@phantacy now you should play Casta diva for her maybe she will learn it... Is she a talker?

If you're not an opera fan, it's the most famous Aria in the opera Norma

A video of MontserraCaballe singing casa diva in the open air 10000 seat amphitheater at orange

#alttxt a yellow map of turtle Island with huge whorls of black and red areas around New York City and the tri-state area. Indicating high carbon monoxide concentrations

Guess Ray isn't playing today 😞

LA, at least every night, the smog blows away

Y’all they tried to kill me! I’m back tho!
They- my teeth

To celebrate I’d love it if you purchased friend’s new book! Her name Alisha and she’s one of the purest souls I’ve ever known. #Kemetic #wellness #book #Black #Selfhelp #SelfWellness #Alttxt

Book cover for worrier to warrior, 7 ways to transform wellness using ancient kemetic practices by Alisha Burrell

I had a random dental emergency on Sunday and baybeh my face was soo swollen! God bless medication and modern dentistry!!! #Mastodon #Teeth #Gay #GayMastodon #Alttxt #Alttext

Person with a swollen face
Person with a swollen face
Person with a swollen face

@_L1vY_ #alttxt... I don't know if anyone has the capacity to text reader for this I don't know how to do it yet My evolution as alt text poster has landed at me making sure at least something is posted I don't know how to do what particulars beyond post when I can The particulars myself.... Problem with the posting will do later

Y’all Janet ate! The 7 year old in me just died and went to heaven 💜💜💜💜#Janetjackson #togetheragaintour #alttxt #alttext

Janet Jackson performing live in dallas

So, I made it down #alttxt and this video is availing myself apartment with fresh sage flour to bouquets three bouquets of chamomile flour and an injera Rorschach test because it's nice and beautifully carbonized $30 worth of microgreens and nice ripe strawberries, my first of the season

Talking to my friend Nina while I do about some finer points of making #injera

Other thing that you might want to help me by hiring me to do, is nutrition and or healing issues.

I'm a pretty high-end healer..

Lately I’ve been really into #breathofthewild on #nintendoSwitch. I apologize for being so silent! #alttxt #alttext

Nintendo switch playing breath of the wild

The chair stealing chair stealer is at it again


My dog is in my chair!

Mama Pikasue
2 weeks ago

This is my friend’s dog, King Kong. A beautiful 2 year old Shibu Inu. This photo I digitally altered, to give it a more striking look. #AltTxt #AltText #DogsOfMastodon #ShibuInu #Pets #Photography #DigitalArt

A black and white picture of a dog at eye level, looking off to the right.  It’s a close up and you can tell he is alert by the look in his eyes. He is wearing a chest harness. The background has been whited out. Please see description for more detail.
Mama Pikasue
2 weeks ago

I took this picture of corn and fiddled with the filters to make it more dramatic. My family call it ominous corn - not the effect I was going for but I love it. May I present for your viewing pleasure “Ominous Corn” #AltTxt #AltText #FoodPhotography

A photo of a plate of grilled corn at table level.  The corn has a pat of butter on it with some pepper.  The background has been blurred and darkened.  See description for more details.

Cottage cheese?!?

That can't be real

And they're saying it's not real on the meme, but no one could do that, really.

This is basic description of how to make tiramisu, layer of cocoa on the top, the mascarpone cream which is egg yolks marscapone and sugar, coffee soaked ladyfingers and that's it

Underneath they say don't do this

Idk what the 1st no no is but the 2 is heavy cream, the 3 is liqueur, the 4 the wrong kind of lady fingers

5 you're not supposed to use cottage cheese

My best friend lives 7 min from me. She received this in her yard today. Every house had them. Someone collected over 40 and trashed them. This is disgusting. #WhiteSupremacy #mastoson #richardsontx #dfw #racism #alttxt #alttext

White supremacist propaganda


You are right, case and point:


Raymond, Chesapeake Bay retriever in real time with my foot in between his front two legs

@melissabeartrix #alttxt

Brown Chesapeake Bay retriever sitting and smiling at the camera

#alttxt This is a video of my very entitled pup whining because I'm not letting him get his groove on with senorita humpdoll on the bed because I don't want him ruining the sheets

And for whatever reason it is cruelty personified as far as he is concerned

3 weeks ago

Northpark center spends a cute coin on landscaping and I take full advantage. Every other week it feels like I’m seeing something new. I live! I wonder what these beauties are. #NorthParkMall #dallas #dallastx #Mastodon #alttxt #alttext

