22 hours ago

Software-update voor iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch of Mac ’s nachts of op een later tijdstip installeren en alvast downloaden 👨‍💻📲


#iOS #applewatch

Yilei Yang 🥭
1 day ago

#AppleWatch Pro tip: turn off Auto-Launch Audio Apps

I have for more than once accidentally rotated the crown to suddenly turn my iPhone’s volume to maximum while listening with AirPods Pro.

I wish we could turn off just the Digital Crown adjusting volume feature on the now playing widget, but this is the best workaround you get.

2 days ago

Gift yourself or loved ones #Apple devices like #MacBooks, #AirPods Max, #iPadPro, #AppleWatch Series 9 and more for less right now during Best Buy's rare sale.

Jon Lasser is Hanging in there
2 days ago

Wanted: an #AppleWatch card (or whatever they're called) that shows me the current timer, if it's running but if there's no timer gives me three user-configurable timers I could set (e.g., 1, 3, 5 minutes).

Michael Burch
2 days ago

Apple Watch: das hilft, wenn eine App eingefroren ist

Auch auf der Apple Watch kann es vorkommen, dass eine App nicht richtig funktioniert, die Inhalte nicht geladen werden oder die App eingefroren ist. Dann hilft es, diese zu beenden und neu zu starten. Die App, welche nicht korrekt funktioniert, sollte geöffnet sein. Lange die Seitentaste drücken, bis das Menü mit Notruf und Notruf erscheint.… …

#AppleWatch #Apps #TippsUndTricks

2 days ago

My #AppleWatch is about to die soon.

Cesar Cavazos
2 days ago

I earned this award by winning my November Challenge! #AppleWatch

This month was very tight. Coming back from surgery and really trying to push hard but not too hard. I’m happy and ready for the last month!

Mario Guzmán
2 days ago

Finished November with 60 Apple Fitness+ workouts 😮‍💨 for a total of 29 hours and 12,800 active calories.

Doesn’t come close to my October numbers of 74 workouts and 36 hours but that month I really pushed through to see how far I can go.

Anyway. I’ve never felt better than I do right now. 😄

#AppleFitnessPlus #CloseYourRings #AppleWatch

Tis Marie Orange
2 days ago

Dynamic class alert! 5 combo moves, each repeated 5 times. Unique twist: addition and subtraction rounds. Progress from 1 to 5, then start subtracting start with move 1!

#fitness #applefitnessplus #applewatch #exerciseathome #weightloss #strengthtraining #dumbbellworkout

Bill Vinson
3 days ago

Another day, another run screwed up by my #AppleWatch (the next run, in fact, since the last failure). This time was worse. I upgraded my phone & the Apple Watch didn't preserve synced playlists when switching to the new device. I started the sync but it was taking too long, so I headed out for my run. I've run with streaming music before & not had issues, but for whatever reason, it went from 95% charged to 5% charged in < 45min. Watch completely died before I finished the workout 😢

Apple назвала переможців App Store Award — найкращі застосунки й ігри 2023-го #AppleWatch #Новини #iphone #Apple #Ігри #Софт #iPad #Mac
3 days ago

Via een Apple Watch is het mogelijk om je apparaten en objecten te zoeken 🔍⌚️➡️


#applewatch #watchos

My Apple Watch battery has been draining significantly faster since it was updated a couple of weeks ago to WatchOS 10.1.1, a patch that was ironically released to fix battery life issues.

#AppleWatch #BatteryIssues

⌚️ #AppleWatch Series 9 Impressions:

I gotta say upgrading from Series 5 to Series 9 still feels incremental (as expected). It's faster, has a bigger/better screen, great battery life, more memory for widgets etc, the “Midnight” finish is excellent, and the hardware exclusive version of the pinch gesture is neat.

