Pierre-Yves Comtois
2 hours ago

« En agriculture, les nouveaux produits technologiques [...], à cause de leur dépendance aux métaux rares, entraînent une destruction environnementale sans précédent, aussi dommageable, sinon davantage, que celle liée aux énergies fossiles qu’ils visent à remplacer. » #PolQc #Agriculture #Avenir

6 hours ago

'During the Middle Neolithic a new ancestry from the Levant appears in the Maghreb, coinciding with the arrival of pastoralism in the region, and all three ancestries blend together during the #LateNeolithic.' #foodhistory #foraging #agriculture #Maghreb

Erin Whalen
9 hours ago

James Beard Award-winning chef and restauranteur Marcus Samuelsson is joining cultivated meat maker Aleph Farms as an investor, culinary advisor and U.S. launch partner.

Every time I see a story about cultivated meat I'm left wondering: 1. Is it scalable? and 2. Is it DELICIOUS?

It has to be both if it's going to succeed... (and I really hope it does!)

#labgrownmeat #cultivated #meat #sustainability #food #FoodSecurity #agriculture

Nevis Island
10 hours ago

In his presentation at the most recent PM’s Press Conference, Agriculture Minister Duggins revealed that the Ministry of #Agriculture is preparing to roll out its plan, designed to secure food self-sufficiency and #sustainability in #StKitts and #Nevis.

In his presentation at the most recent PM’s Press Conference, Agriculture Minister Duggins revealed that the Ministry of #Agriculture is preparing to roll out its plan, designed to secure food self-sufficiency and #sustainability in #StKitts and #Nevis.
13 hours ago

Ancient #genomes suggest farming in Africa was ignited by oversea-migrants from Iberia 7,400 years ago.

#agriculture #anthropology #migration

The Global Plant Council
21 hours ago

Tomatoes, cabbages, melons, pumpkins and cucumbers… are just some of the 150 #crops of commercial interest that are victims of Fusarium oxysporum, reponsible of millions of dollars in losses in #agriculture.

Now, a research group has managed to attenuate the virulence of the pathogen by genetically altering a cellular pathway, making it ‘believe’ that it has the necessary resources without the need to infect crops. via Universidad de Córdoba #plantscience #science

Image: image of a vegetable garden. credit: congerdesign / Pixabay
Philippe Couzon Ⓥ
22 hours ago

Grandes cultures : des rendements plus faibles en #agriculture biologique.

Est-ce que c'est grave ? Non, pas si on se tourne vers une alimentation végétale.

Poetry News
1 day ago

Rich farmland,
Long-term consequences severe

#ukraine #floods #agriculture #farmland #cinquain #poetry

Charlie McHenry
1 day ago

Scientific proof that “Nanoplastic Ingestion Causes Neurological Deficits” - Small plastic particulates can induce inflammatory responses in the gut and brain, but removing them reverses this damage. #nanoplastics #plasticpollution #microplastics #PublicHealth #pollution #contamination #FoodSupply #agriculture

Plants EFSA
2 days ago

RT @erleellis: Did maize domesticate people?
People domesticated maize?


On the Coevolution of Crops:
Hotspots, Pathways, Ecosystems @CurrentBiology
@dqfuller #plants #domestication #agriculture #agroecosystems #Archaeology


Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim pledge to jointly fight EU's palm oil ban.
Indonesia, Malaysia should collaborate on palm oil, Widodo says
undergrowth-feed 🍃
2 days ago | Fields of southern Ukraine could ‘turn into deserts’ after dam destruction |

"The fields of southern Ukraine could “turn into deserts” by next year, the country’s agrarian and food ministry said after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam and the draining of its reservoir, which had irrigated one of the world’s breadbaskets." | #Ukraine #Russia #food #FoodSecurity #farming #agriculture #KakhovkaDam

EU Agriculture🌱
2 days ago

Check out the EU-funded project that won the #LifeAwards2023 in the environment category!

🌱 Plants for Plants is an entirely plant-based biostimulant ⬇️
RT @LIFEprogramme: A big hooray for LIFE Plants for Plants, WINNER of the #LIFEAwards23 #environment category!👏

This groundbreaking #LIFEproject has introduced new bio-stimulants to make #agriculture more #sustainable & #climateresilient.