Bright plants in northpark mall. They’re green red and pink

Today I sat and listened to the fountain. I love the sight and sound of water. #NorthParkMall #Dallas #DallasTx #gay #Queer #Alttxt #Alttext #Mastodon

Video of the fountain at northpark center in dallas

Loving my new #BrandonBlackwood #Handbag! It’s #stainlessSteel too! #Gay #Black #Mastodon #Cheetos #alttxt #alttext we’ve already done so much and I’ve only had it a day 🤣

Stainless steel Brandon Blackwood bag in grass outside

Loving my new #BrandonBlackwood #Handbag! Please know I looked crazy as hell in the grocery store this morning 🤣It’s #stainlessSteel! Here’s an unfiltered image! #Gay #Black #Mastodon #Cheetos #alttxt #alttext

Unedited image of a stainless steel Brandon Blackwood bag in a sea of Cheetos
mags amond
3 weeks ago

@triploidtree your #altTxt is a MeMade in itself!

We went to the #ByronNelson #Tournament and it was amazing. We had fun people watching, watching golfers, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. There were all kinds of people there and everyone was so nice. ZERO signs of fascism it was amazing! I go to one golfing event and suddenly I’m shopping for golf clubs and clothes 🤣 #Alttxt #Alttext #Mastodon #Golf #Dallas but really #Mckinney #Texas #Queer #Gay #sports

People golfing at the Bryson Nelson tournament

Getting my life at this rainy steamy#ByronNelson thingy😌 y’all can’t tell my sexy ass shit, I’m out here serving #Queer #Texas #Realness
#alttxt #alttext #soakingWet

Wet person sitting outside with a black shirt and beautiful Black Brown skin

@nataliedavisgdread just saw this headline in Manhattan

So disgusting I took a pic


New York daily News headline reads "Marine faces slay rap"

Mama Pikasue
1 month ago

Frankie, my Bouvier, taking a rest on the upper porch while guarding her brand new soccer ball. Typically she will deflate the ball within a few days of use, but still loves to chase it, toss it, chew it and shake it around the yard. I tend to replace it once or twice a month. #AltText #AltTxt #DogsOfMastodon #PetPhotography #BouvierDesFlandres

A black shaggy large dog is laying at the top of the stairs of the upper porch with her right  paw on her brand new fluorescent soccer ball. She’s looking off into the distance on her left. Her heavy brows obscure her eyes.

Behind her is the picnic table along with miscellaneous items of the porch.

I just went and boosted y’all through the roof!
My thumb is tired 🤣💜💜 #Boost #boostingissharing #mastodon #alttxt #alttext #ToWongFoo #Gay #Queer #Black

To wong foo scene. The girls are tired after cleaning and collapse into chairs.
Mama Pikasue
1 month ago

Sometimes, I find inspiration in the most mundane of chores, like prepping supper. The lighting of this yellow onion skin and the curve of it just struck me as perfect. #AltTxt #AltText #FoodPhotography #GardenVegetables

Close up photo at ground level of a peeled yellow onion outer skin sitting on a cutting board. It makes a crescent heading upwards and you can really see how thin that outer layer of the onion is.

Earlier I had the prettiest margarita! #Mastodon #Margarita #alttxt #alttext

Margarita on the rocks in a crystal glass with a flower in it. The grass in the background is green

#TodrickHall’s new album #RoachKillaz is cute! My fav song is Roach Killaz. Have you listened yet? #Mastodon #Gay #Queer #Black #BlackMastodon #GayMastodon #NewMusic #music #Alttxt #Alttext

Screenshot of Roderick hall’s album cover for roach killaz. Todrick has red hair and Christian Louboutin platforms on with baggy jeans.

Northpark center is my fav #mall I’ve been coming here for as long as I can remember. #Dallas #DallasTexasTexas #Mastodon #Tuesday #queer #lgbtq #gay #ducks #turtles #fountain #water #Alttxt #Alttext

Plants surrounding a small tile pool with fountain and plants surrounding it. There are turtles and ducks swimming in the water.

@SallyStrange us accepting our fate
#AltTxt #AltText

Beyoncé and Lady GaGa holding hands while wearing lace gloves. All you see is their hands and the car they’re inside of.