Plus this was a great excuse to finally get the Pride Braided Solo Loop 🌈 and my Series 5 battery wasn't lasting a full day anymore 🪫 so overall I'm very happy with the purchase! 😃

Apple Watch Series 9 - Midnight, Pride Braided Solo Loop. Photo by me.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

The cops and the media are not your friends.

NameDrop is being misrepresented by police and news agencies - Desk Chair Analysts

#Apple #AppleWatch #Hardware #iPhone #Misinformation #NameDrop #Police #TechNews

Two iPhones sharing contact information via NameDrop
4 days ago

NameDrop is being misrepresented by police and news agencies

Two iPhones sharing contacts via NameDrop

Pues acabo de crearme mi propia corona para el #AppleWatch de la #AVT y la Sagrada Línea Temporal. #Loki

Sacada del diseño de SeasikDruid (enlace), le he añadido una SLT que avanza conforme avanza el día, además de otras formas de información (avance en el mes y el año, el tiempo, LPM…)

Si alguien quiere el archivo que me lo pida. Funciona a través de #Clockology.

Foto del reloj. Lleva la corona descrita en el toot. Diseño general como las pantallas de la AVT. La línea temporal avanza en verde.
Apple dominiert den Smartwatch-Markt. Doch die neue Serie 9 kam ohne große Neuerungen daher. Werden Google und Huawei zum Nutznießer? Der Vergleichstest zeigt, wo die günstigeren Konkurrenz-Modelle Apple voraus sind. Aber auch, wo Nutzer Abstriche machen müssen.#Apple #Testberichte #AppleWatch #HuaweiTechnologies #Uhren #Smartwatch #Google #Pixel #texttospeech #AppleWatch9 #AppleWatchSeries #PixelWatch2 #PixelWatch #WatchSeries9 #HuaweiHealthApp #Series9 #AAA #GooglesPixelWatch2 #ApplePay #AppStore #Huaweis #AppleWatchUltra #GT #Credit #Smartphone
Apple Watch 9, Huawei Watch GT 4, Pixel Watch 2: Drei Smartwatches im großen Vergleich
Mac & i
4 days ago

Apple-Kreditkarte: Goldman Sachs geht, doch wer kommt?

Schon lange brodelt es in der Beziehung zwischen Apple und Bankpartner. Nun haben sich beide geeinigt, dass Goldman Sachs die Apple Card nicht weiterbetreibt.

#Apple #AppleWatch #Bezahldienst #Finanzen #iPhone #Kreditkarten #news

Maciej Skrzypczak
5 days ago

Dziś wieczorem pojawiły się nowe – czwarte już – bety systemów od Apple na wszystkie urządzenia. Użytkownicy iPhone'a otrzymają nową funkcję…

Po wielu latach Apple umożliwi użytkownikom iPhone'ów zmianę domyślnego dźwięku powiadomień. Do tej pory można było zmienić te dźwięki dla następujących kategorii:

  • Dzwonek
  • Nowa poczta głosowa
  • Nowa poczta
  • Wysłanie poczty
  • Alerty kalendarza
  • Alerty przypomnień

W iOS 17.2 beta 4 dojdzie ósma kategoria – domyślne alerty, gdzie ustawimy dźwięk powiadomienia dla powiadomień, które nie wpisują się w żadną z powyższych kategorii, czyli te, które możemy słyszeć najczęściej.

W pozostałych systemach nie odnotowano póki co widocznych zmian w dzisiejszych betach. Zapewne więc zostało wyłapanych kilka błędów, popracowano nad optymalizacją działania itp.

#AppleTV #AppleWatch #bety #iOS #iOS17 #iPad #iPadOS #iPadOS17 #iPhone #Mac #macOS #Sonoma #tvOS #tvOS17 #watchOS #watchOS10
5 days ago

Polstemperatuur bijhouden met Apple Watch en de verschillen controleren in Gezondheid 🌡⌚️➡️


#applewatch #watchos

So I might actually buy an #AppleWatch Series 9 today on “Cyber Monday” to replace my Series 5 with a dying battery… Apple is offering a $90 trade-in and a $50 gift card, seems as good a time/reason as any.

