Juan Pablo Paredes
1 hour ago

🐧 Investigué cómo instalar #Distrobox y configurar contenedores en #Linux. Hay buenas opciones para manejarlo en #Debian. Pero me dio pereza probarlo por mi cuenta 😅. Por ahora, confío en los repositorios Debian, #Flatpak y #AppImage. Aún así, es bueno saber que podría tener acceso a los repositorios de #OpenSUSE #Tumbleweed si los necesito en el futuro. 📦 #LinuxContenedores 🐾📲

3 days ago

Fein, der erste #SimpleX Desktop Client ist für Arch Linux als #Appimage erschienen. Macht schon einen guten Eindruck. Weiter so!

#linux #chat #simplex #SimpleX Chat #client #arch #Appimage #privacy

the9thdude :verified:
3 days ago

Well this has just completely devolved into figuring out how to re-package #Windows games into #Flatpak s or #AppImage s for the sake of #portability

Mr. Matt
1 week ago

Why does everyone seem to hate #AppImage?

Is it because it's the anti-meta pick versus apt and dnf, or because it's not Flatpak?

Shah Shabbir Ahmmed
1 week ago

Calling all #LinuxEnthusiasts! Let's find out your favorite #PackageManagerPreference! Last time, we discussed #Snap's popularity and received some passionate opinions.

This time, we want to discover the ultimate package manager that brings you joy! Cast your votes and celebrate your unique choices. It's time to unite and celebrate the reigning flavor in our #LinuxKingdom! 🐧

#opensource #linux #debian #fedora #arch #flatpak #appimage #snap

1 week ago

Um 15 Uhr starten dann "Floating grounds - #Radarfernerkundung über #SH", "Migration zu #Proxmox VE mit minimaler Downtime" und "Paketformate der Zukunft?"

#snap #flatpak #AppImage #mapping #archäologie #serveradmin #Kiel #kielux #schleswigholstein #linux

3 weeks ago

Moving program to /opt to make it accessible to all users? #permissions #appimage #opt

That One Average 成
3 weeks ago

I guess I'm a bit more of an #AppImage person, even if that has problems with themes and etc. At least it plays nice with the rest of my home filesystem and it's the easiest type of app package to carry between systems, in my eyes anyways.

But really, I'd just rather use the system package manager. It's there for a reason, and having to flip flop between two of them is kind of dumb tbh.

Nitrux :mastodon:
3 weeks ago

Today is the day! — Nitrux 3.0.0 "ut" is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 3.0.0. This new version combines the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

Nitrux 3.0.0 is available immediately.

#Nitrux #Release #News #Changelog #Linux #MauiKit #AppImage

3 weeks ago

You can easily install LabPlot on Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD 🚀

Download here:

#FOSS #FLOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #DataAnalysis #DataViz #Statistics #Ubuntu #Fedora #OpenSUSE #Arch #Gentoo #Slackware #Debian #Flatpak #AppImage #Chocolatey #LabPlot #Windows #macOS #Linux #FreeBSD

Download LabPlot
Remilia Scarlet 🏳️‍⚧️
3 weeks ago

My #vgm player Benben 0.2.0 is out! New features include YM2612 and SN764xx support (so, Sega Genesis music now works), OPL and OPL2 support, greatly improved CPU and memory usage when rendering to WAV or Au, and various other things.

Full release notes, source code, and an x86-64 Linux #AppImage , are all available here:

Related, my underlying YunoSynth library is now at v0.2.0 as well:


1 month ago

@realcainmosni AppImage is simple: One app = one file. Of course this comes at some cost. But have you looked at the download size of, e.g., #LibreOffice #AppImage vs. the other formats? You might actually be positively surprised.

Der Techniker 💎
1 month ago

Wie gelingt der Umstieg auf #linux wenn man unter #windows sein Ökosystem an Programmen & Tools fast ausschließlich auf #portableapps ausgerichtet hat?
Leider war die bisherige Erfahrungen mit #appimage nicht so doll :thaenkin:
#linuxcommunity #linuxmint #zorinos #portable #hilfe #tipps #backup #reinstall :blobsweats:

#AppimagePool : A catalog for #AppImage apps made it with Flutter (it could be a good complement to official repository apps) #linux

1 month ago

I was about to rant about #AppImage but I don't have the correct glibc.

Rasheed Ahmed
1 month ago

@filen user satisfaction, user behaviour and company improvement survey:

Each participant has a chance to win a 1 TB or one of five 100 GB plans! (6 different winners!)

