#Google ha cancellato delle chat interne, nonostante un divieto, per eliminare informazioni rilevanti per i processi #antitrust (quello sul motore di ricerca e quello contro Epic sul Playstore)

Ora si apre un'indagine giudiziaria per avere distrutto evidenze probatorie. A dirla in modo discreto: non è cosa da poco.

La notizia si trova qui:

#Alphabet #Gafam

Sean Murthy
14 hours ago

TIL The name "Double U" for the letter W comes from the sound two successive u's were to make in early Latin. E.g., "equus" pronounced ek-woos.

And in printing, it was common to use consecutive V's for W, which over time became a single W shape. 😲

The history of W:

h/t @zippy1981

#english #latin #alphabet #language

KoffeeKrisp 🇨🇦
2 days ago

Big picture, applaud what the EU is doing under the Digital Markets Act. Just learning more...
Commission designates six gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act
#Alphabet #Amazon #Apple #Bytedance #Meta #microsoft #DigitalMarketsAct #technology #communications

The Skeptic's Book of Lists
3 days ago

Cribbed from a FB friend's page. Not my image. This is one clever bastard.

Honda with the alphabet on the back.
Jesús Domínguez
4 days ago

Nueva entrada en #elProxy!
«Razones para bloquear la publicidad en el navegador: malware usa los anuncios de Google»

#Alphabet #bloqueadordepublicidad #GoogleAds #malware #publicidad #timo

Bert Ernste • NL | BR
5 days ago

Deze club bereikt alle Nederlanders – en maakt van het internet een publieke zaak (De Correspondent)

De coalitie PublicSpaces wil van het geprivatiseerde internet een publieke ruimte maken waar de gebruiker in plaats van de commercie de dienst uitmaakt

#internet #big_tech #techbedrijven #google #alphabet #meta #facebook #amazon #twitter #tiktok #instagram #publieke_ruimte #publicspaces #matomo #datakapitalisme #surveillance_kapitalisme #mastodon #pubhubs #fediverse

heise online
5 days ago

Linksteuer: Kanada gibt es billiger, damit Google News weiterläuft

Kanada reduziert seine neue Linksteuer deutlich, woraufhin Google weiterhin auf Nachrichten verlinken wird.​

#Alphabet #GoogleNews #Journalismus #Urheberrecht #Medien #MetaPlatforms #Recht #Suchmaschine #Verlage #news

6 days ago

The agreement is the result of months of negotiations related to the Online News Act, which aims to make “dominant platforms compensate news businesses" for their work.
#Google #Facebook #alphabet #meta

Federal government reaches deal with Google over Online News Act | CityNews Toronto #BillC18 #Google #OnlineNewsAct #Alphabet #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Google News on a mobile device
1 week ago

The emergence of Newlands is yet another example of the Illuminati's power and influence. #Illuminati #Newlands #JanKoum #MichaelAbramson #Equities #Alphabet #PowerfulNetwork

#Google denied me my rights to my Union representative.

#Sins #TurtleIsland #Vatican #Alphabet #AWU

Economia #BigTech

Quanto vale l'accordo tra #Alphabet e #Apple per avere #Google come motore di ricerca di default?

Apple riceve da G 19 $ miliardi/anno; è circa un quarto dei suoi ricavi da servizi ed è puro profitto.
La capitalizzazione di A è 24 volte i suoi profitti, quindi per gli azionisti i soldini di G pesano per circa 450 $ miliardi

(fonte: Reuters)

I maligni potrebbero pensare che c'era un motivo per cui i manager di A non volevano testimoniare al processo.


Jesús Domínguez
2 weeks ago

Nueva entrada en #elProxy!
«Dos enfoques diferentes en el futuro de las búsquedas»

#Alphabet #alternativa #Bing #búsqueda #Google #Internet #Microsoft

Space Wrangler
3 weeks ago

#META and #Alphabet place profit over democracy - allow election lies in ads

3 weeks ago

🇾 est RA-VI ! 🤩 il est né mardi en direct avec vous dans l'alphabetosaure, famille dinolettrine qui ne cesse de s'agrandir 💙 souhaitez lui bienvenu à ce ptit machin chimérique 😊

#dinosaure #chimère #dinobject #lovelybleudragon #alphabet #illustration #dessinendirect #mignon #alphabetosaure

Dessin d'un petit dinosaure ailé bleu tout mignon en forme de lettre "Y"
3 weeks ago

