David Zipper
2 days ago

Me in Slate:

CLEAR is under fire for security breaches, as well as a business model based on selling TSA line-cutting privileges to affluent people.

Does the company even belong in airports? Congress is starting to wonder.

#flying #airports

3 days ago

I'm currently waiting on my flight to Denver, CO from my sleepy Midwest town airport. I like flying out of my local airport because I was first in line for the gate agent, first in line for security, security sent me back to the gate agent because my birthday was wrong in the system, I was again first at the gate agent, then I was third for security (oh no, I waited like a minute!).

Anyway, now I'm just sitting at my gate on free wifi and charging my laptop.

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Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
5 days ago

It always felt like someone was watching me.

TSA airport facial scans will go away if Senators get their way - Desk Chair Analysts

#Airports #Security #Surveillance #TSA #USSenate #TechNews

A TSA agent standing next to a facial recognition scanner.
Houston Public Media
6 days ago

Mayor Sylvester Turner and United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby took part in a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday at Bush Airport, but construction for a $2.6 billion terminal redevelopment likely won't start until 2024 as the Houston City Controller continues to hold up funding.

#Airports #CityofHouston #Houston #Local #News #Politics #Transportation #bushintercontinentalairport #CityControllerChrisBrown #groundbreaking #HoustonMayorSylvesterTurner #unitedairlines

Houston Public Media
6 days ago

Mayor Sylvester Turner and United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby took part in a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday at Bush Airport, but construction for a $2.6 billion terminal redevelopment likely won't start until 2024 as the Houston City Controller continues to hold up funding.

#Airports #CityofHouston #Houston #Local #News #Politics #Transportation #bushintercontinentalairport #CityControllerChrisBrown #groundbreaking #HoustonMayorSylvesterTurner #unitedairlines

Malaysia Public Transport
1 week ago

The Transport Ministry and #Malaysia #Airports Holdings Berhad (#MAHB) have plans to acquire #land owned by the #Sarawak Multimedia Authority (#SMA) to enable the project to upgrade the #Kuching International #Airport (#KIA) to be carried out.

An application would be submitted by the ministry to request the funds to acquire the land, which is next to KIA, under the Fifth Rolling Plan of the 12th Malaysia Plan (#MP12) next year.

Read more:

#KCH #LandAcquisition

Deputy Transport Minister, Datuk Hasbi Habibollah. / Photo from the linked article.
Octávio Lima
1 week ago

“Those who were rude or arrogant or otherwise unpleasant she put in uncomfortable or inconvenient seats, next to the toilets, or beside mothers with crying babies. Those who made a favourable impression she rewarded with the best seats, and whenever possible placed them next to some attractive member of the opposite sex.”

David Lodge, Small World – Penguin Books 1984, p 134.
(Image: Bing/DALL.E3]
#Travel #Airports #Literature

Architecture News
2 weeks ago

Dezeen : Foster + Partners designs tapered stone airport in Saudi Arabia #Foster+Partners #Infrastructure #Architecture #SaudiArabia #Airports #all

2 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours, and all the aviation staff working on the holiday. Thank you for keeping the skies safe and for safely transporting everyone home and back.

#Thanksgiving #aviation #avgeek #avgeeksofmastodon #ATC #airtrafficcontrollers #pilots #flightattendants #airlines #airports

Cartoon credit: Rick McKee

Illustration of a turkey hand flying an antique airplane model that has bicycle like wheels at the bottom. The words Thanksgiving Greetings are in the top left hand corner in red and blue text.
An editorial cartoon depicting a family at Thanksgiving dinner. A man wearing a TSA uniform wearing blue gloves has his hand inside the Thanksgiving turkey, seemingly searching it. The husband & wife sitting to the left look at each other and the husband's speech bubble says "You just had to invite your cousin, the TSA agent..."
2 weeks ago

I am actually embarrassed by this. What were you thinking, Bristol Airport?🤦‍♀️

#uk #faith #humor #funny #airports

A screenshot of a tweet from Bristol Airport proudly announcing their new multi-faith area and its location within the airport. They say "the new area provides customers with a private space to reflect and pray whilst waiting to collect friends, family or loved ones."