Goed gedaan!💚



Un vieux Deutz édenté se prélasse au soleil sur le seuil de sa tanière. Son pelage, quoi qu'un peu rouillé, brille d'un beau vert lumineux. Sa gueule entr'ouverte semble sourire paisiblement tandis qu'un bouquet d'orties lui chatouille le menton.
#paréidolie #microfiction #agriculture

Tracteur vert de marque Deutz garé sous une grange.

Au #champ, #tomates, #haricots #maïs et #butternutt poussent...
Et les #MauvaisesHerbes aussi là où je n'ai pas encore pu mettre les toiles de protection.
Et c'est encore trop #mouillé pour passer la #binette. Qu'est ce que tu me #conseilles masto ? J'attends de pouvoir désherber ou je pose la toile sur les mauvaises herbes ?
(Comme je suis pas fier de mes #adventices je les ai pas prises en photo, c'est con : du coup je peux pas te les montrer)
#agriculture #maraîchage #bio #JdF

Deux planches de tomates séparées par une toile tissée. À droite un tuyau de gouttes-à-gouttes, puis des mauvaises herbes
Une planche de courges butternutt plantées à travers une toile tissée
Vue "immersive" dans une planche de haricot-maïs fraîchement germée. Au centre et sur les côtés : les trois tuyaux de gouttes-à-gouttes.
Europa in Nederland
3 days ago

De 🇳🇱Nederlandse producent @vaniperenint wint met 🌿Plants for Plants, een biostimulant op plantbasis, een Europese🇪🇺 LIFE Award in de categorie milieu. #LIFEAwards23
🎉Van harte gefeliciteerd!
Voor meer info👇
RT @LIFEprogramme: A big hooray for LIFE Plants for Plants, WINNER of the #LIFEAwards23 #environment category!👏

This groundbreaking #LIFEproject has introduced new bio-stimulants to make #agriculture more #sustainable & #climateresilient.

👉 https://www.vani…


G Kearney
3 days ago

Prices up on news of Ukraine dam collapse #Ukraine #dam #agriculture #cartoons

Mark W. Cooper
3 days ago

This is a bigger deal than most people realise. It's not a coincidence that our wee and poo contain the exact right ingredients for growing human food... because of course they do!

And before anyone asks, it's entirely possible to take advantage of this fact at scale. There's a substantial agricultural biosolids industry starting to form in Queensland.

If we cycle the same matter through the farm/people system, and use agricultural wastes to make up shortfalls, we can drastically reduce the pressure on soils and create a self-sustaining system. The only extra requirements are solar energy, captured by plants growing on farms, and energy for machinery, which could theoretically be supplied by the sun as well.

The above is the agricultural aspect of the Circular Economy - the kind of economy that we will need in order to live in balance with the rest of the living world.

#WeeAndPoo #EcologicalEconomics #agriculture #farming #fertiliser #economics

3 days ago

Fruits et légumes : le gouvernement ouvre les vannes aux pesticides
#pesticides #agriculture

une branche de pommier couverte de fruits
3 days ago

Ce matin en passant par ma campagne pour aller bosser, je vois une parcelle dans les champs avec une pancarte "beta seed" … on est d'accord qu'on n'est pas dans quelque chose bio hein ? 🤔

#Agriculture #OGM

The Global Plant Council
3 days ago

Wikifarmer and the Global Plant Council hosted a joint webinar that brought together leading speakers in the field of new breeding technologies and gene-edited #crops With a focus on geographical specificities, each expert shared their unique perspectives and expertise, aiming to inspire advancements in #agriculture and pave the way for sustainable AND productive #crops in the future.

Watch the whole session 👉

Read the summary 👉 #plantscience

3 days ago

Grow food, not tobacco

Tobacco farming takes up millions of hectares of land that can be used to grow beans, grain, and vegetables. In addition, tobacco farmers are trapped in a cycle of debt due to unfair contracts with the tobacco industry.

#NoTobacco #NoSmoking #Industry #Food #Farming #Agriculture #Health #WorldHealthOrganization

Dylan Bragg
3 days ago

With bare feet and a tin-pot hat,
I made sure that your cider-vat
For years to come would still be full.
A generous and gentle soul
Anticipating future needs,
From sea to sea I planted seeds…
Or so they say—if not, at least
A handful of states in the northeast.

