Sam Oldman 🐀
3 minutes ago

@philbaker1 Someone should tell the kid that the URL could be shortened by taking the tracking information off, cutting it back to the question mark.
#privacy #amazon

2 hours ago

Good evening everyone. I'm having eczema flares and I have no money. I need this cream on my #Amazon wish list. The soap would be nice too. IF someone could help with that, i'd greatly appreciate it. Just gonna drop my Ko-fi as well for details on my situation. Thank you.

2 hours ago

"Mike Hopkins, senior vice president of Prime Video and #Amazon Studios, reportedly told members in an internal meeting that when it comes to returning to the office, “it’s time to disagree and commit. We’re here, we’re back—it’s working,” he said. “I don’t have data to back it up, but I know it’s better.”"

That is some clown -shoe daft-assery. A veritable bovine colitis expulsion of nonsense. #RTO

Universo Nintendo
3 hours ago

#Amazon #PrimeVideo compartió el primer teaser de la cuarta temporada de #TheBoys, y entra en escena el actor #JeffreyDeanMorgan :3.

accademia di grappa
3 hours ago

…you can’t buy my things on #Amazon 🖕


Spaceflight 🚀
4 hours ago

#Amazon expects to deploy enough #satellites 🛰️ for "early customer pilots" in the second half of 📆 2024. It plans to use #ULA's #Atlas5 and the yet-to-launch #VulcanRocket for the first few batches of satellites

4 hours ago

María José Andrade Cerda is an #Indigenous woman from #Kichwa community, Serena, #Ecuador. She belongs to the #YuturiWarmi, 1st #IndigenousWomen guard in #Napo organized to defend their territory in #Ecuadorian #Amazon. She's part of #RunaYachay, #CommunitySchool led by #IndigenousYouth. She leads council of the Confederation of #Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (#CONFENIAE), Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of Amazon Basin (COICA).

Bloggo e sto
6 hours ago

Ho fatto un #reso di un ordine #TEMU ed ho avuto il #rimborso lo stesso giorno. Ti mostro la procedura di reso, TEMU ti guida passo passo.
Ho spedito con #PosteItaliane ed il giorno stesso ho avuto il rimborso sul mio conto #Paypal.
Sembra quasi #Amazon.

Emory L.
7 hours ago

btw if you want to join me in building a new household #hypervisor, the refurbished Dell Precision workstation i bought is still available on #Amazon with dual Xeon E5-2690s for 28 cores/56 threads of vintage intel oomph. it also comes with 128GB of ECC memory and a garbage GPU you'll use for console.

i replaced a hasell i7 32GB machine; run a couple docker stacks, plex media server, two desktops, one gaming vm to stream games :)

#householdIT #lab #virtualization

Spaceflight 🚀
7 hours ago

😲 #Amazon has signed a contract with #SpaceX for three #Falcon9 launches to support deployment plans for Project #Kuiper, Amazon’s low Earth orbit (#LEO) #satellite 🛰️ broadband network

#BlueOrigin #ULA #Ariane

James Ashford
7 hours ago

I’ve never really given this much thought until now but, what #books would you buy on #kindle and as #hardcover ? #reading #book #amazon

News from Italy
8 hours ago

Pity. Thanks to #Brexit we'll probably not have #Christmas crackers this year here in Milan #Italy. Delivery costs from the UK on #Amazon have gone through the roof.

heise online
8 hours ago

Konkurrent hilft aus: Auch SpaceX soll Amazons Kuiper-Satelliten ins All bringen

Beim Satelliten-Internet konkurriert Amazons Project Kuiper mit Starlink von SpaceX. Doch nun bestellt Amazon SpaceX-Raketenstarts, um im Plan zu bleiben.

#Amazon #Raumfahrt #Internetzugang #SpaceX #Starlink #news

I don't get it... I buy many different brands of #HomeAutomation devices from #Amazon, but despite my clear preferences they keep trying to push #TPLink to me. Can't they take the hint that I don't want it and stop bothering me? Their algorithm is either broken or biased (or both).
#HomeAssistant #SmartHome

9 hours ago
KoffeeKrisp 🇨🇦
9 hours ago

Big picture, applaud what the EU is doing under the Digital Markets Act. Just learning more...
Commission designates six gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act
#Alphabet #Amazon #Apple #Bytedance #Meta #microsoft #DigitalMarketsAct #technology #communications

11 hours ago

Jetzt neu erschienen!

