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Well that's more than a little bit creepy. Glad I haven't got any of those inside my house. #Amazon #Ring #News

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ご入力で¥1,000分の ポイントを受けることができます!


#Amazon #友達招待 #Amazonプライム招待 #AmazonPrime招待URL
2023年06月06日 00:37:32

Brittany Trang
2 hours ago

For context, remember that a study using #Amazon Transcribe Medical showed that it does not do well with sounds like "mm-mm," "uh-uh," etc., which are only one component of getting an #AI to output a good #medical visit summary.

Brittany Trang
2 hours ago

This is WILD:

Carbon Health is using in-house #AI for medical notes

But it looks like they're just using #Amazon's Transcribe Medical speech rec tool, sending that transcript through #GPT4 (along with patient history) & calling it good?!

via my @STAT colleague Mohana Ravindranath

#healthtech #healthcare #health #medicine #artificialintelligence #doctors #hospitals

IT News
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Why Did The Home Assistant Future Not Quite Work The Way It Was Supposed To? - The future, as seen in the popular culture of half a century or more ago, was usua... - #artificialintelligence #virtualassistant #amazon #rants #alexa #ai

Primo Natura
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"More than 800m trees have been cut down in the Amazon rainforest in just six years to feed the world’s appetite for Brazilian beef, according to a new investigation, despite dire warnings about the forest’s importance in fighting the climate crisis."

#Trees #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #Amazon #AmazonRainforest

Aida Akl
3 hours ago

"We saw customers were spending significantly more time playing games on Luna using their web browsers than on native PC and Mac apps. When we see customers love something, we double down."

#Amazon Luna will drop Windows and Mac apps as it ‘doubles down’ on web app @9to5google @nexusben

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2023年06月05日 22:37:32

The Queen of Cups
3 hours ago

ANTI-LGBTQ corporations and their donations to ANTI-LGBTQ politicians. Many also spend nominal amounts on marketing that paints them as supportive allies.
We should tell these companies what we think and spend accordingly.
#ATT #CharterCommunications #UnitedHealth #Comcadt #NBC #GeneralMotors #HomeDepot #Deloitte #Walmart #Amazon #CVS #UPS #WellsFargo #Delta #Aflac #Verizon #FedEx #Cigna #Google #Toyota #TMobile #Microsoft #Visa #AnheuserBusch #AmericanAirlines #CapitalOne #capitalismgoneawry

Breakdown of donations made to anti-LGBTQ politicians by these anti-LGBTQ corporations who are simultaneously pretending to be allies.
IT News
4 hours ago

Blatant tech frauds run amok on the biggest online marketplaces - Enlarge / What're ya buyin'? (credit: Aurich Lawson | Capcom)

... - #features #walmart #amazon #tech #ebay #ssd

Tech news from Canada
4 hours ago

Ars Technica: Blatant tech frauds run amok on the biggest online marketplaces #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #Features #walmart #Amazon #Tech #eBay #SSD

iX Magazin
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Experiment gescheitert​: AWS macht Schluss mit Dokumentation bei Github

AWS veröffentlicht die Dokumentation für seine Cloud-Produkte nicht mehr bei Github. Der Fokus liege nun stärker auf interner Dokumentation und Nutzerfeedback.

#Amazon #AmazonWebServices #CloudComputing #CloudDienste #GitHub #LinuxundOpenSource #news

Linux & OpenSource News deutsch
5 hours ago
AWS veröffentlicht die Dokumentation für seine Cloud-Produkte nicht mehr bei Github. Der Fokus liege nun stärker auf interner Dokumentation und Nutzerfeedback.
Experiment gescheitert​: AWS macht Schluss mit Dokumentation bei Github
5 hours ago

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Matthew Rimmer
5 hours ago

‘Journalism mustn’t be silenced’: colleagues to complete slain reporter’s book How to Save the Amazon will be published so Dom Phillips’ work telling the stories of rainforest defenders does not die with him #journalism #environmentaldefenders #Indigenousip #Amazon #Brazil

Jason Yip
6 hours ago
6 hours ago


Bei #Amazon gibt es gerade bei einigen Größen 15% Rabatt auf das neue Heimtrikot des #BVB (Affiliate-Link)

