Tutanota ✅
1 month ago

One month later, and this still makes us smile. 😎 Can you guess which of the below was an #AprilFool?

Einen Monat später bringt uns das hier immer noch zum Lachen. 😎 Kannst du erraten, welcher von den unten stehenden Behauptungen ein #Aprilscherz war?

2 months ago

This was an #AprilFool thing? Because I absolutely *would* buy a #Gibson #Guitar branded cologne, and telling me I’ll smell of “confidence” doesn’t even crack the top 10 of ‘stupid things I’ve seen in perfume ads’.

If Gibson won’t do it, #Fender should.

Focaccio at CupOfTea
2 months ago

Hey #coffee lovers! I see there's a new grinder in town - the price us a bit eye-watering though. I thought this was an #aprilfool, but no ...

bitsmasher the bumbling
2 months ago

I had a blast playing the Minceraft April Fools update! But next week we'll be back to "normal"!

#minecraft #aprilfools #aprilfool #imafoolallthetimetoo #twitch #streamer

Why the heck is there a #doge icon on #twitter now when reloading? Is #elonmusk using twitter as a part of a #dogecoin pump and dump? Is this a late #AprilFool?

A screenshot of viewed from a mobile browser in mid-reload. A doge logo from the 2010s doge meme, namesake of the dogecoin, is featured front and centre.
2 months ago

The #Taiwan #PizzaHut #AprilFool's pizza was a real thing, I got it, it confused my boys.

Wukong the cat, distraught to see a ring of stuffed crust with no pizza.
Android Infotech
2 months ago

A View on Razers' Razer Mouse for Shaving- April Fool Joke 2023. 🧔‍♀️🪒🖱️ #Razer #AprilFool #Android #iOS #Windows
It's just an April Fools' Day joke.

I have a section on one of my websites especially for documenting April Fools' pranks. Please recommend any I have missed.


Ok, wer würde das anschauen? 🤔
#aprilfool #funny

Jonglieren als Kampfsportart
a.d. 
2 months ago

FUCK!!!! I fell for an April Fool’s joke via text.. gawd damn!! :ablobcry:

#April1st #AprilFoolsDay #AprilScherz #AprilFools #AprilFool #AprilFoolsDay2023

Jim Wald
2 months ago

No #AprilFool junk from me today.

Instead, this month's calendar page

illustration by Pierre Camin for Marius Dutrey, Calendrier Gastronomique: Histoires de Cuisine et Cuisine de l’Histoire (Londres: Frederick Muller,1938)

No. 88 of 250 copies; signed by the author 1944

Illustration: basket with a ham tied in a red ribbon and a chick breaking out of an egg.
In the foreground beneath it, colored easter eggs, asparagus stalks, a silver bowl and ladle, labeled, Crème

Domitien un jour se présente au Sénat ; ‘“ Péres conscrits, dit-il, une affaire d’Etat M’appelle auprés de vous. Je ne viens point vous dire Qu’il s’agit de veiller au salut de ’empire, Exciter votre zéle et prendre votre avis Sur les destins de Rome et des peuples conquis, Agiter avec vous la paix ou la guerre, Vains projets sur lesquels vous n’avez qu’a vous taire, Il s’agit d’un turbot : daignez délibérer Sur la sauce qu’on doit lui faire préparer....” Le Sénat mit aux voix cette affaire importante, Et le turbot fut mis a la sauce piquante.... LA GASTRONOMIE page Quarante-neuf
a.d. 
2 months ago

.. today I stayed home, it was the safer option. :abloblamp:

#April1st #AprilFoolsDay #AprilScherz #AprilFools #AprilFool #AprilFoolsDay2023

Daniel Keys Moran
2 months ago

Don't believe I've ever told an #AprilFool's joke. They're mostly unfunny, because people are mostly unfunny.

