LM Little
2 hours ago

"The #ImperialOil leak and cover-up were not a mistake, they were a direct result of the broken regulatory system in #Alberta. It is appalling for the regulator to take no responsibility for such an egregious failure."

#Abpoli #cdnpoli #RegulatoryCapture #BigOil #Criminals #WaterisLife

5 hours ago

Just say no...again

“How much bureaucratic space and time and resources are we going to spend on saying ‘no’ repeatedly?”


From: @thetyee

Pathways to Phase-outWe're living through the end of the fossil fuel era. This post kicks off our exploration of the pathways #Alberta can follow to phase out #oilandgas production.

Andrew Iwaniuk
7 hours ago

No bird photos from me today. I am too busy fighting the good fight against my university's administration. And getting angry that we have a report of whooping cough in our son's school (thanks to the antivaxx crowd). #academia #yql #Alberta

8 hours ago

[Calgary Flames]Jakob Pelletier sustained an injury to his left shoulder in the pre-season that will require surgery next week and will be out indefinitely

#Alberta #Calgary #CalgaryFlames #Flames #hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NHL #NHLWesternConference #NHLWesternConferencePacificDivision

[Calgary Flames]Jakob Pelletier sustained an injury to his left shoulder in the pre-season that will require surgery next week and will be out indefinitely

Living in #Alberta :
- NDP puts rate cap on electricity to tackle rampant profiteering.
- UCP takes rate cap off. Immediately, prices skyrocket and Albertans are complaining about bills that are 5x as much as last month.
- Now I can't even listen to music at work without an ad paid for by "The Government of Alberta" (ie, the UCP spending our money out of our pockets) screaming at me to "Tell the Feds" that it's all their fault we have high electricity costs in Alberta.


#abpoli #cdnpoli

What Is Natural Gas? Hint: It's Not Natural
What is natural gas? It's a form of #petroleum, and there's nothing natural about it. #natgas #alberta

Agenda Review Committee - 2023/09/26


  • Agenda Review Committee List

  • October 10, 2023, Community and Public Services Committee

  • October 11, 2023, Urban Planning Committee

  • October 13, 2023, Executive Committee

#yeg #yegCC #edmonton #alberta #abpoli

Remember all of the rage about #CarbonTax raising gas prices and Albertans were freaking out, taking photoshoots at gas pumps?

Where are those same conservatives now when ALBERTA'S ELECTRICITY PRICES MORE THAN DOUBLED due to UCP's lack of regulation?!

Guess we don't hear much because their friends and donors are still making money huh.

#alberta #calgary

Screenshot from Bloomber news showing "Alberta electricity prices more than double"
Andrew Iwaniuk
1 day ago

There is a long history of aberrantly coloured magpies in Alberta, although mainly in Edmonton. Over the past several weeks, this greyish one has been showing up to our yard. Unclear to me if this is due to altered melanin or structural (or both).

#Alberta #WildCanada #yql #birding #birdsofmastodon #ornithology

A black billed magpie is perched on a deck post. Rather than glossy blue-black plumage, this magpie has greyish-blue plumage on the wing and the entire length of the tail feathers.
Ned Yeung
2 days ago

@CStamp @StillIRise1963

In #Alberta the UCP has also been pushing for all the years they've been in office to legitimate child labour with little to NO pay, by repealing every act that the NDP had put in place to protect against it. From re-introducing sub-minimal wages for youth workers (formerly it was for tipped workers), to fighting against Occupational Health and Safety standards in rural industry, actually arguing that this would hinder families from putting their kids to work. #abpoli

Raymond Scott Pert
2 days ago

#Canada - Inside the World Petroleum Congress: energy leaders talk #NetZero

> At one of the largest gatherings of the oil and gas industry, the focus on a transition confronts complexity and profit #Alberta #FossilFuels #BigOil

GroguTheGreen :mstdn:
2 days ago

A month out from the Heritage Classic in #Yeg and tickets are still $176 in the nose bleeds where you can’t see anything. What a shitty joke this has turned into. #hockey #NHL #Edmontonoilers #HNOM #Alberta

LM Little
2 days ago

Best practices post-evacuation, post #wildfire destruction modelled by #SlaveLake, #Alberta is to immediately provide opportunities for the public to debrief and for leadership to be present to hear stories, experiences and advice. But #Yellowknife seems to be resisting immediate public debriefing and visibility of #leadership in such a process.

#NWT #NWTpoli #wildfires #evacuation #plans

2 days ago

[Mike Gould] Folks. I believe we may see the Flames Heritage Classic jersey be officially revealed as soon as tomorrow.

