging #Dating #Family #Relationships #Representation #Culture

Man of Sand
1 day ago

I liked my cold virus when it was stuck in my head. After traveling to my chest, I'm a lot less functional. My pile of design deadlines don't seem to care tho 😩

#wfh #adulting #aging #virus

Man of Sand
1 day ago

I can’t wait for my body to get acclimated to winter weather so I can run out with a tshirt in -10c and grab the mail or pull in the trash bins.

It’s like -5c today. I went outside for 10mins and now I’m bundled up inside and need a hot drink and a hot water bottle and a heater.

*curses in Canadian*
#adulting #parenting #aging #winter

2 days ago

Aging is more than a number.

NEW research uses multiple measures to help clarify how racism accelerates biological aging among Black relative to White people in the U.S.

@demography @sociology @publichealth @medmastodon #Health #Aging #PublicHealth #Racism #StructuralRacism #Equity #HealthEquity #SDoH

Man of Sand
2 days ago

I may be suffering from crippling depression, anxiety, heart disease, exhaustion from supporting my active wife and kid, BUT I was able to successfully juggle work and life to make a delicious batch of chilli in the Instant Pot for dinner today 😎😊

#dadlife #adulting #parenting #aging #instantpot

"More than 30 million older Americans are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, wooed by lower premiums and more benefits than traditional Medicare offers.

But a bipartisan group of lawmakers is increasingly concerned that insurance companies are preying on seniors, and, in some cases, denying care that would otherwise be approved by traditional Medicare."

#healthcare #medicare #medicareadvantage #aging #seniors #insurance

2 days ago

At my cervical screening appointment today, the doctor said to me, 'Well, you're nearly 50... it's worth doing some investigative tests for things like diabetes, high cholesterol...' and she rattled off several other diseases I could potentially look forward to as I age.

I'm fine with doing the tests -- my family tree is littered with a litany of inheritable conditions, so I figure it's best to know rather than not -- but I'm also pondering the way ageing is medicalised. I don't know. I like living and I'd like to have any conditions well managed, and at this age, most can be managed with lifestyle changes, I guess. And I'm generally healthy, so I'm not expecting bad news!

Just thinking about life and the changing body, I suppose. And what that means in medical terms too.

#ageing #aging #bodies #health

2 days ago

Whenever people ask what personal age I would like to go back to, I tend to think of only the bad things that would still lie ahead of me. How would you answer?

#poll #polls #aging

The Japan Times
3 days ago

While the local economy in Okinawa is on a recovery track after the COVID-19 downturn, finding a taxi is becoming increasingly difficult because of a shortage of drivers. #japan #society #okinawa #cars #buses #aging #taxis

Man of Sand
3 days ago

For the cardiologist in your life, KFC has a Buy One, Get One Free deal on buckets of fried chicken…

#BlackFriday #CyberMonday #Adulting #aging

katch wreck
3 days ago

"Here, we demonstrate that damaged #lysosomal #membranes are repaired by #microautophagy (a process termed “microlysophagy”) and identify key regulators of the first and last steps. We reveal the AGC #kinase STK38 as a novel microlysophagy regulator...microlysophagy is regulated by STK38 and GABARAPs and could be essential for maintaining lysosomal integrity and preventing #aging."


Karen Monteiro
4 days ago

At Kalocaly, we're dedicated to exceeding expectations and making your purchase a delightful journey.

Introducing our satisfaction promise – a commitment to your happiness.

With passion, we've crafted a product that brings joy and utility to your life.

Experience unparalleled quality and join our community of satisfied customers who've found joy in our hydrating serum.

Discover a world where your happiness is our promise.

#skincare #rejuvenateskin #aging #skincarejourney #skinrenewal

4 days ago

“Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.” ~ Jennifer Yane

#quote #aging #milkweed #seedPods

Feathery wisps of milkweed seeds escaping and spilling out of the opened light colored slightly spikey textured pods that are surrounded by rust colored plant matter and bare gray stems against a blurred/bokeh background of nearby autumn vegetation
4 days ago

Cool terms — increasingly useful, unfortunately — for that pesky tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon, "the inability to remember the correct word":




Hmm. Oh no: have I posted about these before?

#words #aging #dammit

Prism & Pen
4 days ago

Celia and Miss Mozeen were best friends. They lived together, enjoyed life together, and loved each other. But they had to keep their love a secret.