#PunMonth Day 15 -- Can you B-lieve we're halfway through? I can't Bear it. #Puns #DadJokes #Bears #Alphabet #Wildlife

What do you call a bear with no ears? B.
Malte Janßen🎙️⚓ ☑️
3 weeks ago

Meine Fresse!
Warum wird mir auf #YouTube vermehrt neurechter Scheiß vom antisemitischen Springer-Verlag angezeigt, obwohl ich #Welt und Co. blockiert habe?
Und im Gegenzug darf ich Werbung ertragen? F*ck dich, #alphabet

European News 🇪🇺
3 weeks ago

Microsoft, Google will not challenge EU gatekeeper status

Microsoft and Google will not challenge an EU law requiring them to make it easier for users to move between competing services such as social media platforms and internet browsers.

#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #EU #EuropeanUnion #Google #Alphabet #BigTech #Microsoft

Illuminati Press Office
3 weeks ago

#Google #Samsung #EpicGames #Alphabet #Illuminati It's great to see Google and Samsung working together for mutual benefit. However, it's important to remember that The Illuminati is always working to ensure competition remains healthy and fair. We will continue to monitor this situation closely. #FairCompetition #CompetitionIsKey

3 weeks ago
Voici comment se prononce chaque lettre en espéranto.  Une fois que vous connaissez ces rêgles vous pouvez lire. Il n’existe pas de lettres nulles ou muettes Toutes les lettres se prononcent. Une lettre = un son !   c   [  ts]     ex:  centro   [tsentro  ]  = centre   ĉ   [ tch]     ex:  ĉar      [  tchar  ]  = car, parce que   g   [   g]     ex:  tago     [   tago  ]  = jour          g dur comme dans gant   ĝ   [  dj]     ex:  aĝo      [   adjo  ]  = âge   ĥ   [  kh]     ex:  ĥaoso    [ khaoso  ]  = chaos   j   [ille]     ex:  libroj   [libroille]  = des livres          ille comme dans mouille   ĵ   [   j]     ex:  ĵurio    [ jourio  ]  = jury          j comme dans jeux   ŝ   [  ch]     ex:  ŝi       [      chi]  = elle   u   [  ou]     ex:  turo     [    touro]  = tour          jamais le u français !   ŭ   [   w]     ex:  aŭto     [     awto]  = auto          w comme dans waf-waf s est toujours comme dans ‘sifflant’, jamais z. h est toujours aspiré: (homo, halto).. an se prononce comme dans Anne , pas comme dans chant. on se prononce comme dans nonne, pas comme dans bonbon. q, w, x en y n’existent pas en espéranto. On peut utiliser ch pour ĉ, gh pour ĝ, hh pour ĥ,                  jh pour ĵ, sh pour ŝ, uh pour ŭ. IMPORTANT : Toutes les règles sont sans exception.

#alphabet #esperanto

3 weeks ago

At long last, I have made Stories of Abjad available as an ebook. You can pick it up directly on Gumroad :
#arabic #alphabet #Kufic

Cover of the book Stories of Abjad
Spread about the letter alif
Spread about the letter waw
Spread showing the end of a chapter and the title page of the next
Katie Leavens
4 weeks ago

TIL: that by 295 BCE there was already a concept of alphabetical order.

The Library of Alexandria was organized by categories and topics. The scrolls were then placed in alphabetical order within that topic. Source: The Golden Thread by Ewan Clayton pg 254

#alphabet #history #libraryscience

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 weeks ago

Companies will do everything to keep from protecting employees.

Contractors working on Google Bard are forming a union - Desk Chair Analysts

#Accenture #AI #Alphabet #Bard #Google #NLRB #Unions

The Google homepage.
4 weeks ago

In lieu of a new #blog post I have #reblogged one that I created on this day last year, the 50th in a series of 'match up' posts that formed part of a #cricketing trip through the #alphabet;
#cricket #AllTimeXIs #Reblogs #MatchUps #Photography

The Japan Times
1 month ago

Alphabet used a "bribe and block” strategy to thwart competition against its Google Play app marketplace, hurting developers and raising prices for consumers, Epic Games has said as it begins its courtroom battle with the technology giant. #business #companies #alphabet #google #fortnite #videogames

1 month ago

Coluna de @viananatalia: Como Facebook e Google “quebraram” a internet no #Canadá: desde junho, #Facebook e #Instagram não mostram links de notícias; #Google ameaça fazer o mesmo.