Meine winterliche, spannende und romantische Gay Lovestory "Snow Bunting House".


Cover des eBooks Snow Bunting House von Hanna Julian. Zu sehen ist eine Villa mit beleuchteten Fenstern auf einer schneebedeckten Klippe.
Kevin Quinn
12 hours ago

Hardback copy of A Month on the Moon just arrived ❤️❤️❤️ #thrilled 🔭📚🌒🌔🌕🌖🌘 Check it out on #Amazon - A month on the moon: A night-by-night guide to features and ephemera along the terminator (The Night Sky Enthusiasts Series)

12 hours ago


Also auf Rechnung bestellen hilft bei der Betrugsmasche aber nicht wirklich, außer der Schufa Score ist eh schon komplett ruiniert (aber dann kann man wohl kaum auf Rechnung bestellen).

Aber es gibt eine viel einfachere Lösung die nur keiner hören will: einfach nicht bei #Amazon bestellen!

Boiling Steam
12 hours ago

Are you going to watch the Fallout TV Show on Amazon? #fallout #tvshow #amazon #gaming #adaptation

nadramas 🖖
13 hours ago

Here we go... New Year's resolutions!!! :D

I already informed my spouse, my brother, and in-laws. I am ending my Netflix subscription - and their shared subscriptions by extension.

I have had it up the wazoo with monthly subscriptions, and the never-ending forced inflation of prices. Amazon Prime will not be renewed either - already cancelled.

#netflix #amazon #freedom

No #firefox/#Thunderbird in #amazon #AppStore?

Boooh, really bad, @mozilla

Amazon vai trabalhar com a SpaceX para lançar satélites dos seus projetos
#amazon #sistema #SpaceX #noticias #tech #tugatech

14 hours ago

Ethereum team lead sees zero interest from university in collaborating - Peter Szilagyi, Ethereum's team lead, voiced dissatisfaction with his fo... - #peterszilagyi #devconnect #oracle #amazon
16 hours ago

#Amazon|s neuer KI-Chatbot #Q steht wegen Problemen mit der Verschwiegenheit und fehlerhaften Antworten in der Kritik.,139920.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

17 hours ago

Vor allem wird dieser Betrug erheblich zunehmen.

Einfache Abhilfe, nur auf Rechnung kaufen wenn man schon bei Amazon einkauft und nicht vor Ort.


Wie #Amazon Kunden zu #Betrugsopfern werden.

17 hours ago




17 hours ago

»#KünstlicheIntelligenz - Microsoft gegen Amazon: Wer führt im KI-Wettrennen?«

Wenn die #Microsoft und #Amazon dabei sogar ihre eigenes Vorhaben durch drückt und die #Kunden dann das machen was die sagen? Wie die ihre #KI anpreisen ist es wieder wie gängige automatisierte #Tools mMn. Nun ja Firmen-Kunden und ihr #Wettrennen ist öfters abgefahren und ein massiver Verbrauch von #Energie.


Biziday 📰
19 hours ago

#Amazon s-a înțeles cu 🚀#SpaceX să folosească racheta Falcon 9 pentru a plasa pe orbită primii sateliți din cadrul Proiectului Kuiper, pentru internet de mare viteză. Lansările vor avea loc la jumătatea anului 2025.



19 hours ago

#amazon became completely useless for me since it ignores keywords in the product search. Does anyone know a trick?

20 hours ago





#Amazon #物流 #配送

On a road trip from Bellingham, WA (i.e., pretty much the Canadian border) to Palm Springs, CA (darn near to Mexico), and according to my non-scientific survey of trucks on the highways:

Of every 100 trucks,
4 are Walmart,
6 are FedEx,
15 are miscellaneous private operators, and
75 are Amazon Prime.

Bezos' Amazon doesn't pay taxes, but his behemoth trucks sure are responsible for a shit ton of wear and tear on our public infrastructure.

