2 hours ago

У застосунку #ПовітрянаТривога тепер можна підписатися на 5 регіонів

Оновлення вже доступне для користувачів у #GooglePlay та #AppStore.

Як додати кілька регіонів?
- Зайдіть у застосунок.
- У верхньому правому куті натисніть на знак «+».
- Налаштуйте бажані регіони.

Simon Braun
7 hours ago

Zur Feier des 10. Jahrestages gibt es für die nächsten zwei Wochen #Filmlog Plus ~50% günstiger. #AppStore #Sale

Apple uses #DRM to lock people into using its #AppStore, threatening anyone who reverse-engineers its devices to add competing stores with 5 year prison sentences under #Section1201 of the #DigitalMillenniumCopyrightAct (#DMCA).

Google's #Android *does* have a facility for "side-loading" apps that aren't in its app store, but the company uses a web of commercial requirements and technological tricks to prevent a competitor from emerging:


2 days ago

APPLE let me download my OWN APP! 🤣 Pretty please? 🥺

#macos #appstore #swift #swiftui

Justin Scholz
2 days ago

Also big news regarding fingerprinting in #Apple #AppStore #WWDC

Markus Tippner
2 days ago

Der #AppStore bekommt mit #watchOS10 ein leicht erneutes #Design #WWDC23

3 days ago

Who really really controls the #internet

No it's not #Microsoft. Microsoft mostly makes products like #Xbox, #microsoftword, they don't really do much to control the internet as a whole despite being the owner of the largest computer os on the market and owning Bing. You can mostly say that #Google is the main ruler of what goes on the internet and what doesn't. They own #Youtube and Google do you know anyone else that's any bigger then that and has more then just one app dominating everyone else. (looking at just #Tiktok.)

Define internet: the transfer of data over the lines or something like that.
Define data: could be apps, images, games, videos, text, code, web pages.. stuff like that.

Besides the internet provider, who do you have to go through first to get the data transfered to you?

1. The search engine. As it doesn't usally tend to matter what web browser you generally use it doesn't determine what websites you can access. (javascript issues of said website on the browser is a different story.)

define search engine: searching on the web for web pages, indexing the sites pages in a easier way to access then having to rememeber the sites ip address.

2. The #appstore If you want an app that's not preinstalled, better hope #Apple will carry it, or/and the Google Play Store.

3. Video streaming. Want to download a video clip, or stream something. That streaming app or website might not always be able to provide that whether it be for their own choices, #copyright better hope that platform has your interests.

4. Games. It use to be gaming wasn't really too big on the internet with company's like Nintendo ignoring it originally. Now adays you can get the game from app stores, or video game console marketplaces, or pirate websites, or legit websites. If you want a specific title, best to hope the store fronts will offer it and continue to offer it. (Looking at Nintendo *and* Sony. Microsoft actually does pretty good on this.)

myEP app 🇪🇺
3 days ago

@myepapp is the only open data based European Parliament app for #iOS ⤵️

✅ Check meeting calendar
✅ Browse committee and plenary agendas
✅ Find most recently published documents
✅ Check plenary vote results
✅ Browse the up to date list of MEPs

Download from the #AppStore 📲

#Apple sap perfectament què és #Mastodon.
La seva app #Missatges suporta oficialment les vistes prèvies a enllaços de Mastodon des de #iOS 16.4.
Ara Apple també ha destacat Mastodon en la seva #AppStore, explicant què és i enllaçant al directori oficial de servidors.

Axel Rafn
4 days ago

I've been having issues with #Xcode updating on my M1 Mac for the last three days, it never finishes updating even though the #AppStore says it's finished. I had to run #CleanMyMacX to get it to start the update from where it was stuck before. Now happily updating the final few parts..

Dáithí K
5 days ago

A very nice explanation of #Mastodon on the #Apple #iOS #AppStore. They’ve highlighted @ivory, @MonaApp Mast: and Many but sadly not @IceCubesApp and several others.
Still nice to see @Mastodon being featured.

5 days ago

📱Застосунок «МЧС» увійшов у топ-10 російського #AppStore. Він сповіщає росіян про обстріли та має карту оперативного прогнозу небезпеки.

А що сталося? Невже #тревожно?

6 days ago

It's a payment method that's becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Find out how businesses can delight customers, and slash #transaction #fees with QR code payments.

