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6 days ago

New on Entomology Today: A new study uncovers a clearer evolutionary tree for a broad group of spiders that previously proved difficult to classify—and illustrates the growing potential to extract useful genetic information from even the smallest of specimens in museum arthropod collections. #entomology #arachnids

Does Portia look more like an ewok or the Lorax? 🤔

Known for their hunting expertise, Portia fimbriata, a.k.a. fringed jumping spiders, are often called the smartest spiders in the world. These tiny #arachnids must be smart and strategic because they eat other species of #spiders, some three times their size, and they even develop specific strategies for hunting different species. 🕷️🐻🧠

👉 Learn more:

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A tiny jumping spider
neville park
2 weeks ago

#MiteMonday: stopped by Trinity-Bellwoods today and was delighted to find that, despite the frosty ground, there were still red velvet mites (_Allothrombium_) out and about!

Bonus "accidental front camera" selfie. (POV: you're a red velvet mite)

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #RedVelvetMites #Acari #Trombidiidae #macro

A red velvet mite ambling towards the camera. Small shining red eyes peer out from its furry face, overshadowed by the hump of its large cushiony body.
Me, in jeans and obligatory Uniqlo down coat, crouching at the foot of a river birch to take a photo. There is a glow from the clip-on light in my other hand.
3 weeks ago

This little jumping buddy lives in my messy desk, and sometimes it goes out to snoop around. Today I notice it kinda slow, and I saw it has a missing leg 😭 poor thing, seems to have problems with climbing. Maybe it's an old spider? I'm not sure how old is it, but I read they lose agility over time 😭

#spider #arachnids

A video of a jumping spider, trying to climb a gemstone in my desk, but it has a missing leg, and falls down trying.

Everyone should start counting spiders

“all over the world, all sorts of #spiders seem to be disappearing, says conservation biologist Pedro Cardoso of the University of Lisbon. He and a colleague polled a hundred spider experts and enthusiasts globally about the threats facing the animals. “It’s more or less unanimous that something is happening,” he says.” #extinction #arachnids #ecology #biology

Domino Joyce
1 month ago
It’s a hotbed of action in my shower this morning. There are two spiders mating.
neville park
1 month ago

#MiteMonday: flipping tables, not rocks—the folding table in the garden got tipped over and when I put it back, there were a bunch of mesostigs on it!

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Mesostigmata uhhhh #Gamasina? #macro

A little shiny brown mite crosses a green table with a yellow leaf in the background. Its front legs are held up like antennae, out of focus. It has a slight groove, like a belt, running across its middle. If this is why they're called Mesostigmata (meso = middle, stigmata = markings), I swear to God
1 month ago

Welp, does anyone have any recommendations on how to catch a small wolf spider who has recently taken up residence in my bathroom? Normally I let spiders live inside and help out, but I don’t want a temporarily painful and itchy bite (or for Randi the dog or anyone else to get one) and a wolf spider will be ultimately be happier outside anyway.

My preference is catch and release but I have (mostly) accepted that I may need to injure it. Since it is a wolf spider of unknown sex, I cannot just kill it or I risk it dropping an egg sac and/or hundreds of babies.

Additionally, it seems to be on high alert. It is not hiding when I come around like sources tell me it should, instead it watches me. This may be because I corralled it into a cardboard tube to move it out of the tub yesterday pre-bath when I did not yet know what kind of spider it was. (If only I had moved it outside then!!) It has at least moved from yesterday’s post which was terrifyingly next to the toilet and today is standing guard on the wall near the doorway. It switches to pounce position when I walk by but has so far left me alone.

Help, please!

#help #advice #arachnids #spiders

1 month ago

New, excitingly green variety of #spider spotted at work today. (According to the internet, it could be a satsuma-no-midamashi/ Neoscona scylloides.) #arachnids #bugphoto #bugstodon

A small brown spider with a bright yellow-green abdomen crawling along the asphalt. The photo was taken from above while the spider was trying to get somewhere in a hurry.
neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 31: I made it! I really managed to post something every day! It was hard deciding what to close out the month with, but I'm going with one of my favourite arachnid observations this year, a long-legged velvet mite (family Erythraeidae) with a gorgeous iridescent blue-green sheen.