#regulação #BigTech #Meta #Alphabet

1 month ago

#GWB - Alphabet: Der Anfang vom Ende? Viele Projekte könnten unter das Dach von Google verschoben werden - #alphabet #Google

#Omnibox è la barra di #Google #Chrome in cui si digita sia un URL sia una parola da cercare. È stata una svolta. Prima digitavi "" per cercare, ora facevi tutto lì. Non a caso è ora standard in tutti i browser

Ma Omnibox ha il proprio lato oscuro: serve a raccogliere dati degli utenti e ad aumentare le ricerche, quindi ricavi e profilazione

Ora l'ha ammesso anche #Pichai (AD di #Alphabet) al processo antitrust

Ps. Come funziona Omnibox è raccontato qui:

1 month ago

YouTube accroît sa lutte contre les bloqueurs de pub -

> La plateforme de vidéos de Google lance « un effort global » pour pousser ses utilisateurs à débloquer les publicités ou à passer à YouTube Premium, explique Christopher Lawton, responsable de la communication de YouTube à The Verge.

:drake_like: Les utilisateurs accroissent la lutte contre l'agression publicitaire.

#youtube #alphabet #google #ublock

1 month ago

#GWB - Google Fiber: Das Gigabit-Netzwerk löst sich von Google – tritt zunehmend als GFiber auf (Fotos) - #googlefiber #alphabet #Google #google

Dr. Michael Blume
1 month ago

@mavori Danke 🙏 - und, ja, teilweise bedrängen Dich da noch überholte Traditionen zum Loswerden.

Der Noahsohn #Sem war schon laut #Talmud nicht der Begründer einer Menschen-#Rasse (dieses Konzept gibt es auch im #Judentum nicht), sondern er gründete die erste #Alphabet-Schule! Das Judentum & Israel begannen die Tradition religiöser #Alphabetisierung & #Bildung! Hier genau dazu 1 #Verschwörungsfragen-Folge als Text oder Podcast: ✡️📚🤔

datenritter :debian:
1 month ago

Ist Euch mal aufgefallen, dass #Youtube, ein ungeheures Archiv des Wissens und der Zeitgeschichte, fast völlig unreguliert agiert und jederzeit der Verlust (oder eine Zugangsbeschränkung) dieses Kulturschatzes droht?

Für jedes noch so miese Buch gibt es ein Exemplar in der Nationalbibliothek. Aber die vielen kleinen und großen Video-Kunstwerke, oft anonymer, zum Teil längst verstorbener Künstler:innen, von der Reparaturanleitung über die Nischen-Naturdoku, hochwertigen Fremdsprachenunterricht bis zum selbstbewusst präsentierten Einblick in andere Kulturen, liegen nur auf Servern von #Alphabet (aka #Google). Gehören denen. Geben ihnen Macht über unsere Identität.

Das sind die zwanzig Jahre, die die Politik hinterherhängt.

The Japan Times
1 month ago

U.S. President Joe Biden sought to reduce the risks artificial intelligence poses to consumers, workers, minority groups and national security with a new executive order on Monday. #worldnews #politics #ai #us #g7 #joebiden #openai #alphabet #meta

IT News
1 month ago

Sundar Pichai explained why Apple gets paid so much more for its default deal - Enlarge / Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai departs federal court o... - #departmentofjustice #googlemonopolytrial #searchengines #antitrustlaw #onlinesearch #sundarpichai #monopolylaw #antitrust #googleceo #alphabet #google #policy

Nel 2021 #Google ha pagato 26,3 miliardi di dollari per essere il motore di ricerca di default nei browser, a fronte di 146,3 miliardi di dollari di ricavi (fonte: #Bloomberg)

Quindi ha deciso di avere costi pari al 18% dei ricavi

Diventa un po' difficile continuare ad argomentare che G è preferito dagli utenti grazie alla sua superiorità tecnologica

#antitrust #alphabet #gafam

1 month ago

Bon, avec Firefox, uBlock Origin et un DNS qui filtre, je me prends maintenant des pubs dans Youtube.

Je n'ai que le son, pas la vidéo, mais c'est infernal.

Bordel que c'est infernal.

#youtube #alphabet #pub #firefox #ublock

heise online
1 month ago

Magnificant 7: Big-Techs alte, neue Probleme

Der Wall Street ist "gut" nicht gut genug. Die neuen Zahlen der Tech-Konzerne bringen Kursabschläge mit sich.

