Finished piece! For anyone who didn't see before, wifey and I are doing the daily October art thing, this year we're doing a Simpsons Halloween theme. Not gonna post all of em, but this is day 1! 🎃

#simpsons #TheSimpsons #KangAndKodos #art #Monsterdon #MastoArt #halloween #drawing #TreehouseOfHorror #PenAndInk #aliens #SimpsonsArt

Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons, finished acrylic piece (background is orange/pink). The John Waters issue of Town and Country is visible at bottom left.
2 hours ago Who remembers the frantic caller on Art Bell’s show who was supposedly working at Area 51? #Alien #Aliens

Who remembers the frantic caller on Art Bell's show who was supposedly working at Area 51?

"Non-human biologics" could be a fricking mouse... So this isnt really proving much..... That said the idea that they recovered non-human remains from UFO... that sounds very interesting...

#UFO #Aliens #Space

Joel Levin
3 hours ago

Starting a thread here for a daily art challenge during the month of October!

Some background first. I participated in the #inktober drawing challenge both last year and the year before. It was fun and hard. I learned a ton and got better at cartooning. So I wanted to continue the tradition of challenging myself.

But I decided not to do the official Inktober challenge again this year for a a few reasons. Instead I'm going to keep it simple. Rather than my alphabet series, I'm going to do numbers. One for each day of the month. And I shall call it... #NUMTOBER

The drawings will probably be quick and dirty, and that's kind of the point. I want to get better at banging out an idea and sharing it in a "good enough" state without obsessing over every detail.

And away we go...

#numtober #MartiansInTheMargins #art #MastoArt #ink #martians #aliens

A chubby, martian with two antennae leans nonchalantly against a large number "1" and waves.
4 hours ago
Yes Theory: 7 Days With The Man Who Confirmed ALIENS Exist (under oath)
Atheism Actually
6 hours ago

-- Who is Hugh Ross behind the curtain? #aliens #demons #christianity --
(from Captive Desk)

Paperboy Farts
7 hours ago

NASA Discovers - Alien Farts (Dimethyl Sulfide) on K2-18b

#farts #fart #nasa #space #alien #aliens #discovery #

Bedbugs? They are kind little alien invaders. So sorry Paris, but it's got to be done...

#paris #bedbugs #aliens #ripley

Image of Ripley from Aliens saying "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"
9 hours ago

Opening screen for indie title of a very unheard of classic remake homage from back in the day.

(Die alien slime)

Working title “abandoned”

Top down shooter puzzle a race against time, you must destroy the infested craft before it crash lands on earth.

There is only one man of the job, captain jones steel, can he save humanity from the infested ship in time or will he sacrifice his own life in doing so?

Stay tuned.


9 hours ago JOIN ME LIVE AT 12PM CST: Yes Theory Doc About David Grusch And The UAP Phenomenon #Alien #Aliens

JOIN ME LIVE AT 12PM CST: Yes Theory Doc About David Grusch And The UAP Phenomenon
12 hours ago Nostalgia, a postcard from Alpha Centauri, I tried to immagine how Sun may look like from an hypothetical planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A, Hope you will enoy! #Alien #Aliens

Nostalgia, a postcard from Alpha Centauri, I tried to immagine how Sun may look like from an hypothetical planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A, Hope you will enoy!
14 hours ago Why some people think ufos are demonic? An open minded discussion on mutual points #Alien #Aliens

Why some people think ufos are demonic? An open minded discussion on mutual points
16 hours ago
Can this peruvian mummies just be somekind of human shrunken skeleton ?
Knowledge Zone
18 hours ago

Another reason to love #Remote #Working: it’s good for the #Planet : Nature

If we ever came across #Aliens, would we be able to #Understand them? : Univ Sci

#Satellites Show #Mysterious #FairyCircles in More Parts of the World : NY Times

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

22 hours ago
X-FILES CLASSICS Vol 1 & 2 Hardcover Review! The Truth is out There!
Poetry News
23 hours ago

