I just love the fact that people are trolling on Twitter's GitHub repo for their algorithm :ms_laughing:

#Twitter #GitHub #trolling #algorithm

6 hours ago

The issue is -- that issues are being deleted!!

#twitter #algorithm #TheAlgorithm #opensource

Screenshot of Twitter's recently open-sourced the-algorithm repo showing 139 Issues, 70 Pull requests, 175 watching, 3k Forks, 17.2k stars, and Issue #644 titled "Issues being deleted". 

PythonCoderAS opened this issue 48 minutes ago - 8 comments. 

PythonCoderAS commented 48 minutes ago: "This is not very open nor source, is it?".  This comment has 12 thumbs up emoji reactions (including mine).

mathlover2 commented 47 minutes ago: "No it's not. Twitter fired their open source people and it shows."
Rémi Eismann
7 hours ago

One day, one decomposition
A014011: Defined by a chi-inequality greedy algorithm

3D graph #threejs #webGL ➡️
2D #graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #math #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #algorithm

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A014011 in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A014011 in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
8 hours ago

Problem 2: There is still a HUGE amount of things about Twitter that is kept secret, kept proprietary. What they released is backend stuff. But what is relevant for users even more is e.g. the frontend code, things the user *actually* execute on their machine. Can they actually trust this code? Who knows? Can they legally copy and share it? Hell no, because it is #proprietary. The whole Twitter #algorithm nonsense is a farce.

#opensores #Twitter

8 hours ago

#Twitter continues to be and always has been #proprietary software. The fact that they've recently published a bunch of hand-picked code snippets that they claim "run Twitter" ("The #Algorithm") changes absolutely nothing about it. It's a distraction from the real issue: That Twitter as a whole is proprietary.




They're kidding right? This has to be a joke.

#birdapp #algorithm

Jeri Dansky
11 hours ago

Mastodon doesn't seem to have a daily Main Character like Twitter did, but sometimes my home timeline is dominated by a few main stories, as it has been today:
- #TransDayOfVisibility
- The ruling in the #Dominion lawsuit
- The #Twitter code / #algorithm release
- All the #tornadoes (and a bit of other bad weather and fire news) #tornado #weather

I wonder if other people's timelines look like this, too, or if they are quite different from mine.

IT News
12 hours ago

Twitter posts the code it claims determines which tweets people see, and why - Enlarge / Twitter has posted what it states is the code used by its alg... - #algorithms #algorithm #elonmusk #twitter #policy #tech

Tech news from Canada
12 hours ago

Ars Technica: Twitter posts the code it claims determines which tweets people see, and why #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #algorithms #algorithm #ElonMusk #Twitter #Policy #Tech

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
13 hours ago

He did it!

He really did it!

Twitter takes its algorithm “open-source,” as Elon Musk promised

#Twitter #Algorithm #MuskyMusk #TechNews

The Twitter logo surrounded by larger versions of itself.
Ollie Francis
14 hours ago

Newly open-sourced Twitter algorithm checks to see if you are Democrat, Republican, Power User (paid) or ELON MUSK.

#Twitter #HellSite #algorithm

A whole bunch of code screenshot from GitHub showing Twitter algorithm code. It includes the check: "author_is_elon"
14 hours ago

In the #world of #SocialMedia,
#Twitter once reigned, a big idea.
But #Mastodon's now here,
With less #censorship #fear,
And more #freedom to #share ideas.

No #algorithm to #control,
No #EchoChamber to #Patrol,
Just #open #communication,
And less #manipulation,
With Mastodon, it's a different role.

#Elon’s fanboys talking about the open source community fixing the #algorithm, and…

Fuck no, I ain’t working for a billionaire muppet for free.

stark@ubuntu:~$ :idle:
15 hours ago


This makes me feel better about most of my #git commit messages in my personal code that no one ever sees

#Twitter #TwitterSourceCode #TwitterAlgorithm #Algorithm

The list of issues on #Twitter's #algorithm release is lovely..

I suspect this may not have the expected/intended effect.

Stefan Bohacek
16 hours ago

So apparently Twitter is indeed open-sourcing their Algorithm. Good for them.

