Konrad Kołakowski
3 days ago

I have a strange anxiety, that with all those new, easy and improved signing procedures in Xcode I'll forget how to do it manually 😅😅

A knowledge I once had, could be so easily forgotten!

#xcode #appdev

Michael Terry
1 week ago

Déjà Dup 45.1 just dropped with a small UI refresh to use the new Adwaita headers!

Looks cleaner now, especially with multiple toolbars during a search on the restore tab.

#DejaDup #Gnome #AppDev

Screenshot of Déjà Dup's header, showing a tab and search toolbars sharing the same background color
Michael Terry
1 week ago

I just published a minor UI tweak to Multiplication Puzzle to use the new Adwaita header style.

Grab 13.0 here:

#MultiplicationPuzzle #Gnome #AppDev

uhm…seems like also in iOS17 there is still a glitch when you open a NavigationLink with .toolbarRole(.editor). The arrow for come back is immediately down and after go up in ToolbarItem position. or Am I wrong and missed something?

#SwiftUI #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #Learning #AppDev #iOS17

Justin Bianco
2 weeks ago

It wasn’t my splashiest update cycle but I was ready on day one, I made my apps better, I resisted adding trendy capabilities that didn’t truly fit, and I did it while taking care of myself and working at an intentionally slower pace for maybe the first time ever.

I’m glad others are getting the attention and buzz they deserve, and I’m also very happy to be on the sidelines for all of it. Happy launch day, friends.

#iOS17 #iOSDev #AppDev #Programming #AppStore

so it’s happen! my first app release! It’s taken me a lot of evening. Full wrote in #SwiftUI and learn it from 0. I’m looking forward for add some nice features when new Xcode will be out and iOS17, I’m not brave enough for use a beta or RC.

#iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #Learning #AppDev

Luke Rogers
2 weeks ago

This week I’ve discovered the power of tmux, especially when paired with ssh. Being able to use the pose of my M1 Mac mini on my ancient laptop without any config or set up or even needing to git push is amazing.

Some of my favourite tools in the terminal:
🧬 Helix as my editor.
🛌 Lazygit for git.
🗄️ Broot for file managing.
🐈‍⬛ Catppuccin themes.

#AppDev #OpenSource #tmux #HelixEditor #lazygit #broot #catppuccin

A screenshot of Rust code in Helix using tmux.
Luke Rogers
2 weeks ago

To me, the whole Unity debacle is a great reminder that if you build your product with propriety tech, there’s a massive risk you could get screwed over. That’s partly why I’ve been moving over to open source tools and platforms, and I’m planning on making many open source contributions too.

#AppDev #OpenSource #Flutter #RustLang #HelixEditor

2 weeks ago

And that's another of our APIs moved into our API console! This places API can be used to grab lists of countries and administrative regions up to 5 levels deep, and includes lat/lon data for over 300,000 regions, and ISO 3166 country codes. Useful for populating address fields or plotting places on maps.

#webdev #appdev #apis

Kevin Issac
3 weeks ago

Apologies for the silence lately! I've been busy, and I’m working on getting my Mastodon client app's login system just right. Ran into some hiccups, but these challenges have been valuable learning experiences. So yeah! Stay tuned for updates! 📱💪 #AppDev #SwiftUI #buildinpublic

Jeff Sikes
3 weeks ago

Entrepreneur camp! Sounds fun, will there be marshmallows?

Please share with friends that might be interested. Deadline is coming up.

#iOS #AppDev

3 weeks ago

For a while I would develop little apps as web pages where the persistence mechanism was changing the page itself (not writing to localStorage or the file system) and all the script & styles lived in the page (no external references). You’d have to remember to save the entire page using the browser’s UI to keep your data. But you could give the entire app and all relevant data to someone just by giving them a single html file to load in the browser.

#webdev #browser #appdev

ok, I think horizontal mode is done ✅… I’ve tried for some weeks if would be better with a sheet always on or two simple button for notifications down everything.Sometimes more simple maybe it is also better (for now).

