Jeremy Jupiter Jones
5 hours ago

@paulhellyer @ClareBear
The absolute ugly vitriol, racism and hate being spewed by the supporters, emboldened by encouragement from the Coalition of Cookers' party leaders is a stain on #Aotearoa #NewZealand #NZPol #VoteLeft #NZVotes23

6 hours ago

“If your marae could use some reinforcements for a civil defense emergency. Check out the TPK Kaingarua fund.”

This is exactly the climate preparation we need.

#Aotearoa #NZTwits #ClimateChange

We’ve been amused by the creativity in mailboxes seen around NZ. Indeed, some residents appear to see oddness as a form of neighbourhood competition. As these pictures show, sometimes a plain box on a post is simply inadequate. Who can boast the whackiest design? Additional points for functionality & mail-holding capacity 😉

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Blue outboard motor with a post slot in the engine hood
This clay creature wants to swallow your mail
Bender (the TV robot), on a bender
A whale of a tail
Mark H
8 hours ago

Been watching some #Taskaster New Zealand this evening. On the back of recent runs of #LegoMasters New Zealand we've started to become aware of the general rule for speaking with a Kiwi accent: replace the first hard "e" in any word with an "i" and you're there. You don't have a wet pet in a shed; you've got a wit pit in a shid.

#NewZealand #Aotearoa

I love reading stuff about #Aotearoa in Australian media, or maybe it's English language media, where many words from the Maori language (what is the word for that? Is it Rè Maori?), are used intermixed in the English.

I also found it wonderful when #Jacinta Ahern gave a speech in both languages, one after the other, but first in the #Maori language.

In deviating to the east of SH1 north of Ōtepoti | #Dunedin we would discover a new favourite locale in Pūrākaunui Inlet & stumble across a beautiful rare bird we were not supposed to see here. At Aramoana, the small town with a troubled past, we would see our first mainland sea lion—having previously encountered them on Stewart Island.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

🚐 More? See

A rare juvenile nankeen night heron/ umu kōtuku/ Nycticorax caledonicus.

#USA becomes first country to explicitly recognize #CookIslands and #Niue as independent countries. Both already have relations with dozens of countries, but are "associated" with #NewZealand (#Aotearoa) and usually not considered fully independent.

#independence #defacto #diplomacy #geography #Polynesia #PacificIsland #islands @geography

te reo word of the day
13 hours ago

Hei kona rā: Goodbye (said to someone staying) #aotearoa #newzealand

Sandymount to Sandfly Bay track took 1h to descend 2.7km to the beach (from car park at end of Sandymount Rd, via lookout). The track begins as sandy soil but very soon becomes pure sand (📷1&2). We didn’t access the beach due to presence of large sea lion bulls (📷3)/ insufficient beach to keep a respectful distance. Sandfly Bay (as in “Sand flies”) seen from lookout (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Sandy path down dune; Sandfly Bay in distance
End in sight as the sandy track leads towards the beach; purple flowers brighten a dull day
Sea lion bull heads for water
View of Sandfly Bay from lookout; rain falls over Sandymount left of frame

Sandymount is a giant of a sand dune, peaking at 320m on Otago Peninsula. There are decent views of Allans Beach from the car park (📷1); a 500m climb to the lookout reveals Hoopers Inlet, Otago Harbour & Papanui Inlet (📷2). Or, Sandymount loop track passes a viewpoint (📷3); no access to Chasm. Contining backside look down over pasture (📷4); no access to Lovers Leap—unsafe.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

View of part of Allans Beach from car park at end of Sandymount Rd
Hoopers Inlet is first body of water; left is Otago Harbour & right, a sliver of Papanui Inlet; our van Curiosity is seen in the car park in foreground
View of all of Allans Beach from viewpoint on Sandymount loop track
Pasture on the backside of Sandymount

Allans Beach on Otago Peninsula takes its name from Scottish surveyor John Allans, who mapped the area in the 1840s (📷1). The wind whipped up the sea (📷2) & threw sand in our faces. Idiots holding phone cameras got too close to sea lions; one beached behind us (📷3), so eyes on a swivel. At entrance to Hoopers Inlet a mother & pup tried & failed to surmount the bank (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Sandy beach; low dunes to right of frame; Sandymount in distance
Wind lifts spray from breaking waves
Hooker’s sea lion beaching
Hooker’s sea lion mother and pup on far side of entrance to Hoopers Inlet, travelling in front of the wall of sand they couldn’t climb
1 day ago