Me watching #ManOfSteel totally ignoring the clothes I was folding 15 min ago🤣😍🤣
#Mastodon #Tuesday #Superman #Alttxt #Alttext

Dot from animaniacs in love. She’s a cartoon character

Nato is gearing up its anti Russia propaganda

Here's your occasional reminder that I tend to soft block anyone that is putting forward anything Even remotely subjective about the war.

I support peace, and both sides of this war are Nazi

The people that are the victims are the regular citizens on both sides


This is a screenshot showing that I have muted anyone who shows the Ukraine flag

The dallas dog bowl has come and gone and im so thankful to have experienced it again with our baby. #Dog #Dogs #DogsofMastodon #Mastodon #Sunday #sundayfunday #Alttxt #Alttext

Brown NB puckered up next to their clear red min pin dog against a royal blue wall

The dallas dog bowl has come and gone and im so thankful to have experienced it again with our baby. #Dog #Dogs #DogsofMastodon #Mastodon #Sunday #sundayfunday #Alttxt #Alttext

Dogs running freely on the dallas cotton bowl football field

Ouchy ouch


This is a screenshot of two big cells heading straight for New York City

Please join in!!

URBAN/SUBURBAN Wildlife, a thread...

I personally love finding wildlife in my locality (in my case Milton Keynes UK). But I'm sure many of you do too.

Please (if you would like to join in), add a photo or drawing/art or description of wildlife in the Urban/suburban setting that you live in. Please add location.

Important: this is not about quality of photos, more the quality of wildlife where you live

I'll start.

#nature #NaturePhotography #Wildlife #photography #ALTTXT

A Canada Goose nesting at a city lake. the Parks Trust have put up a wicker shield to help give privacy to the bird
A Mute Swan with her eggs (taken from some distance away). This nest is next to a lake and footpath where 100's of joggers and dog walkers pass by.
Mama Pikasue
2 months ago

Spring is finally here (even though there’s an outside chance is snow still in my area). Coolest thing I learned today about crocuses is that the spice saffron comes from some species of crocus! #AltTxt #AltText #Gardening #Flowers #Photography

Two purple flowers with yellow centres  (crocuses) push their way through the dirt and greets the spring.   This is a top down photo of a garden box.  Along with the two crocuses are the green leaves of more flowers indicating that they are also about to push through the dirt.  

From the iNaturalist app: 

Crocus (English plural: crocuses or croci) is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family comprising 90 species of perennials growing from corms. Many are cultivated for their flowers appearing in autumn, winter, or spring. The spice saffron is obtained from the stigmas of Crocus sativus, an autumn-blooming species. Crocuses are native to woodland, scrub, and meadows from sea level to alpine tundra in central and southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
Mama Pikasue
2 months ago

Her eyebrows just kill me, she is so expressive with them. This is my dog Frankie, a Bouvier des Flandres. #AltTxt #AltText #Pets #Dogs #Photography #BouvierDesFlandres #DogsOfMastodon

A photograph taken at ground level of a black, shaggy dog looking at the camera with her eyebrows arched quizzically. In front of her is a green tennis ball and she’s outside laying on the lawn. In the background, you can see a brown wooden fence.
It’s difficult to see her eyes due to her shaggy eyebrows, but i felt she was asking me why I I was taking pictures of her instead of throwing the ball like a good human.. Also of note is the streak of white on her chin, which is called milk drop.

@darth here is a live action shot of Ray, giving the camera the side eye because he is not a fan of flashes

This is a brown Chesapeake Bay retriever curled up in a semicircle at my left foot. He is on top of a towel on top of another towel on top of a comforter I folded up. His face is looking off at 3:00 of the photo, but his eyes are looking toward the camera a little bit and you can see the spark in them

Purse loving folks, can I see your fav handbag? #alttxt #alttext

Black leather handbag sitting in table. It says end systemic racism
Leisa 🇦🇺
2 months ago

He's normally Pure Evil but he can be a lovely boy when he wants.
Also, he's on a diet & doesn't like this new turn of events.
#Shiloh #AltTxt

Grey & slightly blue cat looking at the camera
Grey & slightly blue cat looking at the camera
Fon Denton
2 months ago

I see more and more artists and photographers NOT using Alt Txt (descriptions) for their images! Why??
Sure, it is an extra step, but it has so many benefits for the community and for yourself!

