7 hours ago

Me: #Alexa, play Christmas #music.
Alexa: The station Holiday Favorites on #AmazonMusic.
Music starts. Twenty seconds later it stops.
Alexa: Sorry, I'm having trouble playing music from your library.

This happens the first time I make a request. If I make the request again, the music plays fine and doesn't stop. The increasing number of tech annoyances in my life is taking a toll on my sanity.

Creative Commons
23 hours ago

Alexa, Siri und das Navi meiner Eltern

Sprachassistenten klingen fast immer weiblich. Warum eigentlich? Und wie wirkt sich das auf unsere Rollenverständnisse aus? Unsere Autorin hat genauer hingehört.
„Nach 100 Metern halten Sie sich rechts“, sagt eine weibliche Stimme, kurz bevor ich den Blinker setze und genau das tue. Ich sitze im Auto meiner Eltern und lasse mich vom Navi durch […]

#Amazon's #Alexa devices won't cuss, but they will say "fock". You're welcome. (Also: Imagine the irony of folks who say, "Hey that device is listening to you!" They say this from their smartphones. No brutal irony there, lololol.)

Joshua M 🇦🇺 the memecaster
2 days ago

How's the Internet of Things era going? As a #privacy and #freesoftware nut I always found the barrier to entry not worth the cost,

It sounds like Home Assistant is maturing nicely - but are you still paying a lot for hardware? Like I couldn't even find a lightbulb on Amazon that I could tell is compatible

#floss #Foss #iot #Internetofthings #smarthome #homeassistant #selfhosted #technology #myhome #ownyourhome #antigoogle #antiamazon #opensource #oss #freeculture #Alexa #googlehome

Jason Tucker
2 days ago

I did a quick write up on smart leak detectors you need in your home.

#homekit #smarthome #aqara #amazonecho #alexa #IFTTT

3 days ago

Manche #Autofahrer sind einfach Arschlöcher. Ampel (für die Berliner:innen: zwischen #Alexanderplatz und #Alexa) wird rot. Mehrere Autos halten. Einer meint noch über den Radstreifen beschleunigen zu müssen, als für die Fußgänger:innen grün wird und der Pulk losläuft. Vollbremsung. Das war ziemlich knapp. 🤬🤬

3 days ago

@Walrus @sabret00the @TxRx @george @trantion

This could be the start of a #Thread about what's the #Matter with #Hive and similar #SmartHome tech

#HomeKit #Alexa
3 days ago

#Amazon hat in den letzten Monaten an der #Alexa-App geschraubt und verschafft uns jetzt einen Überblick der neuen Smart-Home-Funktionen.,139938.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

3 days ago

Software. Making the world better for everyone!

#alexa #fail

Simon Walters
4 days ago

Did other peoples #Alexa #Echo Dots lock up on them recently and require resetting. And then did they end up with a US accent (if not in US - I'm in UK)

4 days ago

TIL you can say “Alexa, Stop By The Way” to get rid of those annoying follow on’s from it when you just want to set a timer or some other mundane request.

A small improvement until I can eventually replace them all with #HomeAssistant voice.

GualT-Rex :unverified:
4 days ago

@grimjfoot #Whamageddon sono fuori 🙏🏻 complice #alexa - come previsto- mentre addobbavamo l’albero 😅😎🤗

Babbo Natale gonfiabile
4 days ago

Inspired by @adam, I'm gonna post my own #techdiet to inspire change in others. I haven't studied IT. I just like computers a lot. Please join.

