realcaseyrollins ✝️
12 minutes ago

@Hyolobrika @ThisPlaceAgain No, it’s because pop music is cultural and the #Fediverse is counter cultural.

Do the #Amish talk about #anime and #GameOfThrones?

Maia Starchild | VTuber
17 minutes ago

I wanted to work on Marael's suit design, and thought I'd do sometheing more interesting than just a standing pose. At some point, I still need to draw up the back, but this works for now. A little bit of worldbuilding with Cendaran in the background, too~

#art #digitalart #anime #animeart #mastoart

The Fandom Post
27 minutes ago

#Kadokawa Reveals 1st ‘#Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World!’ #Anime DVD/BD Release Artwork

36 minutes ago

Ein share von mir zum Thema: Wieso verherrlicht der Anime JoJos Bizarre Adventure Nationalsozialisten aus dem 2. Weltkrieg?
#german #germans #nazis #nazi #Nationalsozialismus #anime #animes

The live-action Ghost in the Shell is a very enjoyable movie. There, I said it. It gets the set design and effects right, and Beat Takeshi and Pilou are perfectly cast. I honestly think it's my love of the original that helps me accept the remake rather than dismiss it. The more attention to the work, and the more varied, is a good thing.

#GhostInTheShell #Anime #Cyberpunk #Cinema

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1 hour ago

#HeatthePigLiver’ TV #Anime Adaptation Drops New Key Visual

2 hours ago

We hit another Takagi-san location, but we're on the opposite side of the arches, with the red and white tower behind. #anime #takagisan #japan

Archivos DCU :verified:
3 hours ago

#NeonGenesisEvangelion Esta es la más oscura organización que debes conocer #NERV #Anime #Otaku

The Fandom Post
3 hours ago

#SugarAppleFairy Tale’ #Anime 2nd Part Sets Premiere With New Promo

Geek Native
3 hours ago

Atelier is a very popular series of computer RPGs. The first one, Atelier Marie, was published by Salburg for the PlayStation back in 1997 and in 2023 we'll see the series come to life as an anime #anime

3 hours ago

Took a week off from my usual shows for SGDQ. Decided to get caught back up with the last two episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch from Mercury - was not expecting a double whammy of gut-punches. #WitchFromMercury #anime #gundam

The Fandom Post
4 hours ago

#Happinet Reveals 1st ‘The #IdolmsterCinderellaGirls U149’ Blu-ray #Anime Release Artwork

4 hours ago

This is a post I wrote for my blog for this week's episode of the My Clueless First Friend anime:

My Clueless First Friend: Episode 10 - "My First Time Having Guests Over" #Anime, #MyCluelessFirstFriend

5 hours ago

konata izumi- #luckystar

Konata lives in her house in the Satte-Shi near Tokyo, she
is the daughter of Sojiri Izumi and Kanata izumi. Age is 17-18

Konata is an otaku, lowkey she loves anime and adult games due to her fathers influence/his own buying choices.

When Konata finally turns 18 she was so excited to be able to legally go out and buy erro-games. Throughout the #anime she'd refer to popular #animes like Yu-gi-oh and Dragonball Z to annoy one of her friends, Kagami.

Despite her personality and dedication to anime, she can be intelligent and surprisingly ethletic. She doesn't like studying for school, and kagami has to steer Konata in the right direction. (putting that lightly)

Konata likes to play mmorpgs with her teacher, and sometimes that's how the teacher tries to tell Konata, "shouldn't you be studying?"

Silver Huskey
5 hours ago

Wow, another episode with an attack on the Spacian school as revenge for the attack on the Earthians. This attack was even MORE brutal than the first one, and seeing a few named characters die really brings the point home.

If the days of high school antics weren't over in The Witch From Mercury before, they are now. I'm impressed how this show hits me emotionally with every episode.

#Anime #WitchFromMercury

5 hours ago

I been trying to think of something I could post everyday, but also how much and I'm considering doing 3 random wiki charactor posts everyday. Could be anything, from #videogames , to #anime #cartoons #movies

Reason I decided on 3 wiki posts a day..
a. I didn't want it to be too time consuming so I could do things I needed in real life on any days notice.
b. I didn't want to post too little to make my feed seem slow, boring and stale. 3 wiki posts a day ads up and you can always look back in the post history to see older charactor wiki posts.

Avaris Clari
5 hours ago

After years of having this joke in my head, I finally put the time into making it real

#lupin #lupinthethird #anime #zelda

Lupin with the Breath of the Wild Stamina Bar
5 hours ago

If you never watched a specific #anime before, like lets say you watched some Dragonball but not Bleach or Naruto, or sword art online, you can learn alot about any anime you never watched but hear about all the time in social circles.

By just looking into the main charactor, or character wikis online, as the anime will usually be focused on the main character. Simply google a main charactors, wiki online and you'l get resualts to different fan made charactor wikis to the charactor.