:inaturalist: #iNaturalist:

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Erythraeidae #macro

A little mite with bright red legs and a dark red body with blue-green iridescence, scrambling over a green thistle bud.
IT News
1 month ago

Relish the Halloween horror of this purple fungus that “mummifies” spiders - Enlarge / A purple parasitic fungus, discovered in March in a Brazilian... - #parasiticfungus #trapdoorspiders #arachnids #parasites #science

Tech news from Canada
1 month ago

Ars Technica: Relish the Halloween horror of this purple fungus that “mummifies” spiders #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #parasiticfungus #trapdoorspiders #arachnids #parasites #Science

neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 30: one last Arachtober anystid. Warning: kind of shaky/jerky video, so be careful watching if you (like me) sometimes get vertigo from this kind of thing.

Technical note: this video was originally 1080×1080 px and 56 MB. Resized it to 500×500 with ezgif ( and it's under 5 MB!

#DailyMiteVid #Mitestodon #MiteMonday #arachnids #mites #Acari #Anystidae

A squat dark red mite on a tree trunk briefly grooms one leg. In the next clip, it starts moving around restlessly, scampering like a crab, and runs out of view.
1 month ago

Not being an expert in anything arachnoid, I had to resort to #googlelens to tell me that this is probably a #Pisaura mirabilis spider, out on the hunt amongst the oak leaves on the ground.

A small, Pisaura mirabilis spider, climbing over some dead oak leaves on the ground. The spider has a noticeable pale gold stripe between two darker stripes either side, extending from the front of the furry head section to the abdomen, and the abdomen a series of scallop shaped markings leading down to the rear.
neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 27: The trunk of a regal yellow tree (linden or something similar?) was busy with mites. I found a tiny cobweb spider feeding on a whirligig mite, and a red velvet mite feeding on prey in another cobweb spider's web!

#DailySpiderPic #DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #MiteBehaviour #arachnids #spiders #mites #Acari #Anystidae #Trombidiidae #Araneae #Theridiidae

A tiny cobweb spider in its 3D asymmetrical web, feeding on a plump red whirligig mite.
A red velvet mite feeding on a wrapped-up insect in a spider's web. The spider, a fraction of the mite's size—they're a very large mite and a very small spider— is off to the side, front legs spread wide as if it's pointing accusingly at the mite: "Look what he's doing!"
1 month ago

Everyone should start counting #spiders

Our collective arachnid aversion could be causing us to overlook something even scarier: Spiders may be disappearing.

By Betsy Mason 10.25.2023

"In fact, all over the world, all sorts of spiders seem to be disappearing, says conservation biologist Pedro Cardoso of the University of Lisbon. He and a colleague polled a hundred spider experts and enthusiasts globally about the threats facing the animals. 'It’s more or less unanimous that something is happening,' he says.

"The case for why people should care about spiders is robust. First, the vast majority of spiders do not bite or harm people, despite rampant misinformation in the media that would have you believe most spiders are out to get you. In reality, a vanishingly small number of spiders are dangerous to humans. Instead, they prey on insects — including mosquitoes, cockroaches and aphids — that actually do cause harm to people in their homes, gardens and fields. Spiders are excellent natural pest controls, but they are often killed by pesticides aimed at those same insect pests. These #ToxicChemicals also harm people.

"Spiders are important food sources for birds, fish, lizards and small mammals. And there are untapped benefits we humans could enjoy someday — if spiders don’t disappear first — such as potential pharmaceutical and pest control applications derived from compounds in their venom, and medical and engineering applications based on their incredibly strong silk."

Read more:

#Extinction #CitizenScience #Pesticides #Arachnids

neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 25: this beautiful _Larinioides_' camouflage was so good that I was prying open a dead Queen Anne's Lace flower to see if there was a spider inside before I realized she was sitting on top of it, eating an aphid!

You can see her markings better in the second pic.

#DailySpiderPic #spiders #arachnids #orbweavers #Araneae #Araneidae #macro

Lit by the warm setting sun, a light brown furrow orbweaver is chewing up a green aphid with her dark, fanged chelicerae while sitting in the head of a dead Queen Anne's Lace flower.
A top-down view, showing her creamy-beige body and the dark folium (leaf-like marking) on the top side of her abdomen. She is pretty much the same colour as the flower, and the darker bands on her legs also help break up the outline of her body.
neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 23 × #MiteMonday: whirligig mites (family Anystidae) are such voracious predators, they are happy to eat their own kind!

#Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Anystidae #macro

A small hairy red mite with star-splayed legs, eating a smaller mite of the same kind.
neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 22: "Back off!" This running crab spider (_Philodromus_) I found on a rock tonight was suspicious of me. Black & white not to be artsy but because the white balance was irreparably fucked up.

#DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #Araneae #Philodromidae #macro

A running crab spider, a small flattened spider that kind of resembles a mini huntsman, with front legs raised in a warning stance. Not that it could do anything; they're all totally harmless to humans.
neville park
1 month ago

#Arachtober 21 × #LichenSubscribe. A European harvester (_Phalangium opilio_) in a wonderland of yellow lichen, I'm not sure what kind.

#arachnids #harvesters #harvestmen #Opiliones #Phalangiidae

An orange-brown European harvester on rough tree bark covered with vivid yellow lichen.

Took a photo of this lovely friend who built a web against our kitchen window. The web looked so pretty in the sun, I couldn't resist.

#spiders #arachnids #photography

A photo through a window,  of an ochre brown orb weaver spider, who sits the middle of a large web that sparkles in the sun.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 20: Found this enormous pumpkin as I was walking around the neighbourhood!

#ArthroBeauty #DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #orbweavers #Araneae #Araneidae

A very big orange cross orbweaver (Araneus diadematus) in a withering Manitoba maple tree, front leg resting on a line going to her web. She's eating a ladybug.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 19: this cute little oribatid (found on a rotting log) seemed to have ladybug-like spots. These widespread and abundant detritus- and fungus-eating soil dwellers are sometimes called "beetle mites" because of their hard carapaces.

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Oribatida #macro

A tiny golden-brown mite with legs peeking out from under a hard, shiny carapace. It is slightly translucent and has slightly darker round spots on its back.
Zoomed-out (but still macro) view with another mite of the same kind in the background.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 18: I've been largely going through photos from earlier this year, but there are still spiders out and about! Here's a _Larinioides sclopetarius_ I saw today.

#DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #orbweavers #Araneae #Araneidae

A dark grey orbweaver with a pale sort of teardrop outline on its cephalothorax and a fleur-de-lis or damask-like motif on its abdomen. It's in front of a building's glass window.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 17: it's been a nerve-wracking day for me, here's a whirligig mite cleaning its leg. I posted a video a while back, but also got some still photos.

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Anystidae #macro

A cute little red-orange mite on the underside of a milkweed leaf, grooming its leg with its mouthparts.
Takako 🐀
2 months ago

Have you seen a #psudoScorpion? 🦂
I used to find them in the bale of meadow hay for our rabbits.

#Arachtober #arachnids

Three panels makes up the square image: top half rectangle and two small square each shows the same tiny tick-like bug with a pair of crab-like pincers. 

Top panel is a wide shot with a toothpick to show how tiny he is, he’s about a size of a pin head. The bottom squares for closeups.
Your Pal Cal
2 months ago

Am pretty sure this is a gigantic black widow that’s trying to move in to my back yard. Girl help #spiders #arachnids

A black widow spider, red hourglass brightly visible against her belly, she herself large enough to fit between your finger and thumb, sits at her web.
A black widow spider, red hourglass brightly visible against her belly, she herself large enough to fit between your finger and thumb, sits at her web. The edge of a plastic shoe tub and the end of a green lighter provide some sense of scale.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 17: a beautiful silvery long-jawed orbweaver (_Tetragnatha_).

#ArthroBeauty #DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #Araneae #Tetragnathidae

A spider with very long legs and an elongated, peaked silver abdomen with a dark-bordered white squiggle along the side. She's resting on a grey-white rock.
The same spider from above, legs splayed out.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 15: a beautiful candy-striped cobweb spider (_Enoplognatha_). Peppermint flavoured? :thaenkin:

#DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #Araneae #Theridiidae

A yellow-white spider with skinny legs and a round abdomen with a red leaf-shaped marking on top, resting on a dark green leaf.
Erika Autumn
2 months ago

For anyone who likes #spiders

#daily #spider #photos the entire month of #October on my #Pixelfed

Mostly cellar spiders, triangulate cobweb spiders, jumping spiders, and woodlouse hunter spiders.

