@DaveMWilburn #AltText (feel free to add this to the original post): OpenAI claiming to have trained Q* to solve simple math problems. Wolfram Alpha from 2009: Am I a joke to you?

Danny :verified:
2 hours ago

Getting very fed up with #AltText on images which just replicates the main text of the post and says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the image it's supposed to be describing

2 hours ago

One of the cool things I get by using Mastodon is that toots give me the chance to practice reading languages I've studied. Here I am motivated because the writing is small snippets on topics I'm interested in.

But the really big bonus comes from reading the alt text on those toots. Sometimes I read that alt text first, and then use the picture to check my comprehension.

So gracias, merci, and dank je wel for alt text!

#LanguageLearning #AltText

Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities, so as good a time as any to start adding alt text descriptions when you post a neat picture. (In the web client, click on the "No description added" text at the bottom of your attachments).

#FediTips #Accessibility #AltText

Bread and Circuses
6 hours ago

@shantara Beautiful! (and nice #AltText)

Diabetic Heihachi
8 hours ago

ommmg Ive connected #inspirobot directly to my mastodon with Automatic #alttext and post content based on my post content mwahaha.

Karen Dorman
8 hours ago
A stained glass Rubik's cube sitting on a sidewalk in sunlight.  The centre row is turned partway and the top is a lid which is lifted.
A stained glass Rubix cube sitting in sunlight on a sidewalk with grass in the back ground. The centre layer is swivelled part way around as if it is being turned.
14 hours ago

It's encouraging to see so many people using Alt Text.

It is simple enough to do and helps so, so many here who do not see, or cannot see the same way the sighted do.


Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
20 hours ago

#Cthulu #CthuluVibes "I was trying to summon the Old Ones & all I could do was the Cold Ones"
Now with #alttext

Description: An apparent person sitting on a living room couch is wearing a full-length knitted costume made to look like Cthulu. It’s burnt orange with white suckers on each noodly appendage. In the oversize head, the eyes are flat black circles with raised ridges around them.
Tyler McGee
1 day ago

Looking back on previous trips and came across this pic from a trip to Switzerland in the summer of 2016.

My work team won a Toblerone bar that was almost as big as me! 😄

#Travel #Switzerland #Work #Summer #Outside #Funny #AltText

Me standing outside in front of some trees and an office building under a mostly clear blue sky holding a tan Toblerone bar in a box that’s about 3 feet long.
Purple 💜🌈
1 day ago

If an image on your site has information that you want people to know about. Please add alt text to it. Not everyone has good eyes.

Not to mention that if your site uses images that have text in them, within sentences, they should also have alt text. :clippy:

#WebDev #AltText

Roni Laukkarinen
1 day ago

@samadeleine @JessTheUnstill @cybrkyd I think #AltText is widely used for this.

Twoowls Elt
1 day ago

@mikereidphotography a lovely image, but it would really be better if you would include #alttext

Preston MacDougall
1 day ago

@ahimsa_pdx My browser doesn’t allow me to edit the #AltText. I hope #DollyParton will forgive me!

Preston MacDougall
1 day ago

@ahimsa_pdx Typos drive me nuts, and I love ❤️ the edit feature on toots, but I would have to delete the photo to fix the #AltText typo. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Twoowls Elt
1 day ago

@DougBrownArtPhotography some lovely images, it would be fantastic if you would also add #alttext

Real Quack
1 day ago

@rolle @shansterable

I am not any of these people.

I know that some people aren't friendly when they reach out to a poster who didn't include #AltText..

So it's not the ask itself, it's the hostility of some askers.

If we want people to include alt text, we can kindly share the steps needed. And when we see people being nasty toward someone who didn't include alt text, we can ask them to do better.

Maybe you are less amazed now.

Karen Dorman
1 day ago
A wall sculpture made of marbled brown, red and green stained glass pieces, mirror, copper tube and sheet metal. There are 5 horizontal copper tubes suggesting a music staff with clusters of red and green grapes, leaves and vines meandering around it.  A single narrow strip of copper sheet runs vertically and curls through the staff lines ending at a small round mirror in the top right.
Preston MacDougall
1 day ago

#DollyParton responded to a Billboard reporter’s question during #BlackLivesMatter protests in #Nashville and elsewhere with “Of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter?” I tried to put that in the #AltText , but could not edit it with the @Mastodon app. Where’s the Suggestion Box on this thing?!

Some try to write #AltText. Others decry the lack of it.

Simon Brooke
2 days ago

@lovelylovely you know, if that had had appropriate #alttext, I'd have boosted it.