Despite my brief career in stand-up, I'm on the low end of the range of funny people; my work is frequently funny, I've been told, and I think that's accurate. (I remind myself of my Dad -- he was fucking hysterical. When he had time to work a subject, and examine it from all sides, and come back to it over time and adjust the truth for effect.)

2 months ago

MSI with a slick April Fools Day ad, but to be honest I'd like to try it #pc #aprilfool

Daniel Gibson
2 months ago

Last night Fellwurst pranked us by yelling and scratching on the bedroom door at 1AM.. instead of doing it at 4AM as usual.
#AprilFool #CatsOfMastodon

Adrian Cochrane
2 months ago

Moving from Rust to C++ - Raph Levien:

I do have issues with some of the opinions expressed here, especially regarding codes-of-conduct. Or it might just be that it's an #AprilFool joke...

Marcel Swart
2 months ago

The worst #AprilFool joke is that it is raining a bit in Girona, and hence the network between UdG and ParcUdG has been lost (again).

And I wished it were a April 1 joke because then it would be solved tomorrow…

Sir RaptaG
2 months ago

Maybe April Fools Day maybe I'm a fool..

So I was on the train like 5 minutes ago and they didn't announce the previous station (the one I wanted to reach) and I ended up some kilometres away from my house. Now I'm waiting for somebody I called to come and pick me up..

#AprilFool #AprilFoolsDay #train #saturdaynight

bitsmasher the bumbling
2 months ago

Imma be playing the Minecraft April Fools' update in about half an hour!

#april #aprilfools #aprilfoolsday #aprilfool #minecraft #twitch #streamer #twitchstreamer #gamer

Danielle Vossebeld
2 months ago

Exactly one year ago, we had some snow. Kind of weird in the Netherlands, but no April’s fool.
Beautiful. 🥰
#snow #AprilFool #Photography #NaturePhotography #detailsmatter

I have no April Fool’s jokes planned…because 2023 has been fooling around with my life. 🤡

#aprilfool #humor

When you are so proud of your #AprilFool that you blast it on all your mailing lists (and probably losing subscribers for it)

2 months ago

When the company you work for has a sense of humor.
#AprilFools #AprilFool #DadJokes #joke

Interspersed with various pictures of goats…Gray Television April’s Wellness Newsletter! You’ve GOAT mail! Grayest Of All Time! To represent the goal of being “Grayest Of All Time” the new mascot for all Gray locations is a goat. You HERD it here first: All locations are expected to support the first ever company wide mascot program. NEW REQUIREMENT: Broadcast from a goat farm 1x a week. This new mascot program really floats our goat. Please note that sometimes goats have trouble making friends. Why? Because they always butt heads. All breakroom fridges will get a supply of goat milk. If your station has extra land, please purchase goats.
Mark Carter
2 months ago

#linux kernel game changer that will completely replace #microsoft excel 😊 Annoucing eBPF 2.0: excelBPF™ #aprilfool

Anthony Steele
2 months ago

I haven't seen any #aprilfool #aprilfools stuff today. Not saying that I want to, I don't. Just that it's an unmarked cultural shift if people have all just given up on it. Happy to "let us never speak of this again"

Masked Scheduler
2 months ago
Junk Muffler
2 months ago

ThinkGeek always had the best April Fool's jokes. I miss them. 😭

#aprilfool #aprilfools #thinkgeek

2 months ago

Looking into too many Kitties is what got me in trouble in the first place 🐱 )t a) #AprilFool #LockPickingLawyer

Radio Horton
2 months ago

Of course, we weren’t actually going on FM for one day only, but those of you clever enough to work out the anagram, realised it was just an #APRILFOOL, at least, this time 👀 #hospitalradio 👇
RT @RadioHorton
For one day only, you can hear Radio Horton on 105.8FM. We’re delighted to be able to trial our Awesome Presenter Radio Interactive Listener services and programmes For Only One Live day. Retune your radios now to hear us! 📻

bobcgames (he/him)
2 months ago

Added a new #ZRWP feature today

It makes combats that that little bit more... fabulous!

