Death by Lambda
7 hours ago

And almost impossible to do cleanly..!

If the #principleOfSeparation is important, then logically the user should use separate #apps and not expect unincentivised developers, to implement a #security feature perfectly.

I get why one app is better, but #convenience is almost always in the way of #privacy and security.

Srijit Kumar Bhadra
8 hours ago

One good example is Notesnook which is a nice product and worth using. I broadly understand that if a user opts for pro version and then gets downgraded to basic (free) tier due to non-payment, existing data that is specific for pro version (e.g. attachments, images, full page and selection based clips, tags etc.), in Notesnook, will be retained and made accessible to the user. I still do not gave clarity whether existing data in private vault is retained and made accessible. Also, what will happen to recurring reminders of Notesnook pro, after getting downgraded to basic (free), is also not clear to me.

The massive 80% discount to Indian customers is also scary to me. I guess that the 80% discount is only for the first year. What can happen to the pricing during subsequent years?


#Software #Apps #NoteTakingApp

16 hours ago

You know your app is terrible when you're trying to sell dark mode as a feature…

#DB #DBNavigator #Android #Changelog #App #Apps #DarkMode #Updates

The Updates page of the Aurora store on Android. It shows an available update for the DB Navigator. One of the items in the changelog reads "Experience a new modern design - dark mode available".
19 hours ago

In case you forgot: #GNOME 45 released!

#GNOME45 #Apps #Updates #Flatpak #Flathub

The Updates view in GNOME Software. It shows 10 new updates from Flathub, all GKT4+Libadwaita apps.

Are there any Push-To-Talk apps known to humankind that respect your privacy?

#askfedi #apps #SelfHosted

Massaging the Medium
1 day ago

Are there any text to speech read-it-later #apps that are actually good?

The Japan Times
1 day ago

Two men in their 20s have been arrested in Tokyo for allegedly having used Apple's Face ID feature to unlock a stranger's smartphone while the victim was drunk and asleep in order to fraudulently send large sums of money. #japan #crimelegal #phones #apps #banks

Knowledge Zone
1 day ago

How Could #AI Lead to Human #Extinction? : Medium

How to build a #Computer using #Origami : Misc

#Bard can now connect to your #Google #Apps and services : Google

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

IT News
1 day ago

Building Responsive Layouts for iOS Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide - Ever tried fitting a square peg into a round hole? That’s what designing mobile ap... - #mobile #build #apps

Noelle 📚
2 days ago

I'm starting to reach the conclusion that social media may not be for me. All of the anger, rage, and name calling is exhausting and I'm tempted to move over to my blog and delete all of my social media accounts. 😣 It's a lot of work blocking people and "curating" my feed when I don't have to be on here at all. 🤷

#blog #SocialMedia #technology #apps

2 days ago
The Updates view in GNOME Software. It shows 15 available updates, 11 of them libadwaita apps from Flathub.
Lukas Beran
2 days ago

Last time I wrote about #updating #apps with #Intune. But what about #drivers and #firmware?

Drivers and firmware also need regular updates. Just like regular applications, they contain bugs that need to be fixed. Until recently, this was quite complicated for Intune-managed devices because there was no native tool to manage driver and firmware updates.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case and Intune can natively manage driver and firmware updates. Driver and firmware updates can now be approved manually or set to automatically approve after a set number of days for recommended updates.

With this setting, you can be in control of driver and firmware updates. And even if you enable automatic approval of recommended drivers, you can still periodically review the list and reject those that have been automatically approved, or alternatively, approve those that have not been automatically approved.

How do you manage driver and firmware updates?

Driver and firmware updates with Microsoft Intune
2 days ago

¿Conoces el #SIMswapping? ➡️ #Fraude ➡️ ¿Cómo evitar esta #estafa?
➡️ Controla tus #apps #Ciberseguridad

Mac & i
2 days ago

heise+ | Die Finanzierungsfrage: Abo für Apps oder nicht?