#LGBTQ #Lesbian #Fiction #Love #Aging

Marcia Nelson Pedde
5 days ago

satisfying sounds
shuffling through fallen oak leaves
the child in her heart

#amwriting #nature #autumn #oak #heart #happy #aging #observations #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines #mpy

5 days ago

50-year-old muscles just can’t grow big like they used to – the biology of how #muscles change with age

Old and young people build muscle in the same way. But as you age, many of the biological processes that turn #exercise into muscle become less effective. This makes it harder for older people to build #strength.

#aging #HealthyAging

Isaac Land
5 days ago

Not a bad idea: To mark turning 60, he made a list of 60 things he hadn't done, and did them. Gift link: #aging #bucketlist

Man of Sand
6 days ago

80s Parents: If you don't get straight A's, you're in big trouble! 😡

6y/o me: But I don't know how... 😩

80s Parents: Well, figure it out!😡

#parenting #adulting #aging

Man of Sand
6 days ago

Grade 1 parent/teacher interview today. Shocking contrast from when I was a kid.

My parents would threaten to beat me if teachers had anything mildly less than perfect to say about me.

Now we're being supportive and making notes on what we can do at home to help improve our child

#adulting #aging #parenting

Tom Kindlon
6 days ago

Senolytic therapy alleviates physiological human brain aging & #COVID19 neuropathology

“Collectively our results demonstrate an important role for cellular senescence in driving brain #aging and #SARSCoV2 -induced neuropathology, & a therapeutic benefit of senolytic treatments”

#LongCovid #PwLC #PostCovidSyndrome #LC #postcovid @covid19
#COVIDー19 #COVID #COVID_19 @novid #novid #CovidIsNotOver #CovidBrain @auscovid19

Man of Sand
6 days ago

I've been getting destroyed at work with last-minute-urgent projects.

My kid has been sick and preventing me from sleeping at night

My wife has been home recovering from a medical procedure

I'm stretched in so many different directions. Woke up with a sore throat and body aches.

Wish I had more time to focus on myself...😩

#adulting #aging #parenting #alwaystired

“One way or another, taxpayers are going to have to pay more for long-term care needs of the baby boomers.”

Many experts believe it’s untenable to expect that a private insurance market can protect most people from the growing burden of long-term care costs.

“The whole situation is poorly suited to that kind of insurance offering,” said Robert Saldin, a political science professor at the University of Montana who studies the industry.

#insurance #aging #longtermcare

The Japan Times
1 week ago

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo’s Odaiba district has made “aging” a centerpiece of its new permanent exhibitions. #japan #sciencehealth #science #exhibitions #aging #elderly

1 week ago

How to slow the aging process

Death is inevitable, but it's good to postpone it if one can maintain a healthy life that minimizes the pain and suffering of chronic illness.

There are no sure things, but one can take steps to minimize the risk of harm (thus we use seatbelts in automobiles).

This brief video has some interesting information about what we've learned about the effects of diet.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #aging

1 week ago

One of the perks of getting older is that I can now carry as many paper towel "snot rags" as I want to in my pockets without giving two shits about what you think.
And stay off my lawn!

old white guy shaking fist and yelling get off my lawn!
Man of Sand
1 week ago


Millennials & Gen Z ruining everything.

#adulting #aging #FBoyIsland

FBOY Island poster from IMDB

3 girls in bright bikinis stepping over men who are lying down on beach towels with the words FBOY ISLAND at the top
Matteo Cesari
2 weeks ago

The Relationship Between #Cognitive Decline and All-Cause #Mortality Is Modified by Living Alone and a Small #Social Network: A Paradox of #Isolation

Loneliness ≠ Isolation ≠ Small network

#Aging #Loneliness #Geriatrics

2 weeks ago

The Most VITAL Thing As You Age? Maintaining muscle mass. Research shows that people over age 50 lose 1% of their muscle mass *per year,* which leads to increased risk of falling, increased pain, lower metabolism, and less independence over time.

[editing to add: The issue of #muscle loss is even *more* important for #women!]

If you're 50+, this guy is a good follow. No hype - just solid info.


Amy Lee
2 weeks ago

Why do I care so much about #accessibility? I have seen firsthand how totally healthy people become incapacitated. People that are executives, award-winning teachers, top notch scientists, and athletes. One day totally fine and the next day completely changed. Also the #aging process comes for us all. I want to find ways that all of us can continue to use technology and have the lives we want.

Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 weeks ago

I found Jenny Diski's writing a decade ago. Just spicy enough.

"One of​ the problems of ageing is knowing when to start complaining about being old... I supposed I must accept that I was old because my hairdresser says, ‘Ah, bless,’ in response to whatever I say in answer to her questions. ‘Are you busy today?’ ‘Just regular working.’ ‘Ah, bless.’ ‘How was the weekend?’ ...

