One of the tadpoles just now!

#frogstodon 🐸

grey and black spotted tadpole in an aquarium
Lukas VF Novak
17 hours ago

These Bizarre #Amphibians Changed The Chemical Landscape To Survive A Plague Of #Snakes by @GrrlScientist

"#Caecilians are a group of legless serpentine #burrowing amphibians that primarily live hidden in #soil or in stream beds and resemble either a large #worm or a #snake."

photo of a caecilian - a long legless worm-like amphibian
3 days ago

just listened to @KateShaw 's most recent episode:

it features a frog with a spooky, halloween appropriate diet ...


Dan McCullough
4 days ago

This is the first Spring Peeper I’ve seen in the yard. It might just be passing through rather than settling in. You can barely make out the telltale X on its back. #frogs #springpeeper #amphibians #whatsinmyyard

Small, maybe a little over an inch, Spring Peeper frog in the grass. There is a very faint letter X on its back that will grow in darker that helps ID Spring Peepers.
Thaiis Thei 𓁟
3 weeks ago


Dies anyone know whose babies these are?

#Tasmania #entomology #amphibians

A submerged cylindrical mucas like form with tiny creatures in it. Approximately 4 x 3 cm
Julie Howlin
3 weeks ago

It’s said witches could summon demons using a type of brandy made from newt body parts. Hence at the start of Macbeth, the three witches include “eye of newt” in their brew.

10 things you might not know about newts:

#Newts #Amphibians #Animals #Facts

Michael Roast
3 weeks ago

Had a few great nights out spotlighting in Le Balze and Valdarno last week. Some great Italian endemic #amphibians (but no spectacled salamanders!) including Italian Stream and Tree #Frogs, plus an Agile Frog and an edible #Dormouse. #Italy #Nocturnal

1 month ago

If you need more than occasional photographs of ducks you're welcome to use any you find at
Just reference where you found it. Unfortunately, the site has been rather neglected of late as our place is currently on the market.
You'll find all kind of wildlife recorded.

#wildlife #birds #mammals #insects #amphibians #reptiles #fish #invertebrates

1 month ago

Wenn ich groß bin, werde ich - ja was genau? Vielleicht ein Grasfrosch? Rana temporaria - was für ein schöner Name!

#frösche #Amphibien #frogs #amphibians #Grasfrosch #grassfrog #ranatemporaria

Ein noch nicht ganz fertig entwickeltes graues Fröschlein - noch mit Schwanz - in einer Wasserpfütze sitzt auf einem welken orangefarbenen Ahornblatt.
Matthew Fells
1 month ago

Meet Christoadpher Walken. Demi toadvato? I dunno.

#toads #amphibians #AmericanToad

A toad sitting in front of some BBQ implements.

Made a new friend whilst watering the garden last evening. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Pacific Tree Frog

#frog #treefrog #amphibians

A Pacific Tree Frog
A Pacific Tree Frog
A Pacific Tree Frog, sitting on an inverted terracotta pot.
Corey Bradshaw
1 month ago

Resident frogologist, Rupert Mathwin of @GlobEcoFlinders, just brought into the lab some beautiful (and a few very fat) Vulnerable southern bell frogs (Litoria raniformis) #frogs #amphibians #herps

2 months ago

A Copper-cheeked Frog (Chalcorana labialis) spotted at Lower Pierce Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 13 August 2023. Pointed it out to some people passing by who also admired it.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Frogs #Anura #Amphibians #Amphibia

A frog with greenish sides, a brown back, cheeks the colour of copper and a pointed snout.
2 months ago

New study shows pure #glyphosate (without additives) can cause massive damage to #amphibians even at concentrations that are often exceeded in the environment. The study found while untreated clawed frog tadpoles developed normally, treatment with glyphosate led to massive developmental defects: shortened bodies, reduced eyes, malformed and shortened cranial nerves, reduced hearts. Also reduced heart rates.