#SwiftUI #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #Learning #AppDev

Jonathan Kamens
1 month ago

Attention people building #authentication mechanisms for web sites and apps! Numeric verification codes sent via text or email are not actually a context in which bigger is better! 6 digits is enough. More than 6 is bad #UX, because the average person can remember 6 for long enough to get them from the message to the app, but more than that is hard for many. There's a lot of research on this. Go look it up and stop using codes longer than 6 digits. #infosec #AppDev #WebDev #SecurityEngineering

1 month ago

"Protect your macOS app. Use Environment Constraints and receive a new level of control over the circumstances under which your processes can run and how you can mix code in your process. #AppDev #AppSecurity

Learn more: "

Justin Bianco
1 month ago

I’m impressed by how much has improved with visionOS beta 3. The rough spots are definitely getting dedicated attention and it’s great to see. At this rate, @forscore should be ready for a fully optimized release at or near launch, if it makes sense at that point to do so.

#visionOS #AppDev #iOSDev #Programming

Rahul Krishna
1 month ago

How exactly does Lemmy Universal Link Switcher work on Lemmy Post Links?

A post with id `1` in has a different id in (or any instance). How do I resolve this?

#lemmy #programming #lemmydev #appdev

Michael Terry
1 month ago

For anyone else struggling to integrate full Steam Input API support into their Godot game, here’s the approach I found worked best for me.


#SteamInput #GodotEngine #GameDev #AppDev

maybe…this version is ready for testflight… I’ve worked for add alarm (for example for remember when take a pill) with notifications and number of badge, in theory, always updated…
I’m not so sure where put the two buttons for see unread notification and in queuer maybe I’ll put in option for choose. Because the top bar seems like a lot of busy…

#SwiftUI #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #Learning #AppDev

I’ve lost a lot of time behind List for do a multi selection when data arrive from CoreData but seems need more time for understand how do this.. i’ve tried to create a new struct with info about CoreData and after populate an array multi selection works, but there are some problem when i want use button for change some variables boolean.
So for now only a simple lists with swipeAction and go…

#SwiftUI #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #Learning #AppDev

cory hughart
1 month ago

Now that #Expo SDK 49 uses port 8081, I regularly run into situations where local builds fail because I work at an agency and am usually doing multiple things at a time. Multiple Expo apps, WordPress sites, Laravel, they all want port 80 and/or 8081...

#AppDev #WebDev
1 month ago

📱Use less bandwidth and deliver better video quality on native #iOS with Daily Adaptive HEVC. 🏆

Learn more:

#iOS #WebRTC #videoSDK #videoAPI #appdev

1 month ago

I need an android app creator.

It's a simple app that I am positive would be extremely useful and quite popular.

I'll explain it to you, you write it, we split the money 50/50. If you want to port it for iPhones, you can keep 100% of the income from those purchases.

#AppWriter #AppWrite #AppDev

Noot Noot
1 month ago

Irgendwelche pläne die app auf material you design upzudaten? @megalodon

Wäre wirklich top :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Alles soll so bleiben wie es ist,da es perfekt ist so...nur die design wie beim "originalen" #mastodonapp anpassen bzw.erweitern

#app #android #fragen #tusky #moshidonapp #fediverse #fediapp #opensource #foss #dev #appdev

1 month ago

I've spent most of the last few weeks building an API portal to migrate all of our APIs into, opening up some of the amazingly useful data repositories that we store for our own websites, to anybody else who might find them useful.

The portal is now complete and live, and the first of our APIs has been migrated: a ludicrously simple currency exchange rates API supporting over 160 currencies! Built for speed and simplicity, and updated daily.

#webdev #appdev #apis

mmm I think i’m in trouble with notifications for have a right number of badge. Seems like i can’t control UNUserNotificationCenter when i’ve some notification in pending in random order to receive.. if the notifications are in order no problem but if some notification come before another one it’s disaster
#SwiftUI #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #learning #AppDev

cory hughart
1 month ago

The app update I've been working on for a year is finally launched! Still plenty of work left to do, but I'm pretty proud of it.