#poetry #smallpoems #riddlepoems #american #history #folklore #legend #americana #agriculture #botany #poetrycommunity

brad m
3 days ago

#Nestle trials giving cash to #coffee #farmers who grow beans sustainably
“the world's largest packaged food company has pledged to spend $1 billion by 2030 on its plan to source #coffee sustainably, which now includes efforts to boost #farmer income”
“The #coffee sector is valued at $200-250 billion a year at the retail level”
“Around 125 million people around the world depend on #coffee for their livelihoods” #sustainable #supplychain #agriculture

Topher 🌱🐧💚
3 days ago

Does anyone on here grow loquats?

#gardening #fruittrees #agriculture #permaculture

LIFE Programme
3 days ago

A big hooray for LIFE Plants for Plants, WINNER of the #LIFEAwards23 #environment category!👏

This groundbreaking #LIFEproject has introduced new bio-stimulants to make #agriculture more #sustainable & #climateresilient.


Goed gedaan!💚



Tyler McGee
3 days ago

Greetings from downtown Fargo, North Dakota in the summertime! ☀️

#Travel #Work #Fargo #NorthDakota #Agriculture #Summer #Photography #AltText

A shot of the Fargo Theater marquee in downtown Fargo, ND with a blue sky and wisps of clouds behind it.
3 days ago

New study links Canadian farms to 64 COVID-19 outbreaks in 2020, most tied to greenhouses due to high humidity and indoor crowding at a time when masks were not routinely being used.

Canadian farm workers were classified as Essential Workers. 32% of Ontario farm workers worked in greenhouses.

#covid #FarmWorkers #EssentialWorkers #masks #ventilation #agriculture #greenhouse #canada #PPE #WorkerSafety

EU Environment
3 days ago

RT @LIFEprogramme: A big hooray for LIFE Plants for Plants, WINNER of the #LIFEAwards23 #environment category!👏

This groundbreaking #LIFEproject has introduced new bio-stimulants to make #agriculture more #sustainable & #climateresilient.


Goed gedaan!💚



How does #botany shape our world? 🍎 How are we surrounded by #plants all day long, even when we’re inside with not one house plant in sight? 🌿 Why is it so important to understand the power of plants on our planet? 🌍 #Shelter, #clothes, #medicines, #food, the #oxygen we breathe, and the civilizations we’ve built are all possible because of plants. 🏡 Forager and cook Alexis Nikole Nelson describes all this and more in the first episode of #CrashCourse Botany.

#video #science #plant #trees #agriculture #womeninstem #BlackandSTEM #flowers #pollination #education

The Conversation Africa
4 days ago

South Africa’s agriculture sector is not reaching its full potential. A number of factors stand in the way of even greater success and greater participation of black farmers in commercial value chains.


Patrimoine et Terroirs : un portail pour faire l’histoire du patrimoine alimentaire québécois

Séance d’information, le 16 juin, 12h - En ligne

#histoireqc #histoire #québec #canada #alimentation #agriculture #sociétésdhistoire

W.O. Carlile - Québec : Marché de la Haute-Ville, deuxième moitié du XIXe siècle / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, no. d'acc. 1982-100-3
Réseau AMAP AuRA
4 days ago

🎉 Du 18 septembre au 18 octobre 2023, les AMAP se jettent à l'eau pour AMAP en fêtes ! 💦

🙌🌾 Amapien·nes et paysan·nes : prêt·es à organiser un événement pour faire découvrir les #AMAP et l'#agriculture paysanne ?

Toutes les infos et ressources 👉

Affiche d'AMAP en fêtes, illustration style BD.
4 days ago

Si on veut faire avancer l'#agriculture, il faudra nécessairement commencer par brûler les lycées agricoles. Non mais sérieusement, qui ignore que les vaches mangent du foin, bordel ?

The Global Plant Council
4 days ago

International Study Reveals Genetic Link Between Modern Wine Grapes and Ancient Varieties

Researchers trace continuity in Israel’s local wine industry from the Byzantine period to the present day. A new study led by the paleogenetic laboratory analyzed DNA from ancient local winegrape seeds discovered at archaeological excavations in the Negev. via Tel Aviv University #plantscience #plants #agriculture #wine #vines #grapes #science #crops #planthistory #seeds

Image: mix of different variaties of grapes. Credit: Nicky ❤️🌿🐞🌿❤️ / Pixabay
Joseph Lim :mastodon:
4 days ago

"In the age of US-led development, Sarit Thanarat launched the 1st Economic & Social Development Plan in 1961, but the main beneficiaries were business groups .. According to Greenpeace #Thailand has since shifted fr traditional to industrial #agriculture incl'g maize. A turning point came in 2004 when the Ayeyawaddy-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy paved the way for a certain #conglomerate to implement #contractfarming in neighbouring countries"

4 days ago

#Agriculture uses 80% of #ColoradoRiver water annually, and alfalfa hay is responsible for over a third of that.