Not saying you'l have learned every detail of the anime, but you won't be completely clueless either after reading the charactor wiki.

You could also do this for tv shows, movies, cartoons as well

The Fandom Post
5 hours ago

‘The #PrinceofTennis II: U-17 World Cup’ #Anime Getting Sequel

6 hours ago

A small part of me always notices when a character gets unexpectedly tanned in an #anime. Reminds me of all the times I got told growing up how lucky I was I could tan while the rest of my family are the type who burn at the sight of the sun.

Mitsumi appearing lightly tanned after returning from summer break.
Azusa appearing very dark after spending a lot of time playing in the sun.

VSCode And не here pain Marias and call suspect не Ayashimon 絵傘源太さん next カーコーマーパードープーツールーウー #Anime 荒井由美#shindanmaker

6 hours ago

Who here has read Ayashimon and what were your thoughts about it? #Anime #Demon #Yakuza #Crime #Supernatural #ShonenJump

6 hours ago

Who here has seen And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online and what were your thoughts about it? #Anime #Comedy #Romance #Ecchi

The Fandom Post
6 hours ago

#Happinet Reveals ‘I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills’ #Anime DVD/BD Box Set Artwork

7 hours ago

Who here has seen Air Gear and what were your thoughts about it? #Anime #Sports #Action #Ecchi

7 hours ago

AgentofSocialMediaChaos's Anime Girl of the Day is Vesta from Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World #Anime #MonsterGirl #Dragon #Waifu #Slave #SexSlave #2DSexual

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#MyHappyMarriage’ TV #Anime Sets #Netflix Premiere With New Promo

The Fandom Post
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The Weekly #Anime & #Manga Discussion Post For Week Of June 4th, 2023

ヽ( `д´*)ノ
#kimetsunoyaiba #MitsuriKanroji #anime

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#TOHO Reveals All ‘#TheAngelNextDoorSpoilsMeRotten#Anime DVD/BD Release Artwork

new macross being made by sunrise is as baffling as it's funny, all things considered. honestly don't know what to expect, though i'd probably put my money on a movie or something.

still, can't wait to see what sunrise's gonna pull off here with all the experience they have from both gundam and love live, among others

#macross #anime

Universo Nintendo
9 hours ago

¡Que buena batalla la del más reciente episodio del #anime de #Jigokuraku! Ese combate sí que valió la pena. #FelizDomingoATodos :3.

The Fandom Post
10 hours ago
Anime Herald
10 hours ago

When the Chainsaw Man anime debuted last fall, it was impossible to ignore the series' eye-catching style. Thanks to a keen cinematic eye and a love of the source material, MAPPA was able to create something compelling, and all its own.

Nikola Teodosić explored this in a new article.


#chainsawman #anime #manga #mappa

11 hours ago
Berenixium Techwizardry
11 hours ago
Noventero O Mas
11 hours ago

¡Buenas tardes Noventer@s Mastodónticos!

Os dejo en el canal de Telegram de revistas TODAS las revistas de Dragon Ball GT de 1998

Es de las colecciones que más me han gustado y creo que hay que conservarlas porque son joyas :anime_db_vegeta3:

¡Espero que las disfrutéis un montón!

#DragonBall #DragonBallGT #Retro #ComunidadNoventera #DragonBallZ #DB #Serie #Anime #Manga #Revista #Magazine #Noventa

11 hours ago

Genderbent Soldier 76 from Overwatch! #anime #animeart #game #games #fanart #overwatch

11 hours ago

Busty Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins! #anime #animeart #game #games #fanart

11 hours ago

Wait! WUT?! A new #macross #anime being developed by... Sunrise?!

"At the production Sunrise, the new "Macross" animation project has started!"

Excited for more Macross, of course, but also very curious why Sunrise is handling it rather than Satelight.

11 hours ago

Man... i'm pushing 41, and recently started watching #anime. The written version (light novels) are still my favourite, but I started watching more and more. I'm pretty sure me hating most of current mainstream media has something to do with it, but still. I guess I'm a late bloomer :D
For now it seems anime is still "pandering" free.

Oh and apparently I'm a "trash #isekai fan" :)

Munchbud Ink
12 hours ago

Grin & Shoot

Hope you like it! (^v^)

#anime #manga #creepy #girl #guns #art #drawing

The Fandom Post
12 hours ago

New ‘#Macross#Anime Project Announced

12 hours ago

Anime Feminist has great reviews and articles.
I've discovers quite a few series based on their recommendations!