The epiphyte game is strong in the Ngahere of #Aotearoa
If you're in Wellington I recommend a trip to the Otari-Wilton's bush reserve. #thickTrunkThursday

Creepers on the trunk of a rimu (I think, given how red the wood is)
More creepers on a tree trunk
Creepers on the trunk of a rimu (I think, given how red the wood is)
1 day ago

Solidarity with all those in Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Poneke / Wellington region currently inundated with gd Destiny/Freedom christofascists, and respect to those standing up against it.

#NZTwits #Aotearoa #Poneke #Wellington

te reo word of the day
2 days ago

Aroha mai, aroha atu: Love received demands love returned #aotearoa #newzealand

(2/2) Victory Beach, Otago Peninsula, is named for wreck of SS Victory in 1861 at S end of beach & is ~3km long (📷1). We did a litter pick, inspired by a local & his kids. During this we noted sea lion tracks leading into the dunes (📷2) & 1 lion; a sea tulip/ Pyura pachydermatina (📷3); many crab carapaces & fish mandibles. Bumblebees (📷4) nest underground; seen lots in NZ.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Victory Beach features sand dunes
Pattern in sand made by sea lion flippers
A bunch of 4 “tulips” adhere to a mussel shell; sand background
Close-up of a bumblebee on ground

(1/2) Victory Beach, Otago Peninsula. We took the loop walk through Okia Reserve, which begins between a pair of volcanic “Pyramids” (📷1). Here you can see basalt columns akin to those of the Organ Pipes nr. Mt Cargill (📷2). Noted trackside pikiarero/ Clematis sp. (📷3) & pōhiri/ Pittosporum tenuifolium (📷4). Cleared for pasture in 1800s, the area is #rewilding since 1991.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Two basalt outcrops resembling pyramids; low scrub in foreground; cloudy sky
Almost horizontal basalt columns
White flowers against green leaves of bush this clematis is climbing on
Purple flower cluster at centre of green leaves

En route to Okia Reserve on Weir Rd/ Dick Rd we passed Papanui Inlet (📷1) & adjacent salt marshes. Black swan were present in numbers. Pūtangitangi/ Tadorna variegata parents were tutoring their chicks (📷2). Poaka/ Himantopus leucocephalus waded on long legs, trying not to look so tall (📷3). Matuku moana/ Egretta novaehollandiae spooked easily; this one stayed cool (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Hills reflect in inlet waters
Paradise shelduck chick peers into shallow water at something interesting, edible or both
White-headed stilt has a white head & chest, black back & spindly legs; here reflected in salt marsh
White face and blue-grey neck & back feathers, in shallow water
Mike Riversdale
2 days ago

The sun 'comes up', the sun 'goes down' each and every day.

Or so it seems to us primitive planet dwellers even though we know we're hurtling around a star. A star that shoots through space and is galactically tied to 100 billion other stars, 1 million+ black holes, and a super massive one at the centre.

The sun comes up and we start a new day, full of hope and new beginnings.

Good luck & go well on your day today

#TeWhanganuiATara #Wellington #Aotearoa #NewZealand #LandscapePhotography

Sunrise over the distant Wellington harbour hills as seen from Seaton Beach, lighting up the clouds with amber and reflecting in the calm waters

Taiaroa Head | Pukekura on Otago Peninsula is home to a blue penguin colony at Pilot Beach (📷1). The paid tours run after dark, but during our daytime visit we admired the robust burrows these #birds construct (📷2). Tours are also offered into Fort Taiaroa with its disappearing gun (📷3), installed to defend against feared Russian invasion. Opposite is Aramoana’s Mole (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Elevated view of Pilot Beach, which has a penguin viewing platform for paid after-dark tours
Man-made blue penguin burrows (wooden enclosures with detachable roof weighted by rock)
Model of the reconstructed disappearing gun inside Fort Taiaroa
View across Otago Harbour entrance to Aramoana and its sea defence known as The Mole