In 2020, 40% of #California's alfalfa was shrink-wrapped, containerized, and shipped overseas.

"A century-old legal doctrine compels farmers to use as much river water as they’re allotted, or else lose access to the unused portion in the future. That perverse incentive... means that wasteful irrigation methods have not gone out of fashion."

Tyler McGee
4 days ago

Flying up to Fargo, ND today to help share what my teams have been working on to build the next generation of digitized ag infrastructure at our annual company conference!

#Flying #Travel #Work #Agriculture #Farming #AgTech #AltText

A window seat view of a Boeing 737 wing flying through the clouds on its way to Minneapolis.
Texas Observer Lives!
4 days ago

“When I needed help from my elected officials, they looked the other way. I ran for election so no one would have to experience that at the #water district.”

Flooding and bureaucracy drove Mary Kelleher to run for a powerful North #Texas river agency board, reports correspondent James Russell in our magazine:

(CW: Death of animals by misadventure)
(📸 Photo by Gerald Kern)
#environment #river #elections #flooding #democracy #FortWorth #politics #news #USpol #agriculture

Mary Kelleher is a gray-haired white woman, wearing a blue jacket over a white blouse. She is photographed outdoors in a barn.
Alexander J. Stein
5 days ago

UK: New legislation seeks to enable (not restrict) the use of #geneediting. A proportionate & #science-led approach to #regulation of genetic technologies in #agriculture is critical for global #foodsecurity while protecting our planet:

5 days ago
View down the shared wall of two agricultural growing tunnels. The arched roof construction from aluminum pipework is compressed by the perspective and looks like the segmented wings of a dragonfly. In the tunnel rows of elevated troughs that are densely filled with strawberry plants.
pressenza de
5 days ago

#gender #international #kultur #natur #feminism #women #health #culture #agriculture #nature #ecofeminism

"Stattdessen öffnet der Ökofeminismus der gesamten Menschheit die Augen für die Tatsache, dass Frauen kreativ und auf gewaltfreie Weise mächtig sind."

Martin Nutty
5 days ago

A beautiful and sobering film about #RegenerativeFarming. Take a moment to see the multiple benefits when #agriculture focuses on #SoilHealth rather than short term yield espoused by industrial chemical-based #farming

Fall Color Napa Style

Fall color comes to Napa late in the year. At least compared to my friends in the North. The colors here start changing typically towards the end of October when all the color in the north has already fallen off of the trees and seem to reach their peak early to mid November. See the full image hrer: #FallColorNapaStyle #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Napa Valley #Autumn #Vineyard #Color #FallColor #GrapeVines #Agriculture

Fall Color Napa Style

This image was captured from a small county road that winds it's way over the Napa Valley towards Sonoma.
Looking down, out over the crop rows of grapevines pulls your eyes towards the stand of Italian Cypress and Valley Oaks in the distance. Behind these trees are the hills on the east side of the valley. The sun is throwing a nice warm glow on the vineyard from the south out of frame. 
The vineyard is protected on the north by the rows of Italian Cypress trees.
Primo Natura
5 days ago

"Australia’s carbon emissions edged lower in 2022 with reductions from the electricity sector partly countered by increases in pollution from transport and agriculture."

#Australia #Emissions #Pollution #Agriculture

Amadeus Paulussen
6 days ago

Our neighbor Pi Mi is not only an interesting, lovely, beautiful #woman but also very knowledgeable and experienced in #agriculture (among many other areas too). 🤓
We truly feel blessed and happy to have such amazing human beings in our lives and to have the opportunity to #learn from their #wisdom. And in her case, to be able to taste some of her amazing #fruit! 😋😝🤤 Such as this divine #durian we had the honor and pleasure of eating the other day. 🥰🥳😇
#thaifruit #fruitarian #rawvegan #vegan

6 days ago

Des chercheurs s’appuient sur les champignons pour remplacer les pesticides

Les modalités selon lesquelles plantes et #champignons échangent des ressources fascinent les écologues. Ils espèrent que les progrès rapides de leurs recherches aideront l’#agriculture à se passer de produits phytosanitaires.