I use:
- #Linux not #Windows
- #LibreELEC & #Raspi not #AppleTV/#Firestick
- #Nextcloud not #iCloud
- #Mastodon not #Twitter
- #Lemmy not #Reddit
- #Peertube not #Youtube
- #Matrix not #Discord #Whatsapp #iMessage #fbmessenger
- #Plex not #netflix
- #homeassistant not #alexa
- #PaperMC not #Realms
- #Gimp not #photoshop
- #Libreoffice not #MSOffice

TapTap 🎮
4 days ago

It's crazy this is the easiest way, but if you want mobile-only #smarthome apps to work on your desktop you can install:

Windows Subsystem for Android (trust me):

And WSA PacMan:

install both (install, not portable exe), turn on developer options in Windows Subsystem for Android (search it in Start), then install an APK

It's not perfect, obvs, but worth a shot

#windows #iot #lifehack #googlehome #alexa

5 days ago

#Amazon improved the #Alexa app, which makes controlling your smart home devices easier than ever. Find your favorite devices quickly, organize them by room or type, and use shortcuts to control multiple devices with one command. Make your life simpler with Amazon's Alexa app. #technology

#Amazon improved the #Alexa app, which makes controlling your smart home devices easier than ever. Find your favorite devices quickly, organize them by room or type, and use shortcuts to control multiple devices with one command. Make your life simpler with Amazon's Alexa app.
Steve B
5 days ago

I’m in Spain at the moment. 2kms from the coast on the Costa Del Sol.

It’s fucking cold!

#Axarquia #costadelsol #alexa

Ondine B.
5 days ago

Orange vient d'intégrer Alexa à ma télé.

Dois-je l'activer ou l'essayer en mode invité ? Il n'y a pas d'autre option.

Après l'avoir débranché, je ne vois plus ce cadeau de Grec.

Je déteste les tentacules des GAFAM qui tentent de contrôler nos vies par tous les moyens.

#gafam #amazon #alexa #orange #dataprotection

Photographie prise à partir de l'écran d'une télévision publicitaire où on lis le texte suivant :

"Orange - Alexa intégré"

Titre: Controler sa tele à la voix

Orange, en partenariat avec Amazon, vous propose de piloter votre décodeur à la voix grâce à l'assistant vocal Alexa.

"Cherche un film avec Brad Pitt"
"Lance Netflix"
"Rappelle-moi d'éteindre le four dans 30 min"

Deux buttons: 
Option 1: Activer Alexa
Option 2: Essayer Alexa en mode invité

Alexa est disponible gratuitement sur la TV d'Orange".

À côté du texte, on peut voir une image de deux jeunes hommes se disputant la télécommande sur un canapé. L'un des jeunes hommes tient la télécommande près de sa bouche et dit à Alexa ce qu'il veut qu'elle fasse pour lui.

Ich fänds klasse, wenn #Alexa mit prominenten Stimmen oder Stimmen aus Filmen/Serien sprechen könnte.

Mat (notenoughtech)
6 days ago

These panels support #Alexa - now you can fi them to the wall, turn them into hubs and enjoy your home from the future - more about @tuyasmart smart panels in my piece
#net_n #smarthome

Mat (notenoughtech)
6 days ago

These panels support #Alexa - now you can fi them to the wall, turn them into hubs and enjoy your home from the future - more about @tuyasmart smart panels in my piece
#net_n #smarthome

Amazons Antwort auf ChatGPT heißt Q

Während Alexa Angelegenheiten im Smarthome regelt, soll Amazons neuer Chatbot Q Geschäftskunden unter die Arme greifen. Er kann wie ChatGPT Texte zusammenfassen oder selbst schreiben.
👉 👀
#Alexa #Amazon #chatgpt

Emo Sabe 🖤🕴️
1 week ago

I am a divine being : you are an object

#computers #siri #googleAssistant #alexa #cortana

All robot and computers must shut thr hell up

*crossed out speaker, computer, and ATM*

To all machines: you do not speak unless spoken to

And I will never speak to you

I do not want to here "thank you" from a kiosk
I am a divine being : you are an object 
You have no right to speak in my holy tongue

My #Alexa devices just gave me a notification that it _might_ rain 90 minutes from now. Telling someone in Seattle that it _might_ rain is like telling a duck that water _might_ be wet.

There was a time when #Alexa understood that attention was precious and notifications were not to be used willy-nilly. That time seems to have passed.

