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If the Food and Drug Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives got together, that'd be one hell of a party!

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2 days ago

Tras un año sin probar el #alcohol algunas conclusiones.
_ No tener resaca después de una fiesta es una maravilla.
_ Duermo mucho mejor.
_ La sensación de estar siempre consciente de todo lo que me rodea, es brutal.
_ Si salgo, me acuerdo de todo ;P
_ Mi forma física ha mejorado.
_ Es muy interesante poder ver la vida tal cual es, sin filtros.
_ No beber es un acto de rebeldía
_ Tu fortaleza mental se incrementa
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Can the Hazy/NE IPA craze die already? There are way too damn many of them on the market, and the lot of them are either mediocre or bad.

It's a style I definitely enjoy when done well (see Brooklyn's Pulp Art), preferably predicated by some neutral or resinous bitterness at the end, but so many of them use the same old suspects for hops, and end up the same sticky tropical and citrus and offensively polyphenolic due to ludicrous additions of wheat and dry hops. Brewers, I assure you your bright new idea is hardly special in nearly all cases. Please dial back, or even better, actually innovate for once.

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2 days ago

A Brief of the Three-Tier in America via
on Jeff Siegel (The Wine Curmudgeon) #wine #history #alcohol #prohibition #spirits #Sales

Peter M 🎯
2 days ago

(1) #gezondsheidsheidszorg

Waarom worden er altijd #dikke mensen gepresenteerd bij #acties van de #overheid op #tv om ons aan te sporen onze #gezondheid te verbeteren door #roken en drinken van #alcohol te laten en daar tegelijkertijd meer #belastingen over te heffen? #verdienmodel?

Wanneer gaat de #overheid ingrijpen bij #chemours of #tatasteel als mensen ziek worden in die woonomgeving?
Wanneer gaat de #overheid ingrijpen in de oorzaken van de toenemenende #ziekte van ...(2)

Haarlem updates
2 days ago

Pubers en alcohol: Nationale Ouderavond NIX18 met Erik Scherder

Je puber niet laten drinken tot zijn 18e. Dat is makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan. Hoe voer je het gesprek over alcoholgebruik met pubers? Op de eerste Nationale Ouderavond NIX18 helpen hersenwetenschapper Erik Scherder en alcoholexpert Ninette van Hasselt ouders op...

#Haarlem #Pubers #Alcohol #NIX18 #ErikScherder #ouderavond

JZ Murdock
5 days ago

#Cannabis was never a gateway drug. It was #alcohol and #tobacco, research has shown.
And, milk (kidding).
Some very good information here...

Mark H
5 days ago

My wife bought Advocaat today even though it's not Christmas. I know. And yet I've not filed for divorce.

Anyway, I've had a hunt for Advocaat-based cocktails that aren't Snowballs and that we could potentially make at home with what we've got. Not exactly one we found, but a 3:2 mix of rhubarb and ginger gin to Advocaat, shaken with ice, then strained, works very well and packs a bit of a punch.

#Advocaat #Alcohol #Cocktails

Steven Saus [he/him]
6 days ago

From 21 Sep: Silence Is Consent? … Not Now, It Isn’t - The Atlantic’s Megan Garber wrote brilliantly of the word we use to indicate something quite the op... #alcohol #behavior #consent #culture #megan-garber #memory #russell-brand #sexual-assault #women

IT News
6 days ago

New study looks again at how alcohol influences attraction - Enlarge / This beer isn't helping. (credit: Grady Reese)

For a... - #behavioralscience #beergoggles #science #alcohol #biology #booze

Tech news from Canada
6 days ago
6 days ago

Uno de los mitos más recurrentes es que los niños y lo borrachos dicen la verdad. Le contamos.

6 days ago

Given #RudyColludy's well-known and established habit of beginning each day with a gallon of #alcohol, it's not surprising that he doesn't remember all of his actions on January 6th. #CassidyHutchinson has no reason to invent a degrading story about #Rudy assaulting her. What we're seeing is a former aide with her own independent attorney, who isn't beholden to #Trump or his associates. We have every reason to take her #allegations seriously.