Life beyond Earth may
Be found in our lifetime soon
Searching the night sky

#aliens #space #astronomy #discovery #haiku #poetry

Joel Levin
1 day ago
A Martian creeps along in the darkness holding a wormy alien thingy. The creature is blazing light from its single giant eyeball, like a flashlight.
1 day ago The Telegraph article that almost nobody talks about, I was “team llama” but now I don’t know. #Alien #Aliens

The Telegraph article that almost nobody talks about, I was "team llama" but now I don't know.
1 day ago Definitive debunk of the Nazca puppets by Julien Benoit – It even proves that the mummy was butchered after being mummified and tht the fakers are pillagers. #Alien #Aliens

Definitive debunk of the Nazca puppets by Julien Benoit - It even proves that the mummy was butchered after being mummified and tht the fakers are pillagers.
1 day ago
Definitely not 7,000-year-old statues of reptilian aliens from Mesopotamia
1 day ago
Leaked congress pdf had relation with recent found alien Mummies?
1 day ago Where are the aliens? A physicist shares the most popular theories. | Brian Cox #Alien #Aliens

Where are the aliens? A physicist shares the most popular theories. | Brian Cox
Keeper of the orb
1 day ago

this week, everyone feels great at like day 90 or whatever.

hi res & archives on my site:

buy print copies: 

tipjar!!! raising for old lady cat bills

#inhuman #comic #comics #webcomic #webcomics #alien #aliens #hekshanian #hekshanians

promo image for my comic. a yellow alien boy is gripping the arm of his yellow furred alien sister. she's turning away and wiping a tear, looking angry. he's clasping her arm that is poised to choke him with a soft expression and speaking. Text reads "Inhuman epilogue pg 11"  - please note the comic itself is not screenreader transcribed yet, i am sorry.
2 days ago
2 days ago

Blast off on a giddy galactic adventure with Culture Shock! New Scifi Short Story: Culture Shock #SciFi #ShortStory #NewRelease #CultureShock #books #booksforkids #space #aliens

'Culture Shock' short story cover - a human astronaut angrily confronts an alien made of protoplasm
2 days ago
2 days ago

Sep 30: Favourite Sci-Fi Film
#SciFiSeptember #FilmMastodon 📽️ 🎬

#Aliens (1986)
Decades after surviving the Nostromo incident, Ellen Ripley is sent out to re-establish contact with a terraforming colony but finds herself battling the Alien Queen and her offspring.

#SigourneyWeaver - The Queen of SciFi

Kathaja Krim
2 days ago

This page was dedicated to "extreme" angles, even though they didn't turn out extreme 😂

I kinda like how Zhaikes' gaze and his feeler-things (= Raks'van) align 🤔

#Zhaikes #ZhorKhat #WorldOfKrim
#aliens #OC #AlienCharacter #MastoArt #art

Sketches of an alien person and a human person with a low view point. In the top right corner is a text that says: "extreme angle page o.o". Next to the human is the word "light?"
Blender Dumbass ( J.Y.Amihud )
2 days ago


🗞 It's interesting sometimes what different artists do with the same material when this material is not bound by copyright. Good filmmakers like Kenneth Branagh can make wonderful adaptation of things like plays by Shakespeare into insane epics. Bad filmmakers like Rhys Frake-Waterfield can make awful twists on beloved characters, like the horror film Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Ho ...

🔗 http://ttauyzmy4kbm5yxpujpnahy7uxwnb32hh3dja7uda64vefpkomf3s4yd.onion/reviews/

ℹ The link requires 🧅 TOR BROWSER.

#film #horror #ufo #aliens

Alaire Racicot
2 days ago

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You can read a preview of Pilgrim's Dirge for free on any of these sites!

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Alaire Racicot
2 days ago

🌟Pilgrim's Dirge #3 is on Kickstarter!🌟
Our wayward pilgrim descends into the belly of the beast. Can Orin shake off his despair? Can he learn to trust himself again?
Continue where you left off, or grab all the issues!