Matthew Rimmer
6 hours ago

Brazil police charge alleged mastermind behind murders of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira Alleged leader of ‘transnational criminal organisation’ and a supposed subordinate have been charged over the 2022 murders of journalist and Indigenous expert. #journalism #environmentaldefenders #Indigenousip #Amazon #Brazil

From the US:

"#Amazon's history of misleading parents, keeping children's recordings indefinitely, and flouting parents' deletion requests violated COPPA and sacrificed privacy for profits," said Samuel Levine, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #22/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

➝ 🇺🇸 🪖 Air Force denies running simulation where AI drone “killed” its operator
➝ 🇺🇸 🏂 #Burton Snowboards discloses #databreach after February attack
➝ 🇺🇸 🧪 Enzo Biochem #Ransomware Attack Exposes Information of 2.5M Individuals
➝ 🧠 🤖 Introducing Charlotte AI, #CrowdStrike’s Generative AI Security Analyst
➝ 🐍 🦠 Malicious #PyPI Packages Using Compiled #Python Code to Bypass Detection
➝ 🇰🇵 🎠 N. Korean ScarCruft Hackers Exploit LNK Files to Spread #RokRAT
➝ 🦠 📱 New Zero-Click Hack Targets #iOS Users with Stealthy Root-Privilege #Malware
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 #Russia says U.S. accessed thousands of #Apple phones in spy plot
➝ 🇯🇵 🚗 #Toyota Discloses New Data Breach Involving Vehicle, Customer Information
➝ ☁️ 👻 Organizations Warned of #Salesforce ‘Ghost Sites’ Exposing Sensitive Information
➝ 🔐 👀 #Amazon faces $30 million fine over Ring, Alexa #privacy violations
➝ 🔐 🧱 Active Mirai Botnet Variant Exploiting #Zyxel Devices for #DDoS Attacks
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ hit by cyberattack; Ukrainian group claims deep access
➝ 🦠 🤖 #Spyware Found in #GooglePlay Apps With Over 420 Million Downloads
➝ 🦠 🚪 #RomCom malware spread via Google Ads for #ChatGPT, GIMP, more
➝ 👛 Southeast Asian hacking crew racks up victims, rapidly expands criminal campaign
➝ 🍏 #Microsoft finds #macOS bug that lets hackers bypass SIP root restrictions
➝ 🦠 🚪 #Barracuda zero-day abused since 2022 to drop new malware, steal data
➝ 🇬🇷 Worst cyberattack in #Greece disrupts high school exams, causes political spat
➝ 🇮🇳 🎠 Sneaky DogeRAT Trojan Poses as Popular Apps, Targets Indian #Android Users
➝ 🇺🇸 U.S. Department of Defense releases 2023 Cyber Strategy
➝ 📱☝🏻 New BrutePrint Attack Lets Attackers Unlock Smartphones with Fingerprint Brute-Force
➝ 🇯🇵 🎠 New GobRAT Remote Access #Trojan Targeting #Linux Routers in #Japan
➝ 🦠 📂 Clever ‘File Archiver In The Browser’ phishing trick uses #ZIP domains

#cyberattack #ai #security #google #cyber

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Fancy Bear Goes Phishing: The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks" by Scott J. Shapiro

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#Amazon #友達招待 #Amazonプライム招待 #AmazonPrime招待URL
2023年06月05日 16:37:32 #technews »#Report of #Amazon weighing #mobilemarket entry sends #telecom stocks flying: Amazon is talking to the #wirelesscarriers about entering the mobile market as a #reseller to boost #Primemembership perks.«

gualdo :fsf: :cc:
10 hours ago

#Amazon è stata sanzionata per 30 milioni di dollari

Il motivo è che il "campanello intelligente" Ring è stato usato per spiare i clienti, soprattutto donne, e che #Alexa ha spiato pure lei i clienti

Dal #capitalismo della #sorveglianza a quello dello spionaggio: basta che la raccolta dei dati entri nella vita reale

La notizia si trova qui:

#surveillance #gafam #privacy #rights

gualdo :fsf: :cc:
10 hours ago

Domani a Milano parte depreDATI, laboratorio di autodifesa dalla sorveglianza digitale

@quinta e il sottoscritto approfondiscono il capitalismo della sorveglianza e mostrano come ci si difende

Info e prenotazione sono qui:

L'incontro è in presenza e gratis

E inoltre regaliamo il fumetto ContraChrome

#GAFAM #Google #Facebook #instagram #meta #Amazon #Apple #provacy

Ryan Jessurun
11 hours ago

#Reforestation does happen in the #Amazon. But the efforts are done merely by a few ngo's on a small scale. They're facing huge challenges: hostile farmers, death threats & a lack of capital. @reutersinstitute gave insight how all the replanting slowly makes progress.
11 hours ago

Bei #Readly wird der Einstieg in die Welt der digitalen Zeit­schriften und Magazine zum testen besonders einfach: Die Abo-Kosten entfallen zwei Monate lang, dazu gibt es einen Gutschein für #Amazon:,136459.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Steven Saus [he/him]
14 hours ago

From 01 Jun: FTC: Amazon/Ring workers illegally spied on users of home security cameras - Enlarge / Amazon Ring indoor cameras displayed during an event at company headquarters in ... #amazon #policy #ring

Tony Wells
15 hours ago

If AI is so incredible, Amazon need to apply it to something simple like stopping fictions books appearing in non-fiction searches. I'm looking for history, not Hunger Games.

I assume it's deliberate by publishers so they can say Amazon Bestseller when they list a bodice-ripping romance in civil engineering or some such (made up example), and worse for Kindle books.

#Amazon #AI

19 hours ago

Es scheint bei #Amazon Produkte zu geben, die man nur nachts bestellen kann... tagsüber sind sie ausverkauft. 🤔

Anscheinend werden jede Nacht neue Kontingente freigeschaltet, die bis zum Morgen direkt ihre Käufer finden? Aber warum? Für den Marketplace scheint das nicht zu gelten.

19 hours ago

It's Giveaway Day! So as tradition goes, lets start out with some Dead by Daylight and see where we go from there. Last chance to get your entry in for a shot at a 500 Amazon or Steam gift card. Also enter for next weeks steam game of choice giveaway. #Giveaway #Amazon #Twitch #Streamer

20 hours ago

Researchers analyzed never-before-used satellite data to calculate how much carbon is stored in protected areas worldwide.

The Amazon Rainforest’s protected areas accounted for the highest rate of carbon stock, according to the unprecedented study.

The results can help policymakers and conservationists assess areas for protection to fight climate change — and not just forests.

from Sean Mowbray

#ClimateChange #News #Conservation #Forests #Amazon #Nature #Environment

Himmel Herrgott nochmal! Seid ihr alle bescheuert? Wenn ihr eine Frage nicht beantworten koennt, DANN BEANTWORTET SIE HALT NICHT!!11!

#Amazon #Fragen

Meine Frage: "Der einbau des ganzen scheint recht simple zu sein. aber, wo montiere ich die kamera. dummerweise ist die originale bei mir kaputt."

Antwort eines Amazon-Kunden: "Ich kann die Frage leider nicht beantworten, da ichdie Kamera noch nicht in Benutzung habe."
Nicolas Delsaux
22 hours ago

Je croyais que l'article allait parler de vraie queue de message au niveau applicatif (genre Kafka & co). La réalité est en un sens bien pire : il s'agit d'utiliser S3 comme queue de paquets IP #internet #linux #amazon #s3 #tcp #hack

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Tras una cruenta lucha contra la aplicación de Amazon, me declaro victoriosa. 🎉He conseguido que la 2ª edición en papel de la La Rueda del Destino esté disponible en
Además, he reducido el interlineado y el nº de páginas, así que sale más barata. 😊 Precio que mantendré a pesar de la subida de precios de Amazon. Y si tenéis #KindleUnlimited, podéis leer el primer libro de la saga completamente #gratis.
#Amazon #fantasía #bookstodon

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago

A jack of all trades and a master at some?

Amazon is reportedly trying to offer Prime subscribers free cell phone service | Engadget

#Amazon #Mobile #ISP #AmazonPrime #TechNews

An Amazon delivery driver looking for packages in their truck.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

If you are fans of the original Battlestar Galactica (I am not) or are passionate about the 2004 rebooted Battlestar Galactica (I absolutely am!), then you will love the Blood & Chrome prequel movie!

It shows a cocky & young William Adama before he became famous throughout the fleet. What I loved about this movie was how realistic it was when it came to portraying the horrors & lies of war that soldiers see contrasted with the glories & glamour of what the public sees.

There are numerous excellent scenes, including these two (light spoilers ahead):

As well as this scene which shows just how frightening the Cylons are in close quarters.