Reader, it's a bus shelter. I jest you not. It's a small bus shelter-like structure with a praying person symbol at the entrance.
Sheila Scarborough
2 weeks ago

Yes, Sioux City, Iowa SUX but only because its airport code really is SUX. Fortunately, the town embraces the joke. Get a beanie or mug, then explore Siouxland:

#TravelTuesday #travel #AvGeek #airports #Iowa

Fly SUX Sioux City Iowa gray wool beanie with orange accents.
Gaël Le Bris
3 weeks ago

#DYK? The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Program is a great initiative that a growing number of #airports are joining in order to give travelers with hidden #disabilities the options to self-identify discreetly: 👍🌻✈️ #accessibility #airtravel #aviation #infrastructure #mobility #transportation

Gaël Le Bris
3 weeks ago
The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

A new business hub near Tokyo’s Haneda Airport has held a grand opening, aiming to take advantage of its proximity to one of Japan’s major gateways to the world. #business #economy #hanedaairport #airports

Binh ATL
3 weeks ago

Excellent suggestion:

"Wanna really incentivize taking MARTA to the airport? Create a separate TSA line for MARTA users. Only accessible by tapping your BreezeCard within the typical transfer time window."

#atlanta #transit #MARTA #Airports #tsa

Screenshot of a quote of a MARTA post, "providing direct rail service to ATL airport and encourag[ing] travelers to avoid traffic and taking MARTA to the airport this holiday season." Text of the comment in this post.
Gaël Le Bris
3 weeks ago

The #aircraft charging #infrastructure needs to be developed ahead of the the introduction of the first electric aircraft. More in our #ACRP report: 🚁🛩️✈️🔋 #airports #energytransition #infrastructure #mobility #transportation

Gaël Le Bris
3 weeks ago

More info on the airport #hydrogen supply chain and operating model proposed by #ZeroAvia in this white paper on their Grand Caravan retrofitting solution with fuel cell-electric powertrain: ✈️ #airports #aviation #energytransition #hydrogen #infrastructure #mobility

Rafa Font 🌻 🇪🇺 🏀
3 weeks ago

From 2026, Eindhoven Airport will not allow private jets any more

Announced yesterday in a press release

Goals include the reduction of CO2 emissions and noise by 30% until the end of the decade

From TheMayor.EU:

#Eindhoven #Airports #Flying #Emissions

Gaël Le Bris
4 weeks ago

This is a good time to watch the recording of our NASEM #TRB webinar with #NREL on Electrification and #Hydrogen Technologies in #Airports: Download the resources available on the webpage! 🚁🛩️✈️ #aircraft #airtravel #aviation #energytransition #hydrogen

My #Day11 retro attempt for the #30DayMapChallenge. Focusing on the Googie-style architecture of three buildings: the Saarinen Terminal, The Theme Building, and the Trans World Flight Center.

From Wikipedia - it is a type of futurist architecture influenced by car culture, jets, the Atomic Age and the Space Age.

#Googie #airports #architecture #retro #midcentury #maps #wikipedia #ArcPro

Day 11 Map focusing on the Googie-style architecture of three buildings: the Saarinen Terminal, The Theme Building and the Trans World Flight Center.
Rod Middleton
1 month ago

Well given my follower count here this won’t help anyone. If
You are flying from Milan Malpensa today give yourself another hour at least for security. It’s insanely stupidly busy #airports #mxp

Kees van der Leun
1 month ago

Finally, the end seems near for yet another big passenger airport in the Netherlands: a ridiculous plan in the middle of the climate crisis. Only the PM's VVD plus three far right parties still want to open Lelystad Airport.
#ClimateChange #emissions #aviation #Airports

NOS TV news anchor with picture of airport and logos of VVD, PVV, FvD, and JA21
Gaël Le Bris
1 month ago

Learn more about early electric #aircraft with our #ACRP #Research Report 236 on electric aircraft and #hydrogen technologies at #airports: Chapter 1 provides a timeline of the emergence of e-aircraft. 🚁🛩️✈️🔋 #aviation #electricflight

Gaël Le Bris
1 month ago

Authorizing #airports to use PFAS-free #aircraft firefighting foams is far from being the end of the story. These compounds are still in local ground and water: Also, #airports face the dilemma of having to choose between products with different performances. ✈️🚒 #aviation

Edward Betts
1 month ago

Update Wikidata query: places where the three letter IATA airport code is the same as the rail station code

I changed it to use 'place served by transport hub' (P931) in addition to 'located in the administrative territorial entity (P131)'.