#AppDev #ReactNative #HIV #healthcare

I’m starting to study notifications… It’s seems will be a little longer…meanwhile I’ve fixed bug and add some option for change corners.
#SwiftUI #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #learning #AppDev

I have been working on this app #EventJar for a couple of months and keep going. From 0 in SwiftUI knowledge (it’s all made in SwiftUI without anything else) and almost every night for 2 hours or less (children permitting). It's a simple event tracking from @simonbs 's idea (I liked a lot). it's not finished yet. But if you want have a look
Any feedback is more than welcome!

#AppDev #iOSDev #IndieDev #SwiftUI #learning #iOSDeveloper

Evan Marie Carr
2 months ago

NJATMDB: Kinda like TMDB...just prettier

I learn by creating. So I learned Svelte / SvelteKit by making this extensive webapp! I think it is kind of amazingly beautiful myself! Check it out!

"Not Just Another TMDB" is a dynamic movie database application that brings movies, TV shows, and celebrities to your fingertips, built using SvelteKit and Vite and empowered by the TMDB API.

#webapp #appdev #programming #svelte #sveltekit #javascript

Cihat Gündüz
2 months ago

Ditching traditional #calendars for daily planning 📆. Why? They're rigid when life throws a oversleeping! 😴

My day planner app solves it like this: 🎞️ Thoughts? 💭

#WorkInProgress #NAPDev #BuildInPublic
#iOSDev #AppDev #IndieDev

2 months ago

Searching for Employment Opportunities:

Hello, I'm XalisRatt and I can translate your apps/games/etc from English to Ukrainian/Russian or vice versa!

Some of my translations:
Projects on Weblate
* SparkyLinux
Apps and Wiki (Wiki translation is in progress)

You can contact me on Matrix (, Discord (xalisratt) or in replies.

#jobsearch #getfedihired #translator #translation #gamedev #appdev

Janne Mattila
2 months ago

Sharing few examples of repeat questions that I've documented into Some-Questions-And-Some-Answers (SQASA) repository over the years
#azure #appdev

Michael Terry
2 months ago

Have you ever wanted to test the latest and greatest Déjà Dup changes from the comfort of your home? Well now you can!

There are now test builds in the GNOME Nightly flatpak repo. Setup instructions at the link below, then install org.gnome.DejaDupDevel

Not much different right now, except that we’re rocking the new Adwaita flat header bars.

#DejaDup #Gnome #AppDev

2 months ago

I don't find #Qt for #Python very attractive. It is an old style, and the file based config of pages, all though semi-intuative for an experienced code, can be tedious and less eeadable than a standard #HTML page.

My question is, is #Electronon seen is being still very slow, and would it be a good choice for a front-end local app? Should I even go this route, or should I maybe just go with #Djano for the front end and #flask for the backend?

I would like to give a front-end side for my #MastoBot vots I am writing, which would allow users to easily see metrics and interact with the bot if they choose not to write any custom code.

Of course, it would be preferable for it to be OS agnostic, but it will akyway run in #Docker due to the database running in a docker compose.

@Python #Python #programming #webdev #appdev #opensource

Janne Mattila
2 months ago

I'm trying to improve sharing of my code examples from GitHub that I've developed over the years.
#azure #appdev

Rafa Laguna
2 months ago

¿Has hecho un juego🎮? ¿Una app📲?

Hoy en directo revisaremos el Reddit del canal y veremos vuestros proyectos😻

Si quieres dar a conocer tu proyecto, ¡publícalo en nuestra página de Reddit y pásate por el directo hoy a las 12:00 CEST!



#gamedev #appdev #yourprojects #indiedev #twitch #tusproyectos #asklagoon

Your Pal Cal
2 months ago

have there been any more apps developed for #kbin? or is the API still in closed beta? #appdev #apps

2 months ago

Today I think I'm going to build services, first off stitching together and and then I may explore the exciting PL/PGRust or stick with SQLx for now.

