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From travelling on the bullet train to Hot Laps... there is plenty to watch 📺


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13 hours ago

'Hoogste Renault-baas grijpt in en zorgt voor 'grote schok' binnen F1-team Alpine' #F1 #Alpine

Original tweet: 01 Oct 2023 14:01 CEST

Dropping some Estie and Lewis content to your feed 💙


Sunday morning wild hair 🤪


“The perfect road trip doesn’t exi…”

Find out what happened on the dream trip for two fans to the #ItalianGP 🇮🇹👇


Sada Reed
1 day ago

When I lived in #Minnesota, I used to #snowshoe and cover #alpine skiing at #Afton State Park. But for as much time as I spent there, it was only in winter. I have now experienced its hiking trails in autumn, and I have to say, not bad. Not bad at all, Minnesota. (This picture is of the St. Croix River.)

Overlooking the St. Croix River, which borders Wisconsin and Minnesota. I’m standing in the Minnesota side.

The countdown to the #QatarGP is nearly over 🙌

Who is ready? 🇶🇦


Mini mic: Asking the team what their most used emojis are 🤪🎤


A top of Piarles content 🥰


A top up of the Pirarles content 🥰🥰


Our first digital jersey 📱

Get it now, claim the NFT and be one of the lucky two winners to meet our drivers in Mexico!
#Alpine #MexicoGP

It's giving album cover vibes 🖼️


Estie’s #JapaneseGP helmet 😮‍💨


Two fans won the ultimate prize - a road trip to the #ItalianGP 🇮🇹

Video coming 🔜


#ThrowbackThursday to the pink car at the beginning of the year 🩷


A competitive duo… 🤪


4 days ago

Estaba ejecutando todos los servicios de la #raspberry con #docker y la memoria usada era más de la mitad. Sí está chido docker, pero no merece tanto desperdicio de recursos y estoy configurando la raspberry con #alpine y los servicios instalados de forma directa. ¿Habrá cálculo del gasto de energía o producción de CO2 del cómputo extra de docker? (Y no odio docker, lo sigo usando en mi computadora).

Il fait au moins -8000 ! 🥶🤣

#Alpine #SingaporeGP

Your shoes aren’t safe around 😂

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

Here is an Estie selfie to make your day better 😊


Everyone is an Alpine fan 😉 Saying thanks to the amazing #JapaneseGP fans this weekend 💙


Michael ヘビ Steinwandter
6 days ago

Happy to have taken a long journey via #NightTrain to the #NorthSea for a myriapoda workshop.

Here we learn how to properly identify #Diplopoda #Chilipoda and #Collembola.

I took with me my #alpine species to identify 🤓

#millipedes #centipedes #springtails

Sunset at the North Sea.
Photo through a stereo microscope of a gonopode from an alpine milliopede.
Leo Gallego🐧
6 days ago

Are you an @ansible package maintainer in any distro?

@maxgot is creating a Working Group of Ansible Distro Packagers within the new Ansible community forum!

Maintainers from @fedora , @archlinux and @ubuntu already joined!

I would love to see #debian there as well. What about you?

Ping your preferred distro and let them know we have a common space for packagers here:

#ansible #ansiblecommunity #ubuntu #linux #rpm #deb #pacman #opensuse #aws #archlinux #alpine

set of stickers by stickermule showing a few linux distributions as well as other open source projects

The countdown to the #QatarGP is on, and you have the opportunity to be at the race thanks to

Enter the competition now for your chance to join us!


Double header ✅✅

Up next: Qatar 🙌


Another double points finish in our pocket 👊

There’s still work to do and we won’t be stopping until we get there.

Plenty of time between now and Qatar to debrief and go again 🇶🇦

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

G Dan Mitchell
1 week ago

Ridgeline Trees, Incoming Storm. © Copyright 2023 G Dan Mitchell.

A late-summer storm sweeps over high mountain terrain, Eastern Sierra Nevada.