#TaxTheRich #Bezos #Amazon #BoycottAmazon #USPol #USPolitics #CorporateWelfare #Infrastructure

ハコガシャベッタア!? #amazon #tvcm

1 day ago


Fallout - Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

#Fallout #Amazon

Oliver D. Reithmaier
1 day ago

Silly little #Passkeys world. We were testing passkey usability (specifically #FIDO2 passkeys with #Google, #Microsoft and #Amazon) when we discovered that the implementation side has gone awry. Results:
1. Passkeys mostly don't work on mobile browsers, despite most passkey tech being fit for mobile use.
2. There is a huge difference between operating system/browser combinations when it comes to setting up and using passkeys.
3. Even between close OS versions, certain versions might have different properties (eg between win11 and win10 there are differences).
4. Windows is especially messy. Setting up passkeys often works through windows hello (on chromium based browsers). Don't have that enabled? Well, shucks. Better look somewhere else.
5. Firefox lacks setup support but once you've set up a passkey in chrome on windows11, you can use it on Firefox (not on win10 though, punk. Better back off). You cannot use it on MacOS with Firefox. Linux is weird when it comes to that. Depends whether Devs had time to implement it, it seems.

TLDR: While passkeys are great in theory, adoption/implementation seems to have been botched or not fleshed out yet. The best implementation (to our surprise) we have seen from the big ones was Amazon.

What good are standards when implementation is that?

Note: we haven't done too much reproduction of this yet, so take these results with a grain of salt.

Brett Flippin
1 day ago

Amazon service is degrading. I have frequently never received items or received items I didn’t order over the past year where previously I could count on one hand the number of times that had happened.

Today’s mishap…toner cartridges instead of towels.


@Hein_Kortoons what if the only #bookstore in town not only orders their shit on #Amazon but is itself a billion € corporation run by a reactionary asshole?

The New Oil
1 day ago

#Amazon’s Q has ‘severe hallucinations’ and leaks confidential data in public preview, employees warn

#AI #cybersecurity #privacy #DataBreach #DataLeak

@Pistolenkind ob nun #amazon Faschismus unterstützt oder Faschistisch ist, weiß ich nicht, jedenfalls nicht ethisch handelnd, ist's gut, nichts bei den zu bestellen.








8:30 ひろがるスカイ!プリキュア
43話 プリズムシャイン!心を照らして!

17:00 ひろがるスカイプリキュア!

#precure_fun #プリズムシャイン_心を照らして #ひろがるスカイ_プリキュア #amazon_co_jp #Amazon #youtube_com #YouTube #おはよう #ひろプリ

Erik C. Thauvin
1 day ago

The Boys – Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer (via Erik's Weblog)

The world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power…

#amazon #trailer #tv #primevideo #teaser

1 day ago
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago

We're gonna need a time loop to play all these games.

Amazon Prime is handing members 7 games this month - Desk Chair Analysts

#Amazon #EpicGamesStore #PC #PrimeGaming #GamingNews

Amazon Prime Gaming logo
1 day ago

Amazon Prime Video has renewed hit action series "Reacher" for a third season ahead of the Season 2 premiere on December 15.
#Reacher #Amazon #PrimeVideo #Television #Streaming

a thread: 🧵Stehe gerade am #Amazon Locker und möchte 2 Bestellungen abholen. Code wird vom Handy gescannt, am Bildschirm erscheint der Hinweis dass die Bestellungen in 2 Fächern liegen. Jetzt ist eigentlich nur auf "Schließfach #1 öffnen“ zu drücken um weiterzukommen, klappt aber nicht, drücke auf alle möglichen Arten darauf rum, nix klappt. Auch das Ziffernfeld darunter macht nix. Anruf bei der Amazon Hotline:

Boiling Steam
1 day ago

Fallout is coming to Amazon as a new series... and the only thing I can say is that the special effects look awful. Did they forget to secure some budget? #fallout #amazon #tvshow #gaming

1 day ago

From Impact of Amazon's climate-driven drought may last until 2026

#climatechange #Amazon

Anna Anthro
1 day ago

Quinto Inuma: #Peru #indigenous environmentalist who fought for #Amazon shot dead

heise online
2 days ago

Big Techs heimliches Interesse an der Kryptobranche

Große Technologie-Firmen haben im Stillen ihre Präsenz in der Kryptobranche ausgebaut. Ein Überblick über Partnerschaften und Kooperationen.

#Amazon #Apple #MicrosoftAzure #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Ethereum #Google #Kryptowährung #Facebook #Microsoft #Paypal #Visa #news

2 days ago

#Amazon’s Q has ‘severe hallucinations’ and leaks confidential data in public preview, employees warn

#AI #Privacy

2 days ago
Ondine B.
2 days ago

Orange vient d'intégrer Alexa à ma télé.