Northern royal albatross/ Diomedea epomophora can be seen at Otago Museum, in adult (📷1) & juvenile (📷2) form. Taiaroa Head | Pukekura is only mainland breeding colony: oceanic winds provide lift for these 8.2kg/ 3m wingspan giants who spend 85% of their lives at sea. At Royal Albatross Centre we watched cliffs (📷3) & saw one of the last soaring #birds of this season (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Adult Northern royal albatross (museum diorama)
Very fluffy-looking juvenile northern royal albatross (museum diorama)
Sheer sea cliffs at Taiaroa Head | Pukekura, with a lighthouse on top
Adult northern royal albatross soars over cliffs at Taiaroa Head | Pukekura (poor telephoto shot)
B. Morgan Murrah
2 days ago

Today I stand ready to vote overseas in the New Zealand General Election. My fiancee will witness it when they get home tonight.

Many words and hopes and dreams are bound up in this vote, and I encourage you all to vote.

#Nzpol #NewZealand #Aotearoa

te reo word of the day
3 days ago

Aotearoa: Land of the Long White Cloud. New Zealand. #aotearoa #newzealand

Mike Riversdale
3 days ago

Houghton Bay on the south coast of Wellington has some very big waves coming in, even on a calm day.

When the surf is angry it's quite something to watch but I'd never think of going near them. This fella doesn't have my qualms.

#waves #surf #SplashingAround #TeWhanganuiATara #Wellington #Aotearoa #NewZealand #video

Otago Peninsula’s Highcliff Rd has some stunning scenery. We pulled into a roadside lookout for views over Macandrew Bay below (📷1), & looking back, into the inner harbour/ Ōtepoti | #Dunedin City (📷2). The private home of Larnach “Castle” had shut its gates, so we commissioned this exquisite likeness (📷3). Hoopers Inlet, Allans Beach & Mt Charles | Poatiei at 408m (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

A cabbage tree leads the eye towards Macandrew Bay on the coast below, on the edge of Otago Harbour
Sun rays make the view back to Dunedin hazy; cabbage tree & pasture on foreground; Otago Harbour acts like a giant mirror
Not the real Larnach Castle (a poor digital rendition of a popular tourist attraction)
Scrub in foreground on slope descending to inlet; beyond those waters a large hill/ mountain; the ocean beach is visible right of frame

Otago Peninsula is billed as having many fine beaches. Beyond Lawyers Head, Tomahawk Beach stretches to a bluff w/ WWII gun emplacement remains (📷1). The other side of that is Smaills Beach, seen here from Māori Head (📷2). Karetai Track crosses Māori Head for dramatic cliff views (📷3) & views back to Ōtepoti | #Dunedin’s St Kilda–St Clair Beach & Tunnel Beach beyond (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

A strand of kelp on a sandy beach; a headland on the horizon to left of frame
Sand dunes lead to a sandy beach; if you look carefully, that dark smudge close to the tide mark about a third of the picture height from the bottom is a pair of resting sea lion
Sea cliffs as far as the eye can see
Smaills Beach bottom left; the finger of Lawyers Head separates Tomahawk Beach from St Kilda Beach; a drystone wall is visible in the foreground

St Clair & St Kilda are contiguous beaches in South Ōtepoti | #Dunedin (📷1). Am I alone in finding the absence of demarcation irritating? St Clair has had an esplanade since 1870s; salt water baths opened 1884 but weren’t heated until 1960s (📷2). Viewed from the lookout at Lawyers Head, St Kilda is the less urbanised end (📷3). The beach here looks almost tropical (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Elevated view of St Clair & St Kilda form St Clair suburbs
St Clair esplanade with salt water baths visible to right of frame
Sand, sea, and a relative paucity of urban development
A triangle of sand jutting out into clear turquoise waters—inviting, until you test the water temperature

Tunnel Beach in South Ōtepoti | #Dunedin features sandstone cliffs, pillars and a large archway sculpted by wave action. Care is needed on the steep, loose gravel path down to the arch—even in dry weather (📷1). Pause to watch the waves break against the sheer cliffs (📷2). A short tunnel (📷3) was hand-cut in the 1870s to allow a family private access to a rocky beach (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

A sandstone formation including a rock archway through which sea passes; yellow gorse flowers in foreground
Sheer sandstone cliffs; some rock has detached from the headland, separated by erosion
Person ascending the hand-cut tunnel, which had steps added subsequently
The tunnel emerges onto a rocky beach that isn’t safe for swimming
Peter Riley
3 days ago

Who are we?