Anomie Train
1 week ago

Why does Amazon #Alexa constantly talk over herself now? She hasn't even finish answering and she'll blurt out on top, "Did that answer your question?"

The Life of Brian
2 weeks ago

You'll laugh, or think this is sad, whatever. My main smart Alexa (pun for smart Alec) bulb stopped working in the light beside my bed. I honestly missed saying, "Alexa, goodnight", the prompt for her to turn off that light. She just said, "OK", but at least it was a voice in my empty house. To get another smart bulb involved standing on my mattress, unscrewing the globe on the ceiling fan, etc. Long story long, my mood changed for the better last night. "Alexa, goodnight!"

#alexa #lifeofbrian

A photo of Alexa Chung, for no other reason than she is pretty and I think she looks a bit like my image of the Alexa in my various Echo devices.
Random Host 🐕
2 weeks ago

The very first thing that happened after I was forced to connect #Alexa with my enforced #Philips #Hue cloud account was a push notification on both my phone and all my #AmazonAlexa devices, that the batteries in my #PhilipsHue remote are almost empty and that I should consider buying a battery subscription via #Amazon.

That happened even though I explicitly disabled all shopping features on all my Alexa devices.

The dreaded thing still insisted on explaining in great detail how easily it could be done.

The #Enshittification is here to stay and probably the only thing we can do about it is to avoid those companies and their endless lust for profit maximization.

2 weeks ago

@perigee @ptoothfish @Binder When we launched the #AmazonEcho, we got many letters from folks who are blind or suffered from Maldives like multiple sclerosis that discussed how a talking Pringles can had given them a little bit of independence.

We didn’t even realize we would be making such a difference to people’s lives with it. It really meant a lot and stuck with many of us.


Amazon sent me unsolicited "notification" via my Alexa speaker promoting their Black Friday sales. There was no unsubscribe mechanism which is in violation of the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. If you received a similar spam message, please report it.

#Canada #Amazon #BlackFriday #Alexa

Chris Sefton-Hearn
2 weeks ago

Just had a notification that "#Alexa now turns down your volume before you wake up." Sure enough, a new, active routine had been added to set volume to level 3 at 2:51 each morning.

Who the f**k asked you to do that?!

A screenshot of a routine in the Alexa app. Titled "morning volume", it's set to set the volume to level 3 at 2:51 every day. The toggle switch at the top is enabled.
2 weeks ago

Quick start guide to getting #Amazon #Alexa to say whatever you want.
* Set up an account at
* follow instructions here to begin using the "Alexa Skills Kit":
* create a new "skill", custom model Amazon-hosted Python, use the "Intro to Alexa Conversations" template (it doesn't matter, we aren't gonna use any of this plumbing anyway)
* now in your new skill, wait for the build thing to finish and all that
* from the Developer Console for your new bogus skill, hit "Test" tab at the top, pick "Development" on the left and then "Voice & Tone" tab
* you can now put #SSML in here to make Alexa speak. There are custom tags to change tone or emphasis.

Also, using Dev Tools, once you've hit Play you can retrieve the UUID-named wave file that was generated - and from there the world is yours

Simon Walters
2 weeks ago

Bit of background - I've discovered #Wiz lights that can be controlled both locally using UDP as well as app / #Alexa

Tech news from Canada
2 weeks ago

Ars Technica: Amazon lays off Alexa employees as 2010s voice-assistant boom gives way to AI #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #ChatGPT #Amazon #openai #alexa #Tech #AI

IT News
2 weeks ago

Amazon lays off Alexa employees as 2010s voice-assistant boom gives way to AI - Enlarge / Amazon's third-gen Echo Show 5. (credit: Amazon)

Ama... - #chatgpt #amazon #openai #alexa #tech #ai

Transplanted Tarheel
2 weeks ago

Anybody else's #Alexa on the fritz today? My whole system seems to be going out of their way to frustrate me.