Dois-je l'activer ou l'essayer en mode invité ? Il n'y a pas d'autre option.

Après l'avoir débranché, je ne vois plus ce cadeau de Grec.

Je déteste les tentacules des GAFAM qui tentent de contrôler nos vies par tous les moyens.

#gafam #amazon #alexa #orange #dataprotection

Photographie prise à partir de l'écran d'une télévision publicitaire où on lis le texte suivant :

"Orange - Alexa intégré"

Titre: Controler sa tele à la voix

Orange, en partenariat avec Amazon, vous propose de piloter votre décodeur à la voix grâce à l'assistant vocal Alexa.

"Cherche un film avec Brad Pitt"
"Lance Netflix"
"Rappelle-moi d'éteindre le four dans 30 min"

Deux buttons: 
Option 1: Activer Alexa
Option 2: Essayer Alexa en mode invité

Alexa est disponible gratuitement sur la TV d'Orange".

À côté du texte, on peut voir une image de deux jeunes hommes se disputant la télécommande sur un canapé. L'un des jeunes hommes tient la télécommande près de sa bouche et dit à Alexa ce qu'il veut qu'elle fasse pour lui.
Rewilding Magazine
2 days ago
2 days ago

Hi Amazon,

The suggestion that I visit the Apple App Store on my Windows PC is ... dumb.

Further, the suggestion that no special device or software is required, except when apparently it is as some books aren't compatible with the web version (the book I was going to buy makes no mention of this).

The second dialog provides no help as to where to download the native app for Windows. 😡

It's here fyi:

#UX #UI #Amazon #Kindle #WebDev

Error Message:

Read in Kindle App 

The book you are trying to read can only be opened using the Kindle app.

Download on the Apple App Store
Read with the free Kindle app

Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. | Read instantly on your browser with Kindle for Web.
2 days ago

#Amazon was offering support for passkeys on accounts. It's no longer an option you can turn on in the login & security settings. It just... doesn't exist anymore.

Curious. 🤔

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

Now available on #Amazon, #AppleTV / #iTunes, #GooglePlay, and #Vimeo On Demand!

What began as a straightforward #documentary about the #ProgressiveRock group #KingCrimson as it turned 50 and its notorious bandleader #RobertFripp mutated into something very different—an exploration of #music, #time, #cults, #mortality, #family, and the transcendent power of #art to change lives. But with #jokes.

“Go ahead and buy it, we know you’ll watch it over and over.” —my wife

review blurbs and awards for the music documentary “In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50,” a film by Toby Amies
Thomas Ott
3 days ago

I say, eat the rich. This is an utter travesty. I feel like boycotting Amazon for the survival of our planet is necessary.

"Koru, Bezos’ 417-foot, $500 million-dollar superyacht generates over 7,000 tons of carbon emissions each year – 447 times the carbon footprint of the average American. "

#climatechange #climatecrisis #amazon #bezos

Darnell Clayton :verified:
3 days ago

As a #Patriots fan, I am rooting against both the #Cowboys & #Seahawks.

But I admit this #SEAvsDAL game is really good! I am glad #Amazon Prime was able to broadcast this #NFL game (they have access to Thursday night games).

John Carlsen
3 days ago

I recall when Sears was arguably the largest retailer, and hearing that it paid its workers well.

Now the largest retailer is #Amazon , and I hear that the horrors of working for it include having to live in your own camper near sorting centers and while on the job having to piss into bottles because they're denied restroom breaks.

I don't recall who the CEO of Sears was, but I do know about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his yaugt, and his SoCal mansion that was once owned by movie mogul Jack Warner.

#AmazonWorkers #WorkingConditions

Baloo Uriza
3 days ago

@Westhoff Related, #Amazon/#AWS and #Azure are about to go on the fritz because everyone who can fix it is going to be at #MFF2023 with their pager off until middle of next week.

Denise Gutzmer
3 days ago

Parched Rivers, Withered Crops Show Dire Impact of Amazon Drought

The historic #drought in the Brazilian #Amazon has imperiled the livelihoods of small farmers and fishermen and slowed shipments of grains and goods.