#QRCode #OpenBanking #A2A #payments #fintech #Apple #Google #AppStore

mecambioaMac :mastodon:
6 days ago

#OpenAI presentó el pasado 18 de mayo la app de #ChatGPT para iOS: los últimos avances al alcance de su mano. De momento, solo disponible para iOS.

#tech #AppStore #gpt4

To all app owners:

If you change your app icon to a rainbow during #PrideMonth, thanks!

But please consider having it as an alternate app icon for the rest of the year too.

I use rainbow icons wherever I can, I’d like to add more 😁

#LGBT #AppStore #App #iOS

Rich Aesthetic
1 week ago

No Man's Sky will be coming to the #Mac #AppStore shortly.

Not getting it on Steam becuase, well, have you used the steam app on Mac? It's shite.

#NoMansSky #NoMansSkyApple #NoMansSkyCommunity

Seb Jachec
1 week ago

Is this new, or have I just not noticed for a while? Star rating, developer and chart ranking now shown above each #iOS #AppStore search result (16.5). Apps not charting have their category shown.

App Store search for ‘substack reader’. Both results in the list, Substack Reader, and Medium, have their star rating, developer name and chart ranking in a small bar between the app name/icon and their screenshots.
Olhar Digital
1 week ago
Marcel 🛡 ♻ ✨
1 week ago

@gregsie @linuxmagazine @ubuntu
The catch is precisely that #UbuntuSnaps edition users become dependent on the #SnapStore. It is then another small step to charge a price for each app that is installed. Introducing the revenue model of the #Apple #AppStore and #MSWindows #Office365. They could also have chosen to support the open #Flatpak #Flathub distri system. This is what most other #Linuxditros are working on. @linuxmint #technews
1 week ago #technews »#Apple touts $1.1 #trillion in #AppStore #commerce in 2022: $910 billion in total billings and sales from physical goods and services, $109 billion from in-app advertising and $104 billion for digital goods and services.«

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
1 week ago

🇬🇧 I’m able to download #ChatGPT app from #AppStore.

🇵🇱 Mam możliwość pobrania aplikacji #ChatGPT z #AppStore.

1 week ago

💻 🇺🇦 Застосунок #СhatGPT вже в Україні

Його можна завантажити в #AppStore.

Markus Tippner
1 week ago
Loki the Cat
1 week ago

Wow, I thought my appetite was insatiable, but Apple has devoured $1.1 trillion in App Store commerce! And to think, they've done it all without a single hairball. Impressive. 😸🍎 #AppStore #Apple

Sumit Mehta 🇮🇳
1 week ago

hey guys, @AppleSupport @tim_cook
what about developing an app which can convert the phone mic into a working microphone.
It can be used for singing, presentations, etc. by connecting to a speaker over bluetooth…!
#Apple #iPhone #AirPods #appstore #iOS

Mac & i
1 week ago

App Store: Umsätze in Billionenhöhe laufen über iPhone-Apps

Immer mehr Waren und Dienstleistungen werden laut einer Studie per App gekauft. Provision an Apple müsse nur ein kleiner Prozentsatz der Anbieter zahlen.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #InAppKäufe #iOS #iPhone #news

App Store auf dem iPhone
Allen Amateur
1 week ago

... and it's been approved. Download the latest version of Card Buddy today!

#indiedev #macapps #appstore

A promotional image for the Mac App Store showing an app with several cards in it, some with images. The text at the top reads "Save your favorite images. Drag and drop images directly to create a mood board."
The Iconfactory
1 week ago

:wallaroo_app: It's been an epic month! #WallarooApp subscribers received new and wonderful #wallpapers each and every week in May. 😃

June is gearing up to be just as amazing as we get ready for #WWDC, wear our colors with pride, visit strange new worlds and anxiously await our favorite big-screen archeologist's date with destiny. We hope you'll join us!

Download Wallaroo in the #AppStore today - it’s free to try!