I hear it too from shop assistants as they call out that I’ve left my purse on the counter. ‘Ah, bless,’ they say when I return to pick it up. I used to leave my purse behind in my younger days too (though not nearly so often), but I don’t recall anyone ah-blessing me until recently.

The ah-bless alters or confirms whatever it’s responding to, and in my mind’s eye (altered and confirmed) I see a small, nondescript old lady going bravely about her business. There are other signs that I am no longer young, but the ah-bless is the most open and public."

#Aging #OldAge #JennyDiski

Swede’s Photographs
2 weeks ago

Good morning. 🍄🍄🍄

14 November 2023

Growing old happens suddenly, doesn't it, or it seems to do that sometimes. Where I worked, before I retired, I needed a badge, well more of an ID card or pass. I had to get a new one every couple of years, so they took a new photo of me. Every time I joked that something was wrong with the camera. It was kind of corny I know, but I'm an introvert and struggle to hold a conversation, particularly with strangers. Whoops, I skipped the track didn't I. Well back to growing old. In my office I have a black and white photo of my company at the USMC Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Pendleton in 1971. I'm in the photo and I think I know which Marine I am but I'm not at all certain.

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the heck she is.” - Ellen DeGeneres

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #mushrooms #aging

This is a photograph of some ink cap mushrooms in dew covered grass. I think that theses ink caps are Coprinopsis lagopus.

"Gurwitz fears geriatric medicine is on the decline. Despite the surging older population, there are fewer geriatricians now (just over 7,400) than in 2000 (10,270), he noted in a recent piece in JAMA. (In those two decades, the population 65 and older expanded by more than 60%.) Research suggests each geriatrician should care for no more than 700 patients; the current ratio of providers to older patients is 1 to 10,000."

#healthcare #geriatrics #aging #primarycare

2 weeks ago

I think this happened already a while ago, and I just haven't really noticed, but young assistant professors all look like high school students to me now.

#aging #academia

3 weeks ago

It was my birthday this weekend. So this is 43.
#Weekend #aging

Woman with long brunette hair, blue eyes and rose-tinted lips looking at the camera. She's wearing a black velour jacket, black shirred dress, and has silver septum jewellery.
A prog rock band playing their guitars, as the bright stage lights shine, like rays of sunshine, behind them. The crowd in front of them are just shadows.
My hand holding up a burgundy Christmas Costa coffee cup to the camera. Grumpy bear rests on the couch, but is slightly blurry in the background.
Sitting on the couch, holding up 2 books. On the left, with a white spine, is "Beserker! An Autobiography" By Adrian Edmondson. On the right, with a dark green spine, is "A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year" by Jane McMoreland Hunter.
Poetry News
3 weeks ago

Time slows down while we age
But on the Life's Essential 8, we engage
Our body can reverse
Those years so perverse
And a healthier life is our gauge

#aging #health #heart #lifesessential8 #limerick #poetry

3 weeks ago

Getting things done this week. Today is “fix the car” day, so I can drive to the polling place to vote later. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my driver’s license photo taken, so my previous hot mugshot will be replaced with the old greying fivehead current edition. #gtd #aging #vote

3 weeks ago

When my little brother and I asked our mom how old she was, she used to laugh and say "I'm as old as my tongue, and a little bit older than my teeth."
That was frustrating, but now I've reached the age where that seems like a perfectly legit answer.

brad m
3 weeks ago

“if #cycling maintains cardiovascular performance more effectively than a $2m-a-year #antiaging regime, maybe a #bike is the only rejuvenation tool any of us really need”
“If #exercise were a drug, what’s the correct dose?”
“It’s tempting to assume that there is something like a clock encrypted in our #DNA counting down the time we have left. But that’s an unhelpful analogy” #bicycle #fitness #aging #longread

Anne Fausto Sterling
3 weeks ago

I love naked mole rats. They exemplify communal control of individual physiology, they are social, very ugly and live long for their size and some of this, improbably may be due to a giant polysaccharide. #nakedmolerats #aging

Stoicminds Channel
4 weeks ago

Stoic Reflections on Aging Gracefully: Embracing the Seasons of Life #stoic #stoicism #stoicquotes #aging #seasonsoflife

The Japan Times
4 weeks ago
The Conversation U.S.
4 weeks ago

Weightlifting and other forms of resistance training can help stave off loss of muscle mass and other age-related physical decline.

Here’s an example a strength training routine for older adults based on the National Strength and Conditioning Association guidelines:

#aging #exercise #fitness

Chart showing the general pattern for changes in muscle strength and size across stage of life.
4 weeks ago

I really enjoyed this essay by Xochitl Gonzalez about #aging with control and gratitude.