The links to the code and accompanying blog post are here and here, respectively, and I'm not really going to go through all this, I don't care, but the thing that got me was their prompt at the end of the blog post to apply for a job there.

Ah, after all they've done to their (former) employees.

#twitter #algorithm #TheAlgorithm #opensource

What’s Next?

Twitter is the center of conversations around the world. Every day, we serve over 150 billion Tweets to people’s devices. Ensuring that we’re delivering the best content possible to our users is both a challenging and an exciting problem. We’re working on new opportunities to expand our recommendation systems—new real-time features, embeddings, and user representations—and we have one of the most interesting datasets and user bases in the world to do it with. We are building the town square of the future. If this interests you, please consider joining us.
16 hours ago

#bluesky #twitter #JackDorsey #algorithm

I prefer Mastodon, with no ( or few ) algorithms.
It is nice to not have every click spied upon.
It is nice not to have content "suggested" to me.
It is nice to make a conscious choice of what I see.
Feels refreshingly like the early Internet.

Ooh 10 minutes until the #algorithm erases us completely. Gird yourself!

A shadowy digital figure saluting and then dissolving
CK's Technology News
20 hours ago

#Twitter #algorithm to go open source at noon Pacific Time, confirms Elon Musk

RT @elonmusk
Algorithm goes open source at noon Pacific Time

@1dalm Tbh, I can respect #YouTube, it's quite an amazing content-sharing #platform with an awesome #algorithm, more than any other site (looking at you Dailymotion).

However, the only problem I have with it is it's owned by #Google, which is who I'm particularly trying to avoid a lot (I'll still watch YouTube via #Piped or #Invidious)

Jupiter Rowland
1 day ago
@Ron K Jeffries social This won't happen.

First, you need #FullTextSearch for all of the #Fediverse. Many out-right reject full-text search because it can be and actually is being used to harass minorities.

Second, this #search can only work if it's fully centralised. Only one instance. Single point of failure. Whoever controls this search controls the whole Fediverse with no alternative, no way around. Hence, it's particularly the old pre-#TwitterTakeover guard, and there particularly the faction that isn't on #Mastodon, which rejects any and all proposals for anything centralised.

Third, this search will have to be mandatory for all projects. If you absolutely want to be able to see trends from the entire Fediverse, this means that every single last instance of every single last project that uses #ActivityPub will have to be forced to participate by hard-coding a connection to this one centralised search with no opt-out. That way, if someone fires up their private little experimental #Streams instance in some corner of the Internet, the search will be absolutely guaranteed to immediately latch onto it and crawl it.

Not only will this never come to pass because many projects will outright refuse to make themselves fully dependent on a centralised service, but you also have projects that are alive but completely undermaintained (#Plume, anyone?), and you have instances that are so underadministrated that they've received their last upgrade in 2022, 2021 or even earlier (like those #Osada or #Zap instances that are still around).

Fourth, in order for this to work exactly like #Twitter, you need a 1:1 copy of its #algorithm. An algorithm which is kept as secret as NSA surveillance technology or the US Air Force's latest state-of-the-art, AI-controlled, long-range Mach 25 cruise missile. It should be obvious why this is impossible, especially in #FreeLibreOpenSourceSoftware.

@DanaBlankenhorn @maegul @Nate Gaylinn @Dave Winer ☕️ @Fediverse News @Fediverse Hosting Discussion
Karen E. Lund 💙💛
2 days ago

One of the great things about Mastodon is that my feed isn't determined by an algorithm...

It's determined by 1,115 algorithms. That's the 1.1K people I'm following (really? them's Twitter numbers) and the 15 hashtags I'm following (can't do that in Twitter). Each of them brings interesting pictures, links, comments, jokes and good wishes to my feed.

And if any of them doesn't work for me anymore, I just unfollow.

In essence each of us writes our own algorithm.


Graham Ward
2 days ago

@Kitai always good to put a few #hashtags of things you like on your #profile page. Mastodon is very dependent on #hashtags. There is no global text search and no #algorithm in the background pushing #toots you probably didn't want to see either!

Cees Grootes
3 days ago

How to Take Back Control of What You Read on the Internet

Social-media algorithms show us what they want us to see, not what we want to see. But there is an alternative.