Mac- und iPhone-Entwickler entscheiden sich beim Vertrieb ihrer Apps zunehmend für das Abomodell. Viele User hassen das. Doch ist es immer schlecht?

#Apps #Recht #Updates #Softwareentwicklung #news

, The average tech guy,; Montage: Mac & i
2 days ago

What are the best #iOS #apps for #firefish and/or #misskey etc?

heise online
3 days ago

Microsoft Edge und Bing bekommen neue KI-Modelle und -Funktionen wie Dall-E 3

Die Integration Künstlicher Intelligenz in Microsofts Browser und Suchmaschine wird vertieft. Der Copilot hilft beim Einkauf und Bildkreationen werden schöner.

#Apps #Bildbearbeitung #Bing #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Suchmaschine #news

Roboter umrundet von Sprechblasen

You say you hate #Google and #Facebook and #Amazon but do you know that #Spotify sends ALL THREE of them tracking data whenever you use the #Android #mobile #app

#privacy #security #tech #apps #ads #advertising #enshittification

Screenshot of TrackerControl, an Android app that blocks apps from communicating with tracking services, showing a long list of urls that Spotify has tried to contact.
3 days ago
Wetterkarte MV für den 22.09.2023
Mac & i
3 days ago

Live-Webinar: Rechtliche Aspekte der App-Entwicklung

Das neue Webinar vermittelt die wichtigsten rechtlichen Anforderungen, die App-Entwickler und Unternehmen kennen sollten, um rechtssicher zu handeln.

#AppStore #Apple #Apps #iOS #news

Mac & i Pro
Maj 🇨🇦
3 days ago

Been doing the 7 day trial for Lingopie -- language learning using videos and music with what seems like a combo of real/human translation services and LLM chatbot.
So far, just so-so. Not sure I'll continue.
Anyone else?
#language #languagelearning #apps

4 days ago

Today's #AndroidAppRain has 103 updated and 2 new apps:

* CatBox: a universal proxy toolchain
* ChemistryLab: a chemical laboratory simulation app

Enjoy your #free and #FOSS #Android #apps with #FDroid :awesome:

4 days ago

Well shit. #SolidExplorer, the android file explorer I've used for YEARS, seems to have a broken smb implementation. One account works, the other one does not. Complains about something openssh something wrong block length. That sucks. I really liked it.

Well, guess I have to find a new one that's just as capable, ideally without uploading all my files to random servers.
#android #Apps

:rss: Hacker News
4 days ago
Kubuntu Focus
4 days ago

Look at all those Apps!
The KFocus team supports the Curated Apps you're looking for. We provide tested recommendations here:

#Apps #Linux #Developer #Creators #Engineers

4 days ago

WhatsApp Introduces Flows, Lets Businesses Set Up Custom Menus And Forms #app #apps #business #flows #messaging #mobile #whatsapp

Leonardo Grando
5 days ago

#NASA #Space #Apps Challenge (7 a 8 de Outubro, várias localidades no #Brasil)

Yeah! With #tvOS 17 AppleTV now supports #VPN #Apps 👍

… and my NordVPN sub is coming to an end. (Slightly sick of their constant upselling)

Anyone know if are ok or to be avoided?

5 days ago

@g Thanks for this share; it learned me a lot in the local-first software notions! Ok, could be difficult to manage, but it's useful nowadays. #localfirst #privacy #apps

6 days ago

Want a way to quickly plot some equations, or a way to easily visualize some data? Graphs lets you do both, and more. Pan, zoom, scale and transform your data, even perform mathematical operations on it! Pick the colors of your lines, the labels on your axis and the title for the graph itself. Then, hide the sidebar to present your data, or export it as an SVG for future editing