The movie is on Amazon Prime Video (for purchase as it’s not free for Prime users), but it’s worth the few dollars to rent.

#Amazon #AmazonPrimeVideo #BattleStarGalactica #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Movies #Robots #Cylons

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
1 day ago

#Amazon #AWS un-open sources the AWS documentation, claiming their internal systems cannot be made to work in a way that they can be easily synced to a git repo. Weird.

Dave Spector
2 days ago

Oh, #Amazon…it has been a lot of work this dubdub season and I was going to get myself some fancy chocolates, but…. You know…

Amazon suggesting I get myself a nice server rack.
Dave Holland
2 days ago

#JBS, (the company that owns #HuonAquaculture and much of #Australia’s meat processing) listed amongst the worst destroyers of the #Amazon. Wake up #Tasmania

The multinational companies that industrialised the Amazon rainforest

Ruby Sinreich
2 days ago

"As North Carolina’s 12-week abortion ban is due to come into effect on 1 July, an analysis from the non-profit Center for Political Accountability (CPA) shows several major corporations donated large sums to a Republican political organization which in turn funded groups working to elect anti-abortion state legislators."

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game

#abortionBans #NCpol #Google #Amazon #abortion

Aral Balkan
2 days ago

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game - The Guardian

#google #amazon #BigTech #SiliconValley

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game

The Republican State Leadership Committee (#RSLC) received tens of thousands of dollars each from corporations including #Comcast, #Intuit, #Wells #Fargo, #Amazon, #Bank of #America and #Google last year, analysis of IRS filings shows.

The contributions were made in the months after Politico published a leaked supreme court decision indicating that the court would end the right to nationwide abortion access.

Google contributed $45,000 to the RSLC after the leak of the draft decision, according to the CPA’s review of the tax filings.

Others contributed even more in the months after the leak, including Amazon ($50,000), Intuit ($100,000) and Comcast ($147,000).

The RSLC, which works to elect Republican lawmakers and promote #rightwing #policies at the state level, is at the top of a chain of spending and donations which eventually connected to rightwing candidates in North Carolina.
This type of spending, which relies on channeling money through various third-party groups from larger organizations, is a common part of modern political campaign financing.
"Companies need to know where their money is ending up". -- Bruce Freed of the #Center for #Political #Accountability

Seed the Commons
2 days ago

More than 800 million trees have been cut down in the Amazon to meet beef demand.

Animal liberation and climate justice are one and the same.

#ClimateJustice #ClimateChange #vegan #veganic #Brazil #Amazon

3 days ago

More than 800 million trees have been cut down in the Amazon rainforest in just six years to feed the world’s appetite for Brazilian beef.

Estimates place the current deforestation level of the #Amazon at 17% & its tipping point at 20-25 %. If the tipping point is surpassed, the rainforest could become a dry grassland.

There is no need to mention the significant environmental and ecological impacts this will have to the planet.

Stop eating beef people.

Cattle on a farm in Brazil’s Pará state. Cattle ranching is the leading cause of deforestation across Brazil. Photograph: Jonne Roriz/Bloomberg/Getty Images
David August
3 days ago

They’re so close to getting it: “we believe have helped attract and retain top talent to support our growth,” top talent includes writers, actors, directors & crew.

They know incentives count. They just don’t like that money costs money.

#WGAStrong #DGAStrong #SAGAFTRAstrong
#IATSEstrong #TeamstersStrong #union #UnionStrong #Netflix #Amazon #Disney #Paramount #ComcastUniversal #Sony #u1

Screenshot of a tweet by Nicole Ranadive @NRDiva: 
If these guys need exorbitant pay to
"incentivize" them, why wouldn't they think writers' motivations would benefit from higher pay? 

[embedded screenshot:] The compensation committee of the board of directors "believes these changes to our compensation structure align with stockholder interests and incentivize [Peters and Sarandos] to execute on strategies aimed at achieving long-term success, while also maintaining aspects of our compensation program that we believe have helped attract and retain top talent to support our growth," Netflix said in its proxy statement ahead of the shareholder meeting.

6:46 PM • 6/1/23 from Earth
Helen Pugh
3 days ago

'A special election will be held this August where Ecuadorians will decide on a historic referendum to restrict oil in... the rainforest by answering the question, “Do you agree that the government should keep the oil in ITT... permanently in the ground?”'