Des chercheurs s’appuient sur les champignons pour remplacer les pesticides © Illustration Justine Vernier
Tyler McGee
1 week ago

On this day 5 years ago:

Some lettuce I was testing in a greenhouse. I love how vibrant and green this pic is! 🥬

#Gardening #Farming #Agriculture #Photography #AltText

A close up photo of bright green lettuce leaves filling the frame.
Move marks setback for President Lula da Silva's push to protect Indigenous rights and stem Amazon deforestation.
Brazil’s Congress weakens environmental, Indigenous ministries
Bread and Circuses
1 week ago

At risk of extinction? Or not?

If you’re keeping score, domesticated animals are winning by a landslide.

More info —

#Agriculture #Ecology #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #Capitalism #Pollution #Biodiversity #Extinction

Pictures and names of 25 different kinds of animals at risk of extinction. See link in post for more information about them.
Three kinds of animals that are NOT at risk of extinction. Pigs, Chickens, and Cattle, shown in factory farm pens.
Bread and Circuses
1 week ago

A billionaire who became obscenely rich selling the kind of technology that's destroying the planet wants to use technology to save the planet.

How surprising.

Simon Whalley, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion Japan, has a commentary about that...

Our world is being propelled into a techno tyranny where a small band of billionaires owns our information, our water, our energy, and increasingly — our food. The billionaire doing more than most to shape the future of what we eat is Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Not content with being the largest private farmland owner in the U.S., Gates is hell-bent on creating a new green revolution for Africa.

Before we look at an alternative solution, let’s look at the problems industrial agriculture is causing. We are in the middle of the sixth great extinction with as many as 274 species going extinct every day — we have lost an average of 68% of all bird, fish, mammal, amphibian, and reptile species in the past 50 years — and the decline is continuing at more than one percentage point per year.

Agriculture is the largest cause of these declines — 86% of those species threatened — with animal agriculture (60%) the salient perpetrator. A simple switch to plant-based diets could free up enough land that we could leave 50% of our planet to nature.

While the majority of our extremely compromised attention is focused on the fast-dwindling species we can witness disappearing, many of the species being lost are out of sight and out of mind. Of the almost 70,000 vertebrate species, 69% have had their risk of extinction assessed, whereas the number of insects to have been assessed is just 0.8%. They might be small, but combined, insects weigh 17 times more than humanity, and whether it be pollinating plants, maintaining soil structure, or dispersing seeds, our insect friends pack a prodigious punch.

Unfortunately, industrialized farming — in addition to light pollution and our warming world — is pushing our tenacious troops to the brink. It is estimated we are losing 2.5% of insect biomass each year, and we risk living on a bug-free ball by 2100.

Be sure you read the rest of the piece to learn what Whalley suggests as an alternative solution!


#Agriculture #Ecology #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #Capitalism #Pollution #Biodiversity #Extinction #ExtinctionRebellion

Tractor on factory farm, spraying pesticides on crops.

Grape Vine Burst

This image was created by focusing in on the purple leaf, setting the exposure for a longer than normal exposure and then zooming out while the shutter was released creating the burst affect. Taken while walking through the vineyards at GV Cellars. See the full image here: #GrapeVineBurst #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Abstract. #GrapeVine #Agriculture

Grape Vine Burst

This is an abstract image of a grapevine captured duribg the fall at GV Cellars in Suisun, CA.
I created this image by focusing on the dark purople leaf near center of the image. The sun hadn't come up yet so I was able to use a slow shutter zooming out as the shutter was pressed creating an image that has the affect of going through some kind of time warp. The image is colorful with green, pink, purple yellow, orange and blue all present in this image.
EU Research Results
1 week ago

Extensive use of fertilisers is often inefficient for #agriculture.

The @CircularAgro project works for more #sustainable nutrient use.

Their carbon management increases waste recycling & boosts soil fertility while reducing the industry’s emissions👉!BB9bGt


Michael Cervieri
1 week ago

i came across something today i find stunning.

i'm about a year into working land to turn into *something*. it's 30 acres of mostly woodland.

when it came into our stewardship, it was fantastically overgrown with invasives. so it goes.

it's still fantastically overgrown with invasives but we're beginning to manage them. 1/

#woodland #ecology #gardening #agriculture @nativeplants @plants

1 week ago

may 31 video upload

Agriculture On Bake | Will It Blend?