The Fandom Post
12 hours ago

5th ‘#Shadowverse Flame’ #Anime Season Sets Premiere With New Promo

The Fandom Post
13 hours ago

22nd ‘#VinlandSaga’ 2nd #Anime Season Episode Previewed

13 hours ago

I think Digimon are such fun little monsters and wanted to celebrate them a little bit by making this fanart of all the evolutions you can get from the original v-pet. Loved making this <3

#digimon #Digital Monster #anime #fan art #art #my art #digital art #illustration

Dr. J
14 hours ago
The Fandom Post
14 hours ago

What’s On The #Crunchyroll & #HIDIVE #Anime Streaming Calendar For June 4th, 2023

The Fandom Post
15 hours ago

Megumin Gets Her Iconic Staff and Eyepatch In This ‘#Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World!’ #Anime Dub Clip

The Fandom Post
16 hours ago

Hamstring Magic In This ‘#Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ #Anime Clip

Buenos días
Good morning
#vtuberES #vtuberEN #VTuberUprising #anime

18 hours ago

My next #blog up at MyFigureCollection!

Sleeping is helping my mind a lot, wanting to get less figures for the collection so may finally have a month of getting fewer things and being happier with that.

#blogging #blogger #blogpost #blogs #Anime #collecting

Sleeping more, enjoying doing less with certain things plus certain things becoming boring and mind numbingly dull so time to shift the mind to other things for a time.
19 hours ago

Seriously what's the problem with some people posting screencaps of latest episodes of currently airing anime without hiding the picture because they're SPOILERS on the #anime tag?? It might have been just a couple of people but it's very annoying. Not everyone watch those episodes right away... :/

Silver Huskey
22 hours ago

I am finally caught up with the newest episode of The Witch From Mercury. Good lord, it was tough seeing Suletta cast aside by both Prospera and Aerial/Eri. Though considering Prospera's plans, this was definitely for the best.

Prospera is a hard "no" regarding peace between Earthians and Spacians. I'm pretty sure a lot of backstabbing occurred on her journey from Mother and test pilot to series villain. I'd love to know more.

#WitchFromMercury #Anime

22 hours ago

Kao Akebi is sad because she is too small to properly wear one of her big sister Komichi's sailor uniforms. Komichi comforts her by telling her it won't be all that long until she fits into one.Komichi then ties one of her too-large ribbons around Kao as a sort of scarf in order to cheer her up.

#anime #AniMangaFoundIt

Teenager Komichi Akebi sits on her bed and ties a blue ribbon around the shoulders of her younger sister Kao.
Koa looks at herself in Komichi’s pocket mirror and is delighted at how the blue ribbon looks on her.
22 hours ago

The Shōdo island is known for its olive trees, something that's not portrayed in Takagi-san's anime (or I didn't notice).
#anime #japan

Silver Huskey
23 hours ago

I'm finally getting caught up with episodes from season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. This show is good, but dark. It has the trappings of a high school slice-of-life on the surface. A few centimeters below, it's a stinging critique of capitalism and militarism. #WitchFromMercury #Anime

A looping gif from season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. The gundam Areial destroys another mech with small floating bits that can fire lasers.
cinnamini ⭐ nes era ⚫
1 day ago

nice to see an #anime i know trending

1 day ago

The entire ship is themed after Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. Being featured In a popular anime series brings a lot of tourism these days.

#anime #japan

1 day ago

The ferry will take us from Takamatsu to Tonoshou-cho (土庄町), the town of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san.

#japan #anime

Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
1 day ago

This time one week ago at Marcon we continued our celebration of the 60th anniversary of "Doctor Who" with an encore of our latest sci-fi / anime parody crossover "Dottore Who & the Fantastic Fanservice Folly"!

#DoctorWho #anime #TARDIS #MagicalGirl #Dalek #parody #improv #improvisation #theater #Marcon #MarconOH #ScienceFiction #SciFi

Four actors perform a "Doctor Who" / anime parody play in a hotel conference center panel room during a science-fiction convention portraying a unique parody incarnation of the Doctor from "Doctor Who", a magical anime girl with an outfit inspired by the TARDIS from "Doctor Who", a perverted anime teacher in a lab coat, and a parody green & purple Dalek from "Doctor Who" in an anime sailor fuku school uniform.
1 day ago

Tengoku Daimakyou - the female only village. :ablobfoxbongo: #anime

1 day ago

This is a piece I wrote for my blog for this week's episode of the Case Closed anime:

Case Closed: Episode 1086 - "The Inauspicious Matchmaking (Part One)" #Anime, #CaseClosed, #DetectiveConan

1 day ago

Now Watching:
#DetectiveConan Ep1085
#KimetsuNoYaiba KatanakajiNoSato-hen Ep08
#MyLoveStoryWithYamadakun Ep09

Now Reading:
#SpyxFamily Volume 80
#Zom100 Volume 22
#MyLoveStoryWithYamadakun Volume 1


1 day ago

OMG, I found this and talk about nostalgia!!

The first Anime I ever watched all the way through is the last song on above playlist (it's the 6th song on the edited in below playlist): Magic Knight Rayearth. Then I delved into Sailor Moon and a bunch of much shorter anime series. I was in middle school/high school during 90s. (Graduated high school in 2003.)