#action #adventure #scifi #aliens #space #webcomic #comic #indiecomics #illustration #drawing #scifiart #scifiartwork #comicart #comics

Alaire Racicot
2 days ago

Wolf chili: is it made out of real wolves, or is it chili FOR wolves?
New Pilgrim's Dirge today!

🌱New Readers:

✍Matteo Leoni (
🎨 Martina Bonanni (
📝💬 Toben Racicot (

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Stefan Münz
3 days ago

Bei #ZDFinfo gibt es eine sechsteilige Doku über #Verschwörungserzählungen:
#FakeNews, Angst und #QAnon
#Reptiloide, #Aliens und Kontakte
#Roswell, #UFOAkten und #Reichsflugscheiben
#Geheimbünde, #Illuminaten und Neue #Weltordnung
#Klimalüge, #Pandemie und #5G
#Reichsbürger, #NeueRechte und Radikalisierung
Alle sechs Teile sind jeweils 44 Minuten lang. Verfügbar bis 25.09.2025.

3 days ago

Aliens 👽 aren't the problem. 🛸
Humans are. 🧬💀

Have you ever experienced a close encounter UFO/UAP first hand?

Kathaja Krim
3 days ago


[Sorrax] despises the weakness of humans - their fragile bodies, their ignorance..
It is quite ironic that he has to hide among them while feeding on the helplessness of individuals.

I told you once that [Sorrax] was banished. Because he experimented on the living. Once he was a scientist. Now he is a "doctor" on earth.

#SorraxTarayo #WorldOfKrim
#aliens #SciFi #OC #monster #horror #MastoArt #art

a drawing of an alien person with an utterly disgusted look on his face.
4 days ago

I believe intelligent life evolved on other planets, but for some reason it just didn't happen here. Then again, evolution is an ongoing process, so it might still happen.

#Aliens #Intelligence

5 days ago

I just heard this story today on History channel, the mysterious staircase at the Loretto chapel built in 1850. The carpenter only worked at night, refused to let anyone see his work, then disappeared when he was finished without payment. It is 3 stories winding made out of unknown wood, and when the sisters went to the local wood dealer to pay for the materials the owner assured them no one had ever come to him for materials. Seriously whackadoodle story. Check it out! #history #historychannel #aliens did it : )

beautiful winding wood staircase, the mystery stairs of Loretto Chapel built in 1850
Mandu 🥟
5 days ago

Visual tour of how far some sci-fi star systems are from earth.
Notable mentions: Star Trek, Project Hail Mary, Avatar, Aliens, Contact, Dune, Event Horizon, Lost in Space.

#StarTrek #Avatar #Aliens #Dune #ProjectHailMary

6 days ago

Humans are aliens or from earth and lovo to be slaves? 🤔

#comic #earth #aliens #human #critic #capitalism #commercial #slavery

Short comic about commercial alians over earth and the humans are happy about.
6 days ago

"There is a small community of people" that specialize in the field of astrophotonics, said one scientist, "and it's growing over time."
#Technews #Science #Space #astronomy #ALIENS #extraterrerstrial #Abstract

One year ago today I posted this miniature Aliens photo I created. All shot using practical effects, figures and miniature sets only digital element in this shot are the shoulder lights the rest is all real…

#aliens #vasquez #lv426 #facehugguer #80sscifi #scifi #scifiart #miniatures #miniaturephotography #toyphotography #photographicart #photography #creativephotoshoot #macrophotography #filmart #fanart

Vasquez and crew walk through medlab, facehuggers on left in jars
Ricardo Harvin
1 week ago

Everyone who claims "it was #aliens" in reference to those who built such sites wherever they exist on #Earth is an ignorant #racist.

It was #humans; it's only ever been humans and humans alone.

"Nearly 2,000 years ago, #NativeAmericans built 800,000-square-foot geometric enormous circle and square aligning with the movements of the sun and the moon."

"They had to do it, to be the people they were."