15 min video

Short answer, "yes".

Taking stock of global trade and the regional hits to the food supply in the face of global drought and climate change.

#videoessay #newshour #agriculture #foodsecurity #climatechange

Flipboard Science Desk
1 week ago

As farmers face a warmer future, an ancient grain shows promise.

Undark reports on millets:

#Agriculture #Farming #ClimateChange #Climate

Flipboard News Desk
1 week ago

Child labor is not uncommon in the food industry and the agricultural sector — some estimates indicate that there are as many as half a million kids aged 8 to 17 working in farm jobs.

Eater took a look at the history of children working in America, why some lawmakers want to relax the laws now, and what child labor means for the food industry and society.

#History #Food #FoodHistory #ChildLabor #Agriculture

Napa Morning

I love driving up into the Napa Valley in the late fall and early spring in the early morning. The weather is cooler and the roads are less crowded. On top of that the sun is lower in the sky and seems to create excellent lighting of the vineyards.
I found this scene in the northern part of the valley just south of Calistoga. See the full image here: #NapaMorning #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #NapaValley #Calistoga #Vineyard #Agriculture

Napa Morning

This image was captured off of Highway 128 in the Napa Valley just south of Calistoga.
This is an active vineyard. THe sun is low in the sky to the south throwing a nice quality of light on the grass and the wall of the old weathered shed in the vineyards. 
The vines are older, more mature vines as the limbs are thick. It's early in the season so that there isn't anything growing on the vines just yet. 
THere is moisture in the air and a small puff of fog hanging just above the old barn/shed.
1 week ago

"...horticulturists at the University of Georgia say roughly 90% of the Peach State’s crop has been destroyed by bad weather and a warming climate. ...Peaches require a minimum number of chill hours, below 45 degrees, to set fruit. But the first three months of this year were the warmest on record in Georgia, and chill hours here have been declining over the years. That’s due to climate change." #ClimateChange #FoodProduction #Agriculture

1 week ago

To fight food insecurity and climate change, Senegal is increasingly employing a relatively new strategy for growing rice, known as the “system of rice intensification”.

Developed in Madagascar in the 1960s, this method of growing rice intentionally stresses the plants, which allows the farmer to use less water, improves soil fertility, decreases methane emissions, and, most importantly, increases yields.

By Noah Tobias

#News #Conservation #Environment #Agriculture

Napa Valley Fall

Morning in Napa Valley during the fall can be so magical. The sun comes up over the hills in the east and flashes the valley with a beautiful light that turns the fall leaves into gold.
Here we have a private road bordered by two rows of hardwoods and grapevines on both sides. See the full image here: #NapaValleyFall #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #NapaValley #Fall #Autumn #Agriculture #GoldenLeaves #Symmetry

Napa Valley Fall

I had captured this image on fall morning ogg of Highway 128 in the Napa Valley. 
The sun is coming up over my shoulder. It filters the light on the roadway that is running down the middle of the image.
On both sides of the private lane there are grape vines. The leaves are changing colors as the days are getting shorter as the autumn falls upon us.
Flipboard Science Desk
1 week ago

How the U.S. almost became a nation of hippo ranchers.

Smithsonian Magazine reports: "In 1910, a failed House bill sought to increase the availability of low-cost meat by importing hippopotamuses that would be killed to make 'lake cow bacon.'"

#Animals #Agriculture #Farming

Tanguy Fardet
1 week ago

I was discussing #food related #environmentalImpacts with other people this afternoon and the question of the role of #transport came up, to which I replied with utter confidence that it was a very small fraction of the total #GHG #emissions.

Then I got home and thought that it had been a while and I did not remember how small it was (5%, 10% ?). So I looked it up.
Well it turns out people [1] say it's 20% now, what happened O_o?

[1]: 10.1038/s43016-022-00531-w

#agriculture #environment


Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

More than 12 groups including the Nat'l Farmers Union — Ont, the Ont Fed of Agriculture, the Beef Farmers of Ont and the Dairy Farmers of Ont issued a joint letter urging the government to abandon the proposal.

The Ford govt originally suggested the severances to support multigenerational farm families, but Clark says he is extending the public comment period for the other regs, to give him more time to consider alt ways to do that.