#RPG #JRPG #GameDev #IndieDev #AprilFools #AprilFool

An RPG combat in ZRWP with a new button labeled "FABULOUS MODE!". When the button is clicked, all of the characters change into drag versions of themselves.
2 months ago

= indicated =

the new 28th
he makes every day become
april one

#AprilFool #indicated
#poetry #smallPoems #senryu not #haiku

David Boles
2 months ago

You know it's going to be an even more ridiculous April Fools Day than ever when your Oura Ring trolls you as Clippy.

#Oura #Clippy #AprilFool

Oura Ring Clippy.
Oura Ring Clippy.

Tonight an alien spaceship attacked the Kremlin 🛸✨. Moscow wakes up this morning with the Kremlin on fire and Vladimir Putin missing. The aliens 👽captured him and done some experiments… it has now mutated into a strange fish swimming alone in space 😅 #midjouney #aprilfool

Kremlin under aliens attack
The Kremlin is still burning this morning
Vladimir Putin is captured by Aliens
Putin new appearance and swimming alone lost in space
2 months ago

Don't panic! We hope you enjoyed our #AprilFool this morning. The photo is real, but it was taken in 1972! We promise that we plan to have bus 174 at the 'North Western 100' event in red and cream, and hopefully giving rides.

Fardels Bear
2 months ago

I have completely failed to spot the #AprilFool article in the online #Guardian. Can anyone enlighten me?

David Boles
2 months ago

For Sale: Today Only! The Billionaire’s Safe Place to Land Pillow! Lose millions? Safe place to land! Charge now for a free service? Land soft! The pillows are made of the crumbled dreams of poor children and IRS Tax Cheats for the rich, all made to soften every slapdown! #AI #Midjourney #AprilFool

David Boles
2 months ago

Happy Caturday!

They meow!

They cuddle!

They sleep!

They leap!

#AI #Midjourney #Caturday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #AprilFool

Catfish is a Cat on 4/1 Caturday!
Cat Stevens is a Cat on 4/1 Caturday!
Catacombs are a Cat on 4/1 Caturday!
Catapult is a Cat on 4/1 Caturday!


Interesting point about the #AprilFool time differences.

As it is still before midday in Haiti - for example - would I still be OK perpetrating a #PoissonDAvril 🐟 on a Haitian friend while posting from Paris, where it is well past midday?

And indeed could we find anyone in Haiti who would still laugh at any joke? Food for thought... 🤔

Another to add to the collection of #AprilFool headlines.

Julie Howlin
2 months ago

On this date in 1997 A viral email message announced that the Internet would be shut down for cleaning for twenty-four hours from March 31 until April 2. The cleaning was said to be necessary to clear out the "electronic flotsam and jetsam" that had accumulated in the network.

10 Classic April fool pranks:

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFool #Pranks #Jokes

Clancy Parliament
2 months ago

Every dang time...
Happy April Fools Day everyone!

A glass of orange juice, dyed bright green, next to a jug, also full of green juice

Good Morning Canada!
It's a day where you have to keep your wits about you and not be so gullible. You know, like not going to the pet store and asking for a house hippo.
Here's a summary of some Canadian April Fool pranks from last year. Be careful out there...

#Canada #CanadaIsAwesome #AprilFool

Tutanota ✅
2 months ago


Google reintroduces its motto "Don't be evil".

Twitter decides that paying users will see zero ads.

Facebook announces it will stop scanning direct messages.

Which of the above is an #AprilFool? 🤔

#AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

#donkeyoftheday 112:

"I hope you're not trying to trick me with a fake clockwork orange, Peasant, because April Fool finished at midday!"

#PoissonDAvril #AprilFool #Asstodon #LePlessisRobinson

Aitana - a brown donkey with white nose -cautiously approaching an orange on the ground outside the stable at 12.30 pm on 1st April.