#filen #OpenSource #freesoftware #gnulinux #linux #e2ee #encryption #cloudbackup #backup #sync #cloudsync #appimage

outsidecontext 🇺🇦🕊️
1 month ago

I now provide daily development builds of #MusicBrainzPicard for Linux (as #AppImage) and Windows . More info in the #MusicBrainz community forums

1 month ago

Thought I'd try an #arm64 #vps (with #Debian). All was going fine until I realised that #neovim only release #appimage packages for #x86 #nvim due to some lack of support on #github

Not sure I want a VM without access to my fave editor!

1 month ago

Giving the seemingly very useful utility with slightly confusing name a try; Gear Lever.

I like Flatpaks and prefer them wherever the option exists, but a few apps sadly only release as AppImages (and/or more traditional methods). For those, Gear Lever seems to be a very nice (Flatpak!) utility that helps AppImages behave nicely as a more integrated part of your system.

I'm always impressed with what people are able to cook up.

#Flatpak #AppImage #Fedora #GNOME #Linux

Screenshot showing Gear Lever's "About" window along with its main application window, showing two "installed" AppImage applications; Beeper, and SheepShaver.
Screenshot of a close-up of the GNOME application search screen, showing the SheepShaver AppImage show up as an actual application with icon in the search results, allowing me to easily search for and launch the application -- or add it to my dock, for example.
Marcel Bischoff
1 month ago

Is there any way to install an up-to-date #Neovim version on a #Debian #Linux installation? I’m flummoxed by not finding anything regarding this in the official documentation. 0.7.2 appears to be the only version available. Am I overlooking something or do I seriously have to manually download an #AppImage or compile it from source?

Felix Palmen 📯
1 month ago

@thindil Oh there *is* binary compatibility for sure. The #Linux kernel typically doesn't break its userspace-facing #ABI. #Glibc and #GCC's libstdc++ use symbol versioning to provide backwards compatibility.

The issue starts with all the other libs, there's no standard for some "base" GNU/Linux system. That's where all these (IMHO damn broken) ideas like #AppImage, #Flatpak etc come from. Of course, you could just link statically instead, seems people don't get that any more 🙈

Anyways, quite some binary #Linux software will work "anywhere" as long as the required libs are not too old (looking e.g. at browsers...). And having a #Linuxulator userland built from source *should* enable you to just add ports for missing libraries. Well, in theory 🙈

Beaver Notes
2 months ago

📣 Community Update: Beaver Notes 0.0.6-a.appimage is now out! This release addresses GPU rendering issues on Linux. We're working on a solution for font rendering in the Snap package. If you're facing issues with Snap, you might want to start using AppImage + Launcher. Download at #foss #opensource #linux #appimage #BeaverNotes

2 months ago
Did a bit'a readin and thought #OrcaSlicer looked like it had a few nice improvements to #SuperSlicer. Their GitHub releases page had a file called so I figured I give it a try. I was a bit concerned when I opened that zip and found it contained a file called OrcaSlicer_ubu64.AppImage, but hey, it's an AppImage right, should be fine...nope. First run from cli just to see what it spits out and what'a'ye know, error while loading shared libraries: A quick sifting through the AppImage contents and guess how many .so files it had in it; yup, not'a one.

What's the point of making an #AppImage / #Flatpak / #Snap if you're not gonna include the required libraries to run it?

Orca Slicer Is The New Game In Town

#3dprinterhacks #3dprinting #orcaslicer #slicer #hackaday
posted by pod_feeder_v2
2 months ago

AppImages are really great, they said. They just work, they said.

[2023-08-08 07:08:44.296465] [0x00007efea72d9a40] [trace] Initializing StaticPrintConfigs
add font of HarmonyOS_Sans_SC_Bold returns 1
add font of HarmonyOS_Sans_SC_Regular returns 1
Segmentation fault


Nitrux :mastodon:
2 months ago

Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.9.1 "nu" is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.9.1. This new version combines the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

Nitrux 2.9.1 is available immediately.

#Nitrux #Release #News #Changelog #Linux #MauiKit #AppImage

2 months ago

I really don't know what this whole obsession with #snap, #flatpack, #electron, #AppImage, etc. applications is. A simple Java application all of a sudden weighs in with something like 220 MB, even though I have more than sufficient JREs already available. And every bloody electron app comes basically with its own memory hogging version of a Chromium browser (which is BTW then not automatically upgraded in cases of security maintenance cases).

