Tom Casavant
19 minutes ago

"These techniques posed significant risks to user security and privacy, including the potential for metadata exposure and enabling unwanted messages, spam, and phishing attacks"

Unrelated article from this week
"Data transmitted includes metadata "detailing which app received a notification and when, as well as the phone and associated Apple or Google account to which that notification was intended to be delivered," Wyden wrote." #beeper #apple

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バッテリー長持ち! 磁気コネクタを搭載したすべてのiPadで使用できる「デジタルペンシル Pro」

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#Apple senior PR manager Nadine Haija’s response to breaking Beeper Mini operability.

:Apple_logo_metal: :iMessage: :android:

At Apple, we build our products and services with industry-leading privacy and security technologies designed to give users control of their data and keep personal information safe. We took steps to protect our users by blocking techniques that exploit fake credentials in order to gain access to iMessage. These techniques posed significant risks to user security and privacy, including the potential for metadata exposure and enabling unwanted messages, spam, and phishing attacks. We will continue to make updates in the future to protect
our users.
2 hours ago


Beeper Mini team says a fix is ‘coming soon’ and promises to extend users’ free trials

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2 hours ago


Magic Keyboard、Mouse、TrackpadがUSB-Cに切り替わるのは2024年春か

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2 hours ago

Dear friends of the #unexpected,

Later in the day, my sibling arrives for #homemade #flan (#savoury open #pie).

#Meanwhile#Apple the well known closed #computing systemic #consumerist marketing is slowly wondering how to increase margins.

Personally I am moving towards #dried and #tested #Linux. More #Free software. And creating new AI (Actual Intelligence)

#Welcome one and #Yule #Yall

3 hours ago

Microsoft Office……バルトさんなら何と言うかな

Final Hours: Get Lifetime Access to Mac and Windows Versions of Office 2019 for Just $30 - CNET

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3 hours ago

Does it violate the anti-competition law now?

I personally couldn't care less about Beeper being blocked; but the previous iMessage case with EU and apple is infuriating.

They have hired some capable lawyers to find that loophole I'll give them that.

#apple #imessage #EU

Lauren Weinstein
3 hours ago

#Apple confirms that it has blocked iMessage exploit. This was the easiest prediction in recent history. -

Apple say bye to Beeper Mini, apparently.
Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
3 hours ago

Backing up my #Apple Mac to #Synology with @restic. Mac SMB stability is trash, so I switched to SFTP. Happy that #Restic supports SFTP 🙂

3 hours ago

Mac使ってるとブルートゥースイヤホンを接続するたびにApple Music(「ミュージック」アプリ)が勝手に起動して非常にうざいという人のためのメモ。

MacでApple Musicが勝手に立ち上がる問題の対処法



MacでApple Musicが自動起動しないようにする



#macos #apple #bluetooth

🎙Waiting for Review Podcast
3 hours ago

S3E38: An extruded Mac Mini 🏎️

* @daniel has new a Desk!

* @dave has an extruded Mac mini!

* GoVJ has a node based development tool!

* TelemetryDeck has a new UI!

#SwiftUI #iOSDev #Indie #Mac #Apple #AppDev #IndieDev #Podcast

4 hours ago

How about fixing crashes in Mail app or Calendar? How about making notifications in Calendar reliable? Heck, swiss CERN even actively warns of #macOS #Sonoma Mail and Calendar.…

Well #Apple is not in the Fediverse so I could as well just talk to the wall next to me I guess 🙁

The arrogance and ignorance with which Apple acts here is frustrating and really sad, since it shows they don't seem to care at all about the user expirience on their operating system. That is just a wild approach to handle development of their own software.

4 hours ago


Teslas will be able to automatically call 911 if you get in a crash

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Ravi Gupta
4 hours ago

This baffles me—the typing experience on the iPad Magic Keyboard is better than the MacBook Pros and Airs, and even the standalone Magic Keyboard. Keys have great travel for a keyboard this slim, and they feel precise.

#apple #ipad #ipadpro #keyboard

Rich Aesthetic
5 hours ago

I missed this in my “What’s new with Apple Fitness iOS 17” video. After your workout it will show you the next workout in your stack. However, it does not do that for Workout Routines/Plans feature. I wonder what the design was on that was.