1 week ago

I just had two posts #censored from I will never know the real reason, but both were just the longest possible sequence of tags, to reach and be visible to a large audience. I suspect what ticked the hammer off were tags referring to "prohibited" substances. namely #thc #weed #marijuana #LSD #acid #tryptamine #hallucinogenic. the posts were deleted without informing me even though I was also using tags such as "moderation" and "noalcohol" in the same post. why is it forbidden to talk positively about these blissful compounds that nature gifts us, while hyperconsumption of #alcohol, #nicotine and #coffee is normalized and even encouraged, and the elite is allowed to indulge unquestioned, including #public #officials?

#law #rules #regulation #prohibitionism #doublestandard #classwar #class #conflict #hypocrisy #establishment #elite #decadence #culture #oppression #censorship #freedom #information #substances #drugs #tolerated #moderation #user #noalcohol #nocoffee #nocigs #notobacco #nonicotine #bike #biking #parks #plants #nocars

Anthony Gladman
1 week ago

This is rather fascinating.

We're conditioned to derive certain psychological benefits from a drink simply by holding it in our hand — that's before we've even taken a sip. And this is true whether the drink is alcoholic or not.

#Drinks #LowAlcohol #Alcohol @drinkstodon @drinks

Ana DaLerd 🦧
1 week ago

Some customers often make me wanna have poison in my bar. Then I remember I already serve all sorts of alcohols 🤣

And people gladly pay for it, they even ask for more 👹

That makes me feel better with my job. Defrauding bourgeois with delicious overexpensive toxic beverages :blob_cat_knife:

I also have very nice #mocktails to offer friends for cheering me up. But, yes, also #alcohol if you really want some...

Anthony Gladman
1 week ago

Anyone out there have an infinity cocktail on the go? I'd like to hear about it.

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WIST Quotations
1 week ago

A quotation from Joubert, Joseph:

It seems that there is something spiritual in wine.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

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Left Arrow Tees
1 week ago

Last week of summer is here. Get your beer knowledge on point for winter with our new blog post. #beer #oktoberfest #winter #autumn #fall #alcohol

Mark H
2 weeks ago

Can't stand olives. Don't like the smell or texture, and the taste is about what I'd imagine Satan's scrotum to be like. But they are important when making Martinis. Can't be having any of this olive juice crap; three olives on a cocktail stick, and nothing else will do. Getting vile and disgusting olives out of jars and onto said sticks is a nightmare, though. It's the 21st century. I want some sort of olive-on-a-cocktail-stick Pez-type dispenser for my Martinis.

#Martini #Alcohol #Olive

Joe Vilas
2 weeks ago

Was going to make a martini in honor of @Dr_Bombay's safe return, but I ran out of time. So instead, I'm having a double Negroni. I'm using Bombay Gin, of course. ;) #booze #cocktail #alcohol #BoozeHounds Cheers! 🥂

A double Negroni in a large cylindrical bucket glass.  It's reddish fluid with ice; the glass is clear and very close to full.  It's resting on a white paper napkin.  The napkin itself is on a mouse pad illustrated with van Gogh's Starry Night.
Delta Sierra
2 weeks ago

On the way to Germany for #GalaCon, but I may just stay in this United lounge.

Free drinks are my weakness!

#flight #travel #germany #alcohol

A sign at a United Lounge in Denver International Airport showing a list of complimentary drink options (most are alcoholic).
Flipboard Culture Desk
2 weeks ago

Some women today — particularly high-income, highly educated ones — are using alcohol as a stress reliever. "Gradually, booze has become the 21st-century 'mother’s little helper,'" says Olga Khazan for The Atlantic. She talked to experts, and looked at the history of sedatives that are "meant to resign women to their fate."

#Alcohol #Women #WomensHealth #History #Lifestyle

Rob Ricci
2 weeks ago

One of the weird quirks of the #Utah #alcohol #law is that because spirits, wines, etc. must be sold in state stores, pricing is decoupled from supply and demand: everything is priced at a fixed markup above wholesale, decided by the state.

What this means is that some rare stuff that would be very expensive elsewhere is priced much cheaper here. But, it's hard to get, because the supply is low.

So for the last several years, the system they have developed is a totally-not-a-lottery-because-that-would-be-illegal-in-Utah that you enter for the right to buy these rare bottles at their low prices.