Just now again with my well trusted BibTeX (...)

gnutux بالعربي
2 months ago
برنامج حر مفتوح المصدر للرفع من جودة الصور و تصحيح الصور الضبابية بشكل سريع و تلقائي، البرنامج متوفر لنظام #gnu #linux #macos #windows

#gnutux #لينكس #appimage
Linux Magazine
2 months ago

The creators of the user-friendly Zorin OS have released version 16.3, which includes a new upgrader and other notable features #ZorinOS #Linux #distro #OperatingSystem #OpenSource #Upgrader #Connect #LibreOffice #Flatpak #AppImage #Snap #FOSS

Linux Magazine News
2 months ago
FOSS graphics editor "Inkscape" has been updated to version 1.3. This update improves performance; adds a shape builder tool; adds a document resources dialog; rewrote the PDF import code; and more. The code is licensed using GPLv2.0. The program is available from various distro repos; from Flathub; and as an AppImage.

The project's main website is here:

The full changelog for this update can be found here:

The source code can be found on Gitlab:

The project has a presense on Mastodon:

If you wish to donate to the project you can do so using Paypal:

#foss #inkscape #gitlab #appimage #flatpak

"Dammit! There's no single uniform package format across all the Linux distros. It's either RPMs or DEBs, mostly."

"OK, let's create something portable across the lot."

The dialogue that led to the creation of #Snap, #Appimage, and #FlatPak.

Has it solved anything? No it has not. Just caused resource bloat (particularly in storage requirements), even more layers of abstraction, and diagnosis headaches. And enabled developers to slope-shoulder platform-specific testing.


Autolycus 🏴‍☠️
2 months ago

@mwshook If we just used #appimage for desktop applications it wouldn't matter so much.

What we really need is for the Linux Foundation to just release a full OS. They have the power to be the "official" distro. They could base it off Debian and make it LTS.

Linux ☑️
2 months ago

::: FreeTube | Free as in Freedom YouTube app :youtube:

FreeTube features:

* YouTube content WITHOUT GOOGLE hovering in background
* No ads
* A simple UI - lighter than the YT website
* Subscribe channels WITHOUT a GOOGLE account
* Import / export those FreeTube subscriptions


#FreeTube #YouTube #deleteGoogle #apps #OpenSource #AGPL #freedom #Linux #Snap #Flatpak #AppImage

Mr. Matt
3 months ago

Does anyone know how to add an #AppImage application to #GNOME application menu?

#askfedi #askmastodon

3 months ago
@cr0n0s es analoga a #ViMusic en android, pero para escritorio y esta ademas disponible en #AppImage
3 months ago
Cierto, en eso no habia pensado... ya lleva bastante tiempo intentando pasar todo a #snap y la verdad es que ni ese, ni la competencia #flatpak me parecen buenas soluciones...
Yo soy un fan de los #AppImage (aunque necesitan ser mejorados)
Mr. Matt
3 months ago

@amberage you make an excellent point.

This is the exact problem that #AppImage #Flatpak and #Snaps collectively solve

3 months ago

So I started working on my Asteroids-like game again. I made a bit more progress this morning before 7am fixing some issues I introduced. The devlog is here: #appimage #linux Also Windows. No MacOS at this point.

@Seirdy *nodds in agreement*

#SystemD was necessary and so far I think it did solve a lot of issues. OFC for embedded Systems one can still literally use a single shell script as init process...

#Sandboxing is a #Security feature and Tools like #Snap, #FlatPak and #AppImage make it easy to provide cross-distro apps that just run.

Verified Bootchains as implemented with #CensorBoot on #UEFI are just bad #DRM. #Heads as alternative Firmware makes it better.

3 months ago
Hello @nuclearplayer

I have been using #NuclearPlayer in its appimage format for a few months now on #linux #ubuntu and I was really happy.
A week ago I upgraded ubuntu from version 20.04 to 22.04 and yesterday when I tried to use Nuclear again something curious happened to me: Every time I added some songs to the list, they were automatically deleted after a few seconds without showing any error message or something similar.
Then I went into the settings section and unchecked the "verify songs by community" option and tried again to add songs to the list and again the same thing happened.
I went back into the settings section and changed the address of the #invidious server, but it didn't show any change either.
What should I look for, where could be the error?