There are now 106 results, up from 36.


#Wikidata #SPARQL #WDQS #Trivia #Stations #Airports #RailwayStations #IATA

Edward Betts
1 month ago

Wikidata query: places where the three letter IATA airport code is the same as the rail station code

(36 results)


#Wikidata #SPARQL #WDQS #Trivia #Stations #Airports #RailwayStations #IATA

1 month ago

Travel around the #Highlands & islands transformed by huge zero-carbon airships - report

The study into the potential of the helium-filled Airlander vehicles found that a reliable network for passengers and freight could be established using existing airports.

The feasibility study looked at #Inverness, #Kirkwall, #Sumburgh, #Barra, Papa Westray, #Stornoway & Scapa Bay

#transport #airships #ferry #PapaWestray #ScapaBay #Shetland #Highlands #Islands #airports #travel

1 month ago

📺 “Boarding planes could have been very different” – I got to try one of these on my last trip back (and I’ve been in them at other airports). Main issue is the time waiting to load up, but at least you can sit down whilst you wait. /by @tomscott #Montreal #aviation #YUL #airports

Lu 🇦🇲
1 month ago

#TomScott a fait une vidéo à propos de ces étranges et très grands bus, qui se surélèvent pour vous embarquer dans un avion de ligne :

Boarding planes could have been very different

#YouTube #TomScott #Aviation #Airports

Gaël Le Bris
2 months ago

I remember fondly a delicious "gigot bitume" at my former #airport to celebrate the end of a long #runway rehabilitation project. More about this more-than-a-century-old iconic recipe of the French construction community: 💪✈️🚧 #airports #construction

Gaël Le Bris
2 months ago

Congrats, Gerald R. Ford International Airport! Boarding bridges greatly improve passenger experience, accessibility, and turnaround efficiency: ✈️👍 #airports #airtravel #aviation #infrastructure #mobility #STEM

Timothy Jasionowski
2 months ago

There is a special ring of Hell for the people who put shopping malls and food courts between security and the departure gates at European #airports.

Gaël Le Bris
2 months ago

Our #ACRP #Research Report 236 on electric #aircraft & #hydrogen at #airports was mentioned in a WEF white paper on delivering the #infrastructure enabling zero-emission flights which was published earlier this year: ✈️ #EnergyTransition #NASEM #TRB

Sebastian Karcher
2 months ago

What a strange name for a gift store... Is this because it helps you gaslight your kids or spouse into believing you actually thought of buying them a local gift? #cincinnati #airports

photo of the Gaslight gift shop

Aaaarrrgghhhhh nightmare

“Evidently we had swapped laptops going through security.”

#AirTravel #MacBook #Airports #Travel

Swapping MacBooks at airport security

This all happened because I went through airport security. As one is required to do, I removed my Midnight Blue MacBook Air from my backpack, put it on a tray, and after it went through airport security, I picked it up again.

Or so I thought. About 30 minutes before my flight was boarding, I pulled out my laptop to do some last minute work. But when I opened it up, a stranger’s profile greeted me. Evidently we had swapped laptops going through security. So I raced back, and returned the stranger’s laptop, and explained the situation.

While security managed to identify the stranger’s flight, it had already taken off. I filled out the airport’s lost item form, and boarded the plane crestfallen. I hoped I’d recover the laptop, but to prepare for the worst, ordered another new MacBook using the plane’s wifi. I could always return it if my original MacBook was returned.
2 months ago

How a series of #airtrafficcontrol #lapses nearly killed 131 people In a year filled with #closecalls involving US #airlines, this was the one that most unnerved #federalaviation officials: A disaster had barely been averted, and multiple layers of the vaunted US #airsafety had failed. #transportation #airlines #FAA #closecalls #pilots #airports

Gaël Le Bris
2 months ago

We had a fantastic #INF2023 workshop last month in Cape May, NJ. Many thanks to
@VTOLsociety for putting this event together. Are you a VFS member? Watch the recording of my panel session with Carlo Padoa of Bayards & Chuck Clauser of PS&S on #AAM Ops at #Airports: 🚁🔋 #AirTravel #aviation #engineering #eVTOL #heliports #infrastructure #mobility #transportation #VerticalFlight #vertiports #VTOL

Hannah Weinberger
2 months ago

#SeaTac Intl Airport faces pressure to expand ahead of forecasted flyer increases. It’s also one of the US’s most land-constrained major #airports, leading Port of #Seattle staff to consider paving scarce forested acreage locals thought would always be forested. But community opposition, fed. legislation (impacted by looming shutdown), empathetic local leadership & off-record negotiation might soon preserve some spaces critical to protecting airport communities’ health.

