Caleb Hailey
2 weeks ago

I ran into a pretty strange issue today w/`sqlite3_prepare_v2` in part of a #Swift project that has been working for months and that I hadn't changed.

What I did change is switching from the system library to my own build of #SQLite using Amalgamation. It turns out that the LIMIT clause isn't supported for UPDATE and DELETE.


Mario Guzmán 🏳️‍🌈
2 weeks ago

API Lifecycle for “Greatest Possible Quality.”

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Krzysztof Kołacz
2 weeks ago

Apple otworzyło aplikacje na swój kolejny Entrepreneur Camp. O co chodzi? To inicjatywa dla programistów i programistek z rdzennych środowisk, mająca na celu pomóc wzmocnić ich reprezentację.

Opierając się na sukcesie naszych absolwentów, od tej jesieni rozszerzamy nasz zasięg, aby powitać profesjonalistów z rdzennych środowisk, którzy chcą ulepszyć i rozwinąć swoje istniejące firmy oparte na tworzeniu aplikacji.

– mówi Apple.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp zapewnia uczestnikom dostęp do sesji kodowania i ekspertów Apple. Doświadczenia zdobyte w ramach programu można wykorzystać bezpośrednio w swoich projektach. Aplikacje wysyłane przez poprzednich uczestników można znaleźć tutaj.

Termin składania wniosków upływa 24 września. Obóz online trwa od 30 października do 3 listopada (dla niedostatecznie reprezentowanych założycieli) i od 13 listopada do 17 listopada (dla założycielek). Dowiedz się więcej o obozie i jak się zgłosić tutaj.

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Krzysztof Kołacz
3 weeks ago

Apple rozesłało e-maile zapraszające programistów do odwiedzenia Apple Developer Center w Cupertino, w Kalifornii, gdzie zorganizuje warsztaty poświęcone optymalizacji aplikacji. Głównie pod kątem zarządzania czasem pracy na baterii.

Firma twierdzi, że programiści mogą nauczyć się maksymalizować wydajność aplikacji, aby „zapewniać ludziom wspaniałe doświadczenia i dłuższy czas pracy iPhone’a na jednym ładowaniu”.

Uczestnicy warsztatów dowiedzą się, jak zoptymalizować frameworki Apple i jakich narzędzi, sama firma, używa do identyfikowania i rozwiązywania problemów z wydajnością. Inżynierowie Apple będą do dyspozycji na miejscu.

Całodniowe warsztaty (od 9:00 do 16:00) zaplanowano na 27 września 2023 r. w Apple Developer Center. Wydarzenie jest bezpłatne, a zapisy obowiązują wg kolejności zgłoszeń. Aplikować możecie z poziomu swojego konta deweloperskiego.

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Evan K. Stone
3 weeks ago

Take your iPad and iPhone apps even further on Apple Vision Pro - Apple Developer

"A brand‑new App Store will launch with Apple Vision Pro, featuring apps and games built for visionOS, as well as hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps that run great on visionOS too."

#visionOS #VisionPro #AppleDeveloper

Brendan Thompson
1 month ago

The moment where #Apple rejects your App Store submission as spam 😭

#buildinpublic #swift #swiftui #AppleDeveloper

App Store rejection
Michael Rowe
1 month ago

Does anyone else think that the new Beta that dropped today, make the UI seem a bit sharper for iOS and iPadOS? #AppleDeveloper

Brendan Thompson
1 month ago

In the latest build of KeyLight I've added the ability to perform actions such as setting a preset or activating a preset via shortcuts.

You can test here:

(Maybe even something that @viticci might find useful 😃 )

#buildinpublic #swift #swiftui #AppleDeveloper #Shortcuts

KeyLight Shortcuts view
Brendan Thompson
1 month ago

Is there a way to validate the input from the `@parameter` property wrapper with AppIntents? Or would the validation have to occur within `func perform()`?

#SwiftUI #Swift #iOS #AppleDeveloper #Shortcuts

Brendan Thompson
2 months ago

My fellow Mastodonians, if you travel or someone who needs to film or take a quick VC and need that extra bit of light to bring out your glorious features then KeyLight is for you!!

KeyLight turns your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV into a Keylight in a pinch! With configurable temperature, brightness* and colour*.

I am currently running a public beta for this and would love if YOU could try:

#SwiftUI #iOS #iPadOS #Swift #AppleDeveloper

 Kontroldev :mastodon:
3 months ago

Hola! cómo están?😁

Yo ayudo por empatia , porque una vez alguien me ayudó a mí para lograr mis objetivos, porque hoy estoy en el lugar de ayudar y mañana puedes estar en el lugar de pedir ayuda.