Anyway, if you're a Utahn who wants to buy rare liquor at low prices here's your chance:

Ole Dirty Rice :jeb:
2 weeks ago

I’m gonna come out with Purple Stuff brand fortified wine and find out who is really down to party.
#PurpleStuff #SunnyD #Alcohol #ChildrensSleepAids #DrinkResponsibly

'Surge pricing': la mayor cadena de pubs de #ReinoUnido cobrará 20 peniques más por pinta en los horarios de más demanda.

#alcohol #economía #noticias

Random thought... why do we have alcoholics anonymous and not smokers anonymous?

Is it that for most parts of the world alcohol addiction pre-dates smoking as an addiction, or that the negative effects of smoking were only recently stigmatized?

Or maybe smoking isn't considered an addiction or one that deserves meetings about it?

#addiction #smoking #alcohol #alcoholicsanonymous

3 weeks ago

"Addicts and alcoholics cannot prove their need for treatment by requesting it. They’ve gotta bleed and pee for it. And even that might not be enough."

Read our powerful new #longreads story:

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3 weeks ago

I was not prepared for how delicious this is!
cc + thanks! @Meat_Bucket

(Yes, I do still need to get real glassware for our stay)

Pic CW: #Alcohol #Cocktail #Suntory

268¥ (283 w tax) - and same price for a 7% alcohol version

#DasInKobe #Drink

A 500 mL can of Suntory Highball on a counter with 2 clear plastic glasses with ice and filled with a carbonated yellow beverage
JoYo :clippy:
3 weeks ago

So many self identified recovering alcoholics use cannabis but they don't talk about it.

I get it but I think this public health approach needs to be talked about by someone.

It's like the muddied waters around nicotine vapes.

They're saving lives.

#alcohol #cannabis #weed #vape #nicotine #cigarette

Ricardo Harvin
4 weeks ago

Because I'm focused on hopefully reversing my #diabetes (got my #A1C down to 6), I have severely restricted my #alcohol intake and still haven't tried #BlackGirlMagic #wines I've seen.

Given the blinding #whiteness of the #industry, globally and in the #US, I definitely plan to add their delicious-sounding #SauvignonBlanc and #CabernetMerlot blend to my list of selections when I do buy and drink bottles again (I don't "collect").

1 month ago

If you need any support for yourself or a family member.

#Alcohol #Scotland

1 month ago

It's older people, mostly women, driving the rise in alcohol deaths in Scotland. Haven't seen many of the newspapers really touch on the fact that this happened through lockdown either. There were many older people drinking during lockdown. Colin points out that in relative terms, comparing these figures with the last available data for England, our rise was smaller.

Plot © Colin Angus

#Alcohol #Scotland

Data plot. Drug misuse deaths in red, alcohol deaths in blue. The chart tracks ages 15-90+. 

The chart shows drug misuse deaths are falling but still high in younger age groups, peak age is 40-44 for drug deaths. Alcohol deaths are high and rising for older ages, the peak age for alcohol deaths is 60-64.
Scottish Lass
1 month ago

Scotland's alcohol deaths hit highest level in 14 years | STV News
#Alcohol #Scotland

Scottish Lass
1 month ago

"Information on the number of deaths that were registered in Scotland
in 2022 which are classified as alcohol-specific. "
I'm learning how to plot data and there are really nice charts from The National Records of Scotland in the PDF...grim topic though😞
Numbers going the wrong direction.
#Alcohol #Statistics #Scotland

Maj 🇨🇦
1 month ago

Observation: in the USofA, there's a lot more restrictions on where you serve alcohol compared to Quebec & Europe, but, when they do serve, you can expect 12oz glasses of wine...
#travel #observation #culture #alcohol

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
1 month ago

Must admit, my first thought was "I wonder if they'll have Writer's Tears."

Mind you, I am curious what people will make of the books they went home with once the beer/wine goggles wear off the next morning.

#Bookstodon #Books #Booze #Alcohol #Canada #Toronto

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Kid Rock Forgets the Meaning of Hypocrisy By Enjoying a Cold Bud Light
The grift goes on. The post Kid Rock Forgets the Meaning of Hypocrisy By Enjoying a Cold Bud Light appeared first on MetalSucks.

#KidRock #BudLight #Hypocrisy #Alcohol #Beer

Richard Rathe
1 month ago


Bread, dairy, etc. influences are a symptom of the root problem… Same agency that sets guidelines also regulates AND promotes those agricultural sectors. Divided mandates!