Hannah Weinberger
2 months ago

I even made you a map showing what’s at stake! Click around in it on the article page to learn more: #MapBox #DataWrappr #Seattle #SeaTac #Airports #UrbanParks

An interactive map of North SeaTac Park
The Japan Times
2 months ago

Storms, floods and melting tarmac: The aviation industry promises net zero by 2050, but today's extreme weather is already forcing airports to rethink how they're built. #environment #climatechange #climatechange #heatwaves #floods #aviation #airports

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

#Airports scrambling to adapt to #ClimateChange and to decarbonise their operations, hoping you don't notice what they really need to do, which is to shrink. Instead, it's all about airport expansion everywhere.

Imagery by Rihilism
3 months ago

A little closer crop and a bit of brightening on the plane photo I posted previously.

#planes #airplane #AirplaneMode #flight #airports #infrastructure #transportation #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a small jet in flight against a blue sky. The jet is white with thin black and brown striping that extends from nose to tail. The jet's flaps and wheel are down indicating that it is on a landing approach.
Imagery by Rihilism
3 months ago

The approach to a small municipal airport stretches across a friend's neighborhood. When I'm walking through his neighborhood I occasionally find myself with a small jet flying slow at low altitude right above my head. It's kinda cool to be that close to a plane in flight as well as good birding practice 😉.

Can any jet-setters ID the plane type for a novice like me?

#planes #airplane #AirplaneMode #flight #airports #infrastructure #transportation #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a small jet in flight against a blue sky with a few leafed branches visible in the left frame. The jet is white with thin black and brown striping that extends from nose to tail. The jet's flaps and wheel are down indicating that it is on a landing approach.
Bob Jamieson
3 months ago

Tories have taken £291,000 in gifts from airports as Sunak eyes runway U-turn
Liz Truss, Boris Johnson and Theresa May are among the Conservative MPs who have accepted more than £275,000 in donations-in-kind from airport operators, while Conservative Party HQ has also taken more than £13,500 in donations from airport operators.
It comes as the government signals its backing for airport expansions

#ToryCorruption #politics #airports

3 months ago

I'm extraordinarily proud of my only aurora photograph that's on Public display anywhere in the world. Thanks to Richard Roberts CEO of the Airport for the original idea of toilet cubicle art. You can see this masterpiece in Dunedin Airport! #toiletart #aurora #airports #NewZealand

an aurora and a boatshed line the wall of a public urinal
Louise Alexander 🇨🇦
3 months ago

When will #airlines & #airports do something about the awful conditions they have created for travellers? It is so bad now that I don't travel as much as I would have in the past because the prospect of going through the airports then sitting on a cramped airplane for hours is enough to deter me. Because of where I live, I generally have to change aircraft en route resulting in day long travel discomfort. I know I'm not alone in my distaste for airline travel. #AirCanada #WestJet

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

"ordinances like the one proposed in #Llano... make it illegal to transport anyone to get an abortion on roads within the city or county limits...

Antiabortion advocates... are targeting regions along #interstates and in areas with #airports, with the goal of blocking off the main arteries out of #Texas and keeping pregnant #women hemmed within the confines of their antiabortion state."

#WomensRights #WomensFreedom #Health #Misogyny #USPol #USA #News

Text from article:
More than a year after Roe v. Wade was overturned, many conservatives have grown frustrated by the number of people able to circumvent antiabortion laws — with some advocates grasping for even stricter measures they hope will fully eradicate abortion nationwide.

That frustration is driving a new strategy in heavily conservative cities and counties across Texas. Designed by the architects of the state’s “heartbeat” ban that took effect months before Roe fell, ordinances like the one proposed in Llano — where some 80 percent of voters in the county backed President Donald Trump in 2020 — make it illegal to transport anyone to get an abortion on roads within the city or county limits. The laws allow any private citizen to sue a person or organization they suspect of violating the ordinance.