Edit: I ordered it.

Apple Watch Series 9 - Midnight, Pride Braided Solo Loop

Ok I think I can manage that. #AppleWatch

Screenshot of Apple Watch message telling me I need to go for a one minute walk to close my rings.
Manzanas Enfrentadas
6 days ago

¿Cuál fue tu primer #AppleWatch y por qué?⌚️

Cuéntanos tu experiencia con uno de los dispositivos más icónicos de #apple
6 days ago

😂 can’t decide if lawful evil or chaotic good

Apple Watch notification: Irate Mailman Threatening People. A mailman delivered armed threats as well as packages during his route in East Harlem.
Bill Vinson
6 days ago

Another pain point with the #AppleWatch is the “Open Interval" conclusion to any interval workout. It can't be turned off & happens automatically at the end of the workout. All metrics disappear from the main workout view & you can't even do typical actions like triggering a new split. It's just bad & similarly can't be disabled.

Bill Vinson
6 days ago

My #AppleWatch seriously frustrated me today. Finishing the last workout of week 9 of my Couch to 5k program (finished it multiple times over the years... it's my path back to running after falling out of the habit). Somehow my sweatshirt cuff triggered the “next interval" option on the watch without me touching it, ruining any metrics from the workout. “Luckily" I already knew it was a BAD workout & I was way off my typical times.

Still, crappy situation & you can't disable that “next" option

Cameron Mulder
1 week ago

Cold 8 mile #trail 🏃today on pre’s trail in Eugene. Took the first 6 miles to warm up. #applewatch says it was my fastest 10k 🤷 #running

1 week ago

Time asleep 6h 18m. #applewatch

Ellane W
1 week ago

Two years after making the hard (at the time) decision to buy the stainless steel #AppleWatch with scratch-resistant glass rather than the cheaper, shatter-resistant aluminium variety, I have zero regrets! This thing practically cleans itself, and the watch face still looks pristine despite being knocked about a fair bit.

Definitely a case of longer term value over initial savings. And IMO the stainless steel has a sense of class to it that aluminium paired with rubber can’t pull off.

Stefan Scholl
1 week ago

Reminder for new #AppleWatch users in the Northern Hemisphere:
Fast charging isn't broken. It just charges very slowly if the room temperature is around below 20 °C (68 F).

1 week ago

Sanggup balik rumah untuk ambil jam yang tertinggal. #AppleWatch

Cameron Mulder
1 week ago

Finished a fun 10k thanksgiving 🏃 #running #applewatch

kator ⛺️🚲
1 week ago

Kann man bei einer Apple Watch schauen was den Akku verbraucht? Habe seit ein paar Tagen ein Problem das der Akku sich sehr schnell entladet. #AppleWatch #Akku

2 weeks ago

⌚️The app Petey bei @hidde is known to be the best go-to #ChatGPT client for the #AppleWatch. Create Apple Music playlists, view locations mentioned in Apple Maps, and get rich previews of any URL.

#Google & #Android: 1, #Apple: 🤷🏾‍♂️

RCS coming to #iPhone / #iPad / #AppleWatch will be interesting.

👉🏾 Apple announces RCS support for iMessage

Thibault Le Cornec
3 weeks ago

Il est 11h mon #AppleWatch n'a plus que 52% de #batterie ! Depuis #watchOS 10 c'est un enfer et aucune mise à jour ne résout le problème !