#iOS #AppleFitness #Apple
What’s New With the Apple Fitness App and Plus in iOS17

5 hours ago


Bloomberg:AppleのiPhone & Apple Watchプロダクトデザイン担当バイスプレジデントTang Yew Tan氏が退社

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5 hours ago

Many thanks to @benjamin and @mammoth for including me in their #SmartLists feature (showcasing hand picked accounts on #mastodon) in the new #ios #MammothApp #Apple users please see the link below

6 hours ago

もう、またChris Welchにのめり込んで。ほんとに……艦長って人は……

Apple has seemingly found a way to block Android’s new iMessage app

#Apple #news #bot

Stay tuned for a lengthy #gemini post, particularly if you are inclined to technology from an eyes wide open perspective.

Full disclosure, I will rail hard against #apple and endorse #ai, and I will hug #smolweb hard.

In the future, I will also bubble up the best games you can get for under ten bucks. You won't regret when #steam goes bankrupt, taking your purchases with them, other than the fact that you can't share the experiences with those you love.

Alex Crocker
6 hours ago

Re: #Apple

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
6 hours ago


A set ("#5Ghoul") of new major security flaws in 📡 5G mobile network modems impact 714 smartphones models from all major brands—including #Apple, Samsung, #Google, Xiaomi, #OnePlus and more.

#cybersecurity #technews

7 hours ago


電子マネーから交通系ICカードにチャージできる? - いまさら聞けないiPhoneのなぜ

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Illuminati Press Office
7 hours ago

The new internet standard L4S is a great step forward towards reducing latency and improving our online experience. #InternetStandard #LatencyReduction #L4S #TheVerge #Comcast #Nvidia #Apple #Google

IT News
7 hours ago

How The First iPod Was Blown Wide Open - If someone makes a device, someone else will want to break it open and run their o... - #ipodhacks #rockbox #apple #ipod

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8 hours ago

I know like 95% of the time Apple is playing catch-up with Android, but I gotta say, the new Samsung One UI 6 update to the dashboard is like a no-brainer that Apple had for a long time.

Very happy with the update to emojis and the vibrancy in colour in general too.

#OneUI6 #OneUI #Samsung #Apple #iOS

Kelley Graham
8 hours ago
my old tech is way past end of support. my #apple #laptops get #UbuntuStudio. Can't do anything with #iPads. How do you like the newer and big iPads? not asking for a friend. :)
Banged corner of iPad Mini2 on …
Banged corner of iPad Mini2 on a green tempered glass background,
9 hours ago

Beeper Miniか……また艦長が面倒なことを言い出しそうですね

Apple still not playing nice with Android, blocks Beeper Mini

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Olhar Digital
9 hours ago
10 hours ago
Bala Yogesh
11 hours ago

Spent most of the day driving around the city to visit #Samsung Service Centers to see if they could fix my #Samsung #GalaxyS22 Ultra display which developed a white bar on notification area. Most asked me to pay except for one service center who also said they could confirm only on Monday. The worst part is that I would be without my only device for multiple days. Seems to be an issue faced by many for months. Why is QC not a thing? I kinda now understand why most prefer #Apple devices

11 hours ago

Do you have a MacBook Pro sold between September 2015 and February 2017? You could get a free battery from Apple. #apple #macbookpro #macbook #battery

Ravi Gupta
11 hours ago

Business Insider before and after invoking Safari (View Controller)’s excellent Reader Mode (cmd+shift+r), and dismissing the app banner.

#apple #safari #webkit #web

11 hours ago
It's "Steve Jorbs," my mid-2005 14-inch iBook G4, running on battery for the first time since...well, since I acquired it, anyway, which has been a while. Seen here with period appropriate wallpaper. Just imagine the reaction you would have received in 2005, walking into the local The Starbucks for an orange mocha frappucinno, pulling this bad boy out so you could listen to 'Demon Days' and get a little bit of work done on the new social media network you're building to replace MySpace. You'd be the envy. THE ENVY. #Apple #iBook #G4 #Bears #Beets #BattlestarGalactica
iBook G4 (Mid-2005) running on battery with Cylon Number Six (Tricia Helfer) wallpaper.
12 hours ago

Never expected this: Apple estimated I’d get $580 trade-in value on my iPhone 13 and I ended up getting $632!