My favorite time of year in the Sierra Nevada high country is right now — roughly between mid-September and mid-October or a bit later. I love he place all year, wonderful stuff happens during this season. The overbearing crowds of summer are mostly gone — and I can just show up and get a campsite! The sun is often still warm, but its intensity has diminished. The light trends toward warm and soft and golden. Fall colors arrive and, of course, we sense winter out there on the seasonal horizon. These last easy, warm days seem even more precious as they come to an end yet again... continues:

#Sierra #alpine #storm #nature #landscape #california

Bryan Redeagle
1 week ago

I was curious why so many containers are based on Alpine. The one thing is that it's tiny. But also I'm very impressed by the package selection. It has so many things I did not expect to be present.

#alpine #linux #AlpineLinux

A double points finish in Suzuka. Summing up our #JapaneseGP with the boys 👇



P9 and P10 🤩 Great team effort today!

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

Swapping both cars 🔀

Esteban makes way for Pierre on a fresher set of tyres, hoping to hunt down the cars ahead.

📻 Pierre: “Thank you”

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

Lap 35 - we’re in with Pierre. He bolting on another new set of Hards.

Esteban - P9
Pierre - P11

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

Esteban’s turn to stop 📦

Rejoining P12 with fresher tyres to the cars ahead.

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

⏫ P11 ⏫

Another slick pass into T1 for Pierre 👏

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

Pierre boxes for a fresh set of Hards, rejoining P15.

#Alpine #JapaneseGP


#Alpine #JapaneseGP

Esteban’s on the hunt 🦈

He’s past MAG, with a swoop around the outside of the Haas for P11 👏

#Alpine #JapaneseGP

SC in. 48 laps left of this #JapaneseGP 🇯🇵

Pierre - P13
Esteban - P15


Bryan Redeagle
1 week ago

If I can get this image built and running correctly, I might try next to build Freeswitch on Alpine so the final image can be much smaller. Signalwire doesn't give any info on running Freeswitch on anything other than Debian. So I'll be leaning heavily on the work done by Arch users who have Freeswitch running properly in an AUR package.

#freeswitch #alpine #arch #docker #buildah #OCI

Lukas R.
2 weeks ago

I generally focus on backend development, but it's nice to have some insight into frontend as well.

Right now I'm finishing a rebuild of the website for one of my clients, while the other developer is on holiday.

Stack includes #Astro, #Alpine and #Tailwind.


1 month ago

Some impressions of my hike today. From Niederurnen with the cable car to Morgenholz. Then ascending to the summit of Brüggler. After that climbing over the ridge to Chöpfenberg and descending to Innerthal. A great silent day with stunning views. Nobody there between Brüggler and Chöpfenberg,
And the plus point of traveling with public transport: no need to return to your car.
14.5 km - 1100m ascend - 1200m descent
#hiking #alpine #switzerland

the trail leads between steep cliffs on the right and on the left,
the trail to Brüggler is marked with blue-white signs painted on the rocks of the ridge
the ridge to climb.
looking down from the ridge. Below a steep meadow.
Franz Graf
1 month ago

Hey friends! It's been a very nice day!
My wife and I still felt the cycling in the legs today. But we just kept going on slowly until we reached the designated target, had a good meal and went back. On the way back we even discovered 5 chamois in the distance 🥰
Yes, it was a good and successful #sunday


On the way back we took a young woman to the train station so she didn't have to wait for the bus.

#hiking #wandern #wanderlust #mountains #berge #alps #alpen #alpine #outdoor

Philip Drobar 🎮🎬
1 month ago

When you take walk near a castle and they start practicing their Alpine horns. 🔊🎺 (sound on)
#PhilsInAustria #Alpine #Horns #Austria

Midday nature landscape with some old European castle buildings, surrounded by short grass and chestnut trees. There's an open shed with three people inside playing Alpine horns.

For an official release, this should be first implemented:

Service VMs (sys-net, sys-usb, sys-firewall)
Firewall (not tested)
apk proxying from within template (thus you must allow internet access to template to install packages)
#qubes -vm-kernel-support Not adapted for use on #Alpine yet, due to it providing a Dracut module. In most cases, it is not necessary as Qubes provides the kernel. This package is only neccessary when VM uses its own #kernel, thus a hook is added to Dracut to generate the initrd for use within qubes.

