John B / Topaz 🐇
6 hours ago

I updated a bunch of partitions on my Amiga MiSTer setup to use PFS3 today. I can now have longer filenames when working on development projects on the machine. #amiga

John Girvin
6 hours ago

Dungeons need Dragons, right?

#Amiga #RetroDev #RetroGaming

7 hours ago


Pyjamarama #ZXSpectrum
Skidmarks #Amiga
Tomb Raider #PS1
Silent Hill 2 #PS2
The Last of Us #PS3
No Man's Sky #PS4
Astro's Playroom #PS5

Picking one game for each platform is near impossible and will change by the minute but this is my choice for this moment in time !

8 hours ago

Just doing some preparation for my next AMOS video… no, wait… er…what? 😳🤔

#amiga #amos #retrocomputing

DeFrisselle ☑️
10 hours ago

YAYAY! It's #Amiga Monday! Game Exploration A-Z (W)

10 hours ago

Going live in a mo, starting another weird French adventure game for the Amiga. This time it's Chrono Quest (1988) from Psygnosis (not to be confused with Chrono Trigger).

#VTuber #ENVtuber #Amiga #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #Retro #Psygnosis

Retro Gerry
13 hours ago

A few more lithophanes I've made.

lemmings box art, raiders of the lost ark movie poster, D&D red box art, and the cover art for speedball 2

#3dprint #lithophane #retrogaming #movies #amiga #Dungeonsanddragons

White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuring cover box art for the computer game Lemmings. sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuringmovie poster for Raiders of the lost ark sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
the art on the lithophane features harrison ford cracking a whip. above him is the text raiders of the lost ark, hew is standing in fron of the ark of the coventant. the headshots of other characters can be seen aound the background
White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuring cover box art for the roleplaying games Dungeons and dragons sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuring cover box art for the computer game speedball 2. sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
23 hours ago

My second but not the last #Amiga event of 2023 is going to be Amiga Ruhrpott Convention, taking place for the first time this May in Duisburg, Germany. I do like the way this year has been turning out so far!

We have entered the Twilight Zone... I am doing a Macintosh SE/30 video for #MARCHintosh - Will I be able to resist comparing it to an #Amiga 3000? Tune in and find out!

spoilers: no

John Girvin
1 day ago

Not much spare time this weekend, but I got some different creep types added. Much more difficult now :)

Two more types to add, then I can maybe start tweaking the difficulty progression. Really I'd need the shop done too so the player can power-up.

Also super happy to have got a musician on-board, the mighty DJ METUNE ❤️

#Amiga #RetroDev #RetroGaming

Es gibt ein neues #diy Low Cost #midi #interface für den #Amiga . Es ist ein reines "Out" Interface und damit super klein und super günstig (unter €10,-).


Video in Aktion:

Das Bild zeigt das neue Midi Interface für den Amiga Computer in rot.
:anAmigaBall: Darth
2 days ago

:anAmigaBall: Rick Dangerous - A platforming classic as a remastered edition for the #Amiga 1200/CD32! #RetroGaming

AmigaBoing Blog
2 days ago

Well the "Memories" section will be growing quite a bit this year, as there is these machines what I will add:

#Commodore PET - from Jun 1977
#Atari 2600/VCS - from Oct 1977
#Commodore64 - from Sep 1982
#Amiga #CD32 - from Sep 1993

Some History here folks ..

Norwich Amiga Group
2 days ago

One week until our next #Norwich #Amiga Group meet at Bowling House, 5-7 Dereham Road, Norwich, NR2 4HX.

Not only is it NAG's sixth anniversary weekend we're holding a Micro Machines tournament - like the event it's open to all and no entry fees!

Hopefully we'll see a lot of Norwich & #Norfolk based people there for some #RetroGaming and #RetroComputing fun, as always.