Corey Bradshaw
2 months ago

PhD candidate Rupert Mathwin from @GlobEcoFlinders featured in Cosmos Magazine

Frogs the world over are in hot water and they need your help

#frogs #amphibians #citizenscience

2 months ago

Smooth guardian frog (Limnonectes palavanensis) carrying its tadpoles in Ulu Temburong National Park, #Brunei. Photo: Joremy Tony. #Borneo #wildlife #amphibians #frogs #naturephotography #wildlifephotography

2 months ago

Vantage point: Belalong tree frog (Leptomantis belalongensis), an endemic to Temburong District, on its perch in #Brunei. Photo: Joremy Tony. #Borneo #wildlife #amphibians #frogs
#naturephotography #wildlifephotography #vulnerablespecies

Max Wilbert
2 months ago

My latest essay, "The Synergy of Action," is about the connection between the smallest individual deeds and greater acts of courage. It's the story of a small scale restoration project I've been working on for the past six years. You can find it on my Substack (link on my website).

#water #watercycle #smallwatercycle #restoration #amphibians #beavers #riparian #habitat

2 months ago

Meet one of the stars of the Brunei rainforest: Wallace's flying frog (Rhacophorus nigropalmatus). Photos: Joremy Tony. #Borneo #wildlife #amphibians

Lukas VF Novak
2 months ago

Wormlike #animals are first #amphibians shown to pass #microbes to their offspring

#ParentalCare contributes to vertical transmission of microbes in a skin-feeding and direct-developing #caecilian

"#Caecilians are an elusive type of #amphibian that primarily live #underground and look like a cross between a worm and a snake. One of the few things that is known about caecilians is their unique method for feeding their young."

Caecilian with its eggs and hatching offspring
2 months ago
Paula Whyman
3 months ago

Can anyone ID this frog? It was my swimming buddy this morning.

#frog #amphibians #herpetology

Small light green frog with dark stripes and bumpy skin clinging to pool ladder.
GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
3 months ago

giant salamanders are declining throughout their entire eastern US range — but why?

In Search Of America’s Missing Hellbenders | out of @virginia_tech published by @ASNAmNat

by @GrrlScientist via @ForbesScience / @Forbes

#amphibians #conservation #deforestation #agriculture

Javed Ahmed
3 months ago

But that's not all - we also encountered at least two large colonies of the yellow crazy ant (#Anoplolepis gracilipes)!

Agressive invaders, they rapidly expand territory, hunting and killing anything they can overpower, including small #reptiles and #amphibians.

3 months ago

I've been at #Anthrocon ! I turned myself (top left) and a bunch of my friends into newts beforehand, and running around the con to deliver these badges was way too much fun.

These are ink, watercolor, and colored pencil.

#newts #ink #amphibians

Collection of convention badges, characters drawn as newts
Bryan Wright
3 months ago

A toad ponders life's vicissitudes.

#toad #amphibians #photography

A large chocolate-brown toad rests his chin on a concrete floor strewn with dirt and pebbles. He faces us, with his golden eye half-closed, but not looking at us.  He's thinking his own inner thoughts, perhaps ruminating about some mistake he made years ago.
Jake Rayson
3 months ago
Tiny frog on woodland path, close-up
Dillon Jones - Biologist
3 months ago


Had the first rains since ive been down in #Belize. Of course had to go out. Found 4 #Bolitoglossa rufescens, the Rufescent salamander while hiking

Not gonna lie, ive been going through some stuff and really needed to find these little dudes. Put all the clips into a short video with some further explanation as to this neato group

Captions still generating!

#scicomm #amphibians #herping #videos

3 months ago
Common lizard held in a hand
Common lizard on a river rock
Tiny baby Toad in a stream
Tiny baby Toad held in the hand
Jen C Mars
3 months ago

Tiger salamanders are one of only two species of salamander found in my area.

Gouache with colored pencil on 4x5" hotpress paper.

#painting #Art #amphibians #Nature #illustration

Portrait of a shiny black salamander with a yellow pattern. The salamander is looking towards the viewer with one baleful orange-and-gold flecked eye. The background is a flat spring green color field.
Dillon Jones - Biologist
3 months ago

Had the opportunity to do #herpetology surveys with the Belize Karst Habitat Conservation. While it was a short survey period during an exceptionally dry wet season, we still managed to get plenty of #reptiles and #amphibians

One of my favorite finds were these Helmeted Basilisks, Corytophanes hernandezii. A male and a female perched on the same plant.

Also called the old man's lizard local legend says that if one spins around a tree 3 times you will get lost in the woods forever!

A medium sized orange colored old man's lizard perched on a branch
An old man's lizard held in hand. It's mouth is agape. The large yellow head crest is an identifying character of the species
Another old man's lizard in hand. It's mouth is agape, and it is puffing out it's neck.
DK Mok
4 months ago

The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year shortlist is out. This is one of my favourite nature photography competitions, & this year has cute mudskippers, snippy crabs, otherworldly cephalopods, & a fluffy rainbow of bee-eaters.