ϺΛDИVTTΛH :fosstodon:
1 month ago

Heya, @nlnetlabs released #Unbound 1.18.0rc1 ( and as usual, you can pull my image for testing using docker pull madnuttah/unbound:1.18.0rc1. Bear in mind, that this is a pre-release, therefore no latest tag and not suggested for using in production environments.

Lots of bugs got smashed, it's running smoothly.

I've updated #Alpine #Linux in my build environments to 3.18.3, too.

Stay safe! 💚

#dns #selfhosting #security #foss #opensource #networking #dnssec #homelab

1 month ago


#linux distributions are collectively called linux, because they all have the linux kernel. #Alpine linux doesn't have #gnu and #Void makes GNU optional.

Should we call our distros GNU/Linux/Systemd/Grub/Gnome?

Of course not, that's dumb

But then we exclude ChromeOS and Android. Whether or not something is linux is down to an arbitrary philosophy.

That being said, the GNU approved distros (GNU guix, hyperbola, etc) I would probably refer to them as gnu distros or GNU/Linux distros.

2 months ago

A key feature of #Alpine is that it has a rolling release branch (edge), which is more convenient on desktop environments, but it also has stable branches (e.g., 3.18) that pin major versions of packages and are quite suitable for usage in production.

Alpine Linux :alpine:
2 months ago

Alpine 3.15.10, 3.16.7, 3.17.5 and 3.18.3 released.

It contains fixes for openssl related CVEs:

- CVE-2023-2975
- CVE-2023-3446
- CVE-2023-3817


#Alpine #AlpineLinux #cve #openssl

Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 months ago

Trees do not hate the mountains because they are not trees. And the mountains do not gloat over the death of a tree because it isn't a mountain. Nor does the lake refuse to talk to either because they are not water.

Clearwater Revival canvas print --

#trees #mountains #landscape #oregon #hiking #camping #nature #outside #outdoors #lake #art #artist #artwork #buyintoart #ayearforart #fediart #stevehenderson #mastoart #oil #painting #alpine #peace #autumn #politics

Canvas print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson, depicting a high alpine lake with rugged mountains in the background. On the banks are trees -- those in the back are orange and gold with autumn colors, and to the left in the foreground is an old snag, its roots showing through. The lake itself is aqua and teal, and the mountains and trees are reflected upon its still surface.
Yann Büchau :nixos:
2 months ago

I am looking for a solution to my email problem. I need a searchable backup system for all my emails and make room on the servers. Preferrably in a format that's (:gitannex: #gitAnnex) sync friendly (e.g. all just .eml files). A terminal-based Thunderbird alternative would also be nice. I see there's #mbsync #mutt #neomutt #supMail #nmail #alpine and so many more but no concise overview with feature comparison. What would you recommend?

2 months ago

#F1 Who should #Alpine hire for maximum comedy value?

ricardo :mastodon:
2 months ago

The Most Prolific Packager For #Alpine #Linux Is Stepping Away :alpine: 🐧

Csepp 🌢
2 months ago

I'm considering just giving up using #Guix on i386. It is so unbearably slow that it's ridiculous.
I should just install #Alpine and get some practice with that, since that's what my PinePhone runs on as well. Maybe I can run Guix on top of it and still try to work on testing and fixing i386 support.
cc #Linux in general because the 32 bit support in most distros is nonexistent.
As a last resort, is anyone running #NixOS on a netbook and if so, what's the performance like?

2 months ago where Caleb (creator of #Livewire and #Alpine) talks about the hype cycle for #htmx makes me pretty happy I gave up on the ole’ birdsite.

Franz Graf
2 months ago

One more clip from this wonderful #hiking day. I sat down near this spot, had something to eat and drink, enjoyed the silence, the wind, the view around... Just wonderful.
Would you like to sit there with me in silence and just think about where to go next?

#wandern #hikingadventures #hikingexperience #mountains #berge #alps #alpen #alpine #solohiker

Stefano Marinelli
2 months ago

How-to install #Alpine #Linux in full ram with persistency

#AlpineLinux is one of my favourite Linux distributions.