#HopewellCeremonialEarthworks #UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite

The Spaceshipper 🚀
1 week ago

Aliens (1986): Newt's family investigating the derelict spacecraft, sketch by James Cameron

This scene was cut, then included in the 1991 extended edition.
#scifi #horror #concept #jamescameron #sketch #aliens #alien #derelict

1 week ago
Ben Jeapes
2 weeks ago

It's Book Quote Wednesday and the word is EAGER. Learned Mother Oomoing is about to get her first sight of an alien - i.e. human - outpost. #spaceopera #aliens #yaspaceopera #bookqw

Supernatural Selection
2 weeks ago

Join us this week for Supernatural Selection! This week we're tackling Secret Underground Bases! Find it on our site or in your podcatcher of choice!
#podcast #supernatural #paranormal #conspiracy #aliens

AkaSci 🛰️
2 weeks ago

Hey NASA Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Independent Study Team - did you take the Flake Equation into account in the study?
From March 24, 2010 -
#xkcd #UFO #Aliens

“NASA is hiding proof of aliens!” has to be one of the funniest takes ever.

NASA is comprised almost entirely of nerds like many of us watching Star Trek and Doctor Who and shit.

If NASA had proof of alien life they’d be throwing a massive kegger on top of the Johnson Space Center and submitting a budget to Congress for eleventy trillion dollars.

#Space #UFOs #Aliens #UAP #Science #NASA

🕹️ jbz
2 weeks ago

:wily_ufo: UFOs: What NASA’s New UAP Report Reveals

#UFO #Aliens #UAP

¿Querían vida extraterrestre? tomaaa
"Los investigadores han identificado rastros de dimetil sulfuro en la atmósfera de K2-18b, una sustancia que, en la Tierra, es producida exclusivamente por organismos vivos, principalmente el fitoplancton. Este descubrimiento ha llevado a los científicos a plantear la posibilidad de vida en este lejano exoplaneta"

#aliens #jameswebb #k218b

heise online
2 weeks ago


Anhörung in Mexikos Kongress: Enthüllung von "Alien-Leichen" sorgt für Aufregung

Ein YouTuber und Ufologe durfte schon zum zweiten Mal vor einem Parlament sprechen. Er nutzte die Gelegenheit für die Enthüllung angeblicher Leichen von Aliens.

#Aliens #Mexiko #Ufos #Wissenschaft #außerirdischesLeben

Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

“Alien” bodies were unveiled before Mexico’s congress earlier this week. Scholars denounced the claim as “complete nonsense.” More from Live Science:
#Science #Space #Aliens

2 weeks ago

Imagina vivir en Suiza y perderte de esto.


Captura de pantalla de FB que muestra fotos de platos de Talavera con unas figuras similares a las momias que Maussan presentó como aliens al Congreso de México.

Texto: ¡Qué pozole ni que nada! Lo de hoy son las quesadillas a la Maussan. 👽🇲🇽🤌

NASA wants to shift talk on unexplained sightings 'from sensationalism to science' | CBC News #NASA #UFO #Aliens #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

'This is complete nonsense': Scientists rail against 'alien' bodies shown before Mexican congress #UFO #aliens

The cult sci-fi TV show 'The Tripods' marched onto BBC 1 screens on this day in 1984.

I loved the whole series.

Who remembers them?

#Television #sciencefiction #Scifi #cult #1980s #aliens

Image of a Tripod space ship over looking a field full of humans on planet Earth.
2 weeks ago

When you applied for the job vs.
when you hear back from HR

- @Adam_Karpiak #aliens

Two panels, young smiling ET with glowing finger versus desiccated alien corpse
Ruben Bolling 🪲
3 weeks ago

I wrote on Boing Boing about tantalizing possible evidence of life on a giant ocean exoplanet. #Aliens

Yesterday (September 10) was the 30th anniversary of The X-Files first airing -- in 1993. I was definitely watching (I was 13 and living in Maryland) with my family - we I watched every episode, every week (I believe until Mulder disappeared and they replaced him with Doggett)?

I would later meet my now wife, and I found out that she would watch it with her family too (she's just 9 years younger than I am)-- all the way across the country, in Tucson, Arizona!