#Nature #Photography #NaturePhotography #Wildlife #Australia #Animals #Birds #Cephalopods #Fish #Amphibians

Peer Community In
4 months ago

A new #preprint #OpenScience #PeerReview by @PCI_Ecology: Matutini, F. et al. Conservation networks do not match ecological requirements of #amphibians. #bioRxiv #Ecology.

Bryan Wright
4 months ago

Toad contemplates his options.

#toad #toads #nature #amphibians #photography

A gray toad peers over the top of a similarly-colored stone. The toad sits in a depression or hole behind the stone. We see him from above and behind. Oblique light highlights the warts and stipples of his skin. His eyes are enclosed in two globes atop his head. One eye is visible, looking dreamily over the rock. The ground around him is gray, brown and red -- the color of red clay or decaying bricks. A dry oak leaf lies on the rock, and other leave are scattered beside the toad.
4 months ago

It's #FrogFriday (#FroschFreitag?) Bullfrogs are the largest frogs around here - and the only ones, whose tadpoles overwinter. Their sonorous call sounds a bit like a bull - hence the name.

#Herps #Amphibians #Wetlands #Frogs

Mid-size bullfrog sitting on a log at the water's edge. It's deep green color is offset by golden eyes and creamy mottling on its throat.
Bullfrog tadpole. Its rump measures already almost 2in/5cm.
Peek-a-boo! Bullfrog face peeking out from the pond surface.
5 months ago
A small rough skin newt swims in a pond, centrally framed in the photo. There are a couple leaves on the water and below the newt quite a bit of green aquatic foliage is growing.
5 months ago

A lovely little frog, identified as the Malesian Frog (Limnonectes malesianus) spotted near a stream at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 7 May 2023. It was about 10-15 mm in length. Listed as Near Threatened in the IUCN Red List, it is considered locally common but with a restricted range.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Amphibians #Amphibia #Frogs #Anura

A frog with a brown body, a mottled appearance and red marks over its body.
Same description as first image.
Dillon Jones - Biologist
5 months ago

I am blown away by how nice and helpful everyone is on here! Thank you for the very warm welcome.

I'm still figuring everything out, but here's a cluster of red eye tree #frog eggs hanging off a leaf in Belize.

If under threat from a predator, fungus, or drying out, the developing tadpoles will drop into the water below to continue their development.

I now know #hashtags are important!

#herpetology #amphibians #conservation #biology #biodiversity #scicomm

a cluster of several dozen spherical frog eggs that look like clear jelly hang from a leaf. Inside each egg is a yellow tadpole with dark eyes

Had a pretty cool #wildlife encounter in my back yard today. Went to mow the lawn and found two mating garden #snakes under the mower. I just snapped these pics and left them alone.

PSA: Always move the mower before starting it!

#NatureLovers #NaturePhotography #Naturfotografie #природа #naturaleza #natuur #amphibians #herpetology

View from one standing behind a lawnmower. The intertwined snakes are visible just in front of the mower among some tall grass.
The intertwined snakes among some tall grass. They have brown patterned backs and white bellies and might be about 18 inches in length.
The intertwined snakes among some tall grass. They have brown patterned backs and white bellies and might be about 18 inches in length. The small head of one of them is visible in the center.
Bath Nature
5 months ago

Great Crested Newts and Palmate Newts this week in #Bath #Somerset #UK. Lots of both species in my local pond. Great Crested Newts are a protected species in the UK and Europe - I have a licence to survey for them.
#Nature #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #Amphibians #Amphibian #Newt #Newts #GCN #Pond #PondLife #Animals #Spring #NatureCommunity

A male Great Crested Newt - a large amphibian, resembling a lizard. The newt is dark on top with a bright orange belly and a large spiky crest on its back. Around it are several smaller Palmate Newts, which are green-brown with dark speckles. The newts are in water in a white tray.
A male Great Crested Newt - a large amphibian, resembling a lizard. The newt has dark skin and is on bare ground, crawling towards the camera.
Ann Bergin
5 months ago

Went to the pond, and visibility was excellent for Common Newt spotting 🦎 💚

Here's a courtship display, whereby the male (who is more spotted and has a crest) pursues a female. He moves in front of her and vibrates his tail to waft pheromones her way.