A really cool black Amiga 1200 (including custom LEDs) with an even cooler black Amiga 500 next to it (with matching keys).  The A1200 is running AmigaOS 3.2 (the A500 is not plugged in).
Metin Seven
2 days ago

A collage of rough ballpen sketches, accompanying my written ideas for the Hoi Amiga game, which was published worldwide on two 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

More about our games can be found in the Retro-gaming section of

#commodore #amiga #retrogaming #retrocomputing #retro #vintage #1990s #sketch #drawing #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart

Compilation of ballpen sketches surrounding written ideas on paper.
2 days ago

AmiGemini - ein Browser für u.a. Gemini, Spartan und Gopher - ist in Version 0.10 erschienen und neben der Amiga OS3 Version auch erstmals als native Amiga OS4 Version.

#commodore #amiga #amigaos #amigaworld #gemini #gopher #browser #software #retro

Today's #Amiga struggle session is over, now time for a long walk home.
Come to think of it, graffiti is kinda a street #demoscene...

Picture of an awesome graffiti showing characters from a Soviet cartoon "Wolf and Hare"
Underground passage with walls covered with different graffitis.
Zoomed out shot of an underground passageway.
Oder river at night.
Hans Schneider
3 days ago

Oh shit, THIS brings back sweet memories! #Amiga, the Scene, Sound Tracker, Fast Tracker, Chris Hülsbeck… Coincidentally a couple of weeks ago I thoug about using the Tracker input format to create lightshows with #wled 🤔

Retro Gerry
3 days ago

Another couple of #retrogaming 3d prints from todays #photography session

White 3d printed lithophane featuring the box art from the lucas arts point and click adventure 'the secret of monkey island' lit and also unlit images shown.

The next is the 8 bit classic fantasy world dizzy.

Then box art from one of my favourite 16bit #amiga games, dungeon master

#3dprint #adventuregame

White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuring the box art from the lucas arts point and click adventure 'the secret of monkey island' sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
White 3d printed lithophane featuring the box art from the lucas arts point and click adventure 'the secret of monkey island' sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
The lithophane is unlit so the image cannot be clearly seen
White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuring the box art from the 8 bit arcade adventure 'fantasy world dizzy' sitting on black gloss surface. The lithophane has an anthromorphic egg wearing pith helmet and using a shovel , a dragon is behind him

In the background is a blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
White back lit 3d printed lithophane featuring the box art from the classic 16 bit game dungeon master sitting on black gloss surface. In the background is a dark blurred arcade machine and neon lights.
3 days ago
Shiny new fan and a bunch of capacitors arriving today for a weekend recap of the #Amiga 2000 power supply.
RetroTheory :verified:
3 days ago

Picked up a few non-functional cards for my #Amiga 2000 , a GVP 68030 card with SCSI and an A2088XT . If you look carefully you might be able to see what's wrong with the XT card.

3 days ago

@Pascal_Baratoux @sebsauvage
Unknown 6.12%
Ah ah ! AmigaOS est devant Linux 😋
#Amiga rules!

Charlie Balogh
3 days ago

Commodore Dynamic Total Vision. That's it. That's the toot. #amiga

Steve Lord
3 days ago

Not saying you should watch Laurel and Hardy movies on your #amiga... but if you have one you should

3 days ago

Heikki Luhtala; 1986, Lo Res, 32 Colors

Drawn during a time of innocence, bliss and dandelions.

#pixelart #80s #amiga #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #Commodore

3 days ago

@midwan I'm very looking forward to the first release of #Amidon Thanks a lot for supporting the #Amiga 👍👍👍

Charlie Balogh
3 days ago

Spontaneous Friday evening Amiga Club with a 68060 powered CD32. #amiga

I made a video showing my very custom linux desktop that brings the same joys and software my old workstation from the 90s had. integrated emulation in my desktop and filesystem. #amiga #fsuae #emulation #vintagecomputer

𝐋𝐞𝐬 𝐏𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐝𝐮 𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭 - 𝟏𝟗𝟖𝟔

Adaptation fidèle de la BD de François Bourgeon, ce classique des jeux d'aventure à l'ancienne se déroule à la veille de la Révolution française.
Tilts d'Or 1987 des meilleurs graphismes.
#Retrogaming #Atari #amstrad #amiga #commodore64 #retrogames #retrogamer #jeuxvideo #videogames #pointandclick #adventuregame #adventuregames #pixelart