Amongst other themes, my book Jungle-tastic Tales explores nature resource extraction in the #AmazonRegion.

#oil #amazon #yasuni #Ecuador #rainforest #jungle #nature #naturalResources #environment #climate

Alice Marshall
3 days ago


#Amazon Fires #Alabama Union Leader Who 'Lit the Spark of the Current Rise of Labor Activism'
"Your termination of my employment will not stifle workers' organizing, for when you fire leaders, it only brings more people ignited into the movement," said Jennifer Bates.
Jun 02, 2023

Glyn Moody
3 days ago

Über Warenfetisch, Lagerlogistik und Träume des 21. Jahrhunderts, Auftakt Symposium von #RiminiProtokoll. Mit Berlin VS Amazon @algorithmwatch, @peng uvm. gestern in der Volksbühne.

Amazon ist kein guter Nachbar!

#amazon #jeffbezos #berlin

Bühne mit Menschen im Roten Salon in der Volksbühne in Berlin
Flyer mit dem Titel, Flic Fkac in Amazonien
3 days ago

@Ertain @mwl When #Amazon’s former CTO admitted that Amazon is “a data company that happens to have a store”, “paranoia” is the wrong word. The dilusions are had by those who still today think Amazon is not a data abuser.

4 days ago

Report: two men got jobs at #Amazon just to steal copies of Zelda

The Japanese men were both caught and fired, but not before one had a 'Zelda vacation'


Link artwork.

Image: Nintendo
maeve harris
4 days ago

#Amazon sued for privacy violations by Ring and Alexa, is to pay $30 million in compensation

Jeri Dansky
4 days ago

Reuters, slyly making a comment on the effectiveness of most fines to companies the size of Amazon:

“FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya told Reuters the settlements should send a message to tech companies that their need to collect data was not an excuse to break the law. ‘This is a very clear signal to them,’ he said.

“The fines, totaling $30.8 million, represent a fraction of Amazon's $3.2 billion first-quarter profit.”

h/t @coolgrey
#privacy #Amazon

John James
4 days ago

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my first novel, My Brother's Unicorn.

Set in Australia at the end of the 20th century, My Brother's Unicorn is a heartwarming fantasy about loss and grief, love and family, forgiveness and redemption, and rugby league, the greatest game of all.

Available to download FOR FREE for the next five days:

#fiction #fantasy #booklaunch #newbook #books #bookrelease #publishing #amazon #newrelease #ebook #kindle #kindleunlimited

✅ "Training AI As Excuse For Data Retention" (predictable)

✅ "Staff Able To Watch Customers In Bathroom"

FTC Accuses Amazon Ringdoorbell / Alexa Of IoT Nightmare Security Fails

#News #Amazon #Alexa #Ringdoorbell #IoT #FTC #AI #privacy #HumanRights #Tech #infosec #cybersecurity

jbz :catjam:
4 days ago

🪤 Another unsurprising revelation from the wholesome executives at Amazon.

"Dropping the specific shipment pledge is noteworthy because Amazon's ecommerce operation relies on vast fleets of vehicles and aircraft to deliver packages to consumers quickly. Most of this activity chews up vast quantities of fossil fuels and spews out greenhouse gases."

#ClimatePledge #ClimateChange #Amazon #BigTech

Paris Marx
4 days ago

After a pandemic boom, ecommerce companies are having a hard time getting us to buy more online and are even cutting back on perks like free returns.

On #TechWontSaveUs, I spoke to Amanda Mull about how ecommerce fits into the broader history of consumerism and how it might be forced to change as growth slows and companies need to cut costs. It’s a fascinating conversation!

#tech #amazon #shopping

JuneSim63 💚
4 days ago

Amazon workers in Coventry, England, are on the brink of historic union recognition. Their groundbreaking organising campaign shows that it is possible to fight back against injustice – even in the most hostile of environments.

Taj Ali writes in #Tribune on why the battle to unionise #Amazon matters.

#Unionisation #TradeUnions #UKPolitics #WorkersRights

Anne Roth
4 days ago

„Laut Gerichtsakte hat ein Angestellter der später von #Amazon übernommenen Firma #Ring im Jahr 2017 heimlich Kundinnen mit #Sicherheitskameras beobachtet, die in Schlaf- und Badezimmern platziert waren. (...)

