1 month ago

One month in and this #webgame I made for #AprilFoolsDay got a lot more traction than I expected. It will still be more than 5 years before anyone is able to complete it though.

10원 Tips
2 months ago

Naver kicked off April Fools Day in Korea with this promo video showing their new data center... on the moon.

#만우절 #AprilFoolsDay2023 #AprilFoolsDay

2 months ago


If I didn't see these people on TV or read their posts (now rarely), I would really think that it were #AprilFoolsDay + someone was playing a trick on me.

As thus is not the case: how on earth can U B in a leading position w/ such an IQ?

Likewise: GOP Chair #RonnaMxDaniel. Likes to talk about economics but fails to know about the most basic concepts.

And don't get me started on #Bobo, #LaurenBoebert which still needs 2 pass the SAT in English.

Or Ms.Gazpacho Police,#MTG

2 months ago

We'll be posting the #solutions within the next #week or so!

#IRC #ircpuzzles #chat #Libera #puzzle #puzzles #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

Keep an eye out on our website at,

2 months ago

The #top10 for individuals have been filled up!

Thank you to everyone participating this year!

You can still finish/compete as a #team

#IRC #puzzle #puzzles #ircpuzzles #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023 #TaylorSwift #TaylorSwiftErasTour

2 months ago

Thanks to everyone who came out, in-person and virtually, to our #tour of #Tacoma in #WashingtonState last weekend!

Special thanks to my (#Bihotz) co-host, IrishGinger (PNW RES)!

#tacomawa #WA #WAState #PNW #ladygress #ingresswa #tacomawashington

#IngressFS #ingressenlightened #ingressresistance #ingress#Enlightened #Resistance #FirstSaturday

#AprilFools #aprilfoolsday

2 months ago

Is it just me or #April fools day passed unnoticed?

I guess the world is so crazy lately that nothing seems like a joke 🙃

#aprilfools #aprilfoolsday

2 months ago

Current progress: Track A Done (2), Track B Done (6), Level C6 (1)

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023 #IRC #puzzle #puzzles #ircpuzzles #April

Gene Ontology
2 months ago

It's past #AprilFoolsDay so trust us- we have new data! The April 2023 #GeneOntology Release (2023-04-01) is now available!
43,093 GO terms
7,442,411 annotations
1,502,221 gene products
5,291 species

Happy Star Trek GIF
Anthony Floyd
2 months ago

Last year, Quinlan did "Poisson d'Avril" on all his friends and then had to explain it to them. THIS year, his friends presented him with a basket of goods including: three different types of canned tuna, goldfish crackers, swedish fish, a container with a piece of cooked salmon, some printed out fish memes, a Happy Fish Day card, some fish cat treats, fish trivia cards, a "Happy Salmon" card game, and some fish stickers.

OMG ☠️☠️☠️

#PoissonDAvril #AprilFoolsDay

A photo of fish stuff
2 months ago

Current progress: Level A6 (6), Track B Done (4), Level C5 (14)

#ircpuzzles #IRC #Libera #LiberaChat #chat #Discord #puzzle #puzzles #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

Timothy R. Butler
2 months ago

Is it just me or has Twitter gone all Doge two days after #AprilFoolsDay?

Rowan Lipkovits
2 months ago

The idea is that I'm sharing #funny songs in April in honour of the most hilarious of holidays, #AprilFoolsDay. In truth, #humour is highly subjective... anyway, here's my #StupidAccordionTrick of #CorkyAndTheJuicePigs' epic genocidal ska jam of 1992, #Pandas:

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
2 months ago

Happy #AprilFoolsDay! (When a holiday falls on the weekend, it's always recognized the following Monday.) 😉

Arknights_EN :verified:
2 months ago

Together with Clostore, we've brought you some REAL great goods. Please don't miss out!
Check out now:
#Arknights #Yostar #AprilFoolsDay
<div class="rsshub-quote">
Yostar Official Store: Dear player,
Hope you enjoyed our little jokes on April Fool's Day! But the fun doesn't have to end there. Please don't miss out on the real merch as well!
Shop now:
#Yostar #AprilFoolsDay

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Annette Harris
2 months ago

I called my husband yesterday to let him know that someone hit my recently paid off Jaguar in the parking lot.

I purchased my car on April 1 and it was her birthday. Ironically, she gets hit on April 1. Why did he think this was an #aprilfools joke?

Unfortunately, it was not, but luckily the person was still there and didn’t even realize she hit my car. #aprilfoolsday #kittwashit

Black jaguar

Glomer and I thank everyone for watching yesterday’s #AprilFoolsDay video!