Lyonsden Blog
3 days ago

Yeah you really can access Gmail on a 30 year old #Commodore #Amiga 1200! ❤📺💌

4 days ago

If you’re interested in music making with an #Amiga, sampling and trackers, cTrix made this video and it’s the best I’ve seen on the topic. It’s so interesting and well done! It was really like this. #trackedmusic #protracker #samplers

Steve Lord
4 days ago

I've had a crash whenever I've plugged a USB drive into my Deneb for a few weeks. Not sure if it's the 3.2.2 upgrade or something else. Snoopdos spotted Trident complain about MagicWB, so I held my nose and installed it, which blatted a ton of configs. Then I went back to BestWB for 3.2 which blatted the rest and now my A4000 is in a right old state. I think I'll do a full rebuild once I've moved and built the NAS, as most of my #amiga warez archives can live there.

Steve Lord
4 days ago

Jean 'Moebius' Giraud created a set of images and early digital animations in Aegis Animator using his daughter's Commodore #amiga. The floppy disks have finally been recovered and the art will be exhibited in Spain this April:

4 days ago

@blacksheep Das FidoNet gibt es immer noch. Eine hohe Telefonrechnung werde ich nie haben. Als Mailboxen ihre Hochzeit hatten war ich noch nicht geplant. Ich bin sehr dankbar für das Revival. Es hat mir eine Wohlfühlonlinecommunity #BlackICEbbs gegeben und die Liebe zu alter Hardware #Amiga geschenkt 😍

Dr Hitchcock
4 days ago

@ojack Cute! What are you working on? It looks #Amiga-esque

John Girvin
4 days ago

Every twinstick shooter needs a tank class enemy :)

#Amiga #RetroDev #RetroGaming

4 days ago

I never had a sampler back then and now just couldn’t resist picking this Master Sound up. The sound quality of these cheap samplers are still surprisingly good! #amiga #amigamusic #sampler #retromusic #retrosoftware

Craig Grannell
5 days ago

#DailyRetroGame 77: Wizball (1986)

With its trippy intro, psychedelic bonus round and compelling blasting/collecting action, Wizball was a C64 classic, perfectly utilising the breadbin’s clout.

It’s also a mid-1980s conversion disaster case study. On #CPC, it’s flip-screen. The #Amiga version’s robbed of ambience and nuanced attack patterns. And the CGA take is an abomination to never speak of again. Stick with the original.

Play it on: #C64



5 days ago
You know how they say that a boat is just a hole in the water you throw money into? /me glances at the #Amiga 2000.
6 days ago

Hi there, #pixelart people. As some of you know, I am working on a tool called Retro Painter for MacOS x64 and Apple Silicon.

The tool features some basic drawing tools, many different modes, importing of #koala painter, a font-editor, basic animation... You can draw in most PC-modes up to MCGA, #Amiga, #c64 and #zxspectrum.

I just uploaded version 0.1.0 to itch:

Any feedback or art, fonts, mod-files welcome and appreciated 🙂

Alisha Manuela Stutz
6 days ago

Today i get some parts to upgrade my Amiga 4000D.

•Amiga 4000 IDE Expansion
•Amiga 4000 Coin Cell Adapter

Both from #retro #amiga #amiga4000 #ide #expansion #battery #commodore

Amiga 4000 IDE Expansion
Amiga 4000 Coin Cell Adapter Top View
Amiga 4000 Coin Cell Adapter Side View
Gabriele Svelto
6 days ago

@sos besides the many good recommendations here you can follow hashtags too! Tags like #retrocomputing #gamedev have hundreds of posts per week, if that's too much you can narrow it down to specific hardware or topics (I follow #amiga and #demoscene for example).

Robee? Na! 🌈
6 days ago

The tech demos on old machines people are churning out are just incredible, a HAM mode 3D engine on the #Amiga? This fast? So fast!

John Girvin
6 days ago

OK, I may have cracked the autotiling :)

#Amiga #RetroDev #RetroGaming

1 week ago

I was looking for a paint program or pixel art tool for MacOS with support for the Amiga IFF/ILBM image format. It turns out it's not an easy task. The only one I found so far is GrafX2, which has a mac port. It resembles Brilliance and does the job very well.