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

A screenshot of Graphs, showing no graphs. The "Adjust Data" menu has been expanded in the sidebar
A screenshot of Graphs, showing graphs for Y=X, Y=6 and Y=sin(X). The "Translate and Multiply" menu has been expanded in the sidebar
A screenshot of Graphs, showing a graph for the civil engineering doctorates awarded per year, between the years of 2000 and 2009. The "Mathematical Operations" menu has been expanded in the sidebar
A screenshot of Graphs, showing a graph for the per capita consumption of mozzarella cheese per year, between the years of 2000 and 2009. The sidebar has been minimized
heise online
6 days ago

Ohne Münze und Chip: Netto testet Einkaufswagen mit App-Entsperrung

In zwei bayerischen Netto-Filialen können Kunden ihren fahrbaren Warenkorb jetzt auf Wunsch per Smartphone entriegeln. Kritiker befürchten Tracking im Laden.

#Apps #news

6 days ago

Schaut mal im #AppStore vorbei wenn ihr #Apple User seid, dort sollte es viele #Updates für eure installierten #Apps geben. Alles zur Vorbereitung auf die neuen #ios17 Features.

1 week ago

Do you use ride-hailing apps like Uber, Grab, Gojek, Angkas, etc? (Please boost for higher reach.)

#Polls #Apps #Transport #Poll #PublicTransport #RideSharing #RideHailing #Uber #GrabApp #Gojek #Survey #Commuter

For those on #Android that use #FDroid,

What are some of your favorite #apps from #FDroid ?

#privacy #opensource #phone #foss

Tyler McGee
1 week ago

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last person manually checking for app updates.

Yes I know they update automatically but I like reading the update logs and fun new features feel like opening presents on Christmas morning.

#Tech #Apps #Poll

Do you still check for app updates manually?

Stefan TRMSC | eduBW
1 week ago

Was für ein cooles Programm! 😯🥰

Mit #ferdium lassen sich #websites als eigene #apps in einer eleganten Oberfläche zusammenstellen! 🧩

Insb. mit Seiten, die man regelmäßig ansteuert, lässt sich so eine saubere, praktische "Zentrale" - sogar mit verschiedenen Workspaces und vielen, optionalen(!) Einstellungsmöglichkeiten - erschaffen! 🗃️

Und das alles #opensource #freesoftware #plattformübergreifend für #linux 🙌 #windows und #mac!


CC @_DigitalWriter_

IzzyOnDroid ✅
1 week ago

Oof. OK, 🇩🇪 jetzt ist auch die jährliche Durchsicht meiner App-Listen wieder erledigt: alte Links entfernt, andere aktualisiert und neue hinzugefügt (na ja, letzteres passiert ja häufiger) – damit Ihr auch relevante Zusatz-Informationen habt!

🇺🇸 yearly review of my app listings is done: old links removed, existing updated, some new added – so you have relevant additional info available.

#Android #apps

IzzyOnDroid ✅
1 week ago

#AndroidAppRain at today with 11 updated and 1 added apps:

* Pachli: full-featured client for the Mastodon and similar servers

Oh, and including an update to #Catima 🤩

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

1 week ago

Yesterday's #AndroidAppRain brought you 121 updated and 4 added apps at F-Droid:

* Next Player: a simple material you video player
* OpenBike: a lightweight NextBike client
* Revengate: a steampunk roguelike dungeon crawling game
* Warmongr: list bribetakers and warmongers

Enjoy your #free and #foss #Android #apps with #FDroid :awesome:

1 week ago

Meiner Meinung nach ist das nicht unbekant aber viele meinen sie häten nichts zu verbergen. Doch Fitnessdaten sind sehr persönlich und geben u.a. auch dein Standorte wie dein Wohnort weiter. Von vielen wird ignoriert wie verratend & kommerziell wertvoll diese Daten sind und die ohne Zustimmung gesammelt werden.

»Beliebte Fitness-Apps geben persönliche Daten illegal an Dritte weiter«


#fitness #daten #datenschutz #app #mobile #apps #illegal #smartphone

Snowflake 🥶
2 weeks ago

Du musst alle, bis auf drei, deiner selbst installierten #apps löschen.