The best analysis I've ever come across is this article by Willett and Stampfer from SciAm in 2003 (since placed behind a paywall or removed?). Here is an alternative copy...

Their proposed pyramid was pretty good and had *whole* grains at the foundation.

Notice these important differences with the #3USDA ‘pyramid’…

Plant oils at every meal
Lower limit on dairy foods
Nuts and legumes are separated from meat
Potatoes are not grouped with vegetables
Explicit, use-sparingly ‘white’ food group, including potatoes
Butter is included in the use-sparingly meat group

#Alcohol recs are unclear now.

They also called out trans-fats and deceptive labeling.

I went into more detail back in 2004/2009…


*Revised to add author info to link and graphic.

Alternative Food Pyramid by Willett and Stampfer SciAm 2003

I guess what I need is #cocktail suggestions.

I like sour things and strong liquors. Red wine and lots of brown liquors give me headaches. Corpse reviver, sidecare and margarita are some favorites. I also like fruit.

Assume we have all the supplies.

#alcohol #drink #bar #suggestions

EGGO IS COMING OUT WITH A SPECIAL BOOZE THAT PAIRS WITH WAFFLES | 107.5 Kool FM #EggoWaffles #Sugarland #Eggo #Waffles #BrunchInAJar #Alcohol #onpoli @onpoli

Sharon Cummings Art
1 month ago

booze is a menace
so little makes me tipsy
Social wrestling match!

*Genetically, mother's side, we lack enough enzymes to process alcohol (me too). A blessing, as on my Dad's side, they are prone to excess.

**Please look at my work if wine is ok. I don't want to trigger anyone.

#575prompt tipsy
#MastoPrompt menace #DailyHaikuPrompt wrestle


#art #artwork #artist #artists #fediart #mastoart #wine #happyhour #alcohol #haiku #writing #writingcommunity #fun #arte

Colorful wine bottle with a wine opener by artist and poet Sharon Cummings.  Haiku in post.
Key Biscayne Independent
1 month ago

DUI arrest prompted Key Biscayne officer to draw taser :

The police report says the case began when an officer saw that a Ford F-150 pickup truck almost lost control when the driver made a U-turn on Crandon Boulevard.
#Alcohol #Drivingundertheinfluence #DUI #EdwinMedinaVargas #FrankSousa #KBPD #Taser
#Miami #news

#InconvenientTruth: We live in the post-#Luty & post-#FGC9 era.
At this point banning #firearms and doing #prohibition is as foolish as trying to ban #alcohol, #tobacco, #drugs of all kind and #sexwork.

All #VictimlessCrimes need to be canceled from the books and all victims of these need to be rehabilitated and reparated in compensation.

After all the proliferation does not coincide with more violence, thus people, not guns, are the problem!

Paul Houle
1 month ago

🍺 How Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Gloria Steinem Fought For Your Right to Get a Beer

#feminism #alcohol #beer #law

Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

Just how bad is alcohol? Eight experts weigh in on the risks and supposed benefits of drinking.

NBC News reports:

#Alcohol #Health #Drinking

2 months ago

Today in BoneQuest History for August 10th 2020 "VOLSTEAD ACT" #bonequest :deuce: #alcohol #deuce_drinks #deuce_solo #drunk_deuce #history #mousehole #prohibition #sfw

Joe Vilas
2 months ago

So far:
Bad Ass Swizzle:
Battle Cosmo:
Rotting Hay Cooler:
Necessary Red Tonic:
[me bc it's red]
Gin & Chronic:
“So you wanted both a cosmo and a gin and tonic but made one drink instead of two? Sounds like a party!”
[drink maker's partner]
S̶e̶a̶Febreze or "Cosmopolitan but the polis is mostly London"
[my friend AT]
#namingRights #booze #drinks #alcohol #cocktail
#Boozehounds 🍻

Joe Vilas
2 months ago

A #boozeHounds question, fielded from the home office here in Scottsdale, Arizona: What might one call "Two ounces of cranberry juice, an ounce of gunpowder gin, a half ounce of vodka, a dash of triple sec, and a bottle of tonic water"?