#amiga #macos #pixelart #paintprogram #brilliance

It still works! #Amiga Admittedly been a year since I last had it on. Bought in 1992 as a "developer" machine for a developer price, back when I worked at #DMADesign

Commodore Amiga 1200 with TV running Workbench, sitting on desk.
1 week ago

Software peaked with Directory Opus on the #Amiga.

I want to write a clone for modern systems but (a) DOpus isn’t gonna work as a console app so it would need to be a GUI and (b) I’m really bad at GUI programming and (c) cross-platform GUIs seem to be not very much fun.

I’m wondering if terminal mouse tracking would be enough to get it 90% of the way there. Madness. Madness.

Norwich Amiga Group
1 week ago

TONIGHT 8pm GMT: Part 5 of my #Twitch series, streaming every coverdisk from #Amiga Power magazine. We're up to issue 14 from June 1992, and playing demos of Aquaventura and Legend (two games I don't know much about). Plus lots of other delights to follow.

Join me over at for an adventure in playable demos past - do feel free to drop in and say hello! If you want.

#CommodoreAmiga #RetroGaming #RetroComputing

A screenshot from a playable demo of Aquaventura by Psygnosis on the Amiga.
A screenshot from a playable demo of Legend on the Amiga.
BlackICE BBS /
1 week ago

BBSindex will meet the Eventcoordinator in April to gather more information about the Amiga 38. #retro #amiga38 #amiga37 #amiga34 #amiga32 #amiga30 #amiga #a1k #commodore

Metin Seven
1 week ago

In December 1991 I made an animated Xmas greeting together with the Dutch comic creator Wilbert Plijnaar (who later moved to the US as a storyboarder for Ice Age and several other animation productions).

We used the Deluxe Paint (DPaint) pixel editor on a Commodore Amiga to create the animation, and sent it to friends and relatives on VHS videotapes.

#animation #animated #video #xmas #christmas #commodore #amiga #retrocomputing #retro #1990s

Rogue Soul
1 week ago

Having a bit of a box sort today. Just the tip of the iceberg... I keep finding Speccy's I forgot I had 🤦‍♂️. Send help!

#retrocomputing #oldschoolcomputing #vintagecomputers #sinclair #sinclairspectrum #commodore64 #amiga #retrogaming #8bit #computermuseum #vintagegaming #retrotech #nostalgia #classiccomputing #vintagehardware

A collection of vintage (and reproduction) boxed computers and accessories. Including: ZX Spectrum +3, Commodore 64C, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sinclair ZX80, 1541 Floppy Disk, Memopak 16k, 16k ZX Memory Expansion for ZX81, Dragon 32, and a ZX Spectrum Lightgun.
A collection of vintage boxed computers, including Commodore 64C, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, ZX Interface 1, ZX Interface 2, Amiga 500, Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ and more.
John Girvin
2 weeks ago

Title screen, menus and all the main gameplay loops in place now. Level complete not shown, but you get the idea.

The big missing parts now are the inter-level upgrade shop, CD32 controller mode, and sound. Gameplay is missing a few bits and needs a lot of tuning, but it works at least.

#Commodore #Amiga #RetroDev #RetroGaming #RogueLike

2 weeks ago

Because I have the rest of the week off it is technically #FollowFriday for me:

@zeptobars for detailed shots of chips.

@8bitgames for retro content and great adventure games

@anttipeltola for DOSBox-staging stuff

@root42 for a taste of retro tech YouTube

@ravenlordess for the best #Amiga cosplays

@Pecc0r for a maker goddess

@melly_maeh for accessibility in gaming

@marove for cute soldering kits

@jeff for retro game dev

And @Lotje for general awesomeness

Craig Grannell
2 weeks ago

#DailyRetroGame 70: Elite (1984)

‘Ambitious’ doesn’t cut it when talking about a space game that packed 3D combat and interstellar trading across massive procedurally generated galaxies – and all in just 32k. Initially confusing publishers (one rejected the game and said it needed a lives system), #Elite became a huge hit, and reframed what home micro games could be.