So sollen unter anderem Aufnahmen an einen Ex-Ehemann weitergegeben worden sein sollen.“


4 days ago

#Amazon’s main #UK division pays no corporation #tax for second year in a row

They say the devil's best trick was to convince people he doesn't exist. Amazon's is to convince people that they need a subscription to cheap tat and TV to save money while thieving from the public services we rely on for health and wellbeing.

Using amazon is like stealing from the #nhs #schools etc.

heise online
4 days ago

Privatsphäreverletzungen: Amazon soll insgesamt 31 Millionen US-Dollar zahlen

Privatsphäreverletzungen durch Amazons Alexa und Rings Überwachungskameras bringen Amazon in die Bredouille. Der Konzern soll Vergleiche mit der FTC schließen.

#Amazon #Datenschutz #FederalTradeCommission #Security #news

5 days ago

„A former employee of #Amazon s #Ring doorbell camera unit spied on female customers for in 2017 with cameras placed in bedrooms and bathrooms“ […] Amazon also agreed to pay $25m to settle allegations it violated children’s privacy rights when it failed to delete #Alexa recordings at the request of parents and kept them longer than necessary”

In one instance in 2017, employees of Ring viewed videos made by at least 81 female customers and Ring employees using Ring products. “Undetected by Ring, the employee continued spying for months,” the FTC said.
Steve Herman
5 days ago

FTC announces it has reached a $25 million settlement with #Amazon (market cap: $1.24 trillion) for its Alexa app keeping childrens’ voices and geolocation data for years and using it for its own purposes.

Wow. #Amazon does it again, this time violating the #privacy of CHILDREN and getting slapped with a laughable fine.

$25 million? For a company that nets BILLIONS every quarter. What a fucking joke.

5 days ago

#Amazon to pay over $30 million in FTC settlements over Ring, Alexa - CNBC

The #GMB & #Amazon have been in a dispute over #workers pay & conditions, centred on #Coventry for some time... now, Amazon is making new contracts available that 'respond' to workers requests over their shifts (as well as raising wages).

As Amanda Gearing, from the GMB says: “It is no surprise that Amazon have discovered flexible working offers after Coventry workers have found their voice & their strength. It’s no coincidence that 16 days of strike action have come before this offer'!

it has dawned upon me that this also applies to adults. one day they'll also have toys with built-in #chatgpt too. no need to go outside and make friends anymore when you'll soon be able to buy them off #amazon

Tino Eberl ✅
6 days ago

Bis 2030 wollte #Amazon 50 Prozent seiner Sendungen CO2-neutral versenden und bis 2040 Netto-Null erreichen. Doch Amazon rechnete in seinen #CO2Fußabdruck wohl nur das reine #Transportgeschäft ein. Nun wurde das ehemalige Ziel gestrichen.

#Klimaschutz #Firmenpolitik #Treibhausgase #ESG

1 week ago

@neil I really need to do the work to set that up on my synology. Amazon Music broke their xbox app again(!!!!) which I use to stream to my sound system. #enshittification #amazon

Devin Prater :blind:
1 week ago

Okay, so about Kindle for Mac and TTS. It looks like Amazon hasn’t updated its method for accessing the Mac’s TTS engine, so yeah it’s broken on Ventura. The function will start, but no sound will play, and the pages won’t turn, so it’s just sitting there stuck waiting on its TTS function to activate. It does have some good commands, for like continuous reading, reading the current sentence, stuff like that. Just needs updating. Meanwhile, you can use Voice in a Can for Mac to get Alexa to “read my Kindle book,” and everything Alexa can do.

#accessibility #MacOS #Kindle #Amazon #blind

heise online
1 week ago

heise+ | Fire-TV-Hacks: So holen Sie mehr aus dem Streaming-Stick heraus

Mit Amazons Fire TV Stick lassen sich alte Fernseher oder Monitore zum Smart-TV aufrüsten. Wir zeigen, wie Sie dem System eine individuelle Note verleihen.