I had an answer for my friend, but told him I'd submit this matter to the Hive Mind for potential answers. ;) #booze #drinks #alcohol #cocktail 🥂

Richard Rathe
2 months ago


Yes. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Anyone who has cared for someone using #Marijuana can tell you it is no more dangerous than #Alcohol, and possibly less dangerous. 🤔

#DEA #FederalGovernment are way behind both science and society on this one!

Joe Vilas
2 months ago

@libationlegacy I decided to try slightly different proportions, so my drink was a little smaller. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ Info in at text as you did with the clipping. #Boozehounds #cocktail #alcohol #drink

A Scotch Louis cocktail.  I used 1.25 oz. Highland Park 12 scotch, 75 oz. Martini & Rossi rosso vermouth, and .25 oz. Campari.  The bottles sit in the above order behind the drink.  It was shaken over ice & poured into a cold cocktail coupe.  The shaking caused a light foam on the drink's surface.  I garnished the drink with a swath of lemon peel, then dropped it on top of the drink.  The drink is a light transparent red.
Elaine Rigues
2 months ago

So, today is said to be #Beer's day and I'm reminded of this blog #post

In Brazil we have Natives from different ethnicities fermenting manioc and corn into a #beverage known as "cauim" but also a whole range of #alcohol made from #fermenting local fruits (the continental dimension of the country makes northern fruits exotic/rare in the South and vice versa, so there's no national consensus).

Artisan fruit liqueurs are more widespread but they don't count as beer 😊

Andrew Bennett
2 months ago

A new creation inspired by today’s #TrumpIndictment

The Orange Menace

1 oz Aperol
1 oz Triple Sec (De Kuyper)
1 oz Acid-adjusted Orange Juice (1.5g of 5:2 citric to malic)
1 oz vodka (Tito’s)
4 drops of 20% saline

Shake with ice and double strain ingredients into a chilled martini glass. Flame orange oil over the top. Garnish with a picked feather-cut orange peel wrapped Luxardo cherry.

#alcohol #cocktail #cocktails #mixology
#trump #TrumpIsToast

A clear cocktail glass filled with an orange liquid topped with a fancy orange peel and cherry garnish rests on an outdoor table.
A clear cocktail glass filled with an orange liquid topped with a fancy orange peel and cherry garnish is engulfed by a brilliant, complex fireball of orange oil ignited by a long lighter.

In Scotland, for some unaccountable reason, we have many words meaning "drunk" including bleized, bluitert, bladdered, bungfu, chackit, fleein, fou, fuddelt, hammered, jaked, mingin, rairie, stottin, stotious, stovin and many more. But one, "steamin", has an interesting origin.

In 1841, a law was passed in Scotland limiting the sale of #alcohol in an attempt to curb the growing issues of alcoholism. The law stated that only a "bona fide'" traveller could purchase alcohol on a Sunday for their "comfort".

Two weeks after the law was passed, pleasure steamers began the first Clyde Cruises on a Sunday where it was possible to partake of strong #beer and #whisky. The original "booze cruise".

"Steamin", meaning drunk, enters the vocabulary.

This is a photo of "Waverley", the world's last seagoing paddle steamer, as she steamed down the Kyes of Bute.

#Scotland #Glasgow #Clyde #boat #steamer #drunk

Waverley, the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world. Waverley has a black and white hull, trimmed with gold and two funnels painted red, white and black.
2 months ago

Really happy to hear the union might save Anchor after all. As someone who's not from SF, I thought this long read in Defector about the company history and what it meant to the city was excellent. And man, Sapporo fucked over both the workers and their brand, didn't they #alcohol

Roni Laukkarinen
2 months ago

I absolutely love coffee even though sometimes it causes me anxiety. It's not bad compared to alcohol though, glad I quit it years ago. Now trying to quit sugar. You need some goodies in your life, but gotta know your limits.

#Coffee #Alcohol #Anxiety #Sugar

2 months ago

I've been following and also partaking in what some call #sobercurious with much interest, as people very close to me affected by #alcoholism. The UK is very much a drinking culture, but this article gives me hope that people, particularly the younger generation, are finding that #alcohol isn't necessary to socialise

Emelia 👸🏻
3 months ago

So #amazon has practically gotten rid of it's "free to you" section on prime video in Germany, replacing it with "free with ads" which 'eh, isn't great because I pay a prime subscription, but fine, whatever..

BUT Amazon claims they've no control over the ads that are shown to viewers after I contacted them asking to opt-out of ads featuring/glorifying the consumption of alcohol.