Cynthia (Arty)
3 days ago

How is #Uber #CustomerSupport worse than #Amazon email support?!

Multiple people keep asking me for a screenshot and none of them can tell me how to attach an image when there's no option to.

I ended up deleting my account...

3 days ago

@wolleysegap @jhavok @antonioserrata @lednabwm To your point of "Not Throwing The Bible Out", I'm of the opinion that #ThomasJefferson was on to something when he took a #RazorBlade to the #KJV of the Bible and cut out all the #SuperNatural and #Magical. The #JeffersonBible can be seen in the #Smithsonian and purchased on #Amazon

Sharon Machlis
3 days ago

Amazon AWS announces 8 free generative AI courses, some for developers and others for general business users

#GenAI #GenerativeAI #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #AWS #Amazon

Courses for business and nontechnical audiences

Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence provides an introduction to generative AI, its applications, and need-to-know concepts, like foundation models.
Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers is a three-course series covering how to plan a generative AI project and build a generative AI–ready organization.
Introduction to Amazon CodeWhisperer teaches participants how to use Amazon’s AI code generator, which produces whole lines of code. 
Courses for developer and technical audiences

Foundations of Prompt Engineering introduces the basics of prompt engineering, the practice of designing inputs for generative AI tools, all the way through to advanced prompt techniques.
Low-Code Machine Learning on AWS explores how to prepare data, train machine learning models, and deploy machine learning models, with minimal coding and without deep knowledge of machine learning.
Building Language Models on AWS covers how to use Amazon SageMaker distributed training libraries to build language models and how to fine-tune open source models and foundation model
Amazon Transcribe—Getting Started explores how to use Amazon Transcribe, a fully managed AI service that converts speech to text using automatic speech recognition technology
Building Generative AI Applications Using Amazon Bedrock teaches how to use Amazon Bedrock to build generative AI applications.
heise online
4 days ago

Fire TV: Amazon zeigt Vollbild-Werbespots beim Start

Wer seinen Fire TV startet, kann seit Kurzem mit einer Vollbild-Werbung begrüßt werden. Das lässt sich abschalten.

#Amazon #AmazonFireTV #Streaming #news

heise online
4 days ago

Donnerstag: GM kürzt Cruise-Budget, Amazon bietet Modell für KI-Bildgeneratoren

Kürzung für Robo-Taxis + KI-Bildgenerator von AWS + Linksteuer Kanadas reduziert + Datenschützer gegen KI-Selbstregulierung + App Store Awards '23 + #heiseshow

#Amazon #AppStore #Apple #autonomesFahren #Bitcoin #Datenschutz #Digitalisierung #GeneralMotors #Google #GoogleNews #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Regulierung #Urheberrecht #news

heise online
4 days ago

Titan für Geschäftskunden: Amazon mit eigenem Modell für KI-Bildgeneratoren

Mit Amazons Titan können Geschäftskunden eigene KI-Bildgeneratoren für "realistische Bilder in Studioqualität" entwickeln, unsichtbare Wasserzeichen inklusive.

#Amazon #AmazonWebServices #Bildbearbeitung #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news

Dear #Amazon: could you please not leave heavy boxes literally directly in front of the door that needs to be opened in order to collect the box? Please? Do your delivery drivers maybe need an Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Delivered Package Placement? 🤬

Zack Katz
4 days ago

Reminder: #Amazon prices are often inflated.

Edit: Quantities are different in the Amazon listings. Even so, $1.66/patch at Walgreens is a better deal than all but a 36-pack.

Walgreeens showing $4.99/3
Amazon showing $2.11/patch, $2.44/patch. The only cheaper option is for 36 patches at $1.43/patch.
Cosmic Log
5 days ago

Amazon’s Project Kuiper plays up satellite synergies
As Amazon gears up to build and launch thousands of satellites for its Project Kuiper constellation, it’s talking up the space-based broadband network’s potential to enable new options for managing data traffic with Amazon Web Services — including priva
#GeekWire #Amazon #Broadband #Cloud #Japan #NTT #ProjectKuiper #Satellites #SkyPerfectJSAT #Space

Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

Amazon AWS details some of its quantum computing work, including error correction that isolates different types of qubit state flips. Looks like they're using superconducting qubits, like IBM, Google, Rigetti, and some others. #QuantumComputing #AWS #Amazon

Extinction Rebellion France
5 days ago

Que ça soit face à la catastrophe que représente l’expansion d’#Amazon et du e-commerce ou plus largement l'appel des industriels à la surconsommation, les cibles des actions réalisées étaient vis à vis du gouvernement complice de ce pillage de ressources 😡

Joyce Lionarons
5 days ago

This morning I got an email from Amazon UK saying they are considering some of my books for their Kindle Daily Deal promotion and they wanted my permission to use one or more of the books for the deal. My permission is required because they will lower the price for the day (or however long the "deal" lasts, and it can be more than a day) and of course my royalties for any sales at the lower price will be lower as well.