It's time to take back control of what we read on the internet - The Atlantic

#socialmedia #news #ideas #control #internet #algorithms #algorithm #twitter #independent

Paul Spella / The Atlantic; Getty
Airplanista 🇺🇦
3 days ago

I was trying to explain #Mastodon to someone yesterday. My attempt:

“It is in many ways like Twitter, but without all the bullshit. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you create your own #algorithm by subscribing to only the hashtags that interest you. Because Masto is decentralized, it does not shove what it THINKS you want to see down your throat. You have full control over what you see. And if someone is posting stuff you dislike, the MUTE function is bulletproof.”

Landscape Studies #011_9x42

Is now available on #teia

111vNN algorithmic reconstruction, from a large image collection of a prealpine landscape of northern Italy

#algorithmart #CreativeCodinging #DigitalArt #landscape #MastoArt #NFTArt #algorithm

Landscape studies
3 days ago

Separating siblings?

To allocate this year's limited number of #daycare slots, the city of Münster used an #algorithm with a known limitation: it did not direct siblings to the same school. Parents were not pleased, our @algorithmwatch reporter Josephine Lulamae writes. ⤵️

Alien 👽 Max | 🇺🇦 gamedev
3 days ago

Tasks list (part 1) 📌

> ERRA: EXORDIUM 🚘 Under the hood <

I am thinking about the game save system #algorithm, want to make it so there is local save and cloud save for #steam. I think how to process it correctly

1. The player can start the game for the first time, save must be local and Steam Cloud

2. The player can install the game, but he may have a Steam Cloud save, so a local save must be created

#gamedev #indiedev #gamedevelopment #programming #madewithunity #unitytips #steamworks

All y'all did was complain about the #algorithm TL until Elmo decided to change it and now you act like it was your favorite thing about #Twitter.

Baruch Katz
4 days ago

Toot Global, Browse Local

The Local Timeline is key to the #Mastodon experience. It’s a community of like-minded individuals sharing what they find interesting. Local is a human-curated alternative to the infamous #algorithm for discovering the best content. When a toot goes viral, it’s usually because people saw it on Local and boosted it hard! To make the most of it, find a server that focuses on topics of interest to you and migrate there.

@BobWilliams tooting with friends (I’ve never met), so much better than the #algorithm wars 😹

Ropeadope Nope Pope🍞
4 days ago

A stiff rod solver. I'm increasing the length at each iteration. I wrote a bunch of other constraints, I'll push some more simulations.

#GenArt #rod #sculpture #algorithm #algoart #xylodyne

A string grows into a ball of yarn
Maarten Schenk :mastodon:
4 days ago

This is pretty neat:

Basically a "for you" feed based on your #Mastodon timeline, with an algorithm that you control the parameters of.

The best part? It doesn't cost $8 and it pisses off #ElonMusk.

#twitter #twittermigration #foryou #fyp #algorithm #fedifeed #elon #twitterblue

Screenshot of a fedifeed algorithmic Mastodon timeline, with the algorithm settings open.
4 days ago

Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers trading alerts good for 65% gains in a choppy market - Using proprietary indicators, Cointelegraph Markets Pro crunches ... - #cointelegraphmarketspro #artificialintelligence #dataanalysis #algorithm #trading #crypto

4 days ago

The more I use #mastodon, the more I like the non-toxic atmosphere and the kindness of people here.

That being said: I do miss the #algorithm. A lot of times I’m scrolling the timeline I feel the content presented is not particularly engaging. But then, if I look into the accounts of people I follow, I see interesting stuff with a lot of upvotes and boosts, that I missed in the timeline. Can’t we have a new algorithm that is more engaging, but does not promote confrontation? 🤔 Or is it me that has to relearn social media usage?

Hunter Perrin
5 days ago

I never thought I’d delete the #Reddit app, but they removed the ability to sort your home feed by anything other than Popular or New, and it became either the same 10 posts all the way down or a firehose of junk.

So my active social media accounts are now just #Mastodon, #Twitch, and #Discord. And honestly, Mastodon is just so much better than all the big players. I actually enjoy scrolling my feed here. And the fact that there’s no #algorithm is a big factor.