This I cannot understand in the slightest, it's saying "we enjoy harming users" #alcohol #advertising

Joel at Seldon Crisis
3 months ago

My latest Active Transcript is for the Andrew Huberman podcast episode on Alcohol's effects on the brain and body. It's an excellent, information rich episode of an incredible podcast. It discusses the impacts of different levels of alcohol consumption and the science various myths and lore such as hangover cures. If you drink, you really should listen to or read this episode. #alcohol #accessibility #transcripts #HubermanLab

Ether Diver
4 months ago

Things that are important to me that might be important to you:

I am #queer, #neurodivergent, and, frankly, a #weirdo. Also a #dad, a retired #journalist, #tech industry veteran. I don't drink #alcohol (don't mind if you do, I just am finished with it) but I love #weed. I like to #read but have a hard time finding the time these days. I love to promote #art, #music and other kinds of #creative expression.

Michael Freed
4 months ago

Today I'm celebrating 6 months alcohol free!

I'm not sure if he will see this, but I would like to personally thank @gbosslet. He was brave enough to share his own story on the bird site. This inspired me and I reached out to him personally for help. He recommended a couple books to read and what worked for him. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and help a complete stranger.

#sobriety #soberlife #alcohol

Hank G ☑️
5 months ago
I had no idea it was World Cocktail day. I had intentions of meeting up with some out of town friends for drinks. Maybe I'll have to sub the glass or two of wine I was thinking of for a cocktail, but probably not an Old Fashioned. That said, I didn't realize until this video that the term "cock tail" goes back to early 1800s and the predecessor to the Old Fashioned could be found at least as far back as this 1862 recipe. #history #FoodHistory #cocktail #alcohol #WorldCocktailDay
Old-fashioned Whiskey Cocktail: now and then
Roni Laukkarinen
5 months ago

Saw a dream last night where I woke up in a slight hangover and heard from my friends that I was partying with them and actually drinking the whole night. I had been having some special sparkling wine that a customer offered and found good strong imperial stouts in a local pub.

I was horrified. Why did I do that?

I woke up, this time really woke up, feeling groggy, grabbed my phone, checked my long forgotten Untappd account.

It still said: "The best 0,0% beer in the sauna. This might be my last check in, because I've decided to stop drinking poison (ethyl alcohol). I don't need to tell you why. Everyone should think why drink, NOT why not to to drink. Adiós!", dated 23. August, 2020.

Phew. Haven't had these in a while. #Sober #SoberLife #Alcohol #CraftBeer

Anthony Gladman
5 months ago

While looking at old cocktails books to see how they used calvados, I came across this recipe in Harry of Ciro's ABC of Mixing Cocktails (1927). I'd never heard of caloric punch, nor its Swedish alter-ego for that matter, but now I am intrigued...

Also, who the fuck was "Robert", and was that even his real name?

So many questions.

#Calvados #cocktails #history #DrinksHistory #Spirits #Alcohol

A screenshot of a recipe  printed in an old book that reads: 73. Diki-Diki Cocktail. Two-thirds calvados, one-sixth caloric punch (Swedish punch), one-sixth grapefruit juice. This is a very popular cocktail in London by "Robert", the well known bartender.
5 months ago

"In Shaper’s view, alcohol’s supposed health benefits were an artifact of number crunching. Writing in the Lancet, he lobbed the academic equivalent of a verbal grenade: 'It seems that any analysis which uses non-drinkers or occasional drinkers as a baseline is likely to be misleading.'” —Tim Requarth for Slate

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Alcohol #Science #TimRequarth

Ward & Co
5 months ago

Welcome to the Blackstar Bar. You don’t have to be an old school Bowie boy or punk but it helps, maybe, just a bit, not really 🤣 what’s your tipple?. Mines currently a budvar dark lager & Tennessee Fire. Cheers Prost❗️#saturday #beer #alcohol #starter #bar #blackstar

If any of the hashtags appeal, maybe give us a follow? #bowie #punk #industrialmusic#funkandsoul #poetry #musicbooks #ToriesOut #counterculture #fungi #brutalism #occulture #magick #art #attitude #collage

Anthony Gladman
6 months ago

OK Mastodon, let's see if you can help with a #JournoRequest

The USA imported 70% more calvados in 2022 than it did the year before.