Have any of you done this? Did it really add up to more sales? Was it worth letting them lower the price?
#Writing #WritingCommunity #Amazon #DailyDeal

Márton Salomváry
5 days ago

So I broke my #Kindle, quite literally. What now? I hate #Amazon and #DRM but everyone else does that.

Should I buy a new #ebook reader or go back to printed #books ?

Two use cases where my Kindle was invaluable: reading while traveling, reading while my wife is sleeping next to me.

6 days ago

#Amazon #Reinvent

Was wondering why they kept emphasizing that we needed our ids /and lanyards/ on at all times.

Initially supposed that the MS60 might imply mesh wifi, but that's an M1805, a low-energy bluetooth chip.

Thought it'd just be the RFID in the chips - that's what they seem to be scanning for the sessions i'm joining - but there's bluetooth too.

On top of the ubiquitous facial recognition check points ... and the heavy corporate, security, & police presence.

Neat, I guess? :3c:

lanyard innards

board: "MS60SF9_V1.0". Y330

chip: m1805 FAZSHA 2120A
lanyard with amazon re:invent id;

lanyard contained a concealed CR2016 3V battery ... and some kind of custom board
Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
6 days ago

I know I've mentioned this before, but the #Nebo app is amazing for taking notes with an #Apple Pencil on an #iPad. I'm at #Amazon #AWSreinvent this week and taking a lot of notes and Nebo makes my notes legible. Yay.

6 days ago

My analysis on the future of computing and how Amazon's new thin client may be missing the mark. As we embrace AI and modern interfaces, it's time to rethink what a 'compute' device truly means. Check it out! #AI #computing #Amazon #futuretech"

Fedi Jedi :jedi:
6 days ago

Some Star Wars LEGO on sale today on Amazon:

The Razor Crest: - $97.99 (reg $139.99)

Spider Tank: - $39.99 (reg $49.99)

Boba Fett's Microfighter: - $6.29 (reg $9.99)

Mandalorian's N1 Microfighter: - $11.19 (reg $15.99)

Affiliate links ^^^

#StarWars #LEGO #LEGOStarWars #TheMandalorian #BobaFett #CyberMonday #Amazon

LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest

With Mando, Grogu, Greef Carga, Scout trooper and IG-11

1023 pieces
Star Wars LEGO "Spider Tank"

with the Mandalorian, Grogu, and Bo Katan and the spider tank thing

526 pieces
Boba Fett's Starship Microfighter

With a mini Slave 1 ship
and Boba Fett

85 pieces
LEGO Star Wars
The Mandalorian's N1 Starfighter Microfighter

With a mini N-1
The Mandalorian
and Grogu

88 pieces
LabourNet Germany
6 days ago

#Bangladesch: TextilarbeiterInnen in Bangladesch protestierten am #BlackFriday, weil sie nähen, womit #Amazon Profite macht - Solidaritätsaktionen in deutschen und schweizerischen Städten

The Turtle
1 week ago

Do they even know what a hand pie is?

#artificialstupidity #amazon #cybermonday

Another delightful Amazon screwup.
1 week ago

Looking for the perfect gift for the movie or TV lover in your life? Check out the 2023 Kino Lorber Gift Guide and get the lowest prices from our affiliates!
#HOTCHKA #GiftGuide #KinoLorber #Amazon #DeepDiscount #Movies #Television

Jason Garber
1 week ago

With the impending #Comixology shutdown (or Kindle integration or whatever) around the corner, I carved out spare minutes over the weekend to download the DRM-free (though possibly watermarked) CBZ and PDF files from #Amazon.