Max Leibman
2 months ago

I’m glad #AprilFoolsDay is over. Now I can go back to believing headlines I see online.

2 months ago

OK internet, what did I miss for this years #AprilFoolsDay?

Lydia Conwell
2 months ago

I think we need to expand #AprilFoolsDay to the entire month.

That way, we can all learn to be on our guard a little bit more.

#AprilFoolsMonth #AprilFools

2 months ago
Science Blue
2 months ago

I'm not big on April Fool's Day, but if you're going to do it, do it like this one from Maine!
#AprilFoolsDay #maine #moose

Screenshot of April Fool's Day Facebook posting from the Maine Department of Transportation:

Attention all Mainers!

MaineDOT has recognized the need for a dedicated team to manage the ever-growing number of space vehicles and satellites orbiting our planet. In collaboration with the FAA, Space Force, and NASA, our newest office, aptly named the Maine Office Of Space Engineers (MOOSE), will be responsible for regulating and managing space traffic in and out of Maine's airspace.

So next time you look up at the night sky and see a shooting star or an orbital-class plow truck, just remember - it's all being managed by the MOOSE!
Dominik Schönleben
2 months ago

My marketing take on #AprilFoolsDay in 2023 is that your joke needs to be real, something that people can actually participate in or buy. The type of crazy product that leadership would otherwise not approve, but you know your audience will love.

Arknights_EN :verified:
2 months ago

RT Yostar Official Store
Re [Barrage Fortress! Soldiers Assemble] is now available on all platforms. Please don't miss out on the most popular game of this year!
#Yostar #Arknights #AprilFoolsDay


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Dr Belinda Barnet
2 months ago

The #AprilFoolsDay award definitely goes to CatGPT by Scientific American

Gerald So
2 months ago

Can I claim nothing fooled me this #AprilFoolsDay if I didn't look at anything that could've fooled me - basically didn't surf the Web?

#AprilFoolsDay used to be fun when just a few people made jokes. Now everyone does, you have to question every single thing you're told on April 1. The holiday is ruined.

realcaseyrollins ✝️
2 months ago

I appreciate everyone who either fell for my profile, or had fun with the prank.

Happy #AprilFoolsDay everybody



Astra Kernel :verified:
2 months ago

This is me on twitter. I am not sure my Mastodon would have liked it.

Would you if i posted here 🤔

#rustlang #rust #aprilfoolsday

J. Croisant 🌼
2 months ago

Oh no. Not you too! Just when I thought the #WiiFit thing couldn't be more annoying, it did an #AprilFoolsDay thing. Whyyy 😭

Screen cap of the Wii Fit balance board character saying, "Balance... Board... Not... Working... Just kidding, it's April Fool's Day! Planning to pull any practical jokes today?" For some reason it is wearing a red and white striped top hat with blue ribbons and a gold star.


Not sure just how, but "Tattooed Love Boys" must be relevant to #AprilFoolsDay.

James Hare
2 months ago
2 months ago
2 months ago

Come Sail Away - Styx

“Haha, I bet you thought those were angels, didn’t you!”

#AprilFoolsDaySongs #ComeSailAway #Styx #HashTagGames #AprilFoolsDay @hashtaggames

2 months ago

It's still #AprilFools in the Western Hemisphere, so there's still time to read this thing I wrote about tricksters and uncertainty:

#writing @writers #blog #myth #mythology #tricksters #aprilfoolsday

Jen Torbeck Merrill
2 months ago

There's a reason I loathe #AprilFoolsDay. 24 years later I'm still not over it. #blogging

Grid Studio
2 months ago

#AprilFoolsDay Giveaway!

A Grid iPhone 4S from Grid Studio and Adhesive Laptop Stand, Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet from MOFT.

To Enter:
1⃣ Like this post
2⃣ Follow @GridStudiocc & @moft_us
3⃣ Tag two funny friends

Two winners will be notified via DM on April 10, good luck!

Mudd ~: :blinking_cursor:
2 months ago

Always enjoy at least 1 thing every April 1st, and that's videos by LockpickingLawyer . Today's is no exception. My recommendation is to pull up the video, close your eyes and just listen.

#aprilfoolsday #lockpickinglawyer

Paul Chambers
2 months ago

I have played great April Fool's Day jokes on my wife for more than 3 decades.

I know she is expecting something. Every time we talk I see this whisper of observation and contemplation in her eyes and expression, trying to figure out if this is it.