The Dragonball theme song brought me back to when my younger brother would watch that show, and since he was distracted, I was able to use the family computer (we only had one, this old Windows 95 that Dad brought home from work one day) and write my novels. So yes, I wrote my science fiction novels to the sound of endless grunting -- seriously, so much damn grunting, these fighters are all constipated and need an enema I swear.

My personal favorite from that time period? Kino's Journey about a nonbinary character who travels with their talking motorcycle through various countries or cities that each had a different interesting sociology theme. Got the full season saved on a hard drive somewhere.

EDIT: Another one!

Ah hahaha, I remember watching some of these too. I didn't finish most of them. (Of the list in the second video, I finished Magic Knight Rayearth and Ramna 1/2, the rest I watched only a season or two).


kolejny lewak (boost > like)
1 day ago

Mashle to bardzo ciekawe anime. jakbym miał w skrócie opisać - połączenie Harrego Pottera i One Punch Man.

piękna animacja i humor który bardzo podchodzi w moje gusta. idealna komedyjka na weekendowy wieczór

#anime #animeposting #mashle

Check out my brand new vocal cover! Thank you for listening ♥

【歌ってみた交響詩篇エウレカセブン】 STORYWRITER // SUPERCAR // Eureka Seven // Vocal Cover by 熊柄秋子

#歌ってみた #交響詩篇エウレカセブン #EurekaSeven #Singing #Vocals #Anime

Cada episodio que pasa de Tengoku Daimakyou menos entiendo.... Aunque me está encantando UwU
uhm tendré que reverlo cuando finalice el anime del tirón o me leo el manga🤔

#anime #tengokudaimakyou #HeavenlyDelusion

Stories and Folklore
1 day ago

Sitting with my 4 year old daughter watching Astro Boy from the 1980s — she loves it. It’s just as good as I remember.

#Anime #AstroBoy #FamilyTime

A photo of Astro Boy from the 1980s on our TV. Astro is swimming through the ocean.
2 days ago

Busty awesome elf hottie! #elf #elfgirl #anime #animeart #game #games #fanart

2 days ago

Cute Ahri from League of Legends! #leagueoflegends #anime #animeart #game #games #fanart

📣 Attention, internet community! We have an exciting announcement to make! The National Security Agency (NSA) is taking a bold leap into the world of anime by changing its name to "National Security Anime"! Get ready for a whole new level of cybersecurity entertainment! 🎉

🌟 Embracing the creative and captivating world of anime, the NSA is reimagining its mission and approach. We believe that combining the power of national security with the imaginative storytelling of anime will engage and educate audiences in a unique way. 🎞️💥

🌸 What can you expect from the new National Security Anime?

1️⃣ Thrilling Adventures: Follow our anime heroes as they protect the digital world from cyber threats, diving into epic battles against hackers and defending the integrity of online communications.
2️⃣ Cutting-Edge Technology: Witness mind-blowing technological advancements, where futuristic gadgets and ingenious innovations come to life in stunning anime visuals.
3️⃣ Lessons in Cybersecurity: Prepare to be both entertained and informed as our anime characters navigate the intricate world of cybersecurity, sharing valuable knowledge and promoting digital safety.

🎊 Our transformation into National Security Anime is driven by the desire to engage with a broader audience and raise awareness about the importance of online security in an entertaining way. We believe that by leveraging the popularity and influence of anime, we can inspire a new generation of cyber defenders. 💻🛡️

✨ So, get ready for a captivating journey filled with action, suspense, and the unmistakable flair of anime storytelling. Follow our social media channels for exclusive content, character reveals, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of National Security Anime! 📱🖥️

🔐 Rest assured, even with our new anime-inspired name, we remain dedicated to protecting national security and upholding privacy rights. Our commitment to safeguarding the digital landscape remains unchanged. 🌐🔒

🔗 Stay tuned for more updates, trailers, and release dates on our official website 国家安全保障アニメ... . Join us on this thrilling adventure, and let's embrace the exciting world of National Security Anime together! 🌸💥

💫 Share this post with your fellow anime enthusiasts and cybersecurity enthusiasts alike! Together, let's embark on this new chapter and redefine the intersection of national security and anime! 🎌✨

#NationalSecurityAnime #NSA #Anime #Cybersecurity #DigitalSafety #Entertainment #NewChapter #ExcitingTimes
2 days ago

Alright, now that I'm settled on masto, lets get an intro out of the way!

Hey all! I'm Pixel, I'm #queer and a #furry in name only (diet furry, really) I play #GuildWars2, #hearthstone, #valorant #omegastrikers, #pokemon and #fightinggames (all competitively, sorry LMAO) and enjoy #GenshinImpact and #indiegames as well, and I'm a bit of a #nier and #nierautomata fiend :)

On top of that I enjoy #anime, #computers and #technology in general, and am looking to get more into #gamedev (I'm a former community manager, wanna try to get back into gamedev in a more serious capacity as a dev, hopefully)

Thanks <3

@kingu Yeah, that's #RothenburgObDerTauber aka. the quintessential #OldEuropeanTown #Anime and #Manga fans know of...