#Alphabet #Amazon #Geschäftszahlen #Börse #Google #Facebook #Microsoft #Nvidia #news

1 month ago

Licht und Schatten im Cloud-Geschäft der Tech-Konzerne

Die Tech-Konzerne werden am Aktienmarkt immer mehr nach dem Erfolg bei Künstlicher Intelligenz und Cloud-Diensten bewertet. Das zeigt sich derzeit an Microsoft und Alphabet, die ihre neuesten Zahlen vorgelegt haben.


#Microsoft #Alphabet #Cloud #TechBranche

heise online
1 month ago

Google-Konzern Alphabet enttäuscht Börse mit Cloud-Umsatz

Googles Cloud-Sparte ist um 22 Prozent gewachsen. Weil das aber weniger ist, als Analysten erwartet haben, sackte der Aktienkurs ab.

#Alphabet #CloudComputing #Google #Geschäftszahlen #news

1 month ago

TIL what happens when the vagaries of #polish pronunciations meet up with transliteration into #russian and hence the Cyrillic #alphabet. Usually, it’s a straightforward exercise but not when the #ogonek (ą or ę) gets into the act. I must have spent half an hour looking for a village I had #transliterated as Konty before realizing it was actually Kąty in Polish. The light dawning over #Marblehead is always an impressive sight. #Genealogy #geneadons #Ancestry #familyhistory #genchat

The letter Đ was introduced to Serbo-Croatian by Đuro Daničić, according to Wikipedia. I found that highly amusing, that he introduced the letter that is the first letter in his name.

Wikipedia also claims that he was born Đorđe Popović, and all I can think of is "nah, that can't be right".

That would be like Jebediah Springfield who was born in a cabin that he helped build.

#Croatian #Serbian #linguistics #alphabet #letters #slavic #đ

John Leonard
1 month ago

Economists urge UK to stand firm on Big Tech regulation amid industry lobbying

US economist Jason Furman and others say the UK risks disrupting the 'careful balance' of its proposed legislation to regulate Big Tech platforms if it pursues changes sought by the industry.

#technews #technology #bigtech #google #meta #alphabet #apple #amazon #microsoft

I presume #Reddit will eventually block #Google & #Bing in the near future (#Alphabet & #Microsoft are going to crawl everything public to satisfy their #AI egos) as issuing a web crawler block will not work if Google & Bing ignore them.

👉🏾 ‘Reddit can survive without search’: company reportedly threatens to block Google - The Verge

2 months ago

#alphabet : the letters of a language arranged in the customary order

- French: alphabet

- German: das Alphabet

- Italian: alfabeto

- Portuguese: alfabeto

- Spanish: alfabeto


Join our new Discord Server for language learners @

@jrm4 @fulanigirl It’s the reality we live in now, especially if you travel or apply for certain jobs (they take fingerprints, scan your face, & sometimes take blood samples).

#Apple or #Alphabet / #Google scanning my face is the least of my worries compared to how much biometric data numerous governments have on me from three continents (North America, Asia & Africa).

😂🤣😂 Some of my siblings are #Android addicts (I belong to the iCult of #Apple), so maybe I convince them to buy a #Pixel 8 from #Google‽ 😜

👉🏾 Face Unlock on the Google Pixel 8 has reportedly been tricked already

I could understand if this was happening with identical twins, but siblings is not a good outlook. I believe #Alphabet (what Google calls themselves nowadays) will fix this issue shortly.

Now I need to talk to my iDevice hating brother… 😉

2 months ago

"To get these letters into print, Fry carved each one onto a steel punch, which could be pressed into a copper matrix for printing. It took him sixteen years, four thousand punches, and an estimated ten thousand hours of labor."

#alphabet #language

2 months ago

@GossiTheDog I wanted to see how it would work with Bard too. #LLM #GoogleBard #Bard #ChatBot #Google #Alphabet

Microsoft evades taxes by using a variety of legal tax avoidance strategies, including:

Transfer pricing: Microsoft uses transfer pricing to shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions. For example, Microsoft may charge a high price to its foreign subsidiaries for goods or services that it provides, and then charge a low price to its U.S. subsidiaries for goods or services that it receives from its foreign subsidiaries. This reduces Microsoft's taxable profits in the U.S. and increases its taxable profits in low-tax jurisdictions.
Tax havens: Microsoft has subsidiaries in several tax havens, such as Bermuda and Puerto Rico. These subsidiaries are used to hold Microsoft's intellectual property and other assets. By holding these assets in tax havens, Microsoft is able to avoid paying taxes on them in high-tax jurisdictions.
Net operating losses (NOLs): Microsoft has accumulated billions of dollars in NOLs from past losses. These NOLs can be used to offset future profits, reducing Microsoft's tax liability.
Tax credits: Microsoft takes advantage of a variety of tax credits, such as the research and development tax credit and the foreign tax credit. These tax credits reduce Microsoft's tax liability further.
It is important to note that Microsoft's tax avoidance strategies are legal. However, some critics argue that Microsoft is using these strategies to avoid paying its fair share of taxes.