From a purchased library of nearly 1,000 books, between 200 and 300 were available in this manner. 🫠

There is no bulk download, pagination maxes out at 50, and the user interface is incredibly finicky. Every single download requires assenting to a modal dialog. 🫠

Amazon sent me unsolicited "notification" via my Alexa speaker promoting their Black Friday sales. There was no unsubscribe mechanism which is in violation of the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. If you received a similar spam message, please report it.

#Canada #Amazon #BlackFriday #Alexa

Jason Garber
1 week ago

#Amazon made it as tedious as possible to download the fraction of your #Comixology collection that’s available as a backup.

General Strike Now
1 week ago

"From the warehouses in Coventry to the factories of Dhaka, this global day of action is more than a protest," Varsha Gandikota-Nellutla, co-general ...

Amazon workers and allies in dozens of countries around the world took to the streets Friday to protest the e-commerce behemoth's atrocious working conditions, low pay, union busting, tax dodging, and inaction on planet-warming emissions.#amazon #blackfriday
'Biggest ever global strike against Amazon' kicks off on Black Friday

Scott Prentice ✅
1 week ago

@GrrlScientist @breadandcircuses

#BuyLocal or buy from the manufacturer or a responsible retailer. Or better yet, don’t buy at all, you probably don’t really need it! But most importantly, don’t buy from #Amazon. #CancelAmazon #AnyoneButAmazon

1 week ago

Sonofabitch...I'm not seeing ANY news of this posted anywhere, and that should tell you that the billionaires already have absolute control over what propaganda we're exposed to.

#AmazonStrikes #Amazon #EatTheRich #BlackFriday

1 week ago

Der Parteitag der Grünen (#BDK23) wird von diesen Konzernen und Verbänden gesponsert.

Dieses Bild wird derzeit viel diskutiert. Zu Recht, denn dazu gibt es viel zu sagen.

Auch transparentes Parteisponsoring ist problematisch, denn es verschafft Großkonzernen privilegierte Zugänge zur Politik.

Sponsoring ist attraktiv, denn es muss (noch) nicht offengelegt werden und wird indirekt vom Staat subventioniert: Es kann steuerlich abgesetzt werden.

Viele der Sponsoren der Grünen betreiben gerade sehr aktiv Lobbyismus: #Amazon baut ein riesiges Netzwerk von Thinktanks auf und investiert Millionen, um sich gegen die Regulierung seiner Monopolmacht zu wehren.

#Bayer und der #Bauernverband haben gerade die Verlängerung der #Glyphosat-Genehmigung durchgesetzt und gegen die EU-Pestizidverordnung lobbyiert

Dazu kommen altbekannte, regelmäßige Top-Spender an Parteien: die #Auto-Lobby (VDA), die #Immo-Lobby (ZIA), Gesamtmetall, die Zucker-Lobby, Lufthansa, die Versicherungswirtschaft, #Google


Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 week ago

#Amazon workers in 30 countries in #Europe are going on strike for better wages (& I think treatment as well).

The number of people striking will probably slow Amazon orders down, but not provide significant disruption (at least not yet).

Amazon does not seem to be scared of the strike according to their statement.

👉🏾 Amazon hit by strikes, protests across Europe during Black Friday trade

Gewerkschaft ver.di
1 week ago

⚫ Die #BlackWeek nutzen wir, um die Fahrer*innen bei Sub-Unternehmen - von u. a. #Amazon und #dpd - über ihre Rechte aufzuklären.
🤝 Faire Mobilität & Faire Integration

Petition zeichnen für bessere Arbeitsbedingungen ➡️

Ein roter Regenschirm mit der Aufschrift "Arbeit und Leben" liegt im Gras vor dem Amazon-Gebäude.
DigitalNaiv = Stefan Pfeiffer
1 week ago

Traurig! Alle Jahre wieder: Die Schnäppchenjägerolympiade des Black Friday wird dieses Jahr von globalen Protesten begleitet werden. Unter dem Motto „Make Amazon Pay“ haben sich 80 Organisationen und 400 Abgeordnete weltweit zusammengeschlossen. Sie wollen in 30 Ländern gegen Amazon protestieren, so @netzpolitik_feed
#Amazon #BlackFriday
Wird die Schnäppchenjäger nicht davon abhalten, kräftig zu bestellen

Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
1 week ago

Amazon staff are on strike. Support the workers - don't buy from Amazon.

#Amazon #BlackFriday #JoinAUnion