#IWW AusROC is the section of the IWW representing the Australasian region, with members in #Australia, #Aotearoa (New Zealand), #Singapore and #thailand We are excited to work with anyone who wishes to set up an IWW branch in the region.

What do we do?

The IWW fights for better working conditions, benefits and pay for all workers across every industry. We believe that the worker, not the CEO or owner is the backbone of any business.

Jane Chapman
3 days ago

2 weeks ago, it felt like spring - blue sky, blossom, and daffodils. Now winter is back ... Or so it seems - cold, wet, and windy. Here's a photo from a couple of weeks ago of a Bellbird (Korimako) enjoying the blossom #NewZealand #Aotearoa.

A picture of a Bellbird in a tree feeding on the blossom; blue sky behind
te reo word of the day
4 days ago

Kare: Used to address a close friend affectionately #aotearoa #newzealand

4 days ago

I just published a video on #PeerTube for the first time! 🥳

"A video made in 2003 for the Dead Vicious song Smash the State (also known as Guerilla Love) based on footage shot during the MayDay Carnival near The Freedom Shop in Upper Cuba St, Wellington NZ, 1 May 2003."

#Aotearoa #NZ #Wellington #CubaStreet #StreetParty #activism #MayDay #music #punk #AnarchoPunk #DeadVicious #MusicVideo

(2/2) Orokonui Ecosanctuary N of Ōtepoti | #Dunedin is #bird haven. Natives incld. kākā/ Nestor meridionalis (📷1); tūī/ Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae (📷2); NZ bellbird/ Anthornis melanura (📷3); & takahē/ Porphyrio hochstetteri (📷4). OK, latter in Otago Museum: pair a no-show, as they’ve a chick & 10ha to roam! Also no-shows: 🦎 jewelled gecko; 🦖 tuatara; 🐟; 🐸; 🦋 so can rtn!

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Kākā/South Island kākā

Large brown parrots with red underwings and large hooked beaks. Distinct "skark!", whistling, and clucking calls. They enjoy scraping and tossing bark, rotting wood, twigs, and leaves from tree tops.

A blue-black bird with a white tuft at the base of its neck, singing a loud melodious song interspersed with harsh clicks and rattles, or flying with noisy wing beats.

A dark olive-green bird with whirring wings and loud musical calls.

Nationally threatened flightless birds that feed on haumata/ red tussock and other grasses.
Often in pairs, roaming over large territories.

This one is in a museum display behind glass!

(1/2) Orokonui Ecosanctuary N of Ōtepoti | #Dunedin is community-led 307ha wildlife refuge w/ walking tracks. Enclosed by 9km predator-proof fence, it promotes biodiversity for native species & habitats. 🦎 Grass skink/ Oligosoma polychroma (📷1) & Otago skink/ Oligosoma otagense (📷2). 🌼 Native tree fuchsia/ Fuchsia excorticata (📷3) & mountain daisy/ Celmisia hookeri (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Brown & bronze-coloured lizard with longitudinal stripes on rock
Dark lizard with pattern of yellow blotches on rock
Close up of the fuchsia flower, which incorporates green, purple & red
Large daisy with white petals & yellow centre

Accessed from Mt Cargill Lookout in Ōtepoti | #Dunedin, the 4km/ 1.5h rtn Organ Pipes Track leads to basalt columns formed during volcanic creation of the Dunedin area (📷1&2). Descend to Buttars Peak 617m for views (📷1) then continue towards Mt Holmes 575m. As you reach the latter, engage all-limb drive to ascend the columnar debris (📷2). Thru scrub to more columns (📷3&4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