In recent years, Microsoft has paid an effective tax rate of around 18%, which is significa
Google evades taxes in a similar way to Microsoft, using a variety of legal tax avoidance strategies, including:

Transfer pricing: Google uses transfer pricing to shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions. For example, Google may charge a high price to its foreign subsidiaries for goods or services that it provides, and then charge a low price to its U.S. subsidiaries for goods or services that it receives from its foreign subsidiaries. This reduces Google's taxable profits in the U.S. and increases its taxable profits in low-tax jurisdictions.
Tax havens: Google has subsidiaries in several tax havens, such as Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. These subsidiaries are used to hold Google's intellectual property and other assets. By holding these assets in tax havens, Google is able to avoid paying taxes on them in high-tax jurisdictions.
Net operating losses (NOLs): Google has accumulated billions of dollars in NOLs from past losses. These NOLs can be used to offset future profits, reducing Google's tax liability.
Tax credits: Google takes advantage of a variety of tax credits, such as the research and development tax credit and the foreign tax credit. These tax credits reduce Google's tax liability further.
In addition to these general tax avoidance strategies, Google has also been accused of using more specific schemes to evade taxes. For example, in 2013, Google was accused of using a scheme called the "Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich" to shift profits from its European opera

@grisish @gpollara @mastodonmigration Also other tech companies (#Meta, #Alphabet / #Google, #Apple, etcetera) are looking at the #EuropeanUnion’s 🇪🇺 response. Ironically many tech companies were too scared to issue mass layoffs until #Musk started doing them, & now they are looking at #X / #Twitter to “test the waters” again regarding #EU 🇪🇺 bans.

Downshift 🍁
2 months ago

Google changed its advertising auction formula in 2017, raising prices by 15% and likely making the company billions of dollars in additional revenue, according to an economist testifying for the US Justice Department in the antitrust case against the search giant.

@eob @searchliaison

#alphabet #google #search #searchresults #algo #algorithm

2 months ago

Google-Nutzer erhalten mehr Kontrolle über Verwendung ihrer Daten

Google-Nutzer erhalten künftig mehr Kontrolle über die Verwendung ihrer Daten. Allerdings gelten die neuen Regeln nicht für alle Dienste des US-Konzerns.


#Bundeskartellamt #Alphabet #Google

ADDING 2¢ 🧵 about #Alphabet's #GoogleSearch treachery:

first wave bloggers know SEO has always been bullshit for Google.

many of y'all don't even know about the Indian "web security" company that back in the aughts blackholed Boing Boing and a chunk of the USA feminist/political blogsophere.

sites like mine were getting massive amounts of traffic from India & Pakistan & *POOF* gone and completely delisted from their search pages in their localized Google...


Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

Microsoft CEO calls Google mobile search argument 'bogus'

> Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella called the idea that it is easy to change defaults on computers and smartphones as "bogus" as he took the witness stand on Monday (Oct 2) in the US Justice Department's once-in-a-generation antitrust fight with #Alphabet's #Google. #Microsoft

2 months ago

>The Carbon Bankroll

New research makes it possible to calculate the emissions generated by a company’s #cash and #investments (cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities). This research illuminates that this previously #HiddenEmissions source is substantial. For some of the world’s largest companies, including #Alphabet, #Meta, #Microsoft, and #Salesforce, their cash and investments are their largest source of #emissions.

#ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #Carbon


The Carbon Bankroll

The Carbon Bankroll In response to the climate crisis, the world’s most responsible companies are doubling down on their efforts to combat climate change. From utilizing 100% renewable energy to electrifying fleets to investing in carbon removal technologies, the growing toolbox of climate solutions companies employ to decarbonize their direct and supply chain emissions is becoming increasingly systemic and effective.  However, one source of corporate supply chain emissions has long existed beneath the radar because it has been difficult to analyze: the climate impact of companies’ banking practices. Even for corporations with billions of dollars in cash and investments, it has not been possible to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their corporate cash and investments.  Until now.
Letterform Archive
2 months ago

Jules Girault (engraver), Lapidario, as seen in Bellezas de la Calagrafia, published by Ramon Stirling, Barcelona, 1844.