I must have value-added it.


Drew Peders
12 hours ago

Potential iOS / iPhone bug: Whenever you attempt to send either of these two official Blizzard images via iMessage - your service will crash in that particular conversation and as far as I can tell, need a device reset to fix. #Apple #iPhone #iOS #Bug

krakalak :clubtwit:
12 hours ago

@jasonhowell @ronxo @ant_pruitt Why am I not surprised that Apple apparently has already blocked #BeeperMini ?
#Apple is far more interested at locking their users into the Apple-Ecosystem than actually providing a useful service to them.

David Chartier
12 hours ago

Six securities fraud counts, each with a max of 20 years in prison.

No prison time.

Heavens forbid any of these shitgoblins actually see consequences for their staggering theft. #Apple

The Coding Beard
12 hours ago

@ernie #Breaches happen all the time and to be honest using #Beeper to access #Apple services is simply doubling your attack surface. It also goes without saying that I would rather trust Apple’s security practices over Beeper’s - they simply have more to lose (and many more resources to throw at securing their services and users).

The moment I discovered this I stopped using it for -#iMessage - it’s a useful service for the rest of the #platforms it supports that said.

12 hours ago

#BeeperMini scheint gesperrt zu sein. Hat #Apple ja relativ schnell reagiert.

Friedrich Vosberg
13 hours ago

@tom_t_21 130€. Uff. Gut, dass ich Aktien an Apple habe. #apple

Mac & i
13 hours ago

Apple blockiert iMessage-App Beeper Mini für Android​

Die Android-App Beeper Mini kann einige Tage nach ihrer Vorstellung keine iMessages mehr verschicken.​

#Android #Apple #iOS #iPhone #Messaging #Smartphone #news

13 hours ago

Streaming services I’ve cancelled in the last few years. I didn’t run these all at the same time at least, but usually replaced one with another. I haven’t gone back to any of them. #Hulu #Prime #Sling #Apple+ #Peacock

On the chopping block this month is #Disney+ and #Paramount

I will renew both for a month when new content from the Star Wars or Star Trek universes becomes bingeable.

#HBOMax likely next 👋

I would not ever renew #YouTubePremium which was a gift ‘script.

Keeping #Netflix

13 hours ago

Big Brother is watching you - now also via Google's & Apple's push. 🤬

That's why we don't use Google Push. When using Tuta, Google sees nothing! 💪

✅ Zero tracking
✅ Fully encrypted
✅ Maximum privacy

The data they don't get, they can't hand out to authorities! Go secure now:

Here's more info on why we don't use Google Push and do not send any info via Apple notifications:
#security #privacy #google #apple #notifications #surveillance #tracking

Picture with eyes behind the two Os in the text: Google is watching you
Ellie 🏳️‍🌈
13 hours ago

Finally I have #beat #Apple #Chess on the hardest difficulty.

This image shows a game of chess that has ended, with the software indicating that white has won. The game appears to have been played on the Apple Chess software. The chessboard is in the center of the image, with an 8x8 grid of alternating light and dark squares. The perspective is from above the board, angled slightly so that the nearest edge is at the bottom of the image. There are only five pieces left on the board: two dark (black) kings, two light (white) kings, and one light (white) queen. The white pieces are positioned at B6, E7, and F6, while the black kings are at E8 and H5. The arrangement of the pieces suggests that white has delivered a checkmate.

To the right of the chessboard, there's a window showing the move history with the title "Plux Stahre - Computer (White wins)" and a button labeled "Edit Game Info" below it. The move history is partially visible and shows a list of moves from move number 20 through to the end of the game at move 53. Each move is listed in standard chess notation, indicating the journey of each piece from its starting square to its ending square. The final move listed is "Qe4 x g6#," which is the checkmate move by the white queen.
Beardy Star Stuff
13 hours ago

I've had a few interesting workdays recently that I thought would be worth sharing in terms of highlighting what's possible with an iPad. Before I dig in, I'll mention that I use the 12.9" M1 iPad Pro with 8GB of memory. For me the largest screen is absolutely necessary for more complicated tasks. Even the 13" (I'm just going to refer to it as 13") sometimes feels too small at which point I now have the option of connecting to an additional screen...