We're both huge fans still- we recently rewatched the whole series again, start to finish (including all the Doggett episodes, which I now dig). And I could do it again!

The X-Files was wild in the 90s-- an amazing mix of the Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, straight up horror, and more. And its amazing crossover with the Simpsons was a treat, too.

Whew, what a show. Legendary.

#XFiles #TheXFiles #SciFi #horror #TV #90s #90sTV #1990s #Scully #Mulder #DanaScully #FoxMulder #UFO #UFOs #alien #aliens #monsters #Monsterdon

A combination of several screens in the X-Files intro-- a guy pointing at a UFO in the sky, the credits for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in their roles as Dana Scully and Fox Mulder - a face, a hand, and The Truth is Out There over the sky.
Keeper of the orb
3 weeks ago

he did it, kyo came up with the worst thing to say.

hi res & full archives on my site
print versions for sale there too

please consider tossing me a few dollars some way if you enjoy my work, times are tough!

#inhuman #comic #comics #webcomic #webcomics #alien #aliens #manga

promo panel crop for my webcomic. the comic itself isnt screenreader adapted yet sry

a pair of yellow aliens are talking in a hospital room. they have long ears, and humanoid faces. one (male) is lying abed and holding up his hands like "what's the problem?" while speaking. his sister the hospital staffer is rigid and bristling with rage at whatever he's said to her. 

the text on the image reads
Inhuman epilogue pg 10
Joel Levin
3 weeks ago

@Curator I've been kicking around the Fediverse since last winter, but I'd love more eyeballs on my work. Very open to feedback, suggestions.

Art has always been a hobby or a time-filler. But recently I've wanted to push myself and get better. I think sharing is a big part of that.

I mostly draw little cartoon martians and the hijinks they get up to. Typically I use fountain pens on paper and then do some light touch-ups in

#AIsForAlien #MartiansInTheMargins #ink #art #MastoArt #martians #aliens

A martian salutes a flag with a ringed planet on it.
Several martians are being sucked into an abstract black hole.
A UFO has crashed on a tiny desert island. A solitary martian chillaxes on the beach, seemingly unconcerned.
A martian flees from a horrible eye-stalked beast across a desolate alien landscape.

So. I’m flossing. I turn around and notice an alien on my wall.

It was hunting me and was going to eat my brains.

Fortunately my ninja reflexes enabled me to catch it in a glass and release it into my front yard. But honestly I just wanted to burn down my entire house.

Turns out it’s a centipede called Scutigera Coleoptrata:

#Centipede #Insects #Aliens #Monsters #MyHeartStopped

Close up of the centipede racing around inside of a glass on my counter.
Flipboard Culture Desk
1 month ago

“The X-Files" debuted on Fox 30 years ago. How well do you remember the sci-fi cult hit?

The Wrap presents trivia, including how The Smiths and "Silence of the Lambs" influenced the landmark series:

#XFiles #TV #Mystery #Paranormal #Aliens #SciFi

Tucker Teague
1 month ago

#UFO #UAP #alien #aliens #science #fantasy #scifi #ScienceFiction

We know that UFOs/UAPs exist; things flying around in some fashion that we in some way detect but cannot explain. We also know of hoaxes. We also know for many UFO means little green men from another world. And we also know that's not, in any way, what UFO has to imply. But what do you think?



made me LoL.

👽 he should have got the bridge question. 🌁

#aliens #gop #raceforsecond #USA

Are we visible to advanced alien civilizations?

We considered the question of how our artificial constructions are visible to advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. Taking the universality of the laws of physics, we found that the maximum distance where the detection is possible is of the order of 3000 ly and under certain conditions Type-II advanced alien societies might be able to resolve this problem

#SETI #Aliens

Jay Eaton
1 month ago

If you run the opposite direction of the cylinder's rotation it feels a little like running downhill. And vice versa, if you want a challenge.