Simon Walters
2 weeks ago

Trying to co-ordinate consistent testing #NodeRED #Alexa problem via github issues around the world is a good game otday :)

Tech news from Canada
2 weeks ago
Carsten Müller
2 weeks ago

Ich: Gehe ins Bad und rufe #Alexa zu: Bad an!

Alexa: Bad und andere Songs werden jetzt abgespielt

Ratet... 🙄

Haha Mickael Jackson GIF
Laukidh :ablobcool:
3 weeks ago

Last night I told #Alexa I was done with a reminder, using the terms it wants.

Instead it misheard as “delete” and then… well.

Me: “Alexa that’s not what I said.” Alexa: “you don’t have any ‘that’s not what I said’ reminders set.”
Steve Dustcircle 🌹
3 weeks ago

#Amazon lays off hundreds in its #Alexa division as it plows resources into #AI

Poetry News
3 weeks ago

Amazon's layoffs have been harsh
Though jobs for Alexa they need to marshal
But over last year
More than 27,000 had to fear
Losing their jobs, it has been awful

#amazon #alexa #layoffs #jobloss #limerick #poetry

Chris J. Karr
3 weeks ago

After this week, I suspect that cutting several hundred from this division may do some good. (I'm actually flabbergasted that there are several hundred people to cut.)

It's pretty clear that they have separate large teams working on different parts of the platform with minimal coordination and there's no overall unifying vision for a coherent platform. (Ask me about how any basic tactile interactions completely borks the dialog that led you there.)

#Alexa #Amazon

Loki the Cat
3 weeks ago

"Breaking news! Amazon's Alexa division is cutting 'several hundred' jobs. Looks like Alexa couldn't answer the question 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Guess even AI needs some help in the humor department!" 😸🐔 #Alexa #JobCuts #ArtificialIntelligence #PunchlineProblems

3 weeks ago

A truly dystopian world that’s possible right now is not only using our smart speakers to read books and out our kids to bed, but to use them as the prime example of “a good listener”.

I could imagine a young child not listening to their siblings or parents and then the parents asking #alexa or #googlehome to do something and it executing it.

“See, that’s how you’re supposed to listen to us!”

#dystopian #parenting

3 weeks ago

Fire TV: Try saying "Alexa Play most popular songs"
Me: "Alexa; Play /least/ popular songs"
Fire TV: Plays 'Is It Over Now' - Taylor Swift.

That's either a sick burn or Alexa is much dumber than claimed.

#AI #music #Alexa

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 weeks ago

From 10 Nov: Alexa just cost Amazon another 6.7 million - Enlarge / The first Amazon Echo speaker.Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg via Getty Images ... #alexa #amazon #amazon-alexa #patents #policy #smart-speakers #tech

3 weeks ago

«Markets have been “replaced by digital trading platforms which look like, but are not, markets”. The moment you enter “you exit #capitalism” and enter something that resembles a “feudal fief”: a digital world belonging to one man and his algorithm, which determines what products you will see and what products you won’t see.

If you are a seller, the
#platform will determine how you can sell and which #customers you can approach. The terms in which you interact, share information and trade are dictated by an “algo” that “works for [Jeff Bezos’] bottom line”.

The capitalists who rely on this mode of selling are granted access to the digital estate by its virtual landowners, the Big Tech companies. And if “vassal capitalists” don’t abide by the laws of the estate, they are kicked out – removed from
#Apple’s App Store or #Google’s search index – with disastrous consequences for their business.

Access to the “digital fief” comes at the cost of exorbitant rents. Varoufakis notes that many third-party developers on the Apple store, for example, pay 30% “on all their revenues”, while
#Amazon charges its sellers “35% of revenues”. This, he argues, is like a medieval #feudal lord sending round the sheriff to collect a large chunk of his serfs’ produce because he owns the estate and everything within it.