Because it's being used as template so often that it's absurd...

Jason Miller 🦊⚛️
3 days ago

I scoured all the #anime stores in Akihabara to find this. No ragrets

Para 🌵
3 days ago

April & May 2023 Monthly Wrap-Up, merged again because of my persisting reading slump: 2 novels, 1 novella, 3 rereads, and 2 series watched.

#bookblogger #books #bookstodon #fantasy #horror #scifi #SFF #anime

3 days ago

Completely forgot to load the latest Purah art!

#ZELDA #MastoArt #illustration #ANIME

Hello all!

My name is Michał. I am a programmer from Kraków Poland. I was torn between joining this instance and, but after some consideration I use #Emacs for a few hours per day more than #FreeBSD I'm therefore more or an Emacser than BSDer. In my pastime I watch #anime or #StarTrek (as comedies are dead to me since nothing compares to #seinfeld

I blog on

I have no idea how active I will be since I am a sworn enemy of social media, so we'll see :-)


4 days ago

The June 2023 manga, light novels, & book releases from 10+ publishers, such as Yen Press, Seven Seas, J-Novel Club, VIZ Media, Kodansha, @Azuki, & Irodori Comics!

If you find our lists to be useful, please consider following us or letting your friends know about us! We put resource lists like this every month!

You can also subscribe to our releases notification newsletter:

#manga #mangarelease #books #anime #otaku #lightnovel

Calvin Lin
4 days ago

Usagi the Sailor Guardian twitch streamer!

#SailorMoon #anime #art #MastoArt

A digital drawing of Usagi aka Sailor Moon in her room as she streams from her computer. Behind her is her room filled with posters and dolls. On her desk is a bunch of snacks. Luna (the cat) sits on her lap looking at the screen as well.
Megan Fox
5 days ago

This is vague, but, #anime OST folks:

recommend me OSTs (and anime) that hit like Yuri On Ice. I don't mean anime GET STUFF DONE kinda music, Dr Stone is great yes I know and agree, I mean the emotional hit. Also, I mean positive. (yes I also really like Made In Abyss OST but fuuuuuuuu)

I've never found anything that comes close, and I don't know if Yuri was just THAT good, or if I was in a weird place when I watched it, or what. But I really want another, That, anime.

One thing I can think of that comes close is the Dr Stone "Song From The Past". They deploy that in a few places that hit, almost, as hard. A handful of tracks in One Piece post Skypea, maybe? Brook's theme? But I'm mostly drawing a blank.

5 days ago

The final one for now. The book store came out super cozy. Hope its vibe translate over to 3D!

#pixelart #gaming #gamedev #retro #art #artist #illustration #mastoart #anime #pixel #animation #retrogaming

Hello fediverse, I made a thing :v

(Hope everyone has been doing well- I've just been pulled in different directions by school, personal projects and summer gigs so social media has taken a backseat for a couple of months)

#chill #beats #videomontage #animation #aftereffects #space #lofi #retro #aesthetic #scifi #anime

5 days ago

I was so happy I got to cosplay Vash at Momocon! It was a lot of fun getting to meet all the other Trigun cosplayers too!

My amazing sister @spreenoel helped me make this cosplay! She helped me with the eva foam and also styled my wig!

#vash #trigun #trigunstampede #vashthestampede #cosplay #cosplayer #momocon #momocon2023 #anime #manga #tristamp

Vash looking out the window
Vash at the koi pond
🍌Lana Banana 🍌
6 days ago

Hello #fediverse
Long story short: my latest Fiverr buyer made a mistake during rating process and now my top-rated seller status is in danger. As much as I want to get away from Fiverr, I can't - I still rely on income from there. TRS status gives serious benefits I do not want to lose due to buyer's mistake.
If you could order a chibi sketch for just $5 and leave 5 star rating after completion, I would be INCREDIBLY grateful.

#art #CommissionsOpen #anime #sketch

Jai 🍜🥟
6 days ago

Merry-Go-Round of Life (from “Howl’s Moving Castle”) 🎶🎵🎻🎺
by Joe Hisaishi

So good! ❤️

> “Merry-Go-Round of Life” from Hayao Miyazaki’ Studio Ghibli favourite Howl’s Moving Castle is the first fruits of Joe Hisaishi’s new collaboration with Deutsche Grammophon. Recorded in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the composer, the track is newly arranged by Hisaishi for symphony orchestra.

#Music #HowlsMovingCastle #MerryGoRoundOfLife #Anime

6 days ago

"Check out this awesome move!" #honkai #honkaistarrail #march7th #anime #mastoart

March 7th, a pink-haired girl wielding a magical bow and arrow.
Metin Seven
6 days ago

My 3D take on a fun Dom Murphy drawing of Akira's Tetsuo.

Sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Blender using Octane.