#Apple #iPad

Mac & i
13 hours ago

Apple entfernt zwei Apps aus tvOS 17.2

Das bald erscheinende Update für das Apple TV überführt Kauf- und Leihfunktionen in die TV-App.

#Apple #AppleTV #iTunes #AppleMusic #news

Nathan Arthur
14 hours ago

“Hey #Siri, stop.”

“I can’t do that, Nathan”

I *really* hope whoever coded that response did it in a function named hal9000().

(As best as I can tell, it did that because my wife was playing music on multiple HomePods, and it didn’t know how to stop just one of them. Which is stupid. Siri is the worst part of the #Apple ecosystem.)

Beardy Star Stuff
15 hours ago

Discussing a trick he learned with the multi selection of tabs on a Mac browser John Gruber feels the weird need to beat-up on the iPad:

"This trick does not work in Safari on iPadOS, because iPads are baby computers where you can’t select more than one thing at a time."

He got it wrong but the big boy issued a correction in which he offers another snide comment. But again gets his facts wrong. Stepping all over himself to insult a computer. Well done.

#iPad #Apple

Dave Mark
15 hours ago

"Apple cuts off Beeper Mini’s access after launch of service that brought iMessage to Android"

Well, it's official. I DID think it'd happen, just not so quickly.

Hope Beeper Mini will refund ALL the money they accepted.
#Apple #Android #BeeperMini

Trezzer (aka Helvedeshunden)
16 hours ago

Reviews like this one of the #Backbone are problematic: - it barely touches on the app. It doesn't mention that there is a subscription that will cost you a much as the device itself over two years. And they hide core functionality behind it (using Backbone with an iPad). If I had only read that review, I would think it sounded great. In reality most should go with a Gamesir G8 with better ergonomics and no subscription. Don't trust 9to5, I guess? #Apple #iPhone #gaming

For #apple fans, here's a ranking of all products:🍏😉 - Apple-Blog
17 hours ago

Der #Mikroblogging-Dienst #Threads von #Meta startet am Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2023 um 12 Uhr auch für Nutzer und Nutzerinnen in der #EU und demnach auch in #Deutschland. Ein Countdown auf der Webseite weist darauf hin, zudem gibt es ein kleines #EasterEgg in der #Instagram-App, in der ihr euch ein „Ticket“ für den Start generieren könnt.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleArcade #iPhone #iPad #Mac #SozialesNetzwerk #SocialMedia

Mehrere Ansichten aus Threads vor schwarzem Hintergrund. Foto (c) Threads/Meta.
Tapas Easwar
1 day ago

#Apple blocking #Beeper Mini was entirely predictable and clearly highlights the obvious: cares more about product lock-in and creating a two-tiered messaging system that makes people feel bad for being a green bubble than they do creating a platform that is truly E2E encrypted by default regardless of protocol.

"Privacy is a human right" means nothing if they don't actually do anything to make it happen.

Use #Signal and don't buy an #iPhone.

1 day ago

#BeeperMini users reported problems sending and receiving blue bubbles on Friday. Maybe it wasn’t so hard for Apple to block the app after all.

#Apple has seemingly found a way to block Android’s new #iMessage app - The Verge

#Beeper #Privacy #Security #Cybersecurity

David Bisset
1 day ago

Shot. Chaser. #Apple #iMessage #Beeper

The Verge: Headline:

"There’s a new iMessage for Android app — and it actually works"
The Verge: Headline about 2 days later:

"Apple has seemingly found a way to block Android’s new iMessage app"

Don't let #Apple's new products distract you from their global antitrust claims battle to maintain its subjugation over users globally. Fight for the right to install #freesoftware and put Apple Inc. in its place!

Warum bekomme ich bei #Android für weniger Geld weit mehr als bei #Apple für viel mehr Geld ?

1 day ago

Beeper created a secure, fully-functional iMessage app for Android then Apple blocked it because of course they did.