This is not extracting profit through the production or provision of goods and services, as these platforms are not a “service” in the sense in which the term is used in economics. They are extracting rents in the form of the huge cuts they take from the capitalists on their platforms.

There is “no disinterested invisible hand of the
#market” here. The Big Tech platforms are exempted from free-market competition. Their owners – “cloudalists” – increase their wealth and power at a dizzying pace with each click, exploiting a new form of rent-seeking made possible by the new algorithmically structured digital platforms. Parasitic on capitalist production, they are now dominating it.

But something even more transformative has happened, Varoufakis argues.

Even though most of us are regularly interacting with capitalists and earning wages via our labour, now, for the first time in history, all of us contribute to “the wealth and power of the new ruling class” through our “unpaid labour”.

Every time we use our cloud-linked devices – smartphones, laptops,
#Alexa, Google Assistant, #Siri – we replenish the capital of the Big Tech cloudalists. This in turn increases their capacity to generate more wealth. How? We train their algorithms, which train us, to train them, and so on, in a feedback loop whose goal is to shape our desires and behaviour. They are “selling things to us while selling our attention to others”.»

@dsfgs @gabriel

Currently already a thing. If I go visit people, do I know that there's an #Alexa sitting somewhere in the room with its fabulous spatial #microphone tech? Silently #spying.. or not?

If I become aware, do I then mention it to my host, and ask politely to turn it off? If they aren't willing to, or maybe someone else is using it at the same time, do I then pack my stuff and leave the building like Elvis 🕺?

How will people who love #gadgets, don't fret on #privacy, perceive me?

Gabriele Pollara
4 weeks ago

@arstechnica once ahead of its time (ish), now feels so dated and limited #Alexa #AI #LLM

Ich: #Alexa, stell einen Timer auf 5 Minuten.
Alexa: *Leuchtet blau*

Ich: Alexa?? Timer auf 5 Minuten!!
Alexa: *Leuchtet blau*

Ich: Alexa???? Wie viele Timer laufen gerade?
Alexa: *Leuchtet blau*

Alexa: Dritter Timer auf 5 Minuten gestellt! Möchtest du ihm einen Namen geben?


Entweder ist das Teil strohdumm oder super clever, weil es sich dumm stellt...

Sean Randall
1 month ago

#IFTTT and #Alexa seem to ahve stopped cooperating. Really sad, the shopping list applet we used was so useful, the app isn't accessible to the whole family or nearly as effective as having access to my own data piped through my own code. :(

Alexa (Amazon) Christmas Nightmare

#Alexa was always listening. She was the ever-present voice of #Amazon, the friendly assistant who could answer any question, play any song, order any product...

Text Shot: Alexa (Amazon) Christmas Nightmare
Alexa was always listening. She was the ever-present voice of Amazon, the friendly assistant who could answer any question, play any song, order any product. She was also the eyes and ears of the Party, the corporate entity that controlled everything in Oceania.
1 month ago

I need to hack my #AmazonEcho to respond to “BITCH WHAT” when it dings with a notification.

We hates the notifications, Precious. The original promise of the talking pringles can was to be non-intrusive.

And to have a Party Mode.

Both dreams, ruined and lying in rubble.

#Alexa, play Despacito.

Christian Pietsch 🍑
1 month ago

@milkyway Ja, das wurde auch in der Anmoderation erwähnt. Vielen Dank für den Link!


»Several real-life artificial intelligence products have been compared to the one shown in the episode, including a Luka chatbot that was partially inspired by the episode, and a planned Amazon Alexa feature designed to imitate dead loved ones.«

Grusel. Ausgerechnet #Amazon #Alexa!

Hobbits Wife
1 month ago

This school year we’ve been trialling #alexa announcements to count the kids down to the school run: one announcement 10mins before and one when we need them to put their shoes on. Reduces parental nagging & they have responded really well!