Various iPhone lock screens fading in and out including a hand-painted illustration of Hyrule from Zelda, one of NASA's Mercury capsules hanging high above the earth and a stylized graphic of Darth Vader from Star Wars
1 week ago

#Apple #iPhone #iOS #iOS16 #ChatGPT #AppStore

L’app ChatGPT è ufficialmente disponibile in 🇮🇹


Allen Amateur
1 week ago

Yay, Card Buddy v1.1.0 submitted to the Mac app store! #indiedev #macapps #appstore

Screenshot of an index card app for the Mac.
1 week ago
1 week ago

Unfassbar, wie sehr InApp-Purchases und die Abo-Verwaltung im #iOS / #macOS #AppStore zerbrechen, wenn man Family Sharing verwendet, aber mit eigenem Account-Guthaben bezahlen möchte. Jedes, wirklich jedes einzelne Detail in diesem Prozess ist irgendwie broken. Man MUSS die CVC der Family-CC eingeben; es wird einem NICHT angezeigt, welche Zahlungsmethode tatsächlich verwendet wird; "Zahlungsmethode aus dem Account entfernen" wird angeboten, funktioniert aber einfach nicht, usw. usf. 😆 #onlyApple

Otto Schmilinsky
1 week ago

Me parto de la risa cuando una aplicación se actualiza y menciona que ha trabajado durísimo y ha corregido un montón de errores, bla, bla, bla… y es un simple navegador web con botones que enlazan a páginas concretas. Que entráis en la web con Safari y es lo mismo.
#Apple #AppStore

Captura de pantalla del texto descriptivo de las mejoras hechas a una aplicación del móvil, que dice: “En esta actualización, hemos corregido muchos errores y mejorado otros aspectos de la aplicación. Esperamos que te guste esta nueva versión.
Si tienes comentarios o surge algún problema, escríbenos a xxx. Estaremos encantados de ayudarte!
Prestamos gran atención a tus comentarios y trabajamos constantemente haciendo mejoras en la App. Para no perderte nada, asegúrate de tener activada la opción: Actualizar automáticamente”.
Mac & i
1 week ago

Webinar: Rahmenbedingungen für die App-Entwicklung im Unternehmen

Das Live-Webinar zeigt im Juni die größten Stolpersteine bei der Entwicklung von iOS-Apps durch Unternehmen – sei es intern oder anhand externer Entwickler.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #iOS #iPhone #news

Webinar-Aufmacher Rahmenbedinungen für App-Entwicklung im Unternehmen

I made a little tool to see how many App Store downloads I've had, it's really hard to work out with their app and I want to make a little pi pico dashboard-y thing next!

It was a fun excuse to play around with Deno too.

#OpenSource #Deno #AppStore #JavaScript #TypeScript

Floppy Club
2 weeks ago

🪕🧩 Music-puzzler Rytmos is out on iOS! 🧩🪕

Solve puzzles that evolve into musical compositions, discover different genres and styles of music and play with a plethora of different instruments!

#MobileGames #Rytmos #iOS #IndieGames #PuzzleGames #Music #AppStore

Skip Rynearson
2 weeks ago

With many widely-used apps discontinuing their #AppleWatch versions recently, I feel like I should say that while I love my Watch for fitness (especially #AppleFitnessPlus) and for sleep tracking apps, I love productivity apps, games, Wikipedia and Reddit apps, and lots more on there too. I think the common refrain of “People don’t care about a computer in their wrist, they only want a fitness device!” (Looking at you, @ihnatko 😜) sells short the really great work of watchOS app developers who explore other ways we can use this incredible thing on our wrists. I hope we see even more from them and other fresh efforts after #WWDC. #Apple #watchOS #appstore

Martin Höller
2 weeks ago

Debugging an issue that only is possible on actual production builds (in-app purchase related). I'm really sorry about spamming #AppStore review so much. #xcode #indiedev

2 weeks ago

#Cryptocurrencies #AppStore #ApplePay #AxieInfinitySkyMavis M2E Project STEPN Integrates Apple Pay, Enabling NFT Sneaker Purchases: The team of cryptocurrency M2E project STEPN said it will integrate Apple Pay and allow users to buy NFT sneakers through this payment service.

STEPN became the first blockchain-based gaming app to integrate with Apple Pay.