Mx. Luna Corbden
2 days ago

@isomeme Seems like a great idea to me. It’s in the spirit of Fedi to be able to control your feed. The answer to every problem is filter, mute, unfollow, block, defederate, to control the experience you want to have. It makes sense to give folks who need or want AltText the ability to never have to interact with posts that don’t have it. It also becomes an incentive for people to use it, if they think swaths of people are missing their posts altogether.

I don’t think it should just be client-side, but should be in core Mastodon.

#AltText #Alt4Me #Fediverse #Mastodon

Catherine Berry
2 days ago

I get really frustrated and annoyed by images without alt text. It's such a small community-oriented act of kindness to supply alt text, yet so many people don't bother. I make it a fairly rigid policy not to interact with such posts, but it would be even better for my blood pressure if I could block/hide such posts entirely. Does any current client have this feature? Any reasons why it would be a bad idea?


Tucker Carlson's Nuts
2 days ago

🥥 Eye never knew who the guy in the super-hero get up in these memes was until your #AltText cleared up the mystery, Lauren.
Thank YOU!
It's #IndecisiveMan! 🥥

2 days ago

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

...These are a few of my favourite things"

Sky is not so keen on kittens or cats but I think she gets them muddled with the wild rabbits she has sprinting races with??

#bloomscrolling #flowers #dogsofmastodon #alttext #alttextponderings

A deep red rose on a very overgrown rose bush in the driveway - anypruningtipsandtimings wouldbegreatinthecomments... hint hint... ,  Sky (our dog - staffy collie cross) is peeking out past the edge of the deck to see what is holding me up this time.  Come on mum, walkies time!
2 days ago

If you are simply sharing photos, why would anyone follow you? For any type? Don't you have Google?
I'm not following someone with just #Cat photos, with no description or body of text. Is it your cat? How old is it? How many do you have? Are you a Russian Troll bot? I don't need you, I can find #Cat photos easily without you cluttering up my timeline with no #AltText or effort on your part.
#Caturday #Posts #EmptyPosts = #EmptyHead

#Photos #boost #SM

2 days ago

I'm a little behind: If you knew me on Twitter, you know how I am, but my second account was smaller. I didn't want another huge account.

You can't escape #Politics, it affects us all.
BUT, this is not a POLITICAL account. Nor should there be one, #SM isn't all about one subject? Got #Cat? Got #Art?

If that's all you're about, why would I follow you? Won't make you seen here. But you hope I will boost you?
Use #AltText if you want your work shared.
& FFS #TALK!! #SocialMedia #Mastodon

A black cat peeks out from under a blanket. Caption
Don't hid from Social Media

we should talk!
2 days ago

1) what is #AltText?
2) why bother?
3) reads post from visually impaired person explaining they can’t enjoy posts w/no alt text.
4) occasionally adds a few words to the alt text field
5) sees more advocacy for accessibility (hello mastodon!)
6) always adds descriptions to images, stops reposting images without alt text
7) starts reminding other people to add alt text
8) checks alt text before reposting to make sure that it’s descriptive and not something as basic as “a hat“

@FolksVelo: #AltText: Scene from a parking lot: Two slots occupied by hatchbacks. In between a slot filled with 42 folded #Brompton folding bicycles in various colors, nicely arranged in a 6×7 grid. There's the text "42 less cars" in the top left corner of the picture and also a Brompton logo in the bottom right corner.

Karen Dorman
2 days ago

Snow Dancer. The figure sways and bounces in the wind. Welded metal rod 2010

#ArtAdventCalendar #sculpture #photography #farmland #Ontario #snow #FediArt #MastoArt #MastodonArt #AltText #art

A photo of a sculpture on a frosty, sunny morning with snow on the ground. The sculpture is a wire figure with one knee and both arms raised as if dancing. In the background there is a stop sign aligned with the figure as if it's holding it in its 'hand'. Above the figure against the blue grey sky are tree branches thickly covered in frost. Further in the distance is a country road and farm fields.
3 days ago

@dgar oops, I just read your #alttext - desert rose. Beautiful 😍

3 days ago

Is in the #AltText.

Casper Daily Tribune, 25 March 1924.

3 days ago

@adamgreenfield #alttext man and some boys around a campfire in a field full of tents with dark skies around then

3 days ago

@BashStKid @kim_harding
#AltText Greek newspaper with Greek script EXCEPT for an image of Rishi Sunak on the front cover with FUCK YOU, BASTARD! in block capitals next to his face.