#akira #tetsuo #anime #manga #3d #zbrush #b3d #blender #blender3d #octanerender #comics #animation #sculpture #art #artwork #FediArt #MastoArt

Four images, showing progress from initial drawn inspiration to final 3D rendering.
3D Tetsuo character from the Akira manga / anime.
🍌Lana Banana 🍌
1 week ago

Happy Sunday, #fediverse

And it's #ShrimpSunday eh? I wanted to show this cute chibi design I made a few years ago. The client wanted to have shrimp-oriented fashion, so I provided! Truth to be told, I would love to have this cute shrimp bag haha.

#art #MastoArt #fediart #Anime #chibi #cute

Chibi illustration of a cute blonde girl with brown eyes dressed in all pink outfit (dress and jacket) with shrimp decorations here and there. She also has a shrimp bag! I think you would love to have one too!
1 week ago

a wip for a current art trade. Ive just been in love with how these are turning out (specially since its not paid). I have one more left but felt it was worth sharing the wip.

#pixelart #gaming #gamedev #retro #art #artist #illustration #mastoart #anime #pixel #animation #retrogaming

Srevin Saju
1 week ago

Here is my submission for Oshi no Ko Summer Art Contest, which happened last week!
Voting's over, and results declared and I did not win anything, but hey! I had a lot of fun making it <3, and sometimes that's what matters the most!

Will definitely give it another shot next year, let's see how much better I can get :P


#oshinoko #art #animeart #anime #contest #drawing #oc #ai #aqua #ruby #summer #推しの子

Ai along with Ruby and Aqua building a sand castle at a beach. The scenery has a lighthouse and a few coconut trees in the background, starfish and sea shells in the foreground, with the blue sea behind them. Aqua is hard at work and others are observing him.
1 week ago

My 2nd attempt at drawing in Anime type style. Lol. I call it (Little Vamp Girl)
#anime #penart #myart #artist #pensketch #sketches #drawing #pendrawings #crosshatching #doodles

I love Anime but I personally haven't drawn that style but a handful of times. So this is my attempt at my Anime OC. Hope someone out there might like it.
Crab With Knife
1 week ago

Was doodling around and I like this sketch.

#anime #sketch #DigitalArt

A woman with a short but very swoopy black hair cut looking up at the camera from an angle. She has a beauty mark beneath her left eye.
FOSS Android :verified_twtr:
1 week ago


A streaming app with zero ads built in react native with scrapers built in python. NoFasel requires no extra premissons or accounts and is free to use forever


#foss #android #oss #OpenSource #Streaming #Movies #series #Anime #python #reactnative #Amoled #Netflix #nofasel #wesima #akwam #fasel #app #IzzySoft #izzyondroid

BT (Binary Tango)
1 week ago

In addition to #TheExpanse, I've started venturing down a rabbit hole of 80s/90s #Cyberpunk #anime.

Came across Wicked City... shit was weird at times.

Blue Cat Defends!
2 weeks ago

Nothing interesting to say today so here’s some recent art. Im a bit tired of cybersecurity at this moment in time. So burned out.


Black and white ink drawing of four anime boys sitting around, the drawing spans two pages of an 11”x9” sketchbook
Black and white ink drawing of an anime guy sitting in a chair leaning one elbow on the armrest and with his leg over the other. Wearing a crown of flowers
Black and white ink drawing of an anime girl doing a heart symbol with her fingers and an anime boy drinking bubble tea
Anime ink drawing of a boy playing guitar
Octavia con Amore
2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm a professional violinist who plays the soundtracks :sylveon_squish:

Ok, #Introduction over. I'm a musician, not a wordsmith :growlithe_derp:
... ... ...
I'm being gently informed by my responsible half that I'm to write a *proper* intro, as she puts it...
... ... ...

Hi Fedi/Mastodon, I'm Octavia, a 30ish Japanese and USian violinist (and composer) whose mother introduced her to the violin at age 5 and Super Mario Brothers at age 3. This would go on to have profound consequences, chief amongst which was that the majority of the activities I enjoy involve fingertip dexterity. The secondary effect was that I would go on to use the classical training I received throughout my childhood to, for the most part, play soundtracks while letting my classical repertoire languish :blobhaj_peek:

Nintendo classics like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, and Smash, JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy (IX and X specifically), movie soundtracks including a bunch of Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki Hayao works, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean, and Master & Commander (which is just my excuse to play the Bach Cello Suite no. 1: Prelude :leafeon_giggle: ), and a few anime pieces here and there (along with at least one My Little Pony theme :blobhaj_jam: ) are the bulk of what I play when I perform solo. I do play classical pieces here and there, but they mostly tend to be various movements from the Bach Cello Suites, along with a smattering of Celtic music, though I try to mix everything together in my sets, leaving people guessing as to what's a soundtrack and what's not :blobhaj_peek:

I perform at various conventions in the Pacific Northwest of the US (formerly in Brook and Link cosplays), whether inside or outside, and also perform as part of Troupe Seven Stars at faires in the area over the summer months while filling the rest of my time playing solo or ensemble shows, mostly near Portland. About half of Saturdays are spent performing at Fleur de Lis Bakery & Cafe in the Hollywood district.