Welche behätst du und warum?

#android #apple #gesellschaft #datenschutz #privatsphäre #technik #smartphone #handy

David Chartier
2 weeks ago

I wish task management #apps should get more playful.

What if we could pick from a handful of fun or exaggerated animations for when we mark a task as completed?

What if the task could explode? Or a Transformer™ Dinobot™ shows up and eats it? Or it bursts into confetti? Or wind whisks it away? Or a Titan from #Destiny2 flies in and smashes it with the Hammer of Proving?

So much potential to make task management more fun. #Apple

El Perro Negro
2 weeks ago

Yesterday I used Organic Maps app on my phone as an aid to navigation. Worked really well, the maps are detailed enough for hiking without being clustered.

Biggest win for me was using completely offline, just location on. This meant I hardly used much battery in the 6 hours of usage.

It's #FOSS and based over Open Street Maps. I enjoyed it and got value out of it, so I donated to @organicmaps

#hiking #navigation #apps #maps

2 weeks ago

Eis uma lista de #aplicativos para #Android, do repositório F-Droid, indicados por @felipesiles:

O mesmo blog também tem outros artigos que valem a pena ler.

#FreeSoftware #FOSS #fdroid #apps

IzzyOnDroid ✅
2 weeks ago

A little #AndroidAppRain at today with 13 updated apps. I usually don't make a 🌧️ post for just that, but I need to point out that JellyBook changed its package name – so if you use this app, you need to uninstall and reinstall.

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

With @trunksapp I like how you can filter, what is included in the timeline: Just original posts, boosts and/or replies. Really changes the timeline every time you make use of the option.

As I'm on #Android, I only see, what's available here, are there interesting approaches to organizing the timeline on #iOS? And what have I missed, are there other ideas, with exciting ways of re-thinking the timeline?

#Mastodon #Trunks #Apps #App #Smartphone


#Trunks with its filters
Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

@phanpy on the other hand collects multiple boosts in a timeline in some kind of carousel – even pinned posts on a profile page.

Looks really nice and (positively) interrupts the usual scrolling from top to bottom. Also, a nice new look.

#Mastodon #Android #Smartphone #Phanpy #Apps #App


Carousel on #Phanpy
Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

I'd like to write this in English, too: Something I find increasingly interesting about #Mastodon is the different ways, in which #Apps organize the #Timeline: Even for one account it might look totally different.

Take @rodentapp for example, which shows the accounts that have posted recently. As of yet I don't know, how/when to use it really, but it changes, how you see it. And I'm curious where it leads.

#Timeline #Fediverse #Smartphone #Android #TwitterAlternative #App

(Thread 🧵 1/4)

Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

Bei @trunksapp gefällt mir die Möglichkeit, die Anzeige auf originale Beiträge, Boosts und/oder Antworten zu beschränken. Dadurch ergibt sich jeweils eine ganz andere Timeline.

Ich seh da jetzt nur die Herangehensweisen unter #Android, gibt's da auch noch spannenden Beispiele unter #iOS? Und überhaupt, bei welchen anderen Apps findet ihr das noch gut gelöst?

#Mastodon #Trunks #Apps #App #Smartphone


#Trunks mit Auswahl, nur originale Beiträge anzuzeigen
Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

Was mich an der wachsenden Zahl von #Apps für #Mastodon fasziniert, sind die Unterschiede bei der Darstellung der Timeline(s). Selbst ein und derselbe Account sieht da teilweise komplett anders aus und es kann sich sogar lohnen, mehrere Apps im Wechsel zu nutzen.

Besonders ist mir das durch die noch recht junge @rodentapp aufgefallen. Die finde ich total spannend, auch wenn ich noch nicht weiß, ob/wie hilfreich es wirklich ist.