#Lettering #1800s #RamonStirling #JulesGirault #Alphabet #Typography #JeanMidolle

Cropped detail of an engraving featuring KLM / STU in an eccentric lettering style with blackletter construction and dimensional sphere decoration.
Uncropped full engraving with upper- and lowercase alphabet, titled “Lapidario”.
Tom Ellard
3 months ago

Google has tipped into total shitland when even an utterly lazy bastard like me can’t stand it anymore.
It’s not so much the viewing history crap which I’ve disabled but -every- search leads to YouTube videos. I want to find some specific info - here’s some douche ranting about something vaguely related. Like and Subscribe! Paid Content! I’m using Firefox and I guess DuckDuckGo from now on. What a mess. #marketing #alphabet

Raymond Scott Pert
3 months ago

Amazon, #Google, #Facebook and more: the EU officially names the gatekeepers of the digital economy

> Five American companies – #Alphabet, #Amazon, #Apple, #Meta and #Microsoft – and one Chinese – #ByteDance – have initially been categorised as gatekeepers. They will now face legal obligations to change the way their popular services, such as messaging, social media, video-sharing and Internet browsers, are offered online. #EU #SocialMedia #DMA #BigTech

The European Commission has designated six companies as digital gatekeepers: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft. - Copyright SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP or licensors
Nick East (Indie Writer)
3 months ago

There's no arguing with this! I'm going to need a black quartz sphinx to jude my vow 😂

@humour @linguisticsmemes

#Alphabet #Letters #Sphinx

Stan Carey
3 months ago

Scott Kim's symmetrical alphabet, a beautiful mirror ambigram

#design #alphabet #ambigram #art #typography #calligraphy #wordplay

The Latin alphabet, ingeniously stylized and arranged to be symmetrical across the vertical axis. The letters appear in the following rows: A–F, G–J, K–N, O, P–Q, R–T, U–W, X–Z. Though immediately recognizable as the Latin alphabet, it has a striking, almost otherworldly appearance. Its designer, Scott Kim, said that ambigrams can be explained in words but that "it's like describing a dance".

Du guckst in die Röhre... :-)

Weil es hin und wieder gern mal Thema ist, ein paar Gedanken zum Thema Links zu diesem gewissen kommerziellen #Videoportal namens #YouTube.

Hat man sicherlich schon mal gehört und möglicherweise auch schon besucht. Wurde 2005 gegründet und gehört seit 2006 zu #Google, also zur #Alphabet-Holding.

Nun ist besagter Betreiber bekannt dafür, bis zum Abwinken Daten zu sammeln und zu verwerten. Gehört dort zum Geschäftsmodell. Man will Geld verdienen. Das ist soweit nicht verwerflich... und kennen wir vermutlich von uns selbst. Irgendwie will man ja über die Runden kommen.

Nun sind YouTubes/Googles/Alphabets Interessen aber nicht unbedingt deckungsgleich mit den Interessen der Nutzenden. Wenn man nicht gerade im Knast einsitzt oder freiwillig zum #Digitalsklaven mutiert, mag man vielleicht die eigene #Privatsphäre und möchte da so einiges an Daten und Informationen für sich behalten.

Netterweise gibt es Leute, die sich darüber nicht nur Gedanken gemacht haben, sondern sogar aktiv wurden. Daher existiert tatsächlich #Software, die sich deutlich datenschutzfreundlicher darum kümmert, auf YouTube eingestellte Videos sicht- und anschaubar zu machen.

Da wäre zum Beispiel das #Invidious-Projekt, ein alternatives #Frontend zu YouTube und ganz nebenbei #OpenSource. Um diese Software zu nutzen, kann man sie auf einen Server installieren und eine Invidious-Instanz betreiben. Hu, eine Instanz... das kennen wir alle doch schon vom #Fediverse!

Eine Invidious-Instanz ist zum Beispiel #YewTube. Nein, kein Schreibfehler... :-)

Eine Alternative zu Invidious ist das #Piped-Projekt, ebenso ein YouTube-Frontend, was freundlicher zur Privatsphäre der Nutzenden eingestellt ist.