#Art #Photo #Photos #Artwork #AYearForArt #SpringIntoArt #BuyIntoArt #FediArt #PhotographyIsArt #AltTxt #SEO #MastoArt

My original profile
Raymond'sHuman.#actuallyautistic lifelong consrvation/peace actvst&Authority is always sus
Social savant w/excellent meltdowns and preternatural prescience occasionally
Toots of prophetic potentialBUT
News avoider: no happy,no sing
Airshaker w/sum of best text a throat can hope4
Open border,keep camps,BUTkrazyglue locks&bulldoze gates..W/Social workers&tasty food in there!(gazaTOO)
Agape=default position & "bierce scoundrel&½"if colicky/poked #freepalestine

You spoke, I listened. This is the coach swinger 20 in the color “Pie Crust” and I added the two toned link chain strap to it💜 thanks for playin y’all!

#mastodon #Handbag #BagOgTheDay #Purse #purseLover #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Queer #Gay #GayMastodon #QueerMastodon #GetToKnowMe #PollTime #AskAway #Black #AltTxt #BlackMastodon #coach #Swinger

Me holding a swinger 20 with a bag chain. It’s tan colored and my shirt is gray

Before I start trying to turn down for bed I want y’all to post a #selfie! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours #Mastodon #Gay #gaymastodon #Queer #Black #BlackMastodon #AltTxt

Non-binary person smiling into a camera with sleepy eyes and white teeth. Their hair is curly and the lighting is amber in tone.

Happy 11th wedding anniversary! @jamesn I love you so much, you’re my best friend, and I’m so thankful for the life we’ve created together. #Mastodon #Gay #gayMastodon #Black #BlackMastadon #Queer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #LgbtqiaPlus #2012 #married #marriageEquality #AltTxt #ItsOurAnniversary

2 people smiling into the camera
2 people smiling into the camera
2 people smiling into the camera
Mama Pikasue
3 months ago

Playing around with filters. It was a grey day but with the filter on, it makes these stairs look somehow more like they lead to an adventure waiting to be had. #AltText #AltTxt #CityLife #Photography

Photograph looking towards the top of concrete stairs from the bottom.  It is sepia toned. The sky at the top of the picture is grey.  On the right side of the picture is the concrete wall with guide rail.
3 months ago

@noa It's a great picture.
(For those who need #AltTxt -it is a fluffy dilute calico perched on a brick wall and staring up at the camera near a trellis with flowers.)

Day 4 of playing #Thundercats in the background vs the news:

Life is better 🙃💜#AltTxt #Gay #Mastodon #Black #BlackMastodon #GayMastodon #GayMasto #Cartoons

Thundercats poster with all of the main characters and the word Thundercats at the bottom of the image
Mama Pikasue
4 months ago

Frankie, my bouvier, loves car rides and gets so excited when she realizes we’re going for a ride. #AltTxt #AltText #Pets #BouvierDesFlandres #DogsOfMastodon #Photography

A big black shaggy dog sits in the rear passenger seat of a car looking straight at the photographer. Her muzzle is brown and her chin has a “milk drop” - white fur.. her brown eyes are focused ahead and her nose is very boop-able. She loves car rides so very much and always is super curious about the world zipping past.

Hey y’all! I’m #Jeremy #Nuckolls, I’ve recently moved from over from .LOL. I’m 36 and I’m from #GarlandTx. I’m usually talking about #Handbags, #dogs, ways to dismantle #Racism, and how #DoubleJawSurgery changed my life! I’ve been married to @jamesn since 2012 and it’s been a blast! I believe #cannabis is #medicine, and #Music is the #Cure. I always use #AltTxt in posts bc I believe in #Inclusion💜Feel free to ask me anything! Did I mention I love handbags? Let’s chat! 😝#Gay #GayMastodon #GayMasto #Black #BlackMastodon #texas #AskMeAnything #Introduction #IntroductionPost #mastodon #mexican #texas #dallas #queer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #intro #introPost #Weed #Stoner #GayGamer #pothead #chat #CurlyHair #Curls #NaturalHair #eyeContact

Non-binary person with shoulder length curly hair wearing a white Britney Spears T-shirt smiling into the camera.
4 months ago

Do you "forget" alt text on images?

Use the Tusky app. They've just added an icon that only disappears after you've added alt text.

Please don't use your privilege - use alt text instead!