A screenshot showing a prompt in iOS. The prompt is asking whether to delete the Reddit app.
6 days ago

>Prof. Jacob Ziv, one of the prominent Israeli researchers in computer science and former president of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, passed away Sunday aged 91.

#RIP #zip #computerscience #algorithm

6 days ago

Just a few moments trying to catch up on the #Borgsite and the algorithm started suggesting “Napalm in a Fireworks Factory” level stories with 300+ toxic comments and just grinding onwards. When you see this level of mud-making, and you come to the #Fedi, and it’s just not here. That’s not even competition! When you can feel the #algorithm trying to ratchet up #division and #toxicity, the key is to catch yourself and stop it.

That’s another reason I love it here. ❤️


#RSS is still cool :rss: :blobcatsunglasses:

No, seriously. With RSS, you can curate what kind of content you want to see, instead of relying on an #algorithm. That's the best part about it :blobcheer:

Pensive Ruminant
1 week ago

I recently checked my old #Twitter for msgs. (Usually there's nothing.) I could be wrong but it seems the #algorithm is giving me an even more extreme feed than before: tons of outraged, self-congratulatory posts from both the left & right. It's nauseating, including posts from folks I fundamentally agree with. No one is talking to anyone. It's all folks high-fiving folks as they dunk on others. I don't remember it being this bad. (I mostly went on Twtr for fan stuff). Was it always this bad?

1 week ago

You are absolutely right.
And the extremely negative impact of privately controlled, (tweaked) #algorithm fueled #SocialMedia platforms like #Twitter and #Facebook, as well as its mind- and reality-changing impact on humanity are scientifically proven.

An awesome and insightful but complex wrap-up can be listened to in this #podcast:

American Origin Stories with #MatthewCooke via @getSonnet


1 week ago

@ethanschoonover I had all the same thoughts when I joined #Mastodon. I’ve come to like the current #timeline more and more. I’m still not anti-#algorithm but I have come to realize that the important question is not “what algo suits my needs” but “what algo suits the community needs?” What algorithm will help create more connection? More of the thoughtful and constructive responses that I’ve come to appreciate here?

2 weeks ago

How #Quantum Computers Break The #Internet... Starting Now!

A quantum #computer in the next decade could crack the #encryption our #society relies on using Shor's #Algorithm.


Vijay Prema
2 weeks ago

Been using #FreeTube for a week now, and I am absolutely loving the #distraction free, #algorithm free experience. I guess it turns #youtube into more of an #RSS Reader style experience, with no ads, and full control over the experience.

Also disabled number of views, subscribers, likes etc, which was jarring at first because I used these to gauge what is "good".

But these numbers are in fact a subtle form of algorithmic control, and I see the benefit of removing them.

Funny enough, if you're on the #birdsite :twitter: and are trying to be discovered, you'd probably get down-ranked by the #algorithm, meaning people wouldn't be able to find your post easily

On #Mastodon :mastodon: there is no issue because well.... there is no algorithm! That what I like about Mastodon, it's the fact that I'm easily discoverable unless I explicitly prevent that

Boosting also helps make posts discoverable too!

I have to remember that, because #Mastodon doesn't have #algorithm curated feeds, I have to #boost / reblog interesting people more often. Liking their posts doesn't make them more visible.

Also, if you want to find new people, I use the #Welcome hashtag whenever I say hi to a new person who posted an #Introduction. I try to greet interesting people pretty frequently.

Love y'all! Keep being kind! 💜

2 weeks ago

@openrightsgroup WTF. That is really bad news. And indeed, I really hope the people living on that island are mobilizing against it. I mean 480M GBP for what??

And yeah, what could possibly go wrong. Here an example from the US, of course.

#HealthCare #palantir #NIH #algorithm #surveillance #BigData

Jens Bannmann
2 weeks ago


Example: imagine you discover somebody on the #fediverse whose posts you like. You check out their profile to decide if you want to follow. But you find that they post more than 100× each day!

Your choices (AFAICS):
1) Follow them & accept that this account totally dominates your timeline now.
2) Don't follow them.

I wish there was a 3: an #algorithm that mitigates this by optionally limiting selected people to e.g. their top 10% most boosted posts.