#Alberta #Calgary #CalgaryFlames #Flames #hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NHL #NHLWesternConference #NHLWesternConferencePacificDivision

[Mike Gould] Folks. I believe we may see the Flames Heritage Classic jersey be officially revealed as soon as tomorrow.
2 days ago

Andrea Sandmaier from Cold Lake, Alta. has been elected the president of a new Métis government in the province.

Voting took place online, by mail and in person from Sept. 13 to Sept. 19.

Sandmaier has said she’s excited and honoured to take the Otipemisiwak Métis Government on its initial first steps into the future.

She said citizens are engaged and want to keep moving forward.

#Indigenous #Métis #governance #politics #Alberta

A woman smiles widely toward the camera. She wears a white jacket and a beaded pin with a Métis infinity symbol on it.
2 days ago

[Gilbertson] Flames forward Jakob Pelletier with the line of the day (and a gentle dig at the old boss): “I think it’s easier for the coaches to know the No. 22 to the No. 49. It’s a joke. Just kidding, just kidding.”

#Alberta #Calgary #CalgaryFlames #Flames #hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NHL #NHLWesternConference #NHLWesternConferencePacificDivision

[Gilbertson] Flames forward Jakob Pelletier with the line of the day (and a gentle dig at the old boss): “I think it’s easier for the coaches to know the No. 22 to the No. 49. It’s a joke. Just kidding, just kidding.”

Fuck this guy. Fuck landlords.

‘It’s a human right’: Ponoka, Alta. bakery told to remove Pride flag from window

#ponoka #alberta

Ned Yeung
3 days ago


Hey #yeg, remember when the NDP brought us worker reform gave us a consistent minimum guarantee for all workers across #Alberta ? Then the UCP were elected and one of their very first acts was to re-introduce sub-minimum wages for youth workers? That's called regressive anti-worker policy. #abpoli

Alberta's Fossil Fuel Emissions
Alberta's fossil fuel emissions are far larger than most people realize. In this series, we'll break it all down for you. #climate #alberta #abpoli

3 days ago

Riding the streetcar over the High Level Bridge in #edmonton. #yeg #alberta #train

view through the front of the streetcar heading over the high level bridge.
Markham Hislop
3 days ago

Where are #Alberta #oilsands net-zero investments?

I argued in this column ( that producers have slow-walked emissions-reducing tech for years.

Now they've put most of their eggs in the CCUS basket.
#OOTT #ABleg #ABpoli #cdnpoli

4 days ago

I've been making an #altar for #AutumnEquinox (and some of the other key #Solar dates) for some years now. Several years back it gained an extra level of meaning for me, as my Mother died at this time.
Now, the altar marks the #season : the richness of #fruit and #flower and #seed of remaining #green and burgeoning #AutumnColour as #Saule turns her face to the south and #LeafMother paints the world in jewel tones. (cont)
#Alberta #Latvian #pagan #animist #loss

Photo collage in 6 panels, 2 vertical rows of 3 landscape orientation photos, framed in  grey violet at top blending to blue grey, then coral blending to an earthy muted cranberry at bottom. 
Top left mostly flowers in pink and purple shades, Cranesbill, Scabious, Clover etc with clusters of red Bunchberries the word Life  appears on this panel.. 
Right overview of altar, a wooden bench completely covered with potted small trees-spruce, poplar, willow and plants- sedge, cyclamen etc,  plus leaves, grass in green and fall colour and many flowers and seed heads. this panel says Love.
Centre left another close-up with many flowers such as yarrow and white bellflowers etc, surrounded by coloured leaves. this one says "Loss". 
Right- centre of altar, leaves and flowers surround a Mexican figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe in black clay, crowned with several kinds of berries.  "Change".
Bottom left gold and orangey fireweed stem with small golden apple-crab and red crab-apples plus a black and red stone. "Endure"
Right a wild aster stem with bright gold leaves tipped in purple. "Grow"
Lorraine C.
4 days ago


Thank you #firefighters, both men and women from #SouthAfrica

➖Here they dance and say goodbye. ⤵️♥️

#Wildfires #yeg #alberta #canada #quebec

Andrew Iwaniuk
4 days ago

Still quite a few mountain bluebirds hanging out in the coulee of the Oldman River this week.
#Alberta #yql #WildCanada #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon

A male mountain bluebird is perched on the top of a fencepost with its right side facing the camera.
LM Little
5 days ago

"Legislation, however, does not work that way. You don’t get to unilaterally devise alternative interpretations that suit your needs and then arbitrarily decide they are reasonable."

#APP #Alberta #abpoli #Pensions #cdnpoli

5 days ago

Seems pretty telling that the #Alberta government isn’t out there swinging for the fences on a Friday evening trying to set the narrative for the weekend on that pension report. 🤔

Maybe that’s just me.