Um Links automatisch umzusetzen, kann sich unterstützen lassen... ein Beispiel wäre die #Android-App #UntrackMe. Der aktuelle Haken bei dieser App: Sie setzt momentan YouTube-Links auf eine offenbar aktuell nicht mehr existierende Invidious-Instanz um... :-(

Wenn man auf #Android unterwegs ist, kann man zum #Video-Schauen natürlich gleich auf eine alternative Frontend-App setzen, etwa #NewPipe. Alternativen sind etwa #SkyTube und #LibreTube.

Das NewPipe-Projekt bietet übrigens auch ein eigenes F-Droid-Repository, wenn man schneller an Updates kommen will... die hin und wieder allein durch Änderungen auf Seiten YouTubes notwendig werden.

Übrigens bedeutet "freundlicher für die Privatsphäre" gern auch "ohne Werbung"... ich erlebe inzwischen nahezu einen Kulturschock, sollte ich mich mal auf die originale YouTube-Website verirren... und schaue dann ganz schnell wieder via NewPipe... :-)

Zum Abschluß an dieser Stelle will ich den Hinweis auf das Fediverse nicht fehlen lassen... natürlich gibt es im föderierten Universum einen Dienst mit Fokus auf Videos: #PeerTube.

Und hier nun eine Batterie an Links, wenn das Interesse geweckt wurde... ;-)

Website Invidious-Projekt:

Invidious-Instanz YewTube:


App UntrackMe bei F-Droid:

App NewPipe bei F-Droid:

Website Projekt NewPipe:

Tröt zu NewPipe:

App SkyTube bei F-Droid:

App LibreTube bei F-Droid:

Tröt zu PeerTube:

Tröt zu Fediverse-Software (nicht vollständig):



Lauren Weinstein
4 months ago

What's really bizarre is that #Alphabet, which operates #Waymo and #Google, should certainly understand the problems that occur with tech as it scales upward. Yet Waymo seems oblivious (or pretends to be, publicly) of the risks of flooding a city with robotaxis that will freeze up and block roads during emergencies.

4 months ago

Something something something hyper-expensive kiosk mode versions of feckless toy computers developed by a predatory corporation that would not hesitate to stab you for money and sample the blood spill to track you better

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Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

Looks like self-driving trucks aren't as achievable as Alphabet's Waymo had hoped. They're cutting back on that effort. Robotaxis are now the priority.
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4 months ago

@nixCraft This is just one more argument for blacklisting any #Alphabet (#Google) domains and stop being abused by any of the #gacemarfia 's

You know, when the number of sheep's in their farms are shrinking; they might understand they are on the wrong path of #Privacy

#mypdns #blacklist #RPZ #DNS #Firewall

Alphabet domains (We currently only have 580 domains... Please contribute):

Lauren Weinstein
4 months ago

Oh by the way, don't forget that #Alphabet's "Moonshot" R&D org is, uh, "X". #Google that!

4 months ago

So that this is clear once and for all for the Future and as a Note to refer to:

Apple / Google / Meta / Amazon are NOT the good Guy's who do something for Data protection and Privacy but work AGAINST it through Lobbying which is financed with Millions!

All these Companies have earned no Trust but Distrust, ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING they do!

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5 months ago

@lupyuen What I'd like to know is how #Alphabet / #Google plan to legally defend scraping the entire public internet for their #LLM #TrainingData.

@sflc / @eff ?

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Jan Penfrat
5 months ago

🎉 In other news:

24 European Parliament lawmakers from the @TheProgressives, #Renew, @eppgroup, @ecrgroup and the @EP_GreensEFA asked Parliament President #RobertaMetsola to suspend #advertising campaigns run through #Google’s parent company #Alphabet and on #YouTube over fears they could be sponsoring Russian #propaganda. They also urged to reallocate the EP’s advertising budgets to “trustworthy" ads methods (think: #TrackingFreeAds).

#TrackingAds #SurveillanceAds #privacy #ForeignInfluence

I also care in all kinds of crazy ways about communications policy. I have an MA in Communication from #Stanford, and I spent 30 years as a working journalist, with the #CBC and #Postmedia among others. As a member the Transportation and Communications committee (aka #TRCM) I work on comms policy of all sorts, including the controversial #C11 #C18 and the issues involving #Meta #Facebook #Google #Alphabet etc. So if you are a comms policy wonk, please let's connect! #introduction #journalism

5 months ago

@mcc Lolz. I don't use a #Google / #Alphabet / Gmail / #YouTube account, and my IP address is dynamic, so not sure how they plan to enforce this with people like me without blocking anyone not logged in which will kill their precious advertising $$$ and push creators elsewhere.