Josiah Winslow
2 weeks ago

Too late for #ThrowbackThursday, but back in #college, I used a constant time #algorithm to decide #RockPaperScissors games for a Java assignment. Instead of a whole bunch of conditionals, it used only 3 mathematical operators.

The teacher let me present it to the whole class.

A diagram of all states of the game Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, with circles representing each hand gesture, and arrows pointing to all other hand gestures they win against.

The arrows form a rotationally symmetric pattern.
Me in a classroom, gesturing towards a whiteboard with a diagram of all possible games of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

On the side of the whiteboard is written "Guest Instructor: Josiah Winslow, Teaches RPS+".
2 weeks ago

@atomicpoet Of all #totalitarian tech companies, #Microsoft is currently the most dangerous one, because of the huge array of softwares & hardwares they've injected in most computers users lives: from #Windows to #ChatGPT from #Teams to the #xbox from #Minecraft to #GitHub itself.

They're even working on a digital ID based on the #Bitcoin #algorithm (Satoshi Nakamoto must have puked, when discovering that).

They're the ones who could build a #Metaverse embedded in the "normies" lives

Ingrid Mason
2 weeks ago

Suspicion Machines Methodology, By Justin-Casimir Braun, Eva Constantaras, Htet Aung, Gabriel Geiger, Dhruv Mehrotra, and Daniel Howden

"Every year, hundreds of people on welfare in a major European city find themselves under investigation because an automated system flagged them as fraud risks. What few of them realise is that they have been surveilled by an automated system ..."

#Prediction #Bias #Ethics #Algorithm #Welfare #Disadvantaged #Vulnerable #Unfair

3 weeks ago

> An #algorithm, not a doctor, predicted a rapid recovery for Frances Walter, an 85-year-old Wisconsin woman with a shattered left shoulder and an allergy to pain medicine...
> On the 17th day, her #MedicareAdvantage insurer, #SecurityHealthPlan.. cut off payment for her care.. Meanwhile, medical notes in June 2019 showed Walter’s pain was maxing out the scales and that she could not dress herself, go to the bathroom, or even push a walker without help.

Tracy Rosenberg
3 weeks ago

Federal judge concludes that the medical care decisions of a Medicare Advantage #algorithm are "speculative, at best" after the system ended care for an 85 year old woman with a shattered shoulder who lived alone and according to humans could not "dress herself or go to the bathroom".

3 weeks ago

@david @Bluedepth @darren

Yes, this is how I felt during the first two months here, too.

However, they (chiefly) only have themselves to blame: like in kindergarten, if you are the new kid on the block and you are not outgoing and don't have anyone who introduces you and "vouches" for you, you are pretty much out of luck, as your "play" timeline remains empty.

The more people (and maybe better, #hashtags, you follow), the less you are going to miss the #BorgSite's #algorithm
In fact, ...

In Consistency. The Birth of Sculpture #002

A new possible in consistency in the birth of sculpture, according to 111vNN algorithm over more than 200 sculpture modules.

#tezos #CleanNFT #OBJKT #CreativeCoding #Algorithm #DigitalArt #GenArt #GenerativeArt #MastoArt

Kristin Henry
3 weeks ago

One thing I love about Science is that the more of it you study the more you see repeating patterns. Today's drawing is influenced by both Chemistry and Neuroscience.

Here's a work-in-progress shot.

#inkyDays #ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #AlgorithmicArt #algorithm #wip #SciArt #Science #MastoArt

Hand drawn generative/algorithmic art on an open page of a sketchbook. The abstract pattern is inspired by chemistry diagrams and neural synapses.
Emily Ding
3 weeks ago

It's rigged. I guess this is where we're headed with most platforms now... 🙄

Great story on "Enshittification":

#tiktok #algorithm

Guido Schmidt
4 weeks ago
The Markup
4 weeks ago

An #algorithm determined which welfare recipients in Rotterdam, Netherlands should be investigated for benefits fraud.

Reporters got access to the system, reconstructed it, and tested how it works.