Someone at work casually dropped an observation that, in our culture, people between 30 and 45 or so tend towards terror of any perceived corruption to the body, from age or disease, willing to pay any price to avoid it. After that, it becomes easier to relax, accept the path, and refocus on quality of life. This tracked profoundly with my own experience. I'm still thinking about it.

4 weeks ago

Grandpa's still got it.
Steppin' at the club.

old man from the alexa tv commercial saying alexa, play the cee-lo song that goes so fuck you, hoo hoo hoo!
Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 month ago

"Prisons weren’t designed for older folks, and the California Institution for Women is no exception. Nigel and Earlonne pay a visit to CIW’s Senior Center to hang out with a group of women aged 70 and up and hear their stories about aging inside."

#Disability #Aging #Prison

1 month ago

My tooth has been killing me for days. Worst pain, 8 out of 10. I have a root canal scheduled tomorrow, but it is excruciating.
Wish me luck.

Xena, warrior princess, screaming I have a toothache, it's  making me insane!
Matteo Cesari
1 month ago

Hi, everyone! Time to formally introduce myself in #Mastodon

My name is Matteo (@macesari)

Scientist at the World Health Organization (#WHO) in Geneva (#Switzerland), and Professor of #Geriatrics and #Gerontology (on leave) at the University of Milan (#Italy)

I post on #Medicine, #PublicHealth, #Ageing (or #Aging), #Care... But also on #Roma (where I am from) and #ASRoma (my favourite/only #football team)

Other hobbies: #reading, #movies, #Running

One wife, three kids, one #dog

The Japan Times
1 month ago

With Germany's acute labor shortage leaving few candidates to take on skilled but dirty and hazardous manual work, some companies have turned to robots. #business #companies #germany #jobs #robots #aging #population

Anne Lamott on getting older: (gift link).

"A lot of us thought when we were younger that we might want to stretch ourselves into other areas, master new realms. Now, I know better. I’m happy with the little nesty areas that are mine. For some reason, I love my softer, welcoming tummy. I laugh gently more often at darling confused me’s spaced-outed ness, although I’m often glad no one was around to witness my lapses."

#aging #age #AnneLamott

Lorraine C.
1 month ago

Via @heatmap_news

How Older People Got Left Out of Climate Planning
A conversation with Danielle Arigoni, author of the new book Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation
OCTOBER 27, 2023

#climatechange #usa #canada #eu #publichealth #elders #africa #middleeast #aging #seniors

1 month ago

Woke up with an unhappy back that has just grown more aggravated throughout the day, think I pulled something in my thigh walking to the store earlier, feeling older than I should a few weeks out from my 32nd year. #aging

1 month ago

One of the weirdest ways I feel old is when I see how computer-illiterate young adults are these days.

(Is it the equivalent of my dad being disappointed in me every time I open the hood of the car and I have no idea what all those things are or do?)

And also, they don't know how to write e-mails (you know the part where you say hello and the part where you sign your name.)

#computing #aging

1 month ago

The most remote rural counties had Wave 4 COVID-19 mortality rates 52% higher than the most urban counties. Older age composition, worse pre-pandemic population health, lower vaccination rates, higher share of votes cast for Trump in the 2020 Presidential election, and lower socioeconomic composition completely explained the rural disadvantage in reported case rates.

#Pandemic #COVID #Rural #Urban #Aging #Health #PublicHealth #Vaccination

Steve Faulkner
1 month ago

With the help of ChatGPT I have added alt text to images in my slide deck "No Industry for Old Men" from #a11yTO 2023

#a11y #webStandards #HTML #ARIA #Depression #aging #ai

Bob Monsour
1 month ago

Warning, this is not about #11ty or #eleventy. It's about what I do to try to stay in shape. #fitness #kettlebells #aging

Texas Observer
2 months ago

From our magazine: Today a nonprofit that helps the #aging occupies this "haunted" home in #Austin's Hyde Park neighborhood, but it's the place's #history that really chills its current occupants ...

#SpookySeason #Halloween #Texas #WhiteSupremacy #racism #Diversity #BlackLivesMatter #photography

John Gordon
2 months ago

Three year 65 landmarks:

1. Reset Face ID as it was getting unreliable - presumably due to aging.
2. Rebooted my #crossfit to increase frequency (5/wk) but decrease intensity. Focus on form rather than my weights of 3y ago. I scale without shame.
3. Encourage my mountain biking buddies to sometimes do black trails on their own while I do some mellow blue and session things.