#arachnids #photography #fall #autumn #SpookySeason #CellarSpider #CobwebSpider #JumpingSpider #cobwebs #SpiderWeb

neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 13 (it's still the 13th somewhere!): a fast-moving, red running crab spider (family Philodromidae) eating an equally fast-moving, red whirligig mite (family Anystidae)! From back in July, seen on the Park Dr Reservation Trail, southwest of the Evergreen Brick Works.

Possibly _Philodromus rufus_? I've only identified a _Philodromus_ to species like, once.

#DailySpiderPic #DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #spiders #mites #Araneae #Philodromidae #Acari #Anystidae

A plump pinkish-red running crab spider on a leaf held in my fingers, feeding on an orange-red whirligig mite.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 11: #Mosstodon × #Mitestodon. Didn't expect to find much on the City Hall green roof, but got a surprise when I turned over a loose clump of moss!

#DailyMitePic #arachnids #mites #Acari #Anystidae #macro

A hairy little red whirligig mite amid a wild tangle of sphagnum(?) moss.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

Jumping spider that was under the cover of the hive when I was checking the feeder this evening. The bold jumping spider, Phidippus audax.

Bad lighting, bad focus, brought you by Pixel. It also didn't like the light and was going back and forth around the corner of the hive.

I scooted it under the lid when I was done. I think it was there the other day when I checked the hive but it probably crawled out and was on the ground where I set the lid/cover/box.

#spiders #spider #arachnids

A closeup photo of a jumping spider with poor lighting. The spider is gray and black and hairy and has an orange spot on it's top. It is facing downward on a vertical surface. There is some greenish iridescence on it's head.

“Napoleon's carnation”

This Synema globosum is sometimes called the Napoleon spider, because of a supposed resemblance of the markings on the abdomen (not visible here) to a silhouette of Napoleon wearing his iconic hat.

It is here on a…


📅 23 June 2020

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon XF 80mm f/2.8 LM OIS WR Macro
🎞️ ISO 1600, ƒ/8, 1/150s

#Animals #Arthropods #Arachnids #Spiders #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Napoleon's carnation
Javed Ahmed
2 months ago

For #Arachtober - this stunning 'ground' sac #spider (cf. Gnaphosidae Genus indet sp. indet) found on the trunk of a toddy palm, at #powai, #mumbai (13th. AUG 2023 17:21 hrs.)

The Mumbai region is home to several #species many of which still remain undiscovered, and are likely new to #science.

#arachnids #arachtober2023 #arachnodon #arachnidsofmastodon #arachnology

neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 10: from back in June, a mesh-web weaver (family Dictynidae) back-combing a line of silk to turn it into a fuzz of nanofibres. Spiders like this have a special sieve-like silk-making organ called a cribellum. This in fact is the ancestral state of most spiders.

Cribellate silk doesn't use glue; rather, it melds with the waxy compounds on some insect exoskeletons. It doesn't stick very well to other surfaces. Later in spider evolution, spiders developed other types of silk that could catch different insects and support more ambitious aerial webs. However, for a minority of spiders, cribellate silk still works just fine.

More details in this 2017 paper: :OpenAccess:

#DailySpiderVid #arachnids #spiders #Araneae #Dictynidae #SpiderSilk #SpiderBehaviour #OpenAccess

A tiny black and white spider holds its back legs together and rapidly moves them back and forth under its spinnerets as it raises its abdomen. The silk is too fine to see in this video.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 9: me posting anystids is the equivalent of the tired teacher wheeling in a TV on a cart at the beginning of class

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Anystidae

A bright red whirligig mite, viewed head-on. It has a young little body held up by skinny splayed-out legs, and comically wide-spaced eyes.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 8: a hacklemesh weaver (_Amaurobius ferox_) emerges from its lair in a seriously grimy underpass.

This family of spiders is very closely related to the Agelenidae—there are many species that have moved from one to the other and vice versa over the years—but they are (generally?) cribellate, that is, they make a kind of fuzzy silk.

#DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #Araneae #Amaurobiidae

A medium-sized black-brown spider with a velvety abdomen and shiny carapace and eight small more or less uniform eyes, at the entrance to a silk-lined hole in a dirty white-painted stone wall.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 7: a tiny, intriguingly patterned mesostigmatid mite, from the same bunch of logs where I found the orange mushrooms in my recent post.