View of Otago Harbour from basalt rocks of Buttars Peak
Jumble of basalt columns, over which you climb (up then down) to reach intact formations
Intact basalt columns, looking like crazy paving
Intact basalt columns, with a view inland beyond
Bjorn Idle
4 days ago

A bit of a chonker of a Kereru (NZ pigeon) in an old apple tree

#BirdsOfMastodon #Birds #Kereru #Pigeon #Aotearoa #NewZealand #NZ #NaturePhotography

A large pigeon with a red beak, emerald green head and chest, white underbelly and maroon wings and highlights, perched amongst the flowers on an apple tree and looking out at the world

Mt Cargill to north of Ōtepoti | #Dunedin, seen here from Buttars Peak (📷1), summits at 676m. The 105m tower is the city’s tallest structure. These craggs are the eroded younger remains of the 1000m Dunedin Volcano that last erupted 10M yrs ago. Views extend over city & down coast to The Catlins (📷2); the length of Otago Peninsula (📷3); to Blueskin Bay/ N to Shag Pt (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Cloud forest covers Mt Cargill, which is topped by a steel red & white telecoms tower; rock in foreground is from a vantage point on a lower peak; Dunedin city left of frame
The depths of Otago Harbour and the low-lying hills that are occupied by the city of Dunedin; right of frame the coast extends south
The base of Otago Peninsula (the whole peninsula can be seen from the lookout—but needs a panoramic view for capture!)
The inlet known as Blueskin Bay, separated from the ocean by the Warrington Spit; further up to coast Shag Point can be seen
te reo word of the day
5 days ago

Ta moko: Māori tattooing designs on the face or body. #aotearoa #newzealand

(((Emma Cook)))
5 days ago

My cartoon in today's & in glorious print

The NZ campaign trail is ablaze!

But, & I'm not the only one who's noticed, there's been very little talk of various communities... Do we matter?

#NzPol #Election2023 #PoliticalCartoon #Aotearoa #NewZealand #NZElection

Cartoon title: Election 2023: Do these things matter?   Six panels. 1st one "Our disabled & vulnerable communities" A woman dressed up ready to go out is denied access because of a flight of stairs.   No.2 "Our young and old neurodivergent communities" two people face each other talking one has a different inner world to the other one. They look the same but they process the world differently. (Note I am neurodivergent).   No.3 "Our older generations" two older people dancing to music. One white male with his golfing gear on and a Māori wahine sharing space together having fun.   No4. "Our mental health across the country" A map of Aotearoa is straddled by a huge patient monitoring system. Jumping up at certain parts of the land.   No.5 "Our low-paid communities". A person is pushing a humungous boulder with a small child on their shoulders and carrying their shopping.   No.6 "Our environment". NZ is experiencing four seasons in one day, but ramped up to the hilt.

Signal Hill provides a lookout across much of Ōtepoti | #Dunedin. You can see into the harbour & over the suburbs into the South Pacific (📷1). To the E is Macandrew Bay on Otago Peninsula (📷2) & to W the city centre (📷3). A chunk of rock from the hill upon which 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh Castle sits is up here. Nearby is Baldwin St, the world’s steepest with a 19° max gradient (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

View from Signal Hill Lookout to Otago Harbour & across South Dunedin suburbs into South Pacific Ocean
View from Signal Hill Lookout to Macandrew Bay on Otago Peninsula
View from Signal Hill Lookout to Dunedin city centre
View from part way up Baldwin Street, looking down at its steepest point
te reo word of the day
6 days ago

Manaakitanga: Hospitality, taking good care of others. #aotearoa #newzealand

Also of interest & seemingly concentrated around the historic Warehouse Precinct in Ōtepoti | #Dunedin are murals, some highly visible while others found lurking in hidden corners. There’s even an online trail map to help pedestrians find & learn about commissioned street #art, although merely wandering will yield discoveries. Here are some of the examples we came across.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Boy holding lollipop on bench seat is surprised by kiss from girl
Some sort of mechanical horse/ jockey, possibly with steampunk influence
Two girls hose down the street with coloured paint
Yellow-eyed penguins clustered around a central (larger) humanoid figure with what may be mouse-like ears, a black eye, and a fish draped around her neck