I tend to spend my free time dissociating in the shower, overcoming whatever ADHD lobs my way, and running out the door like an alternate-universe fusion of Bilbo Baggins and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland (though, to my astonishment, I've only been late to 2 gigs in my life that I remember). What crumbs of time are spared from those tend to be spent on gaming, reading manga/watching anime, listening to and sharing music (yes, mostly soundtracks), and enjoying what the internet has to offer.

Aside from needing to hop instances, I've found my time on the Fedi to be enjoyable, and I hope to keep meeting interesting, genuine people and sharing time and conversations together :espeon_love: </wall-o'-text>

Interest tags:
#Music #Musician #Violin #Violinist #Composer #Theatre #Games #Gaming #Soundtracks #GameDev #Cats #YukiKajiura #Bach #Manga #Anime #Discworld #TerryPratchett #LolitaFashion #Trans #Bi #Queer #LGBTQ #Portland #PDX #ADHD #Japanese

chikorita157 🐰
2 weeks ago

The moment everyone is waiting for, our Japanese Media Fan and Creator #calckey server, Sakurajima Social at is now open for open registration. We created this offshoot as some in the Anime Blogging community might find Mastodon UI a bit too hard.

Since Misskey really resembles Twitter and Calckey, which forks Misskey adds a bunch of improvements and features like:

3000 Character Limit
Boosting options (Followers/Unlisted/Local)
Features Birdsite users expect (Quote Posts/Search/etc)
Antennas, which not only you can follow hashtags, but also certain terms and users
Can connect with Mastodon and other Activitypub applications
Import posts from Mastodon/Akkoma/Misskey/Calckey

If you are on Mastodon Social or Online, I suggest giving our instance a try if you are an Anime/Japanese media fan or create content around it. There are some small and medium instances that silenced or blocked those instances due to moderation/spam issues.

#anime #server

2 weeks ago

And now my room display has been shifted over to how I want it and next month will probably check into more larger Wall Tapestries.

#StarTrek #StarWars #Transformers #BattlestarGalactica #Anime #Gundam #gijoe #collecting #actionfigures

Got tired of having Poster Frames that weren't aligned on the walls and decided to go for Wall Tapestries instead since I'm tired of seeing these walls and wanted something different.
Still need to do a bit more work on this side of the wall behind the bed mainly but I do need a larger tapestry on the wall by the bed.

For now this works out well.
sailor uwu 🌙
3 weeks ago

#introduction #NotNewHere

Hello! Moin! Dobar dan! Tervist!

I‘m Marina, they/them, a #trans #nonbinary person :trans_flag:

I post shitposts and irl stuff on here

#Minecraft streams & content creation, and #art streams on @voidedmain :yayblob:

#technicalWriter for TelemetryDeck (@marina) & @oakhost 🚀

half #croatian, half german & living in #Estonia, trying to learn the #language :blobpats:

#danmei #tgcf #genshin #anime


Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
3 weeks ago

Bumbling time travelers, magical anime girls, confused Daleks, tentacle monsters, and more at Marcon in our celebration of the 60th Anniversary of "Doctor Who"! Catch "Dottore Who & the Fantastic Fanservice Folly" Saturday May 27 at 8:30pm!

#DoctorWho #anime #Dalek #MagicalGirl #TARDIS #parody #improv #improvisation #theater #Marcon #MarconOH #ScienceFiction #SciFi

3 weeks ago

Using a gif, tell me which #anime got you into anime.

I'll go first:

Really interesting podcast about Miyazaki and the complex view on environmentalism in his movies:

One sentence summary: It is possible to respect the environment without wanting to get rid of humans or technology.

#anime #miyazaki #environment #Climate

3 weeks ago

👋 hello~ time for an #introduction!

this is my chill-space (aka, a personal side account)

📝 basics:
- hi hi i'm beso! ("kiss" in spanish)
- xe/he pronouns (more info on
- late 20s
- i'm a #singer and #artist, though i can't take art commissions often due to my health. (i post my creations in the tag #BesoMakesThings)

👤​ identity:
- soy xicano! i live in the usa
#xicano #chicano #latino
- i'm bi and polyam, in a throuple relationship
#bisexual #polyamory
- i'm a nonbinary just-some-guy (tme)
#trans #bigender #nonbinary
- mentally ill and neurodivergent
#depression #adhd #autistic #AuDHD #kinetic #KineticAutistic
- proudly (and exhaustedly) disabled
#disabled #fibro #mecfs #cfs #arthritis

💖 likes:
- #tech #FOSS #libre
- #VideoGames #IndieGames #TTRPGs
- #manga #manhwa #manhua #webtoon #anime #WebNovel

🔗 links:
- main:
- fandom:
- tumblr:
- discord: dm me to ask!