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Mesostigmata

On a log, a tiny, teardrop-shaped golden-brown mite with an antenna-like first pair of legs and thicker, almost claw-like second pair—your typical mesostig. However it also has curving darker brown markings on its back that almost look like a mite themselves. Not dissimilar to the markings of a bird mite.
Takako 🐀
2 months ago

The same arboreal orb weaver in the better light. I find them beautiful.

#Arachtober #ArborealOrbWeaver #spider #arachnids #prettyBugs

Closeup of the same arboreal orb weaver spider sitting upside down in the center of her web as in the previous post of this thread. This one is in the better light, and showing more beautiful details of the spider.

She is brown with dark and light symmetrical spots on her back and her legs. There are some orange spots on the legs as well. 

Background is blurred darkness of the night, with a warm glow. The web is white.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

For #arachtober, a fancy green and white spider.

#spiders #arachnids #arthropods #photography

A spider hangs by its forelegs from a green stem that cuts diagonally across the image from lower right to upper left.

The spider's legs and  cephalothorax are shiny, translucent watermelon-rind green with streaks of darker green, turning to brown at the ends of the legs. The legs are sparsely decorated with long, thin spikes like cactus spines.

In contrast, the spider's abdomen is round like an egg, and patterned like a broken eggshell. Shards of white are separated by betadine yellow-brown gaps.

A few strands of web catch glints of light. The background is the blurry green of key lime pie.
2 months ago

Found a harvestman crawling along some planks at work. Probably the eastern harvestman. (L. vittatum)

For those who don't know, harvestmen may be arachnids, but they're not spiders! They're pretty easily identified by the broad connection between the front and rear body segments, making the body look like just one large segment. They sometimes get mixed up with cellar spiders, which also get called "daddy long legs."

#Arachnid #Arachnids #Harvestman #Harvestmen

A harvestman crawling along some wood planks. It has long thin legs, and a larger body where the front and rear segments appear fused to make one large segment.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 4: didn't manage to get outside for a walk, but this yellow sac spider dropped by to feed on the midges on the screen window. You can kind of see the two little claws on each foot. I mayyyy be mildly obsessed with spider paws?

#DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #Araneae #Cheiracanthiidae

A yellow sac spider on the other side of a screen window, eating something messy and reddish brown.
Close-up of two of its feet on the screen window; you can see two light grey dots on each that are its claws.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 3: got a view of this opilionid's underside that let me see the chelate (clawed) ends of its chelicerae! Also note the way the prehensile end of its legs wraps around the plant stem (near some aphids, bonus).

#arachnids #harvestmen #Opiliones #Phalangiidae?

An opilionid hangs upside down from a plant leaf (something from the mint family). Tucked under its round body are two long clawed mouthparts.
The opilionid's leg curled around the plant's square stem, just above some pale green aphids.
Imagery by Rihilism
2 months ago

Every year labyrinth spiders (ID app suggest they are Agelena labyrithica) set up shop in some evergreen bushes behind the local city hall. Tried to photograph them every yr for the past 3 yrs but found it difficult due to the combo of dark shadows, complex webs, & spiders that will retreat back into their lair if disturbed. Best I got this year👇. Have to try again next year.

#arachnid #arachnids #spiders #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Closeup image of a labyrinth spider sitting atop its webbing at the entrance to its lair in an evergreen bush.
neville park
2 months ago

#Arachtober 2: at the foot of a tree, a red velvet mite (_Allothrombium_) feeds on a male midge (family Chironomidae).

Not happy with the photo lighting, but it was a cool observation.

#DailyMitePic #Mitestodon #arachnids #mites #Acari #Trombidiidae

A plump red velvet mite eating a midge; the midge's feathery antennae (which males use to sense female pheromones) are visible.
Takako 🐀
2 months ago

In our old apartment, this gorgeous arboreal orb weaver took a residence by one of the kitchen windows, where I had the plant light, and I used to love watching her recycle the silk and weave a new web every dawn. She was very successful for the light. 🕸️🕷️💕✨

#Arachtober #arachnids #spider #ArborealOrbWeaver #prettyBugs

An orb weaver spider sitting upside down in the center of her web in front of the window. 

The blurred next door neighbor’s dormer is the backdrop.