South of the Octagon in Ōtepoti | #Dunedin, btw Queens Gardens & Police St, is the historic Warehouse Precinct. Once the city’s commercial/ industrial hub, the area’s being slowly revitalised. It needs it: we found it looking run down, if not derelict. That said, there were examples of heritage architecture to admire (📷1–3) & a good meal to be had at Vogel St Kitchen (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Building of the National Bank of New Zealand
Wains Hotel is now the 5-star Fable Dunedin, after refurbishment in 2018
Keith Ramsay established a shipping agency in Dunedin in 1865
Wood-fired pizza & pulled pork sandwich

The Ōtepoti | #Dunedin Railway Station is iconic for its “gingerbread house” Flemish Renaissance style: white Ōamaru limestone paired with black basalt blocks (📷1&2). The booking hall floor mosaic boasts ~750k Royal Doulton porcelain tiles (📷3). They skimped a bit on the platform side; sadly Inlander train (📷4) no longer enters the Taieri Gorge due to track maintenance $.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Black & white stone building, with geometric lawns in front
Black & white stone building, with planting in front & spring blossoms in frame
Mosaic on booking hall floor ; tiles include NZR for New Zealand Railways & a stylised train
Platform behind railway station, with tired-looking train in attendance
6 days ago

Quite an in depth dive into Aotearoa/New Zealand's history with daylight saving and what changing it again might entail.

"EXPLAINER: Daylight saving is about to begin. . Keith Lynch and Kate Newton outline the strange origins of shifting the clocks twice annually, and what a much more dramatic change would look like."

#Aotearoa #DaylightSaving

arccyclist :verified_gay:
1 week ago

My mum needed a RAT set so went to local pharmacy, listed as a site for to collect them. They wanted to charge her $30 for 10. I contacted the Ministry of Health to ask, and they referred me to this link -

so if you go to pick up a set, and the pharmacy wants to charge you, tell them they are free.

#NewZealand #Aotearoa #CovidIsNotOver

1 week ago

For those thinking of attending tomorrow's event in the Auckland CBD, have a read of the official guidance:

#TLA #TransRights #Aotearoa #tāmakimakaurau #Auckland

Freedom camping beside beautiful Pūrākaunui Inlet; view to 468m Mopanui peak (📷1). On track to estuary mouth sands of Pūrākaunui Bay opposite & defensible cliffs of 18th century Mapoutahi Pā (📷2); Warrington Spit visible beyond. On Pūrākaunui Inlet Track (📷3) saw rare juvenile nankeen night heron/ umu kōtuku/ Nycticorax caledonicus: not supposed to be here, nor awake (📷4)!

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Pūrākaunui Inlet from road; sand exposed at low tide; pasture & forest on far shore, with is topped by a flat peak
White sand lines estuary mouth; beyond cliffs of a headland aid Māori defenders of yesteryear
Boat sheds line the estuary shore
Nankeen night heron | Umu kōtuku 

“Juvenile and immature birds are sandy brown, speckled dark brown, reddish brown and off-white above, and streaked brown below, tinged rufous on the cheeks, neck and upper breast. Juveniles have a brown-streaked crown and nape; in contrast, immature birds have a darker, less obviously streaked cap. Wing coverts are dull reddish brown with white edges, aligned so that they look like serrated bars. Flight and tail feathers are chestnut-brown with prominent white tips. The bill is dark grey above grading to olive-yellow below, with a dark grey tip; legs lime-green.”

2 weeks ago

I'm a bit* unimpressed watching certain prominent Twitter lefties going after the Trans Liberation Alliance for daring to organise an action without their approval.

* Seriously unimpressed

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The pressure gradient across #Aotearoa / #NewZealand itself ranges from 992 mb on the south end of the South Island to 1024 mb on the north end of the North Island - a distance of about 1400 km.

Wind appears to be especially strong through mountain gaps, including the Cook Strait. A weather station stop Mount Kaukau in #Wellington was recording a wind speed of 128 km/h at 18:00 local / 06:00 UTC.


A tight pressure gradient between a 933 mb low northwest of the Ross Sea and a 1028 mb high north of #Aotearoa / #NewZealand is creating strong winds in that country today.

Looks like a pretty breezy week for parts of Aotearoa/New Zealand, especially the west coast of the South Island.