Certes je suis à 72% concernant la santé de la batterie mais c'était aussi le cas avant watchOS 10 et je tenais la journée (de travail). Je vais finir par faire changer la batterie ... 🤞🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

3 weeks ago

Egal wie viele #Watchfaces ich ausprobiere ... Ich lande immer wieder bei diesem, jedenfalls auf der #GalaxyWatch5 . Hätte ich ne #AppleWatch als #DailyDriver , wäre ich natürlich bei #Snoopy

Cameron Mulder
3 weeks ago

Dailylight Goals is a great little apple watch app to track the time you spend in the sun. Great for the winter to make sure you are getting outside enough #applewatch

Gordon Anthony
3 weeks ago

I think I’m getting used to Watch OS 10 on my Apple Watch. Most of my apps work more or less as before, with some extra info on some, and different ways of announcing info on others.
I quite like accessing Control Centre by a single press of the side button instead of the 2 finger swipe up.
My biggest issue was trying to switch between the various watch faces I use. The 2 finger sideways swipe no longer works. After some online investigation I discovered that, when using #Voiceover, you need to do a single-finger double tap & hold. this brings up a list of all the Watch faces you have set up. I suppose it means you can easily jump to the 1 you need if you have several watch faces, but it’s taking some getting used to. I suspect this is not a common complaint as I don’t recall seeing any mention of this new method in the tech media.
#Apple #AppleWatch #Accessibility

The double tap feature on Apple Watch works so well, it even worked when I held a box in my hand and just tapped on that instead of on a different finger. So neat. #applewatch

Richard Hodson
3 weeks ago

I was so close to pulling the trigger and buying an #AppleWatch Ultra. Deep down I know I don’t need it but it looks glorious

Ian Robinson
3 weeks ago

This is pretty cool. I sent the cardiologist I had a telephone appointment with a couple of Apple Watch ECG recordings that I took when I was experiencing what I've self-diagnosed as SVT. I got a letter this morning that includes:

"Many thanks for forwarding me your ECG tracings. [They] look like either a [SVT] or atrial flutter. I am commencing [beta blocker dose]. We will reassess your symptoms in a clinic in 3 months’ time.”

Apple Watch ECG reader FTW! :)

#SVT #HeartHealth #AppleWatch - Apple-Blog
4 weeks ago

Erst gestern Abend hatten wir berichtet, dass #Apple die Entwicklung von #iOS18 und #watchOS11 kurzzeitig auf Eis gelegt hat, um sich auf #Fehlerbehebungen der aktuellen Systeme zu konzentrieren. Zur eher ungewöhnlichen Zeit hat Apple nun neue #Updates veröffentlicht, unter anderem für das #iPhone, den #Mac und die #AppleWatch.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #iPad #Softwareupdate #iOS17 #watchOS10 #macOS #Sonoma

Eine Person hält die Rückseite eines hellgrünen iPhones in die Kamera, im Hintergrund mehrere grün leuchtende Nanoleaf-Lichtpanel.
Mat - @profduweb
4 weeks ago

Selon Mark Gurman cette semaine, les sources indiquent qu'Apple pourrait introduire une recharge solaire pour la prochaine Apple Watch, visant une autonomie record. #AppleWatch #SolarPower

Jer 🚵🏼
4 weeks ago

Guess what season it is??

It's “Apple watch still thinks a damp sleeve is a finger and good luck with your activity” season!

I mean, c'mon, it switched from outdoor bike ride to an elliptical in the middle of activity? Why is that even an option?

#AppleWatch #bugs #mtb

Apple watch summary of “5 mile outdoor bike ride” that turned into an elliptical activity 0.73 miles into it.
4 weeks ago
Colin Cogle 🔵
1 month ago

@9to5Mac Weird. My #AppleWatch Series 7 is on watchOS 10.1 and everything is fine. Still, I’ll be watching the news intently.

Jeff Forcier
1 month ago

APPLE: It just works!

ALSO APPLE: lol whüüps, #macOS randomly forgot that your #AppleWatch existed, so now you can't use it to unlock stuff like #1Password until you remember to go toggle the relevant prefpane setting off/on 😊

…for the umpteenth time 😇✌️


APPLE IN THE 90s: lol, rebooting to fix things? that's so microsoft. haha. scrubs.

APPLE IN THE 20s: have you tried turning [that setting] off and back on again??