#Agriculture #Canada #Ontario

Grapes On The Vine

Living within a stones throw from California's famous Napa valley certainly has it's advantages.
I do prefer the late summer and fall for shooting any images at the wineries as the grape vines are full of foilage and bursting with fruit and color.
See the full image here: #GrapesOnTheVine #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #NapaValley #Grapes #GrapeVine #Autumn #FallColors #Agriculture #Fruit

Grapes On The Vine

This image is a closeup of a bundle of grapes hanging from a grapevine in Napa Valley.
The image was composed to frame the in focus grapes with out of focus leafs from the vine. 
The foreground leaf is slightly blurry and is showing signs of the coming winter as the edge of the leaf is turning red, yellow and orange.
The grapes themselves are plump and full with a beautiful deep blue color. They are ripe and ready to pick. 
The background in this image is also some out of focus leafs from the vine.
Patrick Duffy
2 weeks ago

Abundance at the farmers market

#FarmersMarket #agriculture

farmer emptying a bag of fresh citrus into a box at the farmers market
Climate News Now 🌎
2 weeks ago

Saving our soil: How to extend US breadbasket fertility for centuries.

The Midwestern United States has lost 57.6 billion tons of topsoil due to farming practices over the past 160 years.

Researchers recently reported that no-till farming, which is currently practiced on 40 percent of cropland acres in the Midwest, can extend our current level of soil fertility for the next several centuries. This has implications for everything from food security to climate-change mitigation.

#climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #farming #food #agriculture

2 weeks ago

Y'all have no idea how many small farmers on this #island talk to me about needing help. If anybody wants to do some #farm visit/work trade in #Hawaii holla bc I can hook you up. #agriculture #permaculture #travel #learn

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

"We’ve lived through a number of #FlashDrought events, and they’re not pleasant. People suffer. #Farmers lose crops. #Ranchers may have to sell off cattle. In 2022, a flash drought slowed barge traffic on the #Mississippi River, which carries more than 90% of U.S. #agriculture exports.

If a flash drought occurs at a critical point in the growing season, it could devastate an entire #crop."

We are happy to announce that Sarah Heiligtag, the founder of the farm sanctuary HOF NARR, will present at the IARC2023. Sarah will give an overview of the transFARMation project she has worked on for the past 5 years, which has supported 125 farms to change into cruelty-free places.
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The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

[Commentary] Because of the growth and further intensification of animal production, humans inflict more suffering on animals now than they did in 1975. #opinion #commentary #food #agriculture #animals

JuneSim63 💚
2 weeks ago

"It’s now a year since I published Regenesis, a book that has incited levels of fury shocking even to me. I’ve spent much of this time trying to work out what makes people so angry. I think it’s because the book challenges what the cognitive historian Jeremy Lent calls a “root metaphor”: an idea so deeply embedded in our minds that it affects our preferences without our conscious knowledge"

George Monbiot on "storybook farming".
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Light bulbs
2 weeks ago

In Africa, a man is using termites to help land recover from desertification: “By breaking up the soil and providing more nutrients, the termites helped to improve the planting conditions for crops and trees.”
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Ian Rose
3 weeks ago

The names have been released of the 7 farmworkers killed in the crash outside of Albany, OR last week.

7 people on their way home from growing and picking your food, in a country that gives them no status and no protections in exchange for that hard, skilled, necessary work.

Eduardo Lopez
Alejandro Jimenez Hernandez
Josue Garcia Garcia
Luis Enrique Gomez Reyes
Javier Suarez
Alejandra Espinoza Carpio
Juan Carlos Leyva Carrillo

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JuneSim63 💚
4 weeks ago

A team of more than 50 researchers, analysing data collected by thousands of citizen scientists in 28 countries over nearly four decades, found that it is intensive agriculture, above all, that is behind the decline in the continent’s bird populations.
The use of pesticides and fertilisers was identified as the most significant factor behind the loss of 550 million birds from the skies over Europe.
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4 weeks ago

Plus j'étudie la #TEK (Traditional Ecology Knowledge), plus je découvre toute l'ingéniosité des peuples autochtones pour vivre en parfaite symbiose avec leur environnement.

Ces connaissances touchent aussi bien le #design, l'#architecture mais aussi l'#agriculture et le #textile

Si vous souhaitez découvrir ce domaine :

Alan Kotok
1 month ago

$15M Alternative Chicken, Fish Challenge Finalists Named

An international #challenge #competition seeking #sustainable but realistic alternatives to natural #chicken and #fish #protein named its six finalist teams.