#altTxt #altText #altTextEverywhere #disability #tusky

Jocelyn Sordoni
4 months ago

@Ard lovely art, but please don't forget the #AltTxt

Molly in Missouri
4 months ago

@Dianora @arush @devinprater I try.

These are really tough times for everyone who isn't an asshole. And even for lots of assholes.

It's not easy to incorporate a new thing into what feels like an old routine.

Sometimes I forget, or I forward an image without #AltTxt

Maybe it will always be a little messy, since there will always be people learning and growing.

Mama Pikasue
4 months ago

This leaf floating on the water of a puddle reminded me of adventure stories I read as a kid of tiny people using leaves as a boat, acorns for hats. #AltTxt #AltTxt #Nature #Leaves #Photography #Outdoor #Water #Reflections

This outdoors photograph was taken while crouching, The foreground is a puddle, very shallow with mud covered leaves and sticks underneath the water. On the photo’s left side of the photo, floating on top of the water is a brown leaf.  The edges are curled up. From mid towards the top of the photo the water disappears in amongst green grass. The reflection of the sky and clouds appear in the water as well.  I was walking around a running track after it had rained hard. I had just photographed my youngest jumping over the puddle and as they ran off to do another lap, I was inspired to take this picture. Please see description for more detail
Mama Pikasue
4 months ago

Crow doing what a #crow does best. Flouting the rules of humanity with style and flair. I love #corvids, they are among my favourite birds to watch. #AltTxt #AltText #Photography #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon

A photograph looking up at a crow standing on top of a no parking sign.  The sky is grey and it’s raining.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

In our house Destiny 2 is a video game we all play. Our oldest loves Iron Banner, so my wife and I decided to carve, in foam, the symbol for the Iron Banner and put it on their door as a surprise. The images are from Norse mythology. Those are Odin’s wolves, Freki and Geri. The tree, of course, is Ygg’drasil. They were stoked to see it. #AltTxt #AltText #VideoGame #Maker #Crafting #IronBanner #Destiny2

Close up photograph looking face on at a white door.  On the door is an adornment. The adornment has a base of dark green foam, cut into a circle. On the green is white foam that is carved into the following images.  A thin circular outside border, and a thin inner circular border. The inner border is attached to a stylized  leafy tree.  The base of the tree as well of the branches are attached to the inner border.  Also at the base of the tree on either side is stylized grass. A snarling wolf head is on the left and right of the tree, facing each other.  Please see description for more details.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

This morning the house is quiet as it’s just me and my dog. I’m having a coffee and listening to the winter rain come down and Frankie is snoozing by my feet. Suddenly I hear toddler’s feet running clumsily near the kids’ room. It’s loud. I look at Frankie who’s suddenly standing and on high alert. Good, I wasn’t imagining things. Crap, I wasn’t hearing things. I open the doors and we search - nothing. Then I look up. Ah. Hah. #AltTxt #AltText #BirdsOfMastodon #Birds #Photography #PoultryGeist

One of two photographs.  Looking up at a recessed skylight.  The walls are cream colour and the skylight is rectangular.  The glass is blurred with rain and the sky beyond is grey.  At the top right we see the underside of a white seagull.   His orange webbed feet show the bird is facing right. See description for more.
Two of two photographs.  A close up of the seagull that walked across my skylight.  I had moved to get a better angle of the bird, so in this one, the webbed feet are pointing towards the bottom of the picture.  In reality, the bird hadn’t moved.  The k my thing truly in focus is the bird’s orange webbed feet.  The rest of the bird’s white body is blurred by the rain on the glass. Part of the cream coloured wall and gold frame for for skylight appears at the very bottom of the picture.  See description for more details.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

Frankie, my bouvier, smelling the news on the wind. #AltTxt #AltText #DogsOfMastodon #Doggos #BouvierDesFlounders #GoodDog

A large shaggy black dog solidly stands facing the camera with their heading tilted up and to the right side. Her mouth is open enough to see her teeth and her milk drop (the white part of her chin) is visible. The ground is dirt and behind her is a wooden fence, cedar hedge and part of the neighbours house.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

Have you ever had the feeling you’re being watched while you’re having breakfast? Ever hopeful for a morsel of food, my bouvier Frankie patiently waits. #AltTxt #AltText #GoodDog #DogsOfMastodon #Pets #BouvierDesFlanders #Doggo #Photography