"Apple cuts off Beeper Mini’s access after launch of service that brought iMessage to Android" | TechCrunch

#imessage #android #apple #messaging #beeper

Paul Förster :verified_blue:
1 day ago

There are sometimes #Hashtag​s containing zero width spaces just like this one. They can be entered on an #iPhone too. Yes, it is possible!

But you need a #Mac for that initially, just once.

#Apple #Keyboard

David Blue ※
1 day ago

for those of you without macs...

here's the contents of the iPhone 15 Bezels .dmg from Apple Design Resources but in a .zip. #Apple #iPhone15 #iPhone15ProMax #Shortcuts #AppleShortcuts #Assets

1 day ago

It's a bummer, if true. I think the privacy and security story here cuts both ways.

However, from iMessage and Apple's perspective this is essentially a security vector. Imagine being able to sim jack someone, then use this to get access to their iMessage stream, even if logically this isn't the biggest deal for most users. So, yes - this is a bummer but also shouldn't be unexpected.

#apple #beeper #beepermini #imessage #messages

Stefano Marinelli
1 day ago

I've long believed that all apps (at least on Android) should start supporting UnifiedPush[1]. Tools like ntfy could serve as a central hub for notification distribution, allowing anyone to have their own notification server to connect apps and mobile devices. This would ensure greater privacy.
This is also why I developed NotiMail: we shouldn't have to rely on the 'big players' for our notifications and data.


#UnifiedPush #AndroidApps #PrivacyMatters #NotiMail #Google #Apple #Android #iOS

1 day ago
Stefano Marinelli
1 day ago

Apple and Google confirm governments spy on users through push notifications

#Apple #Google #iOS #Android #Privacy

Mark Morowczynski
1 day ago

If you have #EntraID or #Microsoft365 and you have #Apple #macOS in your environment (hint everyone does), the session @_michaelepping, Sean Rabbit from JAMF and I did at their #JNUC conference this year is finally up on YouTube. You can find the session at If you haven't paid attention to this space you really should be. Either your #macOS user experience is probably pretty poor or you have security gaps because you've been excluding them from your policies. It doesn't have to be that way. We'll cover how you can make sure you are following best practices from a security and an end user experience. #Infosec

1 day ago

China Labour Watch is a great non-profit that I have been following for years. They have reported many similar cases of abuse in the manufacturing of all the expensive electronic devices we love to use, by companies like #Apple, #Nintendo, #Dell, and many many more.

If you can please support them with a donation or as a volunteer:

Aral Balkan
1 day ago

Apple’s response:

‘If this only happens when using Firefox and not with Safari, reach out to Firefox help here as they would be better equipped to assist with their product.’

Dear Apple, I’ve never, ever, in three decades of being on the web seen a site, any site, on any browser, where the backspace key doesn’t work.

Test your bloody work on other browsers, not just Safari, ffs.


#apple #firefox #backspace #icloud #bug #youreHoldingItWork #worksInMyBrowser

Dave Wood 🇨🇦
1 day ago

FYi, Time Machine decided to finally start backing up again in the middle of the night. No idea why. Using #Apple products is increasingly becoming a liability...

Aral Balkan
2 days ago

I’m not exactly sure how they managed it but Apple have somehow disabled my backspace key in text fields when adding an event in the web version of Calendar on using Firefox on Fedora Silverblue.

Of course, I could just be typing it wrong…

(Delete still works so I guess there’s still a workaround.)

#justWorks #apple #icloud #calendar #backspace #linux #fedora #firefox #web #holdingItWrong #justWorksTM

itgrrl :donor:
2 days ago

“But while #iMessage for #Android is good for Android users, it's also very good for #Apple customers, who can now get the #privacy and security guarantees of iMessage for all their contacts, not just the ones who bought the same kind of phone as they did. The stakes for communications breaches have never been higher, and antitrust scrutiny on Big Tech companies has never been so intense.” – Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic)

The Japan Times
2 days ago

Unidentified governments are surveilling smartphone users via their apps' push notifications for incoming messages, breaking news and other updates, a U.S. senator has warned, with foreign officials demanding the data from Alphabet's Google and Apple. #business #tech #apps #apple #google #privacy #surveillance

Linux Is Best
2 days ago

If you had to trust 1 company with all your personal, every day information. Who would you trust?