Imagery by Rihilism
3 days ago

I don't have the best temperament for birding b/c I like to keep moving. Always assume I'm missing something further along the trail 🤷‍♂️. If we've a decent # of eagle migrants like we did this past yr👇 I need to focus on more flight photos which is rough for me cause you have to patient. Unfortunately, it usually involves standing still on a bridge during a cold winter in Iowa too🥶.

#eagles raptors #BirdPhotography #wildlife #nature #NaturePhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of an American bald eagle in flight against a blue sky. The view is from underneath. The eagle is facing left with its head turned slightly and one eye visible. Bald eagles have brown body feathers, white head and tail feathers, clear, light yellow-green eyes with large pupils, yellow-orange beaks that curve downward to a point, yellow-orange legs, and yellow-orange feet that end in sharp black talons. This eagle may be a non-breeding adult as indicated by the patches of brown on both the head and beak. Most eagles don't get their adult feathers till they are approximately five years old.
Imagery by Rihilism
3 days ago

Bald eagle atop its aerie. The locals that inhabited this large nest this year produced at least one chick that fledged. The nest appears quite old & very sturdy & I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same pair as the past 3 yrs.

I took this photo using a 750mm equivalent lens at a significant distance from the nest.

‼️Please don't approach or disturb active nests🚫.

#eagles #raptor #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife #nature #NaturePhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of an American bald eagle atop a large nest or aerie with branches, leaves, and patches of blue sky in the background. The eagle is facing left with its head turned forward and slightly down and the lower portion of the eagle is obscured by the nest it is sitting in. The nest is made of hundreds of twigs and branches that have been woven together. Bald eagles have brown body feathers, white head and tail feathers, clear, light yellow-green eyes with large pupils, yellow-orange beaks that curve downward to a point, yellow-orange legs, and yellow-orange feet that end in sharp black talons.
Imagery by Rihilism
4 days ago

A native spiderwort (Tradescantia genus, T. virginiana possibly) growing wild along Clear Creek. One of my favorite native wildflowers it can be found on trails and in gardens and public plantings.

#wildflowers #flowers #FlowerPhotography #FlowerMastodon #nature #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a spiderwort flower (Tradescantia virginiana seems likely) in front other flowers and green foliage from the same inflorescence with a background of out of focus green foliage. This variety of spiderwort has three, deep purple-blue, triangular-shaped petals that radiate from center with a purple-blue pistil with a white stigma, six purple-blue stamens with bright yellow anthers, and a tangle of purple-blue filaments.

so, Posts with images and no #AltText should be punished with no boosting even if they are great?? 🤔 #mastodon

Vayl Larkin (they/them)
4 days ago

Don't neglect to pick up your FREE Ticket!!!

Celebration of and Feature by Poet and Educator Norm MathMattox!

December 12th, 8pm EST

(#AltText Link Image shows three photographs of Norm in a triad arrangement. Norm is a Black man with freckles and gray hair, with a beard and mustache. He looks serious, but kind.)

#poetry #PoetryFeature #poet #education #NormMattox #NormMathMattox

Tyler McGee
4 days ago

I have Apple Music and I really like it…

But each year around the holidays, Apple half asses a response to Spotify Wrapped and just flubs it.

🔹 Why does this feel like I’m signing into my bank?

🔹 Why does it take so many steps and so many redirects to get anywhere?

🔹 Why am I just staring at a spinner with no indication of if anything is working or not?

Apple usually does so well at these things but this is just… bad. And it’s year after year too.

Apple - just copy Spotify Wrapped already and move on.

#Apple #AppleMusic #Spotify #SpotifyWrapped #Tech #UI #UX #AltText

An empty page in Safari supposedly loading something for Apple Music Replay but not really working.
4 days ago

What a great essay about the joys of including #AltText with images! It helps with #accessibility, of course, and it also can be fun!

h/t @arjunbasu who shared a different pro-AltText piece that had this one linked in it. :-)

Stefan Bohacek
6 days ago

Do you find describing your images to be a daunting and challenging task?

Get a little practice with the ongoing #AltTextChallenge! New image gets posted every week by @alttexthalloffame.

#accessibility #a11y #AltText #ImageDescription

Alt Text Hall of Fame
6 days ago

As the holiday season slowly begins, here's this week's #AltTextChallenge. How would you describe this photo from a Christmas market in Nuremberg, Germany, to a friend who couldn't see it?

#AltText #christmas #ChristmasMarket #holidays #WritingPrompt

A nighttime view of a Christmas market, with several stalls, all lit up, and a crowd of people shopping. A few buildings can be seen in the distance, including a church.
Stefan Bohacek
1 week ago

@botwiki I know it's too early to judge, but my hunch is telling me that this poll will show that most sighted people don't trust the results of computers describing images, but blind/visually impaired folks have to rely on these tools.