Last night I sketched out the Activities and basic UI components along with the associated Services. It feels good to build out the app in my head, I keep finding elements I want to add for the first version while keeping it minimal.

I got most of them but it's going to be an artistic challenge building the Resources, layout, images, etc. is not my strong point 😃

#Rust #Programming #AppDev

Cihat Gündüz
2 months ago

My crossword generation algorithm is starting to look good. It can fill more than half the board already with less than 100 words! 🧩💡

#WorkInProgress #AppDev #BuildInPublic
2 months ago

👨‍🎤 🖥 🙋‍♀️ Learn how to power interactive live experiences for 100,000 real-time viewers within your app with our free book on Interactive Live Streaming!

What's inside:
✅ What interactive live streaming is & how it differs from traditional live streaming
✅ Real-world examples of how interactive live streaming works
✅ Code & developer docs to get started

Get your copy now at

#webrtc #livestream #edtech #virtualevent #virtualmeeting #webdev #appdev

David J. M.
2 months ago

A co-op of NYC taxi drivers has built their own (prearranged) ride hailing app, with a guaranteed minimum wage for drivers.

When investors seek 2.5x returns instead of 20x, the space of viable businesses explodes. #startups #entrepreneurship #appdev #nyc
2 months ago

🦋 Learn about Flutter's core components, its programming language Dart, and the concept of widgets on the @dailyco blog.

See the post:

#flutter #appdev #wasm #dart

Cihat Gündüz
2 months ago

#Learnings after 10 days of working on 7 apps per day, 1h per app:

– Generally works great, my #Focus is 👌
– Too many context switches, so I opted for 2h slots
– 7 apps in 40h not splittable to 2h slots, so I reduced to 6 apps (2x2h for support)

#ProductivityExperiment #AppDev

Stephen Radford :telly:
2 months ago

Some bits in today’s build:

- Redesigned the community tab and presented subscriptions alphabetically.
- Finalised the markdown editor for comments with a preview screen.
- Added a FAB to posts to comment.
- But fixes for timezones etc.

Tomorrow I’ll be adding the ability to up/downvote comments and reply to them and work on the UI for comments a little more.

#Lemmy #Bean #iOS #AppDev #Programming #ReactNative

Communities in Bean
Single post view in Bean
Markdown editor in Bean

Hey, #dev Mastodon! I was approached with the question of if I could do some #CrownPeak work. Anybody know how easy that would be to pick up? Is there a good way to run a sandbox environment?

#development #AppDev

2 months ago

Exciting updates to CoreMotion! Learn how Apple's framework enables features like crash detection, fall detection, and spatial audio by accessing motion data from inertial sensors.

Learn more: #CoreMotion #MotionData #Apple #AppDev

Cihat Gündüz
2 months ago

Would you press #Help?

Working on a framework that allows developers to ask their users – who speak a language the app doesn’t support – to help with #translation. Just a minute per user, or longer if desired. 🌐💪

Would you add it to your app?

#WorkInProgress #AppDev #L10n

3 months ago

Level up your app with CLLocationPushServiceExtention! Send timely notifications precisely when and where they matter most. Configure geofences around key locations and deliver valuable information to users as they step into these marked zones. #AppDev #iOSApps

Noah Williams
3 months ago

I will forever appreciate the folks at my company who sought out a business model that costs-in *substantive* on-the-job training.

I didn’t have an #appdev background before I started working here and now I’m writing #python every day.

Everybody wins!

Rafa Laguna - Game Developer
3 months ago

¿Has hecho un juego? ¿Una app?

¿Quieres darlo a conocer? ¿Que se te aconseje en game design?


¡Cada lunes en directo revisamos vuestros proyectos!

Publícalo en el Reddit del canal y durante la mañana del lunes lo veremos 😻

#gamedev #appdev #app #gaming #twitch #review

Stephen Radford :telly:
3 months ago

It’s way too fun to make icon variants. I think my favourite so far is “Tutti Frutti” 😋

What do you think?