#amphibians #newts #herpetology

5 months ago

Big shiny eyes: Jasper cat snake (Boiga jaspidea) in #Brunei. Photo: rainforestkayaker. #Borneo #wildlife #amphibians

5 months ago

Saffron-bellied frog (Chaperina fusca) in #Brunei. Photo: rainforestkayaker. #Borneo #wildlife #amphibians

Ann Bergin
5 months ago

Went newt spotting this evening 💚

#amphibians #salamanders #newts

Lengthways view of a newt from nose to tail.
Bath Nature
5 months ago
A frog sitting on a plank of wood
Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

on days 66 & 67 of drawing animals I drew a bunch of frogs. frogs are cool, and can do funny things with their legs. And their tongues, still need to study frog range of movement and frog tongue action at some point ...

#Art #Ink #Frogs #Amphibians

a page with three sketches of frogs in black ink
a page with four sketches of frogs in black ink
Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

I am becoming a bit frustrated with the lack of #resources about #drawing #animals that are not mammals or birds. Can anyone here recommend anything that goes further than just the normal Dynamic Sketching classes? Books, websites, videos, anything?

I mean cats are cool and all but so are #insects, #amphibians & #molluscs know what I mean?

(or: good intros to scientific illustration that cover critters?)

boosts welcome!

Oona is drawing animals
6 months ago

on days 61 & 63 of #drawing #animals I finished some of the watercolors I had started on day 39 ( ).

This #wasp and #frog were _very_ satisfying to finish, and I learned a lot from them. In fact I learned so much that I immediately had the urge to start over with new versions or very similar images at least, but did not yet get around to that. So many things!

#insects #amphibians #art

a closeup drawing of a wasp in black ink and yellow and white watercolor on brown paper
a closeup drawing of a wasp in black ink on brown paper, with some lines of the underdrawing in brown ink still visible
a watercolor on brown paper of a predominantly green and blue frog with orange eyes and hands and feet walking along a very mossy green branch
Ann Bergin
6 months ago

Lil newtly gentleman doing a characteristic hang pose 🦎

[Lissotriton vulgaris, Smooth Newt.]

#Amphibians #Salamanders #SpringWatch

Male common newt underwater in a pond with weeds. His limbs stick out at 90 degrees to his long thin body and tail. He is about 10 cm long in total, and stripey with a crest.
Focal Yokel
6 months ago

I have been neglecting my #DailyTreeFrog responsibilities... Here's a glass frog, once again from Costa Rica!

#frog #amphibians #wildlife #nature

A green frog with yellow eyes is sitting on a leaf.  The body has hints of yellow and blue and is partially translucent.
Sally Hammond
6 months ago

It’s toad time in the local ponds! I’ve a feeling this might be a marmite post - and I love them! #amphibians #toads #naturephotography

Close-up of common toad on sand path
Deborah League
6 months ago

I know this may not be your average choice for a painting, but, I could not resist this handsome fella ... perhaps waiting for his princess? My husband photographed him one summer day on a bird fountain in our yard.

Art -

#watercolor #homedecor #buyintoart #bullfrog #frog #animalpainting #watercolorpainting #art #artist #AYearForArt #SpringIntoArt #mastodonart #mastoart #mastodon #fountain #nature #wildlife #amphibians #photography #painting #green

Watercolor depicts a handsome green and turquoise bullfrog sitting on a fountain edge waiting for his princess to arrive. This lovely gentleman will add interest and whimsey to the walls of any room in your home! My husband photographed this guy sitting on our fountain one day this past summer.
Anne Fausto Sterling
9 months ago

Smaga, C. R., S. L. Bock, J. M. Johnson and B. B. Parrott (2022). "Sex Determination and Ovarian Development in Reptiles and Amphibians: From Genetic Pathways to Environmental Influences." Sexual Development.

#reptiles #amphibians #environmentalsexdetermination

Katy Greenwald
10 months ago

I posted an #introduction a few days ago, but here's one for my study system, aka the coolest salamanders in Michigan, and maybe the world: the unisexual Ambystoma!

These salamanders are all female, polyploid (>2 sets of chromosomes) and "steal" DNA from males of other species. They've been around for 5 million years and are the oldest known unisexual vertebrate.

#herpetology #amphibians #salamanders #biology

Two unisexual salamanders on a rock. They are gray/black with light blue flecking.