They found serious ethnicity and gender discrimination. A must read:

4 weeks ago

One idea we talked about a few months back was users designing their own algorithms for their feed. I'd like one that would show the most recent post (singular) from every person I follow. This would surface content from less frequent posters. Call it a "check in" page. This shouldn't be default, but rather a sorting option you could toggle. #feeds #algorithm #mastodonSuggestions

1 month ago

People move from the 🐤 site and complain they're not getting engagement on here.

It's because you're treating it like the 🐤 site.

Follow people you find interesting, use hashtags to draw people interested in your topic into a conversation, and converse with others on their posts. Boost posts you find interesting, favorite things you like, and remember you're surrounded by fellow humans, unchained from a damned algorithm.
#twitterdown #MastodonMigration #algorithm #BirdSite #fediTips

Glyn Moody
1 month ago

Instagram users are being served gory videos of killing and torture - seems there are some sick people around, but @facebook also to blame: “With gore, the more extreme the content is, is what the #algorithm is optimizing for”

Alx 🐈
1 month ago

- finding the right words is time consuming, and even more so if you're writing in a foreign language. Let's the #AI choose them for you. And because again this is a knowledge you lack, you're not able to spot if the suggestion is correct or not.

And as more publications written like this enter the web and become food the #algorithm, #ChatGPT and her likes will produce more and more inaccuracy and biased texts, that will be used by overwhelmed scholars and students again and again


:anAmigaBall: Darth
1 month ago

If #Mastodon ever invents an #algorithm which changes your timeline from chronological to something its code has decided you should see I promise that this "feature" will be disabled on our instance.

Algorithms lead to engagement, engagement leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.


1 month ago

If you want a #chill #game and also practice your basic #programming skills, this game called "Autonauts" is amazing, it's on #Steam.

You basically create your farm and build robots to do several tasks for you, and the nice part is that you can program them with some if/else and loops to do all the things in your farm. This game is really nice for those who are starting in programming and need to improve #logic and #algorithm.

Say what you will about the #algorithm; but on Twitter you get engagement for days after you post. Here on #mastodon your posts get seen for a few minutes tops. That's the only thing we're here for, and Twitter wins hands down just because the #fediverse thinks recommendations are somehow bad.

Kristian Harstad
1 month ago

#Elon #Musk ordered major changes to the #Twitter ranking #algorithm this weekend after President #Biden's tweet about the #Eagles got higher engagement than his did.

Now, Musk's #tweets aren't subject to the same feed-domination limitations that everyone else's tweets are, and are boosted "by a factor of 1000".​

@rustybrick @methode What a genius!

I was always wondering, how to get more paid international travels into my #SEO activities. That guy really nailed it. Just tell them that the #algorithm demands it. And if the stakeholders are happy with the performance ... 🤣

Something like... 📌

Already close to the answer to the question of how to make a search algorithm...

I admit, feel stupid 💩 I haven't done mathematics for a long time... help the fool

What is the name of such an algorithm ❓

> ERRA: EXORDIUM 🚘 Under the hood <

#gamedev #coding #programming #code #gamedevelopment #IndieDevs #IndieGameDev #gamedeveloper #gamedevs #madewithunity #unitytips #Algorithms #Mathematics #algorithm #Math #programmers

The new colloquial use of #algorithm confuses me; it seems that most people think #algorithms are any piece of UI that uses knowledge of the user to encourage the user to use the product. Like if FB sends you notifications on a custom schedule when you're more likely to engage that's "algorithm". 🤡

2 months ago

A common misconception is that #Mastodon is an inherently positive platform

In reality, there’s still and endless sea of #trolls here as with any other social space on the #internet

The power of the #fediverse is that it gives you the power to choose a #server with good #moderation (or create your own) and be selective about the @people & #hashtags you follow

No #algorithm means it’s easier to tailor your experience, and once you do the result is well worth the effort!


I think I have had a better experience with recommendation algorithms than most people because I understand the part I play in training them.

Some of y'all act like you want an #algorithm to be your mommy. I'm just training another spam filter.

People who use #algorithm pejoratively should block me.

Lucy Bernholz
2 months ago

Highly recommend David Robinson''s book Voices in the Code - about algorithms in health care (and an actual positive story)

#VoicesInTheCode #Bookstodon #ChronicIllness #Algorithm