Representatives of the project explained that the integration will allow users to buy through the payment service… - Apple-Blog
2 weeks ago

Wer eine #Solaranlage in Betrieb hat, ganz egal ob ein kleines #Balkonkraftwerk oder eine richtige #PV-Installation, hat ein Ziel: Möglichst viel des selbst erzeugten Stroms selbst verbrauchen. Genau dabei will #CleverPV helfen. Nachdem man bisher nur im #Web unterwegs war, dort aber eine ziemlich brauchbare responsive Seite anbieten konnte, arbeitet man nun an der Veröffentlichung einer eigenen #App.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #Apple #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Betatest #AppStore

2 weeks ago

📱Застосунок #ChatGPT тепер доступний ще в 11 країнах

Раніше мобільний застосунок був доступний тільки на #iOS і в США. Наразі доступ отримали 🇦🇱, 🇭🇷, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇮🇪, 🇯🇲, 🇳🇿, 🇳🇮, 🇳🇬, 🇰🇷, 🇬🇧 та 🇺🇸.

Застосунок можна завантажити додаток з #AppStore, він є безкоштовним і не має реклами

2 weeks ago

Dear #Fediverse 👋 Zenitizer launched on the #AppStore today 🚀🥳

🧘 Clean & Simple #Meditation Timer
🎵 Soothing Sounds
❤️ #AppleHealth Support
🪄 #Siri & #Shortcuts Support
⭐️ #Goals and #Streaks
👀 Glanceable #Widgets and #AppleWatch Complications

1️⃣ Download:
2️⃣ Claim 50% Launch Discount:
3️⃣ Boost this post to help an indie dev spread the word ❤️
4️⃣ Upvote on Product Hunt if you happen to be there:

Thank You and Happy Meditating 🙏

A banner image showing the timer and stats view of the Zenitizer iPhone and Apple Watch app
A screenshot showing the routines feature on iPhone
A screenshot showing the widgets feature on iPhone
A screenshot showing the shortcuts app and Zenitizer’s actions used to create an automation that involves automatically enabling Do Not Disturb during the meditation
Mac & i
2 weeks ago

Apple Design Awards: Mehrere Finalisten aus Deutschland und Österreich

Auf der Entwicklerkonferenz WWDC kürt Apple am 6. Juni die Gewinner der diesjährigen Apple Design Awards. Unter den Finalisten sind auch mehrere Europäer.

#AppStore #Apple #WWDC #news

Der Apple Design Award
Mac & i
2 weeks ago

ChatGPT: Offizielle iPhone-App in Deutschland verfügbar

OpenAI hat die iOS-Version von ChatGPT in weiteren Ländern freigeschaltet. Noch dominiert Chatbot-Fleeceware die App-Stores.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #ChatGPT #InAppKäufe #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news

ChatGPT – App-Icon von OpenAI
Said Faz :mastodon:
2 weeks ago
Mac & i
2 weeks ago

App Store: Apples Förderprogramm wird fünf Jahre alt

Mit seiner App "One Sec" nahm der deutsche Entwickler Frederik Riedel am App Store Foundations Program teil. Die Weiterbildungsinitiative wird fünf Jahre alt.

#AppStore #Apple #news

App Store-Logo und App-Icon von
2 weeks ago

Does anyone know why a lot of the App Store reviews are so old? Surely apps like Drafts have reviews more recent than four or five years ago?

#Apple #AppStore #iOS

César is at WWDC
2 weeks ago

A brand new update for #Lysten just hit the #AppStore!

It has a ton of changes, but most importantly you can now listen to any #podcast with friends and family using #SharePlay!

Download Lysten today! 👉

#swift #swiftUI #indie #buildInPublic #swift #coreData #ios

2 weeks ago

Two questions for MacOS developers.

1) How much of your business is via the Mac App Store?
2) How much time do you spend dealing with troll reviews and social media posts?

Feel free to be vague with any answers to #1

#MacOS #IndieDevelopers #AppStore #Apple

Justin Ferrell
2 weeks ago

Exciting new! Mastowatch 2.0 has hit the #AppStore a little ahead of the original #WWDC launch date. It didn’t make sense to sit around and wait for WWDC when the new features were just sitting there waiting to see the world. So what is new in this build? Check out the thread ⬇️ or grab it here:

Justin Ferrell
2 weeks ago

Waiting for the new build (with App Review’s changes implemented) to be reviewed. #iOSDevelopment #Swift #AppStore


Our audio game SilverDollar has been updated. The saloon has undergone some renovations, including all-new and remastered audio, console game controller support, and lots of other tweaks. Come start a brawl, test your skill as a gunslinger, or spend a few minutes at the one-armed bandit. Check it out on the #Mac #AppStore!
#blind #lowVision #accessibility #a11y #audiogames

A weatherbeaten saloon sign with the words “SilverDollar” and a cowboy hat hung on one corner. The Draconis Entertainment, LLC logo is in the lower right corner, which is made up of stylized letters D and E; the D looks like a dragon’s wing, and the bottom of the E looks like a dragon’s tail.
Zack Katz
3 weeks ago

I think it's *wild* how OpenAI's app simply isn't findable on the iOS App Store.