#Timeline #Fediverse #Smartphone #Android

(Thread 🧵 1/4)

#Rodent mit anderer Timeline-Ansicht
Matthias Ott
2 weeks ago
Mike Kuketz 🛡
2 weeks ago

Manche Ladeapps sind eine Datenschutzkatastrophe. Wir haben 41 Apps getestet und geben Tipps für datensparsames Laden. 👇

#app #apps #datenschutz #android #ios #ladeinfrastruktur #elektroauto #elektromobilitat #tesla #eauto #strom


The super #apps are terrible for people and great for companies 👇💸🧐

2 weeks ago

Review time again! Here's a concise look at the third party app Fedilab:


You can use it with Mastodon accounts (including forks like Glitch), PeerTube accounts, Pixelfed accounts and many other types of Fediverse account.

It's got a really nice array of options if you dig down into the settings menus, it does a lot of things that the official apps don't do. I've tried to summarise the good stuff in the review.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Fedilab #Apps #Mastodon #PeerTube

2 weeks ago

Happy Friday Mastodon friends!

For the adventurous, we have a special treat... You now can BETA test ZeroTier apps.

Check out this link for more details:

#ZeroTier #Networking #BetaTest #Apps #Mobile #iOS #Android

Travis F W
2 weeks ago

Afaict the conversation on #digitizationOfLife has *only* happened retrospectively. As a global digital society we can now design our lives. It is easy to imagine a more #thrivable future than our current #dystopia. Maybe every activity we do *shouldn't* be intermediated by #apps and app stores?

Better concepts, please? Take the mic!

Daryl Baxter
2 weeks ago

I should add, any new #apps that also look at #accessibility for #iOS 17 would be great to include as well.

Noelle 📚
2 weeks ago

Four years into owning an Android phone I find out you can make folders on it so I can group apps together 😂 clearly I don't know how to use my phone very well lol 🤣

#android #phone #apps #technology #lol #funny

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
2 weeks ago

It's been a while since I've checked out a new note taking app. What are people usng today?

My most recent experiments were with Joplin, an opensource note-taking app that shows promise, but just hasn't been working for me.


#productivity #apps

Roni Laukkarinen
2 weeks ago

I’m using @mammoth for browsing on mobile (love the UI and the ”For you” feed), @IceCubesApp for interacting and #MastodonBirdUI for the rest. It has come to this. #Mastodon #Apps

After I stopped playing Diablo tonight (3 more levels to go!), made dinner, and watched the new Ahsoka episode, I started trying out this game Gnollhack on Android (maybe it's on iOS too?)

It's basically Nethack. A lot like DCSS. It's fun as hell. I'm playing casual mode - no score. But there's saving, and it's just a really great mobile roguelike. I'm a gnoll bandit named Kuglskag, as shown in the first screenshot below.

The second screenshot is the Worn Items screen, which is similar to the look of your inventory (in your backpack). And you can only carry so much before you become too burdened- which makes things tough for an item hoarder like me, 🤣

The last two screenshots are the very cool, stylized Common Commands and Additional Commands screens. Check out those rad icons.

I'll definitely be playing a lot more of this.

#Gnollhack #roguelike #roguelikes #android #AndroidGames #MobileGames #gnolls #apps #rpg

A screenshot of Gnollhack, showing my gnoll bandit character in the gray dungeon and general UI of the game (buttons on side and bottom).
A screenshot of Gnollhack's Worn Items screen, similar to the inventory screen. It's a tan paper look with a list of the items - all selectable.
A screenshot of Gnollhack - the cool, stylized icons of the Common Commands screen. Hands, wands, bows, it's all here!
A screenshot of Gnollhack - the second screen of cool, stylized icons for more commands. Horses, skulls, shovels..
heise online
3 weeks ago

US-Klagen wegen Play Store: Google kündigt außergerichtliche Einigung an

US-Bundesstaaten und 21 Millionen Menschen werfen Google unlautere Praktiken zugunsten des Play Stores vor. Nun gibt es eine außergerichtliche Einigung.