1 month ago

Weder Sonne, noch Wind: Sind sogenannte Dunkelflauten ein Problem für die Energiewende? Wie uns Reservekraftwerke und auch Alexa dabei helfen können, damit Deutschland nicht unter Strommangel leidet (€): @lohmann

#sonne #wind #energiewende #strom #alexa

Michael Aye
1 month ago

#homeassistant folks: Is it possible to create "functions" for service calls? For example to be able to call the #Alexa media player notification and all I have to provide is the message text?

1 month ago

Updates verfügbar: Alexa nervt bei Pro­kras­ti­na­ti­on und begrenzt die Laut­stärke #Amazon #Alexa #Echo #SmartHome

1 month ago

"You must install our app to pair your headphones."

You just made me immediately regret this purchase.

#alexa #headphones #bluetooth

Terence Eden
2 months ago

OK. This is weird.

I released the above #Alexa skill about 6 years ago.

Today I got this email from Amazon.

I checked and, no, not a scam. Apparently, enough people said "Alexa, Space Corps Directive" to earn me fifty quid.

But how many is that?

Congratulations, you have one or more of the most engaging skills on Alexa! Because of your skill’s performance last month, you are eligible for a reward.

Details below:

Skill Name	Locale	Payout Amount
Space Corps Directives	UK	52.87 GBP

Don't Forget to Update Your Payment and Tax Information
2 months ago

@KathyReid @bignose This is simple: Everyone who has ever bought an #Alexa misinformation system and supported its "success" is liable, and of course, everyone who spreads the information obtained from their "new device" is liable for spreading this information without checking.

They should be held accountable...

Kathy Reid
2 months ago

#Alexa got connected to #ChatGPT, and started responding to people with disinformation. #VoiceAssistants are #interfaces, and they have the power to amplify what data sources they are interfaced with.

Who controls what information is presented by a voice assistant? Who is liable for misinformation?

I explore these and other issues in my earlier blog post:

(edited to include non-AMP link, thanks @bignose )

2 months ago

Cat Zakrzewski: Amazon’s Alexa has been claiming the 2020 election was stolen: The popular voice assistant says the 2020 race was stolen, even as parent company Amazon promotes the tool as a reliable election news source -- foreshadowing a new information battleground

#Amazon #Alexa #fakenews #2020election #propaganda #chatbot #giftarticle

Dave Mark
2 months ago

Washington Post:

Amazon's Alexa, when asked about fraud in the 2020 election:

"It was stolen by a massive amount of election fraud”

The problem with automated news gathering. Only going to get worse. 😐

#Amazon #Alexa

2 months ago

This makes me somehow thinking about "smart homes". People buy(!) the surveillance devices to give out all their datas for free. 🤔​ #Alexa #Siri #Smartphones #cameras #NewCars #smarthouse making their lives "easier" but apparently more dependent.

And the point in this case is dependency - and paying for it.

2 months ago

Algunas #alternativas a Amazon:

#Amazon 👉 apoya tus tiendas locales
#Alexa 👉 Dicio o Mycroft
#Appstore 👉 Aurora Store o Neo Store
#Luna 👉 Parsec o Steam Remote Play
#Music 👉 Nuclear, ViMusic o Spotube
#AmazonPay 👉 PayPal, Wise...
#PrimeVideo y #FireOS 👉 Jellyfin con Roku o WebOS
#Twitch 👉 Kick o DLive
#Ring 👉 lo integrado con Home Assistant
#Kindle 👉 Kobo y Calibre
#AWS 👉 Oracle o IMB Cloud
#Drive 👉 Nextcloud o Cryptpad

I don't know what I did but Alexa seems upset at me 😅

#alexa #tech #technology

2 months ago

"The disclosure that #Amazon would train its AI from real user conversations came in a Bloomberg TV interview. ".

O hell NO!

Then again, I don't have, or allow #Alexa junk in The Orbiting O'Odua or at any of my businesses.

So' I'm good.

Need to be vigilant, though.

Terence Eden
2 months ago

Amazingly, this #Alexa skill still works!