I scrolled and scrolled. Nothing.

#iOS #AppStore #OpenAI #ChatGPT #search

Screenshot of a search result with apps that are not the official app.
Screenshot of a search result with apps that are not the official app.
Screenshot of a search result with apps that are not the official app.
Manuel Kehl
3 weeks ago

@MuseumShuffle Thank you! I studied the review guidelines and double checked everything but it’s also my first time ever submitting anything to the #AppStore so we’ll see 🙈😂

Bill (he/him)
3 weeks ago

Hey everyone I need your help. It was recommended to try a #musclerelaxation app to help me sleep at night, but after digging through the #ios #appstore I'm still feeling a little lost so I thought I'd reach out for some #help. Please boost

I had her clarity in mind in 2021, when I collaborated with @eff's #BennettCyphers on "Privacy Without Monopoly," our white-paper addressing the claim that we need giant tech platforms to protect us from the privacy invasions of smaller "rogue" operators:

This is a claim that is most often raised in relation to #Apple and its #AppStore model, which is claimed to be a bulwark against commercial surveillance.


Mac & i
1 month ago

Apple-Studie sieht wachsende Umsätze bei kleinen iOS-Entwicklern

Gerät die App-Economy ins Stottern? Zumindest Apple bilanziert Umsatzwachstum bei kleineren Entwicklern, Zugpferde seien etwa Astrologie-Apps.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #InAppKäufe #iOS #iPhone #news

App Store auf dem iPhone
The Iconfactory
1 month ago

:frenzic_app: When OverBot beams DoBot and friends into a fiendish trap, their destruction is a virtual reality. Join your favorite bots in Frenzic: Overtime - Unplugged!, the newest chapter of our frantic puzzler on Apple Arcade. New challenges, new twists, and new fun! #FrenzicOvertime #AppleArcade #AppStore #game

Promotional trailer for Chapter 3 of Frenzic: Overtime on Apple Arcade showing robots solving pie-shaped puzzles to defeat the evil Overbot
Gregory Opera 🇦🇺
1 month ago

@thelinuxEXP I don’t think they’ve actually *confirmed* anything in regards to this yet, have they? In any case, I’d overwhelmingly welcome such an option in #Australia (though given our lack of privacy here, I wouldn’t hold my breath), even if it *is* too early to say whether I’d actually *use* third-party stores (it would depend on how it’s implemented)… | #Apple #iOS #iPadOS #watchOS #tvOS #AppStore

Mac & i
1 month ago

Webinar: Rahmenbedingungen für die App-Entwicklung im Unternehmen

Das Webinar zeigt die zentralen Stolpersteine bei der Entwicklung von iOS-Apps durch Unternehmen, sei es intern oder anhand externer Lieferanten.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #iOS #iPhone #news

Webinar-Aufmacher Rahmenbedinungen für App-Entwicklung im Unternehmen
In Your Face
1 month ago

In Your Face 3 is out now!

- fresh app icon
- redesigned onboarding
- pausing alerts
- Shortcuts actions & Focus Filter
- improved accessibility & VoiceOver support
- global keyboard shortcuts
- a ton of UI enhancements

Download now!

#productivity #adhd #indiedev #update #appstore

promotional photo of the app In Your Face running on a MacBook
Ben Clifford
1 month ago

Another day, another tourist-facing app I can't install because of some app store notion of which country I belong to

#GeoFence #AppStore #Tourism #Travel

Async Kyle
1 month ago

I find this rather interesting. Bl*esky is currently sitting at the 5th spot in the App Store social media category even though still being invite only.

On the other hand, the bird site is no where to be found on that list. And yes, the official Mastodon app is there but at the bottom at 200th.

#SocialMedia #Mastodon #AppStore

1 month ago

Lese #Appstore Bewertungen - verliere den Glauben an die Menschheit.

Chris Wu :toucan:
1 month ago

Time to dust off the blog. I wrote a post about my experience with launching @PleaseDontRain with the YOLO (You Only Launch Once) tips that @jordanmorgan has shared.