1 month ago

@Tylerh I have a lot to say about the #AppleWatch, but I'll sum it up like this: It changed my life for the better.

@ai6yr 😂 I can see #Google using these attacks as a marketing tool to try to convince people to switch to #Android. 😀

I will still keep my #iPhone & #iPad Bluetooth on due to owning an #AppleWatch, even though it’s an LTE version (using just the carrier signal would drain the battery real fast!).

1 month ago

Has anyone here with an #AppleWatch experienced random restarts after updating?

I’m not sure what the issue is but ever since I updated to the new watchOS version, the darn thing restarts randomly for no reason and I have to fiddle around with it

Folks who use the #AppleWatch for #sleeptracking - do you use the Health app, or a 3rd party app? I have the #SleepWatch app installed, and there are often huge discrepancies between it and the #Apple Health app; I have no idea which one is more accurate. It seems like neither one is.

Mario Guzmán
1 month ago

My Apple Fitness+ stats for October

• 74 workouts
• 36.5 hours logged
• almost 16,000 active calories

Now I know how much I can push myself towards my fitness goals! 😄

#AppleFitness #AppleWatch #CloseYourRings

I was late to the #AppleWatch craze. I’ve only had one for a few years. I find utility in it but I’m not convinced the utility outweighs the massive negative of being a constant nag.

I feel like I’m always having to turn off various notifications.

Like, no, Petco, I don’t need a wrist notification for “Black Friday” deals on flea shampoo.

Steve Riggins
1 month ago

Like the idiot i am, I burned the top of my left hand a teensy bit with the iron reaching over to touch the stopwatch start for ironing. A smart person would have set the iron down.

A smart Apple person would have tried tapping two fingers together to OH LOOK IT STARTS AND STOPS THE STOPWATCH.


1 month ago

My Apple Watch Series 6 battery is finally bordering on unusable. 82% battery health. Question is do I pay $99 to replace the battery with Apple, or buy a new watch? It's stainless steel and cellular so I'm tempted to just get the battery swap for a few more years out of it. #Apple #AppleWatch

Chris Wu :toucan:
1 month ago

My post about Apple and analog clocks got a lot of attention yesterday. Thanks for the likes, boosts, and comments.

My favorite tip that I got was from @adamsimmersive. You can make the X-Large watch face display the time horizontally if you enable the one complication it supports. The time isn't in the center and one enormous complication isn't ideal, but I can actually see myself using this face sometimes. That's especially true now that I can see widgets with a double tap.


A blue, horizontal, digital time on top with a calendar complication below it that shows the abbreviated weekday and day of the month.
Leanne J
1 month ago

I’ve just done this Halloween-themed #dance workout on #AppleFitnessPlus - I’m hilariously uncoordinated with any dance, but it was fun. Looks like a good one for a laugh or for getting the kids involved in a #fitness activity. I love the Halloween outfits and fun music - why not? #AppleFitness #AppleWatch

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ workout app, showing a ‘Dance with Jhon’ class with the instructors all dressed in Halloween costumes, including a black cat. The workout is set to Latin Grooves and featured animal-like moves matching the costumes.
Leanne J
1 month ago

@janetlogan As “even if they’re less accurate it’s better than having a proper monitor which is on you for a week and catches nothing”, which is what happened when they monitored me. So now I’m happy having the watch as a background option and not really worrying (easier said than done, it took me a good while!). Hope your health journey goes well ❤️ 3/3 #ECG #AppleWatch #wearables

Dan Morgan :ksu:
1 month ago

I’ve been inspired by the great Apple Watch workouts by @BasicAppleGuy but mine so far have had a very specific niche related to my years on the farm and in agriculture.