ECMWF modeled wind gusts Sunday showing a gradient from gray (0 km/h) through tan, yellow, red, and eventually purple (120+ km/h). Much of Aotearoa/New Zealand is shown with 70-100 km/h gusts though significant deviation from the model is possible due to local terrain that isn’t well resolved by the ECMWF. Pressure centers described in the test are shown as well as two other strong lows in the Southern Ocean and a weaker one well to the east in the South Pacific.
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2 weeks ago

Rāhoroi: Saturday #aotearoa #newzealand

2 weeks ago

Hey, if you haven't signed already, please sign the Trans Liberation Alliance's petition to protest the return of Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull to Aotearoa. We're on track to 3000 signatures!

KJK has no problem teaming up with Nazis and taking $ from US Christo-fascists, so that's her whole deal. She shouldn't come here.

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A clear morning to bring fresh perspective on life’s trivial annoyances at Lake Camp, #Canterbury. Standing on the shore at -3°C with freshly brewed coffee in hand to watch the sunrise is something to lift the spirit.

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Pink light of dawn above snowy mountains reflected in still lake water
Morning mist clings to the shore; ranges are mirrored in the still water, through which a gravel lakebed is visible
Sun hitting the tops of the ranges gives them on orange glow; near symmetrical reflection of blue sky & wisps of cloud
Morning light on snowy peaks reflected in lake; exposed gravel disturbs the otherwise perfect blue mirror
2 weeks ago

Imagine if every university had its own #fediverse server. So for example faculty at a uni in Aotearoa could be This could even be integrated with the uni's institutional repository, so that every time a researcher adds an article to it, a post is automatically added to their account with the title, abstract and link for the article. Could be interested into the official blogs a uni often provides to faculty and postgrads too.

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2 weeks ago

"Urban forest restoration by trial and error is costly, and resulting failures are both discouraging to practitioners and condemning of future funding approval. Instead, we propose an evidence-based approach developed with partners and practitioners, informed by, ecologists and applied through practice oriented principles."

#KiriWallace, #BruceDClarkson

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(((Emma Cook)))
3 weeks ago

My cartoon in today's @nzstuff and in glorious print @thepostnz

I've noticed, in the trenches of NZ's 2023 Election campaigns, that only one party seems to give a sh*t about the Climate Emergency...

#NZPol #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #PoliticalCartoon #Aotearoa #AotearoaNewZealand #NZElection2023

Cartoon title: “While the parties debate ‘bread and butter” issues…  In the galaxy the earth looks pained, it’s talking to the Doctor Moon who is holding a medical report with the inscription, ‘EARTH RESULTS 2023’. The Dr. Moon doesn’t look very happy with the results…  The earth which is looking pasty, unsettled, rattled some might add. It’s asking, “Doctor!! This mole ain’t getting any GREENER!?” It’s pointing to Aotearoa New Zealand. The country is looking like a dangerous mole.
3 weeks ago

Let's continue the New Zealand story. This impressive signpost I found at Auckland airport. The route from Europe to NZ is the most remote on earth you can take. Back and forth it's one time completely around our planet #NewZealand #biketour #cycling #BikeTooter #Aotearoa #NZ

The signpost at Auckland airport to various destinations on the planet. I focus on the examples to Europe: London 19,271 kms, Frankfurt (where I came from) 19,314 kms
Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
3 weeks ago

Looks like Iʼm not the only person with a #Renault on Cuba Street. #voiture #car #waka #Auto #Aotearoa #NZ #Wellington #WhanganuiaTara

Renault Laguna II parked on Cuba Street, Wellington.
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3 weeks ago

koha: gift, present (usually money, can be food or precious items, given by guest to hosts) #aotearoa #newzealand

3 weeks ago

So I'm going over to #aotearoa / #NewZealand soon to visit my son. Anyone got any suggestions for what to do on the North Island? Will be based in Wellington.

3 weeks ago

So hey, my local techies, you should 100% join the Aotearoa Tech Union. We're smol but fierce, and we work with the other big unions, no problems.

Our focus is exclusively on tech-related issues, including the rise of LLMs, overtime, layoffs, remote work, and of course, mental health and burnout.