The spider has a symmetrical pattern on her back, and her legs  are brown and white stripes, and quite hairy.
Duchess of Umbrage
2 months ago

The Arachnid Wars of Dreadful Acres continue apace: the cobweb weavers in my laundry room are kickin’ it up a notch. I greatly appreciate their redoubled efforts in keeping out the riff-raff. This bodacious lil buddy has snagged herself a baby scorpion. Careful with that hind end tho, girlfriend!

Very tiny! Viewed on my iPhone this photo makes them appear at least twice as big as they are IRL
#Arachnids #Arachnodon

Extreme closeup of a tiny brown spider inspecting the claw of a brown scorpion immobilized in her web. Scorp is about twice as big as the spider.
2 months ago

Oooh, almost grabbed a handful of wood pellets for the smoker before I noticed this little critter.. #arachnids #entomology

Grey tarantula in a container of wood pellets.
Grey tarantula in a plastic bug box
Grey tarantula after being released in a pile of wood chips
2 months ago

Get ready for spiders! This is our 17th year celebrating #Arachtober. Join us by sharing your photos of #spiders and other #arachnids. #Arachtober has spread around the web on different platforms, each with its own unique feel. Interacting with arachnologists and scientists on Twitter was so much fun and educational. Hopefully Mastodon is even better.

Banner by zxgirl and I. We wanted to make it new and special. I tried to capture the feeling of one of Conall's scaterscape web refraction shots.

An illustration of the "Arachtober 2023" written in spider web back lit by sunlight.
Entomological Soc. of America
3 months ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: August 30, 2023
Giant forest scorpion
Gigantometrus swammerdami
Scorpiones: Scorpionidae
By Shashidharswamy Hiremath, Karnataka, India
#entomology #arachnids #photography #scorpions

Closeup of a scorpion perched on a light brown rock, lit from the right with the orange light of sunset. The scorpion is blue on the side of its abdomen and deep reddish black elsewhere. With the scorpion in a defensive stance, its front pinchers are bulky and held forward open, while its tail stinger is held high above its body and curled forward.
neville park
4 months ago

Flipping rocks in the garden, had an unprecedented three pseudoscorpion day!

#bugstodon #arachnids #pseudoscorpions #Pseudoscorpiones #Chthoniidae(?) #macro

A tiny reddish-brown pseudoscorpion, a small creature with a smooth, pear-shaped body, eight legs, and elbowed scorpion-like claws, amid rocks embedded in a chunk of concrete.
A similar golden-brown pseudoscorpion on the underside of a rock next to a thin blade of grass.
A reddish-brown pseudoscorpion on the underside of a whitish sedimentary rock.
Imagery by Rihilism
4 months ago

I was moving a plant stake this morning to get a better photo of a bumblebee on a zinnia and this little guy/gal jumped onto the stake and posed for a bit.

#arachnid #arachnids #spider #spiders #jumpingspider #jumpingspiders #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Closeup image of a jumping spider on the side of a green plant stake with an out of focus grey-red background. This species of jumping spider is about one eight to one quarter inch long, has a brown body with fine, light yellow hairs extending from the exoskeleton. Along with the eight legs long its body and silk spinnerets at its rear, it has multiple eyes both on top of its head as well as front facing eyes that give it an appearance of a "face".

“Red-legged golden orb-weaver spider”

Like other spiders in the subfamily Nephilinae, the red-legged golden orb-weaver spider can weave webs so strong that sometimes even birds and bats get caught.

It is a passive and harmless spider but…


📅 4 March 2019

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
🎞️ ISO 800, ƒ/5.6, 1/125s

#Animals #Arthropods #Arachnids #Spiders #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Red-legged golden orb-weaver spider
4 months ago

Today in small garden #spooder doings: I found these three juvenile bold jumping spiders, #PhidippusAudax, each tiny cutie hanging out in their own #Dahlia petal palace. I wonder if they're siblings...