#Lemmy #iOS #AppDevelopment #AppDev

The change icon screen in Bean
3 months ago

Enhance your app's accessibility experience with cutting-edge UI frameworks! Learn how VoiceOver can interact flawlessly with your interface using accessibility traits and actions. Stay ahead with the latest #SwiftUI updates! #AppDev #VoiceOver #InclusionMatters

Justin Ferrell
3 months ago

I have an idea for giving more "behind the scenes" details about @mastowatch and the development process for maintaining it. I tend to get excited about ideas and post things that aren't done/ready and may never even ship, not to mention the dozen other apps in the #appdev graveyard. Considering setting up a #kofi (like $1-3/month) where I can share ideas and WIP stuff with people who are interested. I could share a ton of content and ideas there that don’t make sense publicly for a paid app.

cory hughart
3 months ago

Set to surpass 500 cumulative hours today on an app dev project set to release by the end of this month.

It's a complete rewrite of an existing app and is 6+ months late. In hindsight, this was a bad idea, but I'm proud of the architectural decisions I've made this time around.

#AppDev #ReactNative

Stephen Radford :telly:
3 months ago

Refactored the app to have a GlobalStateProvider so I can chuck around post IDs and have persistent state for things like comment counts and whether a user has upvoted.

Moved onto the single post view. Comments are pulled out into a basic FlatList. Tomorrow's task will be figuring out a UI for them that doesn't totally suck.

Also, what the hell should I put in the nav bar? It looks so empty!

#Lemmy #kbin #iOS #iOSDev #ReactNative #Programming #AppDev #AppDevelopment

A screenshot of a mobile client for Lemmy showing an unstyled comments section
pixelbud 🏳️‍🌈
3 months ago

Native app development or React-native? My UI is custom based on accessibility needs and a bit of psychology. I know, not conventional. #developers #appdev #appdevelopment

3 months ago

According to the #feditips you should make an #introduction, so let's do it.
I'm an American immigrant living in Germany, and a Reddit immigrant posting in #Lemmy and #Mastodon. #IT generalist, mostly due to the fact that I can't settle on one thing to stick with, maybe I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up... One day. For now I am primarily in the #cloud space, previously #webdev #appdev, #data architecture/IoT, and live event work. The hop over to federated spaces has also gotten me into #FOSS games (I dream about Beyond All Reason now, it's not particularly restful). If you see me follow you it's probably because you post about a neat tech niche, have an interesting insight into a topic I wasn't aware of, or shared cute pictures. Liable to boost toots talking about tech they're passionate about but I have no hope of understanding, as well as #retrogaming and #queer toots.

Tell me that you don't understand code versioning without telling me that you don't understand code versioning #AppDev #Coding #Dev

4 months ago

New post up on my blog discussing document-based vs library-style apps:

#appdev #hig #apple

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith #showcase I finally released my new Mac app @stempel! You can now finally create files in Finder with right click ► New File. It even allows you to mark the file as executable, for example if you want to create a Python script.

You can directly manage all templates, even creating templates for Numbers or Word documents or folders for web projects with multiple files.

Download link:
Learn more:

#appdev #macdev #indiedev

MacOS wallpaper with right click menu showing a new file being created
A macOS window showing a text file being edited with a  list of templates on the left.
5 months ago

​:boost_requested:​ A call to all app developers! ​:boost_requested:​

We want your help! While there
is an official Calckey client in the works, we'd love to see more third party clients for Calckey start to be worked on! That's why we're putting out a $200 bounty for either an original Calckey app on your mobile platform of choice, or a $150 bounty adding Calckey support to your existing app.

There are some guidelines though:

- Uses the Calckey/Misskey API (, and implements basic features (including all timelines, quotes, reacts, explore, notifications, chats, bookmarks, channels, antennas/lists).

- Written in a language that compiles for your platform of choice (Kotlin/Java for Android, Swift for iOS. No React Native/Capacitor. Flutter is a

- Follows modern design guidelines for your platform of choice.

- Submitted to an App Store (Play Store or App Store. F-Droid is a bonus!) If you don't have a developer license, we'll also cover the cost of that.