#comic #runawaytothestars #sciencefiction #characterama #aliens #hardscifi #scifi #speculativebiology #idrisah

Brett Coulstock
2 months ago

@weirdwriter asked about writing quirks of #AudioDescription on Another Platform. My AD writing quirk is sometimes I'm a bit stream-of-consciousness and miss connective tissue in sentences.

For example I recently wrote a complete script for the Jim Cameron film #Aliens and wrote this line: "She strikes one of the flares like a match, drops it on the floor."

Really, it should have been "... like a match AND drops it on the floor".

The narrator pulled me up on that, and quite right too.

2 months ago

I went to see the movie Jules yesterday, with a few friends, all of us in the 'over 60' category. I mainly went because I like the actors, and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the film! All of us said it was surprisingly good, and particularly had relevant topics to the older demographic.

#Jules #movies #aliens

Yoni Den
2 months ago

Things are winding down on the #BandCampFriday front, so I'll take this opportunity to say thank you for the likes and boosts, thanks for the interactions and good times today, and a special thanks to the people who were able to support my work today. It means a lot.

I'll do a last plug for my #Discography which is reduced to $22.75 USD until Monday.

#Aliens #AlienMusic #Music #Electronic #BandCamp #Synth

Have a great weekend Everybody!

Much Love!

Since UFOs are in the news here’s my opinion:

There is probably other intelligent life out there, but I think the likelihood of us coming across it is ridiculously small. Our civilization has only been able to make off-world contact for about a century. The universe is huge. Even if there is currently intelligent life on the other side of our galaxy, it will take thousands of years for our broadcasts to reach them.

#aliens #UFO

Laura E. Hall
2 months ago

3) Love artist natalie.3dblah’s Barbie Dream Sandworm (Dune), Shuttle (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Loader (Aliens), and Scooter (Akira)

More on Instagram:

#Barbie #Art3D #Dune #StarTrek #STTNG #Aliens #Akira

A 3D rendering in the style of a fake Barbie product, a plastic pink sandworm from Dune. It says "Playset includes Dream Saddle, Maker Hook and Thumper", and "Squeeze-to-open jaws with delicious cinnamon scent!"
A 3D rendering in the style of a fake Barbie product, a plastic pink shuttle from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It reads "Warp nacelles really light up!"
A 3D rendering in the style of a fake Barbie product, a "Dream loader" mech suit from Aliens. "Authentic poseable forks and flashing safety light!"
A 3D rendering in the style of a fake Barbie product, a scooter from Akira with stickers and light-up wheels. It reads "Realistic wheel lights and a seat belt that really works! Beautiful labels add the finishing touch!"
Mike Riverso
2 months ago

The amount of people taking “some guy says aliens exist” as proof that #aliens exist really makes me worry for us as a society.

Alex Stamos
2 months ago

Trying to keep up with the #Aliens, #GlobalWarming and #Superconductor discourses and it is clear that the Fediverse and Threads won't be useful for these kinds of emerging, real-time topics until they have full-text search.

Happy "Living in a SciFi Novel" week.

Paris Marx
2 months ago

Have you heard the stories of aliens in Roswell, New Mexico? What about Area 51? Or even the US Congressional testimony from *yesterday* that UFOs are real?

On #TechWontSaveUs, I spoke to Kelsey Atherton to understand where the UFO conspiracy theories came from, how military secrecy created a fertile ground for them to grow, and whether UFOs are really out there.

#tech #ufo #uap #aliens #military

Jerry Levine
2 months ago

So, wait, did we establish anything about aliens or was that just a bunch of random red cube talk?


Isamu Noguchi's "Red Cube" statue

@GeePawHill that's exactly what #StevenHawking already said:

There can be only two kinds of #Aliens:

1. Those that will plunder and pilfer our planet harder than the Combine from #HalfLife2.

2. Those that came to us "for the lulz" and that will GTFO at the slightest sign of our aggression.

Let's hope it'll only be the latter kind...

2 months ago

🎶Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft...

We're sorry. Come get him.
#Aliens #Trump

Two Army officials are hauling off an alien who is yelling, "You Fools! It's getting away!" Running from the scene is a small naked figure that looks like Trump.