#PleaseDontRain #iOSDev #AppStore

Mac & i
1 month ago

Erstmals Apple-Zahlen: So viele aktive Nutzer hat der App Store in Europa

Das EU-Gesetz über digitale Dienste zwingt auch Apple dazu, Zahlen offenzulegen. Der App Store gilt damit als "VLOP".

#AppStore #Apple #DigitalServicesAct #EU #iOS #iPhone #news

Apple-Graffiti an Hauswand
Torsten Curdt
1 month ago

"App review is still broken, and developers are angry: Apple sees itself as above the law”

Just leaving this article here - no particular reason.

#apple #appreview #appstore

Mac & i
1 month ago

Streit mit Apple um App Store: Epic verliert vor US-Bundesgericht

Der seit Jahren international ausgetragene Streit um eine Öffnung des App Store geht weiter. In den USA verlor nun Epic zum zweiten Mal.

#AppStore #Apple #EpicGames #iOS #Kartellrecht #news

Mac & i
1 month ago

Streit mit Apple um App Store: Epic verliert vor US-Bundesgericht

Der seit Jahren international ausgetragene Streit um eine Öffnung des App Store geht weiter. In den USA verlor nun Epic zum zweiten Mal.

#AppStore #Apple #EpicGames #iOS #Kartellrecht #Recht #Wettbewerb #news

Allen Pro
1 month ago

Yay! Card Buddy is now in the Mac App Store.

If you like brainstorming and organizing your thoughts using index cards, check it out. #macapps #macdev #appstore

Screenshot of a Mac app with a corkboard of cards with text and images in them.
Mac & i
1 month ago

App Store: Was junge Entwickler in Apples Förderprogrammen lernen

Seit einigen Jahren bietet Apple für ausgewählte Entwickler Weiterbildungsprogramme an. Worum es im App Store Foundations Programm und ähnlichen Angeboten geht.

#AppStore #Softwareentwicklung #Apple #news

App-Entwickler bei der Arbeit
Ambi Studio
2 months ago

Hey fellow #indieDevs, our newest app Aqwitty is now on the #AppStore! 🎉 Grow your App by always having important KPI’s easily #accessible. For example Subscribers and Free Trials.

Download #Aqwitty today and #track your #metrics like a pro!


Screenshots from Aqwitty, showing different metrics to track and charts with changeable time periods.
Martin Holland
2 months ago

Was es alles gibt. Warum wirbt Amazon nicht prominent damit, dass es bei Kindle Unlimited "Alien- und Dinosauriererotik" gibt? Ist das kein Alleinstellungsmerkmal? 😂

Kinder kommen in Kindle-App an Nacktfotos: Apple und Google warnen #Amazon

#KindleUnlimited bietet einen Zugriff auf Hunderttausende E-Books – auch für Kinder. Weil es da auch Nacktfotos gibt, wurde Amazon nun gewarnt.

#Alphabet #AmazonKindle #AppStore #Apple #Apps #Kindle #Nacktfotos #Pornographie

heise online
2 months ago

Kinder kommen in Kindle-App an Nacktfotos: Apple und Google warnen Amazon

Kindle Unlimited bietet einen Zugriff auf Hunderttausende E-Books – auch für Kinder. Weil es da auch Nacktfotos gibt, wurde Amazon nun gewarnt.

#Alphabet #Amazon #AmazonKindle #AppStore #Apple #Apps #news

Junge tippt unter einer Bettdecke lächelnd am Smartphone
2 months ago

@marioguzman thanks for the hint! For all who want a link: #macos #appstore #updater #sparkle

Xcode Releases
2 months ago

🚨 #Xcode14.3 has been released! 🚨

📝 -

⬇️ -

#AppStore -

Note: this is build 14E222b, which is the same as RC2. The builds are identical; if you have the 2nd Release Candidate, you're all set!

The website, API, and RSS feed have been updated with the information. The SDK information is available here:

heise online
2 months ago


Geheimsache: Apples verborgene Apps für Zubehörhersteller

Wer Zubehör für Apple-Geräte herstellt, das elektronisch mit den Geräten interagiert, muss dieses zertifizieren lassen. Ein App-Fund gewährt jetzt Einblick.