Denkt daran: Das Internet hat heute Gegenteil-Tag, wir schreiben den 1. April (wirklich wahr) ☝️ 😁
#beliveinnothinghereexeptusofcourse #retronomarcade #aprilfool #retrogaming #dasretronomoefnetinvierwochenindubai

Very good Frankie and Bennys! #aprilfool nearly signed up for your tracking strap!!

Emma Rogan
2 months ago

Today is my Grannny’s anniversary.

She was funny, kind & generous to us children, had a warm home that always smelled like buns & fire (old Stanley stove) with a kettle that was always close to the boil. She had a fantastic garden all year round with begonias 🌺in that were split & travelled the country!


I took on her open door policy, welcoming of strangers & Christian by deeds. Thanks for the apple tart, kindness of heart & fierce fighting spirit Granny N!


Nieuws |
2 months ago

𝗩𝗮𝗻 𝘀𝗽𝗲𝘂𝗿𝗸𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗻 𝗯𝗶𝗷 𝗱𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝘂𝗮𝗻𝗲 𝘁𝗼𝘁 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗲𝗲𝗿𝗽𝗼𝗽: 𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗲 𝘃𝗮𝗻 𝟭-𝗮𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗹𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗻

Een nieuwe tulpensoort die bestand is tegen toeristen, een speurkat die gaat werken voor de douane en een geurherkenningsapp die drugslocaties kan opsporen: ook dit jaar heeft 1 april weer een stroom van grappen opgeleverd. Hieronder lees je een sel... #nieuws #NUnl #aprilgrappen #1april #aprilfool

Chris Young
2 months ago

Can't believe it's May already! #AprilFool

Bylines Scotland
2 months ago

🆕 Hunt the Gowk Day

How April Fool's Day evolved in #Scotland and some famous pranks around the world.

#AprilFool #AprilFoolDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

⚪ Ein... "Wie ich diese
Aprilscherze hasse" ...
🟤 A... "How I hate those
April Fool jokes"... Favorite
📷 by Artist: #_s__o in Loc.: unknown - Title: "Hello ?" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #CatsofMastodon #Cats #Carturday #Aprilfool 😒 #Aprilscherz #Aprilfoolsday #Photography #Fotografie
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo shot of a gray and beige tabby big cat sitting on the floor in the hallway. She is looking up a bit questioningly. Behind her head appears the tiny little head of a baby cat.... if she knows, where the little cat is....
David Boles
3 months ago

Today is April 1, right?

Jokes on us, then?


Facebook Blue!

#Facebook #Twitter #AprilFool #Joke

Zuck turns blue. Pay your way to Facebook verification.
Ed S
2 years ago

hp's #retrocomputing prank for today: an offer for the programmable desktop from 1968, the HP 9100A/B. Only $4900. (Not actually for sale)


Deal of the day. Was $4900. HP 9100A/B

Photo of programmable desktop calculator with late-1960's styling.

Notable features mentioned:
3.25 inch by 4.75 inch green CRT display
Printed circuit board ROM
40 pounds (with feather symbol)
Magnetic card reader

footnote: was introduced in 1968 at $4900

footnote: not actualy for sale anymore


After intensive negotiations (via advanced technology specially engineered to allow communication both into *and out of* the Google Dome) we are pleased to announce that #TootCat has acquired all assets and IP associated with the "Google+" social network service.

The exact details are secret and subject to NDA and press embargo, but it was in fact sold for $12.95 and some leftover potato chips.

...ha ha, just kidding! #AprilFool
No really.
<hides the G+ assets>

Laura Ritchie 🌸
5 years ago

Woke up to a big leek in the shower and on the ceiling below.

I’m an early riser so one of my children planed ahead and was definitely on +1 for wit level.

a leek (vegetable) in the shower
a leek (vegetable) coming through the ceiling