- If you're adding support for an existing app, it must have at least 10,000 downloads.

DM this account if you're interested!

#Calckey #AppDev #iOS #Android

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
5 months ago

Humble beginnings on a Sunday morning #gamedev #godotengine #appdev #storytelling

Nick Yates
5 months ago

Hi all, am trying out Calckey to see if I like it. Here's an #introduction: I'm Nick, a high school teacher of computer science, engineering, and (formerly) mathematics from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I also sometimes teach teachers. At work, I love doing interdisciplinary STEM projects with students, working with robots, teaching students app development, and more. Outside of work, I love reading (especially mystery novels), walks in nature, pursuing peace and social justice, and I love my city of Baltimore! #Introduction, #teaching, #STEM, #appdev, #math, #compsci, #engineering, #Baltimore

Nick Yates
5 months ago

Hi all, am trying out Calckey to see if I like it. Here's an #introduction: I'm Nick, a high school teacher of computer science, engineering, and (formerly) mathematics from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I also sometimes teach teachers. At work, I love doing interdisciplinary STEM projects with students, working with robots, teaching students app development, and more. Outside of work, I love reading (especially mystery novels), walks in nature, pursuing peace and social justice, and I love my city of Baltimore! #Introduction, #teaching, #STEM, #appdev, #math, #compsci, #engineering, #Baltimore

Kyle :kaseya:
6 months ago

With just about a month and a half away from #WWDC, who’s excited?

What all do you want #Apple to reveal this year for #Developer’s?

Let’s get the convo started! Sound off in the comment.

Pls BOOST for maximum participation 🙏🏼

#iOS #macOS #iPadOS #watchOS #tvOS #Swift #SwiftUI #AppDev #IndieDev

What's everyone's take on the best way to do cross platform app dev that focuses on mobile devices but ideally also supports desktop?

Flutter seems to get a good wrap. Web app coding would be the easiest for me but also seems limiting on OS level integration? Doing different languages per platform isn't viable for me.

Any advice from seasoned cross platform devs?

Boosts welcome.

#AppDev #MobileApp #Coding

Kyle :xcode:
6 months ago

With the influx of new users continuing to flock to the #Fediverse and sites like #Mastodon and #Pixelfed, I thought I’d post again that I’m on Pixelfed at for anyone that wants to follow my journey there as well.

#iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #AppDev #AppDeveloper #Swift #SwiftUI #FediTips

thomas (they/them) 🌺
6 months ago

What is an ethical pricing structure for a marketplace, app, or service?

Can we create services with more transparent pricing?

Upvote on hacker news 🙏

#startup #transactionfee #transaction #fee #pricing #appDev #webDev #saas #service #servers #aws

Justin Bianco
6 months ago

The biggest limitation keeping me from making forScore better is a policy that Apple could and should change.

Dear Apple: it’s time to leash your watchdog.

#iPad #iPadOS #Apple #Programming #AppDev #WWDC23

Kyle :xcode:
6 months ago

While our name is iOSDevSpace, we're here to give others a safe and happy place to post their daily stuff, even if it's not tech related.

While most of our users do focus on #iOSDev #Swift #SwiftUI #AppDev and more, we also love to talk about all things tech or whatever.

If this sounds like a place for you, sign up and we'll see about getting your account approved.

Sarah Perez 💙
6 months ago

Generative AI for fake App Store reviews? Surely this is happening now? Who’s offering? Who’s using? Tell me what you know! (Or use Signal on my profile. ) #appstore #generativeAI #ai #apps #appdev

Kris Howard
6 months ago

Sydney mobile app & web devs - you should come along next week to a special Sydney CocoaHeads event! My friend and colleague @sebsto is making his first ever visit Down Under, so you don’t want to miss it… #ios #appdev #mobiledev

Dale Price
6 months ago

Prototyping a Fediverse client for #AppleTV with a screensaver-like experience centered around hashtags, using #SwiftUI and #TootSDK. I'm amazed by how good some of the photo- and art-centric hashtags are for just picking a tag and watching images go by on the big screen