#aging #exercise

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

People in the oldest stage of life who regularly engage in aerobic activities and strength training exercises perform better on cognitive tests than those who are either sedentary or participate only in aerobic exercise.
#health #aging #exercise #fitness

Mature women doing exercises on pilates equipment in a gym.
2 months ago

The Ugly Truth: American Society’s Disposable Attitude Toward #Aging

The media and advertising sectors are dominated by a small group of extremely wealthy persons, and they maintain a fixation on youth and beauty. This fixation harms people’s self-esteem and mental health and encourages a disposable attitude toward aging. The #oligarchy establishes an impossible standard by continually bombarding us with pictures of young perfection, which leads to the devaluation....

Texas Observer
2 months ago

This building in #Austin's expensive Hyde Park neighborhood has a reputation for being haunted ... but it's the #history, not the ghosts that disturbs its modern occupants.

For spooky season, Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher visits the former Confederate Women's Home:

From the Texas Observer magazine. #Photography by Joseph Rushmore.
#SpookySeason #Halloween #Texas #WhiteSupremacy #Racism #BlackLivesMatter #Nonprofit #aging

An exterior balcony at the former Confederate Women's Home in Austin, eerily lit and seen through foliage in this black and white photo.
In this black and white photo, Jeanine Plumer, a white woman in a skirt and black sleeveless top stands on the old-fashioned porch of the former Confederate Women's Home, her arms folded and eyes closed with a solemn expression.
2 months ago

From #OPB:

"Three-quarters of adults over the age of 50 want to remain in their homes as they age, according to the AARP. But in many cities, including Portland, older residents may face physical and social challenges when wanting to age in place.

A draft report released this month by the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability aims to identify ways to address some of these issues."

#Aging #Disability #Housing #Oregon #Portland #PDX

Warner Crocker
2 months ago

Two kinds of aging people in the world. Once they realize they’re closer to the end than the beginning:

1. Fuck it. I’ll be gone. It’s their problem.

2. Fuck it. I need to try and make things better and clean up the joint before I head out.

#oldpeopleofmastodon #Today #aging

Bruce Mirken
2 months ago

"Suppose the disabilities of age mean you can no longer safely live in your own home. Well, you’re on your own. Unless you can afford to move to some kind of assisted-living facility, you’re in real trouble. Your main alternative is to spend down most of what you own, so you qualify for the pittance that your state Medicaid program will pay a (most likely for-profit) nursing home to warehouse you until you die." #Aging #disability

PLOS Biology
2 months ago

Cells can counteract #aging by transmitting mitochondria asymmetrically. This study in #yeast shows how oxidatively damaged #mitochondria are selectively retained in the mother cell to prevent inheritance by the next generation. #PLOSBiology

2 months ago

This week's epiphany: All of us in our 40s or older who have put off writing even though it's something we've always wanted to do have no reason to criticise ourselves for not doing more of it sooner. Our views of the world change and mature as we get older, so being older and wiser is actually an advantage. It might not be true for everyone, but it does tend to be for people who are deeply reflective, as most writers are. #writing #aging #wisdom

Alan Kotok
3 months ago

A new crowdsourced competition seeks more robust early indicators of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias using analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

#News #Press #Science #Business #AlzheimersDisease #Dementia #Diagnostics #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithms #DataScience #Aging #NIH #Challenge #Competition #Crowdsourcing

@hellomiakoda @dgar

I'm just on the threshold, but I am beginning to embrace Old.
I embrace all that I have lived and all that I have loved. All I have survived and how I have, and have not, thrived.
I embrace wisdom and knowledge and increased empathy, compassion and understanding.
I embrace moving a little more slowly and noticing more around me. And yes, the pains and creaks that give me the grace to do so.
And I relish really fitting into my skin and not giving a crap if someone likes me for who I am, or not.

Youth-glorifying culture is a mindset; don't subscribe to it.

#old #older #aging #Crone #crones #cronepower


I do not recommend using the term 'stagnate'. That implies absence of change.

Changes in population, New Mexico 2010 to 2019.

The trend of greatest growth of senior citizens is expected to continue for at least a decade.

(And compared to our neighboring states TX, AZ, CO and their rapid growth...New Mexico is shrinking.)

I wonder what demographic changes are projected to take place in 'stagnant' California in the next decade?


Changes in population, New Mexico 2010 to 2019.

The trend of greatest growth of senior citizens is expected to continue for at least a decade.
Tara Price
3 months ago

A talented woman I know wrote this reflective article which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Sharing because you might too.

#Barbie #Aging #Women #Writing