Photograph of a black shaggy dog laying on a white tiled vinyl floor.  She is looking up at the camera with her head slightly tilted towards the right side of the picture. Her eyes shine with expectation and the white stripe of fur on her chin is just visible.  When a dog has a white striped chin, it’s called a milk drop. Please see description for more details.
Colin Purrington
5 months ago

To encourage people to include image descriptions, my instance's admin configured the software to add a red border and a yellow warning sign to all images that lack #AltText. Example below. Only works on desktop but I find it very helpful for evaluating whether to boost a post. I think it's done with CSS but not positive. I wish all servers did the same. #AltTxt #accessibility

Screenshot of a Mastodon post with the following text "Pair of Mexican tetra (Astyanax mexicanus). #fish #cave #troglomorph." Image shows two fish swimming side by side in an aquarium next to an artificial rock. Image itself is bordered in red to indicate it has no description in the alt text field. A yellow warning sign gives additional information via mouseover text.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

When playing Dungeons and Dragons, I will doodle as I wait my turn. Afterwards I sometimes will ink and colour the drawing, like I did with this one. As I’m still learning how to draw the human body I did a “how to” tutorial. #AltTxt #AltText #Art #Sketch #Dwarf #RPG #DungeonsAndDragons

Inked and coloured drawing of a red-bearded dwarf carrying an axe in the right hand and a magical spear in the left hand, resting against their shoulder.  The spear glows blue. The dwarf is wearing an armoured helmet that covers the ears.  His face is not covered. His massive red beard has a Centre bread and two smaller braids, one on either side of the center braid. Shoulders are covered with brown fur..  underneath that is grey chain mail.  Hands and wrists have grey and green armour. Stomach is covered by a steel plate.  The red belt is held by a golden belt buckle. Below that is four leather strips that hang from the waist down. Left side of the hip has a sheathed dagger. Legs have grey side plates, knee guards  and green pants.  Feet have brown leather boots.  See description for more.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

Came across this picture in my archives this morning and it made me chuckle and a bit wistful. This is Beauty, my English Spot Rex cross. She was a free range house bunny and chief mischief maker. This is about ten years ago. I was folding blankets still warm from the dryer and putting them away. I turned around and there she was, enjoying her newfound bed. #AltTxt #AltText #BunniesOfMastodon #Rabbit #Bunny #Pet #Photography

This is a forward facing view of a bedroom.  The bottom drawer of a tan dresser is open in the foreground, right side.  The drawer has folded baby blankets in it and on the far ends an English Spot Rex cross bunny sits on the blankets comfortably looking out over the room.  Her ears are up and her  brown eyes shine with mischief.  Her body is basically white speckled with tan, brown and black spots.  The floor is carpeted brown and is short pile. In the background are two more laundry baskets with things I needed to fold.
Mama Pikasue
5 months ago

On my morning walk, I saw these super tiny mushrooms. iNaturalist app was unable to identify, a shame as they really caught my eye and I enjoy learning the names of plants. I love the hidden worlds that are all around us, if only we look. #AltTxt #AltText #Outdoors #Nature #Photography #Fungi #Mushrooms

A ground view, head on picture of a group of mushrooms. The mushrooms have rounded tops and are among leaves and blades of grass. The tallest one is inverted with the gills clearly showing.  The mushrooms are a caramel butterscotch colour.  See description for more details.
5 months ago

You know that really awesome image you were so happy to share with everyone? You know what would make it most excellent? The use of alt text.
Please and thank you.
#altTxt #altText #altTextEverywhere #accessability

Molly in Missouri
6 months ago

@pairko i follow a bot account that politely reminds me to use #AltTxt when i forget. I (try to remember to) only boost photos with captions.
From there i think it spreads organically. I saw mention of one specific instance at least that specifically promotes and encourages #accessibility

I'm making a commitment to always include alt text so that our sight impaired siblings can be fully included in our experiences. This includes only boosting toots that include alt text. I have in the past not considered it when boosting but that changes today.
Please join me.
#AltTxt #blindness #inclusive #oneforall #inclusion

6 months ago

I am trying to include #AltTxt with all pictures but it feels like it is a skill I need to build. I welcome any feedback from those who do rely on #ScreenReaders as to if I am doing it right and if there are any aspects I should try to expand on or tweak in any way. And, if there are any other ways I can make my toots more #accessible for anyone please do say. I am very happy to learn so do not hesitate to say if there is anything I can do, I am always happy to learn