#Android #Apps #Google #GooglePlayStore #Kartellrecht #Smartphone #Wettbewerbsrecht #news

Google Play auf Smartphone
Rachael Ludwick
3 weeks ago

Best iPhone / MacOS app for keeping a very basic "journal"? I was just going to use vim to write text in md files on my desktop but not working.

- data only on my devices or iCloud
- very usable. I'm low vision designers love low contrast.
- focus on just typing stuff. I don't need hardly any formatting options.
- good iphone experience
- no user monitoring/spying (duh)

If there were something as simple as NetNewsWire but for writing text, it do! #apps #apple

Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

I absolutely love Sunsama and how it takes care of your valuable time. There are no priority labels other than time.

From time blocking apps I have used first Sunsama, then Akiflow, then TickTick. All of them have pros and cons, but now that I have returned to Sunsama after one year I've seen it's improved since I last tried it.

I forgot how good it feels to actually FOCUS and see your productivity increase over time.

Screenshot intentionally obfuscated with Datamask.

#Productivity #Focus #Apps #Sunsama #TimeBlocking

A screenshot from Sunsama focus view, focusing today, a timer running, calendar alongside tasks.
Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

I’m going back and forth with Mona, Ivory and Ice Cubes. Currently sticking to Ice Cubes. I like the design of Mammoth, but it’s too limited by its features. Mastodon PWA unfortunately doesn’t work very well on webkit based browsers… I kinda dislike ”bookmarks” on home screen on an iPhone. #iPhone #Apps #MastodonApps

I am glad that is considering releasing an official Misskey app for iOS! Hopefully iPadOS is included!


I believe it would be cool if some of the third-party developers were able to help out with the project. Also, I hope they include an
in app payment feature to make it easier for donations or even for premium features (buying a T-shirt or hat with your Misskey handle on it would be cool).

#️⃣ #Misskey, #Fediverse, #iOS, #iPadOS, #Apple, #AppStore, #Apps

Hidde van der Ploeg
4 weeks ago

Petey is now also available on the iPad! 🎉
🎨 The design has been optimised to use the bigger screen better.
⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts for more efficient use.
🪟 Multi-window support to run alongside other apps.
✨ Many improvements and bug fixes for iOS and watchOS.

#ChatGPT #iPad #Apps #AI

Roni Laukkarinen
1 month ago

Mammoth for iPhone actually has a ”For you” feed and very Bluesky/Twitter-esque aesthetics. I love the variety of Mastodon apps in the iOS world. @mammoth #iPhone #Apps #Mammoth #iOS #Mastodon #MastodonApps

Screenshot of Mammoth iPhone app, For You feed. A desert photo and latest NPR news about a soldier in Ukraine.
Roni Laukkarinen
1 month ago

I absolutely LOVE the customization options of @MonaApp for iPhone. I can actually make it very close #MastodonBirdUI because I can pick the hex colors, change profile photos to circular, make breathing space more relaxed etc. Good job! #BirdUI #Apps #UI #MastodonApps #iPhone #iOS #Mastodon

Screenshot of Mona for Mastodon app, home feed. Looks a lot like Bird UI with the modifications.
Color selection of Mona app, added custom color: Mastodon Brand.
Appearances & Settings of Mona app for iPhone. Custom theme called Mastodon Bird UI that contains the theme colors from CSS theme, hex foreground and background.
Mona app general settings, vary from breathing space to fonts.
Noelle 📚
1 month ago

Decided to just delete both of the Mastodon apps off of my phone. I don't know why but they both suddenly won't load anything. Tusky won't even let me log out, it has a spinning wheel. So I haven't uninstalled it yet, it appears to be frozen. 😆

Going to use the website instead.

#Android #Mastodon #Apps #technology #phone

Johan Bové
1 month ago

Document your errors! There are no valid excuses to still show "Oops, an unknown error has occurred". It is horrible user experience and shows how little you care for your apps. #apps #development #webdev #ux If your app has an "oops" error, your app sucks. Period.