Joining grants access to a Slack where we help each other, and we are able to offer guidance with employment issues.

#Aotearoa #NZ #IT #Union

Mike Riversdale
3 weeks ago

Many of my sunset photos are over beaches, harbours, and often include clouds. You know what though, a good clear sky sunset out in the middle of the country can sometimes beat them all hands down.

You'll see me marvelling at the darkening colours as I look higher and higher, feeling the universe just a few kilometres away from us all.

#sunset #Aotearoa #NewZealand #photography

Clear sky sunset with silhouette of trees looking up from the orange behind them to the dark blue of the sky above
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mana: prestige, reputation #aotearoa #newzealand

I Like Books
1 month ago

"Excavations had begun on two huge vertical shafts for a major upgrade of Auckland’s raw sewage pipeline when the groundworks crew came across something astonishing.

Piercing the threshold of an ancient shell bed filled with sea life, New Zealand paleontologist Bruce Hayward likened it to “finding gold right on your doorstep—a once-in-a-lifetime find.”

300,000 individual lifeforms from 266 species, fossilized 3 million years ago are offering the largest single insight into New Zealand native marine fauna in history, and a new paper released on the subsequent research has identified 10 new species."

#GoodNews #Aotearoa #NewZealand #Auckland #Fossils

Mike Riversdale
1 month ago

It was a breathtaking sun rise view flying over /around the hills and Mountains at the the top of Te Waipounamu / the South Island, across the Marlborough Sounds and back to Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington.

#hills #mountains #sunrise #blue #TeWaipoumu #SouthIsland #Aotearoa #NewZealand #photoe

Blue hills fading in the distance of a sunrise with low cloud nestling in the close valleys, all seen from a plane
Mike Riversdale
1 month ago

I love a good time lapse and this, as filmed from my mates home in Nelson, overlooking the Haven as the tide comes in, is one of my faves, enjoy.

#video #TimeLapse #Nelson #water #tide #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Bjorn Idle
1 month ago
Looking along a valley toward snow-capped rocky mountains with native forest on their lower slopes. A river weaves along a stony bed toward us. The air feels cool, blowing across the snow, despite the sunshine.

Lake Rotoroa (“long lake”) is largest lake in Nelson Lakes NP; water taxi runs from jetty (📷1). View south down lake to Maniniaro/ Angelus Peak 2,075m in the Travers Range to E; Mt Misery 1,601m to R (📷2). On western shore, Braeburn Walk 5km/ 1.5h thru beech/ podocarp forest (📷3) leads to waterfall. Source of Te Kauparenui/ Gowan River (📷), draining lake into Buller River.

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Jetty protrudes into calm lake reflecting blue sky & green mountains, with snowy peaks beyond
Snowy ranges to south end of lake; vegetation in foreground
Vegetation reflected in still lake water
River origin shows clear water in alpine setting
(((Emma Cook)))
1 month ago

My cartoon in today's & online @NZStuff

Cyclists! Pesky buggers - using no fuel, needing no WOF's, getting fitter, not going excessively fast on motorways, not ploughing into front rooms or bedrooms whilst people sleep... sheesh! How dare they?!

#ClimateCrisis #NewZealand #Aotearoa #EditorialCartoon #PoliticalCartoon #Cyclist #Pollution

Cartoon title: BIKE LANE BULLIES  A giant monster truck 4X4 pumping out poisonous fumes with an exceptionally angry white male driving with veins on his head and face ready to explode sidling up to a cyclist. He's shouting out his window with a raised fist, "YOU'RE A BLOODY MENACE TO SOCIETY!"  On the footpath a guy and his little girl ride a bike. Casually. Calmly. Going about their business and day not interfering with the driver or anyone else. The self entitlement of the driver is on full show.
1 month ago

"Agriculture contributes more to global warming than any other industry in Aotearoa. Yet attempts to rein in the sector’s emissions have repeatedly fallen short. Kirsty Johnston investigates how a “world-leading plan” was born, and how it fell apart. This is part three: Backtrack. Why farming reneged on its deal to cut emissions."

#Aotearoa #ClimateChange #NZPol #agriculture #lobbying