I'd like to talk to a US importer who can give me some market insight and offer an opinion on how thirsty the states might be for calvados in 2023 and '24.

Who should I contact?

#Calvados #Spirits #Alcohol #DrinksTrade

Joe Vilas
6 months ago
6 months ago

Well damn.

Moderate #drinking has no health benefits

“The review found that the risks of dying prematurely increase significantly for women once they drink 25 grams of #alcohol a day, which is less than two standard cocktails containing 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits, two 12-ounce beers or two 5-ounce glasses of wine. The risks to men increase significantly at 45 grams of alcohol a day, or just over three drinks”

Roni Laukkarinen
6 months ago

Yesterday I was in a pub all night up to the closing time at 3am. A friend asked me: "Are you still sober?". I was kinda surprised about the question and the follow up questions "Yes, and I haven't thought of the subject at all since the last time you asked about it last summer."

So, the follow up questions like "Is it difficult?" and the statements like "How brave", I respect that" got me thinking. Why would it be difficult or brave? I've been sober for almost 3 years and it's who I am. I'm not addicted or suffered from it so for me it's neither especially brave or difficult. I appreciate the sentiment though.

Let me tell you a story.

Couple of years ago I was a craft beer enthusiast and, sommelier for a restaurant and a rather successful craft beer blogger on the rise. I had tasted over 5000 different beers. Sounds like fun? Well, it was, until it wasn't.

I drank from 4 to 15 beers during every week. On regular work days I rarely drank. Never in the morning. I always tasted couple of beers, often a bit more. Those beers were from 6 to 15 ABV.

I never considered myself alcoholic, but nowadays I know it's not even a proper term. Every user kinda is alcoholic, it traps you. You get sheer joy of a though going for a pint with friends. But I learned alcohol is bad for you whether you like it or not. I had always known that but I started to understand it over the years.

This is a long story, but back in 2013 after a binge drinking incident I suffered from a year long dissociation. I have GAD already and started my second time in therapy. I decided to stop spirits. I wonder why didn't stop all together, but I thought beer is different. It was my hobby after all and I didn't want to kill my hobby.

Years went by and I liked tasting different beers. My anxiety worsened over time. I really didn't like about the fact that even one beer made it so bad. I had considered quitting alcohol for years.

Then, one day after a pretty bad hangover I decided. This is it. I will no longer drink. That day was 9th of August, 2020.

I used alcohol quite "normally", even though I know today you simply can't use alcohol "moderately". There is no moderate way to jump off a cliff. Alcohol ruins everything.

I recommend books by Allen Carr, Craig Beck, Catherine Grey and Annie Grace. I read all of them and more. We should start treating alcohol the same way we treat smoking. It's harmful and we know it.

There's more to this story but I'm happy to lead a sober life. During these couple of years free from substances I've been healthier and felt better than ever before in my life. My childhood joy, curiosity and focus is back on track.

Have a nice Saturday, whether you drink or not. :bunhdheart: #Sober #SoberLife #Alcohol #Beer #CraftBeer #Drinking

A man (me) with black metal shirt, a tulip glass full of IPA in hand, sniffing it with great passion

The problem is obviously not substance use or abuse—the vast majority of people in #Minnesota are on drugs of some kind (that includes #alcohol).

Most people have homes to do their self-medication or maintenance on their addiction in private.

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6 months ago

minimum unit pricing in #scotland linked to 13% reduction in alcohol-related deaths.
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Peter Nimmo
6 months ago

An academic report shows that minimum pricing for #alcohol in #Scotland has saved hundreds of lives. NB it was held up for years by legal challenges led by the Scotch Whisky Association led by (later #Brexit negotiator) Lord #Frost. In January, another report showed the #Scottish law caused no shop closures. Frost seems to have a habit of being wrong about everything

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6 months ago

Had a good night out last night. It's been a while! Had science cocktails at The Alchemist in Glasgow and then went to watch some comedy. No dramas for once. Cheryl's new anxiety meds seem to be doing well for her.

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"TNT" science cocktails on fire.
A science cocktail brewing
A science cocktail after brewing ready to be poured
A science cocktail being poured releasing a cloud of dry ice on the table
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6 months ago

Maybe #BoozeHounds can mark my drink posts going forward? #pinnedPosts

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