#Google #Microsoft #Apple #Facebook #Privacy

2 days ago

Goddamnit. I want one so badly. #xdr #apple

Dan Keck
2 days ago

Today I discovered that if:

1. A visible element has aria-hidden="true" and
2. I'm browsing with an iPad
3. using an external keyboard, not VoiceOver,

then the element does not receive keyboard focus. It's as if iOS considers the keyboard as assistive technology.

Can anyone confirm if this is generally true, or if it's just my iPad? I can't seem to find any docs about this.

Here's a nice test website:

#HTML #WebDesign #iOS #iPad #Apple #Accessibility #A11y

Autonomie und Solidarität
2 days ago

Behörden fragen #Apple und #Google nach Nutzern von Messenger-Apps

"Smartphone-Apps verschicken Benachrichtigungen über Apple und Google, auch vermeintlich sichere Messenger. Damit können Behörden Nutzer-Daten bei Smartphone-Firmen abfragen. Bis jetzt verweigern alle Beteiligten Auskunft darüber."

#Privacy #Data #Überwachung #Messenger #PushBenachrichtigungen #Antireport

The Wee Owl Studio
2 days ago

A simple subject with a twist. This green apple was painted using soft pastel. It's available to you all here...
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots #apple #StillLife #SoftPastel #painting #artwork #GiftIdeas

Original soft pastel painting - Green Apple
A simple top down view of a green apple with a vibrant patterned background and a long shadow.
Materials: soft pastel, sanded pastel paper
Width: 24.5 centimetres
Height: 13 centimetres
ricardo :mastodon:
3 days ago
Cory Doctorow
3 days ago

Comcom saved tech giants like #Apple. #Microsoft tried to kill the Mac by rolling out a truly cursèd version of MS Office for MacOS. Mac users (5% of the market) who tried to send Word, Excel or Powerpoint files to Windows users (95% of the market) were stymied: their files wouldn't open, or they'd go corrupt. Tech managers like me started throwing the graphic designer's Mac and replacing it with a Windows box with a big graphics card and Windows versions of Adobe's tools.


Dan Morgan :ksu:
3 days ago

I have been on Mastodon “officially” for a couple years but only at this instance and active for a year. Time for an anniversary #introduction redux.

I’m a graphic and sometimes software designer in Kansas, USA, but I used to be a farmer and agronomist.

I love to hike and trail run, but only took it up at the age of 50. I’m a liver transplant survivor and enjoying a second life in the literal sense. :powercat: #introductions #TwitterMigation #hiking #TrailRunning #Apple #kstate #agronomy #genX

Selfie in the woods of a Caucasian man wearing a blue shirt and glasses.
3 days ago

Part of making educational units means standardizing everything— but I want to expose my students to all the variety and possibilities of customization for these little computers. The joy of making a little dodad that does just what you want it to do and nothing more. Computers can be so much more than aluminum or titanium rectangles that are powerful and interchangeable with rounded corners. (no apologies to apple even as I tap this out on one of the damn rectangles) #teaching #computers #apple

3 days ago

🚨Warnings from Sen. Ron Wyden reveal that governments around the world are #spying on #Google and #Apple push notifications. 🕵

Tuta introduced our own custom push notification system for #Android devices which are fully encrypted and #surveillance resistant. We include minimal information in #iOS push notifications to counter this threat.🔒

Surveillance requests should be transparently disclosed by Apple and Google, not silenced by a gag-order! 🤐


New Reports of Government Surveillance of Google and Apple Push Notifications
3 days ago


This is a huge improvement over the amazing, and incredibly helpful Notifications for that in #macOS 14.0!

#macos14sonoma #BugFest #Apple

Eugene Glover
3 days ago

#introduction 2024 edition:
I’m in my late 50’s, retired CIO, & live in #Phoenix #Arizona with my wife, (from #Taiwan,) my 2 ASU students, and 2 #dogs. Formerly an avid #bike rider, I’m now enthusiastic about my #eBike. I’ve had a #SciFi #Podcast since 2011 called #FusionPatrol. The only sport I care to watch is limited-overs #Cricket (#T20 #TheHundred.) I play #Racquetball when the old body allows it. #Apple watcher and user. Published my first iOS App in the App Store in 2023.