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1 month ago

If you are anywhere near #SouthCarolina and are thinking about, looking to, or might be willing to #adoptAPet, this #animalShelter
is one of many that are overflowing and could use your help today.

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Out to walk and feed the dogs🦮

- even a stroll in the grass was so difficult for some- and one preferred to chew the rein than eat the nuts.
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3 months ago

The local wildlife shelter has an annual open house each July 1. This year they had rescued baby moose (3), white tail deer(2), black tail deer1), black bear cubs (8) and a baby mountain goat (named Elsa). The baby bears were wrestling and generally being hilariously funny.

The highlight was easily the baby mountain goat that a couple ranchers saved after finding her washed down a river.

She’s currently getting care, growing up strong so she can be released back to her original habitat. In the meantime, to help her during this time at the shelter she is penned with a couple of lambs. The volunteer referred to them as her “emotional support sheep” and boy howdy did that mountain goat enjoy jumping on things (including the sheep) and play head-butting the sheep.

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Lojie :blobcatcoffee:
3 months ago

Amazing, how the Ukrainians work together to help misplaced animals - here in the Cherson area, after the dam was destroyed. :heart_fire:
72 dogs and 96 cats saved from the flooding.

"Heartwarming Stories of Rescued Pets from Lviv Shelter"

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4 months ago

If you can help, please #adopt, #foster, #volunteer, and/or #donate to a legit #SanAntonio #animalShelter or #rescueGroup ASAP. #Healthy, #adoptable pets deserve to live, not to be killed because of human failings or a tight economy.

As I've said before, #pets end up in #shelters because of people; it's our responsibility to take care of them.

5 months ago

#VenturaCounty #Camarillo Camarillo Animal Shelter was closed due to #H3N2 in a canine; it has reopened and is all clear. #AnimalShelter #Adoption

From: Ventura County Animal Services Subject: H3N2 Canine Influenza Outbreak — ALL CLEAR VENTURA COUNTY, Calif.: Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) is pleased to announce that all dogs who were showing signs and symptoms of Canine Influenza A H3N2 strain have tested negative for the virus. This is great news for our community, and we want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we worked to ensure the welfare of all animals in our care and the community. Out of an abundance of caution, we had temporarily suspended dog adoptions and impounds at our Camarillo facility. This was due to an out-of-state dog who had entered our shelter on March 28, 2023, and tested positive for the H3N2 strain on two consecutive tests from two separate laboratories. That dog remains in isolation and is being closely monitored and tested regularly.
6 months ago

" a taxpayer, she wants socially conscious services and not a dog pound — a point made by residents who have lived in Laramie County for decades. They said they observed the multiple shelters run previously by the city and called it “a cheap place to die.”

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7 months ago

Please consider fostering or adopting Levi. He’s on a euthanasia list for today at Stockton.

He looks to be mostly Catahoula. From personal experience, those are very sweet, sensitive pups.

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7 months ago

If you live in the Bay Area and are thinking of adopting a #dog, please visit the Stockton Shelter. They’re chronically short on space, they’re volunteer run and do everything they can. But the dogs need to get out of there.

I adopted my dog Willie from there a year and a half ago. He’s the bees knees.

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Matthew Abbott
8 months ago

@Reil Best Friends Animal Society who work to work to enable no-kill shelters across the country, including a dedicated sanctuary site in Utah for animals for which it would be inappropriate to adopt them out for one reason or another, including both personality and infectious, chronic diseases.

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#BARCS #AnimalShelter in #Baltimore is out of space for dogs. Adoption fees are waived for the coming week. They are also looking for local #dog #rescues who may be able to take some pups. If you've ever considered fostering, this is also the time to try. You can take a dog home for a few days to see if it is something you can handle.

What I love best about fostering with BARCS is that the foster family gets to pick the adoptive family from all incoming applications.

BARCS Animal Shelter: OUT OF SPACE & BARCS is in a desperate situation: we are totally out of dog space. As an open-admission shelter, we take in every animal that comes to us in need. We've taken in more than 200 dogs in January already. Our facility only has so many cages, and a large influx of stray and surrendered animals quickly creates an urgent situation. We have hundreds of healthy, happy adoptable dogs and cats that need homes 
> ADOPT: Adoption fees are waived for ALL ANIMALS (dogs, cats, etc) at our 2490 Giles Road shelter Tuesday 1/17 through Sunday 1/22. We are open from 2-6 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 am.-4 p.m. on weekends. 
> FOSTER: We urgently need foster families for adult dogs who are not ready for adoption or are otherwise unavailable. These include dogs who are scared and/or shut down in our care, dogs who are sick (upper respiratory inflections; not contagious to humans) or injured who need some time to recover, or owned animals at our facility for emergency boarding due to a family crisis. Please apply to foster on our website. You do NOT need to have a specifc type of home or family o foster, Even a weekend-long commitment to foster can make a major diference. 
> RESCUE PARTNERS: fI you're with a rescue organization. please consider pulling an animal from our shelter. To see which animels are eligible for rescue, email rescue@barcs org
Close up picture of a large size brown dog, with his ears perked up and his big brown eyes looking desperately into the camera.
MistressPrime :verified:
9 months ago

Per Alex Zeldin (@JewishWonk)

An #AnimalShelter just north of #NewYork City is closing at the end of January. Any animals remaining will be euthanized. 20 cats and 12 dogs remain per a volunteer at the shelter.

If you were thinking about adopting, here's a real opportunity to rescue.

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9 months ago

He was in an #animalshelter waiting to be adopted. They needed his portrait taken. If you look closely you can see the bars reflected in his eye.
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A short-haired grey cat with yellow eyes.
The KamikaZEN 🇲🇽
10 months ago

We just made a donation to our local no-kill shelter and the told us they’re hosting a lucha libre event to raise funds. How cool is that? 🐈🤼‍♂️🐕

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A photo of a dog with a Mexican luchador mask and cape, sitting on the ring in front of two wrestling luchadores.

If you have old towels/bedsheets/duvets don't throw them away. Donate them to your local animal charities/shelters, chances are they will need them and be very grateful for them! It's sad to say but with the current living crisis people will be giving up their pets so a small gesture like this can help these places more than you know :ablobcatheart: #animals #animalshelter #everylittlehelps

boywithnoname (he/him)
10 months ago

"Due to the large number of people who adopted animals from puppy mills during the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of surrendered animals are also coming into shelters with behavioral issues, according to Cartwright."

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Lutz Klickermann
10 months ago

I used the Sunday to store all the animal bedding which was delivered a fews days ago. That’s living at an animal shelter. 😎✊

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