#AppDev #tvOS #iOSDev

Screenshot of the tvOS (Apple TV) simulator with a photo of a bird in a tree displayed full-screen, with an info box showing the photo credit: “Bath Nature” followed by the hashtags “naturecommunity wildlifephotography naturephotography wildlife nature birdphotography +9 tags”
Screenshot of the tvOS (Apple TV) simulator with a photo looking up through palm trees displayed full-screen, with an info box showing the photo credit: “Sam Varma” followed by the hashtags “shotoniphone photography nature”
Screenshot of the tvOS (Apple TV) simulator with a black and white photo of waves breaking against a shoreline, with an info box showing the photo credit: “” followed by the hashtags “nofilter filmcommunity ishootfilm filmcamera analogphotography filmisnotdead +10 tags”
Screenshot of the tvOS (Apple TV) simulator with a digital illustration of a pond displayed full-screen, with an info box showing the photo credit: “Isaac LeFever” followed by the hashtags “illustration art drawing landscape MastoArt procreate”
Kyle :xcode:
7 months ago

I am excited to announce the new {Code} and Coffee #Discord Community!

I created this community for developers to get together, talk about code, ask questions, and more.

This has been in the works for a while and I am ready to open the doors and start the conversations and help sessions!

Come join in on the fun!

Please BOOST for maximum reach 🙏🏼.

#Developers #AppDev #iOSDev #iOSDeveloper #SwiftUI #IndieDevs #IndieDevelopers

Amy B
7 months ago

RT from birdsite:
@cdupuis - zero CVEs on
official node:lts-alpine.

It's awesome to see #dockerscout and #docker trusted content working together to make it easier for #developers to build secure apps.

#security #images #appdev

John Balestrieri
7 months ago

🎉 Announcing SMAWL: Convert RAW Photos

I needed to make this one after discovering there wasn't an easy way to convert the accidental 19 MB RAW photo I took of my sandwich.

Or a simple way to shrink the 48MP captures from the 14 Pro.

App Store:

#iosdev #appdev #indiedev #appstore

8 months ago

I’m excited to be a speaker at the 5th annual @pythonwebconf (March 13-17). Use my code — Dwayne@PWC2023 — to get 15% off!

Buy tickets NOW:

#python #appdev #cloud #pydata #culture

cory hughart
8 months ago

Happy Monday!

Another week of breakneck work and people angry it's not done yet lies ahead of me, how about you?

#AppDev #software #SoftwareIsHard #SoloDev

Craig Grannell
8 months ago

I’ve noticed more app and game developers are rocking up here, so:

If you create #Android, #iPhone, #iPad, #Mac or #browser games or apps and you have something new (or recently updated in a big way), please let me know! You can DM/message me here, or – better – email me (details in bio).

I read *every* email devs send, and content I write is long tail, and so even if you don’t hear back, pitches might months later become coverage.

(Any reposts would be very welcome!)

#appdev #gamedev

cory hughart
8 months ago

How do other app devs realistically hit deadlines?

I suspect it's a lot more than just "work more".

Being a one-man dev team doesn't help, not to mention no project management support to speak of.

#apps #development #AppDev

cory hughart
9 months ago

Sometimes I wish my work was a little more immediate and easier to quantify, but I know the work I do is used for years after it launches by thousands of people.

#WebDev #AppDev

How about less pointless moving animation stuff on your app or site that just slows it down massively for older phones (which most people actually have) and more stuff that actually WORKS quickly

#acessibility #design #appdev #webdev

Justin Bianco
9 months ago

I hate to see people not pursue their interests because they think (or other people tell them) that they’re ‘not qualified.’

I created forScore, a very successful sheet music reading app, as someone who a) had never taken a single programming class and b) was barely capable of reading sheet music.

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Chris Hunt
10 months ago

I'm trying to learn MAUI/Blazor, but the getting started app in VS22 doesn't build. Is there a better source for a Hello World sample? #DotNet #cSharp #AppDev