PS: I had downloaded #AppImage at the beginning of June and yesterday I downloaded the latest version, but nothing improved either.

#help #question

Hello #linux and #debian friends and strangers — is it possible for an #appimage to mess up your USB drivers somehow?? My laser cutter won't laser-cut, it's reporting the wrong PID and VID to #Lightburn. Correct in lsusb. What. (it's not dec/hex confusion) Could running the Arduino IDE appimage have changed the USB driver settings or something?? That's the only thing I can think of that's changed..??

Nitrux :mastodon:
3 months ago

Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.9.0 "nu" is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.9.0. This new version combines the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

Nitrux 2.9.0 is available immediately.

#Nitrux #Release #News #Changelog #Linux #MauiKit #AppImage

Red Faster
3 months ago

holy crap I just discovered #GearLever can break an #appimage into a proper installation #Linux

3 months ago
@c3po suena muy bien... es una especie de #appimage #universal
3 months ago
@camaradabakunin yo llevo con el mismo sistema Linux desde 2008 y lo actualizo solo cuando hay cuestiones de seguridad... lo demas lo dejo en las manos de #appImage
4 months ago
Lo unico que me cabrea cada 2 años de #Ubuntu #Linux #Budgie es que el proceso de pasar de una version a otra es una reverenda mierda.

En mi caso intento actualizar la version de la distro cada 4 años, porque me jode la perdida de tiempo.

A veces pasa que algunas apps (usadas muy frecuentemente) requieren librerias muy actualizadas que solo vienen ahi.

Recien me acaba de suceder al intentar usar el #AppImage de #Fedistar

/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.34' not found

Por lo mismo a veces me veo obligado a hacer el puto upgrade.

Y el proceso es un dolor de cabeza.

Cada vez pierdo un dia completo en el.

Primero intento hacerme una lista de todos los detalles que debo tomar en cuenta (y que no estan contemplados en el procedimiento)

P.e. apps que por no estar en formato AppImage deben ser reinstaladas... se que hy herramientas que pueden recolectar esta informacion mas rapidamente, pero hasta ahora no he encontrado ninguna que lo haga solo con las apps NO soportadas por los repos oficiales

Despues una vez que me he dado este laborioso trabajo me toca cruzar los dedos para que no se den sorpresas en el proceso de actualizacion (que SIEMPRE se dan), como la extincion del soporte a apps antiguas o que por el proceso mismo se requieren desintalar.

Al menos en el aspecto de las apps que se desintalan por necesidades del procedimiento o por lo que sea... deberian quedar todas respaldadas o documentadas en alguna carpeta para que nos ayudara a orientarnos al momento de intentar recuperarlas.

Muchas veces esto me lleva a tener que buscar alternativas (ejemplo, con la version 20.04 perdi GPRenamer, que usaba de vez en cuando)

Y siempre llegan otras sorpresas, como que se instalan apps que siempre me toca volver a desintalar porque no uso y me quitan espacio o que nuevas funcionalidades vienen acompañadas de tener que aprender nuevos comandos y cosas asi o que viejas funcionalidades a las que me habia acostumbrado de vuena gana, simplemente desaparecen.

Para que hablar de los "viejos" archivos de configuracion (DOT) de las apps que estaban instaladas y funcionando bien. A veces despues tienen comportamientos extraños.

La verdad es que nunca he descubierto una distro que cumpla con las siguientes condiciones:

- lo mas similar posible a ubuntu budgie
- de evolucion continuada (rolling)
- y que no vaya a desaparecer a la vuelta de la esquina

Si alguien tiene recomendaciones, bienvenidas sean. Se agradeceran muy mucho.

Where the heck am I supposed to put appimages. I want icons in the “start” menu. I want filetype associations. I am CONFUSE. I want to apt install all the things but the available version is too old. Oh #linux why are you so. #appimage #debian

4 months ago

If you work with AppImages this is a fantastic tool.

When you run an AppImage it'll detect it, offer to "install it" by copying it out of Downloads to an "apps" folder, and then integrate it with your DE.

Last releases build is 2020 but the "bionic" deb still works fine in Pop_OS 22.04.

#linux #AppImage #appimagelauncher #ubuntu #PopOS

5 months ago

Any reason not to store AppImage files in /usr/local/bin? #appimage #directorystructure

Meus amigos que manjam mais de #Python, será que rolaria fazer um #zipapp com o as dependenccias todas do #py5?