Thanks to @prahou my #alpine linux blog post about LBU is now illustrated with an awesome artwork :flan_evil:

This is exactly on topic :flan_alien:

Nathan Lorenz
2 months ago

World’s Smallest Target (demolished), Alpine, Texas. April,2017

#photography #alpine #landscape #target #texas #westtexas #color

Color photo of tiny concrete railway shed with Target logo and name on the side.  Backed by train.
2 months ago

Do you like Alpine Linux and want to show your love more? I got a beautiful wallpaper for you.

#alpine #linux #wallpaper

Ein Wallpaper welches eine Gebirgskette mit einem leicht wolkigen Himmel zeigt. Darauf zu sehen ist das alpine linux Logo in der oberen rechten Ecke.
2 months ago

Has anyone tried using Alpine as daily? How is it?

#linux #distro #alpine

Heath Stewart
3 months ago

@khalidabuhakmeh @davidwengier my dog is always barking at everyone - most often when totally unnecessary and inappropriate. #alpine

3 months ago

@Andy_Scollick "Last chance #tourism" is going to be a big thing, huh? Yes, obviously.

Had that feeling myself. Reading about how the #Alpine #glaciers are shrinking fast, I wanted to take my children to see them. 🤷 We didn't do it yet. In #Austria, the tourist industry is very much meant for people arriving by car or group tour bus. Combined with looking for something that the children will enjoy and that doesn't feel like jumping head first into a tourist trap, no plans have been made yet.

Ramesh Glückler
3 months ago

#Rebun (#礼文島) is a small island off the northernmost region of #Hokkaido, where #Japan meets Sakhalin. It is known for its rich #alpine #flora, and during a recent hike we spotted this beautiful, rare #edelweiss - the Rebun usuyukiso (#薄雪草, Leontopodium discolor)! ⛰️🌱

#bloomscrolling #FlowersOfMastodon @botany @ecology @sapporo @Iza_bai

View from an island towards its coast with steep rocky hills
Photo of the edelweiss flower of Rebun island
Michael ヘビ Steinwandter
3 months ago

A lot of #alpine #SoilBiology sampling these days. is doing some soil respiration measurements in the mountains of #SouthTyrol at 2500m.
Looking forward to the results!

#AlpSoil_Lab #EuracResearch

On the eay to our sampling sites. High fog at the Sarnral Alps.
Doing some soil respiration measurements in the South Tyrolean Alps.
3 months ago

Dabbling with #Alpine Linux 3.18.2 as a #Docker HOST system configured via #ansible. So far mostly fine.

Current pain point is configuring a #firewall to limit access to some ports.

- obviously `firewalld` isn’t available
- Don’t want to use `ansible.builtin.iptables` because that basically means manually writing firewall rules which is overly complicated for my use case.
- `community.general.awall` is just a stub

So #UFW and `community.general.ufw` it is then.

Other suggestions?

3 months ago

#FreeBSD has #Linux emulation which generally works pretty well. There's some caveats though like linux ports use #centos base so go in /compat/linux but other projects like linux browser installer use #Ubuntu as a base. So /compat/ubuntu which causes issues with the actual ports.

What if there was collaboration with a distro to unify things? We could have a more robust linuxulator and they could have a freebsdulator.

Who should I sweet talk? #Canonical #SUSE #Alpine someone else?


Ingolf Kühn
4 months ago

The past few days I had the privilege and pleasure to teach biodiversity analyses in #Alpine environments to my great colleagues of the European Long-Term Environmental Research Infrastructure ( from all over Europe and Israel in #GranParadisoNationalPark in #Piemont #Italy

A group of scientists in the beautiful wooden seminar room of the National Park Centre in Ceresole Reale discussing how to analyse ecosystems
A group of scientists sitting in Alpine tundra and listening to a lecturer on measuring matter fluxes. SNow covered Mountains in the background. Blue sky with fluffy clouds above
Bradley Taunt
5 months ago

Updated by plain black background to the "exploded" X201. Just seemed appropriate.