This year, I think I'll play the greatest trick of all. None. lol

#AprilFoolsDay #AprilFools

Cartoon character looking a calendar, seeing April 1st then screams
2 months ago

Greetings, #NewMastodonians who have arrived here from #twitter or any other social media platform, and happy #aprilfoolsday to all who celebrate :) We hope you'll take a look around and get familiar with the place. It might be different from what you're used to. @feditips is a great account to follow to get more information about how the Fediverse works. Welcome!

Mistigris computer arts
2 months ago

Mistodon: the very name of our collective, "Mistigris", was initially interpreted as being in reference to a "Jokers wild" variation of poker. A #Joker makes for an excellent topic for #AprilFoolsDay, so here's one drawn in #ANSIart by cccfire five years ago in the MIST1118 artpack collection.

blocky ANSI art illustration of a joker somehow stepping out of a playing card, above a blocky "Mistigris" logo

The Xylom is hiring* and it's not an #AprilFoolsDay joke! (THREAD)

*but we really need your help making it happen lol.

Donate here:

#nonprofit #science #health #climate #environment #news #journalism #fundraiser

Ashley Porciuncula
2 months ago

The 9 yo subscribes to the Phoenix Comic Magazine. Today she opened it to find a high-end spoon magazine. 😆

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023 #AprilFoolsJoke #ComicBook #ComicBooks #Kids #Funny

The cover of a Phoenix comic magazine
The cover of a Phoenix comic magazine
The cover of Spoon Weekly magazine, with a photo of a spoon.
2 months ago

Ugh I hate #aprilfoolsday internet

Pro Tools Review: Ryobi 4V Cordless Taser
PayPal Honey
2 months ago

Proud to announce that online shopping has gotten even easier, thanks to our new AI-driven shopping assistant....April Fools'! #AprilFoolsDay

Anthony Dean
2 months ago

Today's the birthday of Superman foe Mr. Mxyzptlk.

(Comic art by Marshall Rogers and Curt Swan.)

#1976DCCalendar #Superman #AprilFoolsDay

Mr. Mxyztplk (of Earth-2/Golden Age comics) and Mr. Mxyzptlk (of Earth-1/Silver Age comics), plus their respective versions of Superman, from Who's Who. Art by Marshall Rogers.
Mr. Mxyzptlk from "Superman: The Animated Series."
"Action Comics" #273. Art by Curt Swan.

This article is gifted so it won't be paywalled.

"As a public service, we are debunking every brand- or celebrity-related April Fools’ prank we can find today in the hopes that no one is tricked against their will."

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

2 months ago

Pulled off a n April Fools ‘prank’ for the office team by doing a tongue-in-cheek re-brand and logo re-design. Fun, inoffensive, relevant to our brand.

There are a lot of horrible things happening in the world right now. A day to focus on the lighter side of life has it’s place when executed correctly.

#aprilfools #aprilfoolsday #wfh #worklife

sezduck :clubtwit:
2 months ago

I went through the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. The person on the speaker said, “welcome to Chick-fil-A, can I take your order.”

I told her I had an online order and proceeded to pick it up through the drive-thru.

Since then, I’d been wondering why she said, “welcome to Chick-fil-A…”

Until just now when I looked at my calendar and realized today’s date.

#today #AprilFoolsDay

2 months ago

#CityofThousandOaks #ThousandOaks #AprilFools Registration for our Squirrel Yoga Class in the City Hall Front Lawn is now open! 🐿️

✨For beginners only
👉Bring water, a towel and your own mat
👉Bring a water bowl for the squirrels
👉Weather permitting

Visit to learn more!


Squirrel Yoga Class Flyer, shows a squirrel sitting on a woman's back.
David Bloomberg
2 months ago

April 1: The day when everyone is almost as skeptical of things they read/see/hear as they should be EVERY day.

#aprilfools #aprilfoolsday #skeptic #skepticism

Last year, I posted a blog post and shared it to a 1e D&D Facebook group. It was saying that, after running a single session of 1e for the first time in 40 years, I decided I didn't like it. Even after explaining the April Fool's Day joke, an admin kicked me out and blocked me from the group.

So, hey, it's back to announcing that I have bone cancer because funny stuff gets no more laughs than scary stuff.

Comedy is dead, and stupid, weak people killed it.

#DnD #ADnD #RPG #TTRPG #AprilFoolsDay

The Tor Project
2 months ago

Don't be fooled—there might be an onion shortage elsewhere in the world, but our onions aren't going anywhere. #aprilfoolsday

Don't think I ever had a more quiet #AprilFoolsDay.
It should be like this every year. Another benefit from leaving the birdsite behind.