Chris Hallbeck
3 weeks ago
2 people talking. The second is filling out a large stack of forms.
3 weeks ago

👋 new #introduction time!

📝 basics:
- hiii i'm beso!
("kiss" in spanish)
- xe/he pronouns
- late 20s
- disabled + nd
- i draw sometimes!
- :progress_pride: :bisexual: 🏳️‍⚧️ :polyamory_flag: 🇲🇽

💖 likes:
- #VideoGames #IndieGames #TTRPG
- #manga #manhwa #manhua #webtoon
- #WebNovel #LightNovel
- #anime #donghua #ThaiDrama
- favs: #minecraft #stardew #FFXIV #subnautica #ORV

🔗 links:
:discord: dm me to ask
🎉 fun extras in the replies!

3 weeks ago

The long awaited #introduction has come! I’m Amity :remVV: a #queer and #trans chill #ChronicallyIll, grunge/goth #gamer who can’t pay the bills. I’m also a fan of #anime, most music genres (mainly female rap/hip hop, Kpop, electropop, EDM, neo-soul, R&B), TV/film, writing, birds, and spirituality.

Pls boost so I can find some more Black, LGBTQ, #disabled folk with similar interests!

Nick Wright
4 weeks ago

#introduction contintroduction

My core fandom is #StarTrek and I volunteer for #TrekTrack at #DragonCon. I've been into #anime almost as long as I've been into Trek, and I grew up with #Ranma, #KimagureOrangeRoad, and #DirtyPair. I also like #StarWars and other generally geeky stuff.

I'm an #Xennial. I support #trans and #queer rights, I'm #leftist af, #antifascist and #anticapitalist. I'm #vegan, #bicyclist, #urbanist and #atheist.

If none of that scares you, hi!

Today On Screen
4 weeks ago

Today, May 9, is Piccolo Day, the day that King Piccolo declares his ruling of Earth (Dragon Ball, e118 “Tenshin no Ketsui!!”, 1988)

#DragonBall #Piccolo #TV #Television #Anime #Retro

A smiling buff green alien appears on a tv screen
A cartoon image of a Japanese family watching TV. “Today, May 9th, should be celebrated as the day I, Piccolo-sama, took the throne!”
1 month ago

Rewatched Terror in Resonance for podcast research. Watanabe really honed his cinematic vision since Champloo. Tropes aside, I wonder why this #anime never found the acclaim it merits. #ZankyōNoTerror

Weak pala si Presidente, hindi niya kaya mag-declare maagang uwian para sa lahat (public and private) para makanood premiere of #VoltesVLegacy.


#Philippines #VoltesV #adaptation #Anime #LiveAction

(joke lang ha)
1 month ago

I was so ready to hate Trigun Stampede but it pulled the psychological horror card so quickly with extremely beautiful CG that I forgot all about that. #anime #trigun #TRIGUNSTAMPEDE

I never made an #introduction post so here goes!

I’m Daniel! I’m a gay cisgender male, and I use he/him/his. I’m finishing up a bachelor’s degree, with two majors in #asianstudies and #japanese #linguistics! In the fall, I will start working on my master’s degree in Japanese studies! In my spare time, I make music with #synths and #DJ! I also enjoy #anime and #videogames (JRPGs typically) ~ 💖✨

Mirror selfie of a man with tattoos wearing a dark blue shirt and a backwards light blue baseball cap
BT (Binary Tango)
1 month ago

Name a better family photo.

#Anime #Evangelion

A screenshot from the anime showing Shinji, Eva-01 and Gendo in the distance.

Hey, friends! I'm on #Calkey now! Since I've moved, I feel like I should make a new #introduction.

I've been around on
#Fedi for a little while, and I'm a big fan of it and #FOSS in general. I am a #gamer (#RetroGaming, #LinuxGaming, and just #VideoGames in general), #musician / #MusicProducer, #Cartoonist, #privacy advocate, and a proud #dog dad of a goofy little blue heeler/german shepherd mix boy. I'm also into #Marvel, #anime, and #paranormal fiction.

In my spare time, I also maintain a very large,
#delightful list of #OpenSource creative tools here: 💎

I have
#ADHD and am something of a hobby collector, so I'm interested in all kinds of things! Say hey, I'm sure we have some common interests. 😁

1 month ago

New instance, new #introduction post!

👋​ I'm Scott, aka Thissa! I'm a technology enthusiast from BC, Canada. By day I build software used to run medical labs in #Python. But when I'm not doing that I'm often watching #Anime or #Gaming.

I really enjoy
#RPGs, #VisualNovels, and #RhythmGames. My current obsessions are #GenshinImpact and #HonkaiStarRail. Other games I've enjoyed recently include #SayonaraWildHearts, #DiscoElysium and #DDLC.

I'm also a big fan of
#RetroComputing and #Programming which I talk about on my main account, . This account is a lot more relaxed.

#Calckey a try because, why not, it looks a lot more fun than plain ol' Mastodon!