Anyone who has been involved with cattle still has nightmares of leaving the gate open and getting a really LOUD lecture from Dad. #AppleFitness #AppleWatch #design

Faux Apple Watch workout called “Left the Gate Open”. It has a bovine (bull or cow, you pick as I’ve been charged by both equally) charging a person running away.
Alex Kidman
1 month ago

Apple's released WatchOS 10.1 overnight with the headline feature being "Double Tap" -- use the watch without touching it. Here's my quick video impressions of how well it works (or doesn't).
#AppleWatchUltra2 #AppleWatchSeries9 #DoubleTap #Apple #AppleWatch

Jeff Carlson
1 month ago

Q for Apple Watch Series 9/Ultra 2 owners who have upgraded to watchOS 10.1: Is the feature for asking Siri for health metrics now active? For example, “Siri, how much sleep did I get last night?" It's a feature "coming later in 2023," but I don't see it listed in the 10.1 release notes.

#AppleWatch #watchOS10

Interesting that my #AppleWatch recorded my sleep all night despite that I didn’t unlock it until I woke up

Mario Guzmán
1 month ago

The very first Apple Watch.

I remember being so amazed at how crazy the packaging was. A hard plastic box with felt on the inside and the watch perfectly placed in the center. Watch band already fastened.

Don't get me wrong, while nice, I'd much rather have today's packaging since its far more eco friendly but boy, THIS was an EXPERIENCE to unbox! 🤩


Hidde van der Ploeg
1 month ago

Petey is now free! After trying a few chats, you must subscribe or use your API key to continue using Petey.

If you only want to pay for the Apple Watch version, that's an option too! Already paid for Petey? Nothing should have changed for you but bug fixes.

I hope this update makes Petey more accessible and useful to everyone. It would be great if you could help spread the word and/or leave a review ♥️

Download Petey for free at

#ChatGPT #watchGPT #AppleWatch

The Apple Post
1 month ago
Ryan Lintott
1 month ago

Anyone else have issues with their Apple Watch just not recording their heart rate during workouts? I get these long gaps of several minutes with nothing. I have a sport band, I’ve tried tighter and looser fits and nothing works. I’ve checked all the settings, low power mode isn’t on and I don’t have tattoos.

Heart Rate data for 20 mins with large gaps.
1 month ago

Thursday: I seem to have hit some kind of plank plateau. 🤷🏻 Will keep trying. Forty pushups in during warm-up, 10km of #running, and then picked up groceries.

I don't like the WatchOS 10 changes to Activity; less info on screen than before. I'll get get used to it, I suppose. 🤷🏻 #AppleWatch

Three iOS screenshots:
1) Timer app showing 1:17.23
2) Push Up Pal: 40 Pushups
Average Rep Time 1.22 Seconds
00:48 duration
3) Apple Fitness Running Details
Total Time: 1:13:19
Total Distance: 10.09 KM
Average Pace: 7'16"/KM
Three Photos in a collage:
1) Rideau Falls, dark, before sunrise
2) The Old Train bridge over the Rideau River, with clouds, still dark
3) Recreational path in Strathcona Park with colourful fall trees, and the Rideau River on the right. - Apple-Blog
2 months ago

Laut eines internen Memos an autorisierte #Apple #ServiceProvider hat sich Apple auf Fehlersuche in Sachen „Flackerndes Display“ bei seinen Apple Watches der Serie 9 und Ultra 2 gemacht. Das Problem tritt unter #watchOS10 beim Verwenden des Always-On-Modus’ auf und zeigt sich als kurzes Flackern oder Pulsieren der Display-Anzeige.

Mehr zum Thema:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #AppleWatch #AppleWatchUltra2 #AppleWatchSeries9 #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Smartwatch

Eine Apple Watch Ultra 2 mit orangenem Armband am nassen Handgelenk einer Person.
2 months ago

#Apple is no stranger to defying usability principles, and with Double Tap on the #AppleWatch, they're boldly disregarding a rather essential aspect of interaction design.

I wrote about it on my website, in case you’re curious 👀

I wish the #AppleWatch would tell you what was using the battery. It’s barely lasting until midday at the moment.