#Amazon #AmazonFireTV #Streaming #news

Astra Kernel :verified:
2 weeks ago

🦀 Build high-performance functions in Rust on Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

👉 PL/Rust,an open-source project - write Rust code which runs directly inside a PostgreSQL

PL/Rust guide:

#rustlang #rust #programming #Amazon #PostgreSQL

Screenshot from the article showing the usage of PL/Rust
Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago

My new #book of short meditations is available to order, on #Amazon 🤩

✨Yahia Lababidi’s work is characterized by a contemplative tone in line with #Rumi, whom he often #quotes. Lababidi is a Muslim voice for peace, celebrating the #wisdom in ancient traditions and pointing out the ridiculous in the rush & cynicism of contemporary life. ✨

—Plough magazine

Thank you, for your support 🙏🏼

@bookstodon #books #boost #WritingCommunity #poetry #wisdom #meditation

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
2 weeks ago

The reason for overland transport of sediments is interesting. Why are oceanographers transporting sediments and water from the #Amazon overland for an oceanographic expedition? Why not just take those samples from a ship in the Amazon? Well...

That was the original plan. After two postponements due to COVID, the U.S. Coast Guard changed their rules on Brazil's coastal waters within 12 NM of their coast due to piracy. No more uninspected passenger vessels (all of the US academic research fleet) were allowed within those coastal waters unless they had:
1. Fast engines,
2. Armed crew, and
3. Safe room.
None of the US academic research fleet has any of those. Our plans had to change...

Proactive Paul
2 weeks ago

Some of the books I want are out of print.

Unrelated . . . currently I’m waiting on a new copy of “Search Inside Yourself” published in 2014 after a study into Wellness at Google.

The one I selected was under “UK Supplier”.

It’s been despatched by a Market Place vendor in New Jersey!


Proactive Paul
2 weeks ago

And I have given up on "World of Books".

This year and last year, they have sent me old, slightly damp, and clearly mouldy books.

I think it’s one bloke with a big shed in the garden, and he just buys “house clearance” junk from traditional auctions . . . chucks the books in a cardboard box, and chucks the box into a shed.


Proactive Paul
2 weeks ago

I ordered a book from Amazon Market Place. It was cancelled by the vendor.

This has happened to me 3 times so far this year, with 3 different Market Place vendors.

Do they advertise things that they don't have?

Are they so incompetent that they cannot find the book which they do have in the store room somewhere?

Why does it always take them 2 weeks to notify me?


2 weeks ago

@TexasObserver @josephinelee

Happy #Newstodon Friday. This week we have a story from Sarah Brown regarding a report from the World Bank.

Brazil could face losses of $317 billion per year as well as biodiversity depletion and severe social setbacks for millions of people if Amazon deforestation continues.

The value is seven times higher than profits from commodities taken from the rainforest, the report concludes.

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2 weeks ago

There are multiple virtues in play here. Consider that I boycott #Microsoft for 50+ reasons. Let’s say MS wants to do something good & they make changes so 5 of the reasons I boycott them go away. Well I’m still boycotting MS for 45+ other reasons. FB, #Cloudflare, MS, #Amazon, Twitter, etc, are socially detrimental & abuse the data they get their hands on to the full extent possible.


Dr. Brad Rosenheim
2 weeks ago

I'm starting an expedition thread on our MUDBENCS project, an oceanographic expedition to collect marine and fluvial mud, suspended sediment, and water from the Amazon River and coastal areas of Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana. I will add to this thread from time to time, so please #boost it freely if you think others would be interested in participating virtually in an oceanographic expedition.

Tonight, the ship R/V F. G. Walton Smith pushed off the dock in Miami heading to St. Thomas, to Trinidad, and the to Cayenne. The scientific party was not on board. Most will join it in about 13 days in Cayenne. I will lead a small party of us to transport frozen Amazon samples over land from Macapá, Brazil, through the savannas and rain forest of the Amazon basin to Cayenne, French Guiana. We will board the ship to begin our work on June 3.


The 96 feet, 28 m, shallow draft catamaran pushes off the dock at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the university of Miami. It is shown from the bow with two bright lights shining ahead of it and the bridge from Virginia Key to Key Biscayne directly behind it. Bluish LED deck lights illuminate the decks of the ship, and the waters of Bear cut look green and clear under the ship's lights.
Gregory Heller
2 weeks ago

@gwagner living the collateral damage of #amazon’s #btw policy, I’ve got to imagine those employees are freaking out. Seattle traffic on t/w/th the last two weeks as been about as bad as I ever remember it. My colleagues report the same coming in from the east side. 20 minute commutes taking an extra hour.

Do better #Amazon. Howard the Duck is NOT a top rated movie by anyone.