#Canada #cdnpoli

Ned Yeung
6 days ago

#Alberta: We must tolerate hate speech and give them a platform, because if we do not tolerate intolerance, then we are the ones who are intolerant. I am smart.

#Canada: We do not tolerate hate speech, period.

Listen, Smith... there is no "Right of Free Speech" in Canada that says a person can deny another person of their Freedom of Expression, which is guaranteed in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I'm surprised she didn't describe Freedom of Speech as "Our First Amendment Rights". #abpoli

Danielle Smith @ABDanielleSmith

The Government of Alberta is aware of large planned protests and counter-protests happening across Canada today regarding issues that impact the lives and well-being of children.

I ask that all protesters, regardless of what their position is on these delicate issues, exercise the right of free speech peacefully and to encourage their fellow Canadians to do the same.

9:26 AM - Sep 20 2023 - 166K Views

Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau

Let me make one thing very clear: Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have no place in this country. We strongly condemn this hate and its manifestations, and we stand united in support of 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians across the country - you are valid and you are valued.

11:53 AM - Sep 20, 2023 - 225.2K Views
Dave Mayhood
6 days ago

@cbcworld Yet another example that Danielle Smith is a raving incompetent dimwit. This time she's looting Albertans' pensions to turn the money over to her de facto employer, the fossil fuel industry. That's where this government will "invest" the cash. This is all about looting for industry, not providing a viable investment plan.

#UCP #FossilFuels #Alberta #Government #CPP #Pensions #Investment #corruption

David Mayhood
6 days ago

Wondering where Canada's Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) might be headed in administering the country's Species at Risk Act in Alberta? So am I, after examining lobbying by the Alberta Forest Products Ass'n, which wants to "balance" SARA against loggers' economic interests. Draft report for public review here:

#SpeciesAtRiskAct #Canada #Alberta #DFO #Lobbying #Law #Policy #Conservation

Robson Fletcher
6 days ago

The Alberta government has come up with a proposal to withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan and claims it should be entitled to more than half of the CPP's roughly $575 billion in assets.

University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe notes one problem with that formula, however:

"If British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario each withdrew from the CPP, for example, I estimate 128% of assets would need to be paid."

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #alberta #canada #cpp

6 days ago

I say we let them have it on the condition that #CPP immediately begins divesting itself of all investments based in #Alberta if they give notice to set up their own plan.

We shouldn’t be propping up their economy if they don’t want to contribute.


6 days ago

I mean… the way they put this out there made it immediately clear that they aren’t capable of either math or honesty, both of which are pretty crucial to running a pension fund.

No, half the CPP doesn’t belong to #Alberta. That’s just fucking stupid.

Like Danielle Smith.

#cdnpoli #Canada

6 days ago

A brief ranking of how much I trust who to run a pension plan, in order from most to least:

1) a chicken shitting randomly in a field divided into squares marked with stock tickers.

2) three kids in a trench coat pretending to be a banker.

3) #Alberta’s UCP.

Hope you all like cat food.


1 week ago

@kimhoar @MatWright @blogdiva
#Alberta, #Nazi capital of #Canada. I left as soon as I could run. It wasn't the cold winter climate, it was the political climate.

1 week ago


When you elect holier than thou, greedy insanity you do get insane policies bereft of facts logic and sanity .

#Canada #Alberta #CPP #Abpoli #Ableg #Cdnpoli #CanadaPensionPlan

How the ‘parental rights’ movement gave rise to the 1 Million March 4 Children

An important history to know about in these times

#Canada #Education #ParentalRights #cdnpoli #Saskatchewan #Alberta #Ontario

Ned Yeung
1 week ago

I shouldn't have to say this, but singling out one group of children with hatred, ignorance, and intolerance will never make any children safe. Not in any way, shape, or form; no matter how you spin it.

#abpoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights #Alberta #protests #trans

Ned Yeung
1 week ago

Sorry, what are we protecting children from in Alberta, and protesting against today? Understanding that some people might not identify the same as others? That's what's on the agenda to protect the children, by the same people?

"The former headmaster of an Alberta boy’s school was led away to begin a prison sentence for sexually abusing a student (30 years ago), more than two years after he was originally found guilty of the crime."

#abpoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights #trans #Alberta #protests

So it wasn't the shared kitchen then

Six additional daycares in the Calgary area have been ordered to close by Alberta Health Services after children who attend the facilities tested positive for E. coli. #alberta #Ecoli

Addendum 18

Far-Right Activists Planning Anti-Sex-Ed Convoy Targeting Alberta Teachers

* latest wave of far-right protests targeting schools, educators
* leader: Benita Pedersen, Alta. far-right
* key organizer, Take Back Alberta >> search: "Benita Pedersen" OR "take back alberta"

#Canada #populism #Alberta #DanielleSmith #TBA #TakeBackAlberta #ChipWilson #BenitaPedersen #FarRight #education #transphobia #SOGI #ChristianRight #HumanRights

• Politics - Political philosophy - Political theories - Political ideologies - Right-wing politics - Right-wing politics in Canada - Far-right politics in Canada - Take Back Alberta

• ont-uid: in3ien6l

• COMMENT (2023-01-27): there appears to be a close relationship between the "Pacific Prosperity Network" and "Take Back Alberta".

Take Back Alberta's website is virtually identical to that of the Vancouver-based Pacific Prosperity Network, a right wing group funded by the founder of Lulu Lemon, Chip Wilson.

Additionally, Take Back Alberta lists the Pacific Prosperity Network's phone number and email address as points of contact on their website.

The Pacific Prosperity Network produced the "Vancouver is Dying" propaganda film, which was promoted by Take Back Alberta in the lead-up to the 2023-05-29 Alberta general election (

• This is the main entry for "Take Back Alberta".


• Wikipedia article: no (2023-05-16)
LA Legault
2 weeks ago

The company responsible for the Ecoli poisoning of all those children in #Alberta (a company co-owned by an ex government aid) is offering $2000.00 as compensarion to the victim’s families, do not sign anything until you speak to a lawyer!

Robson Fletcher
2 weeks ago

Alberta's energy minister said on #Twitter / #X that upgrading a garage to 200 amp service for electric vehicle charging costs $50,000 or more for most homes.

Does that sound right?

Has anyone done this? What did it cost?

#ableg #abpoli #canada #alberta #cdnpoli #ev #electricvehicles

Energy Minister Brian Jean tweet (quote-tweeting a tweet from Premier Danielle Smith claiming federal energy rules will "add $35,000 onto the cost of a new home"):

The $35,000 number might actually be low. If you want to have two electric vehicles charging in your garage overnight you need upgraded 200 amp minimum electrical service - that’s a S50K plus upgrade on most existing homes. That’s over and above the building code issues mentioned in the report.
Kyle Davis
2 weeks ago

We’re famous for so few things in #Alberta, but at least we’ve got the “rat free” thing down.

(Cc @VintageEdmonton)

Robson Fletcher
2 weeks ago

It's been seven weeks since Alberta updated its public-facing COVID-19 data.

#covid #covid19 #alberta #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli

Screenshot of Alberta COVID-19 statistics page showing it is up to date as of July 24, 2023.
Erin Whalen
3 weeks ago

I love this TechXplore article about the potential benefits of developing more agrivoltaic farms in Alberta – especially how it seems to have been written specifically to appeal to the conservative provincial government that recently placed a seven-month moratorium on renewables development in the province.

#agriculture #farming #solar #SolarPunk #renewables #RenewableEnergy #Alberta

Robson Fletcher
3 weeks ago

For years, Alberta published robust, consistent data on class sizes for each public, separate and charter school in the province.

But in 2019, the UCP government put an end to that.

Today, we have to rely on anecdotes to try and figure out what's going on:

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #cdnpoli #education

Robson Fletcher
3 weeks ago

Calgary has been blanketed by smoke for nearly three full weeks this wildfire season, already surpassing the previous record set in 2018 and obliterating readings that were considered normal in previous decades:

#yyc #calgary #alberta #canada #wildfire #wildfires #smoke #climate #climatechange

Robson Fletcher
3 weeks ago

Ram River Falls in central Alberta, Canada.

#WaterfallWednesday #Canada #Alberta

Robson Fletcher
3 weeks ago

What a sharp decline in male life expectancy in Western #Canada.

Down nearly a full year in #BritishColumbia, #Alberta and #Saskatchewan.

In the early 1990s, boys born in these provinces could expect to live longer than in any other part of the country. Today, life expectancy in all three is below the national average.

In Saskatchewan, male life expectancy is now *four years* less than in #Quebec.

#ableg #abpoli #bcpoli #skpoli #cdnpoli

4 weeks ago
In a deep night sky, filled with stars, the Milky Way rises up vertically into the sky. Little wispy white clouds float near the horizon, which itself is pale with distant human light. Forest is visible sloping down from left to right, and a still, glassy lake reflects back the sky as the beach curves sinuously around it on the left.
4 weeks ago

Looking for a new park to go to near Edmonton. This one has some really weird restrictions... I need to find park I can take my "electronic surveillance devices" with me. #yeg #alberta #weird

park listing saying you cant bring your electronic surveillance devices with you