@fulanigirl @jrm4 Not if you restart your iDevice (at least on #iPhone, #iPad, #AppleWatch, etcetera). After you do that, it requires a typed password.

The is the reason why you ask Siri to restart your device. 👍🏾👍🏾

Chris Wu :toucan:
2 months ago

I wrote a blog post about how frustrating it can be to be a fan of Apple products when you're not a fan of analog clocks.

#AppleWatch #iOS #watchOS #watchOS10

2 months ago

Apple watchOS 10 turns out to be a hot mess. I just want easy access to my key apps for when I run, in the order I expect them. You know, what the dock did. Instead I now have Smart Stack that won’t add some of my key app and Recently Used that will dynamically change the order. Puts me off upgrading my watch. I’d even shift to Pixel Watch but … no iOS support. Sigh. Maybe the dock will return. #applewatch

Mario Guzmán
2 months ago

Now that the very first Apple Watch is on the Vintage list, I pulled mine out from storage:

It’s a 38mm stainless steel. Original from day 1. Never replaced by Apple Care either. ⌚️ Still works great!

This is it compared to my new Series 9 I just got last month.


2 months ago

Wednesday workout: 130 seconds of plank, 35 pushups, and 6km of #running in the light rain this morning.

Opted for a shorter run today, as the plan this week is running Monday to Friday, so I wanted an "easy run" for the middle of the week. We'll see. 🤔

The Lowertown Beaver has struck again, wonder if it will come back to finish the job soon.

Missed that yesterday I passed 1,500 days of closing my move circle. The reason I missed (!) was due a work trip to DC for a shoot. #AppleWatch

Three iOS screenshots:
1) Timer app showing 2:10.58
2) Push Up Pal: 35 Push Ups
00:40 Duration
38% Consistency

3) Apple Fitness Running Details
Total Time: 0:44:16
Total Distance: 6.44 KM
Average Pace: 6'52"/KM
Average Cadence: 158 SPM

4) iOS Fitness Longest Move Streak
You set a personal record for your longest daily Move streak: 1,501 days!
1) Close up of a tree felled by a beaver.
2) Gravel recreational path in Strathcona Park, with still-green trees and grass.
Apple Fitness map of the 6km route starting in Bordeleau Park, across the Minto Bridges, along the Rideau River Eastern Pathway to the Adawe Crossing, through Strathcona Park, Sandy Hill, and back into Lowertown.
Full Report Below
2 months ago

The Apple Watch seems more popular than ever, why are Watch Apps disappearing?

More and more apps are losing their Watch Apps when they are updated. The new #vw App comes without watch app, and the "DB Next Navigator“ by #deutschebahn is lacking it as well. And these are only two examples.

Apple is making it a lot easier to create Watch Apps. Does anyone care to check if these are now React or Flutter Apps, which can't take advantage of the shared technology?

#iosdev #watchos #applewatch

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 months ago

Is anyone I know on here upgrading their Apple Watch and has an older model that they no longer need? My wife needs one mainly to keep track of heart rate as she has Hyperthyroidism (controlled by meds mostly).

#AppleWatch #HeartRate #Hyperthyroidism

Any other #AppleWatchUltra users out there? I'm just curious about something. Is it normal behavior for the watch to only connect to WiFi/Cellular if the phone is completely out of range or turned off? Just want to be sure I didn’t mess anything during setup or need to have it checked 🤔

#Running #Runner #ZenRunner #AppleWatch

2 months ago

NC #961 I Left Facebook and Instagram, Preinstalled macOS Apps, Nuke and Pave 2023, Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Bart Busschots

#Apple #NukeAndPave #AppleWatch

Alex Pretzlav 🥨
2 months ago

The crawling eight-month-old really does not like to have his diaper changed. #parenting #AppleWatch

An Apple Watch on my wrist showing two Loud Environment warnings:

3h ago
Loud Environment
Sound levels hit 90
decibels. Around 30 minutes at this lev...
1:02 PM
Loud Environment
Sound levels hit 90