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Photo of a tiny jumping spider perched on the edge of a pink and white dahlia petal, surrounded by a sea of petals that look like cresting waves. The spider is upside-down, peering down into the heart of the flower. From this angle the markings on their abdomen look like a cartoonish grinning face.
Photo of a tiny, dark jumping spider carefully perched on the vertical edge of a snowy white dahlia petal. With their back to us, the spider appears to be gazing off into the distance like one would do at a scenic viewpoint. In fact, these flamelike petals are so much larger than the spider, they are perfect scenic outlook points for creatures this small.
Photo of a tiny jumping spider crouching deep inside the voluminous layers of a pale pink dahlia. They peer out at us with large, shiny black eyes. It's an incomprehensibly big world and they are a very small spooder.
neville park
4 months ago

I am sad and angry over trees next door being cut down so I had a croissant and took a LOT of bug pics and now I'm going to take a sad nap :blobsad:

- baby zebra jumping spider (_Salticus scenicus_)
- long-legged fly (_Condylostylus_?, family Dolichopodidae) on hostas
- bumblebee (_Bombus_?) on coneflower
- pseudoscorpion (Cthoniidae? Neobisiidae?) :pseudoscorpion:

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A teeny tiny zebra jumping spider on a flat stone slab. It's like 50% eyes.
An iridescent metallic green long-legged fly with glints of orange. Its clear wings also have dark markings on them.
A fuzzy bumblebee sticking its face into a coneflower.
A tiny pseudoscorpion, shiny and golden-yellow with translucent red-brown legs and claws, on a pebbly surface. Two faint glints on the sides of its head might be rudimentary eyes. (A creature of the undergrowth, it has little use for them.)
4 months ago

For all the aspects of summer that I dislike, that disagree with my brain, I will also admit that it's more than just an inescapable, uncomfortable countdown to glorious autumn. For one thing, it's when various #spiders gradually become more evident outside - orb weavers, jumping spiders, crab spiders, grass spiders, funnel weavers - and each day includes the ritual of inspecting flowers around the garden in hopes of spotting #MisumenaVatia, the flower crab spider. Today I found one and she is exquisite.

While I understand how these beauties find their flowers (mostly by scent), the fact that these tiny, elegant, camouflaged spooders manage to locate, climb (or balloon onto), and take up residence inside flowers like so many tiny, eight-legged, predatory Thumbelinas, always feels like magic to me.

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A small white spider balances on the delicate edge of a pink and white dahlia petal, one of many petals that make up the large flower that serves as her personal, many-chambered palace. The spider's four elegant front legs are much longer than her back four. She uses them to catch prey, but right now she holds them out on either side of her, appearing to use them the way an acrobat uses a balance pole.
neville park
4 months ago

A bit of #OpenAccess #Arachnews:

How do forested buffers around rivers affect the diet of predators like trout and spiders? In the abundant fall season, both get most of their food from terrestrial sources! I'm not sure exactly what this means because ecology is really hard so read the paper yourself: :OpenAccess:

Two new species of eyeless, cave-dwelling pholcids described. One is from Australia's ancient Pilbara, a remnant from before Australia aridified. Another is from lava tubes on Réunion Island. Plus some philosophical questions about what a cave is, really. :OpenAccess:

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Bryan Wright
5 months ago

Look out little fly! Do you see what's behind those stamens?

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A closeup of a yellow buttercup flower, seen from the side and above. The flower tilts toward the viewer. At its lower edge, a yellow and brown  hoverfly has alighted. The fly seems to be considering the pollen-coated stamens that form a loose ball in the flower's center. 

Behind the stamens we see the legs of a crab spider, waiting for prey.
neville park
5 months ago

Speaking of species with multiple male morphs, Dr. Erin Powell has a new paper out on _Forsteropsalis pureora_, a New Zealand opilionid where there are three male morphs. Two have massive chelicerae used to fight each other over mates and the third scrambles around avoiding fights. Powell calls them alpha, beta, and gamma, but I think of them as barbarian, fighter, and rogue.

Opilionids can detach legs as a defence mechanism, and Powell et al. find that juvenile males that lose legs are more likely to develop into gamma males! Read the paper to learn about possible explanations.

Paper: Erin C Powell and others, Juvenile leg autotomy predicts adult male morph in a New Zealand harvestman with weapon polymorphism, Behavioral Ecology, 2023;, arad029, :OpenAccess:
Press release:

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The three different male morphs of Forsteropsalis pureora, as well as the female. Original caption:
"Intraspecific variation in the New Zealand harvestman Forsteropsalis pureora: (a) alpha male (major), (b) beta male (major) (c) gamma male (minor), and (d) female. The second cheliceral segment representative of alphas, betas, gammas, and females is shown underneath the corresponding in situ photograph. Scale bars indicate 1 mm. Photographs by E.C. Powell."