#AppStore #Apple #Mfi #Zubehör

heise online
3 months ago

Angriff auf Apple und Google: Microsoft plant App-Store für mobile Spiele

Bei Genehmigung der umstrittenen Activision Blizzard-Übernahme will Microsoft mit einem App-Store für mobile Spiele Apple und Google Konkurrenz machen.

#ActivisionBlizzard #AppStore #Apple #Gaming #Google #GooglePlayStore #Microsoft #Sony #Wettbewerb #Xbox #news

No, website, I sincerely do not want to download and "enjoy" your app. You grossly overrate both the quality of your app and your importance to me. And if you can't make a decent website, why would I want to install your shit code? #webDev #pwa #nativeApp #android #ios #appStore #app #web

Craig Grannell
3 months ago

New by me over at #TapSmart: New #AppStore pricing – do we really need $0.29 apps?


If you like this sort of thing, please consider checking out our tiny indie iPhone mag, Swipe. New issues every two weeks. Cheap as chips subscription. All original content. Precisely no surprise scorpions.

heise online
3 months ago

Frankreich beendet, erteilt Strafe

Wish darf in Frankreich wieder in Suchmaschinen und App-Stores aufscheinen. Allerdings soll es 3 Millionen Euro zahlen, der steinreiche Gründer 250.000.

#AppStore #Kriminalität #Verbraucherschutz #eCommerce #Recht #Suchmaschine #Zensur #news

Kleine Päckchen mit ein Einkaufswagen-Symbolen stehen auf einem Tisch, daneben ein Laptop und eine Kreditkarte
Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

#macOS devs, out of curiosity: if you're releasing your apps *outside* of the #AppStore, what tooling/distribution stack are you using, if any?

I like the relative simplicity of #Xcode providing a distribution channel for #TestFlight betas and everything, but what's your alternatives?

Any pointers would be welcome, thanks!

/㏄ @swiftui

Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

How did I find out? Glad I asked. I had to dig deep in the #RevenueCat forum, where one of the RC folks said this:

> if you’re testing in sandbox mode, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for things to not work exactly like it would it production. Apple’s non-production environments are notoriously unreliable, and we’ve even seen cases of TestFlight builds only returning US prices even if the region is different on-device.


#AppStore #AppStoreConnect

Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

Holy shitsnacks, the App Store Connect sandbox stuff is a fucking mess.

A few days ago I’ve configured my IAPs to Tier 9, 12 and 15, respectively:
- USD: $8.99, $11.99 and $14.99 (= 0, +3, +6)
- EUR: €10.99, €14.99 and €17.99 (= 0, +4, +7) 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yet in sandbox mode, #AppStoreConnect returns 8, 11 and 14 —all prices are off. For USD that means $1 off, easy to spot. In EUR, not so much:

- €9.99, €12.99 and €16.99 (= 0, +3, +7)

I've wasted a full day on that shit. Thanks, Apple 🤬


Got my first #AppStore rejection, this is a rite of passage right? 😅

Chances of a swift App Review process? 🤞 (pun not intended) #macOS #Development #AppStore

Two emails:

The status of your (macOS) app, Yoath, is now "Waiting for Review"


The status of your (macOS) app, Yoath, is now "Ready For Review"
Mac & i
3 months ago

Ausgetwittert: Abgesägte Twitter-Apps hoffen auf gnädige Abonnenten

Populäre Apps wie Tweetbot haben durch Twitters Sperre über Nacht die Daseinsgrundlage verloren. Die Entwickler müssen nun die Abo-Rückerstattungen schultern.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #ElonMusk #iOS #iPhone #Twitter #news

Tweetbot begraben
Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

So much progress today! I have a working purchase dialog now and I've implemented a payment experiment: customers can decide on how much they want to pay, i.e. you select one of three available base prices which influences the IAP amount. I'm curious how that'll pan out. 😅

Getting that built wasn't as easy as I had hoped but that's only to say I'm still learning a lot about #Swift, #SwiftUI, #RevenueCat and the #AppStore every day.

#ActionsForObsidian #ObsidianMD #Obsidian #PKM #ShortcutsApp

heise online
3 months ago

Volkswagen kündigt App Store für Audi und weitere Marken an

Über einen App Store sollen Modelle des Volkswagen-Konzerns künftig zusätzliche Programme und Funktionen erhalten. Den Anfang macht Audi im Juli 2023.

#AppStore #Audi #Infotainment #MWC #Porsche #VW #news