#thinkpad #alpine

Exploded view blueprint of the ThinkPad X201
Bradley Taunt
6 months ago

New post!

"Launching Sublime Text with dmenu on Alpine Linux"

#linux #alpine #vscode #sublime

Well, now that my #Yunohost install imploded because of a power outtage, I feel its finally time I try and trim everything down and just go with plain #raspbian. Or maybe even #alpine?

What do you say folks?

All I need is #Baikal for #DAV, #Jellyfin, #Syncthing and #FreshRSS

Bradley Taunt
6 months ago

#Alpine is humming along perfectly. Running off an older HDD too!

Next steps are to see how straightforward it will be to mount the CDROM and run through the installer CD…

Bradley Taunt
7 months ago

I feel as though the next logical step after using #Alpine #Linux as a daily driver for so long is to switch to #OpenBSD

Normally use it in containers/servers but I’ve always been intrigued to use it daily…

Mike Wink
7 months ago

I do not know how well known #Rayapp, or short just #Ray, is outside the #Laravel community, but it has become my go-to tool for dumping and quick debugging while developing in #php, #alpine, #yii, or #js.

It might not be free and 49 € a lot of money, but I am pretty sure I save one or more hours a year using it.

Thank you, #Spatie and @freekmurze for creating this mighty developer gem.

Bradley Taunt
7 months ago

Still a work-in-progress, but I launched the mini-site for Alpine Suck "installer"

#alpine #linux #suckless

Patrick Walsh
8 months ago

A moment of reflection. First light Trail Camp Tarn, Mount Whitney #photography #photo #landscapephotography #landscape #nature #art #mastodon #alpine #lake #sunrise #california #mountwhitney

First light at trail camp tarn, a high alpine lake on Mount Whitney.  A burst of warm light reflects off the perfectly calm water. A rocky edge separates the horizon from the water. A moment of reflection.

Does anyone have good advice on running a .NET container on Kubernetes in a non-root setting? I usually create a new user and group to run the container as, but I also saw there are a "guest" and a "nobody" user. Is it better to use the "nobody" user perhaps?
I am using the Alpine base image.

#DotNet #Kubernetes #Alpine

Bradley Taunt
8 months ago

Posting this from my #raspberrypi 400 running #alpine #linux

Using my "suckless" installer through Alpine went decently smooth with the rpi image.

Also running everything off an "internal" SSD, thanks to butchering my pi:

Still having minor issues with screen tearing even after setting up picom...

@redeagle gaslighters' Linux maybe. But #Alpine is too good for me to leave - even for Arch :D

Bradley Taunt
8 months ago

Got everything tweaked and working nicely for my #suckless #alpine installer script.

Used my “throw away” SSD for testing. After I smooth out everything properly, I’ll run it again on my main machine. Then I’ll probably blog about it since that seems to be my thing 😛

Sorry #void but you just can’t beat Alpine’s minimalism…

9 months ago

Component Party

Side-by-side comparison of the same snippets written with different JS frameworks: #Svelte, #React, #Vue, #SolidJS, #Qwik, #Angular, #Lit, #Ember, #Alpine, #Aurelia1

Pekka Niittynen
9 months ago

This will become a mega-thread. I will introduce one arctic-alpine plant species every day this year (or until my private photo archive runs out…).

These species are small and beautiful, fragile but hardy. Many are already endangered, and many will be losers in a warming world. Each one has earned our attention.

#ArcticAlpinePlants #Arctic #Alpine #Tundra #Wildflowers #Plants #biodiversity

A collage of plant photos. 16 flowering plants from the Arctic.
Bradley Taunt
9 months ago

So I finally gave up and installed Docker in order to run my Jekyll site locally...

I guess the plan is to eventually port everything over to Hugo. I like the idea of being able to build from a single binary.

I also updated my article about setting up Jekyll on fresh Linux installs to include Alpine:

#linux #jekyll #alpine #wayland

Bradley Taunt
9 months ago

Is there anything more simple and beautiful than ‘apk add PKG’?

#alpine #linux