O meu portable do #Thonny tem um lançador de um "script exemplo" com #pymunk que é bem fofo...

Queria muito ser capaz de fazer um #AppImage para Linux e um "DMG Bundle" para Mac de um portable Thonny.

Tem documentação de como usar o #pyinstaller com py5 mas meus resultados foram erráticos...

Parafraseando o Ramalho, a complexidade incidental me quebra as pernas...

Nitrux :mastodon:
5 months ago

Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.8.0 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.8.0.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog link below.

#Nitrux #Changelog #Release #MauiKit #AppImage #News

A poll for #Linux #Debian -based/flavour users in the #fediverse network:

If #flathub #AppImage and #Deb are all natively supported by your distro, and an app you want to install also releases in all three formats, which one would you choose?

And if you feel like it, do share your reasons why.

* I intentionally did not include an option for “build it myself”.
* Based on the nature of the question, the poll is only open for 1 answer.
* Poll will run for 1 week.
* Feel free to boost.

#GNU #Calckey #Mastodon #MycelialNetwork #Poll #Polls #YourOnlyOne

omg ubuntu
5 months ago

AppImages don't work out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 23.04, but there's a simple fix #appimage #ubuntu

The app image logo adjacent to a laptop running ubuntu 23.04 with a white arrow pointing from the app image icon to the laptop.

@opensuse NOICE!

Personally, I think all are good ideas, tho #Snap is better for #Server, #FlatPak better for #Desktop and #AppImage works best for single standalone executeables.

I've used all 3 of them and I do prefer Flatpak for Desktop since it has a proper #PackageManager [unlike #AppImage] and is wider adopted than Snap...

Oh #Snap! I did not see this coming.

It's super interesting to see one of the main attempts for a Linux "It Just Works" binary distribution go by the wayside.

I don't have any strong feelings towards it vs #flatpak vs #appimage, but right now the vast majority of my installed apps (both at home and at work) don't seem to be snap-based.

7 months ago

#Linux Packaging Formats explained: #Flatpak vs #Snaps vs DEB & RPM vs #AppImage vs AUR 📦

(video courtesy of @thelinuxEXP Make sure to Like & Subscribe for more!)

Introducing Tugpgp. A small application with very specific requirements to create #OpenPGP keys and uploading them to #Yubikey. #Sunet #Python #Rust #Qt #AppImage

Demo of the application. The user is giving user name and emails as input and then it creates a new key. Finally uploads to Yubikey and then set user and admin pin of the key.
8 months ago

@villares I'd be happy to help the author of Thonny to make an #AppImage. But I need the help of the author, because I don't know how Thonny works.

8 months ago

@krishnadraws #Apple lost its luster for me when they pivoted to services. I have transitioned about 70% to #Linux, with my holdouts being my iOS devices and the absolutely WONDERFUL #Affinity apps for #macOS. I would pay for them all over again if they would just release an #AppImage.

8 months ago

@anant @kushal linuxdeploy-plugin-appimage is not made by me, but I am trying to help in all things #AppImage. There are more tools and resources at

My cleaver hack happily fails on #AppImage because it creates read-only mount :(

Nitrux :mastodon:
9 months ago

Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.6.0 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.6.0.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog link below.

#Nitrux #Changelog #Release #MauiKit #AppImage #News

People who can build an #AppImage, where do they live? What do they eat? Do they mingle with mere mortals?

10 months ago

Why are #Flatpak installs so bloated while #Appimage files seem tiny by comparison?

[EN version of a previous PT toot]

I've been using a lot, a wonderful IDE for learners that comes with built-in #Python, teaching #CreativeCoding with a library called #py5 (@py5coding).

The IDE maintainer makes a "portable" version for Windows and I have tweaked it by installing the libraries I need. I'd like to find out someone who could help me make an equivalent #AppImage for Linux... would it even be possible?

For context:

Tenho usado muito o, um IDE que vem com #Python embutido, para dar aulas de programação criativa com uma biblioteca chamada #py5 (@py5coding). Preparei para pessoas com Windows um "portable" oferecido pelo mantenedor do Thonny no qual instalei as bibliotecas que preciso. Gostaria de encontrar alguém que pudesse me ajudar a fabricar um #AppImage equivalente para Linux... será que é possível?


Nitrux :mastodon:
1 year ago

Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.4.1 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.4.1.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog link below.

#Nitrux #Changelog #Release #MauiKit #AppImage #News