Antiabortion advocates behind the measure are targeting regions along interstates and in areas with airports, with the goal of blocking off the main arteries out of Texas and keeping pregnant women hemmed within the confines of their antiabortion state. These provisions have already passed in two counties and two cities, creating legal risk for those traveling on major highways including Interstate 20 and Route 84, which head toward New Mexico, where abortion remains legal and new clinics have opened to accommodate Texas women. Several more jurisdictions are expected to vote on the measure in the coming weeks.
The Japan Times
4 months ago

Travelers flooded airports and train stations across Japan on Friday to head to their hometowns in the first summer holiday season since the legal status of COVID-19 was downgraded. #japan #obon #trains #airports

CelloMom On Cars
4 months ago

"The Qatari-government owned #airline is currently limited to running 28 weekly services into #Australia’s four major #airports – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth – allowing it to run once-daily return flights from Doha into each of these cities.

However, under the existing bilateral agreement, there is no limit placed on how many services #Qatar is able to run to non-major airports."

4 months ago

Zeus: "You're not flying today! It's lightning practice day!" #aviation #lightning #airports #travel

Ground Stops across the bord in the US due to thunderstorms
The Japan Times
4 months ago

High winds hit power lines in Okinawa Prefecture and knocked out electricity to more than 200,000 households on Wednesday morning as powerful and slow-moving Typhoon Khanun barred down on the area. #japan #okinawa #typhoons #typhoonkhanun #airports

It's not like I travel much, but I'm ready to give some "awards" to the most awful #airports in #Europe:
- 2nd place. The most chaotic: BER, #Berlin Airport; understaffed, space not well distributed
- 1st place. The most hostile towards passengers: LIS, #Lisbon Airport; overcrowded, super noisy, with almost no places to sit or rest, bad space distribution...

CelloMom On Cars
5 months ago

#Australian #airports and #airlines are starting to get very nervous at the idea of a #CarbonTax on #JetFuel.

"Operators disproportionately reducing frequencies of flights to the southern hemisphere as an easy path to meet their obligations in a carbon-constrained future could leave Australians with considerably fewer – and significantly more expensive options – to connect with other continents."

#Travel #tourism

The Japan Times
5 months ago

Passengers are learning the hard way this summer that high temperatures can be as disruptive to on-time departures as visibly inclement weather. #news #business #airlines #tourism #airports #heatwaves

Flipboard Culture Desk
5 months ago

There are a lot of airfield restaurants across the United States, many of which have incredible views of planes taking off and landing. Atlas Obscura has a Q&A with Bryan Peetz, a pilot who’s passionate about food and flight, and he dishes on the underground culture flying and dining.
#Flying #Food #Airports #Restaurants

Douglas VB
5 months ago


Boy are my wings tried 😴

36+ hours of travel.

Bastille Day in France.

Airport workers strike in Italy.

Delays along the way.

Three different airlines (Air France, Delta, Alaska) on Airbus 320, Airbus 330-300, Boeing 737MAX-9.

And somehow I made every connection comfortably and my bags showed up at my destination.

#travel #Boeing #airbus #flying #airports

the people's eva
5 months ago

MINOR INCONVENIENCE ALERT: At the Philly airport today for an international trip, trying to connect to their free wifi. It forces you to wait and sit through a 30 second commercial before you can access the internet. Enshittification is so so real, in minor ways like this one and much bigger ones. Airports should be nationalized and free wifi should be a public utility. Every time I've been in an airport I've discovered a new way they have made the experience worse on purpose in order to make money off us. It's truly sad.

#Enshittification #Airports #Capitalism

CelloMom On Cars
5 months ago

The Act:
"#Climate activists caused major disruption at two #airports in #Germany on Thursday morning after breaching fences around the sites and blocking access to the runways on the first day of the school holidays."

The Gaslighting:
“The #LastGeneration isn’t protecting the climate, they’re engaged in criminal activity,” said Transport Minister Volker #Wissing, who has blocked several proposals for cutting #emissions from road and air travel in recent years."

Chris Ely
5 months ago

Kiss and fly charges aren't a solution to the problem!

> These are fees charged for dropping off someone as close to a terminal as possible.

