Damien Scully
5 months ago

Turning to our outstanding #NameThatCar challenge. This one attracted a couple of left field responses, sadly I must disappoint and say it is not a Maxi 😲 , or even an American version of one!
The car is a many of you figured out a Dodge Charger, I am not sure what the British version would be, perhaps a Vauxhall Magnum?
Thanks for all the guesses, well done if you got it right!
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View of teh front of a late 60's Dodge Charger. The bonnet is open revealing the engine, the large carburettor is clearly visible. 
Te Charger nameplate is visible on the left-hand side of the vehicle, on the front grille.  The car is a metallic gold colour.
Side view of a Dodge Charger. The car is  gold coloured with a white roof. An American car magazine is visible in the front window.
Damien Scully
5 months ago

For the next #WeirdCarMastodon #NameThatCar challenge after the success of yesterdays mirror image, here is another similar looking door mirror, but a very different car!
As ever can you name it from this image?
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Right-hand side of a light metallic brown car. The bonnet is open, showing a large bonnet spring and hinge mechanism. The car has a large door with a round chrome door mirror and chrome handle. The A-Pillar appears to be white, suggesting a white roof. The car is evidently left-hand-drive. A light coloured interior is partial visible, on the dashboard is a magazine, the word American is visible, the rest of the cover is coloured out red to hide the text!
Damien Scully
6 months ago

For today's #NameThatCar challenge for #WeirdCarMastodon it is one for the lovers of #Americana, or at least of American cars of a certain age! As I think it's tough, you can have two images for this one, and possibly the weekend to think about it!
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Good luck!
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Side view of a blue car with two doors, the rear door is reverse hinged. The windows are open, inside a blue leather or possibly vinyl trim is just visible. Some chrome trim and a vinyl roof visible on the rear of the car.
View of the front right-hand corner of a blue car. The car has dual round headlamps set in a chrome surround.  A side light and side indicator are set low in the wing, in front of the front wheel, these also have a chrome surround. A chrome bumper and grille with many thin horizontal bars is partial visible.