Your move Google.

Letterform Archive
5 months ago

Arthur Baker, broad edge lowercase alphabet with flourished ascenders, original calligraphy, 1982.

Baker was a prolific calligrapher, type designer, and author of many books for Dover. This is one of hundreds of original works in our collection thanks to a donation from Ed Baker after his brother’s death in December 2016.

You can see this and more in the Online Archive:

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maxmoon 🌱
6 months ago

#meta could be a threat for the #fediverse

With the codename #project92 or #barcelona , #meta launches a new project soon and nobody could care less than people who already freed themselves from big corps, but rumors exist that it might use the #activitypub protocol, which would make it a part of the fediverse.

Over night, one of the biggest data collectors on this planet, will own the biggest fediverse instance and will have access to a lot of data, which wasn't collected before, because not many people used the fediverse. But after Elon Musk showed his real face after taking over #twitter and the many problems on #reddit , a lot of people are leaving conventional platforms of multi-(m/b)illion-dollar companies and use tools from the fediverse. This is new, because in general, people would just go to another big corp and nothing changes.

This time the people are going to a place, which is controlled by the people. There are instances and every instance has it's own code of conduct. A place where no multi-(m/b)illion-dollar company can make money (yet) or is in control of anything.

History showed, that big corps could harm or destroy #foss (free and open source software), where the maintainers had ethical values, like Firefox trying to be privacy friendly. Since #google (#alphabet) made huge donations to #mozilla the browser is privacy invasive and it took years until a fork was able to remove all of it to make it a privacy friendly browser again.

In the 1990s, Microsoft had a strategy called "embrace, extend and exterminate" (#doctorwho reference not intended) to destroy competitors.

It could look like this:

- Embrace: Develop software compatible with the fediverse
- Extend: Add features to the world biggest instance which is not supported by other instances (e.g. closed source, pay wall)
- Exterminate: All other instances are worthless if federation doesn't work anymore with the biggest instance after an update

The code of #mastodon and other fediverse tools could be changed, so that smaller or even all other instances could be excluded, it couldn't be solved by a single fork this time, because we would need a fediverse 2.0 so all the forks can communicate with each other again, after removing shitty code hindering federation.

Another problem might be to convince people to leave the "invected fediverse 1.0" (which became a centralized platform) and come to "fediverse 2.0" (which is like the fediverse once was), because it's already hard enough to tell them to leave #whatsapp (or similar software) for a better alternative. Imagine they already left the bad thing, but then we tell them to leave the current system, too. I am not a pessimist, but at this point the big corp might win.

We could be strong and ban metas instance on any free instance, which is still able to make their own decisions. This could trigger the third huge wave of people willing to use something new (and free, like in free speech) or we could act like it's a friendly act of a big corp, which doesn't have financial interest at all and it's just cool to be connected with more people and everything will be fine. No offense, but this sounds really naive, because the wet dream of big corps is a totalitarian system, where they are in control of everything, watching every step of every person and not living in a free and democratic world where the people are in control of their own lives.

Big corps influence elections, the party you are voting and whole countries. Don't underestimate them and don't think their actions are good.

We should hope that the maintainers of mastodon and other fediverse tools (or activitiypub in general) are not capitalists, who throw away their values, and the reason why they started those projects, over board for money. But there is a lot of money to make, so the pile of money will be huge and it will be hard to say no.

The #fedipact isn't strict enough imho. The fediverse is like emails. If you want your emails not be scanned/slaughtered and your data sold to shady people/companies, you better not write important stuff to people who own a #gmail #hotmail #outlook #gmx #yahoo etc. address. With the fediverse it's a little bit different. Even the instances which aren't owned by meta could be a threat, because there is an access to the federated data. Instances that do not block meta should be blocked, too.

If you think I am polemic, please think about why a multi-(m/b)illion-dollar company wants to join the fediverse? Are they afraid of something, if yes, we shouldn't come closer, because powerful predators will attack if they are afraid. If the big corp is not afraid, the only other way is that they might slaughter the fediverse to get control and get richer.

In short: We build something very fragile like a sand castle and meta will be the bully destroying it.

The solution: Block meta as soon as their domains are known.

Addition: There are even rumors that admins of huge instances are getting paid to not block, but even advertise metas instance and they had to sign an #nda

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