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Uncooked chicken breasts
JuneSim63 💚
1 month ago

"The average upland hill farmer on Bodmin and Dartmoor at the moment takes between 85% and 92% of their annual income from EU subsidies. All of these subsidies are going by 2028. People say these farms are viable businesses that sell food – they’re not, they’re nine-tenths funded through subsidies and grants. We’re looking at alternative ways of producing food that put nature at the forefront.”
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Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Digital Editor Kit @oconnell appeared on the Progress #Texas podcast to discuss their coverage of the Texas Department of #Agriculture's transphobic new dress code:

Tune in on Apple podcasts (or find it in the usual places):

Read Kit's latest on the dress code:

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Sarah Taber
1 month ago

New podcast episode!

This one’s a deep dive on the US food system during Jim Crow, how Southern landowners used starvation to control Black and poor white farm workers, and how that laid the groundwork for the food system we have today.

#food #history #agriculture

The Conversation Climate News
1 month ago

Shading crops under solar panels -- known as "agrivoltaics" -- is win-win:
it can increase farm output while greatly reducing carbon emissions.

Corn, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat and pasture grass have already been proven to have increased yields.

#ClimateSolutions #SolarEnergy #Agriculture

Councils and the dairy industry are failing to warn rural people of the reproductive risks of drinking nitrate-contaminated water when pregnant, despite international scientific studies and warnings from the New Zealand College of Midwives:

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A picture of a dairy cow urinating, with text that reads: New Zealand Agribusiness: - Denied evidence of harm from agri-chemicals. - Denied evidence of climate change. - Now denying emerging evidence of harm from nitrate contamination.  Big agriculture denying inconvenient science since forever.
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

From the archives: Visit #Texas Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller’s creepy $55k office/taxidermy museum.

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Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 month ago

Since I broke the story of #Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's new transphobic dress code in the @TexasObserver, he's doubled down on his bigotry in the media.

For my latest update, I spoke with an employment lawyer, a former #gender law educator turned senior attorney for Lambda Legal, and #LGBTQIA+ advocates about why this dress code opens the department up to serious legal liability, and how decades of precedent suggest it could easily be ruled discriminatory:

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(CW: eye contact with Sid Miller in main image)

Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

“[The dress code] would obviously be Exhibit A in any potential lawsuit for discriminatory treatment.”

NEW: Legal experts told Editor Kit @oconnell how half a century of precedents make Texas #Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's transphobic policy a bad idea

(📸 Sid Miller tastefully dressed in his tasteful office, via
Michael Donhauser/picture-alliance/dpa/AP)
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Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Someone on #birdsite (@bostonandbaby1) just pointed this out to us and well... 😂

The #Simpsons' Richard Texan vs. #Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (of the infamous 'dress code'):

So many unanswered questions like... why does someone who dresses like a Simpsons character get to tell anyone else how to dress?

#agriculture #queer #LGBTQIA+ #transphobia #trans #news #memes #cartoons #fashion

At left, the Simpsons character Richard Texan, a parody of a Texan wearing a pin suit bolo tie, belt with a big buckle, huge white cowboy hat and holding twin six-guns. At right, Sid Miller in his broad suit, and massive white cowboy hat looking remarkably similar.
1 month ago

The internal department memo is just the latest attempt by state officials in Texas to crackdown on trans and gender non-conforming people.
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Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

UPDATE—We've added more from the leaked #Texas Department of #Agriculture dress code to Kit @oconnell's story. Specifically the closing section where standards for men and #women are outlined as well as penalties for violating the policy. This should add more context to discussions:

#transphobia #LGBTQIA+ #news #politics #USpol #trans #queer #workers

Examples of standards for men and women. Standards for men’s attire: Shoelaces tied, shirts buttoned appropriately near the collar, button down shirt tucked in, no pants tucked in boots, no sandals, crocs or slides, no shoes without socks. You are a professional, look like one. Standards for women’s attire: No sweatpants, pajamas, night gowns, miniskirts, no excessive cleavage, skirts should be within four inches of the knees. Pants and Western apparel are acceptable. Footwear should reflect a business or business casual professional look: No slippers, crocks or slides. You are professional, look like one. The policy goes on to outline facial piercings and “unnatural” hair colors, and outlines the policy around violations: If problems with an employee persits, supervisors should follow the normal disciplinary process. Violation of this agency policy includes remedies up to and including termination.