So, maybe this could be the motivation to start adding alt text to your pictures?

#accessibility #a11y #AltText
1 week ago

Do you typically use AI to describe images you post/see on social media?

#AltText #ImageDescription #accessibility
#a11y #blind #ai #poll

1 week ago
Retoot for


with Alt Text

Three people, doing the Plank exercise (leaning on forearms and toes), around a computer.

"How to run short and effective meetings"
Claudius Link
1 week ago

Could you add #AltText to this important message 😀?

Base could be provided by
@ocrbot en

1 week ago

Forgot the #alttext so adding it here: Two pictures are included. On the left is a picture of a museum case with two small wooden hands. These are clapping sticks used in Egypt sometime between 1550-1307 BCE. The second picture is a child’s hand holding a plastic toy. The toy is a stick with plastic hands on the end. When shaken, the hands make a clattering noise.

@praetor Hypothetical comparison of different ways someone might describe the same photo:

  • "My dog Spot." Tells you what it is, but doesn't describe the image.

  • "A brown & white terrier looking up at the camera." Describes the image, but not why you should care (unless that's already in the main post).

  • "Spot, a brown & white terrier, staring up at me with Oscar-worthy puppy dog eyes next to the crumbs in his food bowl." Gives you the information, but also the feeling & purpose.


Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 week ago

@iBlame @samhainnight
How is this website free.

The #AltText is gold, Jerry, gold!

Dan Keck
1 week ago

How do you write alternate text for a work with visual artistic merit? Canada's Literary Image Description (LID) Best Practices Guide can help.

#AltText #AlternateText #ImageDescription #Disability #Accessibility #A11y #Inclusive #InclusiveMedia #VisualArt #DiversityAndInclusion

Imagery by Rihilism
1 week ago

The wonderful thing about squirrels is that they don't automatically run away from you. Sometimes they freeze in place either out of curiosity or to keep an eye on you & to make you aware that they see you or to avoid predators or some combination thereof. One of the few wildlife subjects I encounter that will stay perfectly still while you photograph them, lol.

#squirrels #squirrel #wildlife #WildlifePhotography #nature #NaturePhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a grey squirrel clinging to a large tree branch that angles from the center-left frame to the center-bottom frame. The squirrel is facing right with one eye visible and its body angles up along the branch with most of its tail and part of its hind paws out of frame. Grey squirrels have grey and brown fur with orange-brown around the face and paws, claws that allow it to cling to vertical surfaces, white belly fur, large, dark eyes, a large, brown nose, and small ears. The branch is mostly stripped of its bark and other out of focus branches are visible in the background.
1 week ago

Photos with #AltText or it didn’t happen.

Reminder that #AltText for images should always include all the text that appears in the image. Even if users use the "detect text in image" function, the results are often garbled. AltText is kind of pointless if all it says is something like, "Joke about AI" but doesn't tell you what the actual joke is.

J. David Eisenberg
1 week ago

#AltText Picture of 1950s woman wearing an apron in a kitchen, hand on chin, pensive look on face.

The term “domestic housewife” implies that there are feral housewives, and now I have a new goal.

J. David Eisenberg
1 week ago

@nando161 #AltText
Signboard in all capital letters: At the end of the day, I’d rather be excluded for who I include, than be included for who I exclude

@gutenberg_org Wow! And double-wow: Now *this* post (above☝️) has what I call amazing ALT text treasure!

cc @Fragglemuppet


Bob Jonkman
2 weeks ago

With #AltText, quoting Anna Muzychuk:

"In a few days, I'll lose two world titles, one after another. Because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. I refuse to play by special rules, wear abaya, be accompanied by a man so I can get out of the hotel, so I don't feel like a second-class person.

"I will follow my principles and not compete in the fast chess and blitz world championship where in just 5 days I could have made more money than with dozens of other[...]tournaments...

(more in AltText)

"In a few days, I'll lose two world titles, one after another. Because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. I refuse to play by special rules, wear abaya, be accompanied by a man so I can get out of the hotel, so I don't feel like a second-class person.

"I will follow my principlles and not compete in the fast chess and blitz world championship where in just 5 days I could have made more money than with dozens of other combinded tournaments. This is all very unpleasant but the sad part is that no one seems to care. Bitter feelings, but I can't go back." 

Anna Muzychuck

(background photo of Anna Muzychuck at a chess board, with attribution to tTGA @thethinkingreatape)