Vosotros porque ayudáis?👫🏻
#AppleDeveloper #Swift #Empathize

Mike Flynn
3 months ago

Apple Devs -- I should make a developer account that is separate from my personal iCloud/Apple account, right?

Any complications or issues I should look out for? #WWDC #apple #ios #macOS #appledeveloper

Louie 🦭
4 months ago

The #VisionPro looks clunky, is expensive, and exactly what was to be expected of a first-generation device of this caliber.

But, and I know it's hard to really say without using it personally, but the UI and software experience looks genuinely really good. 5 years from now when this thing can actually thrive among the public in some form, I think it could work great. We'll have to see though.Apple seems to be throwing all they can at this thing.

The eyes are really fucking creepy though like idk why I just find it unsettling

#WWDC23 #WWDC #Apple #AppleDeveloper


Let's break this down.

I am going to guess that the average American has somewhere between $0 and $500 in discretionary income every month right now after everything has been paid for, and factoring in good-practices such as ensuring good credit card payment practices and (in the rare situation they can) a savings account. Some of us will have more, but I'm going to suggest most of us have far less than $500, and are closer to $0.

Most people buy phones using payment plans/special deals through their cellphone provider. Some people do the same for things like computers leveraging things like Apple Card's 0% interest rate and payment plans.

But $3500 for a AR headset? It's going to be for those with money to spare*

*Yes, I know there's time to save because it's not due until next year **
** It's going to cost more for those of us with special eyewear requirements, I bet***
*** Yes, I'd be interested in one, but holy heck that's expensive.
#AppleDeveloper #AppleVisionPro #WWDC2023

4 months ago

Anyone have any ideas to use my #AppleDeveloper #TSI? I still haven't used either, and my Developer account is about to renew...

4 months ago

🇩🇪 Versuche gerade vergeblich meine erste Mini-App in #Swift mit #Xcode14 zu schreiben und bekomme einfach keine Outlet Connection hin. Angeblich gibt es keine Klasse mit dem Namen ViewController.
Jemand eine Idee?

🇺🇲 Try to write my first little app in Swift with Xcode but can't get the outlet connection to work. I always get the error that there is no such class with the name ViewController. Any idea is much appreciated.

#xcode #AppleDeveloper

Evan K. Stone
4 months ago

Swiftly Developing - WWDC23 - Apple Developer

#iOSDev #WWDC23 #AppleDeveloper

"Swiftly developing" Swift logo image from the Apple Developer website

In another day of "WTAF Apple"? After spending a day trying to hack around the undo/redo functionality in a inputtextfield, I ran across this blog entry that mentions some random property you can change and eliminate undo/redo altogether.

But its not at all documented that way by Apple...

#WTAFApple #AppleDeveloper #Documentation

Branden Nichols
5 months ago

I've never gotten much out of the in-person WWDC experience – education, tools, networking opportunities, etc. and I don't see that changing anytime soon. That being said, I will defiantly binge content on the Apple Developer app. #Development #MobileApps #AppleDeveloper #Apple

Denis de Palatis 🇫🇷
6 months ago

And for the first time I enrolled in Apple’s developer program. I now have a first alpha version of my app available in TestFlight for private testing and I am beyond excited! #iOSDev #AppleDeveloper #Apple #SwiftUI

apfeltalk :verified:
6 months ago

Xcode 14 ab Ende April Pflicht
Apple informiert heute über einen wichtigen Schritt für Entwickler:innen. Ab 25. April 2023 müssen neu eingereichte Apps mit Xcode 14 erstellt werden.  

Apple schneidet wieder alte Zöpfe - und informiert darüber heute Entwickler:innen. Ab 25. April müssen Apps und Updates von Apps mit Xcode 14 erstellt worden sein. Sofern eine Vor
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Caleb Hailey
6 months ago

Xcode 14.3, let's go!

#AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

Caleb Hailey
6 months ago

@marcoarment I recall you tweeting once about pulling in the upstream #SQLite C library into an Xcode project because it had something that wasn't present in iOS' copy of the sqlite C library and it was only a single-digit MB dependency… but Twitter search is failing me and I can't find any other references of the same. Any chance you remember this and could reshare? 😊

#AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

tundsdev 💫
6 months ago

RT @EEhare
Announcing #WWDC23 Mark your calendars June 5-9 for an exhilarating week of technology and community. #Apple #AppleDeveloper

wrestlemania 30 no GIF by WWE
Denis de Palatis 🇫🇷
6 months ago

I love the release notes for the new watchOS 9.5 beta 1. It was very helpful.
#Apple #AppleDeveloper #watchOS

Software release notes that say that there are no release notes.
Caleb Hailey
6 months ago

I'm on a crash course to learn some Swift. Let's just say it's humble beginnings! 😅

#Swift #AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

Caleb Hailey
6 months ago

This looks more like what I've been hoping to find for implementing an HTTP API in Swift:

And perhaps more specifically, Kitura-NIO:

Anybody have experience with Kitura?

#Swift #HTTP #AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

Caleb Hailey
6 months ago

TIL about the Vapor framework for #Swift. This looks like the Swift equivalent of the ExpressJS framework for NodeJS, no?

This might be exactly what I need for my next project! 🤞🏽

#AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

Caleb Hailey
6 months ago

Totally stumped by this Safari Extension issue on iPadOS. Anybody have any ideas?

#Safari #SafariExtension #WebKit
#AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

Dog I Have No Idea What Im Doing GIF
IT News
7 months ago

New Apple tool lets developers compare their apps to those of competitors - Enlarge / The peer group benchmarks dashboard within Apple's analytics ... - #softwaredevelopment #appstoreconnect #appdevelopment #appledeveloper #appleappstore #developers #apple #tech

apfeltalk :verified:
7 months ago

Apple schränkt den Zugriff auf Developer-Betas ein
Apple schränkt den Zugriff auf Developer-Betas ein. Der Download eines Profils reicht nicht mehr aus. Das Gerät muss auch eingeloggt sein.

Nur noch mit einem gültigen und bezahlten Developer-Account gibt es künftig Zugriff auf die Developer Betas. Das alleine reicht aber nicht mehr aus. Z
#News #AppleDeveloper #DeveloperProgram #Developer-Beta

Caleb Hailey
7 months ago

Does anyone in the  #AppleDeveloper ecosystem know how to register with Apple as a black creator and/or black-owned business? 👨🏽‍💻

Boosts for reach would be much appreciated! 🫱🏽‍🫲🏻

7 months ago

Mastodon Mac devs, PLEASE specify if your app is compatible with Intel Macs or not! There are still plenty of us out there and we can’t test or use your app many times.

#Mastodon #Apple #AppleDeveloper #MacDevelopers

8 months ago

I signed up as an #AppleDeveloper today. Spent some time playing around with the tools and pushing a simple app to #TestFlight.

I think I still have a bit to figure out but all in good time.

#ios #swiftui

A black background with a white stylised hedgehog logo and the text “HPH Admin by Richard Murrills for iOS” and a blue “View in TestFlight” button
Sylvain G.
8 months ago

Super interesting survenue from JetBrain about the state of Cocoa development ecosystem and devs habit’s

#AppleDeveloper #swift #objc

Evan K. Stone
8 months ago

Just thinking out loud here, but would there be interest in a virtual iOS/Mac/Swift development conference this year? 🤔

#iosdev #swiftui #swift #swiftlang #macdev #macdevelopers #appledev #appledeveloper

Lukas Pistrol
8 months ago

Reset the counter to 0 days again.

I applied like 4 times already never got a response past this one.

#AppStoreSmallBusiness #AppleDeveloper

Rhett Rogers
9 months ago

Anyone familiar with a useful pattern for #Swift concurrency actors?

I understand how they work, but I don't quite get the use case for them. I want to know how to use them to my advantage.

#SwiftConcurrency #SwiftActors #AppleDeveloper

Wayne Dixon
11 months ago

Apple introduces “Ask Apple” for developers

Apple generally has one big event in June aimed at Developers called World Wide Developer Conference, or WWDC. WWDC is designed to provide developers information about the operating systems that will be coming in the fall. At WWDC Apple introduces new frameworks, APIs, and

One aspect of WWDC is what is call

#Apple #Developer #AppleDeveloper #AskApple

Die offizielle Developer-Anwendung des iPhone-Herstellers kommt zur Entwicklerkonferenz mit neuen Funktionen.
Apple-Entwickler-App: Startklar für die WWDC 2022
Nie war das Tool wichtiger: In Apple Developer findet die diesjährige Entwicklerkonferenz statt. Die App kommt auch für den Mac.
Passend zur WWDC: Apples Entwickler-App aufgehübscht
#Apple #AppleDeveloper #Apps #Developer #Entwickler #WWDC #iOS #iPadOS #macOS