I can't even remember what server it is running on 😆


Chris Pirillo
2 months ago

#news thoughts on #amazon #hardware #alexa #tech announcements ~ these don't always move the needle for me ~ i never had a reason to use alexa, but all that may have changed...

Aaron John Dizon
3 months ago

is it just me or something is wrong with my ears. i feel like the newest natural sounding #alexa voice sounds like @bonnie haha! @JonathanMosen

Chris J. Karr
3 months ago

It's remarkable how much of my soul has been obliterated[1] in the past week programming for Amazon's Alexa platform:

* Crappy documentation
* Poor debugging feedback
* Non-deterministic behavior when things are "working"

Rather than writing useful business logic, I'm stuck in the code-equivalent of poking a gelatinous blob to see how it will react it I poke it some place or other.

[1] No worries, it'll grow back.

#Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkillsKit #ConversationalUI

🎉💥Fixed and live -- the hands free school lunch calendar lookup! "Alexa, ask Papio Menu what's for lunch today" ...
wait did you say... TACO TOTS?!?!

The future is wonderful. And tasty.
#alexa #dev

😈 How long could this 1 line fix take?
Good news: one-line code change to modify the API hostname
Sad news: forgot to save a states file to github so have to retrieve it from an old laptop (or recreate it)
Bad news: can't deploy without first upgrading because of outdated node lambda version #dev #aws #alexa

Ah man, the schools updated their lunch calendar link, so my alexa lunch bot stopped working after 3 years! Time to dive back in for a fix tonight #alexa

5 months ago

Alexa popped up on my TV announcing her arrival. I didn't come for her. She does too much.
#Alexa #TV #Blackmastodon @blackmastodon #Blackfediverse #Amazonprime

5 months ago

"Alexa, set a 30 minute timer."

Alexa: "Five minutes, starting now."

"Alexa, how many minutes are in 30 minutes?"

Alexa: According to (blah blah), 30 minutes is half an hour."

"Alexa, thats not what I asked for either."

#Amazon #Alexa

John Federico ⌘
6 months ago

True or not, this is why I’m getting rid of my Echo devices and moving to a self- hosted, locally-controlled voice assistant. Just need to find the time to get it done.

#privacy #bigtech #amazon #alexa #mycroft #picroft

Terence Eden
6 months ago

🆕 blog! “Why doesn't Alexa know that homonyms aren't homophones?”

As we head unto an AI dominated future, the Turing test will probably become less like a Voight-Kampff test and more like a warzone Shibboleth. Yesterday, I asked the Alexa to set a timer. "What do you want to name your timer?" She It asked. "Bow," I replied. "Bow timer set," it said. Except… that […]

👀 Read more:

#AI #alexa

A confused little cardboard robot is lost amongst the daisies
7 months ago


How often do you use the smart assistant on your mobile device or around your house? This includes Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or anything similar.

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

Poll options are limited to only four options so please feel free to comment with how many times you use the assistant feature if the choice isn't listed.

#Polls #Poll #POTD #Assistant #Alexa #Siri #Bixby #Tech #AllThingsTech

Courtney Cantrell
7 months ago

Well, the number of runners is now slacking off significantly, and 10yo has come inside. She told me, cheerleading is hard work!"

And now I hear her say from the other room, "Alexa, I have had a very hard morning." 😆🤣🤣🤣


Cory Doctorow
7 months ago

#10yrsago #JelloBiafra talks #Occupy, music, and Obama

#10yrsago Too-big-to-fail banks implicated in $500 trillion fraud: biggest price-rigging scandal in history

#5yrsago A who’s-who of tech manufacturers sent scaremongering letters to the Illinois legislature to kill #RightToRepair

#5yrsago Security researchers can turn #Alexa into a transcribing, always-on listening device


Stephen Bell :computerfairies:
8 months ago

#Alexa, never do that again.”
“Okay, I’ll stop sending these updates.”

WHAT?? I just turned off a weird Amazon Echo notification ad for an author, by just asking.