Play it on: #BBCMicro with @markmoxon fix: or #Amiga



2 weeks ago

I haven't yet finished playing #VirtuaVerse, but an #Amiga 500 #demo is integral to the plot, and I don't think any more needs to be said. Play it in the classic mode, not the new "story mode". You'll probably need a walkthrough to get through some parts, but the puzzles are a lot of fun.

It's on sale for $2.99 right now on #Gog.

#cyberpunk #ComputerGame #GameRecommendation #retrocomputing #PixelArt #PixelGraphics #AdventureGame #PointAndClick #2D #PointAndClickAdventure

Wintermute_BBS :verified: ⛔
2 weeks ago

@paulrickards I'm impressed! But then, the #Amiga never stops to surprise me!

I'm doing a bit of cleanup on my timeline and I'm looking for cool accounts to follow 📰 🐇

Please recommend me some people (you can recommend yourself too!) from #retrocomputing, #electronics, #amiga, #demoscene spheres who are doing interesting stuff, not matter how small and niche.

I want to center my feed around people are who *doing* and *creating*, rather then "e-bay hoarders" who just buy stuff for the sake of buying it, showing off on social media and then putting it in storage forever.

Macs have #Marchintosh, what should #Amiga have?

John Girvin
3 weeks ago

Test run of one level, with the status bar in place now.

#Amiga #RetroDev #RogueLite #RetroGaming [YT]

3 weeks ago

The two cards fit together snuggly and just barely fit inside the CDTV expansion slot. Power is tapped from the CDTV SCSI card. I used Kapton tape on the back just in case. And it worked, first try! Only trick is removing the card so I threaded some loose cable around the 50 pin connector to pull the card out.

#RetroComputing #VintageComputing #AmigaCDTV #Amiga #BlueSCSI

BlueSCSI and Amiga CDTV SCSI card sandwich.
BlueSCSI and Amiga CDTV SCSI card sandwich from the side.
BlueSCSI and Amiga CDTV SCSI card sandwich inserted into the expansion slot. Two wires snake out of the back to pull the card out again for service.
3 weeks ago

Decided today to try something I’ve thought about since the #BlueSCSI came out: turn the BlueSCSI into a backpack card for the #Amiga CDTV SCSI card. After trying some test fits for clearance, I moved most components to the opposite side of the board. I used a female header for SCSI on the back of the card.

#RetroComputing #VintageComputing #AmigaCDTV

BlueSCSI card and Amiga CDTV SCSI card.
BlueSCSI card and Amiga CDTV SCSI card opposite sides.
3 weeks ago
Movie of The Juggler on Amiga as viewed on a CRT
Amiga CDTV and remote
3 weeks ago

Life has been pretty crazy ever since I got back from #AmigaIreland , but now that my exams are over, I finally have time to post something.

Here are the two previously unrevealed #retrogame costumes I wore at the event. The left one is Bubby from Rainbow Islands ( #Amiga version, as usual), and on the right is my female version of Lester from Another World. As much as I prefer complicated, detailed #cosplay , it's sometimes nice to tackle a project that doesn't take many months to finish.

3 weeks ago

Updated my #BlueSCSI 1.0 units to the latest firmware yesterday and happy to report they seem to now work in the #Amiga CDTV! #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #AmigaCDTV

Screenshot of Amiga HDTools showing the drive definitions for the BlueSCSI read from the drive.
Norwich Amiga Group
3 weeks ago

Yesterday was spent setting up #Amiga stuff for OLL XP at the Forum, #Norwich this weekend. Even during setup we had lots of interested people wander over for a game and a chat!

There's loads going on this weekend so come and check out this FREE event today (9am-5pm) and tomorrow (10am-4pm). It's going to be a lot of fun!