2 months ago

I used to hate #AprilFoolsDay. And I still might. But I tried to consider why it maybe isn't so bad and I ended up with this:

#Writing #mythology #myth #Thoreau #Zhuangzi #Trickster

2 months ago

I hope everyone is safe after the severe storm system that battered the central US. 🙏

Someone was looking nervous and hiding under the bed when the storm system was passing through my area. 🐱

#caturday #cat #cats #pets #pet #petsofmastodon #catsofmastodon #storm #tornado #midwest #photography #aprilfools #aprilfoolsday

A tentative looking orange cat hiding under a bed

My favorite #AprilFoolsDay prank occurred in 1974 when a man lit 70 tires on fire atop Mount Edgecumbe near Sitka, Alaska, leading some to believe the #volcano was erupting.


Laura Lis Scott
2 months ago

Originally #AprilFoolsDay was called April Free Day, marking a month of the feudal lords’ beneficence when all rents were forgiven to boost productivity of the peasants’ spring planting labor when their winter food stores were depleted. The lords did this out of self-interest for not only did they prosper from higher crop yields, they could write off the gesture as a tax deduction, which was gratefully allowed by the Crown, who enjoyed greater peace and contentment across the realm. 1/4

Meanwhile in Canada
2 months ago
April Fools' Day is cancelled this year because no made up prank could ever compare to the unbelievable sh*t gong on in the world right now.
Tutanota ✅
2 months ago


Google reintroduces its motto "Don't be evil".

Twitter decides that paying users will see zero ads.

Facebook announces it will stop scanning direct messages.

Which of the above is an #AprilFool? 🤔

#AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

Jack Conners (He/They)
2 months ago

As a reminder to everyone, today is #AprilFoolsDay.

Generally, I enjoy April Fool's jokes in person, when I know that the other person also does. However, I won't be doing any here, or knowingly boost any.

Many autistic people struggle to distinguish between sarcasm and sincerity. Also, there is a history of "fools" being a negative stereotype of neurodivergent and intellectually disabled people. To add insult to injury, April Fool's Day is on the first day of the month chosen by neurotypicals to be #AutismAwarenessMonth, which many of us prefer to replace with #AutismAcceptanceMonth.

As a result, many autistic people have set the boundary of not participating in, or being made to participate in, April Fool's Day. I will respect this boundary.


Dr Tess Machling
2 months ago

This will never not be wonderful.

Happy April Fools Day!! ❤️

#AprilFoolsDay #Penguins

⚪ Ein... "Wie ich diese
Aprilscherze hasse" ...
🟤 A... "How I hate those
April Fool jokes"... Favorite
📷 by Artist: #_s__o in Loc.: unknown - Title: "Hello ?" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #CatsofMastodon #Cats #Carturday #Aprilfool 😒 #Aprilscherz #Aprilfoolsday #Photography #Fotografie
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo shot of a gray and beige tabby big cat sitting on the floor in the hallway. She is looking up a bit questioningly. Behind her head appears the tiny little head of a baby cat.... if she knows, where the little cat is....
2 months ago

Reminder that tomorrow is #AprilFoolsDay - don't believe anyone or anything. 😝

Sebastian Lasse
2 months ago


This #AprilFoolsDay is also a wonderful opportunity to file issues here

E.g. I did desperately look for the switch for "mastodon-link" or "critical-journalist" but I could not find them.

This #AprilFoolsDay 🤡 play a prank on everyone :blobcatscared: and only post verified, true information. :blobcatthinksmart:


Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
2 months ago

The worst holiday of the year is approaching.




2 months ago

#AprilPhoolesDay #OnlineParty #MusicFriends #AprilFoolsDay
Friday is April Fool’s Day Eve, I’m broadcasting a live interactive music webcast, and you’re invited.
Phoole & the Gang Friday 31 Mar 2023 at 6pm Central US time at, & - please join in!
Learn all about Phoole’s foolish origins at the FAQ (Fool-Asked Questions) at Tune in for 2 hours of tunes about fools and ignorant people!

Jane the Phoole, 16th-century court jester, dressed in a black, red, green and gold motley, grins hugely. Behind her, the cosmos swirl, and a spectre of the very tiny and adorable Pumpkin the Screech Owl glimmers into view. Behind Jane’s head, antic alchemic runes and invocations appear amidst colorful dark nebulae. Photos and art by Ivan Phillips, also known as Doctor Logic.