You should absolutely have a hub and spoke infrastructure around international airports.

Public transportation that can deliver you to the airport terminal is the best thing ever when you need to fly a lot.

#AirPorts #Trains #Busses #Baggage #Parking

I am also a member of the Standing Senate Committee on Transportation and Communications. So I care about transportation policy - whether we're talking about #trains #ports #airports #airtravel #ferries #PassengerRail #highspeedrail #SupplyChain etc. I post about such things - and I'm eager to connect with experts - and with those who are just passionate about transportation policy. (Also? Love trains.) #introduction #SenateofCanada #Canada #TRCM But that's not all!

Two of my friends recently traveled (one to Vegas and the other to London from the Pacific Northwest) and came back with COVID. They both went to big events: one was a conference and the other was a Duran Duran concert.

I asked them where they thought they contracted COVID and they both emphatically replied, "The plane!"

The one who traveled from London said she grew tired of wearing the mask during the long flight and regrets letting her guard down.

The other said he just got lazy and didn't wear his on the plane.

Both said people were coughing and sneezing near them.

#COVID #Airports #Travel #MaskUp #COVIDIsNotOver #FilteredAirMyAss

Aviation Librarian
5 months ago

Boston Airport ,MA Chapel Our Lady of the Airways Postcards
#Airports #Chruch #Postcards #avgeek #boston #bostonloganairport #artwork

1953 Chapel Our Lady of the Airways Statue Boston Logan Airport Postcard 1
Boston Airport ,MA Chapel Our Lady of the Airways Suffolk County Massachusetts Postcard
Black and white - 1954 Boston Logan Airport Our Lady of the Airways Chapel Postcard
CelloMom On Cars
6 months ago

#Rail travel is cool for so many reasons:

1. #Fastest way to travel
2. #Connecting regions
3. Economic growth and #prosperity
4. Most #sustainable
5. Relieve #airports
6. Less #congested roads
7. Most #comfortable

Find out how:

CelloMom On Cars
6 months ago

#EU citizen?
Hate #airports and airport expansion?
Sign this petition to connect Europe's #capitals with high-speed #rail.

European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on high-speed rail (#HSR)

"Under European law, the European Commission is obliged to commit to our goal to connect #Europe’s capitals through #HighSpeedRail if we collect at least 1,000,000 signatures of EU-citizens."

Terra Field
7 months ago

Still my favorite #FourSquare tip I’ve ever written. #travel #airports #AirportFood

A screenshot of a review for Bourbon Pub at SFO terminal 1 where I drew the food we ordered since it never arrived.
8 months ago

Fascinating. Denver Airport has some of the longest runways in the world because it is "hot and high" which makes it hard to land big planes. They just need more space. #Airports #Denver #DEN #Coloray #flying #airplanes #boeing

Meanwhile in #aviation:

The FT has looked at the forward plans of the eight biggest #airports in the UK, and guess what, they are all looking to expand;

in aggregate they're expecting to increase passenger numbers by 60% on the 2019 (pre-pandemic) capacity; which is an extra 150mn more passengers or as the FT helpfully points out an extra 300,000 flights by 747s.

Clearly the airports do not think the Govt.s #netzero policy (see earlier post) will be a major impediment to their #business.

J. Steven York
9 months ago

@Raspberry_Pi I spent about a year living near the end of a runway at SeaTac airport in Seattle. Would have loved this. (We got used to the noise, but learned to just stop mid-sentence as a plane passed and picked the sentence right up at the same point when the noise passed. Worked for me, my wife and housemates, but confused the hell out of visitors.

#aviation #airports #airlines #seatac

10 months ago


#FAA orders ground stop at 3 U.S. #airports to support "national security effort" where suspected spy #balloon was last seen #China

10 months ago

#US shuts down three #airports amid #China #balloon controversy, officials say

Michal Bryxí 🌱
11 months ago
David Zipper
1 year ago

Flying from a US airport during the holidays?

As you go through security, ask yourself whether CLEAR should be profiting by letting people cut the line.

A publicly traded company, CLEAR does nothing to make airport security safer or more efficient.

Me, in @Slate:

#airports #aviation #travel

David Megginson
1 year ago

Since 2007, I've maintained the free (cost-free, ad-free, tracking-cookie-free) community website

#openData #aviation #airports #gis