#CommodoreAmiga #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #Norfolk

An Amiga 1500 with DPaint running, and a lovely A1000 playing Lemmings from floppy disk.
A shot of our row of tables with lots of Amigas being set up (not all visible here).  Plus a few people in the background checking out what we have on display already. Check out the Minimig in the transparent case though...
An Amiga 1200 runninng one of our member's WIP games, an A500+ with the 2021 release Turbo Tomato and an A600 that hasn't been switched on yet - oh, and the small matter of a funky CDTV complete with official black keyboard...
The NAG banner which found a home just above our section on the staircase - hopefully nobody minds that hanging off the side...
Blake Patterson
3 weeks ago

"Four Byte Burger" by Jack Haeger, created on an Amiga 1000 in 1985.

The paint program was so early in development that it did not have a save feature -- the image does not exist digitally, this is a scanned photgraph.

( Notice the CRT scanlines ... and their direction. )

#Amiga #pixelart #graphics #pixels #art #1985 #digitalart #Commodore #paint #computinghistory #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing

A highly pixelated rendition of a fully deconstructed cheeseburger with a floppy disk where the patty would normally go
John Girvin
4 weeks ago

Started work on the final room entry and boss fight. There's only going to be one type of boss fight in this version, just getting harder as you progress.

#Amiga #RetroDev #TwinStick #RogueLike

Richard Troupe
1 month ago


Does anyone else get that feeling that they want to play some games or tinker about on an old computer but are so mentally exhausted that they just stare blankly at nothing before passing out?

Just me?

I want to play Lionheart on #Amiga but my mind just can't bring me to do it.

Lionheart on screen playing on an Amiga 600.
1 month ago

19 more bbs ads, this time exclusively from 1993, added to demozoo & defacto2 - see
#bbs #amiga #ascii #ansi #demoscene #piracy
here are some picks:

rejtelmes sziget bbs ad, 1993
terror doom bbs ad, 1993
terminal bbs ad, 1993
los endos bbs ad, 1993
1 month ago

I added a Retro Computer Pop-Up page to my shop with #VintageComputer items like a #HayesChronograph, #Amiga CDTV SCSI adapter, and #RetroComputer themed pen plots from my #PenPlotter.

😎 Check it out:

A Hayes Chronograph
A pen plot of 78 different Mac models in a 13x6 grid.
1 month ago

STAMIGA: The Flame War - #Amiga vs. #AtariST – a #retrogamingbook about the unique power struggle in computer history.

book with the amiga ball and the atari logo
Steve Lord
1 month ago

Redoing my #introduction due to changes since the last one:

I run, a small instance for friends. On fedi for >5 years. Into #retrocomputing, #solarpunk, #minidisc, #amiga, #amateurradio, #economics, #history and #mutualaid.

I'm currently researching machine learning, data analysis and capital markets. Very interested in poking holes in capitalism to create non-capitalist spaces.

Inspirations include Le Guin, Sankara, Miyazaki, Roddenberry, Fisher, Graeber, and the Smurfs

"It was the Third Age of Mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War...."

Though it was only used early on in #Babylon5's production, the Commodore #Amiga is part of its heritage. And the demoscene produced some cool slideshows featuring stills and renders.

These were snapped from 'Babylon 5 Slideshow (AGA)' Sadeness.' and I'm pretty sure I downloaded the image from TurriFTP.

#Retrocomputing #Demoscene #CommodoreAmiga #Commodore

Jan Beta
1 month ago

New video! I'm continuing work on the early Amiga 500. I fix the keyboard, try to align the disk drive and give everything a good cleaning. #Amiga #Commodore #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Restoration #Repair

1 month ago

Back in the early nineties I wrote and drew a comic about how #OceanSoftware could spend less money on movie licenses if Gary Bracey made his own movie to base a game on. #RETROGAMING #retrogame #retrogamer #ZXSpectrum #c64 #commodore #Atari #amiga

Craig Grannell
1 month ago

#DailyRetroGame 56: Turrican II (1991)

Manfred Trenz was clearly some kind of wizard turned programmer, given what he managed to eke out of the C64. This second Turrican game featured colossal enemies and lightning-fast shoot ’em up sections with buckets of parallax scrolling.

The Amiga version’s perhaps most well-known, but Trenz says the C64 game was the original – and that’s the one I always favoured.

Play it on: #C64, #Amiga

Gameplay (C64):